Were is the island were the levistone and airship at and how to get on it?

  1. Ive got my fire crystal lit asked the guys in a circle and the said go north thats were tbhe next boss was but theres only one island that u can get on its were the crown trials are but it leads nowere no other island has it were can i find the island with the levistone and airship on it?

    User Info: EliteGrimReaper

    EliteGrimReaper - 8 years ago


  1. Go back to the port you use to reach Crescent Lake (the town with the circle you mentioned. Go north to another port and then west (while still on the ship) to a river. On the river, go north at the first chance, east at the first chance, then west at the next two choices to reach the Ice Cavern. Complete it (see a FAQ) for the Levistone. South of Crescent Lake is a small desert enclosed by mountains on all but the south side. Use the Levistone here to raise the Airship.

    User Info: masteramr

    masteramr - 8 years ago 0   0

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