Review by samthebigkid

Reviewed: 11/18/04

Hey it's a fun shoot 'em up game for a phone :P

My brother had bought XIII for Gamecube a year ago but sold it after he lost interest. This annoyed me because I never really got a chance to try it out. So a few weeks ago I got a brand spankin' new cell phone for my birthday. It had free downloads for 2 months, so I started downloading things. I came upon XIII and remembered "Oh yeah it was on Mobiles!". So since it was FREE and I could erase it at will, I downloaded it. It's pretty fun. I mean when people aren't calling you, and you can't sit down and play Halo 2 on LIVE, what do you do? Take advantage of technology and play XIII on your phone. Now that's been said onward with the review.

Graphics- Pretty Good. Unlike a lot of Mobile games, this one doesn't try to make super-high detailed images, only to make them look crappy on the Mobile's low resolution screen. It has good graphics but keeps them simple so everything looks clear. If you ever played Metal Slug 3 then expect that but not quite as good. But all the effects are in line. The bullets look like larger than bullet fireballs, but it's not really a bad thing. All the explosions and such are decent as well. You got to give it some slack, it's on a phone and these things don't always have the most ground-breaking graphics. All the other things like Text and all are clear so don't worry about it. In all it's a good looking game for being on a Mobile.

Sound- Decent. Not much of it though. There's a catchy opening song, and some other bits of music. Then there's game over and death music. Then the sound effects are "bleeps" when you die or kill and enemy. There really isn't much else. I mean I'm not being undetailed, but that's literally 99% of all the sound unless there's some secret sound I missed. So the game lacks in the sound department but it's not bad.

Gameplay- Fun. To start things off, you're agent XIII and you have amnesia. You don't remember anything and you're on some weird beach. You have this key to a Safe so you set off to find the safe. Suddenly a group of assassins led by "Mong" try to kill you. So you are trying to kill Mong while you try to get to the safe. In the process you join up with Jones who helps you along the way. The game is played from a side scroller point of view. The controls are rather simple and explained as you go along. One shot kills most average enemies, but others and bosses take a lot more. You start with a Handgun with unlimited ammo. Later you get other weapons. You have 5 bars of health, so you got to watch them. When you kill an enemy, you see in huge white letter "AAAHHH!!!". It's funny. So anyway you proceed through levels by killing enemies, picking up health, climbing over boxes or up ladders, jumping over minds, and such all in the ultimate goal of facing the boss and beating the level. In all it's pretty fun and is good while you're bored. Like I said earlier, good when the consoles aren't available.

In conclusion, this a good game. For the $5 charged to download (mine was free), it's a good deal. Get it, but I wouldn't recommend getting a phone just for this. For some flaws and sound deficiencies, I give XII for Mobile an 8/10.

Rating: 8

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