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Based on the story from the Gothic PC gaming series, Gothic 3 -- The Beginning is set more than 140 years prior to the first part of the Gothic series. You slip into the role of young Xardas who is visited one night by Buthomar''s ghost. He asks you to find the four chosen ones. It''s with their help, that you shall bring back the sealed magic to the island Khorinis. The catch: evil forces simultaneously try to seize the cruel orcs, in order to attain the immense power of the banned magic rune stones! You alone can save the world of Gothic!

- Visit various locations in Khorinis and Tirith.
- Chat with NPCs to find clues in your adventure and trade with merchants to gain the best equipment for your journey.
- Fight against hundreds of monsters and develop your skills to be able to use stronger armor and weapons.
- Learn how to use long banned magic to gain enough power to accomplish your tasks.
- Find valuable treasures and pieces of equipment or take them from your conquered enemies.
- Pry locks and chests open to find rare treasures.
- Auto-save feature at checkpoints throughout the game allows players to continue their adventure at any time .

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