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by Bkstunt_31 / vinheim

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Guide and Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31
/ vinheim

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/08/2015

     ,-'  ______`-.
   ,'  ,-'      `-.`.
  /  ,'            `.\   ,   ,'/                                  ,'.
 /  /     _             /|  | |                _          .   _   ','    _
/  /    ,' `._   __,'/_/ |_ | |  ,-'\  ,'/  / ,'  ,' `._  |\,' `. /`.  ,' `._
|  |   / |`. ,' / _,' `.  _|| | / |\ \ \ \  \ \  / |`. ,' | ,'| | | | / |`. ,'
|  |   | | | | | (,-.  | |  | | | | \ \ | |  | | | | | |  | | | | | | | | | |
|  |   | | | |  \,-. \ | |  | | | |,',' | |  | | | | | |  | | | | | | | | | |
\  \   | | | |      ) || |  | | |  ,'   | |  / / | | | |  | | | | | | | | | |
 \  \  | |,' |_ /\_/ / | |  | |  \ `._, \ './ /  | |,' |_ | | | | | | | |,' |_
  \  `.'._,'\_/'.__,'/ './  './   `.__/  `._,'   '._,'\_/ './ './ './ '._,'\_/
   `.  `-.______,-','

                         |  _ \  __ ___      ___ __
                         | | | |/ _` \ \ /\ / / '_ \
                         | |_| | (_| |\ V  V /| | | |
                         |____/ \__,_| \_/\_/ |_| |_|

                                     ___  / _|
                                    / _ \| |_
                                   | (_) |  _|

                        / ___|  ___  _ __ _ __ _____      __
                        \___ \ / _ \| '__| '__/ _ \ \ /\ / /
                         ___) | (_) | |  | | | (_) \ V  V /
                        |____/ \___/|_|  |_|  \___/ \_/\_/

           Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow . Platform: Nintendo DS
             Capcom: Developer | Guide Started: 07/25/14
                     Capcom: Publisher | Last Updated: 06/08/15
                     10/04/05: Release | Latest Version: 1.00
      Emails: vinheim[at]gmail[do_]com | faqs[at]bkstunt[dot]com
               Homepages: vinheim.com  ' bkstunt.com
            This document Copyright 2015 Alexander Paul Kleinheider
              This document Copyright 2015 Gregory Michael Wright
          (    Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow  Copyright 2005 Konami    )

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Hello everyone, Bkstunt is FINALLY getting around to working on Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow! Exciting. As many of you know, I've been slowly working towards putting out a guide for every Castlevania game out there. Slowly but surely! In fact, this is my 16th Castlevania guide! I'm not crazy I swear!

These DS Castlevania games have been thoroughly covered well before now, and while they are still fantastic games the need for another guide is somewhat lessened by age. This is one reason I'm bringing on my good friend Vinheim to help bring you a Formatted FAQ for these games so you can enjoy a great guide along with screenshots and videos. We're trying to bring something new to the party after all!

Well, enough rambling. Enjoy the guide everyone.


How's it going everyone! vinheim and Bkstunt are back with another guide, this time for Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. Despite the fact that we both write only in text, we thought about giving the Formatted FAQs a chance and bring to you something new, something different from the rest of the guides. It was a struggle since we're pretty much new to this, but we like the final product.

I may not have written for 16 Castlevania games like the crazy dude on top, but I've been writing for 8 years now so I think I already have some experience doind this :). We do plan on bringing you a guide for all 3 DS Castlevania games so expect a guide for Portrait of Ruin and Order of Eclessia in the near future!

~ Masamune (Bk & vin)


      /      []    _________________________    []      \
      |           |.-----------------------.|           |
      |           ||                       ||           |
      |           ||                       ||           |
      |           ||                       ||           |
      |           ||                       ||           |
      |  .......  ||                       ||  .......  |
      |  .......  ||                       ||  .......  |
      |  .......  ||                       ||  .......  |
      |  .......  ||_______________________||  .......  |
      |      []   '-------------------------'   []      |
     /\____________| |_________|       |_| |____________/\
    |-----------. ..-----------------------.. .-----------|
    |    ___    | ||                       || |  __   __  |
    |   '---'   | ||                       || | '--' '--' |
    |    .-.    | ||                       || |           |
    |  __| |__  | ||                       || |    (X)    |
    | |__   __| | ||                       || |  (Y) (A)  |
    |    | |    | ||                       || |    (B)    |
    |    '-'    | ||                       || |           |
    |           | ||_______________________|| |           |
    |           | |                         | |           |
    |___________| |_________________________| |___________|
    |               |mic                 ||               |
B BUTTONJump, Cancel
A BUTTONAttack, Use Special Attack, Confirm
X BUTTONChange Equipment Set (with Doppelganger Soul)
L BUTTONBackdash
R BUTTONUse Guardian Soul
SELECT BUTTONSwitch Between Map & Character/Enemy Stats
UP + Y BUTTONUse Bullet Soul
UP + L BUTTONHippogryph Jump (with Hippogryph Soul)
DOWN + B BUTTONSlide, Drop Through Platforms
L + R + START + SELECTSoftware Reset Game


                     Ever since the Solar Eclipse of 2035,
                        my life has never been the same.
                       It was then that I realized that I,
                     Soma Cruz, am the rebirth of Dracula...
                           It was in his castle that
                             I learned the truth...

                     That I possessed the power to seize
                          the souls of my enemies.
              That evil power almost engulfed me, but my friends
                          pulled me from the brink.

                          About a year has passed
                         since then, and I thought
                          my troubles were over...


Playing: Evil Invitation
Map Rate: 0%
Soul Rate: 0%

---Armor Knight


The music here starts off as the peaceful "A Fleeting Respite", which is... fleeting. It turns into "Evil Invitation" soon.

You'll be attacked first by a Skeleton. Take it out with the knife.We will be in a little scene with Mina, Soma's good friend. Aww, how touching. Looks like Soma lost all his powers after escaping the castle a year ago (go figure, right?). Things don't stay peaceful for long though: A dark woman named Celia appears out of nowhere and makes us fight once again, for our lives... Good thing Arikado shows up and throws us a knife!

[_] Skeleton : Throw bones.

Simple enough. This is your first Bullet Soul, which acts like a sub-weapon. You'll then be greeted by an Armor Knight. The bones will make short work of him but watch out for his spear throw nevertheless!

[_] Armor Knight : Attack with a spinning spear.

This is your first Guardian Soul. And last but not least, the enemy that holds our first Enchant Soul, the Golem:

[_] Golem : Raise STR.

And with this we take care of Celia's minions and formaly start our quest. Despite Arikado telling Soma he doen't need to do anything, Soma will find the cultist base from Hammer. Like we're going to sit this one out! Time to enter the first proper area of the game!

The Lost Village

Playing: Pitch Black Intrusion
Map Rate: 0%
Soul Rate: 2.6%

Short SwordPotionBatPeeping Eye
Magic Seal 1ClaymoreWargZombie
SpearMaceAxe ArmorFlying Armor
$1000$1000Ouija TableSpin Devil
Potion$2000Student Witch---
Corn SoupCape------

After the chat with Hammer about Yoko, go right to enter The Lost Village. We find some skeletons and bats here. Kill the bats here until you get their soul (which shouldn't take very long).

[_] Bat : Summon Bat as a familiar.

Heh, now we have a pet! In the next area we find a new enemy, the Peeping Eye. Read the note below before going for this soul though, just to save some sanity.

[_] Peeping Eye : Identify breakable walls.


This soul is VERY RARE and is a pain to get, especially this early. Don't be surprised if it takes you FOREVER to get this soul. Depending on your luck you may very well get up to level 10 or more before this soul drops. If you aren't crazy and don't feel like grinding, just skip this soul if it doesn't drop easily. If you are crazy, go for it. Be sure to go get the nearby Short Sword first though!

The next area has a Short Sword, so equip it. There are 4 ways to go from here. To continue with the game you have to follow the upper right path, but the lower right one has a Save Point so save your game and proceed. Make sure to grab the Potion just outside the Save Room.

In this area we find three new enemies: the Warg, Zombies and the Axe Armor. The Warg and Zombies are extremely easy and the Zombies respawn forever. The Axe Armor is a bit tougher and throws its axe at you, so make sure to check whether to jump over it/hit it, or duck underneath it. This is a decent place to get all three of their souls:

[_] Warg : Use fangs to tear at foes.

[_] Zombie : Summon Zombie.

[_] Axe Armor : Throw an axe upwards.

At the end of the path you find Yoko and Julius Belmont. My oh my, the whole group is here. Good. We now need to take Yoko to the four-way room where the Save Room is so go there (don't worry she won't take damage), save your game and approach the seal on the door. Yoko tells you about them and how you have to draw the symbol on the touchscreen once you've defeated the boss to vanquish it.

If you don't do so, the boss will regenerate some HP and keep on coming back until the pattern is drawn. So prepare yourself and go inside.

Boss: Flying Armor

The very first boss of the game and to be honest one of the easiest ones of any Castlevania game. It has three really simple attacks, which can be predicted and dodged with ease. Here are the attacks:


  • Circular attack: Points its swords left and right and starts spinning them, forming a circle around it. It hovers towards you, so just run from it. Note that the attack is really slow and lasts for a couple seconds, so dodging is extremely easy.
  • Semi-homming attack: Points its swords towards you and thrusts them at you. They follow a straight path, so just get out of the way and you'll be fine.
  • Pincer attack: Points its swords again left and right but this time the swords go off-screen and come back in at the height at which you are. Simply jump over them.

Overall, a really easy fight. Bring the Warg Bullet Soul to deal some massive damage and have it go down really fast.

After the fight you will automatically gain the Flying Armor's Soul. Collect the red boss sphere to recover all HP and MP and go save. We're still in the Lost village, so let's continue on through the left door of the boss room.

Head left through the Flying Armor boss room and in the next room you'll need to use the Flying Armor's soul to jump to the ledge to the left. You can grab the Claymore here. Continue to the left to get outside again to a very large open room. Stay up on the platforms as you head left to see a Spear, then drop down to the floor below. Kill the spear guard to the left and enter the door. Here there is a new enemy called an Ouija Table guarding a Mace. This is a decent spot for its soul but once again read the note below:

[_] Ouija Table : Sit in the chair to regain HP.


Like the Peeping Eye soul, this soul is RARE and is hard as heck to get, especially this early in the game. It also doesn't really give you a good ability. Once more, unless you are crazy like the guide authors (or at least Bkstunt), then go ahead and skip this and come back for it at another time.

Once you have the soul, go south in the room and grab the $1000 laying down below. The room off to the left is a Save Point. Save if you wish and then head right to be outside again. Here drop down to the lowest level, where you will find a van and rooms to the left and right. The van here is pretty cool: you can jump on it to see the snow fall off. The left door has Yoko in it. Here she will offer her spell services with "Weapon Synthesis". This is where she will use souls to enhance our weapons into new, more powerful versions. Sounds good, right? The drawback is of course that you lose the soul and weapon being upgraded. See our section in this guide on Weapon Synthesis to explore all the possibilities you have.

Across from Yoko is Hammer's shop. He'll occasionally update his inventory as we play, but for now it is pretty limited. Still, you can buy better armor here as well as potions if you need them. We recommend the Castle Map 1, the UMA News 1-1, and one of the two LUCK accessories.


LUCK is the all-important statistic in Dawn or Sorrow as it let's you have a (slightly) higher chance of gaining a soul upon defeating an enemy. Since getting a 100% soul rate is one of the hardest things to do in the game, stack up all the luck you can. If you don't care a bit a 100% soul rate, go for something else.

Once you are done with Hammer, head back outside and head up. Take the exit to the right this time to continue. Head down and defeat the zombies and collect the $1000 bag. Head down and right into the next room to be outside again. There is a new enemy here: the Spin Devil. Thankfully his soul isn't AS hard as the previous enemies:

[_] Spin Devil : Create tornadoes.

Not a very useful soul in our opinion. To the right is a Potion sitting out in the open. Drop down now and head right. This next room has five zombies in it but is also home of our first hidden room! Kill the five zombies and then slide around on the floor near the right exit (down on the floor, not the steps) to break the floor. Drop down into this new room to find $2000 and, of all things, Corn Soup.

Secrets can be hidden anywhere...

Head back out and into the next room on the right. Here there is a giant mirror that we'll be able to use later, but for now just grab the CAPE and head back outside to the far left to get back outside. Fight your way up again and use the Flying Armor soul to reach the high ledge to the right. Note the poster of Celia.

Not a cult at all...

We are much more stylish.... head right to continue.

Here there is another new enemy: the Student Witch. This is a decent place to farm her soul:

[ ] Student Witch : Summon a cat.

Heh, more games need cat summoning in them! Heh. Continue on and head down now. Explore this room thoroughly before heading up and going through the exit in the upper right. Continue on to to a room with a switch. Hit it to drain the water near the castle entrance! Ha, we have found our way into the castle after all! The gate will open now. Continue on and kill the Spin Devil. Note the area above the devil that we can't reach. Explore what you can and then head into the door on the lower right to proceed to the next area.

The Wizardry Lab

Playing: Dracula's Tears
Map Rate: 5.5%
Soul Rate: 10.4%

Mind UpBlunt SwordGhostBomber Armor
ScarfFoie GrasSlimeSkull Archer
Combat Knife---ManticoreSlaughterer
------The Creature---

Don't worry if your soul rate isn't the same as ours. If you have skipped the Peeping Eye or the Ouija Table, it could very well be lower.

We are greeted by a new enemy, the Ghosts. These are enemies that are floating around and go down in one hit, so just smack them to get rid of 'em. Also their Soul is really hard to get. Ugh... Again...

[_] Ghost : Separate from the body and conduct reconnaissance.

To the right is a dead end, for now, so return and start going down. Grab the Mind Up from the left side and enter the room on the left for a Save Room. Cool. Return and go right this time. You'll find a couple new enemies here. The Bomber Armor is similar to the Axe Armor at the beginning of the game, only that it throws bombs and has more HP. The Slime just crawls around the place and if you pass underneath it, it drops down trying to hit you.

[_] Bomber Armor : Toss a high-power explosive.

[_] Slime : Summon a bouncy Slime.

On the upper right side of the room is a Blunt Sword, which is a Katana... and vinheim's favorite type of weapon, along with Spears! Anyway, at the bottom is a chest with money, a Student Witch, Bomber Armor, and an Axe Armor. Return to the previous room, go to the bottom and enter the room to the left. You'll be greeted with several skeletons and a Skull Archer.

[_] Skull Archer : Shoot arrows with deadly accuracy.

This room is very linear with nothing new, so fight your way through the Axe Armors, Student Witch and Slimes to the next room. Here you'll find ghosts will start appearing again. Head to the bottom and go into the left room to find a Scarf. This is a dead end though, so return to the previous room and you'll see two rooms on the right side. Enter the upper room to find two Manticores, which are pretty easy, but be careful of their tails. Get in close to stay safe.

[_] Manticore : Grow a tail.

There's also this creepy painting on the wall. Ugh! So... unnerving!

I'm watching you...

Proceed to the room on the right to find a ton of Skeletons, all throwing bones at you. Go directly right to find your first Warp Room. Like many... or most Castlevania games it lets you move from warp room to warp room across the map, which saves us a lot of time. Anyway, use it to transport back to the Lost Village which was previously unavailable. Go to Yoko and/or Hammer if you need anything, then return to the room with the skeletons. Head up and to the right.

There's a new enemy here called the Slaughterer that you have to be careful of. It hits hard and has a medium range. It also likes to spit fireballs. Quite dangerous if you aren't careful.

[_] Slaughterer : Smack enemies with quick straight punches.

The Slaughterer soul is interesting. The power of the punch is quite high, but unlike the Slaughterer it is short range. Go around in this room, kill the Slaughterers and in the next room there's a platform with ice blocks. You can't do anything useful here yet, but explore it for the map percentage. At least for the moment. Return to the room with the skeletons, go down and to the left. Nothing new in this room, but it does connect to a previous horizontal corridor we visited earlier. Check it out if you wish (again, for the map percentage), then head down the middle floor to find a Golem. We already have its soul, so return to the room with skeletons and follow the lower right path this time.

A Bomber Armor and Slaughterer wait for you at the start of the room, but on the bottom is The Creature. This is a Frankenstein-esque creature (duh!) that hits really hard and the drop rate for its soul is REALLY low. I remember killing over 1000 of them back in highschool and never got its soul haha. Ahem, anyway, this is a good spot to farm it, so do so if desired.

[_] The Creature : Restore HP gradually.


Like the Peeping Eye soul, this soul is RARE and is hard as heck to get, especially this early in the game. The amount of time it takes to get this soul is VERY ridiculous... definitely not really worth the time. So unless you are as crazy as Bkstunt, then go ahead and skip this and come back for it at another time.

The room on the upper right side of this room has another Creature, and another place to farm its soul, so return to the previous Creature and go left to the next area. Kill the Bomber Armor and Skull Archer and enter the room on the right at the bottom to trigger a scene with Celia and 2 other characters, Dmitri and Dario. Quite an interesting scene. Afterwards, proceed and enter the room to the right for a save point and prepare yourself for a fight against Balore.

Boss: Balore

Balore is another really simple boss if you can predict its moves. Check out our video for help (although the text here isn't too shabby!). He basically has four different attacks, but only attacks with one arm and his eye. Pretty easy right? As far as souls go, the Manticore soul is great in this fight. Check out the moves below and get to work!


  • Uppercut: He uppercuts you and smashes you on the ceiling. No kidding. Beware where he puts his arm because he can either uppercut right in front of him or far from him. Move around and/or try to slide to get out of the way.
  • Slam: This is similar to the uppercut move as Balore will raise his fist up and slam it down into the ground. Just like the uppercut, you want to get out of the way fast.
  • Jabs: He punches forwards twice with this move: the first time right in front of him, which you can just duck under and the second one he hits on the lower side, so be sure to jump over the second punch.
  • Eye Laser: Balore shoots one big laser out of its eye which is as big as the whole screen. This is the same attack as the one you see when you entered the boss room. When you see the screen getting all fuzzy in front of its eye, duck as fast as possible to avoid it.

So as you can see, it's really simple. Only time your attacks accordingly and you'll do just fine.

After the fight, you'll get Balore's Soul which lets you break those ice blocks you've seen so far by tapping the screen. You're also told about the gray souls, which are equipped automatically. Awesome huh? Return, heal up, save your game and time to follow the two possible paths at the moment.

Return to the warp point for starters and head over to Yoko and Hammer. Since we're going to a new part of the castle, buy Castle Map 2 from Hammer and the UMA News 2-1 while you're at it. Restock on Potions and whatnot and upgrade your armor/accessories.

OK, now off to go explore. Head back to the start of the Wizardry lab area. If you remember, the room just to the right of the door has ice blocks. You can get through this area with your new skill. Try carving up the ice blocks to provide steps for yourself and keep heading right. You'll get to a new room soon enough and then you can head down. You'll find another room with a giant mirror in it and a Combat Knife.

Next return to Wizardry Lab's Warp Point. Leave the room and enter the one on the upper right. Go through this room full of Slaughterers and you'll remember this room with the ton of Armor Knights and the ice blocks/platforms. Kill them all and destroy the ice blocks before hoping on the platform.


There is a secret room in this room. It is located in the ceiling. If you have the peeping eye soul you can see it, but if not note that is just after the second line of ice blocks start (it is located just under the horizontal passage above - check the map). Hit it with an over-head weapon like the Axe to break open the room. You'll likely need to exit and re-enter the room and then you'll be able to jump up there. You can find a Foie Gras.

After getting the room and item up above, clear the enemies and ice in the room, then just stay crouched to get past the gap at the end. Now it's time to enter the next area.

Garden of Madness

Playing:Platinum Moonlight
Map Rate:12.3%
Soul Rate:17.4%

Magic Seal 2UneSkelerang
Three 7sCatoblepasSkeleton Ape
---Skeleton FarmerYorick

Here you'll meet some new enemies right away: the Une and Skelerang. Head upwards and enter the room on the left for a save point. You can use this room transition to easily farm for both of these new monsters. Note that heading to the top of this area and using the room transition there is slightly easier when farming for the Skelerang.

[_] Une : Throw Une at a foe.

[_] Skelerang : Enhance throwing ability.

After getting those souls, head up and enter the top right room. This is actually a dead end (there is some water here we can't get past) but there are four Mandragora enemies here. They pop up and scream, hurting everything in a radius, so be careful. With a wide hitting weapon you can farm them easily:

[_] Mandragora : Shout to send monsters flying.

Head back and go into the other room now across from you. There is another tough enemy here. This foe is a Treant, and has a low rate of dropping a soul. Not nearly as bad as the Peeping Eye or The Creature, but still fairly bad. Luckily there is a save point nearby so you can easily heal up, so if you are up for it get its soul here.

[_] Treant : Increase MP recovery speed.

Past the Treant on a nearby pedestal is the Magic Seal 2. It will show you how to draw it as you pick it up. Continue upwards to another vertical shaft. The room to the left here is a WARP room. Nice. The lower floor has a une, but the middle floor has a new enemy called a corpseweed. It has a fairly easy drop rate, so let's get it here:

[_] Corpseweed : Summon Corpseweed as a familiar.

Yep, the soul turns into your second familiar. You... you just got to try it out and see what it does. Heh...

Head up now to get to a large room. To the right you can jump on the ruins to get the nearby Breastplate. Now, let's head down and right past the Corpseweed to the lower right room. This room has the Mollusca enemy in it. It is really easy to kill with Une and makes for a great place to farm for its soul, which should drop fairly easily.

[_] Mollusca : Summon a Mollusca.

A very unique soul for sure. There is a boss door here, but you can't enter it yet... it requires a seal we just don't have. Head back outside and head up now, to where the Skeleton Ape is. Watch out for its exploding barrel that it loves to throw and defeat it, then enter the room on the right to find a Catoblepas. This classic foe will try to petrify you with its breath, so watch out. This room transition is an ideal place to farm both souls.

[_] Catoblepas : Breath clouds of petrifying gas.

[_] Skeleton Ape : Throw a foe with incredible power.


Like other hard-to-get souls (Peeping Eye, The Creature, etc.), this soul is RARE and is hard as heck to get, especially this early in the game. It's not QUITE as bad as other offenders (see above), but it can take quite a bit of time for very little reward. Unless you are as crazy as the authors, consider coming back for this soul.

From the Catoblepas, head up (watch out for weeds!). At the top of this area is a exit to the left and right. The left is a dead end so let's explore it first. Head in and kill the weeds on the ground and then meet the new enemies flying around. These things are Rycuda, and will shoot LIGHTNING at you! Very shocking! Sorry, just had to say that... anyways, kill them and note the upper path (which we can't get to quite yet) and then head down watching out for the nearby mandragora. This is actually an excellent place to farm for the Rycuda soul and I'll even share how: equip the Axe Armor soul and jump up from below so you can throw the axe at the birds (who spawn near each other). Again, beware of the mandragora!

[_] Rycuda : Summon thunderbolts.

This is actually a very useful skill. It costs quite a bit of MP, but is homing. Nice, right? Head down and follow the path past the Catoblepas as it leads to a chest full of money and a Fleuret. Head back now to the vertical room and take the upper right exit. Kill the Skeleton Ape and jump up to the platform to the right. There is a soul candle here surrounded by Une that contains the Doppelganger soul, an ability soul that lets you switch gear (and soul) sets with the X button. You can now equip two sets of souls! Try it out!

Down below are some enemies we've never met before. Namely the Skeleton Farmer and the Yorick (along with a Catoblepas). The farmer is... weird. He literally tosses out seeds that grow Une and Mandragoras. Yes, you can kill the plants for souls, but the Farmer soul is rather hard to get. Also, this is the only place you can get it. Farming this soul is very annoying at this point in the game, mainly due to where the Farmer is (as in, the farmer isn't by any doorway). Still, this is the only place to get the soul:

[_] Skeleton Farmer : Enhance the performance of plant-type abilities.

A very... unique skill. It enhances things like the Une and Mandragora soul. The Yorick soul can be gotten easier in a place not far from here, so I suggest saving it for the time being (or if you feel industrious, you can lump in killing it with the Skeleton Farmer). Also take note of the chest off to the right here: we can't quite jump that high so we'll need to come back later... or just kill it right there. Its a Mimic, so attack it and it'll hop down and attack you.


This is a VERY bad place to farm for the Mimic. It's just so out of the way... We are actually skipping this soul... for now. It's use is tied to money-making, which is handy later in the game. We'll note when we are going to farm for it (see, we aren't TOTALLY crazy!). Also note that this is going to screw up our Soul % Rate, but feel free to go after it if you wish.

Head to the upper right exit (past another Skeleton Ape) to a vertical corridor. Fight your way downward and exit out to another large area. Kill the Skeleton Ape here and drop down. Here check out the lower left-hand exit. This actually leads to the OTHER SIDE of the boss room from earlier! Heh. There's another Mollusca here too. Now go back to the big room and explore. There's another Yorick, plants and a Rycuda out here. Kill them all and explore to the right. You'll find an area above you and a door off to the right, as well as an exit in the floor.

For now, let's take the exit in the floor. Head down and kill the enemies and you'll see a door at the bottom that says "777". This door won't let you through unless the last three digits of your money total says 777. Tricky! There's a candle nearby, so you may as well use the candle and floor exit to get up to 777. It will take a little while, but once you got it touch the door and it will open up. Behind it is the Three 7s armor, which increases luck! Just what we need! More luck means more souls!

Now, about that exit in the floor. Down there is a Yorick. This one is fairly easy to farm, so go ahead and do so:

[_] Yorick : Kick a skull like a ball.

Time to continue on. Head back up to the large room and head to the right. Enter the door here to enter the next area.

The Dark Chapel

Playing: After Confession
Map Rate: 17.5%
Soul Rate: 27.8%

PotionHoop EarringMini DevilWitch
Power BeltHigh Mind UpGhoulGhost Dancer
Anti-Venom$2000Amalaric SniperGreat Armor
Traveler CapeRed ScarfValkyrieQuetzalcoatl
HalberdLong SwordTombstone`Hell Boar
High PotionElfin RobeBarbaricciaWhite Dragon
------GuillotinerBone Pillar

We start off with some new enemies, the Mini Devils. These annoying little things shoot little crescent moon beams at you and are flickering around, making it hard to spot them and kill them. On the upper left corner is another new enemy, the Witch. These fly around shooting balls of light at you. You still can't get the weapon that's laying here, so we'll have to come back later. Also take note that you need the Flying Armor Soul to reach this little alcove. We're going to list the Witch soul here, but get it in the upcoming room down below.

[_] Mini Devil : Summon a Mini Devil as a familiar.

[_] Witch : Launch magic shots that track targets.

There are also two exits from this room. The lower right one has a Save Point (much needed after the Garden of Madness), so use it, return and now proceed through the upper right exit. There's another Witch here along with several Ghouls, which are pretty much like Zombies, only blue-colored. Their soul is really hard to get, but this is one of the best spots to farm for it.

[_] Ghoul : Eat food that is normally unpalatable.

In this next large vertical room we have another new enemy, the Ghost Dancer. These just dance around and hurt you if you touch them. That's all. Nothing too special about them, minus their souls (see the below note!). As you go up or down you'll find the Amalaric Sniper, which appears out of thin air and starts shooting arrows at you.

[_] Ghost Dancer : Raise LUCK.

[_] Amalaric Sniper : Summon an archer to support you.


The Ghost Dancer soul here requires attention, as it provides extra LUCK. If you have been following along with the guide writer's crazy notion of collecting all of the souls when you can, then this soul is a life-savor. Spend some time in this large room defeating the Ghost Dancer's and acquire NINE of their souls. Each soul is worth +2 points of LUCK, for a total of +18 when you are done. Not too shabby.

Getting 9 souls is a chore, but not too hard. Remember that you have a save point nearby and use whatever souls you want to make this chore easier. Spare no MP! Good hunting!

There are FOUR exits to this room. Enter the door directly underneath the one you came in from to find the Warp Room. Return to Yoko/Hammer if you need anything and from the Warp Room, go down just to fill in the map, kill the Creature here and go to the top of the room. There's a Potion on the right side (Flying Armor needed) so grab it and go through the upper left exit.

This room has two Great Armor enemies which are really tough, but you can hurt them on their feet, so hit them there.

[_] Great Armor : Summon Great Armor as a familiar.

In this next room is a Valkyrie, which is super easy and an excellent place to farm its soul.

[_] Valkyrie : Transform into a Valkyrie and charge at foes.


Once again we have a soul that is very hard to get. If you wish, go ahead and skip it and come back later. Or if you are as crazy as the writers, go ahead and farm for it here. This soul is really neat and will be useful later.

Continue on up and past the Valkyrie room for a large room full of ghosts. There's also a Witch in the room, but meh. Hop on the moving platform to the left and go up. There's an item here, but you can't access it from here, yet. Follow the path into the next room. Here enter the upper left room for a Save Point. Now go to the bottom and enter the room for a boss fight.

Boss: Dmitrii Blinov

Dmitrii has to be one of the easiest bosses in the game. Seriously. As told in the scene, Dmitrii absorbs magic attacks and uses them against you, so the stronger the Bullet Soul you use against him, the harder it'll hit you. We recommend equipping something rather "useless" (although every Bullet Soul has its use) like Une, Student Witch or Skeleton. He likes to use this ability so as long as you know how the soul works, you'll be fine. He can also back-dash and jump over you, but this fight is beyond easy if you feed Dmitrii the right soul.


  • Soul Attack: Attacks you with the last soul you used against him.
  • Slash: If you get too close to him, he'll slash you with his dagger.

That's all there is to it! Dodge the useless soul you give him and punish him physically until he falls!

After the fight return, save your game and return to the room where you fought Dmitrii. There's a new enemy here, the Quetzalcoatl. It's a Fleaman riding a White Dragon and bouncing all over the place, another really annoying enemy. This is a good place to farm its soul though.

[_] Quetzalcoatl : Summon a Quetzalcoatl as a familiar.

In the next large room, there's an item in the upper right corner, but we can't get to it at the moment, so go to the upper left to find the entrance to another boss.

Boss: Malphas

Malphas is another easy boss. Malphas itself is a combination of a woman and a crow. We can't make this up! Anyway, she only has three attacks and they are all really easy to evade. Remember that at the end of the battle you'll have to use the Magic Seal you previously found, so make sure to have your stylus ready.


  • Dark Orbs: It concentrates its power underneath her using both arms and throws black orbs at you. When you see her do this, run away from here and jump over them (you can use the Flying Armor to help if you need to).
  • Crows: She "throws" all her crows towards you. Note that it does this towards either the left or the right. When you see she's facing one way, stay behind her to completely evade the crows. Really simple.
  • Needles: No, not as dangerous as the Final Fantasy series, Malphas spreads her arms and throws several feather to the sides, which resemble needles. When you see her spread, quickly stay underneath her to avoid the attack.

After the fight we get her soul, and the ability to Double Jump... FINALLY!!!! Return to the previous room and use the double jump with the Flying Armor to grab the Hoop Earring. Now go save your game and enter the room to the left, where the Witch and Ghost were. Now you can grab the item in the upper left corner, which is a Power Belt. Return to the previous room and go right from the save point. In this hallway there's a new enemy, the Tombstone. It has really defense so attack it hard and quick. Its soul is really hard to get though.

[_] Tombstone : Nullify petrification.

In the next room you'll find several bells and more Mini Devils. There's not much here since its a dead end for now, but you can use that Double Jump to get a High Mind Up on the right side of the room. There is also an Anti-Venom in the upper left side of the room. There's an exit here on the upper right, but we can't get through it for now. If only we were smaller or something...

Time to go finish exploring. Head back to the huge room with all the Ghost Dancer's. There's two exits here we haven't went through. Go through the right one to find a dead end (again, map percentage). Head back out and go down. Kill the Creature and go through the exit here. This room is full of Ghouls but does have a new enemy in it: the Hell Boar. This beast is a re-skin of the Slaughterer but has a fire attack as well. The shot is more direct and shoots fast at you so be careful. He can also do a devastating uppercut.

[_] Hell Boar : Knock down enemies with power-packed uppercuts.

Head to the left now to get to a vertical shaft. Jump over the gap and enter the top left room. There is a new enemy called Barbariccia here. There's also a whopping $2000. Nice. This is a good place to farm for Barbariccia, although his drop rate is pretty low. Not as bad as earlier triple stars, but still bad:

[_] Barbariccia : Transform into Barbariccia.

Another transform soul! Our second. It's pretty cool, but spendy of course. Head back to the previous room and down. There is a classic Bone Pillar here. Amazing we haven't seen him before now! Keep going down and enter the next room on the left. You'll find a White Dragon here guarding an item. Kill it and take the Traveler Cape. You may as well farm the dragon here as well since this is a good spot:

[_] White Dragon : Breathe fire.

Even though the soul say "breathe fire", Soma just shoots it out of his hand. Very disappointing, I know. Head down to the bottom now and out of the left exit. There's a new floating enemy here called a Guillotiner. It has a high soul drop rate, thankfully, but will try and separate and, well... "Guillotine" you. Chop 'ya. Take him out:

[_] Guillotiner : Summon a guillotine from hell.

This is a fairly powerful soul actually. Now, down in this room are two stacks of Bone Pillars with three in each stack. This makes it a good place to farm for them. Use a soul that will help you attack them all at once if you can (Guillotiner isn't a bad choice). It can take a little while, but can be done. There's another good farming spot down below if you want to wait (less enemies, better room transition).

[_] Bone Pillar : Increase CON.

There's a lot of exits down at the bottom of this corridor. The middle right one leads to a dead end and has a spike trap at the top (be careful!). Explore it for the map percentage and head down. Go through the right exit here. This room has a couple of spike traps in it and a Barbariccia. Past here is a room with a mirror and a Red Scarf.

Head back out to the vertical room and go left this time. You'll find some more Bone Pillars (another good farming spot - get that soul if you haven't yet) and a pink wall with a skeleton on it. This wall can ONLY be opened up if you have the skeleton soul, which you more than likely do already. Hit the wall with a bone and it'll open up. Defeat the white dragon and hell boar past it and claim the Halberd here for your own.

That is all the exploring we can do down here right now. Head ALL the way back up to the ghost dancer room and then west to the save room at the start of the Dark Chapel. Save up and then go get the weapon in the left corner of the room with our new double jump to gain a Long Sword.


I thought about making this last little part a separate section, but... it's just too short. We'll just add it into "The Dark Chapel". Let's call this last little bit "Cleaning Up", shall we?

There's a number of things we can do now, but first let's head back to Yoko and Hammer. We're going to get some map percentage and an item. From the warp point, head to the upper right exit and continue right to the vertical area, then through the upper left exit. Here you can head UP. You'll find Skeleton Boomerangs and Peeping Eyes. Head up and fill out the map. To the upper left you will find a High Potion and to the upper right a door. Don't enter, just note it for now.

OK, let's head back to the Garden of Madness now. There's an area we can reach her with our double jump. Head up to the big room above the warp zone and take the upper right exit. Head up and take the upper left exit. You'll see right away in this room that you can now go higher. Kill the enemies and grab the Elfin Robe. To the right is an exit but there is also a secret exit to the north. Use a soul or weapon to break open the exit just so it will appear on the map, then take the right exit.

Hidden in the ceiling...

There are 2 Treants in this room, as well as a Barbariccia. Dispose of them and enter the room to the right for a save point. Save and heal up, return, go up the ledges and then you'll find another boss door, so time to go in a face whatever's inside.

Boss: Dario Bossi

Ah, so we finally get to fight the second candidate. Dario has quite the temper and will torch the beautiful garden just to show off. Still, he is very easy and really only has three moves. He can also teleport around the room (and becomes invulnerable when he does so). Still, the moves down below are all very easy to dodge, so go to town on him and enjoy all of the dialog.


  • Fireball: Dario's most simple attack is a simple fireball launched at your face. Very easy to avoid as you can jump over it or crouch. Nothing to fear here.
  • Fire Wave: Dario will punch the ground and send out a wave of fire. Pretty cool looking, but not very dangerous as you can jump over it easily (or double jump). Make him pay for it afterwards.
  • Fire Pillars: Here is Dario's most dangerous attack: his fire pillars. Dario will laugh and cause three fire pillars to show up. These pillars usually show up underneath wherever you are and can be controlled that way by moving slowly. They will sometimes start in front of Dario and try to trap you in, so be careful and never get trapped between fire pillars (or in the corner of the room).

After the fight, take the left exit and fight your way upward. There is an exit to the right you can take, but it is a dead end. Time to take the door here to a new area.


Yes, the sound track here is named "Demon Guest House" for Demon Guest House... not very original, huh? Also, look at all the frickin' items! This is by far the largest amount of items in a section of the guide... mostly due to the sliding puzzle area! Fun.

As soon as you get in this area, there is a secret break-able exit in the ceiling. We can't get up there yet though, but at least its on the map. This long room has a new enemy in it called Persephone. Polite little demons. Watch out for their karate. Kill them off and head left to see a scene with Genya Arikado. He chastises you of course but also brings you a letter from Mina, which includes Mina's Talisman. Remember this item as it is needed later.

Once the scene is done, head right and kill the Persephone until you can claim its soul:

[_] Persephone : Enable "magic vacuum." Vacuums up enemy HP.

Head left past the room where Genya was to enter a HUGE room. This room has some new enemies, so feel free to explore it. You'll find Skeleton Boomerangs, Ghost Dancers, Liliths and a Devil. First things first though: enter the middle right room for a SAVE point. Very important. Now, let's do a little soul farming. In the upper left corner of the room is a Lilith and an exit in the ceiling. You can use this exit to kill the Lilith here and a second Lilith in the room above. This gives you a very good chance of easily getting the soul:

[_] Lilith : Increase INT.

Good, now save up and let's get another soul. Drop down to the bottom of the room outside the save point and kill the Devil you find. He's got a cool way of phasing into play. Search the right room down here, kill the Persephone and collect the $2000. Now, use this room transition to kill the Devil until you get his soul:

[_] Devil : Enter a pact with the devil to sharply raise STR.

This soul is pretty darn cool. It sharply raises your STR and hurts you at the same time. An interesting and deadly soul to play around with. Next head down the floor exit. It is a dead end (for now), but we got it mapped out. Next head up to the room above us. Time to explore this place! To the right is an exit that has a unique enemy in it: the Waiter Skeleton. This guy will fling his plate at you and go commit suicide, so we have to kill him before he kills himself for his soul:

[_] Waiter Skeleton : Serve delicious curry.

Uh... yeah. Serving curry. Yum. Be sure to check out the note here for one of the game's rare secret items:


This room with the Waiter Skeleton holds a secret! Have Soma sit down in the chair to the left and wait a second... the Crown will pop out of the floor! It's really just an easter egg item, but is cool nonetheless!

Head up in the big room now killing the various monsters along the way. Soon you'll see another room off to the right. This one has a Devil and a Persephone in it. Kill them both and claim the UMA News 1-2 they were guarding. Another tip on a mysterious creature. We'll get him soon enough! Head back out and keep heading up. You'll find an exit off to the left soon. This leads to a dead-end, but has a new enemy here called a Killer Clown. THIS thing deserves to die! He will waddle around and throw cards at you. Use this door to farm him:

[_] Killer Clown : Throw cards as weapons.


When you hit an enemy with a card, you can see a picture. The only cards you'll ever see are Jack, Queen, King, Ace and Joker (so you aren't really playing with a full deck here... heh...). Each of the cards has someone on them though, see below!

Jack Card = Yoko
Queen Card = Mina
King Card = Hammer
Ace Card = Julius
Joker Card = Alucard

Head back out to the big room and continue fighting your way up. At the top you'll see an exit to the right and to the upper left another exit... only this one is blocked with an iron bar. Well, may as well go right. In here is a new enemy: the Killer Doll. Kill everything up in here! If they touch you, you'll be cursed and lose all MP, so take them out carefully and grab the $2000 here. Now go ahead and use this room to farm for their souls. It's... a pain due to the low drop rate, but keep at it!

[_] Killer Doll : Nullify curses.

This is it for now so return to the save point, heal and save up and enter the left door in the main room. This long corridor has two Liliths and some Bone Pillars which shouldn't be a threat. In this next room we have a puzzle, and a big one. Don't worry though, it is pretty darn easy.

We can reorganize the rooms in the order that we want. Note that our objective right now is to go through the upper left exit (marked with the arrow) but in order to get 100% map percentage, we need to visit all rooms. There are also items that can be found in certain rooms, which are:

Room 1Cestus
Room 5Cutall
Room 8Turquoise Stud
Room 9Justaucorps
Room 12Great Sword
Upper-right exitRing Mail

There are SO many ways to do this puzzle that we aren't going to hold your hand through it and show you exactly what to do (as there is by no means one "right" way). Plus, it is rather easy and fun to figure out on your own!

Some good items for the time spent in doing this. Note that when you reset the rooms, the path is originally intended to lead you directly to the upper left corner, so take that. The lower left exit (marked with room 1) is a shortcut to the entrance, so use it for map percentage.

There's a ton of Killer Dolls in this vertical shaft so get that soul if you haven't already and kill the Skelerang and Killer Clown in the next room. There are two exits on top of the room, so take the left one first to find a big piano... and we mean BIG! While this room seems ripe for a secret, it is really just meant to have some musical fun in: there's nothing hidden here.

Enter the next room to find a gazillion Bone Pillars. Yeah, a ton. Use wide-attack weapons like the Great Sword we just go and create a "stairway" (remember that you can stand on the Bone Pillar's heads) to find an opening in the upper left side of the room. Double jump up there and you'll find several ice blocks. Create another "stairway" upwards to find some War Fatigues in the upper left corner and UMA News 2-4 in the upper right corner.

Return to the vertical shaft before the piano and go right this time. We have a Lilith, a Skelerang and a new enemy here, the Buer. This thing envelops itself in fire and moves around the floor quickly so take care of it fast. This is an OK to place to kill it. Far from ideal, but with an overhead weapon like the Axe you can take it out easily from the lower right exit. It is also a 1-star soul, so it shouldn't take too long to farm it here:

[_] Buer : Wear a cloak of tumbling fire.


There is a better place to farm Buer in the next section of the castle, if you want to wait that long. Up to you: his soul drops fairly easily as it is.

Enter the lower right room for two Killer Dolls and an item we can't reach at the moment, so return and enter the upper right door. Go down to get that High Potion we couldn't reach before and we'll have another forking path at the top. The right path is a shortcut to where we previously were (explore it for the map percentage but beware of a Devil!), so take the left path to a room similar to the one with the Buer.

There's a Demon on the upper part and a Killer Clown on the lower part so dispose of them if you want and enter the lower left side to find the warp point of the area. Finally. Go restock if necessary and from the room with the Killer Clown and Demon, go right to the vertical shaft and mark both squares for map percentage, then return to the previous room. Head into the upper left room now to find yet another vertical shaft. Go up and in to the next room which is another fairly big room. Here there are Killer Clowns, a Lilith, Buer and Quetzalcoatl. Be extremely careful of the latter since this is a really enclosed space, it can bounce really quick and do mayor damage to you.

There are three ways to go from here. The right room has three Killer Dolls and UMA News 2-2 while the left room has the Magic Seal 3 for the next boss, which is a bit tougher than the previous ones. Spend some time practicing it if you need to.

Head back to the previous room and head up now. To the right is a SAVE point of course, and up next is the boss room! Here we go!

Boss: Puppet Master

The Pupper Master has got to be one of the easiest fights of all time for all Castlevania games. It doesn't attack you directly, but it uses the torture chambers (Iron Maidens) on the four corners of the room to damage you. It does this by placing a puppet into the Iron Maiden and then magically having you take the puppet's place. A fiendish attack, to be sure. It also uses puppets in other ways as well.

Check out the attacks below and keep up the offensive while destroying its puppets. Be SURE to focus on the Iron Maiden puppets. Souls that can attack an area or hit multiple times are ideal here. Take this thing out!


  • Iron Maiden: It makes a doll appear in one of its hands and puts it inside one of the Iron Maidens. When this happens, you change place with the doll and take severe damage. The way to prevent this is to attack the doll before it goes inside the Maiden. Usually two hits will destroy it, so act quick as this is its main attack.
  • Puppets: It spits out puppets and they float around the room. When touched, you take damage so make sure to destroy them. When you see it spitting them out, toss a Mandragora right in between them to destroy them all before they separate and start bugging the hell out of you. Barring that, use souls that can kill off multiple puppets at a time to make life easier.

Now that you have beat the Puppet Master, Hammer's shop inventory has been updated. We'll be around that area soon, just keep this in mind.

After the battle, you get the Puppet Master soul, in which you throw a puppet and switch places with it. Neat. Now open your map and remember the first save point of the area? The one on the lower right of your current position? Go there, heal and save up and go down to the room below and use the newly acquired soul to cross the pillar and get High Mind Up. Go down to a room with Skeletons and a Peeping Eye. Going right takes you back to the Garden of Madness, so go down this path just for the map percentage then return and go left. Follow this path with weak enemies until you lower the bridge at the entrance of the castle (the one Julius jumped over).

There's a ledge you can reach now that you have the Double Jump ability on the left side of the screen so use it to get on top for a Crimson Cloak. Since we're here, go to the second area of the game and you'll see some ledges on both the left and right sides of the area, but even with the Double Jump you can't reach them. Double jump and toss a puppet to get higher up on the ledge. Nice. Explore the room on the left for a Pumpkin Pie.

Next let's get a nearby hidden monster. Continue to the left back to the very first screen of the game. Outside in the snow. In the background if you look you'll see a Yeti moving around. With the Waiter Soul that we got recently, we can actually kill this thing. If you throw out some curry in front of it, it will jump out and try to eat it.

Killing it is another matter though and will require some planning. Right now you (we!) probably aren't strong enough to kill it. However, if you use the DEVIL soul after throwing out the curry and use that Great Sword we picked up not too long ago, you have a chance of killing it in two strikes (note that if even that isn't possible, come back later once you've leveled up a bit and try again). Doing so gives us a good chance to farm this one-star soul:

[_] Yeti : Create a white orb of dark power that grows as it rolls.

Time to move on. To get to our next area visit a nearby warp room and head to The Dark Chapel. Now from the warp room, head to the northern save point. Now, to the upper left room. The one with all the bells in it. In the upper right corner of this room is a place you can throw a puppet. Go ahead and do so and continue on.

You'll be outside now. The air is nice, right? The mountains and the moon are very nice as well. Continue to the right and kill the Valkyrie and Mini Devils. Jump the gap and continue. To the far right is a broken pillar that you can use to jump up and see a sword. To actually reach it though throw a puppet for the Kotetsu. Head back and drop down now. The right is a dead end but explore it anyways then head left. Jump the gap and kill the devils you find to collect the UMA News 3-2. Flying Humaniod? Wha..!?

Go down again. Here we have to do something special to get another item. To the right is a big gap. There's an item to the far right, but the gap is far too big for us to jump. BUT, if you equip the Flying Armor soul AND the Puppet Master soul you can jump the gap and at the end throw it to reach the ledge the High Potion is on. It's possible you'll fail and it may take a few tries but that's OK. Down below is a ton of foes. Wipe them out and drop down further. To the left you can get back up above to try the jump again (explore it just for the map percentage of course).

Once you have the item, explore down below fully. You'll find a button to lower a wall granting access to the Dark Chapel and a handy shortcut. To the right you'll find a room door. Time to enter a new area!

Hey everyone, BK here. I hope you enjoyed the guide or review you just read! I always try to make it feel like we're playing together!

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