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There are immortal legends and stories but heroes are mortal. Death always tells, and only bones of great armies will remain on the battlefields, and the tombs of great lords will be covered with weed. All are equal in the end, killers will join their victims, and lions will lie near the lambs.

But there is a story of heroes overcoming death.

You will know about passion and thirst exceeding everything man can feel, about the fate of those who deceived Death itself. You will know how Undead think and feel.

You will have to participate in the last journey of those who were elves out of new kingdom of orcs, to a far north, going by barbarian settlements and valleys of mighty wizards, through undergrounds of ancient races and heated rifts of demons, to white fire of the inquisitors of mans empires, and sharp blades of their paladins searching the place for dead in the world of living ones.

Looking for power or oblivion.

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