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IGN caught the Penguin Fever, so will you!

“I enjoyed Penguin Fever. The (…) developer did a great job marrying a clever concept with the right theme -- penguins are still fun to look at -- to create a puzzler that's easy to recommend” IGN

Help Inuk the Equimau who is drifting off on an ice float get back to his village. Every time you finish a level his icefloat gets bigger, bringing him closer to safe land. Penguin Fever’s gameplay brilliantly mixes the classic game plays of dominos and puzzle but with adorable little penguins. Tip every single penguin culminating with the king to complete a stage. Inuk’s destiny is in your hands!

- 43 levels set in a variety of ice field environments

- 7 types of penguins with different behaviors (ie: sumo penguin bounces smaller penguins off its belly, fuzzy penguin rolls across the ice, tiny penguins split and go into two directions when tapped)

- A classic gameplay enriched with ladders, ice holes and leveled platforms designed to enhance the game strategy

- Did we mention the penguins are really cute?

Let there be Penguins!

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