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We proudly present Magnetic Joe 2. The sequel to the award winning game is now available with tons of new puzzles and features. Help Joe through new action packed levels using a variety of new abilities and upload your best scores online and see how you rank against other Magnetic Joe fans. This version also contains a host of new game modes and the ability to download your rival's best scores so you can even continue to play offline smashing the other players' hard earned records.

Magnetic Joe 2 is an arcade game with a revolutionarily simple control method. Your goal is to guide Joe, the little magnetic ball, to the exit of the levels by tapping the touch screen at the right moment. Sounds easy, doesn't it? You would not believe what wide range of possibilities and how much fun lies in this simple action. To best explain what makes the new Magnetic Joe 2 taste even better than Magnetic Joe Classic, we decided to reveal to you its secret formula:

100 Levels: Now you get twice as many levels as in the pilot version (200 stars to collect)

New Game Modes:
- Training mode gives you a quick walk-through of all game modes;
- Classic mode plays like the original game;
- Collect mode features small Joes which you have to collect to unlock the exit;
- Enemy mode features deadly foes like robots, spiders, spike balls and more.

Extras (Unlockable abbilities):
- Cloak: Joe becomes invisible, making the levels even more challenging;
- Bad: Makes Joe stronger, letting him destroy walls more easily;
- Rerverse: Reverses the controls. Now you have to demagnetize Joe;
- Josephine: She is light and floats better;
- Bot: Makes Joe immune to robots;
- Fire: Makes Joe immune to fires;
- Hood: Makes Joe immune to spike balls and green monsters.

Well, gentlemen - start your magnets!

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