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~ An RPG where you can enjoy playing repeatedly and find the meaning of life ~

The second mobile phone original RPG with 5 chapters!
Yu Shiina has been appointed as a character designer to provide the world of Tales with a fresh new look!
In addition to introducing the familiar skit system in the "Tales of" series, voice acting is also adopted as a part of the production not only in battle but also in various scenes! Experience the world of the new "Tales of" series!

Seltz, the son of a weapons merchant in Growth Heidel, travels to the Expo site Azertrija to see the inauguration ceremony of the world's first flying airship, Luftship, by his father Eisel.
However, this spectacular ceremony in which dignitaries from each country were invited has a disastrous consequence; the explosion of the Luftship.
In order to save his father Eisel, who was detained by the Starklia Empire as a terrorist mastermind, Seltz steps into the empire's territory with the wizard Villa and Karuru who happened to be friends.

[] Character design: Yu Shiina
[] Party characters: 6 people
[] 12 chapters in total

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