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Solo Guide by Coolica

Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 10/02/2006

Counter-Strike: Source In-depth Solo Guide
Author: Coolica (coolica@yahoo.com)
Version 1.00
October 2, 2006


Table of Contents
I.   Legal Stuff
II.  Introduction
III. What this guide is about
IV.  Frequently Asked Questions

I.   So you want to learn how to survive in CS: Source by yourself?
II.  Weapons
III. Weapon training
IV.  Solo playing styles
V.   Situations
VI.  When to go Solo and when not to
VII. Tips for survival



I. Legal Stuff
Counter-Strike: Source and all offical realated mods belong to Valve.  Post
of this FAQ elsewhere besides gamefaqs must be cleared by me first.

II. Introduction
So this is the 2nd guide I've written... the first one being a solo guide for
CS 1.6.  It's kinda similar, but I've updated this to fit the needs of Source

III. What this guide is about
This guide will attempt to teach you how to go solo while playing CS: Source.
Your probably wondering, "Why the heck would I need to do stuff by myself when
I got teammates around to help me?"  Well we don't all live in a magical world
where everyone who plays CS: Source can fit into a well organized team.
There are uncooperative players who no matter how you tell them, will not be
able to follow directions.  Although most players frown at players who go solo,
sometimes it's the only way to win.  Especially in pubs.  This guide will
attempt to teach you how to take the situation into your own hands and well,
kill off the whole opposing team hopefully ;D.

IV. Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is it wrong to go solo?
A: Not at all.  No rule in CS: Source says you can't or are not allowed to.

Q: This guide is supposed to make me kill the WHOLE opposing team???
A: Essentially, it will attemp to make you kill your fare share of the opposing
team, and increase your survivability.

Q: It's hard to do this because I have lag.
A: No it's not.  I still get first on servers that I play on while having 280+
ping.  Although I'll admit that it's much harder than when you have low ping.

Q: Get cable!  Fix your rates!
A: This isn't more of an issue of rates or connections.  It's an issue of
distance.  Also, I've relocated so that now I can play with an average of 40

Q: I'm new to CS.  Will this guide make me better?
A: Depends if you make the effort to follow this guide.

Q: Can I play with you?
A: Maybe ;)


I. So you want to learn how to survive in CS: Source by yourself?
Well that's easy.  Just make sure you kill anyone who isn't on your team and
complete the objective?  Easy to say, hard to do.

First, you have to pactice your skills.  I mean, to be able to do things by
yourself requires you to be actually capable of killing someone 1 on 1.
That means practicing your skills with almost all the guns, since when you go
alone, you will sometimes need to switch guns in case the situation calls for
it.  Usually going solo means that you will have to either:

1) Fight enemes head to head, sometimes more than 1 at a time.
2) Find suitable spots for ambushes.

Those are the 2 most basic situations you'll find yourself in.  First off, you
gotta learn about the weapons.

II. Weapons
For the most part, most weapons in CS: Source are decent killing machines,
except for the few underpowered weapons.  In this section, I'll describe the
weapons and equipment you will, for the most part, use and find when you go


1) Name: USP
Pros: Good rof, standard size clip, cheap, decent damage dealt, has supressor.
Cons: Not much really.  Maybe recoil can get wild sometimes?
Comment: Good pistol to have when you run out of primary weapon ammo.
Considered one of the best pistols in the game.  You will most likely see this
on the dead bodies of your opponents.

2) Name: Glock
Pros: Large clip size, good rof, cheap, has burst-fire mode, good stun power.
Cons: Weak damage dealt.
Comment: An ok pistol, but personally not one of my favorites, although can be
quite useful if you can get headshots with it.  Body shots though will do puny

The glock can actually be very useful at times. Two hits is usually all it
takes to bring down an enemy, so you can try turning on burst-fire and aim
for the head. More often than not this will take hostiles down as fast as a
usp would. (Thanks to Johnny Rockett.)

3) Name: P228
Pros: Decent clip size, good rof, decent damage dealt, armor piercing.
Cons: Somewhat not accurate after first 2 shots, a bit expensive.
Comment: Decent gun, although you won't use it too much as people don't usually
use this gun anyway.  It takes off very little armor.

4) Name: Desert Eagle
Pros: Large amount of damage dealt, only pistol that can pierce walls.
Cons: Slow rof, expensive, recoil goes wiered after first shot or two, small
clip size.
Comment: This gun, also considered one of the best pistols, packs quite a punch
with one shot.  It can kill in one shot with a headshot, even if the opponent
is wearing a helmet.  However, you have to make each shot count, since you only
have seven bullets per clip.  Another gun that you will most likely see on a
dead opponent.  Pre Source, it was a gun that could compete with rifles even at
long range.  Now however, the accuracy is somewhat reduced.  It's still fair at
long distances.

Sub-machine Guns

1) Name: MP5 Navy
Pros: Good rof, farmiliar recoil pattern, cheap.
Cons: Low damage per shot (uses the same bullets as Glock.)
Comment: You usually will find this gun in early rounds and save rounds.  This
gun is considered the best SMG in the game.

2) Name: Mac 10
Pros: Fast rof, good close range.
Cons: Wild recoil.
Comment: Although you won't see much of this SMG, some people still use it.  It
does decent damage for a SMG, but the recoil can get you in trouble at long

3) Name: UMP
Pros: Good long range, good damage (uses the same bullets as USP.)
Cons: Slow rof, a bit small clip size.
Comment: As the same with the Mac 10, you won't see this gun often.  However,
this gun is quite good, but not many people like to use it and prefer the MP5.


1) Name: FAMAS
Pros: Fast rof, has burst-mode, cheap.
Cons: Low damage for a rifle, a bit small clip size, heavy.
Comment: The buget rifle of the CT's it's a decent gun to get, but you have to
get used to it first.  The burst-fire mode is quite handy if you are not good
at burst firing, and is extremely accurate in this mode.

2) Name: Galil
Pros: Good rof, large clip size, cheap.
Cons: Somewhat unfamiliar recoil pattern, a bit unaccurate.
Comment: The budget rifel of the T's, it's also a decent gun to get.  Good to
use as a spray and pray gun and good to get when low on cash.

3) Name: AK-47
Pros: Decent rof, cheap, large damage dealt, accurate.
Cons: Very unstable recoil pattern, loud.
Comment: The main gun of the T's, it is the most widely used rifle by the
terrorists.  Good power and can kill opponents in 1-5 shots.  Practice with
this gun alot because you will most likely use this gun most of the time.

4) Name: M4A1 a.k.a. "Colt"
Pros: Good rof, accurate, farmiliar recoil pattern, has supressor, decent
damage dealt.
Cons: A bit expensive.
Comment: The main rifle used by the CT's, it has good rof, and does good
damage, although does a bit less damage than the ak.  This is another gun you
will use alot.

5)Name: Sig SG-552 Commando
Pros: Has single scope, good rof, accurate, good damage.
Cons: Expensive, high recoil.
COmment: This gun is the inbetween between a sniper and a rifle.  A good gun,
but overshadowed by the AK.

6)Name: Steyr AUG
Pros: Has single scope, good rof, very accurate, good damage.
Cons: Expensive
Comment: This gun is the counterpart of the Sig.  It is very accurate and is
not as overshadowed by the M4A1 as the Sig is by the AK.

7) Name: Arctic Warfare Magnum/Police Sinper Rifle a.k.a "AWM/AWP"
Pros: One shot kill most of the time, accurate over long distances.
Cons: Very loud, can sometimes let victims live, heavy, slow rof for sniper
rife, expensive, unaccurate when moving or unscoped.
Comment: This is one gun you will definately see as much as the AK and M4A1.
The prefered sniper rifle by most of the CS community, it is strong, accurate,
and deadly.  One shot can kill more than one person.  Kills an opponent in one
shot, providing they didn't get shot in the leg, which will let them live with
very little hp.

8) Name: Streyr Scout
Pros: Silent (kind of =P), fast rof for sniper rifle, light, accurate unscoped
and moving, cheap.
Cons: Does not kill in one shot unless headshot, inaccurate over long
distances (unless you crouch.)
Comment: The sniper rifle used by the CS community who frown upon using the AWP
and the auto-snipers.  It is light, has good accuracy while moving and
unscoped.  However if you want a one shot kill with it, you must get a
headshot.  Loses some accuracy over a long distance, but can be compensated by

9) Name: H&K G3/SG-1
Pros: Auto-firing in sniper mode, good dmg, accurate.
Cons: Very expensive.
Comment: The auto-sniper of the T's.  Back in 1.5 or pre-Source, these were
considered all but useless.  Now however, Valve has beefed it up and is now
considered a "noob" weapon due to it's improved damage and accuracy.  Most vets
frown on people who use this gun, but there's really nothing cheap or wrong
about using this gun.  In fact, I think it's not worth to use this gun due to
its expensive price.  However, this gun is very efficient at killing.

10) Name: Sig SG-550 Sniper
Pros: Auto-firing in sniper mode, good dmg, accurate.
Cons: Very expensive.
Comment: The auto-sniper of the CT's and the counterpart of the G3SG-1.
Basically almost simiar to the G3SG-1, although some people say that the other
is better because it is more accurate.  Nonetheless, it is also considered a
cheap gun by most vets, although of course it was implememted in the game for
a reason...


1) Name: Kelvar
Pros: Cuts grenade damage by 50%, protects against pistol and SMG bullets by
reducing damage.
Cons: Expensive, no helmet.
Comment: Kelvar itself is not really worth it as you can get a helmet for $200
more.  However, kelvar is very effective against grenade damage,and SMG and
 pistol bullets.

2) Name: Kelvar + Helmet
Pros: Has everything kelver has and gives you a helmet.
Cons: Somewhat expensive.
Comment: Now this is what you should be buying.  This gives the complete set
and is essential to having when going solo as it can save your life many times.
This has everything Kelvar has and paying the extra $200 for the helmet is very
worth it.  The helmet can protect you from headshots, even from some rifle
rounds.  The helmet can give you a second chance.  Always buy this if you can.

3) Name: Grenades (Flash bang, Grenade, Smoke grenade)
Pros: Can be thrown, good to use as distractions, damage dealers, or blinders,
no hold time limit (unlike real greanades.)
Cons: Can damage and flash yourself.
Comment: Grenades are a must.  When going solo, sometimes grenades can end the
round for you.  Being alone usually lets you face enemies who have been in
previous fire fights and have lowered hp.  By chucking a grenade at them while
they least expect it, you can simply blow them up or blind them for an easy
kill.  The smoke grenade lets you hide yourself, or let the opposing team THINK
your hiding somewhere while you are somewhere else ready for an ambush.

4) Name: Diffusal Kit
Pros: Diffuse the bomb in about 5-7 seconds, cheap, can be picked up.
Cons: Useless in non cs maps.
Comment: As a CT, you should try as much as possible to buy this on de_ maps.
Diffusing the bomb as fast as possible before detection, death, or even
detanation is important in both solo and team play.

The weapons and equipment listed are basically the ones you'll find and use
when playing CS in general.  Some guns, like the TMP, shotguns, ES Five-Seven,
etc. are not used often.  STill, you should still practice with those guns and
try them out for yourself.

III. Weapons training
Now that you know about the weapons your going to face and find most of the
time, it's time to train with them.  Playing solo requires you to learn most of
the guns, in the possibility of finding yourself stuck without a gun and
needing to pick one up off a fallen ally or enemy.  In this section, I will
explain how to use the guns efficiently for going solo and I will also
recommend guns for you to use when going solo.


USP: Make sure your first shot is a good headshot, as this will damage the
opponent quite severely.  Then just pummel him with the rest of the clip and
the opponent should fall easily.  A recommended pistol to use.

Glock: With this pistol, you'd better make sure you have good aim.  If you get
anything besides headshots with this gun, it does puny damage not even worth
worrying about.  However, it does stun players, which is effective when trying
to catch a running opponent low on hp.

P228: This pistol has 1 more bullet per clip than the USP, and is kind of like
the in-between gun of USP and Glock.  Aim for the head most of the time, but
some body shots are ok.

Desert Eagle: This pistol is a pistol you'll see alot of.  You can either do
2 things with this pistol.  One is aim for the head and get a headshot to get
and instant kill, or you can go for body shots and kill the opponent in about
3-6 bullets.  Also good at long distances, but it has a strange and wild recoil
pattern.  A recommended gun.

Sub-Machine Guns

MP5  Navy: The standard SMG and most popular, this gun has very stable recoil
and is a good gun to use while moving.  Try spaying this gun and trying to get
headshots.  It is in fact, similar to Glock in which it even uses the same
bullets.  Stuns enemies.  A recommended gun.

Mac 10: Now this gun you won't see that often.  This gun requires you to get
close to the opponent and spray him  like mad.  Not very good at long ranges,
don't use this gun unless your low on cash.

UMP: The gun that is overlooked, it's actually pretty good.  You can use this
at long ranges and it packs quite a punch per bullet as it uses the same kind
as the USP.  Try to get headshots with this also, but body shots will let you
do decent damage and stun.  A recommended gun.


FAMAS: Budget rifle for CT's.  Good to use if low on cash.  Make use of the
burst-fire mode if your not good at controlling your shots.  However when in
close proximity, use full auto as you will most likely have to spray.

Galil: Counterpart of the FAMAS, the budget rifle of the T's.  use this gun for
spraying as it has a farmiliar recoil and has a large clip size.  Accuracy is
kind of off at long distances, so it's better for close range.  Good for
spraying on walls with enemies behind it.

AK-47: The main gun of T's.  Burst fire for this gun is a MUST.  Going full
auto with this gun will only make you miss 90% of the time as its recoil is
very wild.  A good burst with this gun to the head or several "pick shots"
(shots that you shoot to pick off opponents slowly from long distances while
having good cover using surroundings) will usually kill of any opponent.  A
powerful gun to use, but you must have experience with this gun to use it.
Very accurate.  A recommended gun.

M4A1: The counterpart of the AK and the CT's main gun.  A very good gun that is
also newbie friendly, it has farmiliar recoil patterns and has a supressor to
use in ambushes.  However, it is not as strong as the AK and sometimes leaves
opponents alive even if it's a headshot if they have a helmet on.  Use this gun
for spraying or for headshotting.  A good gun to start with.  A recommended

Steyer Scout: The "silent" sniper gun.  Much more quiet then the AWP, but half
the power.  A headshot is needed to kill someone in 1 shot.  Otherwise, it
takes 2 shots.  Can lose accuracy over a long distance, but to compensate, you
can croutch.  Accurate while moving and light.  Also accurate when unscoped.
A recommended gun.

AWP: The big sniper gun and all around prefered sniper gun.  Although loud and
revealing, it doesn't really matter if you kill them in one shot does it?
However, very expensive and has NO accuracy when unscoped, in the air, or while
moving.  Very large and heavy, it slows your movement alot as it is the second
heaviest gun in the game.  A recommended gun.

Sig Sg-550: Accurate and has a single scope.  Although somewhat useful, its
recoil is a bit wild, although still less than the AK.  A good gun, but too
expensive and overshadowed by the AK.

Streyr Aug: Very accurate gun and the other gun prefered by most CT's, it is a
good gun to have anytime.  Accurate when scoped and not scoped, 1 shot to the
head will kill instantly.  A recommended gun.

G3SG-1: The auto-sniper of the T's, and considered n00b weapons.  Good damage
per shot and deadly in the right hands.  Contrary to what most people say about
this gun, it still takes some sort of skill to use effectively.  One shot kills
if headshot, although spraying this gun is a good idea as it stuns and does
good damage.  Also, when in the air and scoped, the first shot you fire will be

Sg-550 Sniper: The auto-sniper of the CT's.  Basically the same as the G3SG-1.
Some say the G3SG-1 is better though.


Grenades: Heh.  Nades.  Fun to use, deadly without armor.  Make sure to buy
nades as they can kill off weakened enemies.  Although Kelvar cuts the damage
in half, it can still do a max damage of about 60 hp.  Be careful though, as in
Source, the explosions don't go through solid objects anymore, meaning walls or
crates can block the explosion.  Flashbangs are useful for ambushes and for
easy wins, and of course, knifing =P.  Smoke grenades are good for hiding ambush
spots or throwing off enemies by smoking a "obvious" camping spot for the
enemies to assume someone is camping there.  Also, smokes are good for lagging
and dropping the fps of your opponents ;).

Practice using these effectively.  Your gonna use most of them anyway.

IV. Solo playing styles
Here are the diffent types of players that you will most likely fit into when
playing solo.

The running gunner

You go around with your gun heading into fire fights
head on without hesitation.  You just try to mow down everyone in your way.
This style is only recommended if your very confident in your skills because
doing this will usually force you to face more than one opponent at a time and
will usually end up hurting you quite bad because of accumulative damage due to
facing serveral enemies head on.  Also, this style should be only used when
you have a decent primary gun.

The stealth master

This is the key style to use as a solo player.  Being undetected and picking
off several, unsuspecting enemies at once is very effective.  This style
requires you to learn the map by locating and remembering good spots for
ambushes.  However, you must also have good judgement when looking for ambush
spots because good players will look in the usual ambush spots.  Be creative
and find different locations in the same ambush area.  There are many new
places in Source that let you hide behind textures that conceal your presence.
Also learn to switch ambush areas when necessary.  If the enemy has detected
you there, switch areas before the next opponent knows where you are.  This
will help with the element of surprise.

The camper

Although there is nothing wrong with this style, it is, simply put, frowned
upon by alot of players because you don't move from a single spot, you slow
down the entire game, and you don't complete the objective.  There is a big
diffenece between effective camping and stupid camping.  Effective camping 
means you camp because you are guarding the bomb from an angle that is hard to
be seen from, or guarding hostages from the CT's.  Stupid camping is when, for
example, you camp at your spawn in fear of dying or losing your precious gun.

I recommend using the Stealth master method as it is the most effective when
going solo.

V. Situations
Here are some of the situations your going to face when going solo, and
solutions for them.

Situation #1: Fighting a guy 1 on 1
This is what you practiced for!  A head to head battle of skills between 2
players.  The way to come up on top is to have superior skills.

Situation #2: Fighting more than one guy at once
This calls for even more then situation #1!  You have to fight several guys at
once!  You can either try to fight them all head on beliving in your skill
level, or you can retreat for the moment and find quick ambush spots with quick
escape routes and pick them off as they come running after you.

Situation #3: An enemy passes by you while you wait for ambush
What else?  Kill him of course!

Situation #4: More than one enemy is comming to pass your ambush spot.
This calls for some thinking.  You can either let them all pass through and
wait for the last one to pass and pick him off, you can let them all pass and
try to follow them and gun them down, or you could gun the first one down and
face the others as they come.

Situation #5: Having your positon discovered
You were discovered when you ambushed someone.  Now you can either run away, or
you can try to fight them.  In this situation, I suggest switching positions as
the enemy now knows where you were in the previous round.

Situation #6: You missed killing the person you ambushed
Well normall if they aren't stupid, they will discover where you are or at
least try to look for you.  At this moment, you can either come out and gun
them down before they actually find you or have a chance to react, or you can
hide and once the enemie decides that it's clear get another shot at him.

Situation #7: Your team and their team are facing off while your alone
somewhere else.
You can either move to a closer location of the gunfight and ambush them there
as they come by with low hp, or you can go around the map so that you suprise
the enemy from behind while their still in a fire fight and knock them down
one by one or with a nade.  However with the second suggestion, you have to
approximate how long the battle will last and whether you'll be able to make it
around the back in time before the battle finishes.

Situation #8: On the way to your ambush spot, you notice several enemies there
Retrace your steps and find a different location.  Several enemies are hard to
face all at once.  Besides, what good is it to get to your ambush spot if they
already know where you are?

Situation #9: A sniper stands in the way of where you wanna go
You can either make a run for it, but a good sniper will get you.  The best
solution is to retrace your steps and go around or find a new location.  Even
if it will take longer, at least your safe from the sniper.

Situation #10: A sniper has discovered where you are positioned
Move move move!  Facing a sniper is dangerous and you have to move!  Don't move
into very open spaces, however and use your surroundings to make it harder for
the sniper to hit you.  Don't however, stay put in a spot, even behind
something as good snipers can snipe through objects and hit you.

Situation #11: Your n00b teammate won't stop following you
Well then if he won't stop and he waits where you wait, runs when your walking
to a destination, etc., make use of him and use him as bait.  Make him think
your going into locaions first and let him go in fron instead and if he gets
hurt or gunned down, you know where the enemy is and can set a good ambush
point for them.

Situation #12: Flashed while in your ambush zone
This depends.  If the enemies flashed you on purpose, then you'd better stay
put until you hear footsteps and then start shooting and moving, although don't
shoot too wildly because you don't want to use up all your ammo before you can
see again.  If they didn't discover you and you were flashed accidentaly, wait
there and don't move until you hear footsteps very close to you.  A good tip
is to look down or away from the flashbang's direction as this reduces the
effectivness of the flashbang.

VI. When to go solo and when not to
Although this is a solo playing guide, you should still learn when to go solo
and when to depend on your team.  The only reason you would go solo is either
because you want to, or your team sucks so bad that you need to do things
yourself to get them done right.  Listen to your teammates, but also listen for
what the situation calls for, and listen to yourself.  However, there is no
rule that says you cannot go solo whenever, so if you really want to go ahead.
However, going solo is not recommended when playing in scrims or matches.

VII. Tips for survival
Here are some tips that will help you survive longer and give you that extra
1 hp to kill off the whole opposing force.

-Be stealthy!  Ambush people when you can.

-Use the footsteps!  By listening carefully to footsteps, you can get a general
idea of where the enemies is comming from, and how many there are.  You must
also remember to walk so the opposing team can't hear your footsteps.

-Turn off your flashlight!  Sometimes, you can give away your position because
your flashlight is on.

-Know when is the right time to kill!  What I mean by this is when your the
only one left on the team and there's still several opponents, don't ambush the
first one you see.  If you know more than one is comming, it is okay to let
them all pass by and pick off the last one before moving to another ambush

-Run fast!  Get there before they do!  Your primary concern playing solo, you
must get to your ambush spot before anyone else does so that you are prepared
to ambush when the opponents come by.  Use your knife to get to places faster,
but also use your pistol if your not sure the area is clear.

-Don't look down!  When your running or switching locations, don't look down
as you get from one point to another.  This reduces your vision, lowers your
chance to detect an enemy, and creates "down time" before you can aim, meaning
you have to look up before actually locating the enemy and pointing your
crosshairs at him.  Try to look at neck level when moving.

-Burst fire, even if your ambushing!  I can't stress this enough.  I hate it
when I am in a perfect position, the enemy comes, starts to diffuse the bomb,
only to have me come out, use a full clip on him totally spaying, have him
live with 1 hp to turn around and shoot me as I whip out my pistol.  Bursting
is still important when ambushing, espsecially when ambushing more than one

-Headshot headshot headshot!  No matter what anyone says, the best shot will
always be a headshot.  The key way to elimiate people without alerting others
too much, a few quick bullets to the head will kill an enemy and leave your
opponent disoriented, scared, and unsure of where you are due to not hearing
or seeing much of where the shots came from.

-Get those grenades!  Buy a nade whenever you can, and when you can spare the
cash, get flashes and a smoke.  Nades can kill off opponents who are low on
hp and most usually, everyone will have low hp when you face them since the
rest of the team, besides you, has faced the opposing team, leaving casualties
and serveral wounded severely.  Nades will finish them off.  Flashes can be
used when there's more than one enemy your about to ambush.  Flash them and
pick them off when their blind.  Use smokes to conceal your locations, or to
fool players into thinking that your hiding in a certain spot by just smoking
a corner or an ovious ambush spot.

-Know your handgun!  Make sure you get a pistol farmiliar to you as you will
usually depend on your pistol quite a bit.

-When you can use the supressor, use it!  If your alone and facing several
enemies, use the supressor to increase stealthiness and avoid detection.
However when there's only one person left, don't bother as he is the last one
you have to kill.

-Know how many opponents are left!  It sucks to kill someone from a perfect
ambush spot, only to let you think you won and come out and get shot.  Check
every so often and be updated on how many opponents you need to kill.

-Move around!  Although ambush spots are good, you need to switch spots every
so often to avoid getting killed by someone who already knows your ambush spot.
It is not wrong to be seen by the enemy at one ambush spot, then go all the way
around the map to get to another spot.

-Know where your teammates are!  You should very well know where they are,
especially with the new radar.  If one of them dies and the group is there,
you can go around the long way and ambush a mass of enemies from behind
while they have a fire fight with your team.

-Know all the guns!  You will always need a decent gun going solo, so know how
to use all the guns and know where people have died.  If you need a gun just go
over to one of the dead bodies that has a decent gun and pick it up.

-Learn to switch guns in a fire fight!  If you run out of primary ammo, just
switch to your pistol to finish them off, or if there is a corpse near you and
it has a gun near it, pick up the gun and use it again.  However, you have to
watch out for guns that have no ammo when you pick them up.

-In the same spot, in a different spot!  If you plan to stick to an ambush
spot, learn to find all the places you can get on, hide under, etc. in that
ambush area so that your opponents don't know where to look when they try to
find you at your ambush spot.

-Remember that you are unaccurate when in the air!  When you shoot, make sure
you are not swimming, jumping, falling, or on a ladder as all these make you
inaccurate.  Also remember that you CANNOT use shotguns in water.  They won't

-Reload in safe areas!  Don't reload in the middle of a firefight unless you
both are reloading or you know he's not gonna come follow up to kill you.  Only
reload when your in a safe area.  Do not reload when there are enemies around
unless you absolutely have to because they can hear you reloading your gun.

-Get that annoying teammate off your back!  Sometimes, teammates tend to
follow players who go solo because either they think you need help, you will
get killed and hurt the enemy for them to finish off, or simply because you
have the highest score in the server.  When people like that follow you, get
them off you back or let them go first to hurt the opponent (unless they are
truly helping you.)  Usually, try to shake off following teammates as they only
give your position away to the opponents.

This faq was made and belongs to Coolica.  Thanks to my friends who played CS
with me all these years.

Thanks to "Johnny Rockett" for his corrections and added tips.

Special thanks to:

Date: 10/02/2006 - 10/02/2006
-That's me :D

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