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Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by umbratile

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/15/2010

                          |                         |
                          |        SAM & MAX        |
                          |                         |
                          |      - Season 3 -       |
                          |  THE DEVIL'S PLAYHOUSE  |
                          |                         |
                          |      - Episode 1 -      |
                          |      THE PENAL ZONE     |
                          |                         |
                          | Spoiler Free            |
                          | Walkthrough for the PC  |
                          | version.                |
                          | Written by Fredk22      |
                          | Version 1.0 - 15.07.10  |

Version 1.0: Released 15.07.10
        Initial release of the walkthrough.

-----------------------------| TABLE OF CONTENTS |-----------------------------

Press Ctrl + F to bring up a browser dialog that allows you to search for
words. Search for a section's keyword to go there.

        1. Introduction         [INT10]
        2. Legal Notice         [LGN20]
        3. Walkthrough          [WKT30]
                3.1. Act 1        [WKT31]
                3.2. Act 2        [WKT32]
                3.3. Act 3        [WKT33]
                3.4. Act 4        [WKT34]
        4. Contact Information  [CON40]
        5. Last Gasp            [LAG50]

--------------------------------| INTRODUCTION |-------------------------------

Welcome to the walkthrough for the PC version of Sam & Max 301! My intention
with this walkthrough is to provide a spoiler-free guide that allows you to
enjoy the game to its fullest without having anything spoiled if you need to
look up something. Sometimes you may stumble upon descriptions of certain
events to clarify something, but I make sure to never reveal any of the story!
I hope this walkthrough will provide helpful!

Thank you for reading,
        - Fredk22

--------------------------------| LEGAL NOTICE |-------------------------------

This FAQ is only meant for GameFAQs.com and its users. It may not be featured
anywhere else, in any way, without my personal written permission. Do not ask
for permission.

To claim that this document is yours - edited or not - is plagiarism. This is
illegal and will not be tolerated.

Any personal use (printing, quoting with reference, saving...) is of course

For any questions, please e-mail me (see the table of contents).

I would appreciate any reports of illegal use of this walkthrough!

Thank you for reading this.

--------------------------------| WALKTHROUGH |--------------------------------

This section contains walkthroughs of each act of the game. Please use the
table of contents at the top of the page to browse the acts.

SPOILER-FREE GUARANTEE: If you, at any moment, feel that the guide is too
revealing, please notify me (see the table of contents) and I will attempt to
reformulate it. However, please remember that something is not necessarily a
spoiler if it describes something that is not important or related to story.
Sometimes, descriptions are necessary, but I attempt to make them as basic as

-----------------------------------| ACT 1 |-----------------------------------

You may have the feeling that you've missed something as the first act starts,
but don't worry, it'll make sense soon. So you're in a cage on a spaceship.
Time to bust out!

Sam can't do anything, so switch to Max (I prefer to press M), who has a
psychich power. It's teleportation, and it allows you to teleport to a
telephone you have encountered. Teleport to Stinky's Cell.

After the scene, search your inventory for the Homing Beacon. Click on
Skun-ka'pe. Now you need to go get the Rhinoplasty above Max. Use it by
entering "Max Mode" again. Click on the picture of a potted plant, then click
on the Rhinoplasty lump. You can now try using the Homing Beacon on Skun-ka'pe
again. After that, activate the remote control from your inventory.

Aaand tutorial over! You can move freely now. Go over to Harry Moleman and talk
to him. A new Toy of Power is unlocked. Use Mind Reading on Harry. Now teleport
to Harry's Cell.

You still need to find a way to knock Skun-ka'pe into the Penal Zone. Use
Rhinoplasty with the weapons display. Transform into the bazooka. As Sam, pick
up Bazooka Max.

-----------------------------------| ACT 2 |-----------------------------------

If you wish, you can talk to Skun-ka'pe and Agent Superball here. Usually it's
a good idea to talk to characters before doing anything else. Also, note that
you currently have the future vision. It's great if you're stuck and wondering
what to do!

Anyway, head into the spaceship and you'll see that the brain is dead. Your
main objective is now to revive him. Use future vision on Sam to see what you
need to do - Find Stinky's Demon Broth and Momma Bosco's Power Core.

Head out - but you'll be interrupted. Before you try to go out again, press the
green button by the left door to get a hardhat and a vacation ticket. Now, you
can go out.

Go into Stinky's Diner. Grandpa Stinky over by the counter has the demon broth,
but he won't give it away. However, use future vision on the radio before you
leave him.

Flint Paper is by the table. Use future vision to see his future. Give him the
hardhat (from the ship). Now, ask him about Stinky followed by the Big Case,
and you'll get Stinky's phone number and a note.

Head out to the DeSoto (Your car) and chat with the COPS. Use the phone to call
Stinky's cell phone and arrange a meeting. Pick up the jumper cables in the
backseat too. Then use the map to drive to Bosco-Tech Labs.

Go inside and down the elevator. Give the vacation ticket (from the ship) to
Harry Moleman. If you used future vision with the radio in Stinky's Diner,
you'll trade for the lottery ticket, otherwise he won't give it. You can also
chat with Momma Bosco if you want to.

Head back to Stinky's and give the lottery ticket to Grandpa Stinky. Take the
demon broth.

Now, with Girl Stinky gone (Is she still there? Give her a call from the DeSoto
and tell her you want to arrange a meeting), you can go behind the counter.
Press the big, green button.

Enter the new passage, and look at the pile of junk. You'll get a scanner and
the power core.

So you've got the demon broth, the power core and the jumper cables? Head back
to the dead brain in the ship. Use these three items with the brain.

-----------------------------------| ACT 3 |-----------------------------------

Go downstairs and pick up the telportation toy. Here's a tip: Remember what
Gordon says. It's important. Teleport to Stinky's Cell and pick up the phone.

Now teleport to Bosco-Tech Labs. After the cutscene, you can walk around as Sam
or switch to Max, who should now be elsewhere. Remember, you can teleport out
of there. If you do, Max will get back together with Sam. If you teleport into
the lab again, the same scene will repeat.

So you need to get into the lab as Sam. Using future vision on the gorilla
outside the lab will give you a hint. You need to knock out both gorillas at

First of all, make sure Max is inside the lab. Go up on the roof using the fire
escape on the left side. Walk out on the pole and harass the pigeon, before
switching back to Max. Teleport to Stinky's Cell.

Go down again, pick up the ring and enter the lab. You'll find a new clue. Go
talk to Momma Bosco if you want, and pick up the remote control on the shelf.

Now, you may remember from Act 1 that you need a homing beacon to trap
Skun-ka'pe. Talking to Grandpa Stinky reveals that he has one, you just need to
find a way to get it.

Go to the space ship and enter the room that the mole man entered earlier in
the game (by Gordon the brain). Notice how Sam's items are put in a container.
Teleport to Stinky's Diner.

Talk to Grandpa Stinky and tell him you love Skun-ka'pe, then exit the
conversation. With Max and Stinky fighting, teleport to Stinky's Cell. After
the cutscene, press the button to get your items and the homing beacon. Now you
just need to find your target...

Now you have a lot of clues, so go to COPS. Use the scanner on COPS. To use
this new scanner, click it (her?), then put two items from your inventory in
it. Use the Meesta Pizza shot glass and Stinky's Cell with the scanner.

Drive to Meesta Pizza. There's something you need to find here. Future vision
is very helpful.

Use Stinky's Cell with the pizza boxes to the right. Teleport to that very
phone. You'll get a new card that you can use on the Crime-Tron in combination
with the ring to reveal a new location.

Drive to the Pawn Shop. Use future vision on the trash cans and investigate
them as Sam. Vandalize the manhole and use the banana peel with the manhole
cover. Enter the pawn shop, and go use the paddle ball toy with the receipt in
the Crime-Tron.

Drive to the Toy Store and use future vision on Sam.

-----------------------------------| ACT 4 |-----------------------------------

You may remember what you're supposed to do here... Except it's a little
different, so you can't teleport to Stinky's Cell. Instead, talk to her about
"Stinky" and then tell her you like Skun-ka'pe. Say it's because he has his own

Now teleport to her. After the cutscene, teleport to Bosco-Tech Labs. Talk to
Momma Bosco about Skun-ka'pe and take the rift generator. Now you have two
objectives again - Put the homing beacon on Skun-ka'pe, and turn on the rift

Go to Straight & Narrow and approach the manhole. Go to Sybil's boxes to make
Skun-ka'pe fire at them. There should be a new hole here now.

But before doing anything about it, teleport to Stinky's Cell. Talk with the
brain if you want to, then try using the homing beacon on Skun-ka'pe. With that
out of the way, you need to find somewhere to power on the rift generator.
Remember what Superball said? Sam & Max's office!

Well, their office is closed, but you may remember the manhole by the subway
glowing. Did you make Skun-ka'pe fire at Sybil's boxes? Then you should
teleport to her phone. Enter the tunnel to your left.

Plug the rift generator into the outlet. Now you need to find some way to get
back the power. Pick up the orange power cable. Notice the shape.

Why not try plugging it into the chest? Now turn on the rift generator.

Show the paddle ball toy to Skun-ka'pe. Try showing it twice... Looks like you
need to do something else for this plan to work.

Turn on the boiler with the boiler controls, and show the paddle ball toy to
Skun-ka'pe again.

The End!

----------------------------| CONTACT INFORMATION |----------------------------

If you want to contact me, please use the following e-mail:


I will answer any question about the guide, and I appreciate feedback as well!
Just make sure what you're writing is actually serious, I don't want to hear
about something completely unrelated. Also, while I hope you read the legal
notice, I feel I must stress once more: No, you can not receive permission to
host this document online, or to publish it anywhere else for that matter.

---------------------------------| LAST GASP |---------------------------------

And so, we are at the end of this walkthrough! I hope it has been helpful, and
I hope I managed to keep my promises about spoiling as little as possible.

Thanks a lot to the following people
- GameFAQs, for their excellent FAQ/Walkthrough hosting!
- Telltale Games (and Steam's summer sale!) for the game Sam & Max: The Devil's
- Anyone who has read this walkthrough, and especially those of you who dropped
  me some feedback!

This was my second Sam & Max Walkthrough. I made one for 303 too, and as of the
moment of speaking, I plan to make one for each of the games in The Devil's
Playhouse. It's been great so far, and I hope that I can continue to help with
your problems in these games.

Thank you, and good-bye!

        Copyright 2010 Fredrik "Fredk22" Johannessen
        Sam & Max copyright Telltale Games

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