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FAQ/Walkthrough by CanadianEh

Updated: 04/19/2010

======Sam and Max======
 The Devil's Playhouse
     -Episode 301-

   "The Penal Zone"

FAQ by Trev Radelet

"In the next five chapters, you will bare witness to things that will horrify
you. Baffle you. Even disgust you. But you must not look away! Pay close 
attention to everything that you see and hear! Because when our story reaches 
its bowel-tingling climax, only YOU, my friends, will possess the ability to 
save the entire universe!"


INTRODUCTION --------------------------------------------------- (##1)



Prologue - "Do this quickly and leave me alone. Yeesh."--------- (##2)
PART 1 - "Reviving the Dead using Demon Broths and Power Cores"- (##3)	
PART 2 - "A little bit of Detective work, a lot of Teleporting"- (##4)
PART 3 - "I'll kick YOU in the penal zone" --------------------- (##5)

CONTACT INFORMATION -------------------------------------------- (##6)


Title: Sam and Max - The Devil's Playhouse Episode 1: The Penal Zone
Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games/Gametap
Platform: PC
Release: 04/15/10
Genre: Adventure

I love Sam and Max. But I wasn't always like this. My first encounter with
the duo was in that far and distant period of our time --- 2009. I was young,
naive.... I just finished Telltale Games most recent Adventure episodic
series, Tales of Monkey Island. I was hooked on the genre and I wanted more.
So I stumbled onto Sam and Max, mostly because it was already there and
available for purchase through Steam.

As enjoyable as the games were, I became frustrated in many, many different
spots. To me, the solution wasn't entirely clear at times, or I just wasn't 
paying close enough attention. And in some instances, I was lazy and
impatient. So I resorted to the fastest means of completion that I could
encounter... a Game FAQ!

After searching for answers in episode 205, What's New Beelzebub?, I realized
that the selection of FAQs for this series are slim... So I wrote one myself.
And now I'm hooked. As it turns out, apparently, you can't just write one FAQ.
Like a bag of Lays, you just have to have another. Maybe I'll even write
another FAQ after this one? Honestly, I don't know yet. I can't see the

It's not like I'm Max or anything.

Lets start the game.


Remember kids, if at first you don't succeed, use MAX'S FUTURE VISION ON
ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING POSSIBLE. Everything! In some cases, the answer will
be made obvious as soon as you peaked into the future. If you're still lost, 
this is where you come to me. :)

1) Getting the Demon Broth
2) Getting the Power Core
3) Stealing the Homing Beacon
4) Bypassing the guards and entering Boscoe-Tech
5) How dO I go to Meesta Pizza? It sounds tasty.
6) I can't find the ring! Where's the ring!?
7) I'm figuring out how to get Skunkape in the Penal Zone.

1) How do I get the Demon Broth anyway?

Grandpa Stinky is creating the Demon broth right in his diner. But he's not
willing to part with the recipe until he's been made a millionaire. Use Max's
Future Vision on the radio and then Grandpa Stinky. On the radio, it's 
announced that one Harry Moleman wins the city's lottery jackpot of $700
million. Grandpa's vision shows him ecstatic after winning a boatload of

But Harry Moleman won a lot of money, right? Is there a way we can take his
lottery ticket from him? 

Do we have something he could possibly want?

How about a Vacation Ticket?   

At Mama Boscoe's lab, talk to Harry. He'll reveal that he has a lottery 
ticket. Now use the Vacation ticket on Harry. Provided you used Max's Future
Vision powers in Stinky's diner, Sam and Harry will exchange the Vacation
ticket for the Lottery ticket. 

Go back to Stinky's Diner and give Grandpa Stinky the lottery ticket. Tada!

2) How do I get the power core?

Future visions reveal that Flint Paper is going to find Mama Boscoe's Power
Core. But a future vision also reveals that Flint is going to be killed while
eating his Spaghetti at Stinky's, right? Well, how do you prevent him from
being killed? 

Is there an item we have that can protect his head from being, you know...

Use the "Hard Hat" on Flint Paper (note: you must have used Max's Future 
Vision power on Flint before using this item).

Flint is saved! You'll also get a note with Stinky's phone number on it.

Talk to Stinky. She seems to know a little more about the Power core than
she's letting on. Use Max's Future Vision on Stinky and then on Sam. It shows
that Stinky is going to receive a mysterious phone call from someone, which is
enough for her to leave the Diner and meet at a different location. Sam's
vision shows that he'll press the little green button from behind the counter.

So we need to get Stinky out of that diner, right? 

We have Stinky's cell number already. Go to the C.O.P.S. hanging out in the
Desoto. Use Bob and dial Stinky's cell phone. 

At the queue, click "Lets Meet". Stinky will leave the diner and go towards
the meeting spot.

Re-enter the diner. Stinky's gone so you can press the Green button behind the
counter. One of the booths is actually a secret elevator down into the Sewers.
Investigate the nearby pile of trash. Sam will pick up a scanner and behind
that scanner... hey, it's our missing power core! 

3) How do I get the Homing Beacon off of Grandpa Stinky?

So, you've discovered that Grandpa Stinky has the Homing Beacon buttoned onto
his shirt. He's not willing to part with it in any way. 

Do you have Stinky's cell phone? If you don't, you might want to teleport 
there and pick it up.

Go to the Mole Processing chamber. Gordon, the Alien Brain will open up the 
door for you. After the machine has stolen all your items, teleport back to
Stinky's Diner. 

Talk to Stinky. Tell him how much you love Skunkape.

Grandpa Stinky will insult you. Max isn't amused and proceeds to attack 
Grandpa Stinky. Fortunately, he's holding Max back.

Exit the conversation before it gets violent. Max and Grandpa Stinky are still
gripping each other and going at it. Lets teleport away! Select "Stinky's Cell
phone" and you'll be warped back to the Mole Processing Chamber, with Grandpa
Stinky! The machine will remove his items and you're free to claim them for 

4) How do I get past the guards in front of Boscoe-Tech?

So you want to go to Boscoe-Tech, but Skunkape's guards are preventing you
from entering? Don't we have a way to enter the building without, I dunno...
actually, PHYSICALLY entering the building?

Teleport to Boscoe-tech labs. There's a guard inside that'll be quick to boot
Sam out the door but not Max. Instead, he begins choking Max. Sam is solo
here. Go to the side of the building and climb the Fire Escape. Scale the flag
pole directly above the entrance way.

From this point, select the Max icon on the top right and enter his mind. 
Teleport to Stinky's Cell phone (which should be in your inventory at this 
point in the game) where Sam is, some three stories above the building. Max 
and the guard will teleport to Sam, the guard will fall on top of the other
guard, and Max's trachea will be ok. I promise. Enter the building.

5) How do I go to Meesta Pizza?

The C.O.P.S have this new invention. It's the Crime-Tron. If you insert two 
relateable items into Carol, the scanner, you can use it to find a new 
location to travel to on your map. 

In this case, "Stinky's cellphone" (which you obtained by teleporting to 
Stinky's cell number earlier on) and the Ornamental Meesta Pizza "Shot Glass"
(which you received after you teleported Stinky to the Processing Chamber)
work perfectly together.

6) I can't find the silver ring.

That's not a question, but I'll answer it anyway. The ring is kind of 
camoflaged (maybe a little bit) and is found outside of Boscoe-Tech Labs. A
pigeon has it in its mouth. Look up on the flag pole.

7) Why won't Skunkape just die already?

So, you're stuck trying to figure out how to get Skunkape in the Penal Zone?
He's holding on for dear life, isn't he?

First up turn up the heat on the Boiler. The moles will start sweating

Next, tempt Skunkape with a gift. How about that Paddle Ball toy sitting in 
your inventory?


(##2) Prologue - "Do this quickly and leave me alone. Yeesh."

Talk about an entrance.

Well here we are. Somehow, Sam and Max are trapped in a giant cage. There's 
this gorilla there named Skunkape who's destroying the entire city. Stinky is
sitting on a throne texting. And for some reason, a strange black and white
man straight out of the Twilight Zone is narrating for us.

You know what? You don't even need me here. That's right, you don't need me!
This is the tutorial section of the game, you're getting plenty enough help as
it is. Just do what the Twilight Zone character and the Alien Brain-thing 
tells you to. And give Stinky some sass. I dunno. Wake me up later.




...Oh, you need me now! The Twilight Zone narrator is leaving already!? Boo.

So here's what we know:

skunkape is literally being sucked into the Penal Zone, but is holding on for
dear life.

Harry Moleman, imprisoned in the ship, knows something.

That's about it.

Go towards the Harry's terranium. Our friendly, mysterious brain pal will open
up a new display case showing off a new Psychic power for Max to wield. I
know, I know. ANOTHER one. We've gone from 0 to 60 in no time. Bare with us

The new psychic power enables Max to enter the mind of a conscious being. Use
this power on Harry Moleman's wounded, burnt self. You'll learn his cell phone

Goody. Since you now know his phone number, you can transport to his
cellphone, wherever that is. Use Max's other apparent psychic power and 
teleport to the Upper deck of the alien ship.

There's a really cool picture of a Bazooka on the wall. Use Max's rhinoplasty
power on the picture to become the Bazooka yourself. Cool! Pick Max up and Sam
will shoot Skunkape to oblivion.

Congratulations, you've beat the game! Not.

Enjoy the opening credits. We're just about to begin.

(##3) PART 1 - "Reviving the Dead using Demon Broths and Power Cores"

"I'll have to call you back, commissioner. Max has psychic powers now,

And just like that, the game TRULY begins. Turns out that whole ordeal earlier
was just a prophetic vision of the future showing how Sam and Max triumphantly
saved the world. We already know this General Skun-ka'pe character is pure
evil! The future is saved onboard the spaceship... thus, lets board that 
spaceship! But how?!

Well, apparently we can straight-up just board that ship. That Skunkape dude
is completely down with showcasing his giant spaceship to the feeble human
race, so feel free to enter whenever you deem fit. Isn't that nice?

Explore the world a little bit. Or you can go right on with it and board that
sweet ass space craft. Lets do that.

Sam and Max will automatically walk upstairs looking for their Alien Brain pal
from before. But wait! He's dead! He's was totally alive in the future, so how
do we wake him up?

Use Max's Future Vision on the Alien brain. Nothing happens... except Sam 
suggests using that funky power on himself!

Turns out in order to revive the Brain, we need Stinky's Demon Broth and Momma
Boscoe's futuristic Power core.

So lets go revive that brain!

Before you can go searching for the items, a Mole will wander by filled with 
excitement about Skunkape's all-expense paid vacation to a distant world! 
He'll enter the chamber, you'll hear screams, and then... he'll never come
back. However, inside the Personal effects drawer is a HARD HAT and a 
VACATION TICKET. Pick it up and leave the Space ship.

Who's that entering Stinky's? Why, it's Flint Paper! Enter Stinky's Diner.

Flint Paper sits down at a booth to eat some Spaghetti (he's famished!). 
Grandpa Stinky turns on the radio to a station filled with Sea Shantys. Stinky 
looks annoyed and disgruntled at Gramps and serves Flint. Talk to Flint about 
the missing power core. He doesn't want to talk while he's eating and urges
you to come back in the FUTURE. Use Max's Future Vision power on Flint and 
learn a startling discovery! Flint is assassinated! A hatchet to the head will
do that to you, I guess. Since Flint is the one who winds up finding Mama 
Boscoe's power core, we NEED him alive. But how?

Can we warn him about his untimely demise? Or can we just protect him from a 
fatal blow to the head?

I choose the latter.

Use the "Hard hat" on Flint. If you've already seen Flint's demise using 
Max's powers, he'll put it on. Congratulations, you've just saved Flint! Talk
to Flint about his Big Case and he'll show you a letter, addressed to "Queen
Stinky", about how this certain individual, named only "S", is making a grand
appearance on Earth this afternoon.

Well, that would mean Skunkape. Right? So Stinky and Skunkape are in cahoots 
after all. Interesting. Well, on the plus side, you just got Stinky's private 
cell phone number!

Lets continue exploring Stinky's Diner.

Talk to Grandpa Stinky first. Wait, isn't that the Demon Broth! We need that! 
Well, too bad! Grandpa Stinky isn't letting the Demon Broth out of his sight, 
not for anything. Except, well... Except for money.

Talk to Girl Stinky. It appears she knows a little more about the power core 
than she's letting on. If you use Max's Future Vision on Stinky, it would 
appear that she she takes a phone call from a mysterious person, leaving the 
Diner in order to meet him. This is good. Now, don't you have her cell phone 
number by now?

Leave the diner and walk towards the Desoto. Those poor obsolete C.O.P.S. are 
taking refuge in the back of the Desoto! They're looking for a new member in 
order to launch the Crime-Tron. There's nothing you can do about that now, 
but take note of it. Grab the "Jumper Cables" from the back seat, and click 
on Bob. He's the phone.

Dial Stinky's cell number. Why, the exact dialogue sequence from Max's future 
vision occurs here. At the prompt, click "Let's Meet". Stinky will agree and 
leave the diner to the rendez-vous location. With Stinky out of the picture,
re-enter the diner and go behind the counter. Click the green button. 
Apparently there's a secret passage to the Sewers from the Diner! Inside the
sewers, click on the previously un-reachable pile of junk. Sam will pick up 
an old, OBSOLETE scanner and... what's that behind there? It's the power core!

Leave the sewers and go back to the Desoto. You can introduce the C.O.P.S. to
Carol the Scanner if you want to, but it's not crucial at this point of the 
game. Instead, lets drive to Boscoe-Tech Labs!

Harry seems to be employed as Dead Mama Boscoe's lab assistant. Apparently. 
Talk to Harry first. Poor guy just can't hold a job. Give Harry the "Vacation
Ticket" in your inventory. Provided you've seen the future in the diner, Sam 
will try to coerce Harry to swap his lottery ticket for the Vacation ticket. 
Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to Harry... at the time of transaction, that 
is. Congratulations, you now have Harry's "Lottery Ticket".

Go back to Stinky's Diner and give Grandpa Stinky the lottery ticket. You just
made him a really, really, REALLY rich man. Take his demon broth.

By now you should have three important items:

-Demon Broth
-Power core
-Jumper cables

Go visit our dead alien brain. Combine all three of those items and 
congratulations! He's revived... and with a hint of oregano!


(##4) PART 2 - "A little bit of Detective work, a lot of Teleporting"

So, those toys. They hold mystical power (or something) which gives the suitor
(Max), super awesome psychic powers. Prettttty rad. Skunkape wants it to rule 
the galaxy... we want them just because. With the knowledge that there's TWO 
toys in the city, Skunkape sets out on his own to find them. Lets go after him.

Agent Superball will stop by and fill us in on everything we know. Skunkape is
evil! In order to stop him, we need to trap him inside The Penal Zone, an 
inter-dimensional prison for the most dangerous villains in the universe. In 
order to trap him, we need his Homing beacon on him, which Skunkape removed 
from his body and gave to someone else, and a means to trap him... kind of 
like Mama Boscoe's Dimensional Destabilizer?

Pick up the Teleportation ability. Just like in the prologue, if Max remembers
 a cell phone number, he can recite it and teleport to that location. He also
 teleports ANYONE he's touching.


Anyway, Gordon wants you to try out the Teleportation ability. Sure, why not 
try it? Lets try teleporting to Stinky's Cell. Remember, she ran off to an 
undisclosed location with the assumption that she was going to be meeting 
Skunkape? Warp there. Stinky's cell phone is just lying there, on the ground.
What gives? Pick it up and warp to Stinky's Diner.

Why look at that. Grandpa Stinky is sitting there! Turns out he just donated 
every penny of his $700 Million grand prize earnings to Skunkape! Doing so 
earned him Skunkape's praise and gratitude... and also his shiny, metallic 
badge. It almost even looks like a homing beacon of some kind. Huh.

So how do we get that Homing Beacon off of him?

Before doing anything, go back to the Upper Deck of the spaceship. Go into the
Mole Processing chamber... Gordon the Alien Brain will open the door for you 
and allow you inside. Now you can witness exactly how those moles are being 
slaughtered! Tha machine inside will automatically take ALL OF YOUR ITEMS away
(including a phone!) and leaves you for death. Oh no!

How do you get out of this?

Well, duh. Try teleporting. In this case, teleport BACK to Stinky's Diner. 
Your inventory is empty, too bad. It's still in the Item Recovery drawer on 
the spaceship. Talk to Grandpa Stinky.

Tell him "We love Skunkape". He's a great leader after all! Grandpa Stinky
laughs and insults you... an incompetent Dog and rabbit joining a worthwhile
cause such as the majestic Skunkape's army? Please. Max is offended and 
actually tries to attack Grandpa Stinky, but he just HOLDS HIM back.

Exit the conversation. There's Max and Grandpa Stinky, still arguing. How can
we get that badge off of Grampa Stinky?

Maybe through the Mole Processing Chamber?

Teleport to Stinky's Cell Phone. You'll teleport exactly to the location you
left your cell phone at... inside the Mole Processing chamber! The computer 
will remove Grampa Stinky's inventory, as well as your own. When Grandpa 
Stinky leaves, oblivious to the fact his badge is gone, go to the nearby 
drawer and take your items back. On top of your items, you'll receive a 
"Homing Beacon" and one collectable "Shot Glass" from Meesta Pizza!

Get out of there. Gordon the Brain may force you to teleport out.

Go to the Desoto and drive to Boscoe-tech labs. You'll see a Gorilla guarding
the door way. There's also a big splatter of Pigeon crap on the sidewalk, 
pretty much right where that Gorilla is standing. And if you paid attention 
during the opening "arrival" scene, you would notice that a pigeon was sitting
on the flag pole holding a Silver ring. Go around to the side of the building 
and climb the Fire Escape up to the top. If you harrass the tiny pigeon, he'll
drop the ring onto the streets below.

At this point, teleport to Mama Boscoe's. If you remembered, she has a phone 
right inside the foray. Once you've teleported, a Gorilla will immediately 
shove Sam out the front door, but will start choking Max! If you used future 
vision on our door guarding Gorilla pal, you'll know that he and his partner 
are taken out. But how?

Grab the silver ring from the ground and walk back to the Fire Escape. Climb 
up to the top of the building and walk back onto the flagpole.

Use Max's Teleportation Power. It appears he's still being choked by the 
Gorilla inside. Not anymore. Teleport him to Stinky's Cell Phone, which 
just so happens to still be hanging out in Sam's pocket, three stories above
the sidewalk. The Gorilla will fall down below onto the other Gorilla 
guarding the doorway. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

You're now free to enter Boscoe-tech labs and talk to Mama Boscoe, deceased. 
She'll give you the Dimensional Gateway "Remote control". You would have also
picked up the remains of a receipt upon entering the building. Well, now you 
can leave.

Go to the Desoto. You may have to teleport to the C.O.P.S. if your vehicle 
isn't nearby. Now we're going to search for the whereabouts of Skunkape, and 
we're going to use traditional detective work to find him too!

Using Carol, our newfound obsolete scanner, newly appointed member of 
C.O.P.S., and Crime-Tron discoverer, we're able to insert two items from our
inventory and use it to discover a new location to travel to. Basically, we 
insert A and B into the scanner and use it to travel to C. Easy.

If you've followed my guide, we should have all the items we need at this 
point. Click on Carol and insert "Stinky's Cellphone" and the "Shot Glass".
Chippy will beep a little and you'll be given a new location to travel to 
--- Meesta Pizza. Lets go there.

Meesta Pizza. Skunkape was there 28 minutes ago, as Max announces. We're on
the right trail. Go inside if you like... All that will happen is Sam and Max
will eat a slice of pizza, leave, and wonder what they were doing again. 
Instead, you want to take a look around the alley way. There appears to be a
bunch of pigeons there, simply stuffing their guts with leftover pizza box 
cheese. Seemingly nothing there. Right?

Wrong. Use Max's Future Vision on the leftover pile of Pizza Boxes. You'll 
discover that a pigeon eats from a box and flies on top of the building. That 
pig. Doesn't even care what he's eating!

I wonder what's on that roof anyway?

Put Stinky's cellphone on the leftover Pizza boxes. The pigeon swallows it 
whole and somehow manages to fly up on top of the Meesta Pizza roof. Simply 
use Max's Teleport powers to warp to the rooftop and grab the next clue.

Go back to the Crime-Tron.

So we have a "Vintage Postcard" from someone who collects toys. Use it with 
the "Silver Ring" and you'll find a new location to travel to... The Hard 
Luck Pawn Shop! Do I even need to tell you to travel there next?

There's a Gorilla guarding the entry to the Pawn Shop. Now we're really close
to finding Skunkape. Walk towards the pile of trash and pick up the "banana 
peel". Teehee. If you vandalize the man hole, Sam will lift the cover off and 
leave it there on the roadway. Use Max's Future Vision on the manhole cover 
and what's that? There's a "Banana Peel" on top of that manhole cover!

Know what to do? 

...put that "Banana Peel" on top of the manhole cover! Watch the amusing cut
scene and enter the pawn shop. Sam will grab a "paddle ball toy" and leave
the store automatically.

Back to the Crime-Tron!

This time, use your new "Paddle Ball toy" with the "Ripped Receipt" on the
Crime-Tron. You'll be given a new location... a Toy Store! Of course Skunkape
will go there! Travel to the Toystore already!

The place is called Bob's Toys!s All the clues lead us here. Oh look, it's 
Harry. He's looking as pathetic as usual. The toy store is closed, but it will
be open again some time in the FUTURE. Know what to do now? Use Max's Future 
Vision on Sam and enjoy the cutscene.


(##5) PART 3 - "I'll kick YOU in the penal zone"

Oh! We've... sort of been here before. The future is a little different than
our earlier vision, though. Notably, this time Stinky is trapped in the 
adjacent cage with us. Is she good? Is she bad? Is she really a demonic cake
recipe brought to life with a single spare rib? Lets just say all three of 
those answers are 'YES'.

Talk to Stinky. Ask about Skunkape. Apparently they're not exactly in 
cahoots... but lets make Skunkape think they are! Tell Stinky "Skunkape's not 
so bad". She'll ask you to name one of his good qualities. What qualities does
a galactic prisoner have that Stinky might find irresistable?

How about a "Spaceship"?

Good, Stinky's out of there! Now, just as before, lets Teleport out of this
cage to Stinky's cell, place the Homing Beacon on Skunkape, and blast him 
straight back into the Penal Zone where he belongs.

Uh oh! Skunkape has the Future Vision and he used it... Now he's putting a
stop to that future where we defeated him! He has a Dimentional 
Destabilization Device... and we have the Homing Beacon!

Great. We're in the Penal Zone. And Max has a bomb strapped to his back. That
can't be good. How do we get out of there?

Simply teleport away. It doesn't matter where you choose... You're gonna end
up at Dr. Mama Boscoe, deceased's building anyway. As you warp away, the bomb
explodes, destroying the Penal Zone entirely just as you escape. That can't be

The new plan is to make a new Penal Zone. Using a new item, The "Dimensional 
Rift Generator" we can actually create one, but it can only be placed in a 
location where nonsense and reality meet. In this case, the perfect location 
is the nexus of every insane Sam and Max storyline... the Office!

Grab the "Rift Generator". We have to get to the office, so teleport to 
Sybil's cellphone... it's located right next to Sam and Max's office. 

"What do we do now, Sam?"

"I don't know. The power's out to the whole building!"

Notice how the camera pans towards the sewers? Maybe you should go there! But
what is there? Before you even have a chance to explore the sewers, Skunkape 
in his giant spaceship finds Sam and Max. He's also going to fire lasers at 
us. Perfect. The camera switches to a bird's eye view, allowing you to see 
exactly where Skunkape is aiming for. He'll try to target on you. Just avoid 
the target reticule and dance around the street. The lasers itself do some 
serious damage, as evidenced by the cars flying through the street upon 
impact. If you were to, I dunno, try to explode all of Sybil's boxes next to
the giant crack in the street?

Do that. A new gaping hole into the sewers will be formed. Now, enter the 
sewers from the manhole. Teleport to Sybil's cell using Max's powers. 
Congratulations, you're on the other side of the Sewers... unexplored 

Enter the tunnel.

Where are we now? Well, if those two cult worshippers are any indication, we
have discovered something pretty important. As it turns out, those two moles
are worshipping the great TOYBOX. It's a pretty important object, to say the
least. Take a look around. Apparently we're right underneath the Office! How
convenient. Take a look at that cable pressed against the wall. There's no 
power to it. What if we were to find a new power source? Like the powerful Toy
box for instance? Plug the cord into the toy box.

Walk to the back wall. There's an outlet there, next to the boiler! It's the 
perfect spot to plug in the "Rift Generator". Before we can turn it on, 
however, we need to lure Skunkape down here and attach the Homing Beacon on 

Teleport to Stinky's cell. We're back on the spaceship! You'll automatically
retrieve your items and talk to an ailing Gordon, who's looking a little more
green than usual. Uh oh, he's delirious. Well, time to place the Homing Beacon
on Skunkape! There's no Rhinoplasty ability this time around, so you're going
to have to just sneak behind Skunkape and place it on yourself. But you can't
do that, Skunkape will notice Sam. Fortunately for our cause, Gordon
sacrifices himself and bides you some time to place the Beacon!

Teleport back to Sybil's phone and activate the "Rift Generator".

There's Skunkape, once again holding on for dear life. There's no bazooka this
time around to change into... We don't even have that ability anymore! So how
can we launch him into the new dimension?

First up, walk towards the boiler. Turn the heat up. Way up. Molemen hide
underground to avoid the sun and heat, so obviously they're not a big fan of
this latest development. They begin sweating profusely, enough for a stream of
water to pour out, right undernath Skunkape! Next up, we have to tempt him 
with something. How about tempt him with a toy? Don't we have that Paddle Ball
toy still in our inventory? We do!

Use that on Skunkape. He'll slip on the sweat and stubble into the new 
dimension. How ironic... beaten by his own greed.

Congratulations. You've beaten the episode.

Enjoy the cutscene. Episode 2 is released next month!



If you have any questions, comments, kudos, or any wicked recipes for kick ass
meals, feel free to email me:


Thank you.

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