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    FAQ/Walkthrough by dark52

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                    ,,,,.''{'',_}   ON THE RAIN-SLICK   {_,''}''.,,,,
            ____   _   _  _    _   _  _      __     ,   _ , ,_  _  _  _  _
             |  \ |_) |_ /  | |_) /  |_  OF |  '   /_\ |_)|/ |\ | |_ (_'(_'
             |--' | \ |_ \_ | |   \_ |_     |   ) /   \| \|\ | \| |_ ,_),_)
            _|_                             |__,
                ',,,  '''';;,,,,''',  _         _     ,''',,,,;;''''  ,,,'
                  ''''''         ',' |_        / \    ','         ''''''
                                     |_ PISODE \_/ NE
                  |   WALKTHROUGH   |
              |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-TABLE OF CONTENTS-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|
              |  1 - Introduction.............................[010000]  |
              |  2 - Walkthrough..............................[020000]  |
              |  3 - Spare Part Locations.....................[030000]  |
              |  4 - Concept Art Locations....................[040000]  |
              |  5 - Album Locations..........................[050000]  |
              |  6 - Objectives...............................[060000]  |
              |  7 - Characters...............................[070000]  |
              |  8 - Enemies..................................[080000]  |
              |  9 - Updates..................................[090000]  |
              | 10 - Contact..................................[100000]  |
              | 11 - Copyright................................[110000]  |
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                   | Author: dark52                     |
                   | Version: 1.0                       |
                   | Start Date: 26/05/08               |
                   | Last Updated: 29/05/08             |
                   | Website: http://pa.darkspyro.net/  |
                   | Email: dark52(at)darkspyro(dot)net |
      | [010100]      Introduction      [010100] |
    Welcome to my complete walkthrough and guide to the 2008 game Penny Arcade
    Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One. This
    walkthrough should be able to guide you through the entirity of the first
    episode in this series. Primarily based on the PC version of the game it should
    in general be applicable to the Xbox 360 Arcade version as well, aside from
    mentions of controls of course.
      | [010200]      Combat      [010200] |
    Combat in Episode One is a fairly straightforward process. You wait for your
    attacks to become active and then you attack, at the same time blocking the
    opponent's attempts at attacking you.
    Certain enemies are resistant or weak to each of the three main attack types,
    Garden Tools, Fists, and Firearms. You will be Garden Tools, Gabe is Fists and
    Tycho is Firearms. You will need to remember which enemies are which in order
    to best defeat them.
    For Special Attacks you need to wait beyond the normal attack becoming active
    and then perform a short time-limited task in order to attempt to get full
    power out of it.
    Your Special Attack requires you to press the spacebar when the arrow is over a
    marker, if you manage to do all four markers you get full power and the
    possibility of an overkill.
    Gabe's requires you to hit the spacebar rapidly at first and then to time it so
    that it hits on a marker.
    Tycho's asks you to press a combination of WASD/arrow keys in a short amount of
    If you have two or three of your characters with their Special Attack active
    you can do team-up attacks. These combine both of the characters attacks
    without the hassle of performing the task usually needed. This does come with
    the side-effect of doing a bit less damage than doing them individually but it
    does it all at once.
    Items can be used to augment your battle. You can heal your characters and
    bring them back from the dead, increase your characters stats, lower your
    enemies stats or thrown an item at the enemy to hurt or distract them from
    battle. When you are clicked on the item menu action pauses and neither side's
    meters will increase.
    Support characters can be called into battle to perform a single attack. Their
    meters build up over multiple battles and take quite a while to become active.
    Blocking an attack is as simple as pressing spacebar when they attack, the
    trick is to get it at the exact moment of their health bar flashing. If you get
    it right you can reduce your damage taken or if you get it perfect you get a
    free counterattack which doesn't deplete your meter.
    The more times you hit an enemy without yourself getting hit (getting a Block
    or more counts as not getting hit) the strong you become. A number below your
    Speed counts this (it shows from 3 upwards) and it is shown visually as a glow
    on your weapons.
    First off you get to create your very own Penny Arcade character. You can play
    with the clothes and features and their colours until you're satisfied and are
    ready to begin.
     ,--------,                 ,--------------------,                  ,--------,
    | [020100] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Desperation Street  |-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020100] |
     '--------'                 '--------------------'                  '--------'
      | [020101]      Desperation Cul-De-Sac      [020101] |
    After the narrator has finished introducing you to the world your first task is
    to array the lawn. Pick up the green rake leaning against your house by
    clicking on it (the cursor changes to a white eye on a black background when
    hovering over something clickable), and then again on the pile of leaves
    After this simple task is complete you will be allowed out of the cul-de-sac
    and further along the street. Clicking on random things will bring up random
    descriptions of said item, a few items when you click on them will reward you
    with some Concept Art, the first of which is the mailbox in front of the house
    to the right of yours.
    Other things worth clicking on are dustbins, most of these you will be able to
    hit with your rake and usually gain an item from doing so, usually bandages or
    potions that will help in battle. There are also crates which serve much the
    same purpose as the garbage cans. All reappear and recontain an item if you
    leave the area and come back.
    Move along to the right down the road and you'll meet the first pair of
    enemies, they're both Fruit Fuckers (Mark I). These simple little fellows will
    introduce you to the battle screen. The game will teach you how to fight in a
    safe setting, if you get to 11 health or lower you will regenerate
    automatically back to 20. This occurs in all of the fights in this tutorial
    section of the game. To attack simply click on the rake button and the cursor
    will change to the same thing. Click again on one of the Fruit Fuckers (when
    hovering a green gear will appear on the ground) and you'll attack.
    You then have to wait for your attack to become active again, first your
    inventory turns on and then your Swat attack. The higher your speed the faster
    this takes. Repeat to the same Fruit Fucker and you should manage to kill it.
    Kill the second one to win the fight, gain your experience and be allowed to
    move on. You'll also gain 2 Spare Parts, you get these from winning any fight
    with a Fruit Fucker and can be used later on to upgrade weapons.
    If you continue down the road a little more you'll meet a cat. Go through the
    talking until you can purr to it and it will join you. The quickest way is to
    pet the cat and then purr gently. The other options are there for comedic
    effect and don't alter the outcome (you'll find this occurs with all other
    conversations too). T. Kemper will help you in battles, his normal attack is
    very weak and only does 1 damage to each of the enemies but very rarely he
    manages to pull off his critical hit which is impressive. Mostly he just takes
    up time for your attacks to become active and certainly can't be relied upon.
    The mailbox in front of this house contains Album 1 and
    directly over the road from you is another mailbox, click it to get Concept Art
    2. Continue down the road and towards the milk bottles. Click on them and a
    bunch of Fruit Fuckers will emerge. This kind of behaviour is vital to
    recognise if you want to collect all of the Spare Parts, some Fruit Fuckers
    will hide in things around the game that you will need to click on to release
    them in order to defeat them.
    Once you've used your new companion, in what was most likely a disappointing
    show of strength, and defeated the three Fruit Fuckers, you'll earn another 3
    Spare Parts. Continue on down the road and off onto the next panel.
      | [020102]      The Old Orange Tree      [020102] |
    Stroll on further down Desperation Street and the narrator will point you in
    the direction of an orange tree. Grab the orange on the ground and head back
    towards the road. Continue down the road to another trio of Fruit Fuckers. Here
    you get to use that fruit to great effect.
    The Fruit Fuckers will be distracted from battle and go over to the orange, one
    will watch the other but will eventually attack you again. Kill that one and
    then target the preoccupied one, if you wait a long enough time he'll finish
    with the fruit and get back into the fight. Kill that second one and you'll
    gain 2 Spare Parts and reach Level 2. You've now got a new attack 'Grand Slam'
    which the game will teach you how to use in a short while.
    Concept Art 3 is just ahead, it's in the mailbox of the next house along from
    the Orange Tree. Continue on further and you'll once again meet a gang of Fruit
    Fuckers. You now get to practice your Special Attack. Simply press Space as the
    pointer passes each of the four marks and you should be able to get yourself an
    overkill or two. These are permanent boosts to your damage, which is useful for
    attacking enemies. You also gain 2 more Spare Parts.
      | [020103]      Desperation Elementary      [020103] |
    Onto another panel now. Continue further down the road and you'll finally catch
    up with Gabe and Tycho. Talk to them and they'll eventually join you. Your new
    companions Tycho Erasmus Brahe and Johnathan Gabriel will be used for the first
    time not far from here as just ahead is yet another bunch of Fruit Fuckers.
    The game this time will teach you of pair-up attacks. These can occur when you
    have two or more characters with their Special Attacks active. Click the
    Special Attack for either character (it doesn't matter which) and then the x2
    button when you click on the enemy. Now is a great time to do Overkills though
    so you might want to focus on them rather than doing more team-up attacks. You
    get 3 Spare Parts for this fight.
      | [020104]      Desperation's End      [020104] |
    Walk over towards the pumps and you'll initiate a full on fight. The roll for
    initiative simply selects who starts the battle with their attack already
    active. If you get a 20 then your Special Attack is also active off the bat.
    Get killing those little blue Fruit Fuckers, each of the first three dead will
    cause a new one to appear. Once you've killed the six of them a new red Fruit
    Fucker (Mark II) will appear. This guy is just like the Mark I guys except
    stronger and has slightly different attacks. Attack him till he's dead. You'll
    earn 7 Spare Parts for this fight.
    That's just about it for the tutorial level. Chat with Gabe and Tycho to learn
    the intricate details of the logo before finishing up and gaining a new case,
    'Up, From The Ashes'. You'll also unlock a new map area, Anne-Claire's Room.
    Quite useful as otherwise you'd be stuck on this road.
    The road goes on a short while longer until you reach a point where the cursor
    turns into a map. Clicking on that will take you to the map screen. Click on
    Anne-Claire's to get to the next part of the game. Alternatively click on the
    gear icon in the top corner to first go to Gabe and Tycho's office and then on
    the map there to get to Anne-Claire's Room.
     ,--------,                 ,--------------------,                  ,--------,
    | [020200] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Anne-Claire's Room  |-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020200] |
     '--------'                 '--------------------'                  '--------'
    Upon entering Anne-Claire's room proceed to the right a bit. Concept Art 4 is
    found by clicking on the picture above the window with the telescope pointing
    out, and Concept Art 5 is found by click on the table underneath the lamp to
    the left of the telescope.
    Go even further right and you'll spot Anne-Claire herself. Talk to her. Meander
    through the conversation until asking her what you should do now. She'll tell
    you of Hobo Alley which will unlock it for your visitation. This also opens up
    a new case, 'The Game Is Afoot'. Before leaving for Hobo Alley, click on the
    radio on the shelves behind Anne-Claire to get Album 3 'Unfathomable
     ,--------,                     ,------------,                      ,--------,
    | [020300] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Hobo Alley  |-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020300] |
     '--------'                     '------------'                      '--------'
      | [020301]      Cheswick & Grove      [020301] |
    Click on the poster on the right-hand side of the wall of the Witch-B-Gone here
    to get Concept Art 6. Talk to the guy standing on the street corner until you
    run out of options. Head right along the road and you'll bump into a Fruit
    Fucker (Mark II) to kill and gain 5 Spare Parts from.
    Further down this street and you'll spot a mime. Walk closer to him and you'll
    trigger a conversation, investigate the goo by clicking on it. You should then
    manage to gain some Lube. Return to Anne-Claire's room to find out what it is
    and what to do next. She'll tell you to return to your home in search of
    something that sheared off the giant robot.
    You can also gain the new case 'To Arms' if you ask to upgrade your weapons but
    at this stage you don't have enough Spare Parts for any of them.
     ,--------,                 ,--------------------,                  ,--------,
    | [020400] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Desperation Street  |-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020400] |
     '--------'                 '--------------------'                  '--------'
      | [020401]      The Old Orange Tree      [020401] |
    Your street is now infested with mimes. Make your way down the street fighting
    a trio of mimes as you go until you reach the orange tree. Talk to the Silent
    Pope before continuing on down the street all the way back to your house.
      | [020402]      Desperation Cul-De-Sac      [020402] |
    You might have noticed it earlier but you couldn't do anything with it then,
    click on the large bolt in the middle of the ruins of your house. With the
    Giant Bolt in your inventory it's time to go back to Anne-Claire's again to get
    it checked out.
    She'll send you back to Hobo Alley again but you'll also be allowed to go to a
    new location, Pelican Bay. You also gain Anne-Clair as a support character much
    like the cat T. Kemper. You can click on her icon when she's active and she'll
    run in with a flamethrower dealing 100 damage (double to robots).
     ,--------,                     ,------------,                      ,--------,
    | [020500] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Hobo Alley  |-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020500] |
     '--------'                     '------------'                      '--------'
      | [020501]      Cheswick & Grove      [020501] |
    Talk to the guy on the corner again. He'll introduce himself as James Filth and
    ask you to help rid the streets of evil trashcans and give you the new case
    'The Rise Of The Refuse'. You'll now find that the streets of Hobo Alley have
    become infested with Animate Trash. Approach the one to the right and engage it
    in combat. Once the little guy is dead you'll be shown a counter of how many
    there are left, that's ten in total to kill.
    Head north along Cheswick a bit, click on the moving purple box to unleash a
    few Fruit Fuckers for you to fight. You'll get 10 Spare Parts and both Gabe and
    Tycho at this point should level up if you've killed all the enemies so far.
    This will give Tycho his Special Attack and now let you earn him some Overkill
    It's only a tiny step to West Chestnut Park.
      | [020502]      West Chestnut Park      [020502] |
    Click the shaking box just ahead for another fight with a pair of Fruit
    Fuckers. You should try out Tycho's new attack which you can perform using
    either WASD or the arrow keys. You earn 10 Spare Parts from this fight.
    Go talk to the guy in the park, Dr. Ernald P. Whimple. You won't get much of
    anything out of him but still. Leave the park and head east along the road
    until you reach a junction. Go north and fight the three Animate Trash + Skinny
    Hobo at the end. The hobo is resistant to punches so don't use Gabe on him too
    much, he's also weak to firearms so Tycho is a good choice of attack. That
    should take the total down to 6 left.
    Click on the cardboard house in the corner for Concept Art 7. Continue on east
    along the street and into the next panel.
      | [020503]      West Chestnut & Grove      [020503] |
    Approach the next junction and the Fruit Fuckers on the roof will join with two
    Animate Trash for a fight. That's 10 more Spare Parts and a couple more trash
    taken care of. Onto the next junction and you'll spot a rather large golden key
    at the far end, approach the hobos to defeat them and win it. The Fat Hobo is
    like the Skinny Hobo except it isn't resistant to fists so there's something
    for Gabe to do.
    Once they're defeated click on the winding key to pick it up. On the corner by
    the lamppost is another rattling box full of Fruit Fuckers for you to kill.
    That's 10 more Spare Parts to add to your collection. Go further to the right
    and into another panel.
      | [020504]      West Chestnut Street      [020504] |
    There's yet another box of Fruit Fuckers next to the lamppost right away, and
    yes, 10 shiny new Spare Parts. Just up the road you'll find another couple of
    Animate Trash with a couple of hobos. Just two remain. Head back to the
    previous panel and then south to Grove Bend.
      | [020505]      Grove Bend      [020505] |
    Click on the red poster on the building on the corner. This will unlock Concept
    Art 8. There's a box of Fruit Fuckers back to the right, once you've got the 15
    Spare Parts from them, go left and approach the Animate Trash just along there
    and you'll be fighting the last two plus a Fat Hobo. Once they're dead you've
    all but finished the case.
    Before we do that, talk to the guy standing next to some cooking pots. Gerhard
    Kettle will introduce himself and give you a new case, 'The Meat of Human
    Kindness' if you ask him if you can help. He requires meat, not just any meat
    but sanctioned meat, which you don't have of course.
    Carry on along to the left and you'll end up back at the start of Hobo Alley.
      | [020506]      Cheswick & Grove      [020506] |
    Talk to James Filth once again to finish your case off and earn yourself a not
    so shiny, not so new, red token. Time to go to Pelican Bay for a short stay.
     ,--------,                     ,-------------,                     ,--------,
    | [020600] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Pelican Bay  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020600] |
     '--------'                     '-------------'                     '--------'
      | [020601]      Tollbooth      [020601] |
    Talk to the guy standing behind the desk at the tollbooth, Kurtis Swindell, and
    work your way through the conversation until you buy the Giant Gear with the
    token you got from completing James Filth's case. If you also ask to be let in
    you'll get a new case 'Pelican Bay, Or, The Bloody Boardwalk'. Head back to
    Anne-Claire's room for now.
    Give both the key and gear to Anne-Claire before heading off again. Ask her
    what's next and you'll be pointed in the direction of Hobo Alley once again.
    Before leaving you may wish to upgrade your weapons.
     ,--------,                     ,------------,                      ,--------,
    | [020700] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Hobo Alley  |-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020700] |
     '--------'                     '------------'                      '--------'
      | [020701]      West Chestnut Park      [020701] |
    Head north to the park which you'll now find closed. Go to the right to
    encounter Dr. Ernald P. Whimple who is now in a much more talkative mood. He'll
    give you the new case; 'The Nobel Pee Prize'. Your task now is to roam Hobo
    Alley killing all the hobos. Take it in an anti-clockwise direction heading
    first to the park where you'll meet the first three of the 17 hobos you are
    required to kill.
      | [020702]      Cheswick & Grove      [020702] |
    The next three are down by James Filth. It's not far to the next four.
      | [020703]      Grove Bend      [020703] |
    The next two are right on the corner. Head north to West Chestnut & Grove.
      | [020704]      West Chestnut & Grove      [020704] |
    Three more hobos are just along the road to the left. Just two left. Go all the
    way left onto the next panel.
      | [020705]      West Chestnut Park      [020705] |
    The final two hobos are here by the lamppost on the corner. Talk to Whimple
    over to the left to finish off this section of his case. He gives you a Monkey
    Card, a Pelican Bay Ticket and some Pocket Lint. He'll give you the next task,
    getting him a 1/64 scale model of the Sinwheel. Stroll out of the gate a little
    and a cutscene will occur.
    Time to go into The Shithole. Make your way there fighting through a few hobos
    blocking your way.
      | [020706]      The Shithole      [020706] |
    Click on the clown picture on the wall behind you to grab Concept Art 9. Talk
    to The Slumlord and converse with him until you have no more options left. The
    click each of the three doors in turn. Once you've seen the last of them click
    on the fourth door to get into the warehouse.
      | [020707]      Warehouse      [020707] |
    Make your way to the other end of the warehouse, fighting several Fruit Fuckers
    and hobos as you go. There are two battles, each giving 10 Spare Parts, before
    you reach the other end. Also note that each table in the room has a single
    Spare Part on for you to pick up.
    If you walk over to the left side of the far end you'll notice a machine, click
    on it and you'll unlock Album 2. You'll also be able to get your meat stamped
    for the Meat of Human Kindness case.
    Before advancing and attacking The Slumlord you might like to note that it is
    possible to have found enough Spare Parts to upgrade all three of your weapons
    once. So if you have enough you should go back to Anne-Claire to get them
    upgraded and then come back and walk over to The Slumlord.
      | [020708]      Slum Lord      [020708] |
    Take care of the three hobos first and the Slum Lord will advance to attack
    personally instead of from afar. Once you've got him down below 699 he'll
    retreat and bring on a Fruit Fucker and a Hobo. Kill them to get to the Slum
    Lord again until he reaches 399. One more hobo will emerge for you to kill
    before getting back to the Slumlord to finish him off.
    He'll take 160 damage from Hot Toddies so if you've got them use them when
    there's that much space between his current and cutoff health as he regenerates
    back to that number when standing back. Overall if you've upgraded your weapons
    you should be able to easily take care of him. You also get 10 Spare Parts from
    this fight.
    Click on the box next to the furnace to get an "On" Switch, then click on the
    Inactive Robot on the table. Once you've got that head back outside and go down
    to where Gerhard is.
      | [020709]      Grove Bend      [020709] |
    There's a few Hobos and a Fruit Fucker in the way so kill them and get your 5
    Spare Parts. Talk to Gerhard to close his case. Also, make sure to eat the food
    he offers as you get 50 health from it. If you declined you can always go back
    and ask for some. That brings your stay in Hobo Alley to an end for now.
    Head back to Anne-Claire and give her the Inactive Robot. She'll give it back
    as a support character named Fuchsia. This robot can be called upon to do a
    decent attack that gets strong each time you use it, so call it as often as you
     ,--------,                     ,-------------,                     ,--------,
    | [020800] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Pelican Bay  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020800] |
     '--------'                     '-------------'                     '--------'
      | [020801]      Tollbooth      [020801] |
    Talk to Kurtis and convince him that you're a family now that you've got the
    ticket from completing the hobo killing part of Whimple's Nobel Pee Prize case.
    Case Closed.
    Advancing through the gate you'll spot a mime. A friendly mime. Talk to him and
    he'll give you a new case, 'To See, Or Not To See'. The case requires you to
    find three invisible items for him. Continue on past him and you'll spot a pair
    of Savage Clowns standing on the corner. Kill them and you'll get a couple of
    Exploding Clown Noses. These can be used against other clowns as they're quite
    Walk over the the Flying Pricks booth and get playing the minigame. You'll need
    a total of 5 Red Tokens for the rest of the game so now's a good time to get
    them. To play you need to aim just above the balloons when throwing the darts
    and to get 12 points. You don't get anything special for getting more points
    Moving on we head down the path north. If you click on a poster in the front of
    Sinister Slip's Iced Creams you can collect Concept Art 10. There's also a box
    of two Fruit Fuckers (Mark IV) on the bench just before the Ice Cream shop, you
    get 50 Spare Parts for killing them, they do some pretty high damage so you
    either need to be a high level, have a lot of bandages or be good at blocking.
    The experience they give will let you advance levels quickly by killing them
    Continue onto the next panel ahead.
      | [020802]      Midway      [020802] |
    There's another box of Fruit Fuckers over to the right (50 Spare Parts) and a
    pair of clowns directly ahead, kill them all! If you can, of course. Make your
    way towards the Fortune Teller Machine in the middle of the path, over near the
    Barbershop Quartet.
    Try and get a fortune from it and you'll discover that is missing an "On"
    Switch, how lucky that you picked one up in the Shithole Warehouse. This is the
    first part of your new case 'The Mistress Mysterious', and you can solve it
    right away. If you have managed to get some red tokens you'll be able to get
    onto the second part. She'll dispense a fortune 'SILENCE THE LAUGHTER'. Step
    away for now.
    If you kill the Barbershop Quartet over to the left you'll be given a Mouth
    Harp, you'll need that later. They're each resistant and weak towards your
    weapons so you'll need to work out which if you don't want to waste time. The
    tall one with a round head is the Barbershop Lead. He is weak to team-up
    attacks. The other tall one is the Tenor. Hit him with Rake. The normal sized
    guy is the Baritone, weak to Firearms. And that leaves the short guy, the Bass,
    he's vulnerable to punches.
    Continue on down Midway and you'll spot another mini-game, this one called
    Vandalism. Again you need five of these tokens so get throwing. To play you
    need to get the bar to stop in the red zones on each of the bars, if you get it
    perfect you'll knock down the whole pile, if not you might knock a few or none.
    It can be quite tricky to get it to stop where you want it to so just keep
    going until you get five by scoring 12 or more.
    Once you have five or more you can stop. Over by the bench in front of
    Vandalism there's the carcass of a seagull, it's shaking so click on it and
    some Fruit Fuckers will emerge. That's another 50 Spare Parts for your
    collection. You might now be able to go and get one of your weapons upgraded
    Keep on going down Midway and you'll spot a pair of clowns to kill, yay.
    Remember that clown nose are really effective against them (800 damage!) and
    that you'll probably get them replaced at the end of the fight anyway.
    If you go over to the left you'll spot a trio of mimes. Just to the left of
    them is a shop with a red poster in the middle, click that poster for Concept
    Art 11. Then kill the mimes. You cannot hit Boardwalk Mimes with your specials
    so don't even bother trying. You'll find the first invisible item, Invisible
    Rope, by killing them.
    That's it for Midway right now so go to the end and off panel.
      | [020803]      Promenade      [020803] |
    A short click away is a group of clowns, containing the elusive big one you
    need to kill for the Fortune Teller. He'll be laughing a lot. Clown Noses at
    the ready! Click on the shaking box to the left to unleash some more Mark IV
    Fruit Fuckers. That's 50 Spare Parts right there that is.
    If you go down now and click on the anchor at the end you'll pick up the last
    of the concept art, Concept Art 12. If you've got them all you can now read the
    Bonus Comic as well.
    There's a shaking seagull on the right of the anchor with yet another two
    little robots hiding inside. 50 more Spare Parts. To the right are a couple of
    Boardwalk Mimes to kill in order to get past. Continue past and onto the next
      | [020804]      Gates of Silence      [020804] |
    Right on the corner there's a shaking shoe, yep, Fruit Fuckers with 50 Spare
    Parts (again you can now get another upgrade if you wish). Further on you'll
    spot the third mini-game, Balls and Holes. This is another traditional game
    where you throw balls and try and get them into holes. As long as you aim for
    the 200 spot you should be fine. Again, get five blue tokens.
    Investigate the black mist to the right, at the moment you can't get through it
    so go back to the Promenade.
      | [020805]      Promenade      [020805] |
    Head left to kill a couple of Savage Clowns. Once they're dead click on a box
    of milk bottles that are shaking. Two Fruit Fuckers reside for another 50 Spare
    Kill the clowns in the Tollbooth area and go back to the tollbooth itself to
    talk to Swindell and purchase both the Sinwheel and the Phonograph Horn. Time
    to head back to Hobo Alley for a brief visit.
     ,--------,                     ,------------,                      ,--------,
    | [020900] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Hobo Alley  |-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020900] |
     '--------'                     '------------'                      '--------'
      | [020901]      West Chestnut Park      [020901] |
    Talk to Ernald and give him your new Sinwheel for his experiments. As thanks he
    gives you some Ultra Urine. And that closes that case. Back to Pelican Bay now.
     ,--------,                     ,-------------,                     ,--------,
    | [021000] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Pelican Bay  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [021000] |
     '--------'                     '-------------'                     '--------'
      | [021001]      Midway      [021001] |
    Talk to the Fortune Telling Machine again as you've managed to kill that large
    laughing clown, right? The machine gives you a new fortune, 'ENTERTAIN US'.
    Step away from the machine and advance to the far end of Midway and off to the
      | [021002]      Promenade      [021002] |
    There's a new Barbershop Quartet up ahead for you to kill. You get Spoons for
    winning. Go to the right now.
      | [021003]      Gates of Silence      [021003] |
    There they are, the last Barbershop Quartet you need to kill. A Kazoo is yours.
    That finishes off the trio of instruments so head back to the Fortune Telling
      | [021004]      Midway      [021004] |
    Playing the tune will both complete the task and unlock Album 4. Get the next
    fortune which reads 'YOU WILL SEIZE THE LIGHT'. You also get a fourth fortune,
    'YOG SETHIS, IA! IA! MALDON UMBRUTHIA!'. You might be able to guess that this
    is used to bring down the Cataract, off to the Gates of Silence we go.
      | [021005]      Gates of Silence      [021005] |
    Click on the fog and recite that last fortune. It's gone. Go past and get into
    a mime fight. There's a seagull on the floor just past them, it contains the
    last four Fruit Fuckers in the game so get your 100 Spare Parts and continue.
    You'll spot a large object in the path, pick it up and take the Giant Light
    back to Anne-Claire for investigation. That will close 'The Game Is Afoot' and
    open 'To Fell A God'. You should also be able to fully upgrade the rest of your
    weapons, closing the 'To Arms' case.
    Your task now is to find a soul and some technology. First stop: Desperation
     ,--------,                 ,--------------------,                  ,--------,
    | [021100] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Desperation Street  |-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [021100] |
     '--------'                 '--------------------'                  '--------'
      | [021101]      The Old Orange Tree      [021101] |
    The Silent Pope is your target. The old tree is completely gone now and he's
    raring for a fight. With 2000 hitpoints you'll want to have upgraded your
    weapons by now. Just keep attacking and blocking and you'll win, duh. Gabe's
    punches will be quite useful here. Defense dropping potions are also of great
    use as he has quite a high defense. Combine that with raising Gabe's power and
    using his Special Attack and you've got yourself a winning combo.
    With his defeat you gain his Dark Mime Soul. Nice. Head back to Pelican Bay
     ,--------,                     ,-------------,                     ,--------,
    | [021200] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Pelican Bay  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [021200] |
     '--------'                     '-------------'                     '--------'
      | [021201]      Midway      [021201] |
    Approach the Fortune Telling Machine and you'll get into a mime fight. Once
    you've killed the two Dark Mimes and two Boardwalk Mimes you get the reward,
    the Invisible Stairs. Click on the Fortune Telling Machine one last time to
    close the 'The Mistress Mysterious' case, and then collect the Vacuum Tube from
    within. Head off back to Anne-Claire and get your weapons upgraded with the
    three items; Ultra Urine, Dark Mime Soul, and the Vacuum Tube.
      | [021202]      Promenade      [021202] |
    Still yet to finish off the ex-mime's case you need to kill this final bunch of
    still-mimes. With your newly upgraded weapons this should be a breeze and the
    Invisible Suitcase is yours. Head back to the Tollbooth area.
      | [021203]      Tollbooth      [021203] |
    One final chat with Dr. Coriander Stripe, give him back his invisible items and
    he'll reward you with some Invisible Weights that give you +10 Attack. One more
    case closed. By now you should just have cases 1 and 4 still open. Head to the
    Gates of Silence area now and we'll get finished.
      | [021204]      Gates of Silence      [021204] |
    On the approach to The Silent One (which you will now be able to do) you'll
    have one quick fight with a pair of ordinary Mimes. Two boardwalks will then
    attack with a Dark Mime. Once they're gone you get accosted by four Dark Mimes.
    With the ultimate upgrades this shouldn't really be a problem. After that you
    can now approach the final boss. Note that after you defeat it you won't be
    able to wander the streets again so make sure to have found all of the Concept
    Art, Albums, Spare Parts and closed all but 1 and 4 of the cases before
    clicking on the big guy.
      | [021205]      Yog Sethis, The Silent One      [021205] |
    To fight The Silent One, who has 45000 health, you really need to make use of
    your Special Attacks and to be able to successfully block attacks otherwise
    you're going to get crushed. Having First Aid Kits and Gauzes is going to come
    in handy, just in case of course. Once you get him down past 36000 he starts
    with some different attacks, and once again at 22000. Anne-Claire's attack does
    1000 damage to him and you might also find Dynamite and Hot Toddies useful in
    bringing him down.
    Once you manage to defeat him you get a preview of the next episode and then
    the credits roll. You can go back into your game to look around the office but
    you can't do anything else.
                                       THE END...
    |~-[030000]-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~SPARE PART LOCATIONS~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~[030000]-~|
      | [030100]      Desperation Street      [030100] |
        19 Spare Parts Total
    | Cul-De-Sac | - 5 Spare Parts
        2 - The first fight of the game.
        3 - Milk bottles after getting T. Kemper.
    | The Old Orange Tree | - 4 Spare Parts
        2 - Fight where you learn how to use Fruit
        2 - Further on after the fruit fight.
    | Desperation Elementary | - 3 Spare Parts
        3 - First fight with Gabe and Tycho
    | Desperation's End | - 7 Spare Parts
        7 - Fight at the Gas Station
      | [030200]      Hobo Alley      [030200] |
        122 Spare Parts Total
    | Cheswick & Grove | - 15 Spare Parts
        5 - Fight just before reaching the Mime inspecting goo
       10 - Box of robots on north road to West Chestnut Park
    | West Chestnut Park | - 10 Spare Parts
       10 - Box in front of the park
    | West Chestnut & Grove | - 20 Spare Parts
       10 - Fight with some Fruit Fuckers and Animate Trash on the western end
       10 - Box of robots next to a lamppost
    | West Chestnut Street | - 10 Spare Parts
       10 - Box of robots next to a lamppost
    | Grove Bend | - 20 Spare Parts
       15 - Box of robots at the northern entrance
        5 - Fight that appears after The Shithole opens
    | Warehouse | - 47 Spare Parts
       10 - Fight at start of room
       10 - Fight jsut before Slum Lord
       17 - One on each table in the room
       10 - Defeat the Slum Lord
      | [030300]      Pelican Bay      [030300] |
        450 Spare Parts Total
    | Tollbooth | - 50 Spare Parts
       50 - Box on bench next to Flying Pricks, on path to Midway
    | Midway | - 100 Spare Parts
       50 - Box of Fruit Fuckers by lamppost to the right of western entrance
       50 - Dead seagull by bench in front of Vandalism
    | Promenade | - 150 Spare Parts
       50 - Box of robots on the left side of the path to Midway
       50 - Seagull before the entrance to the Gates of Silence
       50 - Milk bottles at the entrance between Tollbooth and Promenade
    | Gates of Silence | - 150 Spare Parts
       50 - Old boot at entrance of the area
      100 - Seagull past the Cataract
    |~-[040000]-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~CONCEPT ART LOCATIONS-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~[040000]-~|
    Hidden around the game are twelve pieces of Concept Art, you either have to
    click on every single object you see or consult the list below and only click
    on twelve.
     1 - Mailbox of the house next door.
     2 - Mailbox opposite where you meet the cat, T. Kemper, in Desperation Street.
     3 - Mailbox in front of the house to the right of the Orange Tree.
     4 - Picture above window in Anne-Claire's Room.
     5 - Table with lamp on in Anne-Clair's room.
     6 - Poster on the wall of the Witch-B-Gone at the start of Hobo Alley.
     7 - Cardboard box house to the east of the park in Hobo Alley.
     8 - Tar Scap sign on building on south-east corner of Hobo Alley.
     9 - Clown picture on the wall inside The Shithole.
    10 - Poster on front of Ice Cream shop to the left of Flying Pricks
    11 - Pasty Chewing Gum sign on front of shop at the north-east end of the
         Forturne Teller area.
    12 - Anchor in front of It's Like Fudge! on the Promenade.
    The numbering of the pictures is as shown below:
        2  3  4  5
     1              6
     7             12
        8  9 10 11
    Once you have all twelve you unlock an exclusive Penny Arcade comic.
    |~-[050000]-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-ALBUM LOCATIONS~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~[050000]-~|
    Just like the artwork some of these can be found by clicking on random crap.
     1 - Mailbox in front of third house to the right of yours, where you meet T.
     2 - Stampex-7 Industrial Beef Stamper in the Shithole Warehouse.
     3 - Click on the radio behind Anne-Claire in her room.
     4 - Play a tune for the Fortune Telling Machine.
     5 - Finish the game.
    1. Up, From The Ashes
    Go with Gabe and Tycho to talk to Anne-Claire.
    Search Hobo Alley for a place to live.
    Look at the apartments in the Shithole.
    Keep searching or a new place to live.
    2. The Game Is Afoot
    Look for evidence of the giant robot in Hobo Alley.
        Collect some goo off the street to the right, there's a mime nearby.
    Return the lubricant to Anne-Claire.
    Search the ruins of your home on Desperation Street for more clues.
        Return to your house and click on the large bolt in the middle of it.
    Return the steaming bolt to Anne-Claire.
    Look for more clues in Hobo Alley.
        Defeat a gang of hobos in the north east corner of Hobo Alley for a giant
        winding key.
    Return the giant winding key to Anne-Claire.
    Search for clues in Pelican Bay.
        Solve the 'The Rise Of The Refuse' case and use the token reward to buy the
        gear in Pelican Bay.
    Return the gear to Anne-Claire.
    Look for an undamaged robot in Hobo Alley.
        Complete the hobo killing part of 'The Nobel Pee Prize' and then defeat the
        Slum Lord in the Warehouse. Pick up the inactive robot on the table when
    Return the inactive robot to Anne-Claire.
    Look for more clues in Pelican Bay.
        Complete 'The Mistress Mysterious' and grab the giant light past the
    Return the massive light to Anne-Claire.
    3. To Arms
    Bring Anne-Claire 42 parts to upgrade your weapon.
    Bring Anne-Claire 154 parts to upgrade your weapon again.
    Bring Anne-Claire 34 parts to upgrade Gabe's weapon.
    Bring Anne-Claire 145 parts to upgrade Gabe's weapon again.
    Bring Anne-Claire 50 parts to upgrade Tycho's weapon.
    Bring Anne-Claire 166 parts to upgrade Tycho's weapon again.
    4. To Fell A God
    Defeat a mime of great power, and capture his soul.
        Fight The Silent Pope by the Old Orange Tree in Desperation Street.
    Return the Dark Mime Priest's soul to Anne-Claire.
    Search for something hi-tech.
        Complete 'The Mistress Mysterious' and smash up the Fortune Telling
    Machine. Collect the Vacuum Tube from the wreckage.
    Return the vacuum tube to Anne-Claire.
    Search for something potent and pure.
        Reward for completing 'The Nobel Pee Prize'.
    Return the Ultra Urine to Anne-Claire.
    Destroy the Silent One.
    5. The Meat of Human Kindness
    Bring Gerhard some high quality meat to feed the hobos.
        In the Shithole Warehouse use the stamping machine on some Hobo Meat.
    Give the "Delicious" stamped meat to Gerhard.
    6. The Nobel Pee Prize
    Rid the streets of all the hobos, so Ernald can get back into his lab.
        Kill all 17 Hobos around Hobo Alley.
    Tell Ernald that it's safe to open his lab again.
    Find a 1/64 scale model of the Sinwheel.
        Get into Pelican Bay and earn enough tokens to purchase the Sinwheel model
        off Kurtis Swindell.
    Give the scale model of the Sinwheel to Ernald.
    7. The Rise Of The Refuse
    Destroy all the living garbage in Hobo Alley.
        Kill all ten Animate Trash around Hobo Alley.
    Tell James that he can return to his job.
    8. Pelican Bay, Or, The Bloody Boardwalk
    Find a ticket so Kurtis Swindell will let you into the boardwalk.
        Reward for helping Ernald back into his lab in 'The Nobel Pee Prize'.
    Give Kurtis Swindell the ticket to get into Pelican Bay.
    9. To See, Or Not To See
    Find the invisible briefcase.
        A group of mimes have it on the Promenade after returning the Giant Light.
    Return the invisible briefcase to the Ex-Mime Scientist.
    Find the invisible stairs.
        A group of mimes in Midway after returning the Giant Light.
    Return the invisible stairs to the Ex-Mime Scientist.
    Find the invisible rope.
        A trio of mimes in Midway.
    Return the invisible rope to the Ex-Mime Scientist.
    10. The Mistress Mysterious
    Look for something that can turn the Madame Zodora machine on.
        Pick up an On Switch in the Shithole Warehouse from a crate near the Slum
    Use the On Switch to activate the Zodora machine.
    Put in tokens to get a fortune.
        Insert a Red Token.
    Solve the fortune's riddle "Silence the laughter."
        Kill a laughing clown in the Promenade.
    Put in tokens to get another fortune.
        Insert a Green Token.
    Solve the fortune's riddle "Entertain us."
        Collect three instruments from Barbershop Quartets all over Pelican Bay.
    Put in tokens to get another fortune.
        Insert a Blue Token.
    Solve the fortune's riddle "You will sieze the light... YOG SETH IS, IA! IA!
        Recite the fortune to the Cataract in Gates of Silence.
    Put in tokens to get another fortune.
        Click on the machine.
    Johnathan Gabriel
    Double Jab Cross
    Unsporting Conduct
    Body Barrage
    Weapon: Fists
    Grand Slam
    Hundred-Fold Strike
    Weapon: Rake
    Tycho Erasmus Brahe
    Tommy Blast
    Double Burst
    Gas Can
    Full Spray
    Weapon: Tommy Gun
    T. Kemper - Cat
    Groom - 1 damage
    Doom - 999 damage
    Anne-Claire Forthwith
    Flamethrower - 100 damage
    Rainbow - Damage increases for each use.
    James Filth
    Location: Hobo Alley - start
    Dr. Ernald P. Whimple
    Location: Hobo Alley - northwest corner
    Kurtis Swindell
    Location: Pelican Bay - start
    Dr. Coriander Stripe
    Location: Pelican Bay - east of the start
    Gerhard Kettle
    Location: Hobo Alley - south-east corner
    Fruit Fucker (Mark I)
    Level: 1
    Exp: 7
    Hit Points: 25
    Attack: 7
    Defense: 1
    Speed: 8
    Dealy Bobber
    Juice Burst
    Fruit Fucker (Mark II)
    Level: 1
    Exp: 7
    Hit Points: 50
    Attack: 7
    Defense: 3
    Speed: 8
    Organ Grinder
    Nuts And Bolts
    Fruit Fucker (Mark III)
    Level: 4
    Exp: 50
    Hit Points: 90
    Attack: 14
    Defense: 5
    Speed: 25
    Dealy Bobber
    Juice Burst
     - Weak vs Hot Toddies
     - Weak vs Dynamite
    Animate Trash
    Level: 3
    Exp: 15
    Hit Points: 84
    Attack: 8
    Defense: 12
    Speed: 13
    Trash Bash
     - Weak vs Special Attacks
    Skinny Hobos
    Level: 4
    Exp: 20
    Hit Points: 120
    Attack: 9
    Defense: 5
    Speed: 9
    Plank You Very Much
    Last Call
     - Resistant vs Punches
     - Weak vs Firearms
    Fat Hobos
    Level: 5
    Exp: 30
    Hit Points: 180
    Attack: 20
    Defense: 6
    Speed: 5
    Down On My Luck
    Whisky Waltz
     - Weak vs Firearms
    Slum Lord
    Level: 6
    Exp: 500
    Hit Points: 999
    Attack: 27
    Defense: 8
    Speed: 15
    Hair Raid!
    Sack Attack
    Hobo Toss
     - Weak vs Hot Toddies
    Savage Clowns
    Level: 6
    Exp: 250
    Hit Points: 210
    Attack: 18
    Defense: 8
    Speed: 8
    Bop Shoe Bop
    Biting Wit
     - Impervious to Team-up Attacks
     - Weak vs Clown Noses
    Barbershop Baritone
    Level: 7
    Exp: 350
    Hit Points: 325
    Attack: 22
    Defense: 9
    Speed: 8
    Exit Stage Left
     - Resistant vs Garden Tools
     - Weak vs Firearms
     - Resistant vs Punches
    Barbershop Tenor
    Level: 7
    Exp: 350
    Hit Points: 225
    Attack: 15
    Defense: 5
    Speed: 14
    Shave And A Haircut Two Hits
     - Weak vs Garden Tools
     - Resistant vs Firearms
     - Resistant vs Punches
    Barbershop Bass
    Level: 7
    Exp: 350
    Hit Points: 375
    Attack: 25
    Defense: 10
    Speed: 8
    All Together, Boys
     - Resistant vs Garden Tools
     - Resistant vs Firearms
     - Weak vs Punches
    Barbershop Lead
    Level: 7
    Exp: 350
    Hit Points: 275
    Attack: 18
    Defense: 25
    Speed: 8
    Do You Like My Hat
     - Weak vs Team-up Attacks
    Level: 2
    Exp: 10
    Hit Points: 60
    Attack: 5
    Defense: 0
    Speed: 5
    I'm Throwing a Boulder at You
     - Just as he throws it
    Now I'm a Fencer
     - as he approaches before lunging
    Boardwalk Mime
    Level: 8
    Exp: 450
    Hit Points: 324
    Attack: 24
    Defense: 10
    Speed: 15
    Pretned I Have A Lasso
    Pretend I Have A Gun
     - Impervious to Special Attacks
     - Weak vs Basic Attacks
    Fruit Fucker (Mark IV)
    Level: 10
    Exp: 650
    Hit Points: 275
    Attack: 27
    Defense: 11
    Speed: 30
    Organ Grinder
    Nuts And Bolts
     - Resistant to Firearms
     - Weak vs Hot Toddies
     - Weak vs Dynamite
    Dark Mime
    Level: 9
    Exp: 550
    Hit Points: 375
    Attack: 24
    Defense: 13
    Speed: 8
    Pretend I Have A Grenade
    Pretend I Have A Bow and Arrow
    The Silent Pope
    Level: 32
    Exp: 1600
    Hit Points: 2000
    Attack: 33
    Defense: 75
    Speed: 16
    Summon Hellfire
    Wall of Hellfire
    Health Leech
     - Weak vs Punches
    The Silent One
    Level: 125
    Exp: 5000
    Hit Points: 45000
    Attack: 100
    Defense: 30
    Speed: 14
    Rite of Damnation
    Void Jab
    Music of the Spheres
    Gagging Guest
    Personal Attention
     - Weak vs Dynamite
     - Weak vs Hot Toddies
    v0.1 - 26/05/08
    Desperation Street is complete, bar returns later on.
    v0.5 - 27/05/08
    Completed Hobo Alley.
    v1.0 - 29/05/08
    Finished off the walkthrough.
    Please contact me at the follwing email address regarding the game. Make sure
    to state the name of the game in your email, to have read the Walkthrough and
    to have checked the Frequently Asked Questions section to make sure that your
    question hasn't already been answered.
                            dark52 (at) darkspyro (dot) net
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