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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MorphixEnigma

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    Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Walkthrough
    by Morphix
    Version 1.00
    -- Legal --
    Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness is developed
    by Hothead Games and Penny Arcade.  All trademarks and copyrights contained 
    in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders
    This document is licensed under the Creative Commons 
    Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 license.  
    You are free to copy, distribute, and transmit this work under the conditions
    that it is not altered, transformed, or built upon in any way, not used for
    commercial purposes, and that credit is given to me.  If you wish to use
    information in this guide in a way not specified by the above terms, please
    contact me.
    More information on this license can be found at:
    Homepage:  http://www.ghostrazor.com
    Email:  morphix@ghostrazor.com
    Any questions, corrections, or additions can be sent to the above address.
    Please use the subject line "RSPD Walkthrough" in any correspondance.
    -- Updates --
    May 23, 2008
    Initial Version of the Walkthrough
    May 24, 2008
    Completed Walkthrough
    Completed Concept Art
    Completed Album Locations
    Completed Characters
    Completed Spare Part Locations
    Completed Xbox Live Acheivements
    Added some secrets.
    -- Table of Contents --
    1.  Walkthrough [#WALK]
    2.  Case by Case [#CASE]
    2.  Concept Art Locations [#ART]
    3.  Album Locations [#ALBUM]
    4.  Spare Part Locations [#SPARE]
    5.  Characters [#CHAR]
    6.  Secrets, Trivia, and Easter Eggs [#OTHER]
    7.  Xbox Live Achievement Guide [#XBOX]
    -- Walkthrough -- [#WALK]
    This walkthrough will be a pointform minimalistic series of steps to 
    completing the game, excluding side quests.  That said, RSPD is extremely rich
    with humourous tidbits so I would encourage you to explore, read everything, 
    and use the walkthrough when you're stuck to get to the next plot point.
    Additionally, talking to Gabe or Tycho in any given location will give you 
    clues about what you should be doing next.
    * On Desperation St.
    Pick up the rake against your house.
    Sweep the leaves on the ground.
    After the cutscene, simply follow the directions, walking down the street 
     until you arrive at Gabe and Tycho
    Talk to Gabe and Tycho
    Continue down the road to the exit.
    * Anne-Claire's Room
    Talk to Anne-Claire, the head to Hobo Alley
    * Hobo Alley
    Walk to the east until you arrive at the mime.
    Inspect the goo on the ground, return to Anne.
    * Anne-Claire's Room
    Give Anne the Goo
    Return to Desperation St.
    * Desperation St.
    Fight your way back to your house (Stop to check out the Silent Pope 
     if you wish).
    Pick up the Huge Bolt from the wreckage of your home.
    Return to Anne.
    * Anne-Claire's Room
    Give Anne the Bolt.
    Return to Hobo Alley.
    * Hobo Alley
    Head North on Hobo Alley
    On the North Side, you should see a large Key, grab that.
    Return to Anne-Claire
    * Anne-Claire's Room
    Give Anne-Claire the key
    If you haven't done so yet, you can probably upgrade one of the character's
     weapons at this point.
    Return to Hobo Alley
    * Hobo Alley
    Talk to James Filth, the man standing on the corner at the entrance.
    Agree to his task of killing off the evil garbage.
    Take a tour around Hobo Alley killing off all the garbage you find.
    Return to James Filth, he will give you a red token.
    Head to Pelican Bay
    * Pelican Bay
    Talk to the Gift Shop Owner
    Buy the gear using your token.
    Return to Anne-Claire.
    * Anne-Claire's Room
    Give Anne-Claire the Gear.
    Upgrade your weapons
    Head back to Hobo Alley
    * Hobo Alley
    Head North to the Urinologist's Lab
    Speak to the Urinologist on the corner of the street.
    Take up his case.
    Take another tour around Hobo Alley and Kill all the Hobos.
    Speak to the Urinologist.  This will open up The Shithouse.
    Head East to the Shithouse and enter.
    Talk to the Slum Lord.
    Check out all three doors.
    Enter the remaining door.
    Kill everything in the Warehouse, kill the Slum Lord.
    Pick up the On Switch at the back of the warehouse.
    Pick up the Fruit Fucker.
    Check out the Meat Packing Machine.
    Return to Anne-Claire
    * Anne-Claire's House
    Give Anne-Claire the Robot Prototype
    Head to Pelican Bay
    * Pelican Bay
    Give the attendant the ticket you got from the Urinologist
    Head East and talk to the Scientist Mime.
    Agree to Find his invisible missing stuff.
    Head East until you reach "Flying Pricks".
    Play "Flying Pricks" until you have 5 or 6 Red Tokens.
    Continue East until you reach "Balls and Holes".
    Play "Balls and Holes" until you have 5 or 6 Blue Tokens.
    Check out the Black Smog while you're here.
    Head back West to the fork, and head North.
    Kill the Mimes on the Black and Red floor to get the invisible rope.
    Head West to "Vandalism"
    Play "Vandalism" until you have 5 or 6 Green Tokens.
    Head West to the Madame Zodora machine.
    Use the On Switch to repair Madame Zodora.
    Insert a Token and get your fortune.
    Return to the park entrance.
    Buy both the Simwheel and the Horn.
    Run around killing clowns until you find the one laughing.  He's usually
     in the eastern corridor.
    Return to Madame Zodora
    Insert another token and receive your next task.
    You need to kill three barbershop quartets.
    The first is right beside the Madame Zodora Machine (you may have already
     killed them).
    The second is in front of "It's Like Fudge"
    The last set is beside "Balls and Holes".
    Return to Madame Zodora.
    Play a little tune for her.
    Return the the Cataract (The smoking wall beside Balls and Holes).
    Use the phrase Madame Zodora gave you to drop the wall.
    Head east, and grab the giant light.
    After the cut scene, head back to Anne-Claire
    * Anne-Claire's Room
    Give Anne-Claire the light.
    Go through all the options, discuss weapon upgrades for each member.
    Head to Desperation St.
    * Desperation St.
    Fight the Silent Pope by the orange grove.
    Steal his soul using the device AC gave you.
    Return to Hobo Alley.
    * Hobo Alley
    Give the Urinologist the Simwheel you purchased in Pelican Bay
    Get the Ultra-Urine
    If you have not yet done so, return the meat to Gerhald.
    Head to Pelican Bay
    * Pelican Bay
    Kill off the remaining Mimes to receive the other two pieces of invisible
     equipment you need.
    Visit Madame Zodora
    After Gabe is finished, check out the wreckage to receive a vaccuum tube.
    Return the invisible equipment to Dr. Coriander Stripe, the Scientist Mime
    Return to Anne-Claire
    * Anne-Claire's Room
    Give Anne Claire the Ultra-Urine, the Vaccuum Tube, and the Pope's Soul.
    Return to Pelican Bay.
    * Pelican Bay
    If you have not yet done so, it would be wise to sweep up any remaining
     Fruit Fuckers and fully upgrade your weapons, the upcoming battle is 
    Head east to the pier where The Silent One awaits.
    Fight through the mimes, and kill The Silent One.
    -- Case by Case -- [#CASE]
    This section will contain a case by case walkthrough of the game, including
    optional side quests
    To Be Continued...
    -- Concept Art -- [#ART]
    1.  At the start of the game, in the mailbox immediately to the right of yours
    2.  In the mailbox across the street from the house where you find T. Kemper
    3.  In the mailbox of 1211 Desperation St., the house with 3 trees on each 
        side of the walkway on the second panel.
    4.  The Poster above the large open window in Anne-Claire's room.
    5.  In Anne-Claire's room, in her night table.
    6.  In the SW corner of Hobo Alley, there is a poster on the side of the 
        Witch-B-Gone building.
    7.  In the NW corner of Hobo Alley there is a cul-de-sac, just east of the 
        urinologist's lab.  The art is in a pile of garbage in the corner of 
        this cul-de-sac.
    8.  In the right window of the Ben Grove Arms Pub, in the SE corner of Hobo 
        Alley, beside the Gerhard the meat guy.
    9.  In the lobby of The Shithole, on the left side of the screen there is
        a painting on the wall.
    10. On a poster beside behind the "Flying Pricks" game in Pelican Bay,
        near the Ice Cream sign.
    11. On the North End of Pelican Bay, there is a poster just West of the
        Black and Red Striped Floor, on a white building.
    12. On the anchor in front of "It's Like Fudge", in the SE corner of Pelican
    -- Album Locations [#ALBUM]
    1.  (The Beginning of the End) In the mailbox in front of the house where you 
        get T. Kemper
    2.  (La Marche Des Hobos)  On the Meat Stamping Machine in The Shithouse
    3.  (Unfathomable Transmissions)  In the bookshelf behind Anne-Claire, on the 
        rightmost side, there is a tube radio with 5 tubes sticking out out of 
        the top.
    4.  (The Terrible Weight of Destiny) After playing a tune for Madame Zodora
    5.  (Final Boss) After the Final Boss Fight
    -- Spare Parts -- [#SPARE]
    * Desperation St.
    [2]  The first battle of the game against 2 Fruit Fuckers.
    [3]  Three more Fruit Fuckers in the Milk Bottles.
    [2]  Two more in the street after picking up the orange.
    [2]  Two more in the street slightly further down.
    [3]  Three more right after meeting Gabe and Tycho.
    [7]  Several Fruit Fuckers in front of the Garage.
    * Hobo Alley
    [5]  Just in front of the black goo on your first trip.
    [15] 3 FFs in a suitcase in the SE corner
    [10] 2 FFs in a suitcase near where you find the giant key on the North side.
    [10] 2 FFs in a suitcase just west of the Shithouse
    [10] 2 FFs in a suitcase beside the Urinologists lab.
    [10] After talking to James Filth, you will fight these two FFs on the north
         side (you can see them on the roof) while cleaning up the garbage.
    [10] Fighting FFs in The Shithole
    [10] Fighting FFs in The Shithole
    [17] One spare part on each of the 17 tables in the Shithouse.
    [10] Gained during the fight with the Slum Lord
    [10] After the events in The Shithouse, 2 FFs in a suitcase near the entrance
         to Hobo Alley
    [5]  After the events in The Shithouse, a lone FF with some Hobos in the SE
         corner of Hobo Alley
    * Pelican Bay
    [50] 2 FFs in Milk Bottles near "Wang's", just east of "Flying Pricks"
    [50] 2 FFs in a dead seagull near "It's Like Fudge" in the SE corner.
    [50] 2 FFs in a shoe on the corner of the boardwalk, just W of "Balls and 
    [50] 2 FFs in a toolbox against a pink garage, just west of "It's Like Fudge"
    [50] 2 FFs in a suitcase SE of Madame Zodora
    [50] 2 FFs in a toolbox just beside "Flying Pricks"
    [75] 4 FFs in a dead seagull, on the far side of the cataract.
    -- Characters -- [#CHAR]
    1.  T. Kemper
    T. Kemper is found on the step of a house on Desperation St.  As the game
    specifically points him out, he is difficult to miss.
    Attack:  Grooming (or Dooming)
    T. Kemper deals 1 damage to all enemies.  If T. Kemper gets a critical hit
    he will do 999 damage to all enemies.
    2.  Anne-Claire
    Anne-Claire will join you after you return the giant bolt to her.
    Attack:  Flame Thrower 
    Anne-Claire deals damage to all enemies (Double Damage to Fruit Fuckers)
    3.  Fuchsia.
    Anne-Claire will give you Fuchsia following the events at The Shithouse.
    Attack:  Rainbow
    This attack does damage to all enemies.  The amount of damage increases each
    time you call on Fuchsia.
    -- Secrets, Trivia, and Easter Eggs [#OTHER]
    * Collecting all the artwork unlocks a secret comic on the inventory screen
      Also turns the Fruit Fucker in your office gold!
    * What happened to that monkey punch card thing you got from the Urinologist?
    -- Xbox Live Achievement Guide [#XBOX]
    [5] Stray Cat.
        Unlocked by picking up T. Kemper at the beginning of the game.
    [5] All Together Now
        Perform a 3-member team attack.
    [10] A Winner is You.
         Beat the game.
    [15] Nine Lives.
         Unlocked by killing an enemy using T. Kemper
    [15] Pacifist.
         Win a battle by using only distraction items, health items, and counter
    [15] Steel Devils.
         Kill all the Fruit Fuckers in the game.
    [15] Pack Rat.
         Find all the collectible artwork and music, and purchase the horn.
    [20] Level Awesome.
         All characters reach level 15.
    [20] Immortal
         Beat the game without having any of your characters die.
    [20] Fight em' with Items
         Use every item in the game at least once.
    [30] Silent, But Deadly.
         Kill the Final Boss without using a Health Item.
    [30] Clean Sweep.
         Kill every enemy in the game.

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