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FAQ/Walkthrough by SuperOtakuAlex

Version: 0.5 | Updated: 07/29/12

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (PC) Walkthrough/Complete Guide

Author: SuperOtakuAlex
Version: 0.5
Console: Microsoft Windows PC
Created: 7/24/12
Last Update: 7/28/12


Table of Contents
[1] Introduction
	[1.1] Game Overview/ Intro
	[1.2] Version History
[2] SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie Brief Information
	[2.1] Plot
	[2.2] Gameplay
[3] Characters
	[3.1] SpongeBob SquarePants
	[3.2] Patrick Star
	[3.3] Squidward
	[3.4] Mr. Krabs
	[3.5] King Neptune
	[3.6] Mindy
	[3.7] Plankton
	[3.8] Perch Perkins
	[3.9] Goofy Goober
	[3.10] Gary the Snail
	[3.11] The Squire
	[3.12] The Crown Polisher
	[3.13] Dolly the Ranch Hand
	[3.14] The Jester
	[3.15] The Jailer
	[3.16] Karen
	[3.17] Phone Repairman
	[3.18] SpongeBob Robot
	[3.19] Castle Guards
	[3.20] Familiar Guy
	[3.21] Little Girl
	[3.22] Morty
	[3.23] Waiter
	[3.24] Gas Station Attendants
	[3.25] Bartender
	[3.26] Twins
	[3.27] Wanderer
	[3.28] Hotel Manager
	[3.29] Victoria Ellen
	[3.30] Tenant
	[3.31] Charles Oscar William Piedmont Augustus Winthrop
	[3.32] Robed Man
	[3.33] Dr. Lumbar Louie
	[3.34] Jacques
	[3.35] Marius
	[3.36] Octavio
	[3.37] Whitney the Receptionist
	[3.38] Shopkeeper
	[3.39] Quack in Top Hat
	[3.40] The Cyclops
	[3.41] Treasure Hunter
	[3.42] The Musician
[4] Chapter 1: Love Thy Neighbor
	[4.1] Love Thy Neighbor
[5] Chapter 2: Evil Under the Sea
	[5.1] Evil Under the Sea
[6] Chapter 3: Hit the Road!
	[6.1] Hit the Road!
[7] Chapter 4: Free Mindy!
	[7.1] Free Mindy!
[8] Chapter 5: Entrenched!
	[8.1] Entrenched!
[9] Chapter 6: A Pain in the Back
	[9.1] A Pain in the Back
[10] Chapter 7: Shell City
	[10.1] Shell City
[11] Chapter 8: Planktopolis
	[11.1] Planktopolis
[12] Final Word
	[12.1] Final Word
[A] Email/Contact Information
[B] FAQs
[C] Credit
[D] Copyright
[1] Introduction
[1.1] Game Overview/ Intro
Hello, everyone! This is my walkthrough for The SpongeBob SquarePants 
Movie for the PC! This game is based on the hit movie The SpongeBob 
SquarePants Movie, so let me warn you now that while it’s not 100% 
exactly like the movie, there are few spoilers. Proceed with caution!

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie is a point-and-click adventure game 
developed by AWE Games and THQ. This game revolves around the 
characters of Stephen Hillenburg and Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob 
SquarePants. SpongeBob and Patrick have to reach Shell City and 
retrieve Neptune’s crown so that the King will have mercy and 
unfreeze Mr. Krabs, whom he believed stole it.

This game was also released for the Playstation 2, the Xbox, the 
Gameboy Advance and the Nintendo Gamecube, however, this guide is 
exclusive to the PC version of the game.

[1.2] Version History

Version 0.1 [7/24/12]
I started the walkthrough/guide on this date.

Version 0.2 [7/25/12]
I finished the character information and the first two game chapters.

Version 0.3 [7/26/12]
I finished one more game chapter, for a total of three.

Version 0.4 [7/27/12]
I finished another game chapter, for a total of four.

Version 0.5 [7/28/12]
I finished the game and the guide on this date.

[2] SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie Brief Information
[2.1] Plot
Today’s the day! The grand opening of the Krusty Krab 2! Mr. Krabs is 
going to declare who gets the position of manager at the Krusty Krab 
2 and SpongeBob’s pretty confident it’s him! However, the position 
goes to Squidward, much to SpongeBob’s disappointment. He becomes 
depressed, but thanks to Patrick, his spirits are raised once again. 
Who needs a position like manager? At work the next day, King Neptune 
arrives with his daughter Mindy and demands to see Mr. Krabs. He 
claims that Mr. Krabs is the one who stole his crown, based on 
“evidence” left behind by the nefarious Plankton. He’s been framed! 
Unfortunately, until Neptune’s crown has been returned, Mr. Krabs 
will remain frozen until his vaporization date. If the crown is 
returned in time, Mr. Krabs will be freed!

[2.2] Gameplay
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie’s gameplay is very similar to 
SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month.

In this game, you play as four different characters throughout. 
SpongeBob is the character played the most, the other three are 
Mindy, Neptune’s daughter, Patrick (though very briefly), and 
Plankton, the antagonist.

The mouse is used to maneuver SpongeBob/Mindy/Plankton/Patrick and 
pick up needed items to advance in the game. The cursor is 
highlighted in blue when something can be interacted with. Left-click 
on things to hear what your current character has to say about them.

Press the Esc key to get to the main menu. Here you can resume the 
game, save the current game, load a game, access options and also 
return to the title screen.

Your inventory is accessed by right-clicking. When an item that’s 
needed is picked up, it goes straight there and is placed in a life 

SpongeBob/Plankton/Mindy/Patrick can move faster by double-clicking 
when moving to the desired spot.

Much like Employee of the Month, when you talk to another character, 
2 to 4 options will pop up that you can choose from. You can hear all 
of what that character has to say, or just go through with what 
information is needed.

At the end of each level is some filler content narrated by the 
French Narrator.

[3] Characters
[3.1] SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants is the main character of the game (and the 
show). He’s a funny, generous guy that loves to have fun with his 
friends and thoroughly enjoys his job. His chipper nature often 
annoys others, but he’s happy to be himself and have an optimistic 
outlook on life, regardless of any insults thrown at him. He’s won 
Employee of the Month every month since he started working at the 
Krusty Krab.
[3.2] Patrick Star
Patrick is SpongeBob’s best friend and neighbor. While not the 
brightest star under the sea, Patrick is a loyal friend and is always 
there for SpongeBob when he needs honest advice. He does have his 
sheer strokes of genius and isn’t shy to put his ideas out there, 
even if they can be rather idiotic.
[3.3] Squidward
Squidward is SpongeBob’s sarcastic and pessimistic neighbor and 
coworker. He has a good reason for his negative nature, after all, 
he’s SpongeBob’s neighbor. Squidward has a passion for the arts and 
is involved in nearly all forms of it. He dreams of becoming a famous 
clarinet-player and getting far away from the likes of SpongeBob. 
[3.4] Mr. Krabs
Mr. Krabs is the greedy, penny-pinching boss of SpongeBob and 
Squidward, and is the owner of the fast-food establishment known as 
the Krusty Krab. He’ll do anything to get a quick buck (even if it 
means scamming people or overpricing menu items!) and often will find 
cheap, unsafe ways to do things. Mr. Krabs never passes up anything 
that’s free!
[3.5] King Neptune
King Neptune is the King of the Sea that resides in his castle in 
Bikini Bottom. Neptune takes his job very seriously and is sometimes 
a bit too quick to judge. He has a mermaid daughter named Mindy that 
wants to rule the sea with compassion and understanding for all sea 
creatures someday.
[3.6] Mindy
Mindy is King Neptune’s mermaid daughter and heir to the throne. 
Unlike her father, Mindy is willing to give others a chance and 
wishes her father would adopt her ways of not judging others. 
[3.7] Plankton
Plankton is a miniscule creature of evil. Or so he says. Plankton has 
an obsession with the formula for the Krusty Krab’s Krabby Patties, 
but has been unsuccessful in his attempts to get it. He wishes to 
sell Krabby Patties at his restaurant, the Chum Bucket, and steal all 
of his rival’s business.
[3.8] Perch Perkins
Perch Perkins is the local news reporter in Bikini Bottom. He usually 
gives field reports.
[3.9] Goofy Goober
Goofy Goober is the peanut mascot of the Goofy Goober Ice Cream 
Parlor. He’s viewed as an idol by SpongeBob and Patrick.
[3.10] Gary the Snail
Gary is SpongeBob’s pet snail. He is understood by other characters 
despite only speaking in “meows”. Gary’s probably one of the smarter 
characters in the series, often assisting SpongeBob when he’s down.
[3.11] The Squire
King Neptune’s personal assistant. The Squire is the person closest 
to the King besides Mindy and is the one who introduces the King on 
their travels.
[3.12] The Crown Polisher
The Crown Polisher is responsible for polishing King Neptune’s crown. 
He’s a meek, small fish but takes great pride in his job.
[3.13] Dolly the Ranch Hand
Dolly is a woman with a heavy southern accent that takes cares of the 
King’s seahorses. She’s found by their stalls. The Squire seems to 
have a crush on her.
[3.14] The Jester
The Jester is the prankster of the castle and his job is to make 
others laugh. He seems good at his job.
[3.15] The Jailer
The Jailer is a large, masked fish. He may be scary-looking, but he’s 
a nice guy. He desperately wants to seem intimidating, though.
[3.16] Karen
Karen is Plankton’s computer wife. She provides Plankton with blunt 
opinions on his plans and tends to lack faith in him because he often 
neglects her and her help. 
[3.17] Phone Repairman
SpongeBob’s phone line repairman. He has the tendency to be high-
strung and is easily frightened by loud noises.
[3.18] SpongeBob Robot
A robot of SpongeBob created by Plankton to act as an employee at the 
Chum Bucket. The robot’s main job is to arrange the specials on the 
[3.19] Castle Guards
These bumbling guards guard Neptune’s castle. They’re not exactly 
bright, but they must be loyal to their work, and that’s reason 
enough to keep them.
[3.20] Familiar Guy
What do you know? It’s the Familiar Guy from SpongeBob SquarePants: 
Employee of the Month! He has a brief cameo in this game.
[3.21] Little Girl
A young girl that hangs around the Krusty Krab 2. She has a friend 
named Morty.
[3.22] Morty
A young boy that has a taste for fried ice cream. He’s normally found 
at Goofy Goobers.
[3.23] Waiter
A sarcastic waiter that works at Goofy Goober’s. He doesn’t 
particularly enjoy his job, especially when he has to clean up after 
every kid and wear an incredibly degrading costume.
[3.24] Gas Station Attendants
A pair of hillbillies that work as attendants at a run-down gas 
station. They don’t see much action over by the County Line, but they 
always manage to get a good laugh at people who try to get over the 
County Line and survive.
[3.25] Bartender
A tough guy who works as a bartender at the Thug Tug. He’s tough and 
fearless, and has a large hatred for childish things, like blowing 
[3.26] Twins
A pair of conjoined twins that hang out at the Thug Tug. They often 
blame each other for things. Both of them have a secret admiration of 
Goofy Goober, but if that got out at the Thug Tug...
[3.27] Wanderer
A nervous fish that is lost in the thick fog of the Great Trench. 
He’s apparently been lost for days and has lost nearly all hope.
[3.28] Hotel Manager
The manager of the Deep Six Hotel located in the Great Trench. The 
manager is very classy and elegant, but also rather sarcastic.
[3.29] Victoria Ellen
An elderly woman who stays in Room #1 at the Deep Six Hotel. Her most 
valued possession is her pearl necklace, which she believes has been 
[3.30] Tenant
A young man who stays in Room #2 at the Deep Six Hotel. He’s a bit 
irritable, but very soft-spoken.
[3.31] Charles Oscar William Piedmont Augustus Winthrop
A kind old man who enjoys exploring ancient areas, especially caves. 
He has spent a good while exploring the Crustacean Caverns located in 
the Great Trench. 
[3.32] Robed Man
An elderly man that wears a robe and watches over the Pools of 
Perception. He’s apparently 52 years old.
[3.33] Dr. Lumbar Louie
A doctor that specializes in chiropractics. He runs an office outside 
of the Abyssal Plains.
[3.34] Jacques
A French sea cucumber that is part of a revolution that protests 
outside of Lumbar Louie’s doctor’s office. He feels invertebrates are 
treated unfairly at the office, which is why he protests outside.
[3.35] Marius
A large sea star that works alongside Jacques outside Dr. Louie’s. He 
has a thick French accent and is twice Patrick’s girth.
[3.36] Octavio
A squid that leads the revolution towards the just treatment of 
invertebrates at Dr. Louie’s office. He’s very hard to reach.
[3.37] Whitney the Receptionist
A fish that works at Dr. Louie’s office as the receptionist. Whitney 
is sarcastic and won’t let anybody in without an appointment.
[3.38] Shopkeeper
A lobster that owns Fin Locker, a surplus store that’s associated 
with the revolution led by the invertebrates.
[3.39] Quack in Top Hat
A strange bird wearing a top hat that likes using hot springs. 
Unfortunately, his socks shrunk because he forgot to take them off 
before he got in.
[3.40] The Cyclops
A horrendous creature that takes defenseless fish from the ocean and 
dries them out to sell as tacky gifts at the Shell City Marine Gifts 
and Sundries. Really, he’s a man in a scuba-diving suit.
[3.41] Treasure Hunter
A mudskipper that roams the beach with a metal detector. He’s looking 
for gold!
[3.42] The Musician
A fish that plays guitar. He loves to rock, especially when his 
guitar is plugged into an amp.
[4] Chapter 1: Love Thy Neighbor
[4.1] Love Thy Neighbor
The game begins in SpongeBob’s room. SpongeBob is eager to get to 
work, as the manager for the Krusty Krab 2 is going to be announced 
today and he’s confident that it’s him. But, before he can run off to 
work, he has to get ready for the day. He can’t just go out in his 
underwear! Pick up SpongeBob’s alarm clock from the nightstand by 
clicking on it. Next, walk over to the chest. Unfortunately, the lock 
is jammed. It has to be pried open with something! Head downstairs by 
walking to the right. You’ll be by the front door. Walk to the living 
room at the bottom right. Click on the TV. The TV will be on already 
and SpongeBob will say that the knob is broken and he needs the 
remote to turn it off. You can change the channel from the news to a 
rock concert if you want. Enter the bathroom on the left and approach 
the sink. Pick up SpongeBob’s toothbrush. Exit the bathroom and enter 
the kitchen at the right. On the counter is SpongeBob’s spatula. Pick 
it up and return to his room upstairs. Pull the spatula from the 
inventory and drag it to the chest. SpongeBob will pry the chest open 
with the spatula. Inside is a pair of SpongeBob’s clothes, complete 
with brown pants, white shirt, and a red tie. Pick them up and drag 
them to SpongeBob. SpongeBob is finally clothed and can now exit his 
house. Go downstairs and exit through the back door in the kitchen. 
Outside is the phone repairman. Talk to him and he’ll tell you not to 
scare him as he’s very high-strung. Pick the first option and 
SpongeBob will ask what he’s doing. The repairman says he’s trying to 
fix the phone line since it’s broken. Pick the first option again and 
SpongeBob will tell him that he really has to use the phone. It looks 
like the repairman is going to be awhile with the phone line. Select 
the first option and SpongeBob will beg to use the phone. The 
repairman says it’ll take time and that he has to wait because the 
repair is delicate work. Pick the second option and SpongeBob will 
bring up scaring the repairman. He replies that he can’t help it, he 
just has a problem with loud noises. He doesn’t even own an alarm 
clock. That’s just what’s needed! Get the alarm clock from the 
inventory and click on the repairman. The alarm will go off, scaring 
the repairman away. Click on the phone box and SpongeBob will manage 
to fix it. There, the phone line’s fixed! Go back inside and walk to 
the living room. Unfortunately, the TV is too loud to actually use 
the phone. Exit the house from the front and walk down to Patrick’s 
house, the rock at the end of the row. Approach and the rock will 
lift open. Patrick is inside watching the TV...literally. Talk to him 
and pick the second option. SpongeBob will ask why Patrick is 
watching a TV that isn’t on. Patrick says his remote stopped working. 
SpongeBob suggest he get up and turn it on, but Patrick thinks he’s 
overreacting. Pick the second option and SpongeBob will point out 
that the remote belongs to him, and that’s why it doesn’t turn his TV 
on. Patrick will ask what the remote is doing at his house if the 
remote belongs to SpongeBob. SpongeBob says he always asks the really 
important questions. Select the second option and SpongeBob will ask 
if he can have his remote back. Patrick says he’d have to get up to 
turn the TV on AND get ice for his Kelpsi soda. Pick the second 
option and SpongeBob will tell him he’ll get ice for his Kelpsi so 
he’d only have to get up once. Return to SpongeBob’s house and go to 
the kitchen. Open the freezer and inside is an ice cube, perfect for 
Patrick’s Kelpsi! Return to Patrick and give him the ice. Patrick 
will say that the ice is cold and suspiciously says he’ll let 
SpongeBob off easy this time, since he probably has other things on 
his mind, but not to let it happen again. He’ll give you the remote. 
Go back to SpongeBob’s house and turn off the TV in the living room 
with the remote. With the TV off, you can now use the phone. However, 
SpongeBob would call Squidward to ask if he could borrow his 
toothpaste, but Squidward keeps changing his phone number to avoid 
him. Go to Squidward’s house and walk to the dining room at the left. 
Approach the black board and you’ll find Squidward’s new phone 
number. Head back to SpongeBob’s house and call him. Try and see if 
he’ll answer! After calling Squidward, you’ll find he’s in the shower 
with the radio playing and can’t hear the phone. Go to Squidward’s 
house and head upstairs by walking to the bottom left by the entry. 
Once in Squidward’s room, you’ll hear the radio playing and Squidward 
is in the shower. Enter the bathroom and talk to him. SpongeBob says 
hello asks what Squidward is doing. Squidward says he’s composing a 
movement for his latest opus, which the theme is “unwelcome visits 
from annoying neighbors”. Select the first option and SpongeBob will 
ask if he can borrow Squidward’s toothpaste, since he has run out and 
needs shiny teeth for the grand opening. Squidward says he’d love to 
help out, only he’s not going to. Pick the third option and SpongeBob 
will beg to borrow it, as his breath is getting brine-y. Squidward 
says he noticed and that he weeps for those around SpongeBob. Pick 
the first option and SpongeBob will ask how Squidward can compose a 
“porpoise” with the radio on. Squidward says the radio gives him 
ideas, I mean, inspiration. He claims he doesn’t steal any melodies. 
Pick the first option and SpongeBob will suggest he turn the radio 
off for him, as he’d love to help. Squidward replies that he doesn’t 
care what SpongeBob does as long as he does it very far away. Click 
on the radio to turn it off. Now, Squidward will be able to hear much 
better! Return to SpongeBob’s house and call Squidward using the 
phone. Squidward will get out of the shower and answer the phone. 
SpongeBob puts it on hold so Squidward will be distracted. While he’s 
distracted, hurry back to his house and up to the bathroom. Approach 
the sink and pick up the toothpaste. Drag the toothpaste over to the 
toothbrush in your inventory. With the toothpaste now on the 
toothbrush, drag the whole thing over to SpongeBob’s reflection and 
he’ll brush his teeth. Look at those pearly whites! Nice and clean 
for the ceremony at the Krusty Krab!

Filler: Meanwhile, Plankton has run out of schemes to steal the 
Krabby Patty formula and rule the world. He’s tried every plan from A 
to Y. But what about Plan Z?

[5] Chapter 2: Evil Under the Sea
[5.1] Evil Under the Sea
This next chapter, you play as Plankton, Mr. Krabs’ rival and the 
main antagonist. Enter the kitchen at the left and you’ll enter 
Plankton’s lab. Talk to Karen, the computer on wheels. Pick the first 
option and Plankton will tell Karen that he needs a new scheme to 
steal the Krabby Patty formula, but he’s tried everything he can 
think of. Karen asks if he’s checked all the plans in the filing 
cabinet. Plankton says he’s tried every one, from A to Y. She 
mentions Z, which Plankton had forgotten about. From there, you’ll 
have to go to the filing cabinet in the back. Pick up the wrench from 
the table and then walk to the right to the storage room. You’ll see 
the filing cabinet on the right. Click on it and Plankton will look 
over Plan Z. The plan is to steal Neptune’s crown from his castle and 
frame Mr. Krabs for the crime. However, you need the jetpack to get 
to the castle. Unfortunately, the SpongeBob Robot is guarding it and 
might squish Plankton. Talk to the robot and Plankton will command it 
to move. The robot doesn’t respond, which means it’s probably broken. 
Pick up the mop leaned against the filing cabinet. Grab the wrench 
from your inventory and throw it at the robot. The robot will react, 
but still not respond. Exit through the kitchen back into the dining 
area. Use the mop on the menu to rearrange it. The robot will come 
out and try to fix the menu. Head back into the storage room and pick 
up the jetpack. Drag the jetpack to Plankton and he’ll put it on. 
Exit the Chum Bucket by walking to the bottom right from the dining 
room. Walk down the road to get to Neptune’s castle. Now, you must 
guide Plankton safely to the castle by using the left-click to ascend 
through the air. Releasing the key causes Plankton to descend. By 
using this, avoid the jellyfish that approach. At the bottom of the 
screen shows the distance between Neptune’s castle and the Chum 
Bucket, which the bar shows how far you’ve gotten. When you reach the 
castle, Plankton will land. Enter the courtyard of the castle and 
you’ll see two guards guarding the front door. Enter the stables on 
the left and pick up the horseshoe on the floor. Exit the stables and 
click on the doors. They’ll open right up and the guards won’t 
bother. Once inside, enter the library at the right. Pick up the 
piece of thread on the bottom right side of the rug. Talk to the 
jester. He insists that Plankton is a sea louse and he wants to bite 
people. Pick the first option and Plankton will ask how to get into 
the throne room, since he has important business with the king. The 
jester says that the doors are electric and have a button that slides 
the door open. However, Plankton can’t reach the button. Pick the 
first option and Plankton will ask the jester if he can open the 
door. The jester refuses to open the door for a louse and says his 
hat gets caught on the nail sticking out of the wood by the button. 
Looks like you’ll need to open it yourself. Walk back out into the 
hallway and proceed along the carpet. Approach the doors and combine 
the thread with the horseshoe. Grab it and click on the nail above 
the button. Climb up the thread to press the button and the doors 
will slide open. Enter the throne room and walk towards the thrones. 
The pedestal with the crown is behind the curtain on the right side. 
Approach it and take the crown.

Filler: After discovering his crown missing, King Neptune spirals 
into a fit of rage. Meanwhile, SpongeBob has his spirits crushed 
after Squidward is announced the new manager of the Krusty Krab 2. 
Mr. Krabs thinks SpongeBob is too much of a kid to handle the 
responsibility. He runs off to go to Goofy Goober’s with Patrick. The 
next day, King Neptune arrives at the Krusty Krab. By the evidence 
left by Plankton to frame Mr. Krabs, King Neptune confronts Mr. 
Krabs, but sees him as not guilty, thus freezing him. SpongeBob and 
Patrick must travel to Shell City and retrieve the crown, or Mr. 
Krabs will meet a fiery doom.

[6] Chapter 3: Hit the Road!
[6.1] Hit the Road!
SpongeBob has to get to the Patty Mobile to get to Shell City and 
retrieve Neptune’s crown! Talk to Squidward and pick the first 
option. SpongeBob says that he’s going to use the Patty Mobile to get 
to Shell City and asks what Squidward thinks about that. Squidward 
says all pedestrians should be on high alert. Select the first option 
again and SpongeBob will ask if Squidward knows where the Patty 
Mobile is. Squidward says it’s located in an underground cavern 
beneath the restaurant that can be accessed from the kitchen. A 
passcard is needed to access the elevator to get to where it’s 
parked. SpongeBob asks where he can get a passcard. Squidward says he 
was given a passcard just today, but he won’t let SpongeBob have it. 
SpongeBob wants to know why not. Squidward says he lost it, most 
likely when he was cleaning tables earlier. Two kids had come in the 
restaurant at that time and one of them must have taken it. Walk to 
the front of the restaurant and you’ll see the Familiar Guy from 
SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month. If you talk to him, 
SpongeBob asks if they’ve met before, which the guy claims that he 
comes to the Krusty Krab every day. As the conversation progresses, 
he still doesn’t seem to know SpongeBob, which means it could 
possibly be one of his four thousand, two hundred, and thirty two 
twin brothers. Anyways, exit the Krusty Krab. Outside you’ll find the 
phone repairman. He’s calmed down since yesterday, but he hopes you 
won’t scare him again. Keep going to the right and enter the Krusty 
Krab 2. Inside is a little girl. Talk to her and pick the second 
option. SpongeBob will ask if she saw a card with holes punched in 
it. She has a different name for it, but it sounds like she’s seen 
it. SpongeBob will ask if she has it, but she says no and that her 
friend Morty has it. Morty is apparently at Goofy Goober’s. Leave the 
restaurant and walk down the road to the right to reach Goofy 
Goober’s. Go inside and approach Morty. He’s sitting at a table in 
the front with the passcard sitting on it. Talk to him and click the 
second option. SpongeBob will ask what the item on the table is. 
Morty replies that it’s a “super magic fairy card of power” and that 
he found it at the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob asks if he can have it, but 
Morty refuses saying he found it and that it’s his. SpongeBob offers 
to be his best friend, but that fails. Pick the second option and 
SpongeBob will ask if there’s anything he can do to get the card. 
Morty says he’ll give him the card if he brings him some fried ice 
cream. SpongeBob is disgusted, but Morty says not to knock it until 
he tries it. Pick the second option and SpongeBob will justify what 
Morty wants. Morty tells him good luck, as they don’t make it at 
Goofy Goober’s. Walk towards the room on the left, where the ice 
cream counter is. Talk to the waiter. The waiter seems less than 
thrilled to see SpongeBob. Pick the second option and SpongeBob will 
order a fried ice cream. The waiter says they don’t serve fried ice 
cream. SpongeBob asks what kind they do serve, to which the waiter 
replies that they serve UN-fried ice cream. SpongeBob will order a 
regular ice cream in a cone. This will need to be fried somehow. Exit 
Goofy Goober’s and walk back to the Krusty Krab by going to the left. 
Enter the Krusty Krab’s kitchen and grab the tongs hanging from the 
wall. Next, go to the Krusty Krab 2 and enter the kitchen. A pot of 
oil is boiling. Use the tongs with the ice cream to hold it. Grab the 
whole thing and click on the oil pot to dip it in. Voila, fried ice 
cream! Walk back to Goofy Goober’s and give the fried ice cream to 
Morty. With that, Morty will let you have the passcard. Before you 
leave, walk up to the stage and talk to Goofy Goober. Select the 
second option and SpongeBob will apologize for being so reckless last 
night, and that he was just really depressed. Goofy Goober accepts 
the apology and claims that he wasn’t as bad as these two other guys, 
who were dancing on the tables and being incredibly loud. And that 
one of them wanted the sheet music to the Goofy Goober theme song. 
Afterward, return to the Krusty Krab’s kitchen and slide down the 
poles to the elevator. Use the passcard on the wall slot to activate 
the elevator. Enter the elevator to ride down to the garage. Walk 
forward to find the Patty Mobile... and Patrick? How did he get down 
here? Anyways, click on the Patty Mobile to get in, Patrick’s tagging 
along too. And thus they begin their long journey to Shell City. 

Filler: SpongeBob and Patrick find the Patty Mobile and make their 
way to the County Line. Unfortunately, a thug stops them and demands 
they give up the Patty Mobile. Since the thug is large and menacing, 
there isn’t much they can do, so they give up the Patty Mobile. Now, 
it’s back to square one.

There has to be some way to get the Patty Mobile back from that 
ruffian. Walk over to the gas station attendants and talk to them. 
Pick the second option and SpongeBob will ask what they’re doing. The 
gas station attendants will say they like to watch poor saps try and 
survive over the County Line. The shorter one will say they had fun 
at Goofy Goober’s the previous night. The tall one will ask why he 
told them that, to which he replies that he sure looked like he was 
having fun, singing and dancing on the tables. The short one even 
brings up how he wanted the sheet music to the Goofy Goober theme 
song to play on his harmonica. The tall one claims he has no 
harmonica. The short one says he’s wearing the same pants from that 
night and to empty his pockets, as the sheet music is probably still 
in there. The tall one says to pay no attention to him and excuses 
himself to go inside the gas station. SpongeBob asks where he went. 
Shortly, the tall one returns and says that there was no sheet music 
in his pockets. The short one says that he just threw away the sheet 
music. The tall one suggest they stop talking about this right now. 
Enter the station and go over to the trash can. Inside is sheet music 
for the Goofy Goober theme song. That will come in handy. Exit the 
station and walk back onto the road. Walk over to the County Line and 
keep going down the road. You’ll reach the Thug Tug, a bar that is 
practically home to all thugs, ruffians, and tough guys. The Patty 
Mobile is parked outside, but the thug who stole it probably has the 
keys with him. Unfortunately, going in and taking them won’t work, as 
you’ll need a sneakier approach. As you enter the bar, Patrick gets 
nervous and decides he has to go to the bathroom, leaving SpongeBob 
to figure out a distraction. Walk to the bottom right to reach the 
bar area. Talk to the twins at the bar and pick the first option. 
SpongeBob will ask what they’re doing. The twins say they’re drinking 
rusty dirt water and trying to remember the words to a song. 
SpongeBob asks what song it is, but they say it’s none of his 
business. He guesses the Goofy Goober song, which they stumble to 
answer. They ask if he knows it. SpongeBob says he knows some of it 
and can teach it to them if they want. They say no, as they’ll get in 
trouble if they’re caught. Pick the first option and SpongeBob will 
give them the sheet music to the song. Walk to the right and you’ll 
find the pool table area. And there’s the key to the Patty Mobile! 
Unfortunately, a big guy is standing near it, which could spell 
trouble if you try to take it. Keep going to the right to reach the 
bathroom. Don’t bother with Patrick, as he can’t really help you, but 
click on the soap dispenser. There appears to be no soap. Return to 
the bar area and talk to the bartender. Select the second option and 
SpongeBob will ask if the bartender could refill the soap dispenser 
in the bathroom, as his hands are a bit dirty. The bartender 
threatens SpongeBob, but decides to go ahead and refill it, so that 
maybe he’ll quit bothering him. He’ll return once it’s filled. Go 
ahead back to the bathroom and click the soap dispenser. This 
releases a whole crop of bubbles, which stray into the bar. The 
bartender angrily comes over and demands to know who blew all the 
bubbles. In the ruckus, SpongeBob and Patrick sneak in and take the 

Filler: With the Patty Mobile back in their possession, SpongeBob and 
Patrick hit the road again. However, Mindy, Neptune’s daughter, has 
been grounded and is forbidden to assist the two on their quest.

[7] Chapter 4: Free Mindy!
[7.1] Free Mindy!
In this chapter, you play as Neptune’s daughter, Mindy. 
Unfortunately, she has been grounded for trying to help SpongeBob and 
Patrick. With Mindy’s quick-wit and your assistance, she can get out. 
You start in Mindy’s room. Open her closet and pick up her mirror. 
Next, open the window. Head to the bottom right to get to the door of 
her room, where a guard is pacing in front of the door. While he’s 
not very bright, he’s got strict orders not to let Mindy go and he 
plans to stick to them. Pick up the glue on the vanity. Go over to 
the window near the bed and use the glue on the window sill. Return 
to the guard by the door and talk to him. Mindy tries to get him to 
let her go, but the guard says he has orders from King Neptune to not 
let her out until he gets back. Pick the third option and Mindy will 
warn him of a sea monster lurking around outside the window. The 
guard will go over to the window to stop it, but when he peers 
outside, he gets stuck in the window sill. With him out of the way, 
Mindy has to get down to the courtyard and get the Seahorse Carriage 
to catch up with SpongeBob and Patrick. Go through the door and head 
downstairs. Enter the throne room and you’ll see the Squire pacing 
back and forth. Talk to him and he’ll seem surprised to see Mindy, as 
he thought she was grounded. Pick the first option and Mindy will say 
that Neptune called and said she was free to go. Pick the first 
option and she’ll ask why he didn’t go with Neptune. The Squire says 
he asked for permission to stay because he wanted to see Dolly. Mindy 
seems surprised and asks the Squire if he likes her. The Squire says 
maybe, but that he’s afraid to talk to her. Mindy encourages him, but 
before he goes, he wants to see himself in a mirror. However, the 
mirror from Mindy’s room is rather filthy. But all it needs is a good 
polish. Head out of the throne room and enter the dungeon on the 
right. Down in the dungeon is the jailer, who can’t let Mindy by due 
to the King’s orders. Talk to him and pick the second option. Mindy 
will tell him that she can’t believe her father threw the Crown 
Polisher in the dungeon. The jailer says that the King was really 
upset and had him put in the worst cell in the entire dungeon. Mindy 
asks when he’s getting out, which the jailer says that the King said 
never and wants to see the Crown Polisher rot for an eternity and 
another dozen after that. This apparently translates to Tuesday. 
Select the second option and Mindy will ask if she can see the Crown 
Polisher. The jailer tells her that he can’t let her by. Pick the 
second option and she’ll ask how the dungeon-running business is 
going. The jailer says it’s going fine, but he wishes he were better 
at it, as running a dungeon isn’t a school-taught subject. He’d love 
to have a book on the subject so he can study up. Head back upstairs 
and swim towards the front door. On the left is the library. Sitting 
on the table is a book. Pick up the book, which is “The Dungeon 
Master’s Handbook”. This book will be useful to the jailer. Go back 
to the dungeon and give it to him. He’ll thank you for the book and 
allows you to go see the Crown Polisher. Talk to the Crown Polisher 
in the cell and pick the second option. Mindy asks how he’s passing 
time in the dungeon. The Crown Polisher says he counts rats and 
that’s it not as easy as one may think, but he really misses his old 
job. He wishes for something to polish. Pick the third option and 
Mindy will give him the dirty mirror to polish. Now that the mirror 
is clean, the Squire can check himself out. Go and give the mirror to 
him. With his new confidence, he goes out to talk to the ranch hand, 
Dolly, distracting both of them so that Mindy can take the Seahorse 
Carriage. Swim out to the courtyard and enter the stables. Click on 
the stable doors to prepare the carriage. And with that, Mindy is 

Filler: Mindy hurries to SpongeBob and Patrick and finds them just in 
time, as they are about to traverse into the deadly Great Trench. 
They’ve lost confidence in themselves, but Mindy restores their 
confidence by giving them fake mustaches made of seaweed. Believing 
they’ve been changed into men, the duo go off to brave the trench.

[8] Chapter 5: Entrenched!
[8.1] Entrenched!
SpongeBob and Patrick made it to the bottom of the trench. However, 
they have to make it across the plain to the other side. 
Unfortunately, there’s a thick fog stretching across the plain. You 
can walk across by going down the path, but you’ll soon reach where 
the fog is thickest and won’t be able to proceed. You can talk to the 
Wanderer if you’d like. He does mention needing a lighthouse to get 
across the trench. Return to the hill where the level starts and walk 
up the road. Keep going and you’ll reach the Deep Six Hotel. Enter 
the hotel and go up to the front desk. Talk to the manager and pick 
the first option. SpongeBob will say that this is an odd place for 
such an elegant hotel. The manager says that real estate is a risky 
business, and that this land was originally an oyster bed, making the 
land easy to get. The manager has nothing else interesting to say, so 
walk to the bottom right down the hallway. You’ll come to the first 
room. Enter and inside is Victoria Ellen, an elderly woman. Talk to 
her and pick the second option. SpongeBob will ask if Victoria Ellen 
is alright, since she seems upset. Victoria Ellen says she’s not 
alright and that her pearls were stolen from her room last night and 
in their place was left a strange orb. Suddenly, SpongeBob and 
Patrick take on detective personas and decide to help her in the case 
of her missing pearls. Pick the second option and SpongeBob will ask 
if he can question her more regarding the incident. Pick the second 
option and SpongeBob will ask when she last saw her pearls. She 
claims that they were on the table by the lantern last night, but she 
isn’t sure how anyone could’ve come in without her hearing them. 
Perhaps, it’s best to ask the tenant in the room down the hall. Exit 
Victoria Ellen’s room and walk down the hall towards the second room. 
Speak with the tenant inside and pick the second option. SpongeBob 
will tell him he’s looking into the disappearance of some pearls and 
would like to ask him a few questions. Pick the second option and 
SpongeBob will ask where he was last night. The tenant says it was a 
stormy night and he decided to stay in. He went to the lobby to read 
a magazine for awhile, and walked around the hall a bit. He saw 
nothing suspicious however, as the manager was the only one he’d seen 
and he was asleep at the front desk. Pick the third option and 
SpongeBob will ask if he’s sure he saw nothing unusual happen. The 
tenant says he heard noise from beneath the floor boards and that it 
sounded like something dragging. Pick the third option and SpongeBob 
will ask what the holes in the floorboard are. The tenant says that 
he doesn’t know, but an oyster came out of one of the holes and 
ducked back under when it saw him. It sounds like oysters are still 
residing beneath the hotel. However, it’s too dark down there to 
actually check it out. Instead, leave the hotel and continue down the 
path on the right. Keep going and you’ll reach a cave. Patrick is too 
afraid to enter, leaving SpongeBob to proceed on his own. Enter the 
cave and walk forward. Talk to the explorer and he’ll introduce 
himself as Charles Oscar William Piedmont Augustus Winthrop and that 
the world is his backyard, as he loves to explore the unknown. Pick 
the third option and SpongeBob will ask if he can borrow his 
flashlight. He’ll lend it to you. Pick the second option and 
SpongeBob will ask what this cave is. Charles says this cave is the 
Crustacean Caverns and it homes the Focusing Orb. Orb, hm? The 
Focusing Orb apparently acts like a lighthouse and is bright enough 
to shine light through the thick fog in the trench. However, one must 
get through the Corridors of Confusion; consult the Pool of 
Perception, and through the Doors of Deception. Click the second 
option and SpongeBob will ask for elaboration on the Corridors of 
Confusion. The Corridors of Confusion each glow a different color. In 
order to reach the Pool of Perception, one will have to pass through 
the corridors in the order they light up. Pick the second option and 
SpongeBob will ask about the Pool of Perception. The Pool of 
Perception is a pool at the heart of the cavern. It can show one 
their future by gazing into it. Lastly, click the second option again 
and SpongeBob will ask about the Doors of Deception. Alas, Charles 
doesn’t know much about them as he hasn’t studied that much on them; 
however, he’s sure they’re quite dangerous. Exit the cavern and walk 
back to the hotel. Go to Victoria Ellen’s room and use the flashlight 
on the holes in the floor. There appears to be another room down 
below. Perhaps the manager knows about it. Return to the front desk 
in the lobby and talk to him. Pick the second option and SpongeBob 
will ask if the manager knows about one of his tenants missing her 
pearls. The manager says that he knows and she has made quite a big 
deal out of it. Pick the second option and SpongeBob will say they’ve 
come to a conclusion in the case. SpongeBob says that there’s a 
creature living under the hotel that has snuck into the room and 
taken Victoria Ellen’s pearls. The manager explains that this land 
rests on an old oyster bed and that might explain it. SpongeBob asks 
for permission to check under the hotel, which the manager grants. 
Exit the hotel and walk to the underside of the hotel. An oyster is 
asleep on a bed and apparently has looted plenty of stuff. On the 
floor are Victoria Ellen’s pearls. Pick them up and return them to 
her. SpongeBob makes up a story about fighting and defeating the 
oyster to retrieve the pearls. Victoria thanks you and tells of why 
the pearls mean so much to her. Impatiently, Patrick wants to know 
about the reward. Victoria rewards the two of them with the orb that 
was left by the oyster. This may just be the Focusing Orb that 
Charles was referring to. Head back to the cavern. From where Charles 
is, continue deeper into the cave from that point. You’ll reach the 
Corridors of Confusion. A booming voice from beyond will tell you to 
pass through the corridors in the correct pattern or you’ll be sent 
back to the beginning. Pass through the correct corridors and you’ll 
reach the Pool of Perception. Speak with the robed man and pick the 
second option. SpongeBob will ask if the robed man knows any way to 
get across the Abyssal Plains. The man says the answer lies beyond 
the door, but he can’t let you through because he doesn’t have the 
Focusing Orb. The Inner Sanctum, which casts light using the Focusing 
Orb, is in the next room. Pick the second option and SpongeBob will 
return the Focusing Orb to him. Using a megaphone to throw his voice 
(much like the one heard earlier), he allows you passage into the 
next room where another challenge and the Inner Sanctum lies. Look 
into the Pool of Perception before you go. After the first try, do it 
again and you’ll see which of the Doors of Deception is the correct 
one. Look a few more times if you’d like or go ahead and enter the 
next room. You’ll reach the Corridors of Confusion Part Two: The 
Revenge. Follow the new pattern set and you’ll reach the Doors of 
Deception. Pick the correct door and you’ll find the Inner Sanctum! 
Place the Focusing Orb on the pedestal to activate the Inner Sanctum. 
A beam of light shows through the fog, clearing a path through the 
Abyssal Plains! You’ll arrive back at the top of the hill. Walk 
through the plains and you’ll make it out safely.

Filler: As SpongeBob and Patrick escape the scary Great Trench, they 
proceed on their journey, unaware that they’re being followed. An 
assassin by the name of Dennis has been hired by Plankton to find 
SpongeBob and Patrick and ultimately keep them from reaching Shell 

[9] Chapter 6: A Pain in the Back
[9.1] A Pain in the Back
SpongeBob and Patrick made it out of the Great Trench and have been 
walking for ages. The two are exhausted, but they know they have to 
trudge on. A sign advertises a doctor by the name of Lumbar Louie, 
who may be able to ease their pain. Walk to the right and you’ll 
reach Dr. Louie’s office, which is actually a chiropractics clinic. 
Go inside and talk to the receptionist. Pick the first option and 
SpongeBob will say they’ve come to see the doctor. The receptionist 
will ask if you have an appointment. SpongeBob says he doesn’t and 
the receptionist asks him a few questions so she can schedule one. 
Once SpongeBob tells her he’s a sponge, she says he can’t see Dr. 
Louie, as SpongeBob is an invertebrate and has no bones, or a spine. 
Unless he has a spine, he won’t be let in. Exit the clinic and speak 
to Jacques the sea cucumber (sorry, it’s not Kevin) that is on the 
other side of the road. He’ll say that they’re protesting the unfair 
treatment given by the chiropractic overlords. Pick the first option 
and SpongeBob asks what a chiropractic is. Jacques explains that 
chiropractors specialize in the spine, and that the invertebrates in 
their organization want the right to see him. They don’t actually 
want to see him, but they want the right to do so. SpongeBob thinks 
he can’t join, but Jacques explains that they are all invertebrates 
and have no spines, just like him. SpongeBob decides that he and 
Patrick should join the protest. Pick the first option and SpongeBob 
will agree to join and ask to be taken to their leader. Jacques and 
Marius, the large sea star, laugh at this notion and say not anyone 
can demand to see Octavio, their leader. SpongeBob asks what it would 
take to see him. Jacques says to manage to bring a peace offering 
from Dr. Louie and then perhaps he will be able to see Octavio. 
However, a spine is required to get in. Head down the road to the 
right. Patrick will ask to stay outside while SpongeBob enters the 
cave at the right. Unlike the Crustacean Caverns, this cave is a 
maze. Direct SpongeBob through by guiding him with the cursor. Find 
the exit and you’ll find a surplus store called Fin Locker. You’ll 
find Octavio here, but it won’t be easy. In the bottom right corner 
is a sea urchin sitting on a rock. Click on it to take one of its 
spines. Return to the maze and go back through to reach the clinic 
again. Enter and present Whitney with the sea urchin spine. 
Technically, it’s called a “spine” and that’s what she wanted, so 
she’s going to have to let you in. Walk down the hallway and enter 
the examination room. Talk to Dr. Louie and click the second option. 
SpongeBob will bring up the revolution and how he needs a peace 
offering from him to present to their leader Octavio. Dr. Louie gives 
SpongeBob his stethoscope. Head back outside and talk to Jacques. 
Pick the first option and SpongeBob will say that he retrieved a 
peace offering. Jacques will give you the password needed to reach 
Octavio, but you’ll also need their official uniform of the 
revolution. Marius has an extra one. Speak with Marius and pick the 
third option. SpongeBob will ask for the extra turtleneck. Marius 
will give it to you, but it’s much too large to wear. It must be 
shrunken down somehow. Walk back through the maze and head down the 
road past Fin Locker. You’ll reach a hot spring where an odd bird is 
standing. If you talk to him, he’ll mention that he forgot to take 
off his socks before getting in and they shrunk. Take the turtleneck 
and click on the hot spring to shrink it to the correct size. Put the 
sweater on SpongeBob and enter Fin Locker. Talk to the shopkeeper and 
select the third option. SpongeBob will show him the uniform and tell 
him the password. Now, he can see their leader Octavio! Enter the 
back room and Octavio will speak with you. Pick the third option and 
SpongeBob will give the peace offering from Dr. Louie to Octavio. 
Octavio will accept the peace offering and go to speak with Dr. Louie 
immediately on peaceful terms.

Filler: Dennis caught up with SpongeBob and Patrick and is ready to 
squash them with his boot, but he gets crushed by a larger boot. 
However, this savior turns out to be a hideous Cyclops (a man in a 
scuba suit). The Cyclops takes them to Shell City where they may meet 
their end. They have to escape!

[10] Chapter 7: Shell City
[10.1] Shell City
The duo has made their way to Shell City, finding out that it’s only 
a tacky gift shop. The Cyclops has set them to dry out under a lamp. 
SpongeBob gives in to the heat and dries out. This leaves you to play 
as Patrick and quickly save SpongeBob. Jump down from the table. The 
crown is at the front of the shop, but it can’t be reached, since the 
Cyclops is walking around over there. The fishbowl is on the opposite 
table, but Patrick can’t reach it. There has to be another way to get 
water to SpongeBob. Head to the back of the store. Climb up on the 
counter with the box. If the cash register drawer were to open, the 
box would fall. Climb onto the cash register and click on the “sale 
on” button. Patrick will jump onto it, opening the drawer, and 
knocking the box onto the floor. Inside it was a half an onion. 
Return to the heating table and use the onion on Patrick. His tears 
will provide enough water to bring SpongeBob back to life. One of 
Patrick’s tears reaches the electrical outlet. The outlet shorts out 
and turns the sprinklers on. The Cyclops has disappeared (he’s 
attacked by the fish that have been brought back to life by the water 
in the film), leaving SpongeBob and Patrick to get the crown. Walk to 
the front of the store and click on the crown. Finally, it’s in your 
possession! All that’s left is to return to Bikini Bottom and give it 
to King Neptune. Exit the shop at the right and you’ll come to the 
beach. Patrick says that they have to summon the 
[/insertdolphinnoise] (originally called the Hasselhoff in the film, 
as played by David Hasselhoff), which will bring them back to Bikini 
Bottom. Apparently, a whistle is needed to summon the 
[/insertdolphinnoise]. It’s buried somewhere in the sand, but a 
shovel is needed to dig it up. Walk to the other side of the deck and 
pick up the shell. Take the steps down to the beach and walk to the 
shore. Talk to the treasure hunter and pick the first option. 
SpongeBob will ask if he’s found anything. The treasure hunter says 
his metal detector picked up something made of chrome, but he won’t 
bother with it, as he’s looking for gold. Pick the first option again 
and SpongeBob will ask if he can have the chrome item. The treasure 
hunter says yes and tells you he marked where he found it with an X. 
Head closer to the water and you’ll see Bikini Bottom’s island in the 
distance. However, it’ll take too long to swim there. Pick up the 
stick on the sand. This might make a useful shovel if paired with the 
shell. Unfortunately, they won’t stick together. Return to the deck 
of Shell City and dip the stick in the puddle of tar by one of the 
wooden support posts. Now they can combine! Using the shovel, click 
on the X near where you found the stick. It’s a whistle, likely to 
summon the [/insertdolphinnoise]. Drag the whistle to SpongeBob and 
he’ll blow it.

Filler: The [/insertdolphinnoise] arrives to help SpongeBob and 
Patrick by swimming out to the island and launching them down to 
Bikini Bottom using his chest muscles. However, when the duo arrives 
they find that Plankton has been busy and has managed to put all the 
citizens under mind control, including King Neptune!

[11] Chapter 8: Planktopolis
[11.1] Planktopolis
Everyone in Bikini Bottom’s under Plankton’s mind control! Of course, 
SpongeBob and Patrick have to get the crown to Neptune first. Walk to 
the left and enter the Krusty Krab. Walk to the cashier area and 
you’ll find Neptune’s under mind control as well! Talk to Plankton 
and he’ll deliver his speech of how he’s an evil genius, and 
SpongeBob is just a stupid kid that won’t be able to defeat him. And 
that’s why he’s won. Head back outside and talk to the musician. Pick 
the first option and SpongeBob will say how it’s really awful what 
happened to everyone. The musician says he was so lost in the groove 
that he hasn’t notice anything around him. SpongeBob explains how 
everyone is under Plankton’s mind control due to his bucket-helmets. 
The musician suggests they stop him with the power of rock. But 
first, he’ll need a larger speaker to connect to his amplifier as 
well as a reverse polarity sub-etha frequency emitter. With those 
modifications, they should be able to stop Plankton. SpongeBob says 
the speaker is in Mr. Krabs’ storage room, but the frequency emitter 
will have to be found along the way. The musician says that Plankton 
has to have one or he wouldn’t be able to send the frequency waves 
out in the first place. That means venturing inside the Chum Bucket, 
the root of all evil. It won’t be easy. Enter the Krusty Krab and 
walk up to the cashier area. Go inside the room to the north and 
you’ll be in the store room. Grab the speaker from the barrel. Head 
back out to where the podium is and walk to the right towards the 
Chum Bucket. Enter, but take caution. The SpongeBob robot will try to 
stop you. Lead yourself through the maze using the cursor, while 
picking up all the Krabby Patties scattered throughout, but make sure 
you avoid the SpongeBob robot. The doors to the kitchen will open. 
The reverse polarity sub-etha frequency emitter is the red light bulb 
thing on the wall. Click on it. Exit and you’ll have to do the maze 
again. Collect the Krabby Patties, avoid the robot, and make your way 
to the exit. Once you’re out, head back to the Krusty Krab. Uh-oh! 
The musician has been put under the mind control while you were gone! 
He won’t be able to help you now...but his guitar can! Pick up the 
amplifier and the guitar and head towards the cashier area inside. 
Connect the speaker and the reverse polarity sub-etha frequency 
emitter to the amplifier. Plug the whole thing into the wall and plug 
in the guitar. Get ready to rock! SpongeBob will deliver a powerful 
speech about how he achieved what everyone said a kid couldn’t do. He 
accepts being a kid before bursting into a powerful song. As the 
music notes fall, click the correct colored string as the note glows 
white. If you miss a note, it messes up the song. Keep playing until 
the mind control breaks!

Filler: By playing his song, SpongeBob frees the citizens of Bikini 
Bottom from Plankton’s control and restores order! He gives the crown 
back to King Neptune, who releases Mr. Krabs from his icy prison. 
Plankton is sent to jail, Mindy gains her father’s respect, and 
SpongeBob and Patrick go back to their normal, everyday lives. 
SpongeBob has even earned himself the title of a hero and the new 
manager of the Krusty Krab 2!
[12] Final Word
[12.1] Final Word
And now, this journey must come to end! I hope you enjoyed my 
walkthrough of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie! And if you haven’t 
seen the movie, you really should. It’s an awesome movie, especially 
if you’re a SpongeBob fan. Anyways, thanks for your time and until my 
next walkthrough, see you later!

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