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IT'S THE MAGICAL and WACKY sequel to Glider 4.0! Master game-inventor, john calhoun, just keeps getting better.
Fly your paper Glider in and out of each of the over 400 new rooms of an eccentric, architecturally-disastrous, old house. Avoid the bizarre obstacles such as flaming candles and the dreaded paper shredder. Then...fly right out the window! Over meadows and rooftops, in-and-out of mailboxes, even underground.
Fly until you finally find and possess the magic star and meet your ultimate destiny.
- 256 colors - large monitors show more than one room at a time.
- Invent countless variations for new and challenging rooms with powerful room editor.
- Two player support without the need of a network or two machines. Designated keys at opposite ends of the keyboard allow simultaneous flights (Glider buddies) or real high flying competition for collectible goodies.
- Incredible graphics, haunting sounds and music!
- Hours of fun for all ages.

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