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Convoy Assault Strategy Guide by NightTrainQ

Updated: 12/23/2005

Type- Assault Mission
By – (NightTrainQ) Patrick Quinn
This is my first FAQ as you can probably tell.

Introduction                                  					1A
Beginning Game                          					2A
	Attacking - Stealing the Weapons Cache					2B
	Defending - The First Objectives					2C
	Attacking- Boarding the Platform					2D
Middle Game									3A
	Attacking-Setting the Explosives					3B
	Attacking- Opening the Rear Door					3C
	Attacking- Opening Side Doors						3D
	Defending- The Back Door Switch						3E
	Defending- The Side Door						3F
End Game									4A
	Attacking-Infiltrating the Nexus Trailer				4B
	Defending- The Nexus Trailer						4C
	Attacking- Stealing the Missiles					4D
Conclusion									5A

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	This is NightTrainQ's guide on the convoy assault mission in Unreal
Tournament 2004. I am writing this guide mostly for PvP but you can use the
same tricks on the computer players as well and because this my favorite 
map, and Gamefaqs did not have a guide for it.  There was a general one 
there, but that did not go into the specifics of the Convoy mission, as
 I will.
	Getting connected to a good Internet PvP Convoy game in my opinion 
is always better then playing the computer.  First off, you have to decide 
if you want a stat tracking server or not.  I always play on stat tracking
servers just because I like to contribute to my ranking.  I played the 
computer when I had dial-up but now with a faster Internet I can beat up
on other people, which I like more. 
	Well, if you want a stat tracking server the easiest way is set 
the filter on the internet section to include only servers with stat 
tracking enabled.  Then there are usually 2 or 3 servers running convoy 
loops that you can play.  There is almost always one where an intense 
game is going down.  Pick one that has people in it.  If they all do, pick
the one with the best ping, or if you play a lot, pick one with people
you know.
	Once connected the game will automatically place you on a team. 
You can switch however, if the other team is getting beat up.  This 
mission takes place on a moving convoy of vehicles.  The object is 
to get to the other side of the convoy and steal the nexus missiles
that are inside the farthest vehicle.  Any jump over the edge is instant
 death (if you hit the ground) so be careful with your jumping and dodging. 
You may be on a moving vehicle but there a more then one way to do 
almost every 
	Here I will list all the hints and tricks that I have learned.
I will try and group together tactics that will suit the beginning player
up to an advanced player.  Many people have their own techniques, which 
they use and I don't have listed.  Feel free to e-mail me with any of 
your own strategies.

*************************2A-BEGINNING GAME**************************

===================2B-Attacking-Stealing the Weapon Cache===========

	In the beginning game one of the most important objectives is
to access the next spawn point, which is much closer to the boarding
platform then the first one.  To achieve this easily teamwork is best.
Have one person hop in the turret to your immediate right and start 
blasting away at the turret near the weapon cache.  It doesn't matter 
whothis person is preferably some one who doesn’t have very good accuracy.
You also want to destroy the turret on the middle vehicle's ledge.  Do 
this by having one or two people stay behind and blast away at it with
rockets.  If you don't have many people on your team don't stay.  Just
fire rocket spirals on your way to the weapon cache.  Your first 
strike team should include your best players, which will give the best
chance to complete an objective on your first try. 
	You can either go the regular way which is under the cage, or 
if you want to take a different route hop on the back of your spawn car
and dodge jump up onto the top of the cage, then proceed to jump onto the
huge metal tube then onto to the top half of the next part of the 
vehicle.  You can also jump onto the unboarded platform that hovers 
just above it. 
	If you took the bottom route watch out for bio-rifle and shock rifle 
campers that sit and wait for you.  You might want to switch to a faster
gun if you want to take them down.  Once you jump over the little 
blockade at the end of the tubes switch back to the rocket launcher 
and give em hell.  After you kill them you can go to the left or right
up steps.  Try and preload your rockets to fire at the top of the 
steps (better idea in a crowded game, not so much with fewer players) 
because the end of the defenders jumper point is right on the upper 
half of the platform. 

	You can also stop on the top of the ramp and backtrack by running 
down on the extra border on the other side of the railing, then double
jump onto the upper ledge.  I would advise if you are playing good 
people not to do this on the right side because they usually camp this
spot with shock rifles not allowing any cheap passes.  You can however,
do it on the left as well.  There you can jump up to ledge, at this 
point the boarding platform switch should be on your right.

	Don't touch this unless your positive you can get it.  Otherwise, 
jump on the backside of that vehicle (the side opposite the switch) and
from there proceed to jump to the vehicle where the weapons cache is. 
Preloading your rockets here is also a good idea if you have any left. 
Aim that at the landing in the front of the vehicle where those campers
I talked about earlier mostly hang out. Also watch and make sure no one
is manning the turret if they are, stick close to the wall to the very 
end until you reach it, then unload on it with whatever you have.  Most 
people are smart and jump out at this point, if they don’t move to the 
landing in the back of the turret and just unload until they die.  Switch
to your shield gun and pop a squat on the weapons cache switch.  
Congrats you have just completed you first objective.

===================2C-Defending-The First Objectives================

	First off have your weaker players hop into the two turrets and rain 
hell on everyone who can't dodge. You can also camp the spot next to the
turret with any good snipers you have.  Next the two or three best attackers
should immediately load up their bio rifles or warm up their miniguns and head
up to the cage.  Once there rain slime and shells on everyone you see. Then 
pick off people with your newly acquired rocket launchers.  This is a highly 
effective tactic to break up first strikes and it totally decimates newb 
players because they have no idea what's going on until they’re slimed to 
death.  You can also rack up huge numbers here against newbs by camping this
spot and unloading a alt rocket spray on anybody that passes.  If you have 
somewhat decent accuracy you can also camp the top of the cage with a sniper
rifle.  This is a great tactic because even if you don't kill them they are
low on health heading towards the bulk of your party.
	If these tactics are failing, back up a bit to the end of the tube. 
If you like shock rifle combos then camp the top platform.  If you feel more 
comfortable shooting bio-rifles I suggest camping the bottom and getting 1 
or 2 full blobs off when the people come down the straight away.  If you are
playing against good players they will back up or jump on the railing to 
avoid it.  If this happens immediately fall back and change your weapon cause
the are charging up their rocket launcher to kill.  Switch to a link gun or 
minigun and try and dodge their rockets don't be afraid to go back up the 
steps and fire down on them.  
	Some other miscellaneous tactics are to camp the health spot on the
cache vehicle.  At this spot you can view the boarding platform as well anybody 
trying to get to the cache.  Be careful of the turret near the attackers 
spawn point though, if that player that is operating it is worth anything 
he will be constantly trying to pick you off. When things get ruff you can 
drop back to the turret next to the cache if need be.  Another tactic is 
sniping from the platform above the boarding switch from here you can save 
your team by picking off any one who gets by your campers.  And you can 
also drop a bio blob from this spot to save the boarding platform objective
if any players get to cocky.  
	Once the weapons cache has been opened all hell breaks lose.  They now
have the better spawning point then you do.  I would recommend camping this 
area heavily with fully charged shield guns and fully loaded bio rifles.  
Also a rocket launcher if you have one.  Camping the platform above it now
becomes a necessity because from that spot you can harass people coming 
up the ramp.  If you are really good this spot is a great one to rack up a
lot of shock combo kills.  
	If by chance they do get it crossed new camping spots immerge.  The one 
above the platform still is a good one and to the backside (where the other
armor is) is great for firing flak cannon balls and bio blobs right into
the entrance of the bridge.  Just launch those suckers as much as you can
at everybody you see.  This is great tactic because even if you don't kill
them guess what, you spawn right above where they are to be in just a few
seconds!  I know some brave soles that also camp the inside of the boarding
platform.  This is dangerous especially if there is only like 6 people 
playing because they will pass you by the time you spawn.  However if you 
got mad back and can dodge especially good and have some reckless abandonment
this is perfect for you.  Just rain down the link gun on everybody that 
comes through.  
	If you are a little less daring you can camp the ledge where the boarding
pass leads to and where people need to go to plant the explosives.  Just
sit there and fire bio blobs and whatever else you have on the end of the
boarding platform. Try and time it up with the person’s speed going 
through it so that it will hit right before they get there.  You can also
camp the platform overlooking the opening outlet with the explosives door.
Switch to sniper rifle and start pickin people off.  If they do however 
get below you switch to the bio rifle immediately and jump down and fire a
bio blob right where the explosive setting point is.(about the middle of 
the door) because thats where they will probably be.

=================2D-Attacking-Boarding the Platform=================

	This is going to be short.  Just rain down flack cannon shots and rockets
and shock rifle combo's on the boarding platform spot to provide cover
for anyone who might be trying to complete the objective.  Also be sure 
to pick off campers as well on the top platform.
	When going for the switch using your shield gun is a must.  One tactic 
that is sometimes effective is to have 1 or 2 people go and provide 
cover fire at the health spawn.  Then two people with shield guns equipped
and full charged head in. If the 1st person encounters any one camping
he immediately dodges forward and kills them and then shields up and 
squats on the switch. The next person covers anybody else that comes to
close to the first and blows them up with the shield gun. This works 
great if you have some douche bag who camps the backside of the that 
platform where he cannot be killed with cover fire and he only comes 
rushing out with his shield gun when he sees the platform move.  The 
second guy might sacrifice himself but the other guy would have been 
blown up too or severely weakened where the 1st guy can take him out or 
anybody providing cover could as well.  This sounds complicated but just
hook up your mic and get a friend on your team.  It will make this part
a lot easier.

****************************3A- MIDDLE GAME*************************

==================3B- Attacking-Setting the Explosives==============

	This part in my opinion is best done with speed.  If you can get the 
boarding platform crossed and have everybody immediately crossing it
you are in good shape.  If you take to long the other team can become
entrenched with camping on the ledge leading the door and it will 
make it so much tougher.  If you are good at firing rockets you can 
rack up a lot of kills here.  
	Not much to say, just try and stay together as a team and also this
DISTANCE.  This goes for pretty much every level but this a perfect 
example.  Eventually someone will get by and start setting them up.  
Also if somebody is setting the explosives up don’t be a dumbass and 
stand next to them, face where you just came and try and fend off 
anybody jumping down at you.

==================3C- Attacking- Opening the Rear Door==============

	In my opinion this is the hardest objective.  Basically the
whole other team just camps that room and the opening of the door 
and just tries to destroy anything that comes threw it.  And most 
of the time they do.  The only advice here is  to use your shield 
a lot. You can almost always tell a newb from a pro by watching how
much they use the shield. Pro's use it a lot more, newbs almost never.
	One tactic is to use it when you first enter and immediately head 
away from the switch, most people don’t follow you, once there just
rain down rockets on the side of the other team, even if you don't
bring down the switch someone else will.  And there is always the 
more direct approach by preloading you rocket launcher hoping for 
the best then immediately switching to your shield and heading over
to the switch.  Don't be afraid to come away from the switch and fight
if their is only like one guy too, just switch guns and polish him 
off, a moving target is much harder to hit then one that is just 
sitting there.

==================3D- Attacking- Opening Side Doors=================

	Wow, this easy if you play your cards right.  This again is also about
speed and sometimes a little foresight.  If you can manage to stay 
back closer to side door switch before you get the back one done, you
are money.  Just hop onto the boxes on the sides then double jump 
onto the ledge where the switch is.  Throw some flak shells up there
while you are jumping because there might be someone who spawned really
quick and is trying to mow you down with a minigun.  Switch to your 
shield gun and no matter what don’t leave this switch.  It is a very 
short one and when it look like you want make it don’t go for the health
just stay put.  That’s really it for this one.

==================3E- Defending- The Back Door Switch===============

	What can I say, just blob and link to death anybody that comes through 
the hole.  One common tactic almost everybody uses is just to shoot a 
full blob at the switch whenever some comes in so they cant get to it 
right away.  When you die, immediately load up a bio-rifle or get your
link gun out and fire at the switch right when come out of the hole, 
this could good give your team a lucky break by mowing down someone who
otherwise would have brought the switch down.  Also when it does start
to get hectic, camp near the switch with you shield gun fully charged.
Don't stand still cause you will be like cake to shoot down, move 
around as much as you can but stay close to the switch.  A person with
100 health and a shield up thinking he has this one in the bag can be
rudely destroyed by this tactic which makes it one of my favorites.

==================3F- Defending- The Side Door======================

	Pay attention here. Somebody that comes through when you turn back 
for one second can switch this thing.  Have one or two people down 
below firing away at oncoming people.  Everybody else should camp 
the top platform.  AND PLEASE don’t stand right next to the switch 
you are just asking to be shredded with a shield gun or shrapnel.  
Stay a little ways back, enough to kill anybody that jumps up from
the boxes and far enough so you don't get hit with shrapnel.  That’s
it pretty much.
	Whenever they do throw the switch head down and start firing at door 
opening up most people just wait there like idiots for it to open wide
enough for them to fit. If you can get out before anyone else, go
right outside but instead of jumping, head to your left and turn 
back around, anybody that comes through just annihilate with your 
weapon of choice I prefer the shield gun or link gun.

****************************4A- END GAME*****************************

================4B- Attacking-Infiltrating the Nexus Trailer=========

	Speed is critical here as well.  If you can get out quick and jump 
from that little platform on the next vehicle to the nexus vehicle 
you might be able to sneak by right away.  Most good players will 
however pick you off before get a chance.
	First things first, DESTROY THOSE TURRETS. Stand on the ledge on the
car you spawned from. Fire the link gun at the far turret until it 
blows up.  Then turn your eyes upward there should be another one right
above you.  Fire the link gun up there or a flak ball until that one
blows up as well.
	Next is how to get across, there are 3 different routes.  One is the 
quick route I described earlier.  The other believe it or not is pretty
fast as well, see that car moving all around.  Hop on that thing when 
it is close to you, then stay on it until it goes all the way up next
to the nexus trailer then jump off. I suggest playing bots on novice
mode and practicing this jump until it becomes second nature.  You 
might suicide a lot but it is worth it when you finally make it most
of the time. 

	The last is the newb route.  Where you jump off onto the next vehicle
and go to the opening to the right where the health spawn is. Then 
hop onto the nexus trailer. From there you can either go right and 
down the other side or left I usually go right and pick up the shock 
rifle, however the quicker route is just going left.  If you aren’t 
good at dodging this is the point where you will probably get blown up
by rockets.  Remember to dodge and don't be afraid to use your shield.
Your shield is your friend not a worthless gun.  The opening you will
jump down into is on the far left of the trailer.  Hop down in there 
and you just completed the next objective.

====================4C- Defending- The Nexus Trailer==================

	Grab the rockets immediately on the top of the three huge boxes. 
Then switch to your minigun and start mowing down anyone you see on the 
ledge shooting you turret. Plop 2 people in the turrets, and make sure
the enemy doesn’t get in one if they do however try sniping him out 
instead of destroying your own turret.  You can camp the health spawn 
point on the newb route, however I recommend against this only because
most good players don't go this way.  However if you are playing newbs
that’s a great spot.  You can also camp the ledge right in front of 
the turret on the nexus trailer. This is probably the best spot to be
because you can see everything and everybody has to go through you to
get to the objective. Another good camping spot is on the first pipe,
behind the turret, on the nexus trailer. Grab a shock rifle and head 
up there. Shock combo anyone that comes close.
	Once the trailer is opened up a new route appears, from the ledge 
to the moving car to rightinside the nexus trailer!  Good players 
almost always use this route because of how quick it is.  If you 
can, most people hang out near where you jump near the opening, whip
out your minigun or sniper rifle and fire at them, sometimes they 
die before they get to the trailer, and also it might knock them 
off their jump which is very frustrating.  If you are playing really
good team I would suggest hanging out inside the trailer preparing for
war.  However, if they are not so good just camp near the near rocket
on the boxes.

=====================4D- Attacking-Stealing the Missiles==============

	The final objective, now that the side compartment doors are opened on
the nexus trailer you can jump from that moving vehicle to right inside 
the trailer.  While you are waiting fire down inside you might just kill
somebody.  Dodge jumping is necessary here, if you aren’t good at I 
wouldn’t recommend this route. I have just double jumped this route before
as well but let me tell you it is not easy, your jumps must be perfect.
You can also go the old way but instead of going all the way to the 
back just hop over the side and land on the compartment door, the opening
should be right near the health spawns.  Also when you are down their 
on the switch save your shield until you see somebody, when they get closer
switch guns and let them have it. Their is no worser feeling then dying 
by the person squatting on the switch, having them leave it, killing you, 
then getting back on it because you know you just lost the game.  So make 
them feel as bad as possible! Stay strong and this will be a piece of cake. 

*****************************5A- Conclusion***************************

	I am sure you may know more tactics on how to attack or defend
 this mission but this is what I have learned.  If you know of any I 
don't or failed to include please email me, my email is at the top.  I
 know my spelling is horrible and my grammar as well.  I don’t need e-mails
 about that. Happy Hunting!

			© Copyright 2005 Patrick Quinn

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