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    Optimization Guide by ZeroCool51

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    =='    _-'     Doom 3 Mini & Optimization Guide by Bostjan Cigan      \/   `==
    \   _-'        bostjan.cigan@gmail.com                                 `-_   /
     `''           http://www.zerocoolguides.tk                               ``'
        Table of Contents                     Most Recent Revisions
       .---------------------------------.   .----------------------------------.
       |  1.0   Introduction             |   |   v1.2  - Added some text        |
       |                                 |   |           submitted by Jasono    |
       |  2.0   History and Next Version |   |           Chen, minor text upd.  |
       |                                 |   |                                  |
       |  3.0   Story                    |   |   v1.1  - Changed layout because |
       |                                 |   |           of Grawls request and  |
       |  4.0   General Walkthrough      |   |           minor text changes,    |
       |                                 |   |           updates etc.           |
       |  5.0   Weapons and helpfull     |   |                                  |
       |        stuff                    |   |   v1.0   - First version         |
       |                                 |   |                                  |
       |  6.0   Monsters and Enemies     |   .----------------------------------.
       |                                 |
       |  7.0   Bosses                   |
       |                                 |
       |  8.0   Optimization Guide       |
       |                                 |
       |  9.0   Graphics cards charts    |
       |                                 |
       |  10.0  Doom III Editor          |
       |                                 |
       |  11.0  Cheats and Secrets       |
       |                                 |
       |  12.0  Unlocking nightmare      |
       |        level                    |
       |                                 |
       |  13.0  Conclusion               |
    1.0                                Introduction
    My name is Bostjan and I come from a little country called Slovenia that is
    located in the middle of Europe. I am a guide writer but to be honest I
    haven't written one for a long time so here comes my boombastic mini and
    optimization guide for Doom III.
    This guide is written by Bostjan Cigan (bostjan.cigan@gmail.com). Every
    question, feedback, comment etc. can be mailed to the address. Put "Doom 3
    Guide" in the Subject, so I can pick out the mails easily.
    Don't mail me with:
    * Stuff that is covered in this FAQ
    * Where to get Doom 3
    * Complaining how bad the game is according to you
    * If your PC will run Doom 3
    * Commercial stuff - your offers on anything, I don't need them so don't
      send them!
    If I get any of these mails, I'll ignore them and delete them without
    further notice.
    You can mail me with:
    * Stuff that is not covered in this FAQ
    * Comment, questions, feedback and fan mail
    * Asking if you can put this guide on your site
    I'm not related to id software. This FAQ has been made for fun, not to make
    any money out of it. Don't use this FAQ on your site/magazine etc. without
    my permission. Copyright (c) 2004 by Bostjan Cigan. If you are reading this
    guide outside of the following sites, please let me know:
    Also, to make searches easier, I have compiled a search system, so you can
    press CTRL+F and the keyword and press enter twice to find the desired
    2.0                            History & Next Version
    Version 1.1 (12/01/04) - Removed all guide related stuff that was related to
    Grawl's guide, by Grawl's request of course, the complaint that was send to
    my gmail account at 10.20PM at the date of 29.11.2004. Some minor updates
    have been added, as you can see the layout and logo have been changed and
    some text has been erased. This FAQ has been uploaded on the 29th of
    November 2004 at the GMT (+1:00) local time 23:59. Till next time then.
    Version 1.0 (09/25/04) - Everything is new
    The next version will probably be release in a week or so. But don't keep me
    for my word. It will feature some multiplayer tips.
    3.0                                    Story
    You are a marine posted at the Union Aerospace Corporation Mars Base for
    security ... you are soon one of the only human survivors. The Aerospace
    Corportation has been doing high study research into teleportation and
    something has gone wrong with hellish demons, zombies and even fireball
    throwing imps roaming wildly around the base. Dangerous Dr. Betruger has
    opened up a portal to a hell like dimension with the intent of transporting
    them to Earth. Go through hell and back because you are the only one who can
    stop it.
    4.0                              General walkthrough
    Before we start playing the game, let me focuse on a few tweaks that can
    change the difference between playing the game and madingly frowing away your
    computer out of the window because of the unsatisfaction. Open the file
    called config.cfg in you base directory (please make a backup before doing
    so). Somewhere in the middle of that text you will find a line marked
    'r_gamma 1' and this line is causing problems when you are playing the game
    itself. The game is just to dark and the gamma can't be set in the Doom 3
    game itself so we must do it manually. Carmack wanted to create a dark
    experience when we play the game itself but we can't see the scene so well,
    and the beautiful environment that is suppost to be beautiful is just dark
    so that you can't see all the beautifull thing that UAC has to offer. So
    change the number 1 to somewhere between 1.3 and 1.8 depending on your
    monitor settings (a note from Jason Chen for this optimization: Firstly, big
    thanks for your optimisation guide. It greatly helped me increase my
    framerate. Anyway, one thing I find a little strange is how you mentioned in
    your guide to increase the gamma value to 1.2 ~ 1.8 to increase the lighting.
    Personally I think that it's not a good idea because it makes some dark areas
    even darker. I can understand (and have tested) that increasing the gamma
    value do indeed makes a great portion of the game brighter than it should. But
    doing so makes some portion of the game unplayable as they would also be darker
    than it should. I am sure you know much better than I do how the flash light
    interacts with the gamma/brightness values. So I won't go on much further -
    end of submission). The second thing that takes a lot of machine power is
    antisotrophic filtering. If you don't have a Pentium 3000+ processor, this
    setting should be disabled and causes less machine power to decintegrate.
    So find the line called image_antisotropy 1 and change the number one to
    0. And another setting needs to be tweaked, image_lodbias 1 needs to be
    changed to 0,-1 or -2 for better texture quality. All these settings can
    also be changed while you are playing by putting up the console. Let's
    bring up the console by pressing CTRL+ALT+TILDE (the key located left from
    one). This setting of keys bothers me, so lets change the console popup
    so that we can only use the tilde. When the console is brough up, type
    in 'com_allowconsole 1', without the '. This will allow the console to
    be brought up only with the tilde button. Another thing that bothers most
    of players is also the lacking of running. Running is a life needed virtue
    in Doom 3, so bring up the console by using tilde (the button left from
    one - I hope you used the tip above) and type in 'in_always run 1' without
    the ', which comprehends a lot to multiplayer and single playing. Among
    general tips I also have to tell you that you don't need to rush the game
    and try to finish it in one afternoon by running and killing everything
    that lays in you path. That kind of playing is stupid. With this kind of
    playing you will loose all the story plot. Doom 3 needs to be played
    slowly and you need to collect PDA's to read the story plot otherwise you
    will just be playing a game without a story. Mostly players get stuck by
    rushing things and forgetting an important PDA that holds the key for you
    to get through a dore. Most players also complaing that there isn't enough
    ammo laying around, but unless you're playing blindfolded there is enough
    ammo around as long as you play the game slowly and use the flashlight.
    Look through every courner, because there is a lot of ammo and health
    hiding around. Don't let the games tempo saduce you, a nice example are
    those little robots that help you and light the rooms, you naturally
    follow them but in the rush you can miss a big storage room that holds
    a lot of ammunition, health and armor. Again, play the game slow. Also,
    remember, where the health stations are and return to them if that is
    needed. Also if an enemy has a head, or more of them shoot in the head
    so that you can save on ammunition. Before you walk in a room always use
    a flashlight on it so that you can see where your enemies are hiding.
    Also you need to train you flashlight/weapon switching in order to switch
    fast between them and fire at you enemies. The flashlight is a good weapon
    against zombies at least until you get the chainsaw. Another tip, always
    listen to background sounds, monsters will make horrific sounds that will
    alert you on their presence. And always remember, this is Doom - when a
    door opens, a piece of iron falls that is a signal that a monster will
    attack you so always be present. When an Imp appears in front of you, be
    aware that it is most likely that another one will appear behind you, so
    always watch your back. The simple tactic when monsters attack you is,
    that you hide in a corner and shoot them at your will. And when zombies
    with guns attack you it is always important that you shoot first. If there
    are many beasts, try to lure them into an ambush and throw a grenade into
    them, that will spare you ammunition as there are more grenades. If you
    are running low on ammo, don't worry, you can also run because your
    marine runs faster than the speeding bullet. But be careful as the stamina
    isn't unlimited (unless in Hell and in the final level). Learn how to
    combine running and running away form imps attacks or demonical burst
    ins. The greates threat is if the monsters lure you into a corner which
    might be dangerous. Always have enough space so that you can easily
    run and shoot at monsters. If needed, you can shoot at the imps fire
    balls as they can be shot down.
    5.0                        Weapons and helpfull stuff
    At the weapons there is only one advice. When there are no monsters around
    always RELOAD, because it can be very painful if you are in the middle of
    a fight and there are only five bullets left out of twelve and you have to
    reload. At the first two thirds of the game, you will use less damaging
    weapons such as the gun and the shotgun, because there is more ammo laying
    around for them. If you manage to gain a powerfull weapon, save it till the
    third third of the game because ammo is very low in the first two thirds.
    Forget about using fists as you will have the flashlight which will inflict
    more damage.
    The gun is useful for destroying smaller creatures, like zombies or spiders.
    You can also use it for creatures that are more far away and can't get to
    you. One thing needs to be said, when the monster is near, the shotgun is
    the first of weapons that needs to be used. The shotgun can also be used
    for killing bigger monsters but only if you're fast enough to do so.
    If the monsters are shooting you from far away or there are some marine
    zombies firing at you, the sub machine gun can be very useful, but beware
    on reloading it as it can run out of ammo quickly.
    Use the chaingun only when there's a bigger problem near you that needs
    to be cut down faster and quicker than it needs to be usualy. But note,
    that there is less ammo available for it in the first two thirds of the
    game so save it and use it only when it is neccessary. The weapon also
    usualy needs a second to start firing.
    The Plasma Rifle is a good gun when you need to fire monsters that are
    close to you or in a middle distance away from you. But when the monsters
    are far away, the gun fails and won't inflict to much damage on them. When
    there are faster monsters attacking you, there is a chance that you will
    use more ammo than usualy. Also note, that the realoading time is big so
    keep your enemies at a safe distance.
    The Rocket Launcher is an instant solution for most sudden incounters.
    If there are bigger monsters near you (shoot in the ground) or if they
    are far away, the rocket launcher is precise and instant. Be aware though
    that the explosion doesn't also damage you. Ammo is usualy hanging around
    but save it until you get to the Delta Labs Facilities. There isn't
    a better cure for the armor-health-big marine zombies.
    BFG9000 (The Big Fucking Gun) is one of the most powerful and one of
    the most elegant weapons that I've ever seen in a game. The animation
    of the shot is so elegant that you can just cry seeing it. There isn't
    much ammunition laying around for it so use it wisely and save it for
    bigger and more powerful creatures or if there is a horde of them
    laying near you. If you hold the left mouse button the fire capacity
    increases but don't hold it too long or it will blow. You hold the
    left mouse button for two units if there is an archville attacking you
    or you use it for four units if a hell knight or mancubus is attacking
    The Chainsaw is the best thing for combat on close but only if the
    beast isn't so fast that it can return the damage faster than you can
    inflict it. You will need a lot of practice if you will want to use
    it on a Imp or a Wrath because they have long hands and they can hit
    you fast enought if you simulate the Texas Chain Masacre to many
    times. It can also be good for all those lost souls that attack you.
    Hand Grenades aren't used so much but they can inflict a lot of damage
    if there are a lot of monsters attacking you. If you are hearing sounds
    that are comming from a corner you can use the grenade to kill that
    monster. Or if a marine zombie with a chaingun is attacking you, you can
    kill it from a corner if you are fast enought. Grenades are always
    laying around so don't wory about using them.
    The Soul Cube is the star of this game which makes the playing more
    tactical and more fun because you needn't worry about your health
    anymore once you have it. Every time you kill five zombies or creatures
    it refills and you can use it on any kind of enemy and it also works
    on bosses. The more you hit the monster the more extra health you gain.
    Except for the bosses every monster falls down with the first hit so
    it can be use against Arch Villes.
    Adrenalien give us an unlimited time of stamina for a short amount
    of time, when you get it there is a slight chance tha that you will
    need to run fast away.
    Berserker is the best util, when we get it, we can only use fists
    but don't worry because you will have unlimited health and the
    monsters will go down with one hit.
    Invisibility and Megasphere won't help us a lot because they are
    used in multiplayer modes. Invisibility gives us invisibility and the
    second one pumps us with 100 points of health for a time.
    6.0                         Monsters and Enemies
    Before I describe the monsters and their tactical approaches, let's talk about
    their AI first. The AI is made out of one code and one code only, attack. The
    enemies will move based on their attack paterns which means that they will
    try to get closer to you. The Doom 3 Monster Code also uses some other
    approches such as strafe or duck but the monsters don't use it because of the
    weird settings and they mostly come attacking you on a straight line pattern.
    Why Id chose such an approach isn't known. Strafes and ducks are usualy used
    by Zombie Marines which trigger these AI scenes but you can usualy break them
    by moving away and the marines will start to follow you and won't use those
    patterns anymore. Even if you will be behind a box, the marine will just keep
    shooting at you, because its code sees you through the box and not behind
    it and it will also not run out of ammunition. When you open a door where an
    Imp is standing behind it will jump on you. You can always avoide this move
    by moving sideways when the door opens and just shoot at it. When Imps crawl
    on the wals you can usualy just shoot them in the eyes because they won't
    attack you. Also, all the creatures can hear you and see you in the dark so
    there is no use in hiding in a dark corner. The creatures are usualy set to
    attack you on visual contact.
    Zombies are the first enemies that you will encounter and they come,
    besides the Imps in large numbers throughout the game. There are a lot of
    kinds of zombies and they can be done with quickly. At first you are
    going to meet zombie workers and scientists that were made from
    innocent civilians. They come in skinny and fat modes, the first can
    be done with by hitting them with the lamp or shooting at them with
    a gun, while the second will have to be done with a shot or two from the
    shotgun. Both can use any tools and hit you. They are slow so don't use
    any powerful guns on them, just be careful that they don't push you in
    a corner as they can inflict a mass amount of damage. If you want to
    fight with you fists :), wait until the zombie hits you and then kick
    him back, it will be like a wrestling match :). The shotgun and the
    chainsaw are both a great answer if they attack you in numbers while
    a gun and the chainsaw are both a good answer if a single zombie
    attacks you. They appear many times unaware from a dark corner so be
    aware of them and train you reflexes. There are also two more kinds of
    zombies, the first one is the fire zombie and the second one is the
    chainsaw zombie. You see them both rarely but when they are near you they
    can both inflict mass damage. But they have a weakness, they run slow so
    you can easily run and in the same time pump them with shots from the
    shotgun. The fire zombie can fall quickly while for the white zombie you
    will need two shots from the shotgun. The white zombies are different
    from the normal ones only by the amount of firepower that they can
    receive, you will need twice as much to get them down.
    Z-sec is a cool name for the Zombie Soldier, they usually come equiped
    with a gun, shotgun, machine gun or a chain gun. The ones with the guns
    aren't such a big of a problem while the others need a lot more
    attention. All of them have a weakness, you can shoot them in the head
    or in the chest, two shots will usually kill them (use the machine gun).
    The machine gun is also useful when you need to kill a zombie soldier
    which is equiped with a shotgun. If the zombie soldiers don't want to
    get out of the group, just throw a grenade and shoot them all. If you
    don't have anymore ammunition for the machine gun, use the grenade-
    shotgun combination to wipe them out. Usualy in the game, you will run
    on zombie soldiers that cary armour, shoot them in the leg, or throw
    a grenade at them (they are usually slower because of the armor). The
    Zombie Commandos thought can be a bigger threat especially those who
    carry chainguns. The first kind of them, which have big and long hands
    attached to them can inflict a lot of damage on you. Use this approach
    on them, duck, shoot, stand, shoot and the zombie should be killed.
    The chaingun kind though have twice as much health and their aiming
    skills are very good. If you are near a chaingun zombie soldier you
    are likely to be dead in 10 seconds or so. So try to lead the fight
    from far so that the chaingun can't inflict so much damage. Use a
    rocket launcher, a machine gun or grenades on them.
    The Imps come in large numbers throughout the game, looks like the Devil
    has a large stock of them. They usualy come from dark corners, whether
    they are on the ground or crawl on the walls. A screaming sound
    mostly awares us that an Imp will fire a fireball. Dispose of them with
    one shot from the shotgun directly in the head. The problems can come
    when they come in a group where you can't manuver their shots. Then you
    can use a chaingun to wipe them out.
    The Maggot is a two headed creature that looks like a failed genetic
    experiment. Usualy it crawls fast to you and then hits you with its big
    claws, he also jumps on you. Speed is its ultimate virtue so you will
    have to be carefull when passing dark spots or corners, it is also
    very weak, you can put it down with one good shot from your shotgun.
    They are a big problem if they appear in groups if you don't have
    enough space to evade them. The Maggots put out a squeaky voice and
    have red glowing eyes in the dark.
    The Wraith can be easily mistaken with an Imp because it looks just
    like him. It can hit you with its claw like hands, shoot him down with
    a shotgun, it has the same healt capacities as an Imp. It's greatest
    weakness is, that it teleports in front or behind you so that you
    can easily run to it and put a bullet in his head. A bigger problem
    is if they come in groups, then a machine gun isn't such a bad
    Pink Demon is a new version of the most known demon in the original
    Doom. In Doom 3 we don't meet them so often but when we do, these
    meetings are spectacular and full of adrenaline. Pinky is very fast
    and its punch is also very powerful. When you hear his growling find
    a corner where you can easily shoot it from. Usualy one shot from
    a shotgun in close range will do the trick.
    Trites and Ticks are two kinds of spiders that crawl from tiny
    openings in the UAC facility or they drop down from the ceiling using
    their spider webs. The Trites use a gentle voice while the Ticks use
    a scream like voice. They aren't as fast and you can shoot them down
    with two shots from a pistol (must be a direct shot in the head).
    The Ticks also have an ability to explode so don't get to close when
    you shoot at them.
    The Lost Souls, they are the most annoying creatures. They appear
    out of thin air and start attacking you in groups. Their main virtues
    are speed and agility. You have to wipe them out from far, the
    best weapons for this are the machine gun, chain gun or the railgun
    if there are many of them. You can also use a chainsaw or a shotgun,
    but they require a lot of practice. Once you hit them, they are
    The Revenant has first appeared in Doom II and since then it is a
    living legend. Why not, as it is very fast and its shoulder rocket
    launchers aren't a very good news. The modern revenant has most of
    these abilities except its agility and speed have been cut down. It
    moves like a hundred year old man so you can easily outrun him and avoid
    his rockets. When he fires the rockets at you, use the plasma gun to
    wipe them out, if it hasn't fired the rockets yet quickly fire with your
    plasma gun to keep the rockets in his mouth. If it hasn't seen you yet
    and you are very close you can also use the shotgun.
    The Cherubes, these you will definitely hate at your first encounter.
    These flying babies are small and very fast that will mainly reduce your
    health if you aren't fast enough. If they attack in a big group don't
    hesitate to use the chaingun, the BFG will also be useful if there is
    a lot of them. They also appear with the Mancubuses.
    Cacodemons are the mascot of the first Doom. In Doom III they can also
    hit you if they are near and they can also do their first virtue, firing
    fireballs. If there is only one of them, use a machine gun, shotgun or
    a chainsaw. If they attack in a group, don't hesitate to use a BFG,
    Plasma Rifle, chaingun or the rocket launcher.
    The Mancubus is a fat creature with two fast firing cannons instead of
    hands. It is the most stronges non boss creature in the game and it can
    be extremely dangerous if you don't have enough manuvering space. Shoot
    from far or avoid its blasts by quickly running and hiding. Don't
    hesitate to use your strongest weapons like the BFG, Plasma Rifle or
    the rocket launcher or the soul cube.
    Arch vile, every second this creature is alive it means that it can
    create any new creature around you, even a Hell Knight. Use the Soul
    Cube on him if it is full otherwise use the BFG or the Plasma Rifle.
    The only cure for his fire attack is a constant run around him which
    disables him. He is also very vunerable to the chainsaw.
    Hell Knight is the most powerful non boss creature in Doom III. The
    plasma bullets which it fires have an enormous radius, so always make
    sure that there isn't a wall behind you. Don't ever come near him
    because two or one hit could mean a quick death. It is very slow, so
    you can use any desirable weapon against him. If you have cover you
    can use the shotgun but using it takes a long time to beat him.
    7.0                                 Bosses
    Vagary is the first of bosses. This spider lady has telecenetic powers
    which can hit you with mass damage. If you got the railgun, use it
    because you will be quickly disposed of her. If you don't have it,
    move constantly and use the chaingun to wipe her out. In the level
    before the last level, two of them will hit you, then use the BFG or
    the Soul Cube.
    The Guardian is the chief of hell and that's an appropriate saying.
    When it's near you it will hit you with its big hands and it will
    inflict massive damage. From the far it will fire fireballs. Circle
    around free rooms that have the L shape and find three seekers, these
    are the Guardian's eyes. Wipe them all. As soon as you wipe them out
    the Guardian will create new ones and between these few seconds you
    will need to destroy a blue ball above him. The best tool for this
    is the BFG or the Rocket Launcher.
    Sabaoth is a cibernetical creature in Central Server Banks, a combined
    tank and you former commander Sargent Kelly plus a BFG. The BFG is
    naturally a great threat. Sabaoth shoot the BFG cannon every five
    seconds, so destroy the burst with any gun (a rocket launcher or a
    chaingun are both good), then before the five seconds are up shoot
    like mad at him and repeat this. Hide behind the four pillars which
    contain some health packages and ammo. But be aware of the electrical
    pulses. The monster moves in a pattern of the number eight. On a few
    occasions some side doors will open, containing some equiepment. If
    you have a filled up Soul Cube this might be you best weapon.
    The Legendary Cyberdemon is the final boss that you are going to
    encounter and he is also the protector of the gates of hell. The
    beast is gigantic and it hits you with its two rocket launchers.
    You can't shoot it with anything else than a Soul Cube. The monster
    is very slow and you can easily outrun it by running around the
    circle. Imps and Maggots will appear and with them you will be
    abble to fill up you Soul Cube. When you hit the monster about
    three to four times (I don't remember) it will fall down and you
    will be abble to enjoy the ending of Doom III.
    8.0                            Optimization guide
    You can do a lot before even running the game. If your Windows is full of
    trash you need to clean it. First clean the recycle bin. Your second object
    is to install the latest drivers for you graphics card. Nvidia cards will
    probably need ForceWare, the latest version 61.77 can be found at
    www.nvidia.com. Ati cards will need their Catalyst drivers, the latest
    version 4.9 can be found at www.ati.com/support/infobase/4547.html.
    A very useful thing for you to do is to defrag your disk. You will also
    need to update your Antivirus software as viruses can decrease loading times
    and cause problems during the loading of your game. Also make shure that
    there is no spyware on your computer, the best program for this is
    AdAware. Also make shure that when Doom 3 is on, that Edge Softening and
    Antisitrophic Filtering are both off or set on application control. The
    last step before you click the red pentagram is to shut down all background
    programs, these include eMule, Kazaa, Bittorent, antivirus software,
    chat programs etc. All this junk takes out your system memory (RAM) and
    decreases it so that you can't play Doom III the way you want it. Now
    when you've finally run the game, there are four graphical setting. Low,
    Medium, High and Ultra. The selection of one of them will affect your
    FPS rate (Frames per Second rate) so the choice is very important. The
    Low graphical setting is for Graphical Cards that have 64MB of RAM. The
    game uses compressed texture sizes 512x512. The sounds aren't that good
    and the graphics also. Use this setting if you have a graphical card
    that is lower than GeForce FX 5700 or ATI Radeon 9600 XT. The Medium
    also uses compressed textures, but the graphics is much better and the
    sound is also improved. The High quality is used for all the latest PCs
    and all the monstrous graphical cards that use 256MB of ram. All the
    textures are uncompressed. The result of this setting is an extremely
    sharped picture and very good graphics. The last setting, Ultra is
    unused today and can only be used by 512MB graphical cards, none of todays
    graphical cards can use this setting, not even GeForce 6800 Ultra. So,
    here is the advised configuration:
    Pentium 1800MHz, Amd Athlon XP 1800+
    GeForce 3, Ati Radeon 9000 with 64MB ram
    128MB ram
    Pentium 2000, Amd Athlon 2000+
    GeForce 4, Ati Radeon 9600 with 128MB ram
    256MB ram
    Pentium 2400, Amd Athlon 2400+
    GeForce 6800 Ultra, Ati Radeon X800 XT
    512MB of Ram
    Pentium 3000 or 3500, Amd 3000+
    A graphical card with 512 or 1024MB of ram
    1024MB ram
    The next settings that we need to tweak are in the advanced settings
    section. In this menu you can change if you want to use graphical
    effects, shadows, softening and vertical synchronization. The first
    one can be shut down while the other three ones need to be on because
    these three are the heart of Doom III.
    These setting aren't all because Doom III also hides much more tricks
    under its engine. One of the most used ones is to unpack all the
    *.pak files with the lates version of Winrar. The files will take 3GB
    more in their uncompressed state but the game will have faster loading
    times and on weaker machines it will also be played more smoother.
    Just make shure that the original *.pak files aren't in the base
    directory anymore, move theme somewhere else but don't delete them.
    The next moves require some console playing and playing with the
    configurational files. You can access the console by pressing the
    combination CTRL+ALT+TILDE(~). With the console you can literally
    tweak every setting in the game. With it you can set the usage of the
    used memory or even set if the guns will actually fire. There are a
    lot of options, but only a few of them make the game faster, but more
    uglier. The first thing you need to do is to shut down the antistrophic
    filtering, you can do that by typing in ge_anisotropy 1. With this the
    High quality will also be playable on machines that use Ati Radeon
    9800 Pro. Now type in seta image_useCache 1 which will enable buffering,
    and now type in seta image_cacheMegsXX, while XX is the number which
    you get by quartering your system memory, for example if your machine
    has 512MB of ram, you will set 128, if your machine has 1024mb of ram,
    you will set the number to 256 and so on. Now, type in
    seta image_cacheMinK X, where the X is the eighth of the previous value
    divided with 1024 (for example if the number is 128, the x would be
    16384). You can also set bilinear texture filtering by typing in
    seta image_filter GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST. You probably won't want
    to type in these setting every time you restart Doom III, so the
    wisest thing is to create a configurational file. Type in all these
    setting (each one in its own line) and save them as autoexec.cfg in
    the Doom III\Base directory.
    Here are some configurational files that you can use:
    64MB Video-Cards:
    seta image_usePrecompressedTextures "1"
    seta image_useCompression "1"
    seta image_downSizeLimit "256"
    seta image_ignoreHighQuality "1"
    seta image_downSizeBumpLimit "256"
    seta image_downSizeSpecularLimit "64"
    seta image_downSizeBump "1"
    seta image_downSizeSpecular "1"
    seta image_downSize "1"
    seta image_forceDownSize "1"
    seta image_roundDown "1"
    seta image_lodbias "0"
    seta r_preload "1"
    seta r_useCachedDynamicModels "1"
    seta r_skipBump "0"
    seta r_skipPostProcess "0"
    seta r_skipParticles "0"
    seta r_skipSpecular "0"
    seta r_skipNewAmbient "1"
    seta r_multiSamples "0"
    seta r_shadows "0"
    seta r_useOptimizedShadows "1"
    seta r_useTurboShadow "1"
    seta g_projectilelights "1"
    seta g_bloodEffects "1"
    seta g_decals "0"
    seta g_showBrass "0"
    seta g_muzzleFlash "1"
    seta g_doublevision "0"
    seta g_showPlayerShadow "0"
    seta image_anisotropy "1"
    seta image_filter "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST"
    128MB Video-Cards:
    seta image_usePrecompressedTextures "1"
    seta image_useCompression "1"
    seta image_downSizeLimit "512"
    seta image_ignoreHighQuality "1"
    seta image_downSizeBumpLimit "512"
    seta image_downSizeSpecularLimit "128"
    seta image_downSizeBump "1"
    seta image_downSizeSpecular "1"
    seta image_downSize "1"
    seta image_forceDownSize "1"
    seta image_roundDown "1"
    seta image_lodbias "0"
    seta r_preload "1"
    seta r_useCachedDynamicModels "1"
    seta r_skipBump "0"
    seta r_skipPostProcess "0"
    seta r_skipParticles "0"
    seta r_skipSpecular "0"
    seta r_skipNewAmbient "1"
    seta r_multiSamples "0"
    seta r_shadows "0"
    seta r_useOptimizedShadows "1"
    seta r_useTurboShadow "1"
    seta g_projectilelights "1"
    seta g_bloodEffects "1"
    seta g_decals "0"
    seta g_showBrass "0"
    seta g_muzzleFlash "1"
    seta g_doublevision "0"
    seta g_showPlayerShadow "0"
    seta image_anisotropy "1"
    seta image_filter "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST"
    256MB Video-Cards:
    seta image_usePrecompressedTextures "1"
    seta image_useCompression "1"
    seta image_downSizeLimit "1024"
    seta image_ignoreHighQuality "1"
    seta image_downSizeBumpLimit "1024"
    seta image_downSizeSpecularLimit "256"
    seta image_downSizeBump "1"
    seta image_downSizeSpecular "1"
    seta image_downSize "1"
    seta image_forceDownSize "1"
    seta image_roundDown "1"
    seta image_lodbias "0"
    seta r_preload "1"
    seta r_useCachedDynamicModels "1"
    seta r_skipBump "0"
    seta r_skipPostProcess "0"
    seta r_skipParticles "0"
    seta r_skipSpecular "0"
    seta r_skipNewAmbient "1"
    seta r_multiSamples "0"
    seta r_shadows "0" //NOTE
    seta r_useOptimizedShadows "1"
    seta r_useTurboShadow "1"
    seta g_projectilelights "1"
    seta g_bloodEffects "1"
    seta g_decals "0"
    seta g_showBrass "0"
    seta g_muzzleFlash "1"
    seta g_doublevision "0"
    seta g_showPlayerShadow "0"
    seta image_anisotropy "1"
    seta image_filter "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST"
    9.0                           Graphic Cards Charts
    Now a few graph charts. I've tested Doom III on some of the latest graphical
    All these graphical cards were tested on the Pentium 4E 3200MHz Processor
    with Intel's 875PBZ and two 256MB DDR400 Models. The tested operating system
    was Windows XP with the lates ATI Catalyst and Nvidia Forceware drivers.
    First test, Doom III runned on 800X600, medium quality setting
    Note: Higher is better
    Graphical Card                         Points
    Radeon X800 XT....................... 81,3
    Radeon X800 Pro...................... 80,4
    Radeon 9800 XT....................... 70,8
    Radeon X600.......................... 36,6
    Radeon 9550.......................... 22,9
    GeForce 6800 Ultra................... 81,3
    GeForce 6800 GT...................... 81,0
    GeForce 6800......................... 81,1
    GeForce FX 5600...................... 25,3
    Second test, Doom III runned on 1280x1024, high quality setting
    Note: Higher is better
    Graphical Card                         Points
    Radeon X800 XT....................... 66,80
    Radeon X800 Pro...................... 50,70
    Radeon 9800 XT....................... 31,90
    Radeon X600.......................... 14,20
    Radeon 9550.......................... 9,40
    GeForce 6800 Ultra................... 74,20
    GeForce 6800 GT...................... 69,00
    GeForce 6800......................... 47,60
    GeForce FX 5600...................... 10,30
    10.0                            Doom III Editor
    The game also features an editor, but must people don't know that because
    it is hidden :(. You can call it by accessing the console by pressing
    CTRL+ALT+TILDE(~) and typing in editor. But it doesn't run in fullscreen
    mode so we will create a shortcut that will do so.
    Create a shortcut on you desktop and type in
    'placeofdoom3\doom3.exe +r_fullscreen 0 +vid_restart +wait +editor' which
    automates the editor matter. The +vid_restart resets the graphical engine
    and +r_fullscreen puts the editor in full screen. Another usefull addon
    to the shortcut could be +disconnect which disconnects the intro animation.
    11.0                           Cheats and Secrets
    Activate the console using Ctrl+Alt+Tilde (~). Now enter this command, so you
    can open it by just pressing Tilde in the future:
    com_allowConsole 1
    Now use any of these codes. Please note that you can turn on this using "1"
    and turning it off with "0" (showFPS, pm_thirdperson etc.):
    aviDemo = Make an AVI out of a Demo-file
    benchmark = Game Benchmark
    com_showfps 1 = Show FPS
    doomhell = Skip all levels to last
    editor = Open Editor
    freeze = Freeze all on screen
    g_nightmare 1 = Unlock Nightmare-mode
    g_showplayershadow 1 = See your shadow during Single-Player
    gfxinfo = Graphics card information
    give all = Full load of weapons, armor and ammo
    give ammo = Max ammo
    give armor = Max armor
    give berserk = Berserk
    give health = Max health
    give invis = Invisibility
    give keys = Acquire all the keys you'll ever need
    god = God mode
    kill = Commit suicide
    killmonsters = Kill all monsters
    noclip = No Clip
    notarget = Invisible to most enemies
    playdemo demo_name = Play a Demo
    playdemo stop = Stop recording a Demo
    pm_crouchspeed ### = Define how fast you can crouch
    pm_runspeed ### = Define how fast you can run
    pm_walkspeed ### = Define how fast you can walk
    pm_noclipspeed ### = Define how fast you can navigate using the noclip-cheat
    pm_jumpheight ### = Define how high you can jump
    pm_thirdperson 1 = 3rd Person-view on
    quit = Quit
    recorddemo demo_name = Record a Demo
    set g_dragEntity 1 = Grab objects/bodies when you fire at them
    status = Your game status
    Type6 submitted that's it's possible to find every code in the game by
    pressing a letter (A, for example) and pressing TAB.
    Level Select
    Add "map" in front of all of the following codes:
    Single Player Levels (sorted on level, not names):
    game/mars_city1     - Mars City
    game/mc_underground - Mars City Underground
    game/mars_city2     - Mars City Re-Visit
    game/admin          - Administration
    game/alphalabs1     - Alpha Labs Sector 1
    game/alphalabs2     - Alpha Labs Sector 2
    game/alphalabs3     - Alpha Labs Sector 3
    game/alphalabs4     - Alpha Labs Sector 4
    game/enpro          - EnPro Plant
    game/commoutside    - Communications
    game/comm1          - Communications Transfer
    game/recycling1     - Monorail Skybridge
    game/recycling2     - Recycling Sector 2
    game/monorail       - Monorail
    game/delta1         - Delta Labs Sector 1
    game/delta2a        - Delta Labs Sector 2a
    game/delta2b        - Delta Labs Sector 2b
    game/delta3         - Delta Labs Sector 3
    game/delta4         - Delta Labs Sector 4
    game/hell1          - Hell
    game/cpu            - CPU Complex
    game/cpuboss        - CPU Boss
    game/site3          - Site 3
    game/caverns1       - Caverns Area 1
    game/caverns2       - Cavern2 Area 2
    game/hellhole       - Primary Excavatio
    Test Maps:
    game/pdas               - Room with all the PDAs and Video Disks
    testmaps/test_box       - A simple room
    testmaps/test_boxstack  - Lots of boxes
    testmaps/test_lotsaimps - Lots of enemies
    Source: GameFAQs
    Video Disks
    give video epd           - EPD Video
    give video hydrocon      - Hydrocon Video
    give video mfs           - MFS Video
    give video bfg           - BFG Video
    give video chaingun      - Chaingun Video
    give video demon_museum  - Specimen Stasbib Museum
    give video ian_report    - Teleportation Experiments
    give video ipn_news      - IPV News
    give video plasmagun     - Plasmagun Video
    give video recycling     - Recycling Video
    give video soulcube      - Soulcube Video
    give video tablets       - Tablets
    Source: DLH.net
    give pda admin_banks
    give pda admin_dorweiler
    give pda admin_moses
    give pda admin_simons
    give pda alphalabs1_berger
    give pda alphalabs1_krietman
    give pda alphalabs1_lipsitz
    give pda alphalabs1_smith
    give pda alphalabs2_chin
    give pda alphalabs2_connors
    give pda alphalabs3_abrams
    give pda alphalabs3_lamia
    give pda alphalabs3_nelson
    give pda alphalabs3_poota
    give pda alphalabs4_kaczynski
    give pda caverns1_cody
    give pda comm1_blake
    give pda comm1_finch
    give pda comm1_wolfe
    give pda commoutside_holiday
    give pda commoutside_ridge
    give pda cpu_bates
    give pda cpu_haskell
    give pda cpuboss_tooloose
    give pda delta1_mora
    give pda delta1_price
    give pda delta2a_cinders
    give pda delta2a_raleigh
    give pda delta2a_wilson
    give pda delta2b_bullman
    give pda delta2b_erikson
    give pda delta2b_mcneil
    give pda delta2b_stemmons
    give pda delta3_cerano
    give pda delta3_lee
    give pda delta3_shultz
    give pda delta4_gilbert
    give pda delta5_jackson
    give pda delta5_swann
    give pda enpro_chasar
    give pda enpro_hammer
    give pda enpro_raad
    give pda hell_garlick
    give pda hell_hebert
    give pda hellhole_id
    give pda marscity2_caseon
    give pda marscity2_duncan
    give pda marscity2_stanton
    give pda marscity2_tyson
    give pda mc1_berneche
    give pda mcunderground_baston
    give pda mcunderground_delahue
    give pda mcunderground_ryan
    give pda mcunderground_young
    give pda monorail_cullen
    give pda monorail_harding
    give pda monorail_hollies
    give pda monorail_ross
    give pda recycling1_garza
    give pda recycling1_sadowayj
    give pda recycling2_johnson
    give pda recycling2_moen
    give pda site3_davis
    give pda site3_rogers
    Monsters and Weapons
    give weapons = All weapons
    give weapon_bfg = BFG (Big Fucking Gun)
    give weapon_flashlight = Flashlight
    give weapon_chaingun = Chaingun
    give weapon_chainsaw = Chainsaw
    give weapon_handgrenade
    give weapon_machinegun = Machinegun
    give weapon_pistol
    give weapon_plasmagun = Plasmagun
    give weapon_rocketlauncher = Rocket Launcher
    give weapon_shotgun = Shotgun
    give weapon_soulcube = Soulcube
    Add "spawn" in front of all of the following codes:
    weapon_bfg = BFG 9000
    weapon_chaingun = Chaingun
    weapon_machinegun = Machinegun
    weapon_pistol = Pistol
    weapon_plasmagun = Plasma Rifle
    weapon_rocketlauncher = Rocket Launcher
    weapon_shotgun = Shotgun
    weapon_soulcube = Soul Cube
    adrenaline = Adrenaline
    megahealth = Mega Health
    invisibility = Invisiblity
    char_betruger = Betruger
    char_campbell = Campbell
    char_campbell_bfg = Campbell with a BFG
    char_campbell_bfgcase = Campbell with a BFG case
    char_hazmat = Scientist in Hazard Suit
    char_sentry = Sentry Bot
    char_security_goggles_pistol = Guard with Pistol
    char_swann = Swann
    marscity_marine_helmet_p90_walking = Armed Guard
    env_gibs_leftarm= Left Arm
    env_gibs_leftleg = Left Leg
    env_gibs_rightarm = Right Arm
    env_gibs_rightleg = Right Leg
    env_gibs_spine = Bloody Spine
    env_gibs_torso = Torso
    moveable_base = Base
    moveable_base_fixed = Base
    moveable_base_barrel = Barrel
    moveable_base_boulder = Boulder
    moveable_base_brick = Base Brick
    moveable_base_domino = Domino
    moveable_blaptop = Laptop
    moveable_burger = Burger
    moveable_burgerboxopen = Open Burger Box
    moveable_burgerboxclose = Close Burger Box
    moveable_burningbarrel = Explosive Barrel
    moveable_burningtank = Explosive Oxygen-Tank
    moveable_cannister = Cannister
    moveable_cartonbox (1 to 8) = Cartonbox
    moveable_cokecan = Coke Can
    moveable_chair (1, 2 or 5) = Chair
    moveable_computer = Computer
    moveable_explodingbarrel = Explosive Barrel
    moveable_explodingtank = Explosive Oxygen-Tank
    moveable_gizmo (1 to 3) = Gizmo
    moveable_item_(any weapon here) = Any Weapon
    moveable_ktable = Table
    moveable_monitor = Monitor
    moveable_paperwad = Wad of Paper
    moveable_wrench = Wrench
    monster_demon_archvile = Arch-Vile demon
    monster_demon_cherub = Cherub
    monster_demon_hellknight = Hellknight demon
    monster_demon_imp = Imp
    monster_demon_imp_crawler = Crawling Imp
    monster_demon_imp_crawl_armdoor = Imp behind a door
    monster_demon_maggot = Maggot demon
    monster_demon_mancubus = Mancubus demon
    monster_demon_pinky = Pinky Demon (Cyber dog)
    monster_demon_revenant  = Revenant
    monster_demon_tick = Tick
    monster_demon_trite = Trite demon
    monster_demon_wraith = Wraith
    monster_flying_cacodemon = Cacodemon Demon
    monster_flying_lostsoul = Lost Soul
    monster_boss_cyberdemon = Cyberdemon
    monster_boss_guardian = Guardian
    monster_boss_guardian_seeker = Guardian's Seeker
    monster_boss_maledict_cinematic = Maledict (from the ending cinematic)
    monster_boss_sabaoth = Sabaoth
    monster_boss_vagary = Vagary
    monster_zombie_bernie = Zombie-on-Fire
    monster_zombie_boney = Boney Zombie
    monster_zombie_commando = Commando Zombie
    monster_zombie_commando_cgun = Chaingun Commando Zombie
    monster_zombie_fat = Fat Zombie
    monster_zombie_fat2 = Fat Zombie #2
    monster_zombie_fat_wrench = Fat Zombie with Wrench
    monster_zombie_labcoat = Zombie in lab coat
    monster_zombie_limb = Zombie missing limb
    monster_zombie_jumpsuit = Zombie in jumpsuit
    monster_zombie_jumpsuit_eating = Eating Zombie
    monster_zombie_maint = "Yellow Jacket" Zombie
    monster_zombie_maint_bald = Bald Zombie
    monster_zombie_maint_nojaw = Zombie with no jaw
    monster_zombie_maint_flashlight = Zombie with flashlight
    monster_zombie_maint_skinny = Skinny Zombie
    monster_zombie_maint_wrench = Zombie with wrench
    monster_zombie_maint = Zombie
    monster_zombie_maint2 = Zombie #2
    monster_zombie_pipe = Zombie with a pipe
    monster_zombie_sawyer = Chainsaw Zombie
    monster_zombie_skinny = Skinny Zombie
    monster_zombie_suit_bloodymouth = Zombie with bloody mouth
    monster_zombie_suit_neckstump = Zombie without a head
    monster_zombie_suit_skinny = Skinny Zombie
    monster_zombie_tshirt_bald = Zombie in T-shirt
    monster_zombie_tshirt_blown = Zombie in brown T-shirt
    monster_zsec_machinegun = Z-sec Zombie with SMG
    monster_zsec_pistol = Z-sec Zombie with pistol
    monster_zsec_shield = Z-sec Zombie with shield
    monster_zsec_shotgun = Z-sec Zombie with Shotgun
    Source: GameFAQs, Doom3Files, IGN, GameSpot
    Cabinet Codes
    Martian Buddies 1 and 2	- 0508
    Weapons Storage 1 and 2	- 734
    #001                    - 396
    #003                    - 483
    #009                    - 752
    #013                    - 586
    #017                    - 347
    #023                    - 531
    #038                    - 409
    #039                    - 102
    #047                    - 123
    #048                    - 123
    #049                    - 123
    #054                    - 246
    #054 (second)           - 142
    #063                    - 972
    #064                    - 651
    #078                    - 364
    #079                    - 364
    #103                    - 259
    #104                    - 579
    #112                    - 538
    #114                    - 715
    #116                    - 972
    #116 (second)           - 624
    #117                    - 624
    #215                    - 298
    #213                    - 371
    #317                    - 841
    #386                    - 836
    #387                    - 836
    #452                    - 571
    #666                    - 372
    #669                    - 468
    Source: GameFAQs.com
    12.0                         Unlocking Nightmare Level
    Many people think that the Nightmare level can only be unlocked by beating
    the game. That isn't entirely true. I found a way to beat it without having
    to play the game at all.
    Go to the Doom III root dir\base directory and open the DoomConfig.cfg file
    with the Notepad. Now go Edit->Find and type in seta g_nightmare "0" and type
    in enter. Change the 0 to 1 and save the file.
    Now run Doom III and you will notice that you can play on the Nightmare
    13.0                         Walkthrough Conclusion
    I hope you enjoyed my guide, I put a lot of work into it and I haven't written
    a guide for a long time now.
    I played Doom 3 Using an AMD Athlon 2400+, GeForce 4 Ti 4200, 512MB of RAM
    and the Audigy 2 Platinum Sound system which made this game a horrific
    experience. To tell you a weird thing, I played Doom III on the Ultra setting
    and I didn't have any problems with the game. The game was playing smooth,
    the only thing I did was that I changed the resolution to 800x600 and
    turned off the special effects.
    I would also like to announce that my next project will be Crime Scene
    Investigation 2. And now for the complete guide credits.
                            Doom III Mini & Optimizations Guide
                                        Written by:
                                      Bostjan Cigan
                                   Idea and Concept by:
                                      Bostjan Cigan
                              - A special thank you goes to -
                             Frans P. de Vries for the original
                                         Doom logo
                                  - Thank you's go to -
                                     Cheat Submitters:
                                     Text submitters:
                                        Jason Chen
                          Grammar Fixers/Spelling Mistake Fixers:
                                        My mother
                               And Massive Text Contributors:
                                 The Slovenian Doom Forum
                               The Slovenian Magazine Joker
                             - And A Massive Thank You To -
                         To all the readers that are reading this
                           guide and costantly sending me mails
                                     regarding it
                        A restless soul awaits in the botomless pit of redemption.
                                         Do not go there or it will eat you alive.

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