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Broken Hills Walkthrough by GVass

Updated: 12/14/98

Subject: FO2: Broken Hills Walkthrough, Comments, and Notes
From: "Garry J. Vass" <Garry@gvass.demon.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 00:34:44 +0000
Newsgroups: comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.rpg

Fallout 2

Broken Hills Notes and Comments

NOTE:  I played on the UK version, so some of this might not
be applicable for other versions.

1.  The arrival.  

Get the local information from Steve, the guard.  If you have the 
car, then handle the ghoul stuck under your car.

Introduce yourself to Micky.  With a good steal, you can get 
some equipment here.

Stock up on supplies from Liz at the General
Store.  Her back room has a manhole to her supply room with some 
weapons, but don't try going down there just yet.

Introduce yourself to Markus and get the full story.  He won't 
join until after you fix the mine though.  Go into his room 
and grab the rubber doll.

From Markus, you get information about the mine and a quest to 
find the missing people.  Offer to do it for free.

Stop at the bar and introduce yourself to Phil, the bartender.  
Give him a tip and learn about Francis, Bill the Outfitter, the 
missing people, and the loonies who are spreading propaganda.  
Don't forget to buy a bottle of Rotgut...

Introduce yourself to Dr. Holliday and listen to his complete
story to get free medical treatment.

Look for the bickering mutant couple and take the Cat's Paw 
mag from the trash outside the doorway.

Introduce yourself to Bill the Outfitter and take the caravan 
jobs if you want them.  You can also shovel for a day.

2.  Francis

Francis is the mutie in the bar offering an arm wrestling contest.
If you win, he gives you a power fist, and if you lose, you 
become a gimp.  I skipped this because Avatars don't engage in 
bar contests...

3.  Eric

Eric is in the residential area.  He needs the power generators
adjusted in order to get air conditioning.  Return to the power 
generators in the downtown area and sneak past Brian.  Use 
Science on the computer to route more power to Eric's house.  You 
can also optimize the whole grid for more XP's.  Return to 
Eric and refuse the reward.  He will tell you to go to NCR and 
ask around about the GECK.

4.  The Underground

Behind Eric's house is the entrance to the Underground, remove the 
manhole cover and go down.  Keeping your right shoulder to the cave 
wall, ignore the next ladder you find, and continue through a large
room and on to the room with dead bodies in it.  On one body will 
be a letter, which explains the 'missing persons'.

Proceed through the underground keeping your right shoulder to the
wall.  The next ladder you find goes up into a cornfield.  Zaius is in 
the shack.  Get the quest from him along the the advice to visit Renesco 
in New Reno for the missing part.  Remember to offer to do the quest for 
free.  Back to the Underground.  Keep your right shoulder to the wall 
and return to the original ladder.

5.  The missing persons

Return to Markus and tell him that the missing people are dead.  Don't 
mention the note.  If you offered the quest for free, he gives you a 
scoped hunting rifle.  Cassidy will find this rifle useful.  Now go and 
confront Francis about the note, and force him to leave town.

6.  The Professor

The Professor is in the residential area.  You can take tests against
his scorpion for agility and perception.  The scorpion will cheat at the
chess game.  If you are doubtful of the outcome, you can also steal the 
scorpion's eye glasses and pliers...

7.  The missing wife

Dan wants you to find his wife.  Accept the quest, and then return later 
to tell him about the 'missing persons'.  Bam.  500 XP's just like that.

8.  Typhon

Introduce yourself to Typhon at the Old Ghoul's home and listen to the 
history of Set from Fallout. Eventually, he will ask you for a copy of 
Cat's Paws mag.  Give it to him and then 'doctor' yourself to let an
hour pass by.  He will then ask for the rubber doll.  Give this to him
and wait for a while.  He will then ask for a bottle of Rotgut, give it
to him.  After all of this, he will tell you that his treasure is hidden
somewhere  downtown.  Buy the Cat's Paws back from him, you will need it

9.  Micky

After completing the Typhon quest, check out the well in the downtown
area. Follow the dialog, and then engage Micky to get the treasure for
you.  Follow the resulting dialog.  Micky is stuffed.  Such is life...
Go back and confront Typhon and let him off as an honest mistake and get
two Karma points.

10.  Comment/bug?

If you did these steps, now check your Pipboy status.  It will show 3
completed quests and 1 incomplete quest.  Note, however, that you only
completed 2 quests...

11,  The mine

Get the mine parts from Renesco in New Reno.  If you have already solved
the Wright quest  this is a good time to pursue the 'Arroyo' thread with 
Renesco.  And if you haven't visited Algernon in the basement of the
weapons shop, now's a good time for that.  In all events get the parts,
and return to Broken Hills.

Get armored to the max, equip your expanded magazine pistol, leave your
NPC's behind, and take mongol hordes of stimpacks with you...

Keeping your right shoulder to the wall, first locate Chuck and 
doctor him.  Once he disappears, click your weapon to put your 
character in combat mode and proceed into the mine.

Now to fix the air purifier.  My strategy was to note the 'benign 
feature' in  Fallout 2 that will not give radiation damage when 
you are in combat mode.  So you can either wear the oxygen 
(which I couldn't figure out) or do the mine quest entirely in 
combat mode!

Keep just enough creatures in the combat radius to retain combat mode, 
and wax the ones close enough to damage you.  The key here is to keep on 
trucking.  For each turn, use a stimpack (if necessary); take a shot 
(if necessary) and run.  You may have to skip a turn if the buggers 
get too far behind you.

The purifier is in the NE corner, put the parts in your slot and use it 
on the purifier.  Keep the combat mode alive until you are back out 
in the cornfield.

Report back to Zaius, and because you offered to do the quest for 
free, he will give you a combat shotgun.

12.  Markus

On your way out of town, ask Markus to join you.  When he does, tell him 
to put his weapon away.  Then go to the exit grid and click on Steve so 
he can say goodbye to Markus.  

13.  Conclusion

At the end of Broken Hills, you have acquired two power weapons for
free, possibly a power fist; gained a huge leap in Karma; and picked up
a hellacious NPC for your party.
Garry J. Vass

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