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Car FAQ by ViperMask

Version: 1.46 | Updated: 01/29/06

===============Fallout 2: The Car FAQ===============
==                                                ==
==By: ViperMask                                   ==
==Version: 1.46                                   ==
==                                                ==
==System: PC                                      ==
==Publisher: Interplay                            ==
==Developer: Black Isle Studios                   ==
==                                                ==
==Creation Date:    December 26, 2001.            ==
==Completion Date:  December 26, 2001.            ==
==Last Update:      October 04, 2003.             ==


1.  Revision History
2.  Introduction/History on the Car
3.0.  Getting the Car/Klamath
3.1.  The Den
3.2.  Vault City
3.3.  Gecko
3.4.  The Den (AGAIN)
3.5.  New Reno
3.6.  NCR
4.  Things You Should Know/Bugs
5.  Thanks and Special Thanks
6.  Other FAQs By Me
7.  Copyright

==1.  Revision History==

10/04/03 - 1.46 - New Information Box added, finally updated the layout, more
FAQs by me, added 79 character limit.

09/30/02 - 1.42 - Bugs section added.  A little info on the blower, and
copyright updated.

1.39 - New bug added.

1.38 - Added new FAQ to the "Other FAQs By Me" section.

1.37 - Where to buy fuel added.  Another way of getting a Super Toolkit added. 
A bug in 1.0 added.  Thanks to pakopako.

1.33 - Clarified the Anti-Gravity Plates (New Reno section).  Thanks goes to
Shupo, Crimson Knight MK II, and whitechocobo666 from the Fallout 2 GameFAQs

1.30 - Updated Other FAQs By me.  Minor copyright correction.

1.29 - Updated Other FAQs by me.

1.28.1 - Added what system the game is for (hey some people can't figure it

1.28 - Some minor reformatting.  A new section added.

1.27 - Copyright updated.  www.DLH.net can now use this FAQ.

1.26 - RoboBum sent in more info on ZippoMan's bug report.

1.25 - Info on some weird bugs from ZippoMan77.  Do you have a zippo lighter
with the Brotherhood of Steel logo as a design by any chance? ^_^

1.23 - A small update that tells which sites can use my FAQ.

1.2 - Actually played Fallout 2 again, found out the proper name for the blower
is actually "Claudia", and info on bugs (added in section 4).

1.1 - Added the info on getting "Cynthia The Blower."  Thanks goes to Sancho
from the Fallout 2 GameFAQs board.  Man how could I forget about this!?

09/26/03 - 1.0 - My first attempt at making a FAQ, this might be the final
version of the FAQ, it's undecided right now.

==2.  Introduction/History of the Car.==

As I stated above, this is a first attempt at making a FAQ...The whole reason
why I made this is that people log into the GameFAQs Fallout 2 board and ask
about how to get the car.  Then one of the members (I forgot who, sorry!) says
that someone should make a FAQ on getting the car. Well I guess I'm that
person.  In other words...This FAQ is about getting the car and it's upgrades.

Please note this FAQ may contain some spoilers in the game (mostly on doing
MINOR quests).

Ahhhh...The car...A CLASSIC, GENUINE Chrysalis Motors Highwayman!  Over 800
HP/PS, FULLY ANALOG, and 0-60 MPH in under 3 seconds.  This car is a beaut! 
The classic 60's Cadallac look along with the technology of the pre-war...What
a NICE combination.  This is what MANY Fallout 1 players demanded for in
Fallout 2, so wisely Black Isle Studios listened to the fans and well...We got
what we want!

==3.0.  Getting the Car/Klamath==

Alright, TIME TO GET YOUR FIRST CAR (In a post-apocalyptic era that is).

First off, you reach Klamath after finishing the Arroyo quests in the beginning
in the game, you probably did some quests here and there.  Go to the trapper
town section of this simple little town.  If you scroll up to the north, you'll
see a old broken down Highwayman.  Nope, this is not the car you'll get but
you'll get a very important part of the car: A Fuel Cell Regulator!  It was
designed to save up on your fuel by 50%!

To get this part, you'll have to do the "Eliminate all rats/Kill the Rat King"
quest.  After you done that, don't go back.  Just move up the ladder to the
east of sub-level 2.  This will take you to another section of sub-level one. 
Just kill all of the little buggers, and go up the ladder to the east.  Now
your back outside in a garage...Just open the door, and use the HAND ICON on
the Highwayman.  You'll get a message saying you found something in the
backseat.  The Fuel Cell Regulator should automatically be in your inventory.

3.1.  The Den

Now it's off to The Den.  Here's a small tip for you...becareful when going
into buildings where there are kids at the door.  They pickpocket you as you go

To your left, you'll see a car in a junkyard and a small hut...Go in there and
talk to Smitty about the car and the Fuel Cell Regulator.  He will state that
he will give you the car if you find a Fuel Cell Controller and $2000 (WOW! 
$2000 for a 800+ HP car!  What a deal!).

Just do a fuel quests here then go to wherever you want (probably towards Vault
City, you can go to Redding first if you want...Finding out something there can
give you some EXP. in Vault City.)

3.2.  Vault City

Welcome to Vault City.  A city that promotes slavery even though it's referred
as "Servent Allocation."  In the words of a certain NPC that you can get here
"City of tight-asses..."

Make sure you got a pair of pliers with you.  You would also need a wrench. 
You can get one from The Vault (You can get citizen ship by using a cheated
character, or doing a quest) by unlocking the doors or using brute strength to
open it up.

Or...Get a wrench by giving the kid in front of the bar (Curtis) his Richard
Nixon doll back.  You can do this by finding the doll beside the bar, behinds
some barrels.  It looks like a box or something...Once you get it talk to
Curtis.  You can either give it back to him or rip it up.  GIVE IT BACK TO HIM.
 Unless your entirely evil you can't resist ripping it up (trust me, it's hard
to resist).  Once you give it back stick around.  He'll talk to the doll then
talk about the wrench that was hidden under a pile of rocks.  The pile of rocks
has a strange formation like if it was piled up.  Just use the hand icon on the
rocks to find the wrench.

Time to get into the city.  If you went to Redding earlier and learned about
the drug problem, you can tell the office about how you know the reason why the
shipping from Redding has slowed down.  You will get a day pass.  Easier than
trying to bribe or persuade the office.  Then you can go into the building
beside B.  The building you'll step into is pretty much a repair place. Talk to
the woman in metal combat armor (Valerie).  And after the cut-scence, talk to
her about getting her new tools.  If you already got the pliers and wrench
(hopefully you do after following this FAQ) talk to her then fast forward the
time by 24 hours.  Talk to Valerie again and ask her if she can have a Super
Tool Kit.  She'll give you one.  Now time to go to Gecko!

3.3.  Gecko

Go the Junkyard part of Gecko (go up to the exit grid), Skeeter is in the big
building with three rooms.  He's in the middle one.  Talk to him and he'll ask
if he can have the Super Tool Kit (if you already have that is) for the Fuel
Cell Controller.  Accept it of course.  Now you can do some quests in Gecko and
Vault City or if you can't wait.  Get the car.

3.4.  The Den (AGAIN)

Visit Smitty again and show him the Fuel Cell Controller from Gecko.  He'll
offer to install it in the car, then GIVE YOU THE CAR for $2000.  What a deal! 
A 800+ HP car for $2000!  Don't joyride yet.  Talk to Smitty again and show him
the Fuel Cell Regulator from Klamath.  He'll offer to install for you for
$1500.  Get this part installed at all costs it saves you a lot of fuel.  Once
you got all of that done...Just go about your business and do some quests!

3.5. New Reno

This is a optional section on how to get upgrades.  Here your car gets stolen
if you leave it there and you walk to a different part of New Reno.  Once you
go back, walk to where your car was, and if your perception is high enough,
you'll a message saying you notice the tire tracks.  Here you can choose to
follow the tracks.  If your perception is not high enough, talk to the man
beside the fence (Jules).  Ask him where your car went.  At first he'll deny
about what happend to it, but you can threaten him or keep asking him about it.
 He'll lead you to the Chop Shop.

You'll find your car there but talk to T-Ray in his room.  Persuade him to give
the car back to you by bribing him.  If your a female you can have sex with him
to have it back (I THINK, I haven't tried it yet).  Once you get your car back,
he'll mention that he wants to upgrade the car with interior and exterior
designs.  But most importantly, clean up the trunk so you can add more room. 
Pay him for the upgrades (around $700).

If you beat the game then your car gets stolen.  You can also get the
Anti-Gravity plates upgrade, which VIRTUALLY eliminates the use of Micro Fusion
Cells (Fuel).  I haven't tried it myself though.

Okay here's what Shupo, whitechocobo666, and Crimson Knight MK II said about
the plates from the GameFAQs board.

Shupo: "Beat the game. You also must never let you car get stolen in Reno or
Raiders during the course of the game. Then once the game is beaten, let it be
stolen in Reno and then talk to T-ray and get the upgrade."

whitechocobo666: "Make your car go faster and use less fuel or something,
nothing useful.... way faster i think, actually."

Crimson Knight MK II: "Oooooh yeah...a LOT faster =)"

3.6. NCR

Here's something that would add more horsepower to your car, increasing your
top speed:  "Claudia the Blower."  Which in fact is a exhaust system (I think.)

There is a hobo in rags (Ratch) to the far left of the screen, he sells junk. 
He will mention about the blower for the car.  He say it will cost you $1000. 
Go ahead and buy this cool upgrade.  However it will take 6 hours to install so
do some quests in NCR to kill time.

For those who don't know what a blower is, GeneralProtectionFault has this
little info:

==4.  Things You Should Know/Bugs==

From pakopako.

You should mention that Smitty *may* sell you a Super Toolkit right off the
bat. (he *will* eventually carry one) This saves you a trip into Vault City. 
Alternatively, you can get a Wrench in New Reno I believe. (for those
devil-spawns in-training)

To simplify things furthur, you may also kill Skeeter to get the
Controller/Injector. You do not need to give Smitty this part, just the
Regulator from Klameth, if you are playing from a v1.0 Fallout2 game.

And more on fuel. Always mention fuel & fueling. (NCR, San Francisco, Smitty, &
T-Ray will all have fuel for sale at some point)
Viper's note: Vault City might have some too.

And finally; missing trunk may be easily remedied. Get in the car, get right
back out, trunk *should* reappear. If it's the other away around...
- When your at the raiders and go into their base, then come out again, the car
will be gone TEMPORARLY (happend to me!).  Just go to the exit grid, and then
go back to where your car was to get it back.

- When your at Vault 13 and go into the vault, then go back to your car, your
car will lose the trunk temporary (referred to as "The coupe" bug.)

- Trunk space in the car is limited, even after the upgrade.

Refuelling the Car:  People on the board asks about this for some reason so
I'll add this.  Use your hand icon on the engine block and use Micro Fusion
Cells (Charges by 50%) or Small Energy Cells (5% Charge).

Weird Bugs:  Zippoman77 sent these two e-mails to me one some weird bugs.  One
is how getting the car back for free in New Reno by tricking him.  I dunno if
this will work with 1.02D (the latest).

hi: I've just wanted to point out two things you left out of your Fallout 2
FAQ. One is the dialog loop/bug in New Reno,in the chop shop, where you can get
your car back for free, with cells and double experience just by talking to
T-Ray. The other is a bug I found out yesterday while replaying the game for
the 20th time. I actually managed to get the car before getting the
fuel cell controler (the one from Gecko)or even having been in Vault City.  For
some reason the right dialog popped up while talking to Smitty at The Den. I
know they both sound too weird to be true but, if you're interested or thinking
about upgrading the Car Faq in Gamefaqs.com, mail me and I'll capture some
screens, zip them and mail them to you.  Congratulations on your FAQ.
After that, I told him some of his details were kinda vague, so he wrote me

Sorry about the details being too vague, ViperMask. But I wasn't going to put
all the details until I knew you were interested or going to update the FAQ. 
I'll give you all the info on the "T-ray dialog bug" but I still got to do more
tests on the "getting-the-car-in-the-den-with-no-chip bug".

So, here is the T-Ray dialog bug. This was done on the American (with kids)
Fallout 2 V1.00. It probably still works in Version 1.02D since I haven't seen
it mentioned anywhere, so I seriously doubt they fixed it.

The numbers are the response numbers in the order they appear. The text is the
corresponding dialog to each response. (example: you would approach T-ray, he'd
say something, you'd answer with response number 1 ("Where did you..."), then
he'd say something and you'd answer with response number 3 ("I'm one of..."). 
You get the idea.)

1 - "Where did you get that Highwayman? I like the look of it."
3 - "I'm one of Bishop's lieutenants. I'm here for the car."
2 - "Don't believe everything you hear. Let's talk about Mr. Bishop's car"
1 - "Go on."
1 - "I have a counter offer. I will take the car , for no charge, and
Mr. Bishop will permit you to continue your operation here"
1 - "Perhaps you feel you are being treated...unfairly?"

Any dialog after this makes the bug happen....so go for the free cells...

The third response ("Don't believe everything you hear. Let's talk about Mr.
Bishop's car") is weird. I often didn't get it with a 72% speech and an
intelligence of 9.  You can only do this if you haven't talked to T-ray at all.
 Everytime I talked to him and then tried to do the bug the game would never
let me use the third response. So if you don't get the third response reload a
game before even speaking to him. I actually save the game before entering the
chop shop.

If done right you should get the following text in the message box. (the
"screen" at the left bottom corner of the screen)

* You gain 1002 experience points.
* You got the car without using violence.
* You gain 750 experience points.
* You succesfully tricked T-Ray.
* You gain 750 experience points.

That's it. I have a screen capture of it, but I wasn't going to mail you a 300K
file (jpged and zipped) you didn't want. If you do want it, just ask me for it
and I'll mail it over. I hope this helps. I'm a big Fallout fan and I just
wanted to see a really complete FAQ.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read this.

ZippoMan77 <--- my nick...just in case you see me in gamefaqs board
Robobum sent me in this e-mail and it had a little update.

Hey ViperMask, I have a little update to ZippoMan77's dialog bug about getting
the Highwayman back from T-Ray for free.  I've been able to recreate the end
result every single time in my current save game, but you need to be female and
your charisma stat can't be too high.  Mine is 6, and I haven't experimented
with other levels, and if it matters, my speech skill is 80% with an
intelligence stat is 7.  Here is the dialogue path I chose.

T-Ray: Who're you?  What're you doing here?

Player: Where did you get that Highwayman?  I like the look of it.

T-Ray: The Highwayman outside?  Damn RIGHT you like the look of her.  That's
one sweet machine, a recent ac-quisition...we're just about to spruce her up,
make some adjustments, then sell her off to ol' man Bishop.

Player: Sell her to Bishop?  Hell, I can meet Bishop's offer and then raise it

T-Ray: You're gonna match BISHOP'S offer?  That's a lot of scrilla, woman.  A
LOT of chips.  Plus, he's one of the top men in Reno, y'know?  I get him this
machine, there's...FRINGE benefits.

Player: How about a night with me, T-Ray?  You ain't never gonna have anything

T-Ray: Naw, I already got one dog to give a bone to, and I ain't looking to
start a kennel.  From the looks of you, you ain't got nothing that would be
worth my time.

Player: Screw negotiating, then.  Give me MY car back, right now.  Or else.

T-Ray: YOUR car?  Woman, you don't even know what the hell you're talking
about.  That Highwayman was scrap, left lying around, and guess what?  Now it's
ours.  'Course, you got an ISSUE with that, we could settle it here and now...

Player: No, that's cool.  You can have the damn Highwayman.  Piece of shit
anyway.  Uses too much 'tricity, smells like gecko piss inside, trunk's too
small...be perfect for you, though.  See ya.

T-Ray: Whoa, hold on there!  *Piece of shit?  Smells like Gecko piss?*  Woman,
what kinda Jet you been taking?  This is a HIGHWAYMAN.  Not only does it run,
but after I fix it up, it's gonna purr like a woman beneath me.

Player: What are you fixing on the car?

T-Ray: Jazz up the engine, clean out the interior, put a brass rope around the
license plate - and kick some of that shit outta the trunk, make some room. 
When we're done, it'll be worth some serious chips to Mr. Bishop.

Player: I'm one of Bishop's lieutenants.  I'm here for his car.

T-Ray: (Studies you.) You're one of Bishop's lew-tenants?!  Now...if you were,
you'd be a little taller, a little more... (looks skeptical) ...bad-ass.

Player: Don't believe everything you hear.  Let's talk about Mr. Bishop's car.

T-Ray: Aiight, aiight...here's the deal: we can do all the upgrades, spruce her
up, and get her to Mr. Bishop pronto.  Price... (Shrugs, smiles) ...question
is: how CAN you put a price on a Highwayman like this?

Player: You're right.  You can't.  I will be taking the car with me, and Mr.
Bishop will allow you to continue your operation here.

T-Ray: (T-Ray freezes.  For a second, you think he's going to attack you, but
then he relaxes.) Woman, this is a raw deal.  What have I ever done to Bishop
to deserve this?  Huh?

Player: Perhaps you feel you are being treated...unfairly?

T-Ray: Naw, naw, nothin' like that...!  Me and Mr. Bishop, we see eye to eye on
this, no problems.  He's treated me right, and you tell him that, aiight? 
But...uh...what 'bout those fringe benefits I mentioned...?

Player: You will have to discuss those with Mr. Bishop.  Mr. Bishop has one
last request: he would like free batteries from your shop.  I will be the
courier for these pick-ups.

T-Ray: (T-Ray's smile fades.)  Aiight...sure, sure...not a problem.

Player: Excellent.  Give me all the batteries you have in stock right now.

T-Ray: We ain't got any batteries right now; most of the cars we've stripped
ain't turned up shit.  Give us a week or two, aiight?

Player: All right.  I'll let it slide.  This time.  See ya.

The key is to offer sex for payment, get turned down, tell him he can have the
car because it sucks, and it's then that you tell him you're Bishop's
lieutenant.  I think you can be pretty loose with the rest of the dialogue, as
long as you don't end up pissing him off.
DarkCloud told me there is a nasty bug in 1.01 (both the German version without
kids and US version.)

I discovered a new bug with Version 1.01:  After i killed the Raiders (my Car
was at the Entrance), my Car was gone forever.  I went to New Reno, came back,
still gone.  I was running for months on the World Map, but when i came back: 
Gone!  Forever!  Thats a real nasty bug.

==5.  Thanks and Special Thanks==

Thanks goes to...
ZippoMan77, Robobum, Dark Cloud, and pakopako for the info above.

Special thanks goes to...
Black Isle Studios for Fallout 1 and 2 (Some of you guys did Fallout 1 right?)
Hopefully they will look at the Fallout 2 GameFAQs board!

Interplay for publishing this great series.  Hopefully the money situation
clears up.

The Fallout 2 GameFAQs Board (Most of them anyway) for everything (mostly for
participation in my creation posts), and one member who brought up the
Anti-Gravity Plates (I forgot who you are, sorry!)

==6. Other FAQs By Me==

SEGA DREAMCAST - Fire Prowrestling D - Toshiaki Kawada Character Guide.

SEGA DREAMCAST - Fire Prowrestling D - Bret "The Hitman" Hart Character Guide.

SEGA DREAMCAST - Fire Prowrestling D - Tigermask Character Guide.

ARCADE - Initial D: Arcade Stage Guide.

ARCADE - Poker Ladies Guide.

SONY PLAYSTATION 2 - Initial D: Special Stage Guide.


==7. Copyright==

Fallout 2 is copyrighted by Black Isle Studios and Interplay Productions,

Fallout 2: The Car FAQ Version 1.00 and future versions of this FAQ is
copyrighted by ViperMask, 2001, 2002, 2003, and so forth.

This FAQ is for private and personal use only.  Retail use is prohibited.

This FAQ can only be used with PERMISSION by ME; VIPERMASK.

Also this FAQ is ONLY AVAILABLE on these sites: Gamefaqs.com, DLH.net, IGN.com
and Neoseeker.com

If anyone sees another site other than the list above using my FAQs, please
tell me.

If anyone sees anyone ripping off this FAQ (like converting it to HTML), please
tell me.

For permission to convert the FAQ into another language, contact me first.

Contact Information:  Contact ViperMask at
r3m0v3XxxDownward_Spiral_SoldierxxX@r3m0v3yahoo.comr3m0v3 (remove the r3m0v3)

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