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NPC Guide by Paragon

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/28/02

Fallout 2 NPC use guide
written and copyrighted by James Spairana, A.K.A "Paragon"
e-mail: jparagons@hotmail.com  (Questions?  Clarifications?  Suggestions?)
Legal Notes:

You can post this guide on your website, as long as you do a few simple things:

- Make sure that the content is completely unchanged.
- Make sure that I'm credited for writing it.  The first few lines of this file do that
  well enough, and any normal credit you give to authors should apply to me as well.
- Notify me that you're posting it by e-mail.  You don't have to ask permission, just let me
  know that you're posting it.  (You don't have to wait for a reply or anything, either.)
Version: 1.0

. . .this is basically the final version.  I'm not labelling it "final" because I'll gladly
put in any submissions people send me, and if it gets updated, then it really wasn't final, 
was it?  :P

The only place I'm sending this to personally is www.gamefaqs.com, so that site is sure to have
the latest version at all times.  
Q: Why aren't you updating your guides/writing any more guides?

A: I'm not that deep into gaming.  College, homework, and work take up most of my time, and
   most of the games I play already have plenty of FAQs for them.  Sure, I _could_ write 
   a guide for, say, Civilization 2 or Dynasty Warriors 2, but do you really need another
   big text file that just repeats the same info that's already there now?
   Another (related?) reason. . .to put it simply, I'm horrible at games.  I enjoy them, but
   I'm not the type of gamer that can write a walkthrough while playing the first time through
   a game.  (More often, I need a walkthrough myself. :P)

Q: But this guide is out of date!  There are things that need to be added or changed!

A: If you think something needs to be added, type it up in an organized manner, run a
   spellcheck, and send it to me and ask me to add it to the guide.  I'll most likely add it, 
   and I'll credit you for it.
   REMEMBER:  I will basically be copy/pasting your e-mail into this file, so make it look like
	      part of a FAQ should.  Spellcheck!  Organization!  Et cetera.
   Alternately, you can write a guide for the game.

Q: What if I have a question that's not covered in this FAQ?

A: If it's not in the FAQ, I don't have the answer for it.  Seriously--everything I know about
   the guide's topic goes into the guide itself.

Q: hows it going???

A: fine

Now, onto the guide.

It should be noted that this guide assumes you already have the basic aspects of Fallout 2 down.

Where:           Klamath

How to get him:  Pay $350 to Madia or Sulik himself and ask for his release, then invite him to
                 come along with you.  OR, rescue Smiley from the Toxic Caves, and ask for
                 Sulik's freedom in lieu of cash.  OR, take Torr's quest to guard the brahmin,
                 betray him to the Duntons, then rescue him from the robot in the canyon, and ask
                 for Sulik's freedom in leiu of cash.

How to keep him: Do not gain the Karma status "Hated" in Klamath.  Do not become a Slaver.

How to use him:  Sulik's main skill is Melee Weapons.  He can also use unarmed weapons and a few
                 large hundguns/SMGs.

                 To start, give him a Sharpened Spear, or a regular spear if you don't have one.
                 He's usually in the thick of things, so give him the best armor you can afford,
                 that you aren't using yourself.  As long as he has a melee weapon equipped, keep
                 him at a close range, tell him to "Stay Close To Me", and to attack "Whoever Is
                 Attacking Me".

                 Later on, he can use some large handguns and SMGs fairly well.  Do NOT give him
                 a burst weapon; give him a .223 pistol.  This is actually a good strategy,
                 depending on your surrounding conditions.  If he does have a .223 Pistol, tell
                 him to go "On Your Own" and to attack "The Strongest".

                 If you keep him to the endgame, give him a Mega Power Fist and reset his
                 settings to the same as when he had that first Spear.

                 Sulik makes a great bodyguard, and is useful throught the entire game.
                 Overall the #2 NPC.

Where:           The Den

How to get him:  Take the radio from his house in Klamath and let him take the parts from it to
                 fix Metgzer's radio.  Then pay the $1000 he needs(if you're a female, you can do
                 . . .certain acts. . .with Metzger to halve that price).  OR, you can simply
                 shoot Metzger in the head a few times, and take care of his lackeys too.

How to keep him: Don't have a very negative Karma.  I think the Childkiller status might get him
                 to avoid you; I'm not too clear on that.

How to use him:  Vic's main skill is Repair, but he can use Small Guns fairly well.  He can use
                 small-medium handguns and rifles.

                 To start, give him a Hunting Rifle.  Tell him to stay at a medium distance, with
                 the orders "On Your Own" and "The Weakest".

                 Later on, upgrade him to a Sniper Rifle, and eventually a Gauss Rifle.  Keep his
                 settings the same.

                 Keep him with single-shot rifles, always.  <--- Mandate!  OBEY the mandate!
                 </weird G-FAQs message boards reference>

                 Vic is a great sniper, and overall the #3 NPC.

Where:           Vault City

How to get him:  Talk to him about how the cops busted up his bar, then ask him to come with you.

How to keep him: Don't be too evil.  Don't give him any drugs besides your basic healing meds.

How to use him:  His main skill is Small Guns.  He can also use some melee and energy weapons.

                 Start him off with a Hunting Rifle, then upgrade to a Sniper Rifle later.  Tell
                 him to stay at a medium distance, with the orders "On Your Own" and "The

                 If you don't have Vic, give him a Gauss Rifle at the end of the game, and tell
                 him to attack "The Strongest".  If you do have Vic, give him a Pulse Pistol, and
                 keep the above settings.

                 It should be noted that if he's not on a high enough level, equipping Power
                 Armor may cause his main skill to switch to Melee Weapons.

                 It should also be noted that there's a bug in the game which causes his combat
                 settings to revert to their original settings every so often.

                 In any case, the best NPC by far.

Where:           Gecko

How to get him:  Listen to his tale about your grandfather, then invite him to join you.

How to keep him: Don't be too evil.  Don't acquire the "Grave Digger" status.

How to use him:  Lenny's main skill is Doctor.  He's not much of a fighter, but he can use some
                 Small Guns.

                 He can use a .223 Pistol, and a Gauss Pistol if I remembr correctly.  Keep him
                 with the .223 Pistol, if you use him at all.

                 Tell him to attack whomever is closest.  He gets a LOT of HP, but you can't tell
                 him to stay in the fight as long as most NPCs.  Not a good choice for combat,
                 but a good choice for an extra NPC if you can fit five of them.

                 Not a very good NPC.  Unworthy of ranking.

Where:           Broken Hills

How to get him:  Solve the majority of quests in Broken Hills, then ask him to join you.

How to keep him: Don't be too evil.

How to use him:  Marcus's main skill is Big Guns, with a side proficency in large Energy Weapons.

                 Since all Big Guns guzzle ammo and kill party members, start him off with a
                 Laser Rifle.  Upgrade to a Plasma Rifle, and finish with a Pulse Rifle.  Always
                 tell him to keep a close distance, and to attack "The Strongest".

                 At the end of the game, you might want to tell him to "Charge", if he has a
                 Vindicator Minigun equipped, which I don't recommend.

                 He can't wear armor.  Bleh.

                 Overall, a good NPC.  Maybe #5.
Skynet/Brain Bot

Where:           Sierra Army Depot

How to get him:  (You're in for a long one here)  First, go to Orville Wright and get the quest
                 to find out what happened to his son.  Finish that, then take the next quest to
                 go to the SAD.  Go into the SAD, and on the first floor, take the bio-med gel
                 that's laying on the ground (on the right side of the map).  On the second
                 floor, kill one of the brain bot robots(not the small, hovering robots or the
                 golems), and take the motor from its corpse.  Go down to the third floor, and
                 talk to the computer.  Agree to help him get out.
                 *gasps for breath*
                 "Use" the parts you have, but DO NOT ACTIVATE THE ROBOT YET!
                 Go down to the fourth floor, into the specimen computer room, and use the
                 computer.  Go through the menus and try to retrieve a brain.  Now, your
                 character has to make calculations and such.  What it means is, the lower
                 Science skill you have, the wors result you'll get.  A skill of 121% is the
		 lowest needed for the cybernetic brain, the best result, though I suggest
		 you get it a bit higher.  (Thanks to TayJK@hotmail.com for the minimum skill
                 Go back and install the brain.  Activate the robot, and talk to him.  Voila!

How to keep him: Don't be too evil, basically.

How to use him:  Skynet can use large handguns, rifles, and shotguns.  By the time you get him
                 you should have free access to .223 pistols; give one to him.

                 Later in the game, give him a Gauss Rifle, if you can.

                 Tell him to stay on his own.  In the beginning, tell him to attack the
                 strongest; in the end, the weakest.  Have him run away at the third-latest

                 He can't use armor, but has a built-in Metal Armor Mark II.

                 A fine NPC.  My second favorite.

How to get him:  In New Reno, find out where the Stables are in one of two ways:
                 1) Take quests for Big Jesus Mordino, and eventually be sent there
                 2) Talk to Jagged Jimmy J, ask him where he gets his jet, and about Myron, etc.
                 Once you've done that, head to the stables, and go nuts shooting people if you
                 like; they're bad, bad mobsters!  Whether you do or not, go down the ladder on
                 the far end of one of the buildings, and search the bottom floor.  You'll find
                 Two guards standing outside a door, with Myron inside.
                 You'll have to kill the guards, unfortunately.
                 Once you make short work of them, head inside, and talk to Myron.  Convince him
                 to join you.  Congratulations; you just did something colossally stupid.

How to keep him: You shouldn't want to.  He'll stay with you no matter what, unfortunately.
		 (Unless you _tell_ him to leave, of course.)

How to use him:  As target practice.

                 Or, give him a 10mm pistol and some cheap armor.  If he survives and gains
                 levels, upgrade him to a Needler Pistol with AP ammo.

                 Set him to attack the weakest, and run away as often as possible.

                 He can make stimpacks for you, and talking to him when you have a high enough
                 Science skill can open up a quest for you, if you try to get him to make you Jet
                 (or a cure for jet).

                 He will hurt you and your NPCs more than he hurts the enemies; avoid bringing
                 him into combat whenever possible.

How to get him:  In Vault 13, talk to him, ask him questions, treat him nicely, and then invite
                 him to join you.

How to keep him: Don't become too evil, don't kill the Vault 13 deathclaws.
                 He automatically leaves your party 14 days after you fix the Vault 13 computer,
                 although you can return to Vault 13 and get him back.

How to use him:  As one tough bodyguard.  He can't use armor or weapons, but he can tear your
                 opponents limb from limb, as he is a deathclaw.

                 Tell him to "Charge!" against "Whomever is closest".  This is the most
                 effective.  Alternately, "Stay Close To Me" and "Whoever is Attacking Me".

How to get him:  In a special random encounter.  Wearing the vault suit and feeding him does the
                 trick, I think.

How to keep him: Don't accidentally shoot him in combat.  If you do, he'll turn against you,
                 and a guy in a leather jacket named "Mel" will show up and attack you.  He has
                 an HK G11 E, though!

How to use him:  He has a LOT of attacks per turn, and if you're not far into the game, he will
                 tear a hole through the opposition.  Stay Close To Me and Whoever is Attacking

How to get him:  In the Navarro base.  Kill the scientist in the soundproof room of the
                 underground tunnels, then talk to the dog.  Tell him you are his new master.
                 Go up to the vertibird workshop and search the lockers.  In one of them you
                 will find a "K-9 Motivator".  Use it on him, and he's yours.

How to keep him: Don't accidentally shoot him in combat.

How to use him:  See Dogmeat, but be warned, he's not as good.

How to get him:  In Modoc.  Talk to him, and be very, umm. . .suggestive towards him.  As much
                 as possible.  If you have a high enough Charisma (I think), you get him as an
                 NPC.  (NOTE: This is one of those "Mature" parts of the game).

How to keep him: He stays by your side until he dies, I think.  You can get divorced in New Reno
                 by Father Tully, as well (so, uh, DON'T do that is you want to keep him).

How to use him:  Don't.  I think he can use an SMG, but he won't be useful, ever.

How to get her:  In Modoc.  Talk to her, and play innocent.  Don't say anything suggestive in
                 nature.  If you have a high enough Charisma, you get her as an NPC.
                 (NOTE: Another "Mature" part of the game)

How to keep her: See Devon.

How to use her:  Don't.  Maybe she can use a knife or something.
Pariah Dog

NOTE: This is an unusual NPC. . .

Where the Pariah Dog is found:  In a special random encounter.  When you enter, the ground will
                                be littered with bodies of various people and things, and a
                                lone, living dog will be there.  RUN!!!  If he sees you, you're
                                stuck with him.

What the Pariah Dog is:         This dog lowers your luck and gives you the Jinxed trait.
                                It NEVER participates in combat.

How to be rid of the Pariah Dog: This dog has about 750 HP, so you have to have lots of AP,
                                 an HKG11E or HKPC90, and enough ammo for two bursts.
                                 Save, enter combat, and waste him.
                                 It might not work, but it's your best chance.
From trooper_swe@hotmail.com:

"Talk with a Scientist in NLC [sic], you get a quest to use a Antidote 
on a Mutant(the mutant will die) get back to the Scientist and get 
the dog/robot."

This refers to the other robot dog.  As far as I know, it's not as useful as either of the 
other two dogs, but it is another NPC.  :)

That just about covers it.

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