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Terms/Acronyms Guide by The Steel Phantom

Version: 5.00 | Updated: 12/30/12

       WWWWW                  WWWWW         WWWWW                  WWWWW
         WW                    WW             WW                    WW
          WW                  WW               WW                  WW
           WW       WW       WW     OOOOOOO     WW       WW       WW
            WW     WWWW     WW      O     O      WW     WWWW     WW
             WW   WW  WW   WW       O     O       WW   WW  WW   WW
              WW WW    WW WW        O     O        WW WW    WW WW
               WWW      WWW         OOOOOOO         WWW      WWW

                      World of Warcraft Terminology Guide

                                   PC Version


| Table of Contents |

I. - How to Contact Me
II. - Version History
III. - Copyright Info. and Legal Information
IV. - Purpose/What This Guide Will Cover
V. - The Terminology
VI. - Credits


| Section I. - How to Contact Me |

Name - Josh Eaton
E-mail - thesteelphantom@gmail.com


| Section II. - Version History |

Version 0.00 - (28 Nov 2005) - Started.
Version 1.00 - (30 Nov 2005) - Finished. Version 1 done.
Version 1.20 - (30 Nov 2005) - Added a bunch of recommended things from
                               GameFAQs users and gave them credit.
Version 1.30 - (01 Dec 2005) - Added Alterac Valley Graveyards, Feign Death,
                               Crit, Proc, and TB (2).
Version 1.50 - (02 Dec 2005) - Added PvP, PvE, adjusted Attack Power, fixed
                               Fairie Fire, and a lot of other things I've
                               forgotten things that I've forgotten now.
Version 1.51 - (02 Mar 2006) - Added a few terms.
Version 1.52 - (28 May 2006) - Few terms added.
Version 1.53 - (09 Jul 2006) - Few terms added.
Version 1.54 - (28 Dec 2006) - Few terms added.
Version 1.55 - (07 Jan 2006) - Few terms added.
Version 2.00 - (03 Apr 2007) - Added tons of new Burning Crusade terms.
Version 2.10 - (09 Apr 2007) - Added more Burning Crusade terms.
Version 2.20 - (22 Apr 2007) - Added more Burning Crusade terms and made
                               changes to some terms that were necessary.
Version 2.21 - (29 Apr 2007) - Added a few more Burning Crusade terms.
Version 2.22 - (02 May 2007) - Few terms added.
Version 2.23 - (16 Mar 2008) - Few terms added.
Version 2.25 - (13 Apr 2008) - Few terms added.
Version 2.30 - (14 Aug 2008) - Few terms added and adjusted Version History
Version 3.00 - (26 Mar 2009) - Added tons of Lich King expansion terms.
Version 3.05 - (30 Mar 2009) - Few terms added, some typos fixed.
Version 3.06 - (01 Apr 2009) - Typos fixed.
Version 4.00 - (25 May 2011) - Added tons of Cataclysm expansion terms.
Version 4.05 - (27 May 2011) - Few terms added, contact information changed.
Version 4.10 - (27 May 2011) - Went through entire guide and removed/changed
                               outdated information. Also future-proofed some
Version 4.15 - (30 May 2011) - Few terms added, some typos fixed.
Version 4.20 - (29 Aug 2011) - Few terms added, typos fixed, info corrected.
Version 5.00 - (29 Dec 2012) - Added new Mists of Pandaria expansion terms.


| Section III. - Copyright Info. and Legal Info. |

Alright. Here's how it works. This guide will first be publicized on GameFAQs.
It is Copyright 2005 to me, Joshua J. Eaton. You, the reader, may only use it
for reading and your own personal use. You may NOT take it and place it on your
website, nor may you give it out to anyone in a physical form. At present, this
guide is only allowed to be posted on this website: www.gameFAQs.com . DO NOT
take or use this guide for anything without my personal consent. If you see
this guide on any other website other than GameFAQs, please contact me about
it. Furthermore, my consent to post my guide on another website other than the
said one will NOT be given, so please do not E-mail me to ask.


| Section IV. - Purpose/What This Guide Will Cover |

This guide for the PC game World of Warcraft will basically go over some of the
most commonly seen terms related to this game. Many people just starting may
not know some of the terms that experienced players just throw around constant-
ly. This guide will serve to show you and explain to you exactly what those
terms, phrases, or abbreviations mean. Feel free to contact me at the E-mail
address above to add more. You will be given credit.


| Section V. - The Terminology |

This section of the guide will merely list some of the most commonly seen and
heard terms, abbreviations, phrases, etc, that you will see in the game. A few
of them can be found in the back of your game's manual, but the vast majority
of them cannot, thus the purpose of this guide. I've conveniently put all the
terms in alphabetical order as well, so it should be fairly easy for you to
find whichever one you may be looking for. So... let's begin!

  Term               What It Means/Stands For
--------           ----------------------------

  1337               A way of typing on the internet that involves using num-
                     bers and symbols to display the vast majority of letters.
                     This one says "leet", which is short for "elite", meaning
                     good, pro, etc. Many players consider "1337-speak" to be
                     childish and annoying, but it can be humorous in some

  A52                Area 52. (Town)

  AB                 Arathi Basin. This is one of the game's Battlegrounds.

  AC                 Auchenai Crypts. (Instance)

  Add                This means that another enemy has aggro'd to your group's
                     current fight. "Add" is normally said by a member in your
                     group who noticed this.

  AE                 Arcane Explosion. This is a Mage spell that's simply an
                     instant-cast AoE (see below), usually used to finish off
                     opponents with low health, as it has no cooldown.

  AFK                Away From Keyboard. This means the person is not at their

  Aggro              The game has it's own built-in "hate" system. Aggro can be
                     short for "aggressiveness" in a sense. For example, if you
                     get too close to an enemy, you can make it aggro to you
                     and it will attack you. Furthermore, if one player is
                     attacking an enemy and you out-damage them or heal them
                     significantly, the enemy will aggro to you.

  Agi                Short for "Agility".

  Agility            A stat in the game that affects your critical hit percen-
                     tage, your dodge percentage, and in a rogue's case (also
                     a Druid while in Cat-Form), attack power. Agility also
                     adds Ranged Attack Power.

  AH                 Auction House.

  AI                 Arcane Intellect, a spell cast by a mage that buffs your

  Aldor              This is a group of ancient Draenei priests that alligned
                     with the Naaru and are rivals of the Scryers (see below).

  AN                 Azjol-Nerub. (Instance)

  AoE/AOE            Area of Effect. There are some spells in the game that can
                     be cast on whole areas to do damage to everything in that
                     area. This is useful if there are many weak enemies and
                     you don't want to kill them one by one.

  AP                 Attack Power.

  AQ                 Ahn'Qiraj. (Raid). If this is followed by a "20" or a
                     "40", it is referring to the two separate parts of AQ,
                     the 20man side and the 40man side.

  Arc                Short for "Arcatraz". (Instance)

  Arch               Short for Archeology, a secondary profession introduced in
                     Cataclysm, the third expansion.

  Archavon           Short for Vault of Archavon. (Raid)

  Arm                Short for "Armory". This is a commonly run part of the
                     instance Scarlet Monestary.

  Armor              A stat in the game that affects how much damage you take
                     from melee attacks. The higher your armor, the less damage
                     you take.

  Armor-class        Some classes can wear multiple "classes" of armor. The ar-
                     mor classes in order of weakest to strongest are: cloth,
                     leather, mail, plate. Some classes, such as Warlocks, can
                     only wear Cloth armor, whereas others, like Warriors, can
                     wear any kind they want.

  Atk                Short for "Attack".

  Attack Power       A stat in the game that affects how hard you hit in melee
                     or ranged combat.

  AV                 Alterac Valley. This is one of the game's Battlegrounds.

  Azjol              Short for Azjol'Nerub. (Instance)

  Baron              See "UD (2)" below. Baron Rivendare is the final boss of
                     Stratholme and is found on the Undead side.

  Battleground       Battlegrounds are certain mini-instances in the game in
                     which the two factions fight each other and try to
                     accomplish something, whether it be to capture the flag,
                     kill the other team's General, or get the most Hills in a
                     game of King of the Hill in order to gather points faster
                     to win.

  BB                 Booty Bay. (Town)

  BC                 Burning Crusade. This is the name of the first expansion
                     for World of Warcraft.

  BE                 Blood Elf, a race available to the Horde faction. Blood
                     Elves were made available to play in the Burning Crusade

  BF                 Blood Furnace. (Instance (see below))

  BFD                Blackfathom Deeps. (Instance (see below))

  BG                 Battleground. See above.

  BH                 Baradon Hold. (Raid (see below))

  BiS                Best in Slot. Many classes have certain pieces of gear
                     that are the absolute best possible piece of gear for a
                     gear-slot. For example, the best possible belt for your
                     belt slot currently in the game would be your BiS-belt.

  BM                 Black Morass. (Instance (see below))

  BoA                Bind on Account. Some items in the game can be "Soulbound"
                     to your ACCOUNT, meaning any character on your account
                     can use them. The stats on these items typically change
                     depending on the level of the character holding them. See
                     "BoE" and "BoP" below for more types of Soulbinding.

  BoE                Bind on Equip. Some items in the game can be Soulbound to
                     your character, meaning no one else can use them or even
                     hold them. Until actually used and/or equipped, BoE items
                     are NOT Soulbound. See "BoA" above and "BoP" below for 
                     more types of Soulbinding items.

  BoK                Blessing of Kings. This is a buff (see below) given by the
                     Paladin class.

  BoM                Blessing of Might. This is a buff (see below) given by the
                     Paladin class.

  BoP                Bind on Pickup. Some items in the game can be Soulbound to
                     your character, meaning no one else can use them or even
                     hold them. BoP items become Soulbound the second you pick
                     them up off a dead enemy. See "BoE" and "BoA" above for
                     more types of Soulbinding items.

  Bot                Short for "Botanica". (Instance)

  BoT                Bastion of Twilight. (Raid)

  BRB                Be Right Back. One player says this to another player to
                     let them know that they won't be around for the next few

  BRD                Blackrock Depths. (Instance (see below))

  Bres/B-rez         Battle Ressurection. Some classes can ressurect players
                     even while in combat, or, in battle. This type of res is
                     called a b-res.

  BS                 Short for "Black Smith". It's one of the flags in the Ara-
                     thi Basin Battleground. It is also a Profession in-game
                     that players can use to craft metal armors and weapons.

  BT                 Black Temple. (Raid)

  BT (2)             Borean Tundra. (Zone)

  Buff               A buff is a beneficial, long-lasting spell or potion your
                     character has gotten/drank. Some buffs will raise your
                     health, some raise your armor, etc. "Buff" can also mean
                     "to make tougher/better". If someone says "buff Mages!"
                     they mean to make the Mage class better somehow.

  BWD                Blackwing Decent. (Raid)

  BWL                Blackwing Lair. (Raid)

  Camp               The act of staying in one place for awhile in order to
                     either kill something, someone, or get something that has
                     to spawn.

  Carebear           This is a term most-often used by PvP-server players to
                     insult PvE-server players. It basically means something
                     along the lines of, "Oh, you're too chicken to play on PvP
                     you chicken, you carebear, you noob!"

  Cata               Short for "Cataclysm", the third WoW expansion.

  Cath               Short for "Cathedral". This is a commonly run part of the
                     instance Scarlet Monestary.

  CC                 Crowd Control. In higher level instances and places, not
                     being able to control your enemies or the flow of battle
                     can, and most-likely will, result in your group dying.
                     There are many methods of Crowd Control such as a Mage
                     turning the enemy into a sheep or a Hunter trapping an
                     enemy. The goal is to make it so that your entire group
                     focuses on one enemy at a time.

  CD                 Cooldown. Some moves, when used, cannot be used again for
                     a certain amount of time. That time is called the move or
                     item's Cooldown.

  CE                 Cenarion Expedition. This is a town in Zangarmarsh and a
                     group that you can gain reputation with.

  Cho                Short for Cho'gall, a boss in Bastion of Twilight (raid).

  Classic            When someone refers to "classic", they mean World of War-
                     craft before any expansions. This is likely because it is
                     the original, the classic version, nothing added.

  Clos               Short for "Cloak of Shadows", a Rogue ability that clears
                     all magical debuffs and gives the Rogue an immunity to
                     spells for a few seconds.

  CoT                Caverns of Time. (Zone)

  Crit               Short for "critical hit". A critical hit is an attack that
                     basically did a lot more damage that normal attacks of
                     that same kind.

  Curse              A curse is a de-buff that does something bad to you. Some
                     curses can do damage-over-time, some can slow you down, or
                     a number of other things.

  D                  Short for "defense". It's usually used in the Battleground
                     areas. If someone says, "you, you, and you play D at the
                     mine", it means to stay on defense there.

  Dal                Dalaran. (City)

  Dala               Dalaran. (City)

  Darn               Darnassus. (City)

  DB                 Dragonblight. (Zone)

  DE                 Disenchant. The skill "Disenchant" comes with the Enchant-
                     ing profession and basically, when you Disenchant an item,
                     the item is completely destroyed and you are left with
                     dust, an essence, or a shard, depending on the rarety of
                     the item you Dienchanted, it's level, and whether or not
                     it was armor or a weapon.

  Debuff             This is just like a buff, but it is NOT beneficial. It's
                     just the opposite. It can slow you, harm you, lower a stat
                     or even kill you.

  Ding               In the game EverQuest (I think), whenever you reached your
                     next level, a small dinging sound was audible. Therefore,
                     to show off, people would say, "ding!" and others would
                     congratulate them on their accomplishment. This carried
                     over to World of Warcraft, even though the sound made when
                     you level-up sounds nothing like a ding.

  DK                 Dishonorable Kill. You used to receive these for killing
                     non-PvP and non-player characters of the opposite faction.
                     Dishonorable Kills no longer exist or have any impact on
                     your PvP standing.

  DK (2)             Death Knight. As of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion,
                     player accounts with a character level 55+ are able to
                     create the new class, Death Knights.

  DKP                DKP is rather complicated, but I'll try and simplify it.
                     In high-level guilds and instances, epics tend to drop of-
                     ten and logically thinking, it would be very unfair for a
                     new guild-member to be able to roll on an item that anoth-
                     er long-time guild member has been running an instance for
                     months trying to get. So DKP (Dungeon/Dragon Kill Points)
                     comes into effect. Basically, DKP is like guild money. If
                     you have enough, you can "buy" the item that dropped. DKP
                     is awarded for being present for certain major raid events
                     like a boss being killed, being on-time for the raid, etc.
                     DKP systems are *typically* a thing of the past, and are
                     not utilized anymore.

  DM                 Dire Maul or Deadmines. (Instances (see below))

  DMG                Short for "Damage".

  DND                Do Not Disturb. This means the person is busy or is not at
                     their computer.

  DOT/Dot            Damage Over Time. Some spells, instead of doing tons of
                     damage all at once, do much more damage over the period of
                     a certain amount of time. These spells are commonly called
                     "dots" and appear as Debuffs.

  DPS                Damage Per Second. A few classes have very high DPS, mean-
                     ing that basically, they deal great amounts of damage very

  Drop               When you kill an enemy, 95% of the time, you will be able
                     to right-click their corpse and take the stuff they have,
                     whether it be a pair of boots or a weapon, or even a quest
                     item, it's still what the enemy "dropped".

  DTK                Drak'theron Keep. (Instance)

  Ele                Short for Elemental. This can refer to elemental enemies
                     in the game, or a spec of Shaman.

  Enh                Short for Enhancement. This referrences a type of Shaman
                     talent spec (see below).

  EoE                Eye of Eternity. (Raid)

  EotS               Eye of the Storm. This is one of the game's Battlegrounds.

  Exp                Short for "Experience".

  Experience         When an enemy that is within your level-range is killed,
                     you get a certain amount of experience for killing that
                     enemy. With enough experience, you will level-up. Typi-
                     cally, harder enemies (while still in your level range)
                     will yield more experience. Turning in completed quests
                     also yield very large amounts of experience (when compared
                     to the amount awarded from single enemy kills).

  Farm               See "grind". One difference though. "Farming" is where you
                     are after the items, perhaps even one in particular in or-
                     der to sell it to make large amounts of money.

  FD                 Feign Death. This is a Hunter move where the Hunter fakes
                     his own death to clear his aggro build-up from the enemy
                     or to fool other players.

  Fear               A debuff that causes your character to run off in a random
                     direction away from your opponent for a certain amount of

  FF                 Fairie Fire. This is a move that the Druid class has.

  FF (2)             Focus Fire. You will hear people tell the group to FF on
                     some enemy in order to kill it the fastest. When everyone
                     "focuses fire" on the enemy, it goes down.

  Fort               Short for "Fortitude", a spell cast by Priests that buffs
                     your Stamina.

  FP                 Flight Path. Around the World of Warcraft are many places
                     you can reach by flying to them, assuming you have the
                     Flight Path. In Cataclysm, WoW's 3rd expansion, players
                     are able to fly their own mounts wherever they want,
                     making Flight Paths obsolete to high-level players with
                     flying mounts.

  FTL                For The Loss. This is used to show one's aggrivation or
                     hatefulness towards something. For example... "Rogues Am-
                     bushing me while I have no mana FTL!"

  FTW                For The Win. This is used to show one's appreciation for
                     something in most cases. For example... "Stealth FTW!"

  FW                 Frostwolf. This is one of the graveyards in the Alterac
                     Valley Battleground.

  G2G                Got "to" Go. This means the player cannot play any longer.

  G2G (2)            Good "to" Go. This means the player is ready to proceed.
                     It is sometimes very easily confused with "G2G" above, as
                     the two look identical, but have nearly opposite meanings.

  Gad/Gadget         Short for Gadgetzan. (Town)

  Gank               This term has many meanings, all of which are arguable,
                     but they all have one thing it common: killing another
                     player when he or she stands very little or absolutely no
                     chance of winning. For example... attacking them when they
                     are low on HP, attacking them while they are fighting an
                     enemy, or even gathering several friends to kill one guy.

  GB                 Grim Batol. (Instance)

  GG                 Good Game. Can be used seriously or sarcastically to con-
                     gratulate a player or group on an accomplishment.

  GH                 Grizzly Hills. (Zone)

  Gimp               This term is similiar to "nerf" (see below) in that it re-
                     fers to making something worse or taking away a good qual-
                     ity. For example, you would "gimp" a mage by taking away
                     their ability to freeze you to a spot. Taking away that
                     ability would also be "nerfing" the mage, since it's bad.

  GL                 Gruul's Lair. (Raid)

  GL (2)             Guild Leader.

  GL (3)             Good luck.

  GM                 Game Master.

  GM (2)             Guild Master.

  GM (3)             Gold Mine, a strategic capture point in Arathi Basin (BG).

  GodBubble          This is the term used to refer to the Paladin's ability
                     that shields him and makes him immune to absolutely any-
                     thing for several seconds.

  Gnomer             Gnomeregan. (Instance (see below))

  Grief(ing)         Griefing someone is camping them with the sole intent to
                     annoy them by killing them or the target(s) that they're

  Grind              Grinding is when you sit in an area and kill whatever is
                     in that area again and again and again to gain experience
                     or get drops. It's rather boring and a slow process in the
                     higher levels.

  GTG                Got To Go. This means the player cannot play any longer.

  GTG (2)            Good To Go. If a player says this, they are telling you
                     that they are ready to start or continue. It's quite the
                     opposite of the above GTG, which can cause some confusion.

  Guild              A guild is a friendly group of players who are kind of all
                     in one large group, but not really doing the same thing.
                     Think of a guild as a party. At a party, you know some
                     people and you don't know others, yet you're all in it
                     together and relatively friendly toward one-another.

  GY                 Graveyard. Note that there is also a part of the instance
                     Scarlet Monestary that is a graveyard and many people run
                     it and refer to it as "SM GY".

  Halls              Short for "Halls of Origination". (Instance)

  Hearth             Every player in the game has a Hearthstone. If you use it,
                     it will teleport you to your Home Inn. Doing so is called
                     "hearthing". If you destroy your Hearthstone, you can
                     obtain a new one by setting an inn to your home location
                     by speaking to an innkeeper.

  H-xxxxxx           The "H" in this term is short for "Heroic".

  Heroic             "Heroic" is a dungeon/raid difficulty setting that can be
                     set by the group leader. For example, if an instance (see
                     below) is typically meant to be run at level 82-85,
                     setting the instance to Heroic makes it l evel 85 only, or
                     much harder. Some heroic instances and raids even have
                     different boss mechanics.

  HF                 Hellfire. Hellfire Peninsula is the first zone of Outland,
                     part of the Burning Crusade expansion.

  HF (2)             Howling Fjord. (Zone)

  HFP                Hellfire Peninsula, the first zone of Outland that you are
                     in when you go through The Dark Portal.

  HH                 Honor Hold. This is the main Alliance base in Hellfire

  HK                 Honorable Kill. You receive one of these whenever you kill
                     another player who is within your level range. Your HKs
                     are tracked in the Statistics tab of your Achievements

  Hodir              Short for Sons of Hodir. (Reputation Faction)

  HoF                Heart of Fear. (Raid)

  HoL                Halls of Lightning. (Instance)

  Honor              For PvP-centric accomplishments, you receive Honor Points,
                     which can be spent on PvP-centric gear and items.

  HoS                Halls of Stone. (Instance)

  HP                 Hit Points. It's how much health you have.

  IB                 Iceblood. This is one of the graveyards in the Alterac
                     Valley Battlegrounds.

  IC                 Icecrown. (Zone)

  ICC                Icecrown Citadel. (Raid/Mini-zone)

  IF                 Ironforge. (City)

  IL (il)            Item Level. See below.

  Ilvl (ilvl)        Item Level. See below.

  Imp                Short for "Improved". Many talents (see "Talent(s)" below)
                     can be improved. For example... "Improved Wrath" some peo-
                     ple would just call "Imp Wrath".

  Imp (2)            "Imp" is the exact name of one of the four Warlock pets.

  Inc                This stands for "Incoming", meaning an enemy or group of
                     enemies are about to come or already are coming toward
                     your group.

  Instance           In previous games, this was called a dungeon. When you and
                     your group step inside an instance, you are given your own
                     copy of that instance with all the enemies and bosses in
                     it just for you. This prevents your group from going to do
                     a hard dungeon and finding it already beaten by another

  Int                Short for "intellect".

  Intellect          A stat in the game that affects a caster's mana and spell

  IoC                Isle of Conquest. (Battleground)

  IRL                In Real Life.

  Item Level         This is the average item-level of your gear, both equipped
                     and in your bags. Your item-level is shown in the General
                     tab of your Character Pane. It is relative and used by
                     players for a quick reference to the amount of epic/good
                     gear you have.

  JC                 Jewelcrafter. (Profession)

  JP                 Justice Points. You earn these when you complete certain
                     PvE-related accomplishments, such as killing bosses.

  Kara               Karazhan. (Raid)

  Keep               Short for Utgarde Keep. (Instance)

  Kings              Short for Blessing of Kings, a Paladin buff.

  Kite               A strategy where one player takes the aggro of the enemy
                     and then gets far away from it while everyone else kills
                     it. While the enemy is chasing the kiter, it doesn't att-
                     ack the people slowly killing it unless one of them pulls
                     the aggro.

  KoS                Kill on Sight. This means that no matter what, you will
                     kill whatever you have deemed KoS the second you see them.

  KT                 Kel'thuzad, the final boss of Naxxramas.

  KT (2)             Kirin Tor. (Reputation Faction).

  KZ                 Short for Karazhan. (Raid)

  LBRS               Lower-Blackrock Spire. (Instance)

  Leet               See "1337" above.

  LFD                Looking for Dungeon. Similar to LFG and LFR. LFD lets
                     players queue up a random dungeon (or a specific one) and
                     wait in the queue until all roles for that dungeon have
                     been found. The system then places all the players in the
                     dungeon for them to complete it. Prior to this system,
                     players would have to spam city chat channels to manually
                     put a group together.

  LFG                Looking For Group. This is usually followed by the name of
                     a quest requiring more than one person or an instance.

  LF#M               Looking For # More. This means that a group is almost done
                     forming for the instance/quest and they only need # more

  LFM                Looking For More. Same as LF#M, but number needed is not

  LFR                Looking For Raid. This is a difficulty-level, as well as
                     auto-raid-forming program in the game that will form a
                     raid group based on the people who have queued for its
                     roles. It is identical to the LFG/LFD function, but for

  Lib                Short for "Library". This is a commonly run part of the
                     instance Scarlet Monestary. Note that there is also an
                     area in Dire Maul (instance) that is a library.

  LK                 Lich King, can also be combined with WotLK (see below).

  LM                 Short for "Lumber Mill". It's one of the flags in the Ara-
                     thi Basin Battleground.

  Lock               Short for "Warlock".

  Lol/LOL            Laughing Out Loud. This means that the person found some-
                     thing that happened amusing or funny.

  Log                When you sign on or off. For example, "I'm going to log,
                     good night guys!" or "Let me log my Druid."

  Loot               The act of taking drops is called "looting". "Loot" would
                     be whatever the enemy dropped, be it money or an item.

  LoS                Line of Sight. In order for an enemy to attack you or for
                     you to attack it, you have to be able to see it. If any
                     object is blocking your vision, then you do not have a
                     direct line of sight to your enemy and therefore cannot
                     attack it. Many people use the line of sight game mechanic
                     in order to pull enemies, usually casters, closer to them.
                     They will attack the enemy, then run behind a wall or
                     something, and the enemy will have to come to them behind
                     the wall in order to see them and start attacking.

  Lowbie             A low level character. It can sometimes be used as an in-

  Lvl                The incredibly lazy person's way of saying "level".

  MA                 Main Assist. In major raids, there is almost always a raid
                     leader or someone who should always be assisted so that
                     everyone attacks the same target and doesn't screw up the
                     Crowd Control.

  Mag                Short for "Magtheridon", a boss/raid in Hellfire Penin-

  MagT               Short for "Magisters' Terrace". (Instance)

  Magth              Same as "Mag", above.

  Maly               Malygos, the one and only boss in The Eye of Eternity.
                     Lore-wise, Malygos is probably the strongest boss in the
                     game as of Patch 3.1, as it takes an entire dragonflight
                     rescuing your raid to survive him and kill him.

  Mana               Mana is just your Magic Points. You need certain amounts
                     of it to cast certain spells.

  Mara               Short for "Maraudon". (Instance)

  Mark               Short for "Mark of the Wild", a druid-given buff.

  Mark (2)           Enemies in the game can be marked with certain symbols
                     above their head to differentiate them from each other
                     easily. If someone says to mark enemies, they mean to
                     place symbols on them, usually to determine which ones to
                     crowd-control (see "CC" above) or kill first.

  Mats               Short for "Materials". Many things in the game, especially
                     ones dealing with professions and crafting, require mater-
                     ials to create.

  Mech               Short for "Mechanar". (Instance)

  MC                 Molten Core. (Raid)

  MC (2)             Mind Control, a mechanic in the game where the user of the
                     ability gains control of the player. This is common in
                     some boss fights.

  MGT                Magisters' Terrace. (Instance)

  MH                 Mainhand. This refers to weapons that players can place in
                     their right hand either by choice or by item restrictions.

  Might              Short for Blessing of Might. This is a buff given by the
                     Paladin class.

  Mob                Mob means "enemy". i.e., "The mobs are attacking us!"

  MoP                Mists of Panaraia, the 4th WoW expansion.

  MotW               Mark of the Wild, a buff cast by the Druid class.

  MP                 Mana Points. Also see "Mana".

  MS                 Mortal Strike. This is a Warrior's move and the term MS is
                     usually used to reference several abilities in the game
                     that provide a healing debuff to the target.

  MSV                Mogu'shan Vaults. (Raid)

  MT                 Mistell. This means that the previous message in the chat
                     from that person was not intended for that specific chat.

  MT (2)             Main Tank. In higher level guilds and instances, there is
                     normally more than 1 tank (see "Tank" below) present. The
                     Main Tank is the one tank who will be doing the tanking.
                     The others usually just recover his mistakes or do damage.

  MT (3)             Mana Tombs. (Instance)

  MV                 Mogu'shan Vaults. (Raid)

  Naxx               Short for Naxxramas. (Raid)

  Nef                Short for "Nefarion", the last boss of the Blackwing Lair
                     and Blackwing Decent raid instances. At level 60, he was
                     one of the hardest bosses in the game before Naxxramas
                     came out.

  Nerf               This term means to make something or someone worse by
                     removing or changing an aspect about it/them. For example,
                     if you were to remove the Stealth ability from Rogues,
                     you would be "nerfing" the class as a whole. If Blizzard
                     were to make an instance easier by giving bosses in it
                     less health, they have "nerfed" the instance.

  Newb               A person who is merely new to the game or an aspect in the

  NE                 Night Elf, one of the 8 races in the game.

  Ninja              A ninja is a person who takes the loot without permission
                     or when he/she cannot use it and someone else would have.
                     The ninja does this merely to sell the item for a few gold
                     or for revenge even. But beware, ninja'ing an item from
                     a player on your server could give you a bad name when
                     they tell the rest of the world.

  n00b               An arrogant, ignorant, obnoxious newb (see above).

  noob               See above.

  NOOB               See above.

  NPC                Non-Player Character. This is anything in the game "alive"
                     that is not an actual player.

  NS                 Netherstorm. (Zone)

  Nub                See "n00b" above.

  O                  Short for "Offense". It's usually used in the Battleground
                     areas to ask who is on the Offense (the charging team) or
                     how the Offense is doing.

  OH                 Offhand. Refers to some weapons/items that players can
                     place in their left hand either by choice or item

  OH (2)             Old Hillsbrad. (Instance)

  OK                 Old Kingdom. (Instance)

  OMW                On My Way. This is just used to tell another player that
                     you are headed to wherever you guys are going to meet, be
                     it an instance or at the bank to trade, whatever.

  Occ                Short for Oculus. (Instance) I don't know where the extra
                     "C" comes from, people are stupid.

  OK                 Old Kingdom. (Instance)

  OOC                Out Of Combat. When fighting an enemy in the game, you are
                     in combat. When this state ends, you are... out of combat.

  OOM                Out Of Mana. This means the person has no more mana and
                     thus cannot cast anymore spells. It's bad if your healer
                     says this.

  Org                Orgrimmar. (City)

  OS                 Off-Spec. See "spec" below. Players can have 2 specs. The
                     one that is not your main spec is your off-spec.

  OS (2)             Obsidian Sanctum. (Raid)

  OT                 Off-Tank. See "MT" above. The OT is the next "rank". He
                     covers up what the MT doesn't do right OR the Off-Tank can
                     Main Tank another enemy while the real Main Tank does the

  OTW                On The Way. This is just used to tell another player that
                     you are headed to wherever you guys are going to meet, be
                     it an instance or at the bank to trade, whatever.

  Pat                Short for "Patrol". In most instances, there is an enemy
                     who walks around (or multiple) enemies. They patrol a cer-
                     tain area. When someone says "pat", it means that one is

  Paw                The Druid class buff, "Mark of the Wild", has a buff-icon
                     that resembles an animal's paw. If someone asks for "the
                     paw buff" or says, "give me the paw", they want MotW.

  Pew-pew            "Pew" is the sound a laser-gun makes in high-tech video
                     games and is now referred to in WoW as doing damage.

  Poly               Short for "polymorph", a spell cast by a Mage that turns
                     the target into an animal for a short amount of time, but
                     also regenerates the target's health at a very fast rate.

  Port               Short for "portal", which is... well... an instant tele-
                     portation to another area of the game.

  Pot                Short for "potion". There are many potions in the game,
                     all of which have different uses. Some boost stats, some
                     instantly restore health, etc.

  Princess Run       This is a type of Maraudon run that is relatively short
                     because you get teleported past about 75% of the instance
                     and are much closer to the final boss, the Princess.

  Proc               When a weapon/item "procs", it means that by random chance
                     it got used or went off. For example, the Fiery Weapon en-
                     chant has a 25-30% chance to hit the enemy for Fire
                     Damage. When that 25-30% chance kicks it, then your Fiery
                     Enchant "proc'd".

  PST                Please Send Tell. This means that the person wants you to
                     talk to them in private via /tell or /whisper. PST can
                     also be seen as the sound one makes when quietly getting
                     another's attention. "Hey you... pst!" It implies a whis-

  PTR                Public Test Realm. Before every major patch, Blizzard (the
                     game creators) create a mock server and load the new patch
                     to it. That server is open to the public to play on and
                     test the patch for balancing issues and bugs, before it
                     "goes live" on the real servers.

  Pull               To Kite (see above) an enemy or small group of enemies to
                     your group without getting too close to where you aggro
                     too many. Pulling can also simply mean to initiate the
                     fight. "Pull the boss" would mean to start the fight.

  PUG                Pick Up Group. This is just a regular group of random peo-
                     ple who wanted to do an instance or particular quest. High
                     level and end-game, PUGs are frowned upon because typi-
                     cally, it's a lot better to run instances and such with a
                     good guild.

  PvE                Player versus Environment. This stands for a type of ser-
                     ver you can play on where in Contested Zones of the game
                     (basically, any zone above level 20 or so), you will have
                     to manually flag yourself for PvP by typing /pvp before
                     you can fight another player of the opposing faction. How-
                     ever, the other player must also flag themselves or be
                     flagged. PvE also refers to a game-type mentality focused
                     on raiding and progression.

  PvP                Player versus Player. This stands for a type of server you
                     can play on where in Contested Zones of the game (basic-
                     ally, any zone above level 20 or so), any player can att-
                     ack any other player of the opposing faction, regardless
                     of level, situation, anything. PvP can also simply stand
                     for "the action of fighting another player". For example,
                     "he was flagged for PvP all the time on a PvE server!").
                     PvP also refers to a game-type mentality focused on player
                     combat instead of raiding.

  QQ                 This resembles a pair of eyes that are crying. It is syn-
                     onymous with crying, whining, complaining, etc. If someone
                     says "QQ more" or "Stop your QQing", they mean to cry more
                     and stop your whining respectively.

  R                  Short for "Ready", which is short for, "I'm ready to ___",
                     likely initiate the upcoming fight.

  RAF                Recruit A Friend. In August of 2008, Blizzard allowed 
                     players to recruit their friends into the game. The ori-
                     ginal account and the recruit account would then be
                     "linked" for 90 days. For the duration of the link,
                     players below the level of 60 in a party with each other
                     and physically nearby one another would receive 300% ex-
                     perience from all sources to include quests, among other
                     abilities such as free summons every hour and potentially,
                     a free Zhevra (zebra) mount for the original account.

  Rag                Short for "Ragnaros", the last boss of the level 60 raid
                     instance "Molten Core", and the last boss of the level 85
                     raid instance "Firelands".

  Ramps              Ramparts. (Instance)

  RAP                Ranged Attack Power. See "Attack Power".

  RBG                Rated Battleground.

  Regen              Short for "Regenerate".

  Res                Short for "ressurection", where instead of releasing your
                     spirit and running back to your body, another player can
                     raise your body on the spot via a spell only available to
                     some classes.

  Release            When you die, you have the option to release your spirit.
                     When you do so, your spirit will be at the closest grave-
                     yard to your body and you will have to run back.

  Rez                See "res".

  RFC                Ragefire Chasm. (Instance)

  RFD                Razorfen Downs. (Instance)

  RFK                Razorfen Kraul. (Instance)
  RH                 Razor Hill. (Town)

  RoB                Ring of Blood. The actual Ring of Blood is a multi-quest
                     chain in the Outland zone of Nagrand. It involves fighting
                     single boss-like monsters inside of a ring one after the
                     other until the final "champion" is fought. It is a very
                     well-known quest since it awards a huge amount of Experi-
                     ence, gold, and a good rare-quality item all at once. The
                     expansions since Burning Crusade have each had a Ring of
                     Blood-like area and questline that many players still
                     refer to as RoB despite a different name.

  RTFM/Q             This is short for "Read The F***ing Manual/Quest". Many
                     players will say this to people who ask simple questions
                     that the answers to which can be found in the game's man-
                     ual or by reading the quest that their question pertains

  Sap                Sap is a Rogue skill that can only be used on a few types
                     of mobs when the rogue is stealthed. It disorients the
                     target for a certain amount of time. This is a common 
                     form of Crowd Control.

  Sapph              Short for "Sapphiron", the second-to-last boss in
                     Naxxramas. A giant frozen skeleton of an undead dragon.

  Sarth              Short for "Sartharion", the main boss inside Obsidium
                     Sanctum (Raid).

  Sarth + #D         The Sartharion encounter can be made more difficult by not
                     killing the drakes that surround him. D = Drake. The
                     more drakes left alive, the better gear Sarth will drop.
                     Sarth + 2D for example, means you would kill one of the
                     drakes and leave 2 alive to fight while you fight Sarth.

  Scarlet            This refers to the Scarlet Monestary-looking side of the
                     high-end instance, Stratholme. Normally, groups only ever
                     do one of the two sides. Scarlet, or SM as you may also
                     see it called, is one of the two.

  Scholo             Short for "Scholomance". (Instance)

  Scryers            This a group of Blood Elves who basically gave the middle
                     finger to Kael'thas and joined the Naaru. They are the
                     enemies of the Aldor (see above), but do not partake in
                     open war or fights.

  SF                 Snowfall. This is one of the graveyards in the Alterac
                     Valley Battleground.

  SFK                Shadowfang Keep. (Instance)

  SH                 Sentinel Hill. (Town)

  SH (2)             Stonehearth. This is one of the graveyards in the Alterac
                     Valley Battleground.

  SH (3)             Shattered Halls. (Instance)

  SH (4)             Sethekk Halls. (Instance)

  Shatt              Short for "Shattrath", the main city in Outland for both
                     Alliance and Horde.

  Sheep              To sheep an enemy means for a Mage to cast Polymorph on it
                     in order to achieve some Crowd Control.

  SL                 Shadow Labyrinth. (Instance)

  SM                 Scarlet Monestary. (Instance)

  SMV                Shadowmoon Valley. (Zone)

  SP                 Stormpike. This is one of the graveyards in the Alterac
                     Valley Battleground.

  SP (2)             Slave Pens. (Instance)

  SP (3)             Storm Peaks. (Zone)

  Spec               Every class has three "trees" they can put their Talent
                     Points in to improve skills or gain new ones. Usually,
                     players put the majority of their Talent Points into one
                     "tree" and some in the other trees. Their "main tree" is
                     called their "spec". For example, if a Druid puts most of
                     his Talent Points into his Restoration tree, he is
                     referred to as a "restoration" spec'd Druid, because it's
                     what he is going to be best at.

  Spir               Short for "Spirit".

  Spr                Short for "Spirit".

  Spirit             A stat in the game that affects how fast your HP and Mana

  SS                 Screen-shot. You can take screenshots in-game by merely
                     pressing the Prnt Scrn button on your keyboard, usually
                     located to the right of F12. The screenshot is then saved
                     to a folder inside your World of Warcraft program file in-
                     side your computer, most-likely on your C: drive.

  SS (2)             Soulstone. Warlocks have the ability to Soulstone a player
                     which allows that player to ressurect after death should
                     they choose to accept the prompt.

  SS (3)             Southshore. (Town)

  SSC                Serpentshrine Cavern. (Raid)

  SSO                Shattered Sun Offensive. This is one of the game's fac-
                     tions that you can gain reputation with. Their home "base"
                     is the Isle of Quel'Danas.

  ST                 Sunken Temple. (Instance)

  ST (2)             Short for "Stables". It's one of the flags in the Arathi
                     Basin Battleground.

  Sta                Short for "Stamina".

  Stam               Short for "Stamina".

  Stamina            A stat in the game that affects your health. For every 1
                     point of Stamina, you get 10 HP.

  Stocks             Short for "Stockades" (Instance). This instance is located
                     inside Stormwind City and is generally used by higher
                     level players as a reference point for directing other
                     players to key locations nearby, such as the Inscription
                     and Enchanting vendors, the gear Reforger, and the Cooking
                     daily quest, as of the Cataclysm expansion.

  Str                Short for "Strength".

  Strat              Short for "Stratholme". (Instance)

  Strength           A stat in the game that affects how hard you hit by con-
                     tributing to your Attack Power. See also "Attack Power".

  SV                 Steam Vaults. (Instance)

  SW                 Stormwind. (City)

  SWP                Sunwell Plateau. (Raid)

  T# (e.g. "t11")    Short for "Tier #", referring to a tier of loot that is
                     class specific. Certain sets of gear in the game are
                     meant to be worn by specific classes. For exmaple, the
                     Bloodfang set is the Rogue class's Tier 2 of gear. You
                     could call this t2, or tier2. Tier-loot is purchased with
                     Valor Points (earned by raiding mostly) or obtained as
                     drops from raid bosses. There are several tier sets per
                     expansion. Original-WoW had t1-t3, for example.

  Talent(s)          See "Spec" above.

  Tank               The person who grabs and holds the aggro of the enemy in
                     melee combat while other players do damage to the enemy
                     while the enemy concentrates on the tank. Tanks are almost
                     always Warriors and in some very rare cases, Druids.

  TB                 Thunder Bluff. (City)

  TB (2)             Thorium Brotherhood. (Faction)

  TB (3)             Tol Barad. (Battleground)

  Terrace            Terrace of Endless Spring/ToES. (Raid)

  Throne             Short for "Throne of the Tides" or "Throne of the Four
                     Winds". (Raid)

  TK                 Tempest Keep. (Zone/Raid)

  TM                 Tarren Mill. (Town)

  ToES               Terrace of Endless Spring. (Raid)

  TP                 Thorium Point. (Town)

  TP (2)             Twin Peaks. (Battleground)

  Train              See "Kite" above. It's the same thing. You have "trained"
                     the enemy to do what you want (follow you).

  Tribute            This is a type of Dire Maul North run where no Guards are
                     killed and Cho'Rush the Observer is left alive. The reward
                     for accomplishing this is a large chest with several drops
                     (see above, "Drop") in it. The Tribute is significantly
                     worse if a guard or Cho'Rush is killed.

  Trinketing         This means that someone used a Trinket in order to accom-
                     plish something, whether it is becoming more powerful, or
                     getting out of some form of Crowd Control.

  TUF                The Unstoppable Force. It's a two-handed mace that you can
                     purchase once reaching the Exalted reputation status with
                     your respective faction from Alterac Valley.

  TwiHi              Twilight Highlands. (Zone)

  Twink              This is a term for a low-level character controlled by a
                     person with knowledge of the game. They typically deck the
                     character out in the best gear for that level despite any
                     costs and such. Twinks are then taken into Battlegrounds
                     to completely destroy other, normal players.

  TY/ty              Thank You. This shouldn't require an explaination....

  UB                 Under Bog. (Instance)

  UBRS               Upper-Backrock Spire. (Instance)

  UC                 Undercity. (City)

  UD                 Undead.

  UD (2)             While this also stands for Undead, it may mean the Undead
                     side of the mid-level instance, Stratholme. There are two
                     sides, "Scarlet" (see "Scarlet" above) and the "Undead" or
                     "Baron" side.

  UK                 Utgarde Keep. (Instance)

  Uld                Short for "Ulduar". (Raid)

  Ulda               Short for "Uldaman". (Instance)

  V&T                Valiona and Theralion, a 2-boss fight in Bastion of Twi-
                     light, a raid instance.

  Vanilla            When someone refers to "vanilla", they mean World of War-
                     craft before any expansions. This is likely because it is
                     the original, like vanilla flavoring, nothing added.

  Vault              Short for "Vault of Archavon". (Raid)

  VC                 VanCleef. (Boss in Deadmines)

  Vent               Short for "Ventrilo", a third-party external program that
                     players often use to vocally communicate with others who
                     have joined their vent server. Being able to communicate
                     instantly via voice versus typing something out and hoping
                     players pay attention to chat is a vital part of high-end

  VH                 Violet Hold. (Instance)

  VoA                Vault of Archavon. (Raid)

  VP                 Valor Points. You earn these for completing certain PvE-
                     related accomplishments, such as killing raid bosses. You
                     can spend Valor Points on raid-equivalent epic gear.

  WC                 Wailing Caverns. (Instance)

  WF                 Westfall. (Zone)

  WG                 Wintergrasp. (Zone)

  WHS                Wildhammer Stronghold. (Town)

  WoTF               Will of The Forsaken, a racial ability of Undead players.

  WotLK              Wrath of the Lich King. This is the 2nd WoW expansion.

  WoW                World of Warcraft.

  Wrath              Wrath of the Lich King. This is the 2nd WoW expansion.

  WSG                Warsong Gulch. This is one of the game's Battlegrounds.

  WTB                Want To Buy. This is followed by the name of an item, wea-
                     pon, etc, that the person who said it wants to purchase
                     from another player. For example... "WTB Copper Bars!"

  WTF                What The F***. This is a question, exactly like, "what
                     the hell?!", but with the F-word instead.

  WTS                Want To Sell. This is followed by the name of an item,
                     weapon, etc, that the person who said it wants to sell to
                     another player. It is also sometimes followed by a price
                     at which the person wants to sell the item at. For exam-
                     ple... "WTS Copper Bars, 15 silver!"

  WTT                Want To Trade. This is the same as WTB and WTS, except a
                     person wants to trade one item for another, or even in
                     some cases, accounts.

  XD                 If you look at this sideways, it resembles a smiling face
                     with squinted eyes, indicating that a player found some-
                     thing amusing or funny.

  XP                 See "Experience" above.

  ZA                 Zul'Aman. (Instance)

  Zangar             Short for "Zangarmarsh", one of the zones in Outland.

  ZD                 Zul'Drak. (Instance)

  Zerg               This is a term drawn from the game, Starcraft, where a
                     enemy was the "Zergling". The strategy they had or used or
                     whatever was to get a ton of them and rush a single place
                     all at the same time and take it with sheer size and num-
                     bers. When a player in WoW says to zerg something, they
                     mean for everyone to rush it and take it or kill it.

  ZF                 Zul'Farrak. (Instance)

  ZG                 Zul'Gurub. (Instance)


| Section VI. - Credits |

I'd like to thank a few sources who inevitably helped me write this guide. They
are as follows:

1. GameFAQs for posting (hopefully) this guide on their site.

2. The GameFAQs user, "Moonknlght" for reminding me about Flight Path and sev-
   eral popular spells such as Fort and MotW, as well as Gadgetzan and OMW.

3. The GameFAQs user, "Saph777" for reminding me about Sentinel Hill.

4. The GameFAQs user, "game freakozoid" for reminding me about UD/Baron, LBRS,
   UBRS, Nef, and Mats.

5. The GameFAQs user, "Takizawa_Kun" for reminding me about FTW and FTL.

6. The GameFAQs user, "NsM Comatosis" for reminding me about Farm, Lowbie, MS,
   Imp, Gank, Tribute, Princess, Ninja, DE, Lock, all the Alterac Valley
   Graveyard abbreviations, Pat, AR, IBS, and TUF.

7. The GameFAQs user, "SKIzlude" for reminding me about BoE and BoP.

8. The GameFAQs user, "Major Gamer" for reminding me about Screenshot and Soul-
   stone, as well as Feign Death and Main Assist.

9. The GameFAQs user, "Slash585" for reminding me about Sap and DKP.

10. The GameFAQs user, "DooD 01" for reminding me about Crit and Proc.

11. The GameFAQs user, "AbeOfZanarkand729", for reminding me about the Thorium

12. The GameFAQs user, "Pieke Okata", for reminding me that hunters gain AP
    from Agility as well, and that Agility adds 2 Ranged Attack Power.

13. The GameFAQs user, "EliteMob", for reminding me about Baron runs.

14. The GameFAQs user, "SoloSaint", for reminding me that Fairie Fire prevents
    a target from Stealthing/Vanishing as well.

15. The GameFAQs user, "Seant017", for reminding me about EPL, WPL, and SS.

16. The GameFAQs user, "Phoenix Firebird", for telling me that Europe gets its
    maintenance and Honor calculated on Wednesdays, not Tuesdays.

17. The GameFAQs user, "LuniNutz99", for reminding me about Gift of the Wild
    and correcting a typo in FTL.

18. The GameFAQs user, "sabbath19pantera", for correctly my defintion of IBS.

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38. The GameFAQs user, "Maota", for fixing my Azjol-Nerub typo and seeing that
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43. An email from "Laura H." for pointing out an error with "Attack Power"
    information since I last updated.

##. Blizzard, for it was their Game Manual for this game that reminded me of a
    few things I forgot.

##. Blizzard, for making such an awesome game!


This Guide has been brought to you by:

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            PPPPPP   HH   HH      A      N     N  TTTTTTT  OOOOOOO   MMMMMMM
            P    PP   H   H      A A     N N   N     T     O     O   M  M  M
            PPPPPP    HHHHH     AAAAA    N  N  N     T     O     O   M  M  M
            P         H   H    A     A   N   N N     T     O     O   M  M  M
            P        HH   HH  AA     AA  N     N    TTT    OOOOOOO  MM  M  MM

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