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Human Guide by Shadow Chocobo

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 12/17/03

Warcraft III:  The Frozen Throne

Human In-Depth FAQs

Version History (Updates)
Version 1.0
Started Guide on 12/9/03

Version 1.1
Added Human Units section on 12/10/03

Version 1.2
Completed Human Units section on 12/11/03

Version 1.3
Finished Human Units and began Human Buildings on 12/13/03

tes From Shadow Chocobo
d attempt at a FAQs so I'm still pretty new.  All of this info is, in my
opinion, very detailed and specific.  All of this comes from hours and hours
playing (pathetic I know) but I guess that's good news for all of you that read
this.  All suggestions can be sent to bigfish_littlefish15@hotmail.com.  If you
would like me to add something just email me.

ble of Contents
1.  Introduction to the Humans
2.  Human Advantages
3.  Human Heroes
4.  Human Units
5.  Human Strategies
6.  FAQ
7.  Legal Stuff

Introduction to the Humans
All of this section comes from personal experience.  The Humans are the most
well-rounded race in Warcraft III:  The Frozen Throne.  They are a good mix of
melee, anti-air, and siege.  The human magic boosts offense as well as defense,
giving them extraordinary combinations in battle.

As far as heroes go, Humans again have the most well-rounded kinds.  If your a
magic lover, defensive player, or all out offensive, you'll find a hero to your
liking.  It's not uncommon for a human player to have many groups with a
specific hero for each.

One thing i've noticed, is that the humans are a little better at rushing then
countering.  You can easily make 5 footmen with defend take out an early Night
Elf base...bringing backup of course.  Countering isn't as easy because human
units just aren't as durable as those of other races.

Human Advantages
Here i'll quickly discuss the distinct advantages the Humans have over the other
3 races.

Peasant Militia - I personally favor the militia to the other races defenses
because they can add up to a few decent attack units in a very quick amount of
time.  These few units can be the difference between stopping their attack and
losing.  As soon as they're done with business, they can go right back to

Cooperative Building - One of the Human Exclusives is also my favorite.  By
having 1 or more EXTRA peasants repair a structure being built, speeds up the
building process considerably.

Sturdy Construction - All Human buildings can have their armor and HP upgraded
at the Lumber Mill with the Improved Masonry technologies.

Improved Lumber Harvesting - Also at the Lumber Mill, you can research upgrades
to increase the wood-carrying capacity of the peasants, which speeds up

Humans have best magic IMO - Invisibility, being one,  if used correctly can be
an awesome tool when paired with an Archmage with Teleport.

Human footmen are amazing against the Night Elf due to their Defend ability.

3.  Human Heroes
Here I will discuss the four Human Heroes.


The Paladin is the defensive hero.  Great for early rushes and as first or
second hero.  Don't bother getting this late in the game because by that time
level 1 Devotion Aura won't be too impressive.

Starting Stats:

Attack (Ground/Air) : 24-34/None
Armor:  4
Strength:  22
Agility: 13
Intelligence:  17
Hit Points:  650
Mana:  255

**Spells and Abilities**

Holy Light - Heals friendly units or damages undead unit.  Cannot be caste on
himself.  Best used by selecting target from your subgroup.  Great for healing
damaged Knights, since their defense and hp are sky-high anyway.  Good against
undead heroes.

Devotion Aura - Adds armor to nearby friendly units.  Try to keep all your units
close together to get the full benefit.  Divine Shield is perfect for the
Paladin to prevent him from being focus fired while his aura is at work.

Divine Shield - The Paladin becomes immune to all damage for a set amount of
time.  Handy for running away from losing battles or keeping your devotion aura

Resurrection (Ultimate) - Brings 6 dead friendly units back to life.  A great
ability, giving you 6 free units.  Allied units that are resurrected go back to
their control.


A magic using hero.  Boosts other allied casters with Brilliance Aura.  The most
annoying hero rush unit.  Water Elementals make great backup units and blizzard
can turn the tide of battle if placed well.

Starting Stats

Attack (Ground/Air):  21-27
Armor:  3
Strength:  14
Agility:  17
Intelligence:  19
Hit Points:  450
Mana:  285

**Spells and Abilities**
Blizzard - Summons a wave of ice to crash down on opponents.  Area-Effect damage
meaning allies can be hit too.  Blizzard on enemy casters do wonders however
against units with magic immunity, such as dryads, don't bother.  Great for hero
rushing against enemy workers.

Summon Water Elemental - This spell creates a very tough water elemental.  This
unit can be used to attack or defense, depending on the situation.  The higher
the level the more hp and attack the WE gains.

Brilliance Aura - Additional mana regeneration to nearby friendly units.  In
essence, bring casters and they'll hardly ever run out of magic.  Effects the
Archmage as well.

Mass Teleport (Ultimate) - Teleports 24 of the players nearby units including
archmage to friendly ground unit or structure.  Short cooldown makes this one of
my favorite abilities.  Have an invisible unit go inside an enemy base..mass
teleport...Yay!  Or if you want to add a humor element, send in a mechanical
critter.  They'll never know what hit them.

<=Mountain King=>

The Offensive hero.  Has attacks that stun and paralyze enemies.  Great for
stunning enemy heroes.

Starting Stats

Attack (Ground/Air):  26-36/None
Armor:  2
Strength:  24
Agility:  11
Intelligence:  15
Hit Points:  700
Mana:  225

**Skills and Abilities**
Storm Bolt - Throw a hammer with tremendous force, damaging and stunning the
target.  Can interrupt spells that require spell channeling.  Use on tier 3
enemies like tauren and frost wyrms as well as enemy heroes.  This is a great
hero killer!!!  It also gives limited anti-air capabilities to the Mountain

Thunder Clap - Damages and slows all nearby enemy units.  Great when surrounded.
Affects ground units only.

Bash (Passive) - Gives a chance that the Mountain King's attack do 25 bonus
damage and 2 second stun capabilities.  Not my favorite ability so I recommend
getting it last.

Avatar (Ultimate) - Temporarily grants the Mountain King 5 bonus armor, 500
bonus hp, 20 bonus damage, and spell immunity.  Become a one-man army with this
spell.  An excellent meat shield, especially paired with Holy Light.

<=Blood Mage=>

Adept at controlling magic and ranged assaults.  Another mage hero, the Blood
Mage specializes in Fire spells and siphoning magic from other units.

Starting Stats

Attack (ground/air) - 21/27
Armor - 3
Strength - 18
Agility - 16
Intelligence - 19
Hit Points - 500
Mana - 285

**Skills and Abilities**
Flame Strike - Conjure a pillar of flame to deal area-wide damage to ground
units.  Also used to destroy trees, which is useful for expanding and surprise
assaults.  Great for harassing enemy miners in early game.

Banish - Turns one unit ethereal and slows speed by 50% for 40 seconds.  The
units effected cannot attack but can cast spells.  Magic attack and spell
damage deal 66% more damage to ethereal units.  Cast on tier-3 units like
Knights and Tauren to prevent them from attacking.

Siphon Mana - Takes mana from the targeted unit and gives it to the Blood Mage.
Useful for gaining mana when you are out or draining an enemy mage such as an
Archmage or Keeper of the Grove.

Phoenix (Ultimate) - Summons a powerful Phoenix.  Has a permanent immolation
aura that damages surrounding units and itself.  Other abilities include Spell
Immunity and Resistant Skin.  When a phoenix dies, an egg appears that will
hatch a new one.  Creating a new phoenix will destroy the old one.

Human Units
Here I will discuss the various units and how to use them most effectively.

Peasant - Peasants are the workers of the Humans.  They mine gold as well as
gather lumber.  Peasants have the ability to build cooperatively.  If you tell
other peasants to repair a building that's being built, it will drastically
speed up production time depending on number of additional peasants.
Cooperative building has a drawback, it does consume more resources.  Peasants
alone are not good attacking units, however, they can be converted to the much
more durable Militia by use of Call to Arms in the Town Hall.

Militia - Militia are peasants that have answered the Call to Arms.  Much more
durable then peasants, making them very useful for base defense.  Militia
actually have a huge number of different uses.  Uses include scouting since they
have a much higher speed and defense then peasants, base defense obviously,
creeping gold mines, even rushes!  I will discuss a Militia rush in the
strategies section.

Footmen - Basic attack unit of the Humans.  While basic and cheap to produce,
they provide an EXCELLENT defense against ranged units using their Defend
ability.  Eventually you'll want to focus on Knights rather then footmen but
they are still invaluable to have.  In early game Human players should be LOTS
of footmen, because grunts and huntresses will shred them apart.  Be sure to
turn off defend when its not in use because it slows the footmen's movement.

Riflemen - The basic anti-air unit of the Humans.  The Long Rifle upgrade, which
increases range, is a must have.  Focus Fire is an important skill with rifle
men, as well as most ranged units.  Having a meat shield composed of footmen
will keep your Riflemen out of danger while they dish out the pain.  If you see
your opponent massing air, rifles can't be beat.

Knight - Extremely fast and powerful.  Research Animal War Training to increase
their hit points.  I prefer using a Paladin with a group of Knights.  Devotion
armor boosts their already high defense while Holy Light brings them back from
the brink of death.  As good as it sounds.. DO NOT mass Knights.  I've seen my
teammates do it against my wishes and they just die against enemy casters.

Priest - Priests have one of the most important abilities, inner fire.  Inner
fire works like bloodlust, it raises unit stats dramatically  Dispell Magic is
great against enemy summoned units.  Healing, obviously, is just a good skill to
have.  Know when to switch from Inner fire to Healing.  Make sure to research
Adept and Master Training.  They increase abilities available and increase mana
capacity and regeneration.

Sorceress - These amazing casters control the must humiliating spell, polymorph.
I can't go into enough detail of the responses of my opponents when I polymorph
their entire group of Frost Wyrms or Chimeras.  Polymorph turns the target into
a sheep, with the same armor and hit points, but its not allowed to attack or
cast spells or do pretty much anything.  Amazing against Tauren, Abominations,
Druid of the Claws, and Knights.  Invisibility is useful in conjunction with
other abilities, such as Mass Teleport.  Slow is a great autocast spell too.  A
few sorceresses can slow an entire army.  Remember to research Adept and Master
Training.  Build more then one Arcane Sanctum so you can quickly build a group
of sorceresses and priests while upgrading.

Spell Breakers - Ironically, these are an anti-spellcaster spellcaster.  They
have Magic Immunity so they do not have to worry about Blizzard and other
similar attacks.  Spell Steal steals positive buffs from enemies and applies it
to friend units, or does the opposite to negative buffs on your units.  Control
Magic lets you take over that pesky Water Elemental.  It's passive ability,
Feedback, allows it to attack taking mana and hit points.

Flying Machines - I was not a big fan of these until my friend showed me their
true uses....scouting and attacking air.  I had no idea they were so great
against air until I saw them in action.  Flying Machines can detect invisible
units with their passive, True Sight.  Flying Machines can attack ground units
with the right ability, Flying Machine Bombs.  The Flak Cannons ability upgrades
the weapons of the Flying Machines to give them area effect damage against air

Mortar Team - Essentially a base siege unit.  Best at taking out buildings.  A
Mortar Team can even clear away the trees blocking an expansion.  When using
these, watch out for your own units, which can be damaged as well.
This unit has the ability Flare, which reveals a portion of the map for 15
seconds, revealing invisible units as well.  The Mortar Teams passive ability,
Fragmentation Shards, upgrades the mortar shells increasing their area effect

Siege Engine - Siege units used in attacking buildings.  Easily sending 6 of
these secretly to the enemies base can destroy it in a minute.  Very high armor
also helps them.  With the passive ability Barrage, Siege Engines can also take
out enemy air units.  Upgrading the strength and defense of this unit is a must.

Gryphon Rider - The main air unit of the humans.  Used as support for other
troops.  Always pair up gryphons with other units such as footmen, to take out
enemy anti-air units.  Their passive ability, Storm Hammers, allows their
hammers to strike through their target to the next opponent, dealing damage to
both.  Do not mass Gryphon Riders if your opponent is massing anti-air units
such as archers or Crypt Fiends.

Dragonhawk Riders - The only reason I build these is if the enemy is building a
lot of towers.  Their Cloud ability takes enemy towers out of the game for a
period of time.  This ability is invaluable.  Their other ability, Aerial
Shackles, stops an enemy air unit while it takes 30 damage per second.

5.  Human Strategies

Here I'll just name a few strategies that I've been using successfully.

Water Elemental Rush - Cheap pansy kinda thing but extremely useful.  WE can
take quite a lot of damage so they can stay alive harassing enemy workers for a
long time.  Just build an Archmage with WE as fast as you can, bring him to the
enemy base, and summon one.  Drop back if your taking any damage and pop back in
once in awhile to make another WE.  While they are focusing on defending their
base, you can slowly create an army of footmen/riflemen.  Make sure you research
Defend and bring them in to wreck havoc.  This strategy works more in 1v1 games.

Steam Tank (Siege Engine) Rush - This is amazingly difficult to pull off but
I've won a game or two with it.  It's simple, quick tech to Steam Tanks while
harassing with your Archmage and Blizzard.  Upgrades the Steam Tanks armor and
power then bring them into an enemy base.  Your opponent will probably be
surprised but they shouldn't last long with 6-8 Siege Tanks in their base.  Very
risky but rewarding.

Mass Casters - This strategy is for use only in modes other then 1v1 with any
other race as a partner except Night Elf.  Suppose you have an orc teammate who
massing grunts and headhunters.  If you mass Sorceresses, Priests, and Spell
Breakers, the other army will barely be able to touch them.  Sorceresses slow
the enemy, Priests raise the orcs already sky high power with Inner Fire and
then Heal, while spell breaker can counter any annoying enemy casters.  This is
a popular strategy.

Email Me questions and I'll answer them here.  The guides not posted yet so I
have none..hehe.

Legal Stuff
You can use stuff like the hero stats blah blah but do not take anything else
without permission yada yada.  Um...yea..Also if you have anything to say at all
email me at bigfish_littlefish15@hotmail.com

Copyright 2003(c)  Shadow Chocobo

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