Game Trivia

  • Halo was originally conceived as a Real-Time Strategy game, but it made it to shelves as a First-Person Shooter, probably because its plot and factions coupled with its genre would have made it too similar to RTS heavyweight Starcraft. Also, the developers changed genres because they decided they wanted to play as the soldiers. Initially Halo was a third person shooter for Macs (which can be seen in early videos and screenshots) but became a first person shooter when Bungie was purchased by Microsoft.

    Contributed By: ZeoKnight.


Famous Quote

  • Cortana: A dozen Covenant superior battleships against a single Halcyon-class cruiser. With those odds, I'm content with three... make that four kills. Sleep well?
    Master Chief: No thanks to your driving, yes.
    Cortana: So you did miss me.

    Contributed By: ironyisntdead.


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