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The M4 Sherman and the M18 Hellcat. The Tigers of the Reich. These tar rocked Europe from D-Day to the fall of Berlin. Inside one of these steel beasts, you'll feel the same gut-wrenching tension WW II tank commanders experienced.

This is Real Heavy Metal!
Command your combined armed forces as they fight over the expanses of a World War II battlefield. Or, jump into any tank for a first person, close range firefight where the action is fast and deadly.

You're in Charge!
Control a single platoon, a company or an entire battalion with complete operational command. Become part of legendary units like the America 4th, 7th or 10th Armored Divisions - or the German 11th, 116th or Panzer Lehr Divisions. You choose.

Hell on Wheels!
Startling 3-D graphics and detailed in-tank controls bring these armored juggernauts to life. An advanced topographical system lets you experience every jarring shock as you smash across Western Europe's war-to-landscape. Follow your unit in historically accurate combat scenarios.

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