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Money Man
Accumulate $10,000 in cold hard cash
Build three California cities
Build five California cities
Land Baron
Build 10 California cities
Build 15 California cities
Build 20 California cities
Civic Leader
Construct a sheriff, fire brigade, saloon, school, church and jail in the same town.
Miner 49er
Build eight or more mines of any type on the same map.
Agricultural Aristocrat
Build 10 or more farms of any type on one map.
Booze Baron
Build at least six breweries, distilleries or wineries on one map.
Camp Captain
Build five or more hunting or logging camps on the same map.
Village Founder
Attract 50 residents to your town.
Town Threshold
Build a town that attracts at least 100 residents.
City Chartered
Build a a city that attracts at least 200 residents.
Master Mayor
Create a town that attracts at least 300 residents.
Prepared Prospector
Stockpile 1,000 units of gold in your depot. Just in case you need it.
Mayor of San Francisco
Complete the public office commission in the San Francisco scenario.
Big House
Complete the grand mansion commission in the San Francisco scenario.
Complete the Dayton scenario in Nevada
Washoe City
Complete the Washoe City scenario in Nevada
Silver City
Complete the Silver City scenario in Nevada
Gold Hill
Complete the Gold Hill scenario in Nevada
Virginia City
Complete the Virginia City scenario in Nevada
Carson City
Complete the Carson City scenario in Nevada
Virginia and Truckee Railroad
Complete the Virginia and Truckee Railroad
Nevada Capitol Building
Build the Nevada State Capitol
Governor of Nevada
Complete the Governor quest in Carson City
Deep Mine
Complete the deep mine in Carson City

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