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Scuba Diver
Spend 600 seconds under water.
Design one level in the Level Editor.
Exterminate 10 Ratoids by using Exploding Bricks.
Exterminate 10 Ratoids by leading them into Acid Obstacles.
Exterminate 10 Ratoids by smashing them with Tetromino Bricks.
Exterminate 10 Ratoids by using Electric Bricks.
Exterminate 50 Ratoids.
Destroy 100 Tetromino Bricks by using Bombs.
Gold Digger Enthusiast
Earn 40 golden cogs by completing 40 levels with a Perfect score.
Gold Digger Expert
Earn 80 golden cogs by completing all the levels with a Perfect score.
Complete all 80 levels.
Collect all Anima Shards.
Anima Shard
Unlock Anima Shards feature.
Brick Bomb
Unlock Brick Bomb feature.
Unlock Ratoid feature.
Jelly Brick
Unlock Jelly Brick feature.
Water Obstacle
Unlock Water Obstacle feature.
Crumbling Brick
Unlock Crumbling Brick feature.
Exploding Brick
Unlock Exploding Brick feature.
Electric Brick
Unlock Electric Brick feature.
Acid Obstacle
Unlock Acid Obstacle feature.
Indestructible Brick
Unlock Indestructible Brick feature.
Moving Brick
Unlock Moving Brick feature.

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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