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Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by starlin17

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/26/14


                   Diablo III - Reaper of Souls Walkthrough
                                 For the PC
                      Guide by Starlin (Matthew Pumphrey)
                                 Version 1.0
               Contact the author via e-mail: mtp1717@yahoo.com
               This guide is Copyright (c)2014 Matthew Pumphrey


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Table of Contents

I... Introduction...........................[01.Intr]
II.. Walkthrough - Act V....................[02.Act5]
  A. The Fall of Westmarch
  B. Souls of the Dead
  C. The Harbinger
  D. The Witch
  E. The Pandemonium Gate
  F. The Battlefields of Eternity
  G. Breaching the Fortress
  H. Angel of Death


Chapter I - Introduction - [01.Intr]


Welcome to Diablo III Reaper of Souls.  As always with my FAQs, this will be a
straight forward walkthrough of the story mode of the expansion pack to 
Diablo III.  If no one else creates a FAQ for Crafting, Achievements, and other
portions I may add them here or create seperate FAQs for them, but this here is
a pure  Walkthrough.  I won't be going over class mechanics, min/maxing your 
skills, maximining gear and stat outputs.  There are still people strategizing
over Diablo II.  I expect the majority of people who read this FAQ will either
not own the game and be curious as to the story/gameplay or know the game but 
get stuck at single points and look for a way out.  For this reason I have
tried to avoid going over story details, but reader beware!  Even just reading
each of the Quests Objectives will expose you to Spoilers.  I hope you find
everything you're looking for here.  Enjoy the game and good luck!


Chapter II - Walkthrough - Act V - [02.Act5]


Act V begins with you just entering the Westmarch Overlook.  You'll have no 
quest when the act begins.  Move forward to the fighting NPC to begin the first
quest of Act V.

 - Quest 1 - The Fall of Westmarch

.....Enter Westmarch
.....Find the Zakarum Cathedral
.....Defend the Zakarum Cathedral
.....Talk to Tyrael
.....Search the Zakarum Cathedral
.....Kill Kasadya
.....Talk to Tyrael
.....Leave the Zakarum Cathedral


.....Westmarch Overlook
Lesser Soul Seeker

.....The Wolf Gate
Revenant Soldier
Summoned Shield Guard
Summoned Soldier

.....Moldering Waterway
Sewer Serpant
Revenant Soldier

.....Streets of Westhmarch
Revenant Soldier
Shadow of Death
Revenant Archer
Revenant Shield Guard

Move forward to meet Lorath Nar.  After clearing the small force attacking him,
make your way northwest to enter the Wolf Gate.  Move down the hall until the
main gates block your way.  Head through the side gates searching for the Sewer
Grate.  Go through the sewers until you reach the villagers.  Talk to the 
villagers before heading out into the streets.  Follow the streets heading for
the Cathedral.  Once you approach it, slay the forces you find outside the
Cathedral.  Once the way is clear, Tyrael will approach.  Speak with him to
learn what drives the attacks.  Follow the guards into the Cathedral.  Move
forward to find Kasadya in the Cathedral.  Kasadya is a Unique enemy.  She 
teleports, summons Revenants, and drops flame on the ground in globs.  She
should be a difficult fight at all.  Once she is defeated, talk again to
Tyrael.  After talking to Tyrael, head out of the Cathedral the way you came.
Speak with General Torion outside the Cathedral to begin the next quest.

 - Quest 2 - Souls of the Dead

.....Go to Westmarch Commons
.....Find the Soul Crucible in the Gideon's Row
.....Destroy 4 Corpse Piles
.....Kill Drygha
.....Destroy the Soul Crucible
.....Search the Writhing Corpse Pile
.....Talk to Myriam the Mystic
.....Go to Briarthorn Cemetery
.....Find the Master Soul Crucible in Nobles' Rest Courtyard
.....Destroy 6 COrpse Piles
.....Kill Catharis
.....Destroy the Master Soul Crucible
.....Talk to Myriam
.....Return to the Survivors' Enclave


.....Westmarch Commons
Revenant Archer
Summoned Soldier
Summoned Shield Guard
Death Maiden
Summoner of the Dead

.....Briarthorn Cemetery
Swift Fleshripper
Ghastly Seraph
Corpse Raiser
Vile Bat
Canine Bones

You now have freedom to safely roam the Survivors' Enclave.  Once you have 
familiarized yourself with the area, left the Enclave heading towards the
Westmarch Commons.  Explore the Commons looking for the entrance to Gideon's 
Row.  Once you are close, a Yellow arrow will appear on your mini map leading
you towards the entrance.  Follow the main path in Gideon's Row until you reach
the Soul Crucible.  The Maiden here is using four Corpse Piles to charge the
Crucible.  Destroy these four corpse piles to force Drygha to attack you.  
Once Drygha is defeated, search the corpse pile to the northwest.  Continue 
through Gideon's Row until you reach the exit to the north that leads to the
Briarthorn Cemetery.

The Briarthorn Cemetery is just a stepping stone to the Nobles' Rest Courtyard.
Make your way through the Briarthorn Cemetery killing everything in sight until
you find the entrance to the courtyard.  The courtyard is much like Gideon's 
Row.  Walk the direct path to reach the next Soul Crucible.  This time you will
have to destroy six corpse piles to unleash Catharis' rage.  Once Catharis is
slain, talk to Myriam.  After speaking with Myriam, use your town portal to 
return to the Survivors' Enclave, thus finishing this quest.

 - Quest 3 - The Harbinger

.....Enter Westmarch Heights
.....Find the Tower of Korelan
  ...Bonus: Kill 3 Maidens of Flame
.....Kill Urzael
.....Talk to Mathael
.....Return to the Survivors' Enclave
.....Talk to Tyrael


.....Westmarch Heights
Revenant Soldier
Ghastly Seraph
Revenant Archer
Revenant Shield Guard
Vicious Hound
Hound Pack Leader
Maiden of Flame

Back at the Survivors' Enclave, find Tyrael outside the Cathedral.  Speak to
him to begin the third quest.  Make your way to the northwest to teach the 
entrance to Westmarch Heights.  While exploring Westmarch Heights searching for
the entrance to the Tower of Korelan, keep an eye out for the unique enemies
name Maiden of Flame.  Kill three of these before entering the tower for a 
quest bonus.  Once you find the tower, enter to continue the mission.  Move up
the first few flights of stairs to find Urzael waiting for you.

* Urzael *

Urzael will not be a very difficult boss to defeat.  He is not very
maneuverable, nor does his attacks require much maneuverability.  Whenever you
see Urzael pause his attacks as a red ring appears on the ground you'll know
he's about to leap.  He'll land in the middle of the red circle.  When he aims
his blazing cannon at the ceiling, debris will begin to fall.  Avoid the
outlines on the ground as the debris drops.  When the cannon starts to burn 
from the tip, expect a flaming cannon shot to shoot from it.  After taking
some damage, Urzael adds a few attacks to the mix.  You'll know the difference
because his cannon chanes more into a flaming dragon stick.  He'll still have 
his previous moves, but the debris will fall as beams instead of a ring.  He'll
also do sweeping fire attacks that are hard to avoid if you are too close to

Once Urzael is defeated, Malthaes will appear.  SPeak with him to further the
story.  Listen to what he has to say.  Once Malthael is finished, use your
Town Portal spell to return to the Survivors' Enclave.  Head towards the 
Cathedral to speak with Tyrael.

 - Quest 4 - The Witch

.....Find the entrance to the Tomb of Rakkis in the Overgrown Ruins
.....Kill the enraged boggits
.....Search for the Nephalem Guidestone in the Blood Marsh
.....Use the Nephalem Guidestone in the Blood Marsh
.....Use the Nepalem Guidestone to find the passage to the Ruins of Corvus
.....Enter the "correct" passage to the Ruins of Corvus
.....Find the passage to the Ruins of Corvus
.....Find the entrance to the Great Hall
.....Enter the Great Hall
.....Kill Adria
.....Talk to Lorath Nahr
.....Talk to Tyrael in the Survivors' Enclave


.....Overgrown Ruins
Tusked Bogan

.....Blood Marsh
Tusked Bogan
Shrieking Terror
Bogan Trapper
Diseased Bogan

.....Paths of the Drowned
Tusked Bogan
Shrieking Terror
Bogan Trapper
Bogan Tower
Maggot Brood

.....The Passage to Corvus
Flesh Gorger
Enraged Phantasm
Vengeful Phantasm
Flesh Hurler

.....Ruins to Corvus
Flesh Shaman
Flesh Gorger
Flesh Hurler
Vengeful Phantasm

Speak to Myriam near the center of the enclave.  Move next to the southeast. 
The entrance to the Overgrown Ruins is here.  Enter the ruins following the
yellow ring.  Follow the fairly straight path until you reach the entrance to
the Tomb.  You'll then need to fend off pack after pack of Boggits.  Move 
through the guidestone to the north to reach the entrance to the Blood Marsh.

Explore the Blood Marsh until you find the Guidestone.  The entrance to the 
area with the guidestone will resemble the stone gate from the previous area.  
Open the guidestone to enter the area.  Touch the guidestone to interact with
it.  This will eliminate one of the passages as a choice to reach the ruins.
Beyond the guidestone is another stone gate.  Travel through it to reach the
Paths of the Drowned.  Here you will find two more guidestones in the area.  
Touching all three will eliminate three of the four choices.  You should now 
know exactly which passage leads where.  The Passage to Corvus should now
appear on your mini map.  If not, continue to search the Paths of the Drowned
until it shows up.

The Passage to Corvus will be an exploration map only.  Search the area until
you find the path leading down underground to the Ruins of Corvus.  The Ruins
of Corvus is another exploration only map.  Make your way through the ruins
until you find the entrance to The Great Hall.  As soon as you enter the hall,
you'll face Adria.  A cut scene will ensue before the battle.

* Adria *

Adria has a few basic attacks that she uses throughout the battle.  Firstly, 
when Adria pulls in on herself she will be teleporting away.  She will melee
attack you with her wings.  One wing or the other will rear back and glow.  
This is the time to move out of melee range.  Adria has an arcane based
Desecrator attack.  Small circles of arcane power appear on the ground.  Avoid
these to avoid the additional arcane damage.  When Adria approaches the pool
of blood, small blood globules will appear.  When you step on them, pools of
blood fill a small circle.  Standing in these pools will deal damage.

Once Adria is defeated, speak to Lorath Nahr who appears nearby.  Use your Town
Portal to return to the Survivors' Enclave.  Speak to Tyrael by the Cathedral
to complete this quest.

 - Quest 5 - The Pandemonium Gate

.....Go to the Pandemonium Gate
.....Kill Lamial and the reapers
.....Talk to Imperius
.....Go to the Path of War


.....Pandemonium Gate
Summoned Archers
Summoner of the Destruction

After speaking with Tyrael at the end of "The Witch," step through the newly
created nearby portal to reach Pandemonium.  Tyrael will be shocked by what he
sees.  Move north to engage the Lamial and her reapers.  Once the area is
clear, Imperius will arrive.  Speak to Imperius and follow him through the 
portal to the Path of War.  Once you arrive on the other side of the portal
the next quest begins.

 - Quest 6 - The Battlefields of Eternity

.....Find Imperius
.....Go to the Abandoned Siege Camp
.....Retrieve the Siege Rune
.....Talk to Imperius
.....Retrieve two Siege Runes from the Battlefields of Eternity
.....Find the entrance to the Ram in the Siege Outpost
.....Kill Thilor
.....Talk to Tyrael


.....Gardens of Hope 1st Tier
Demon Trooper
Warscarred Ravager
Warscarred Marauder
Banished Firewing
Warscarred Footsoldier

.....Battlefields of Eternity
Primordial scavenger
Scouring Charger
Scouring Lobber
Scavaging Tunneler
Barbed Lurker
Timelost Murauder
Winged Talus

.....The Siege Outpost
Warscarred Marauder
Warscarred Footsoldier

Walk north along the single path until you reach Imperius.  After he speaks to
you, continue north to the siege camp.  Make your way along the paths.  As 
ways become blocked, Imperius will arrive to clear the way for you.  At one
such blockade, a siege rune will drop.  Imperius will instruct you to take it.
After taking the rune, the way will open.  Move north until you once again
reach Imperius.  There will be a short cut scene with your next purpose.  Once
it is complete, move to the west to the portal that leads to the Battlefields 
of Eternity.  

Make your way through the battlefields.  Follow the yellow arrow on your mini
map to find the two trapped demon lords.  Slay their fiends when you release
them in order to claim their Siege Rune.  Once you have done this twice, make
your way to the entrance to the the Siege Outpost.  This will appear on your
mini map as a yellow arrow leading you to the next area.  Move north to engage
Thilor.  Once he has been defeated, speak to Tyrael nearby.  This will both
end this quest and begin the next quest.

 - Quest 7 - Breaching the Fortress

.....Board the Ram
.....Breach the fortress gate
.....Kill Mordrath and destroy the Siege Hooks
.....Destroy the fortress gate
.....Enter the Pandemonium Fortress


.....The Ram
Winged Assassin
Vengeful Seraph

Once you are on the ram, enemies will board it.  Slay them all including their
Unique leader.  Once you do, the ram rears back and slams into the gate 
destroying it.  Make your way into the Pandemonium Fortress.

 - Quest 8 - Angel of Death

.....Talk to Tyrael
.....Go to the Spirit Wall
.....Find the Soul Prison in Pandemonium Fortress Level 2
.....Kill Guardian Seraziel
.....Destroy the Soul Prison chain
.....Find Malthael
.....Kill Malthael
.....Talk to Tyrael


.....Pandemonium Fortress level 1
Shock Tower
Winged Assassin

.....Pandemonium Fortress level 2
Winged Assassin
Shock Tower
Vengeful Seraph

Walk north following Tyrael.  Speak to him when he stops.  Follow the main
path in the first level of the Fortress.  Speak to the Guardian at the Spirit
Wall to continue the mission.  Move towards the death gate for a cut scene.
Use the death gate to enter the demon controlled portion of the Pandemonium
Fortress.  The first level is just an exploratory level.  Clear your way to 
the stairs leading down to the second level.  Once there, make your way down
the spiraling stairs to confront Seraziel.  Once he is defeated, destroy the
nearby Soul Prison chain.  The story will progress with you now being able to
confront Malthael.  Move to the next Death Gate.  Clear your way through level
two of the Pandemonium Fortress.  About halfway through, you'll begin to use
Death Gates to traverse the multitude of platforms.  The rest of this level
becomes an exploration level.  Find the path leading down to Pandemonium
Fortress level three.

Walk forward on the third level of the Pandemonium Fortress to find the 
entrance to the Heart of the Fortress.  Make your preperations as this is where
the final battle of Act three takes place.

* Malthael *

Malthael has multiple stages of attacks.  Throughout these stages, some attacks
stay consistant.  Malthael has a basic charge attack that lunges him forward
towards his target while he swings his twin sickles.  Death Fog appears in 
small patches behind Malthael.  These small clouds then begin to move towards
you.  When hit they cause damage and can cause the chill effect slowing you
down.  Malthael will also Teleport to you for a close melee attack or far from
you to perform another charge.  Malthael also has a spinning blade attack.  
This auea forms around him as a beam of blue light.  While standing in melee
range of Malthael during this attack you will take damage.

During the first phase, Malthael will also occasionally move to the center of
the area and perform a Soul Drain attack.  Small souls will radiate outwords in
all directions from Malthael.  Everything seems to move in slow motion as the 
souls themselves move slowly while you are visibly slowed by an effect.  This 
makes this attack somewhat easy to dodge if you stay at the edge of the area.
This phase ends when Malthael reaches 70% health.

During the second phase, Malthael will summon Exocists to his aid.  You can 
save killing them for when you need health as they often drop health orbs. 
Black skulls will slowly circle the area during this phase.  If they hit you a
small amount of damage will be received.  The skulls circle will slowly get
smaller as they aim for the center of the area.  They form up in the center
then fire straight out to the edges of the area.  This phase ends when Malthael
is at 40% health.

During the third and final phase, Malthael adds a few diabloesque attacks.  
When Malthael teleports to the center, he will cast a fire nova sending eight 
fireballs directly to the edges of the area.  Immediately after he performs a
Soul Sweep.  This attack radiates out like a dragon breath attack to both sides
of Malthael.  The only safe area is at twelve o'clock directly behind him.

Once Malthael has been defeated, Tyrael will appear.  Speak to him to complete
the final quest of Act V.  Enjoy the end game cut scene.


This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission.  Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.


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