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The Untouchable
Completed a level without getting hurt
The Honourable Survivor
Has completed the game
The Hardcore Survivor
Completed the game without using any personal emergency teleporters
The Attention Master
Found 75% of secrets generated in one run
Heavy Weapons Engineer
Has made a minigun
Steroid Monster
Has had 150 hitpoints
The Firm Index Finger
Fire 100 or more shots with a 75% or better accuracy during a single level.
The Master Survivor
Completed the game in one run, starting from the first level.
Has been under the influence of ingame legal stimulants more than 50% during a game run
Release Them From Pain
Kill 500 zombies
Release Them From Pain II
Kill 1000 zombies
Release Them From Pain III
Kill 3000 zombies
Death Pudding Matador
Has lured 50 zombies to Teleglitch anomaly.
Bomberman I
Has killed 100 opponents with bombs
Bomberman II
Has killed 500 opponents with bombs
Bomberman III
Has killed 1000 opponents with bombs
Knife Berserker
Has killed a Red Commander war robot with a knife
Straight to the core
Destroy the final boss in less than 10 seconds
Damage Enthusiast
Kill 50 monsters in 5 seconds
Novice Survivor
Survived level 1
Did Not Become Eaten by Plankton
Survived level 2
Living Meat beats Dead Meat
Survived level 3
Reactivated Product Handler
Survived level 4
Meat that Survived the Sawhouse
Survived level 5
Did Not Become Part of Damage Statistics
Survived level 6
Robots did not kill me
Survived level 7
So Far So Good
Survived level 8
Advanced Survivor
Survived level 9
Survived level 10
I know Railgun Physics
Constructed a railgun
Has built 100 items
Survived Heavy Testing
Defeated the main opponents at level 5
Snake killer
Defeated the Heavy Destroyer Snake
Rocket dodger
Defeated main opponent at level 8
Eye for an Eye
Has killed 5 squids with lasers
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Arena 1
Completed the first arena (Secret)
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Arena 2
Completed the second arena (Secret)
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Arena 3
Completed the third arena (Secret)
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Arena 4
Completed the fourth arena (Secret)

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