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by Suikosun

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Suikosun

Version: 0.2 | Updated: 06/16/15

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Hello! This is my first FAQ so please bear with me, and I am playing this with several saves to try and discover what all the options in dialog will do for the game. As I have no previous game save to work with my outcomes will surely be different. If you find something different anywhere, or take an option that I have not described, please let me know about your outcome! Ill be happy to include it and give recognition that is due! I have NOT played previous Witcher Games so I apologise for my ignorance.

During this Walkthrough I will point out points of interest in which to help find treasures that you might be seeking to find, and hopefully gain all the trophys you seek. It is a huge game, and with several saves it may take me a while to get everything posted within my limits of time to play. I welcome any and all feedback!

I hold no claim to the game myself, but I do hold claim on this walkthrough. It is owned by CD Projekt Red Studio and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It may not be reproduced under circumstances except for personal, and private use. It should not be in part shown on any website other than currently being posted on Gamefaqs.com. You can always find the newest update at GameFAQS.com for this guide. I have taken a lot of my free time to build this guide and to abuse it would be in violation to my copyright and my respect. Any adaptations or hosting of this guide otherwise will cause due course of action. Thank you.

Sites allowed to host this Walkthrough:

  • GameFAQS.com
  • Neoseeker.com

I can be messaged at suikosun (at) gmail (dot) com

!!!!Helpful tip!!! Through the game, it does have an auto save, but it only saves during certain points of the quest you are currently on. It's good to hit start and manually save, and often through your first adventure through the game!

I will try and point out as much as I can where I can. First will lead through the primary story line, but I'll also include secondary quests afterwords. There are some secondary quests that can be completed during the main story line and will follow through as optional quest pick up, you can skip these if you're not one that wants to do everything, but the experience and money/items you gain from it can be helpful! Remember, buying/selling and even finding can take time and patience!

Updates and what's Up Next


  • Added a starter Bestiary, got some GWENT card locations added (Merchants who sell), added some Herb find locations, Main story of line up to Hunting a Hunting a Witch and Bloody Barron. Corrected several typos and spelling mistakes. Added in gear found for Feline and Ursine armor/weapons that Ive discovered within the Velen area. (I will include screenshots later on for ones that are harder to find) [VFUF] Feline and Ursine Gear finds
  • Secondary quests for Velen, including the Treasure hunt for Griffon School gear (halfway through looking for it). Novigrad.


  • Prologue and Secondary quests, majority of information for intro included, Gwent Game Play, Some of the Gwent Card locations for buy in White Orchard.
  • Up next, more of the main story line of Velen and secondary quests. Hope to add a starter Bestiary.


There are a variety of characters throughout Witcher 3, I will try and list most but our main characters include:

Geralt of Riva: The main character in the game, you follow his story in his search to find Ciri! Member of the wolf school and what few Witchers are remaining he is willing to give a hand or a sharp tongue to those who are undeserving. Wearing two blades and an assortment of magical skills youll make your way through the story of wild hunt with Geralt leading the way!

Vesemir: Oldest of the Wolf School you find him helpful in the beginning as you start your adventure to find Ciri.

Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon: Quite the name and holds true for when you get to play her for part of the story line she is exceptional with her sword as she is pursued by Geralt is nicknamed the ashen-haired one. The race is on to find her as is the Wild Hunt!

Yennefer of Vengerberg: Sorceress of power, she is also Geralts lover, she is also sought out by the Wild Hunt!

The Wild Hunt: On the search for the Elder Blooded one, or better known as Ciri, they are the main danger for Geralt and company throughout the story.

Gameplay and Exploration

You have access to a great deal of fine weaponry in Witcher 3. Many steps shall be taken to find what you are seeking! /Clears throat. Here you will find some basic information for introduction to the gameplay of Witcher 3. If there is anything not explained well or incomplete please let me know.

Meditation: If you find yourself in a spot you feel safe, you can go into the game menu via the touch pad and select meditation. This allows you to wait for time to pass, and to heal yourself. If you come across a creature during meditation you will be attacked and have to defend yourself!

Combat: You will find yourself needing... NEED to learn how to dodge, and parry attacks. There are monsters who can hurt you from just walking up beside them if you approach them in the wrong way even while their dead. Get familiar with your controls, you will need to do so to survive in this game!

Climbing and Jumping: You wont be climbing mountains but by pressing Circle will call for Geralt to jump, if you hold near a ledge he'll climb up.

Sliding: yes you do slide down, with some semblance of control you can slow down the decent by pushing up in the direction you are coming from. If you slide too fast, you may find yourself in a world of hurt, falling in this game is no joke!

Swimming: you do swim, but Roach wont. You'll find creatures underwater too, as well as treasure, and herbs. Combat while swimming is restricted to only you're crossbow. So if you find you need to kill something, better tier up under crossbows for more damage!

Riding Horseback: Roach is a great way to get around on, he will automatically follow the paths for you while cantering/galloping, but not perfectly you'll have to direct him in the right path to take. But Roach is just a horse and can become "fearful" during a fight, this means being thrown and getting hurt more than you need to. You can pick up "blinders" to help against seeing them so his counter goes up slower! I generally dismount and destroy. Saddle bags come in handy for being able to carry more weight, and theres only three of them! Upgrading Roach's saddle helps with his stamina for when you are galloping. You will find a few quests that require you to race horseback!

Sailing: Wont find any pirate ships to take over but you will find little sail boats. You can get across bodies of water by getting in a boat and sailing. They can be dealt damage, and given enough they will sink! So if your in a body of water teaming with creatures... Hope youre ready to put up a fight!


I only have the PS4 version so if anyone would like to contribute any other controls for the PC/Xbox I'd be grateful!

Majority of the controls are all the same for each way of playing the game, though some aren't used while diving or sailing they are marked with a N/A for not available, blank is they are the same across no matter what you're doing!

PS4Geralt ExploringCombatRoachDivingSailing
Left Analog StickMoves Geralt
Right Analog StickCamera Movement
D Pad LeftDraw and sheath steel swordDraw/sheathDraw/sheathN/AN/A
D Pad RightDraw and sheath silver swordDraw/sheathDraw/sheathN/AN/A
D pad Up/DownConsumableConsumableConsumableConsumableConsumable
TriangleStrong AttackStrong AttackDraw SwordN/AN/A
SquareFast AttackFast AttackDraw/AttackHold to diveStop
CircleJumpDodgeJumpSurfaceLeave Helm
XInteract/SprintRoll/SprintHold canter, 2x GallopSwim QuickHold to accelerate
L1Quick access menu
L2Witcher SenseCounter/ParryWitcher SenseWitcher SenseWitcher Sense
L3 Pressx2 Horse CallN/AN/AN/AN/A
R1Quick Item
R2Cast SignCast SignCast AxiiN/AN/A
R3 PressChange objective (quest track)Lock targetLock target/change objLock target/change objLock target/change obj
TouchpadInventory/Game menu
OptionsPause Menu

World Map

The map is huge, it may not seem at first but there are plenty of spaces to find where valuables can be found. Chests hidden in buildings, under water, locked and unable to be opened until you find the right key, even guarded by creatures you have to remove before you can access it easily. You can't loot while in combat!

Once you've cleared a spot, like a bandit camp, the symbol on the map will become faded, or harder to see. Ones that are still white are places you've been by, but haven't looted, or destroyed the nest.

World MapControl
Left analogMove around map
Press L3Jump to tracked objective
R3 Up/DownZoom out/in /Zoom out to access outer world map
R3 PressZoom out to full world map
SquarePlace custom marker

Signposts: Fast travel between these to get to areas faster. You have to select one to be able to fast travel to another spot, each area has their own number of signposts and you'll have to explore to find them.

People in distress: Once you help these people, they may turn out to be blacksmiths or merchants that'll return home to where they belong. You can get a reward for helping these people out as well.

Bandit Camps: Here you can find some good loot and even some crafting recipes, people who need to be freed, and in general kick some butt to those who've abandoned to prey on others!

Hidden Treasure Hunts: What more needs to be said? These are quest related and most are started by finding a certain item. I'll try my best to help you find these as they are scattered everywhere.

Guarded Treasure: These chests are guarded by monsters, since one cannot loot in combat, they have to be exterminated before you can loot the chest. Save up beforehand if you feel you may need a second chance to take on the monster, it'll save you some leg work if its been a while since the last save.

Smuggler's Cache: Obviously a place where smugglers have stored their goods until they transport them again, you'll find these under bridges, caves, and more.

Abandoned Settlements: These have fallen to the interest of monsters, and once they've been cleaned out of the Rif raff, will become repopulated. Merchants and blacksmiths may also return opening opportunity to gain some Gwent cards or recipes for more armor/weapons, or alchemy.

Places of Power: These are stones that hold the power to enhance a sign, and upon first discovery you can get a skill point for each one you do find.

Merchants/Blacksmiths: Depending on the area, they may or may not have what youre looking for. Some will craft just the necessities, some will just craft swords, depending on their level of experience. You may find some things more expensive or cheaper as well! Some are hidden in areas you have to clear out first to have them return, or save them from bandit camps.

Barber: Yes there are barbers in which you can trim your beard and hair, after a time it does all grow in and Grealt will become scruffy looking. You can choose to trim or cut as you wish. You will be forced to at one point or another during the game.


Carrying weight in this game restricts how much you can carry. There are a great variety of pickups that are needed, and even more that aren't. It never hurts to pick up anything and everything that you find. A lot can be broken down into crafting materials, and may even weigh less on you. To increase your carrying weight you will have to find saddlebags. There are four to be found, the first increasing what you can carry to 30.

Becoming too full causes Geralt to become overburdened (marked with a red symbol and unable to do much more than walk) this is a sign to drop something, or mark where you are with a custom marker so you can come back for more and head to a merchant with Roach. This is time consuming but if you're attempting to grab all that you need for what you need, you'll want to pick up and loot almost everything. When in cities or towns make sure you watch out for guards, looting while they can see you will upset them and they will attack you. And when you're beginning, low level, not much for good gear or skills, this can be devastating!

You will need to also keep your gear in good repair. Wear on your armor and swords means decreased stats which means you wont be hitting as hard as you want! Keep a repair kit with you for long distance exploration, and visit the blacksmith often to keep in good repair.

Steel sword: This is used on humanoid creatures. Using them on non-humanoid you'll find they don't take a lot of damage.

Silver sword: Used against anything non-human,

Crossbow: The only weapon you are allowed to use underwater, which you may find around spoils of war areas on the map. These areas are rich in loot! But they are well guarded!

Potions: These are useful in fights against creatures with a weakness or boost yourself during a battle. One or two may be used for a quest as well, so it helps to have them handy. For more information check out the Alchemy section.

Oils: Applied to your blades, these come in handy when fighting against monsters. Theres different ones for serious threats. Like cursed ones or elementals they can add a great deal of damage on your attacks!

Decoctions: These are strong with toxicity but have great benefits! They can be helpful in and out of combat and worth looking at for those more serious battles.

Bombs: Not like Zelda these are used in a few different ways, they can be used against an enemy who is weak to being blinded or stunned, or they can be used to destroy nests. Each bomb is different with and effect and for what they can destroy. Take a good read at their descriptions to make sure its the one you're looking for before you create or just make them to have them handy for when you might need them. Check out the Alchemy section for more information.

Saddlebags: Increase your storage capacity of what you can carry. You'll find your first one easily in the beginning of the game.

Blinders: Used to help Roach with his fear against monsters so he's less likely to rear up and toss you on the ground resulting in more damage which you could have avoided by dismounting before charging in.


Combat in Witcher 3 is not for those who like to charge in and blow up the party. You will need to master dodging, using the right signs, oils, and any other items that you will need for the fight. In the walkthrough I will try my best to give you the right amount of time to prepare, or if you'd like, you can charge in and chop everything up to your hearts content.

If you find you're having trouble in combat, heres a few things to look at: Your gear, are there any upgrades you might need nearby? Your tactics? Are you using dodge or rolls? Dodging their attacks? Using the right oil? The creature may have an oil that'll add damage when you strike it. And signs? Using one that will help kill a blow? Or slow it down? Keep these in mind when nearing fights youre not sure of!

As you approach a fight, Geralt will draw the appropriate weapon for battle, steel or silver so heres not much need to force or hope that you're weapon is the right, just go with the flow of the fight.

Fast Attack: Swift combo attacks, upgrading in the ability tree can lead you into Whirl.

Strong attack: Swift enemies can dodge or even attack you when youre attempting a stronger attack. But it does ignore armor as it hits.

Adrenaline: There are three spots for buildup of adrenaline as you attack. This is used through whirl and rend which are purchased through your abilities. By filling up your adrenaline, you're increasing your attack by 30%!

Fast attack: The quick jab of the sword in combos.

Whirl: Gained through the ability tree of fast attack, AND activated you hold the button for some quick and flashy attacks. You will be vulnerable if being attacked by more than one so be careful.

Rend: Ability tree of strong attack, once it's activated, you press and hold your strong attack for a much stronger attack. The more adrenaline you have the more devastating it can be. Rend can still be easily interrupted so use with experience and caution.

Horseback: Not the best suggestion, but you can. Roach can become fearful and if you're not watching that meter you can be tossed.

Dodging/Rolling: Life skill in this game you'll want to practice it to a great extent! Watching the life bar of the monster flashing lets you know theyre about to attack. And by dodging or rolling in the right direction can get you behind them for the coming behind weakness to exploit to be able to more damage. When surrounded its good to chop a little and get out of the way so your enemies aren't ganging up on you to take you out. By taking on small packs or single targets you can practice and learn.

Counter: By standing back and waiting for that flash you can counter attack a target, even stagger them so you can get some more hits in. For targets with shields this is the best way to take them down if you find you're not doing enough damage with a strong attack.

Parry: Parrying can come in handy when facing off against a new enemy, and you would like to learn their fighting style and looking for the best opportunity to counter attack or to dodge. A lot of creatures cannot be parried, so be wary of those that are quick succession on their attacks, youll be unable to parry these very well.

Crossbow: This can be utilized in and out of water, but I find it more useful down below. It can be vamped up to do more damage in the skill tree but I haven't played with it too much yet.

Stamina: This is affected by what type of armor youre wearing, the heavier, the longer it takes. It affects how often you can cast a sign during a fight if you need it as well, it wont cast unless the stamina bar is full.

For more combat details participate in the combat tutorial in game or check out your tutorials in the game menu by pressing the touch pad


Signs are a Witchers way of magic. There are five signs in total, each does its own thing, and each can be upgraded to be more powerful in the ability tree. Play with them and get used to how they work, you can swap them in and out easily using the quick access menu.

Igni: Fire, in combat it throws out a line of fire to set your enemies ablaze.

Quen: A shield, it takes a hit instead of Geralt. The lighter the armor you are wearing the faster you'll be able to cast this if surrounded by a strong or multiple opponents. Learn how to pair this up with your dodging and you will go farther!

Yrden: A ring forms around Geralt, purple spots of light create the ring. It helps hinder some enemies, and against ghosts, it brings them closer to a more solid form meaning you can hit them harder.

Axii: Mind controlling, it can be used in and out of combat for some conversations you influence them to the way you want them to answer or follow your direction. It can calm or stagger an opponent giving you opportunity to get a lot more hits in as well.

Aard: A wave of energy that can push back enemies and stagger them, or move objects that are hindering your way.

Ability Tree

Work In Progress.


This walkthrough is meant to help guide through the story in a streamline way. Doing secondary quests is optional, some show up during a main story line and never hurts to hit it up! To reduce spoilers I'll go by objective names so it'll also be easier to find where you've left off.

To Help find certain quests faster (because I haven't figured how to do a sub sub header yet) Main quests within the section will have a table that contain the quest name, and a quick find in square brackets [HELLO]. By highlighting the letters and using CTRL + F you can search and find the quest within the list.


[WOTB] The Beast of White Orchard[WODB] On Death's Bed

After the opening scene, and once you gain control of Geralt follow your objective of getting out the door. By using your Witcher Sense, and search for the key, this is a good time to find that red objects are searchable and some in this part will provoke speech from Yennefer as Geralt inspects anything but the key. Once through the doors and downstairs you'll find Vesemir. As you approach Ciri she'll ask if they should run the walls, if you're not familiar with the controls I recommend that you do so to learn running, jumping, climbing, and use of ladders.

Speech options are open, theres not too much difference in the dialog except getting a different reply for which you choose.

Objective: Kaer Morhen.

After the opening credits, and once you gain control of Geralt follow your objective of getting out the door. By using your Witcher Sense, and search for the key, this is a good time to find that red objects are searchable and some in this part will provoke speech from Yennefer as Geralt inspects anything but the key. Through the doors and downstairs you'll find Vesemir. As you approach Ciri she'll ask if they should run the walls, if you're not familiar with the controls I recommend that you do so to learn running, jumping, climbing, and use of ladders.

Speech options are open, theres not too much difference in the dialog except getting a different reply for which you choose.

---Optional--- Objective: Running walls: Follow a path to learn how to climb ladders, ledges, and jump across a ledge, and to sprint.

  • Climb a ladder by interacting with it with X. You can jump from these for a faster decent, but in Witcher, jumping from a height matters! You can die from jumping from too far above!
  • Climb by pressing Circle
  • Jump down without dying, which in this game is instant death, be prepared to manually save, OFTEN if you don't want to do a lot of leg work to get back to where you were.
  • Run jumps, by running towards a ledge and pressing Circle to jump you will make gaps, but timing is essential, to early and you'll drop, too late and you'll run off!
  • Grabbing a ledge from above, by pressing and holding the jump button Geralt will pull himself up onto the ledge.
  • By pressing and holding X you'll find yourself sprinting!

--Optional-- Objective: Combat tutorial. If you're not familiar with combat in the game you can practice your attacks here, including fast, strong, how to dodge and parry, use bombs and signs.

  • Draw your weapon by pressing the left button on the d pad, lock onto Vesemir by pressing your R3.
  • Complete three successful fast attacks with Square.
  • Complete three successful strong attacks with Triangle.
  • Complete three dodges by pressing Circle.
  • Roll out of the way two times by holding your left analog stick in a direction and pressing X.
  • Hold down L2 to parry Vesemir's attacks three times.
  • By watching Vesemir's name plate, and waiting for that flash, press L2 to counter attack, do this three times.
  • Now you'll learn how to use your quick menu L1 and select and use the signs, and learn which each of them do. During majority of monster fights you'll be using Quen often if you are not familiar with the creature, and its not in your bestiary. Most of these signs are more effective against different kinds of monsters. Pay attention well to the bestiary, if you encounter a creature youre not familiar with, but know another in that class, it just might be weak to the same signs, or oils! Signs require a full bar of stamina to use, if you do not watch it replenish, or keep a time with it, you'll be struggling to cast a sign that is not yet ready!

The heavier the armour you wear, the longer it'll take to refill!

  • Throwing a bomb by selecting it in the quick menu, and pressing L1 quickly will automatically toss the bomb in the direction you wish it to go. Holding L1 will give you the option to throw it at a specific point.
  • You can now openly practice each of the fundamentals if you wish or sheathe your sword to end the training if you feel you have had enough.

--Cut scene--

White Orchard

Objective: Lilac and Gooseberries

Here you'll find yourself at a camp with Vesemir, you can choose any speech pattern you choose, you can talk about the dream or bypass it.

Once you're out of the conversation you will find yourself surrounded by ghouls, defeat them and you are able to continue.


Like to attack in packs, watch for the flashing light for when theyre about to attack so you can parry or dodge out of the way. They are as bad as wolves and like to get behind you. One problem with Witcher is you need room to move around, and the camera, even when locked on, may not give you the view that you would like to watch all your sides. Take them out one at a time, or jump around and do damage between them if you find them surrounding you too much. You will come across plenty of these along the way so save up and run in and get some practice!

Before you leave I'd suggest looting everything around you. And using your Witcher sense, towards where Vesemir is mounted up you'll find a crystal skull nearby. It seems like an item of Yen's and may come in handy later on, never know! Using Witcher sense comes in handy! Use it at all times possible where you think you may find something! Remember that you can never have enough picked up, if you find youre not stopping once in a while, you'll find yourself hard pressed to find needed materials further on in the game. Herbs will come in handy, parts from the ghouls will as well.

I chose to follow on foot because it got to be a pain to dismount and remount while looting on the way, so this removes that hassle. Follow Vesimir, along the path, you'll find a small village that's been partially burnt to the ground. Here you'll find some chests that you can easily loot without the watchful eye of the guard. Wolves are nearby and will attack if provoked.

Further down the road you'll come across a cut scene. Pay attention, you will have to fight this later on. While talking to the man you've just helped you will have a choice for your conversation, you can allow the man to pass for free for his services, or take a few crowns which will total to 50. He will then direct you to an inn where you can find more information on Yennifer.

Continue along the path, you'll find yourself in White Orchard town, a waypoint named Woesong Bridge. You can take a little bit of time for yourself here and do a little looting and exploring. Merchant and Blacksmith, your first ones will appear here in this village. As well as a Notice Board. These notice boards hold some quests on them, usually contracts or quests for villagers in need of some help. Most of these, mostly the contracts hold better rewards, but be careful, review the quest in your log, itll show a level requirement, if its in red, its best to hold onto it until a later date when youre a higher level and able to complete it. Before moving to the Inn lets take a look around and see what we can find in huts for loot (can never have too much as long as its weight is low and doesnt burden you). The bridge you just crossed? Youll find a chest hidden on the side of it to your right (if youre facing back the way you came) but if you find you are having trouble seeing it, use that Witcher Sense of yours! It comes in so handy when looking for loot in darker areas or on the path.

Notice Board

Secondary Quest: Missing in action.

Contract: Devil by the well.

  • Amateur
  • Poor: Don't have much available or able to buy a lot.

Talk to the man with the ! above his head, this is your blacksmith but to be able to utilize him you first have to find the person of interest that has done damage to his smithy! Secondary Quest: Twisted Firestarter. Gwent: Purchase Interest:

Saddlebags: 30 Max weight capacity, 168 crowns

Blacksmithing Diagrams:

  • Trackers Gauntlets 39 crowns
  • Cavalry Gauntlets 30 crowns
  • Trackers Trousers 32 crowns
  • Cavalry Trousers 26 crowns
  • Cavalry Boots 24 crowns
  • Bounty Hunters Gambeson 96 crowns
  • Verden Archers Gambeson 90 crowns
  • Shiadhals Armor 499 crowns
  • Spikeroog Aketon 82 crowns
  • Hunters Gauntlets 24 crowns
  • Hunters Boots 30 crowns

Alchemy Diagrams:

  • Lesser Glyph of Quen 159 crowns
  • Lesser Glyph of Igni 142 crowns
  • Lesser Glyph of Axii 176 crowns
  • Lesser Glyph of Aard 166 crowns
  • Lesser Glyph of Infusion 69 crowns
  • Lesser Glyph of Yrden 131 crowns
Tavern Barkeep

(She will become unavailable later on, so be sure to stop by and get her Gwent cards while youre here.) Gwent Cards:

  • Decoy, 50 crowns (Neutral)
  • Crinfrid Reavers Dragon Hunter, 20 crowns (Northern Kingdoms)
  • Blue Stripes Commando, 20 crowns (Northern Kingdoms)
  • Catapult, 50 crowns (Northern Kingdoms)
  • Foltest (Leader), 50 crowns (Northern Kingdoms)

You can buy an extra Decoy card from her after she restocks.


(He will appear later on, give him a day hes the guy you saved by the caravan) Gwent Cards:

  • Catapult, 50 crowns (Northern Kingdoms)
  • Blue Stripes Commando, 20 crowns (Northern Kingdoms)
  • Crinfrid Reavers Dragon Hunter, 20 crowns (Northern Kingdoms)
  • Foltest (Leader), 50 crowns (Northern Kingdoms)

--He does not resell any cards after you've purchased what he has---

Well you may as well see what you have for buy and sell, as well as available quests for those who like to pick up everything (after my own heart). Youll find a blacksmith, notice board, as well as a merchant (shows up a little later).

After taking a gander with looting and checking out the town lets head on into the in to find Vesemir.

--Cut scene--

Ask the barkeep for some information about Yen. Shell direct you to ask around the people to see if you can find out any more information.

--Update-- Ask patrons for more information.

  • The first table will seem like they want to punch your face in but you can use your sign to get a real answer which youre looking for. Doing this will get you 25 experience points.
  • Second table will bring you to a traveler, he gives you a little but not much. You can ask him about some information for the war while you chat with him as well. Here youll be introduced to Gwent. Beat him or loose youll open up the quest for Collect Em All. See Other Quests for more information.
  • Third table is the most promising, and he seems to know her well.

--Update-- Ask the Nilfguaardians about Yen. When you leave the inn youll run into the group that was giving you the stink eye before, you have a couple choices, calm them off with your sign, or kick their butts and cause a little trouble unlike what Vesemir was hoping for. Even if you choose to calm one, its one less that you have to fight against. Once this is cleared, you gain experience and can move on.

Now is a good time as any to do the secondary quest of the blacksmith if you havent already done so, you can also participate in the contract before heading on. Its good practice and experience.

  • Follow the way marker to find the Nilfguaardians.

Along the way youll cross another bridge, it holds a ? nearby. If you choose to investigate youll find a dead man with a key, as well as a locked chest hidden in the water this will start the Treasure Hunt: Temerian Valuables quest. The Temerian lily key will open the chest. If youre looking for some extra loot, follow south (in the water) with your Witcher sense and youll find three separate chests along the way. One is in by the nets, the other two further south.

Loot to be had: (not going to list everything, just the bigger points)

  • Diagram Kaedwri gambeson
  • Torn out page: Fortail decotion
  • Diagram: Exploding Bolt
  • Torn out page: Katakan Decotion
  • Diagram Temerian Poniard
  • Torn out page: Froglet Decoction.

Ill follow the treasure hunt here to see what we find. Reading the note you get a new update to follow. This takes you to a new marker Mill. Look around the mill for some more loot, but continue into the hut. Use your Aard sign to blast the wood out of your way from the cellar to below, and again on the door, unless you want to smash your sword on it, but that wears your weapon down.

  • Diagram: Dorian Sword
  • Torn Page: Basilisk Decoction

With that complete, carry on across the bridge, if you check your map youll find another ? in the middle of the trees, lets stop there.

Place of Power. Protected by a Wraith


These guys can be a little tricky at first, but they are weak to:

  • Moon Dust Bombs
  • Specter Oil
  • Sign of Yrden
  • Sign of Quen

I choose to use the sign of Yrden, it causes them to be more corporal and take more damage, if you happen to have an oil available, use it if not the sign will significantly help you. They tend to swoop around you, vanish and appear behind you to take your weakness of being attacked from behind. You may not have the moon dust bombs available yet but if you do, they can come in handy.

Once the wraith is dead, gain a skill point by using this place of power, itll pay off to get more skills in your character skill tree later on.

Follow along the main path to continue onto the Nilfguaardians camp, along the way youll spot a ! mark off to the right, thisll open the quest for Precious Cargo. If youd like to do this quest I have it listed in the Other Quest section.

Follow along the main path to continue onto the Nilfguaardians camp, along the way youll spot a ! mark off to the right, thisll open the quest for Precious Cargo. If youd like to do this quest I have it listed in the Other Quest section.

Once you reach the camp/fortress of the Nilfguaardians continue up to chat with the commander. Youll spot a blacksmith along the way.

Be careful of looting, Guards dont like it and there are lots of them around.

Blacksmith - Amateur


  • Disglair, 60
  • Velen Longsword, 4
  • Koviri Cutlass, 6
  • Lesser Runestone, 67
  • Lesser Stribog Runestone, 108
  • Lesser Dazhbog Runestone, 119
  • Lesser Devana Runestone, 136
  • Lesser Zoria Runestone, 143
  • Lesser Morana Runestone, 153
  • Lesser Triglaw Runestone, 171
  • Lesser Svarog Runestone, 77

Youll find a peasant chatting with the commander, but youll find to gain information, youll have to do something in return. Cant expect something from nothing right? He will direct you to a hunter and an herbalist.

[WOTB] Objective: The Beast of White Orchard

Suggested Level: 3

The quest will point you to Mislav the Hunter first. So lets be on our merry way. Woesong Bridge is the closest point back to him, or you can choose to ride the way and find more undiscovered places you may have passed by. Follow the waypoint to his hut. Youll find that hes not home, so that leaves us having to find him by Witcher Senses. Once found hell strike up a chat about needing help with the wild dogs, you can choose to help him for some more experience, or bypass it, he will still help you if you bypass the dogs. By helping him you can find some more information about him if youd like. Interesting background.

We can now follow the hunter to the area in which the Griffon had attacked.

  • Celebration Interrupted
  • Ground is saturated with blood
  • Camp spot
  • Find the tracks of the Nilfguaardians and follow the path.
  • Find the Nest
  • Bones of horse, dog, and humans piled up.
  • Dead Corpse that took a long time dying.
  • Investigate the Gryphon, wounds, age, type, thisll give you more information for your Bestiary.

Lets go and chat with Tomira in her hut next. Shell then point the way to finding Buckthorn which is located in the river nearby.


Items of interest:

  • Manuscript: White Gull, 62
  • Manuscript: Dwarven Spirit, 62
  • Torn Page: Troll Decoction, 70
  • Torn Page: Noonwraith Decoction, 70
  • Torn Page: Griffon Decoction

If you chat with her about the girl youll find another quest easily taken care of if you happen to have the materials, but you have to mention that you can help her.

[WODB] Objective: On Deaths Bed

Suggested Level: 2

Ingredients required:

  • Dwarven Spirit x1 (If you havent been looting, you can buy one at the inn, or search for one)
  • Celandine x 5 (She has these growing nearby, yellow flower)
  • Drowner Brain x1 (If youre missing one, head up to the swamps by the Garrison, youll find plenty there).

You will receive a couple of manuscript pages as well as a book, Of Sweat and Tears, read this to get some new information for your Bestiary on Specters.

Now lets go and talk with Vesemir back at the inn. We give the news to Vesemir, we have to kill the griffon to get the information regarding Yen, so now we can prepare to take on a griffon. Youll receive Thunderbolt, but I didnt find it too useful for this fight. I found having swallow available as well as a bunch of food as backup, and using the sign Quen.

Approach Vesemir when you are ready, be sure to save too!

Check that out, Vesemir gambling and winning a crossbow, free. Glad to finally have its use!


  • Weakness: Grapeshot Bomb, Hybrid Oil, Signs Aard, and Quen

These creatures like to stay up in the air and charge down at you, so keep your feet moving, throwing a bomb up in their face can knock them down, and you can also choose to shoot some bolts at them if youve found yourself leveling that part of your skill tree.

While on the ground they can roar and knock you back, pounce at you, and slash at you with their wings. Try getting in behind for a few hits and back away when you feel theyre going to attack. Their wings have talons so be mindful of their placement and where they are swinging.

  • Defend yourself, and chase after the Griffon, he wont stay in one place!
  • Once youve brought him down, loot him!
  • Now we head back up to the Nilfguaardians (once again) so we can collect in on our reward.
  • Great so Yen wasnt as far off as we had thought... Jerk

Lilac and Gooseberries

So back to the tavern to meet up with Vesemir and tell him the news! But seems we are running into some trouble anyways. This is part of a quest, but its almost too short to even be worth mention. But it looks like the Witchers may have overstayed their welcome.

But look whos decided to show up! And it looks like Geralt has an audience he cant refuse.

--Cut scene

This here is the end of the Prologue, and the beginning of the next Act!