Experience the epic conclusion to the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards, with Part 4: Sky City. Journey above the clouds of Sky City to recover the red Eternia shards, and combine these shards to complete your quest and rescue your parents! This pack contains 2 new campaign missions, 2 new bosses, new costumes, the goblin copter enemy, the Boss Rush Challenge, over 20 new weapons and accessories, the Catarang pet, and more! If youre good enough you might even get to play as the Legendary Heroes themselves!

DLC includes:

- 2 new Campaign Missions
- 2 new Bosses
- 6 new Cinemas concluding the Dungeon Defenders Story
- The Goblin Copter Enemy
- The Catarang Pet
- Boss Rush Challenge Mission
- 8 Legendary Hero Costumes
- Sky Captain Initiate Costume
- Over 20 new weapons and accessories

and even more secrets for the true, Ultimate Defenders!

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