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Captain's log, stardate 6238.4. There is no doubt that you're being watched. By whom and by what type of life form is not determined. Even Spock has not been able to accurately assess this data. The occurrences are just too strange.
Is that truly an ancient WW1 triplane heading straight for you at Warp 9? Could it be Trelane? How can your sensors suddenly report life forms on a dead planet? Where did that primitive race get such advanced technology? No, it couldn't be Dr. Bredell and the Vardaine ... he was thought dead from your last encounter.
The tension increases as you beam down to mysterious worlds and encounter strange adversaries in situations that simply defy logic.
You're a long way from Starfleet Command and only you can discover what-or who-is challenging you beyond your wildest nightmares. Or can you?
- True episodic format beams eight original missions into your computer
- As Captain Kirk, you and your entire crew - Spock, Dr. McCoy, Uhura, Sulu, Chekov and Scott - bring the original, unique TV series humor on board
- Digitized, original painted backgrounds and detailed, computer-rendered starships pull you into the missions
- Out-of-this-world graphics move you through fascinating galactic excitement
- Original series' sound effects and music take you back to the action
- Test your strategy as you play straight through the adventures, or set phasers on target and clash with your opponents in head-on action

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