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Mystery sounds through the haunted halls and rings from the rafters of a deserted museum. Was this place a failed dream or was it the waking nightmare of an eccentric old man? Where is the museum's creator, and the other ill-fated visitors who disappeared so long ago?
You enter, with nothing but your wits to help you survive. Wretched spirits watch for the innocent, the unwary, ready to steal your life's essence. Can you hear the shrieks now, the howls and moans and wails? They're waiting for you.
- Experience spine-tingling first-person adventure.
- Unravel a mysterious storyline full of twists and turns.
- Witness ghostly live-action video sequences.
- Explore a world filled with bizarre 3-D imagery.
- Startle your senses with chilling music and eerie sound effects.
- Roam at will throughout the museum--non-linear game play lets you re-visit puzzles that have stumped you.
- Play again and again--location of items change and puzzles vary each time!

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