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by SoItBeginsII

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FAQ/Walkthrough by SoItBeginsII

Updated: 07/17/16


"Well-behaved women seldom make history."
— Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Welcome to this FAQ on Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble! Set in the Roaring Twenties, this game will have you guiding a 'gang' of high school girls from classroom to greater things in the quaint, insular little town of Brigiton, USA. This guide, in addition to providing a complete walkthrough of the main game, gives lists of various helpful information to guide you on your journey.

If you are interested in the mechanics of the game, try the Basics or The Games sections. If you wish to know more about the characters, try Dramatis Personae. And if you just want to jump into the walkthrough, this link will get you started.

Enjoy your time in Brigiton! Here's hoping it doesn't kill you.


This section covers a few basic things.

Each of your girls has four mainstats in the game: Popularity (♥), Rebellion (♠), Glamour (♦), and Savvy (♣). Popularity is important for the Taunt game, Rebellion for the Expose game, Glamour for the Fib game, and Savvy for the Gambit game— and all four stats are valuable when Flirting.
(It's worth noting that your other stats do play a part in Expose and Gambit, not just Rebellion and Savvy. But Rebellion and Savvy are particularly valuable.)

Every girl's stats are capped at 9-9-9-9, after any sort of bonus-granting item applies.

Dramatis Personae (Cast)


The heart of your gang is the girls within it. Each girl has a unique starting stat distribution, and a few have perks that may change the game later on. However, you won't be able to start with any girl as Queen— just a selection of them.

Note that whoever you pick as Queen gets +1 to all her listed stats before the game begins.


1♥ 2♠ 4♦ 2♣
“Like my money, friends are kept in trust, until I need them.”


4♥ 2♠ 1♦ 2♣
“If I don't make the vaudeville circuit, I'm willing to start as a ‘dancer'.”


4♥ 1♠ 2♦ 2♣
“I'm proud to be on the student council. Proud that common students do my bidding.”


3♥ 2♠ 3♦ 1♣
"It's all about the team. I'd besmirch my reputation to motivate an athlete."
Deborah cannot be your Queen when you start the game.


2♥ 3♠ 1♦ 3♣
“I'm good with tools. I can manipulate the best and worst out of my ‘friends'.”


2♥ 2♠ 4♦ 1♣
“I throw a tantrum like Madison Avenue throwing a New Year's Eve gala!”


2♥ 1♠ 4♦ 2♣
“The Glee Club is just a front for my real talent, beauty!”
Gladys cannot be your Queen when you start the game.


4♥ 2♠ 2♦ 1♣
“To be Homecoming Queen I'd pay a price my future husband would regret.”
Hazel cannot be your Queen when you start the game.


1♥ 3♠ 3♦ 2♣
“I will be the toast of Broadway if I have to hop freight trains to get there.”
Helen cannot be your Queen when you start the game.


3♥ 3♠ 2♦ 3♣
“I want to be really good friends with other girls. Boys wish I played for their teams.”
Jean cannot be your Queen when you start the game. She will also never Flirt with a boy unless everyone else already has a boyfriend— and even then, it's pretty clear it's not out of a romantic motivation.


3♥ 1♠ 2♦ 3♣
“I'll rip off my ‘new girl' label, even if I have to spend a night in jail.”


1♥ 4♠ 2♦ 2♣
“I recently obtained a pack of Angina Slims for a gang powwow.”


2♥ 1♠ 2♦ 4♣
“The 4-H Club taught me a lot about nature. Other girls blush when they ask for advice.”
Lucille has mechanical knowledge, which can come in handy in unexpected and/or life-threatening situations.


3♥ 2♠ 1♦ 3♣
“I believe in progress! Think of the profit margins when assembly lines crank out art!”


1♥ 3♠ 2♦ 3♣
“Suffrage and Prohibition are all part of my plan for a utopian future!”


2♥ 4♠ 1♦ 2♣
“My bounty of love mustn't ever fall into one person's hands.”


1♥ 2♠ 2♦ 4♣
"Sure, students hate a teacher's pet, but I have what they need— access."
• Nell cannot be your Queen when you start the game.


2♥ 4♠ 2♦ 1♣
“Lips that haven't touched liquor will never touch mine.”
• Ruby cannot be your Queen when you start the game.


2♥ 3♠ 3♦ 1♣
“I'm especially fascinated by the way photographs capture a figure.”


Ah, young love. And/or seducing young men for stat boosts and to take the blame if an escapade goes wrong. Which interpretation you go with is up to you!
A girl that has a boyfriend in Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble! derives two major benefits:

• If any of a boy's stats are higher than the girl he's attached to, the boy's higher stat(s) will be used instead. This bonus is permanent unless the girl loses the boyfriend.
• If a girl would receive a penalty for losing a game— either of the type that would absent her from the gang for several hours, or the type that would kick her out of the gang entirely— her boyfriend will sacrifice himself for her. The girl will lose the boyfriend, but also not receive the penalty.

It's especially important for your Queen to get a boyfriend once the game introduces them, and keep having a boyfriend throughout the game. As one of the other girls in the gang normally sacrifices herself if your Queen would take a penalty— a step that removes that girl from your gang losing your Queen's boyfriend is a much safer option.

Varsity Boy

5♥ 2♠ 2♦ 2♣
Flirt: 5□, [♥, ♠, ♦, ♣] => [♦, ♥, ♥, ♥]
“I stopped giving autographs last year. Now, I hand out name cards.”

Rebel Boy

2♥ 5♠ 2♦ 2♣
Flirt: 5□, [♥, ♠, ♦, ♣] => [♠, ♥, ♣, ♦]
“After the war, the government gave coin banks out to kids. Mine was a reforged hand grenade.”

Dapper Boy

2♥ 2♠ 5♦ 2♣
Flirt: 5□, [♥, ♠, ♦, ♣] => [♦, ♣, ♥, ♠]
“Say, who else here has a song and a dance in their heart?”

Radio Boy

2♥ 2♠ 2♦ 5♣
Flirt: 5□, [♥, ♠, ♦, ♣] => [♥, ♠, ♦, ♣]
“In the future, when a boy wants a giant robot, no one will laugh.”

College Boy

6♥ 3♠ 3♦ 3♣
Flirt: 6□, [♥♦, ♠♣, ♦♥, ♣♠] => [♦♥, ♥♠, ♣♦, ♠♣] (at the dance) / [♥♦, ♠♣, ♦♥, ♣♠] => [♥♥, ♠♠, ♦♦, ♣♣] (elsewhere)
“The modern world is tamed by knowledge, not brawn!”

News Boy

3♥ 6♠ 3♦ 3♣
Flirt: 6□, [♥♦, ♠♣, ♦♥, ♣♠] => [♠♥, ♥♠, ♣♦, ♦♣] (normally) / [♥♦, ♠♣, ♦♥, ♣♠] => [♥♥, ♠♠, ♦♦, ♣♣] (after the dance only)
“I won't be a news boy for long. I've already started my novel!”

Soldier Boy

3♥ 3♠ 6♦ 3♣
Flirt: 6□, [♥♠, ♠♥, ♦♣, ♣♦] => [♣♥, ♦♠, ♠♦, ♥♣]
“My two months in The Great War taught me defiance and insignificance.”

Handy Boy

3♥ 3♠ 3♦ 6♣
Flirt: 6□, [♥♣, ♠♦, ♦♠, ♣♥] => [♦♣, ♣♦, ♥♠, ♠♥] (normally) / [♥♣, ♠♦, ♦♠, ♣♥] => [♦♥, ♥♠, ♥♦, ♠♣] (after the dance only)
“Sometimes, housewives invite me in to look for their pocketbooks.”

Beach Boy

7♥ 4♠ 4♦ 4♣
Flirt: 7□, [♥♦♣, ♠♣♥, ♦♥♠, ♣♠♦] => [♣♥♦, ♦♠♠, ♠♦♥, ♥♣♣]
"My friends complain I became a lifeguard to meet half-naked women. I'm not complaining."

Carny Boy

4♥ 7♠ 4♦ 4♣
Flirt: 7□, [♥♦♣, ♠♣♥, ♦♥♠, ♣♠♦] => [♦♦♥, ♣♣♣, ♥♥♦, ♠♠♠]
"Ah, the dazzle and dance of a carnival! All so droll, compared to the loot I can fleece."

Grave Boy

4♥ 4♠ 7♦ 4♣
Flirt: 7□, [♥♦♣, ♠♣♥, ♦♥♠, ♣♠♦] => [♠♦♠, ♥♣♦, ♣♥♣, ♦♠♥]
"There are monsters waiting to be discovered by science and Hollywood."

Pool Boy

4♥ 4♠ 4♦ 7♣
Flirt: 7□, [♥♦♣, ♠♣♥, ♦♥♠, ♣♠♦] => [♥♥♦, ♠♠♣, ♦♦♥, ♣♣♠] (men's baths) / [♥♦♣, ♠♣♥, ♦♥♠, ♣♠♦] => [♥♥♦, ♠♠♠, ♦♦♥, ♣♣♣] (women's baths)
"I work both sides of the baths. The differences are worthy of curiosity, not shame."

Everybody Else

An alphabetical list of the citizens of Brigiton. This list will endeavor to be spoiler-free, so you can read it at any time without fear.

Desk Sergeant Albert

A member of Brigiton's police. He's a desk sergeant, and also a desk sergeant. He has, understandably, a desk job.

Judge Basscreek

A forbidding Judge. Brigiton's one and only.

Beatrice Busby

A remarkably nosy person. Town nicknames for her include "Beatrice Busybody" and "Miss Busi-Bodd".

Bill The Pony

An incredibly ugly pony. Said to talk, but that's probably just show-business trickery.

Bully Girl

A young woman who is in the habit of beating people up. Typically, those smaller than her.

Cadie Baskerval

Brigiton's town librarian. Is rumored to have never left the library in her lifetime.

Carel the Butcher

This butcher works out of a cart in Market Circle. People tend to keep clear of him except on meat-related business.

Clive the Barber

The barber half of Barber and Beauty.

Shepherd Clutch

A blithe sort of parson. Found at the Mother of All Chantry in the Dells.

Flatfoot Cooning

A policeman. Keeps the curfew. Believes in public order.

Dorothy Poladian

Mr. Poladian's daughter. She seems to be perpetually upset about something.

Edna Piper

The confident clerk of Fieffer's, the department store. Has a love of gossip.

Ernesto Valleni

The projectionist and owner of Dreamtime Cinema.

Florence Brumble

A high school student. A primary school teacher. Take your pick.

Mr. and Mrs. Folkkes

Brigiton's oldest married couple. They run the grocery store, the Dells Market.

Frank the Flower

His bulb-shaped head got him the nickname, but it fits. Frank sells flowers! His cart's parked in Market Circle.

Detective Friendly

The heart of the police department. A true defender of justice— and though it may not always look it, he always has your best interests at heart.

The Garden Club

Three middle-aged women who were once young girls just like your gang.

Gene Poladian

You could make any number of things out of the fresh fruits and vegetables Mr. Poladian sells in Market Circle!

George Pavel

Mayor Stogie's secretary. Loyal to the Mayor, and perhaps slightly overworked.

Gitar Man

Just a man who can carry a tune.

Chief Gordon

Brigiton's Chief of Police. Also heads the Fire Department.

Coach Gustov

The school coach. Dismissive of things he does not understand, including women and the intellect.

Hans Grables

The nervous owner of Fieffer's, the department store.

Heather Tartan

This young woman takes tickets at the Dreamtime Cinema.

Dean Hemlock

The head of Daniel Gerard Ross High School, Dean Hemlock rules fairly and evenhandedly.

Henry Picolo

Half of the Two Peeks Diner. Happily married. A morning person.

Miss Hippilyta

Daniel Gerard Ross High's Art teacher. A free spirit, and sometimes even more of a rebel than Ms. Fragette, she mostly does her own thing.

Jimmy Finn

Jimmy Finn runs Brigiton's salvage yard, outside the city, and its waste-collection services. A malodorous fellow.

Joshua Mapleberg

A fine (and fine-looking!) fellow who runs Cicely's Restaurant.

Miss Julianne Fox

Daniel Gerard Ross High's Mathematics teacher. She's normally a down-to-earth sort of person, but if there's something she's passionate about...

Liar Girl

A young woman who loves telling ridiculous boasts that no one believes.

Li'l ol' Lynette

Brigiton's 'used goods' (read: junk and antiques) dealer, she works out of a pushcart in Market Circle. Trades only.

Lottee Alto

A dancer at Club Fledermaus.

The Loyal Order of Dem Guys

L.O.D.G. for short, these fellows grew old, but never grew up. Supposedly, they have secret meetings somewhere in Brigiton.

'Madam Zambinovka'

A mysteeeeerious fortune-teller who operates out of her house in the Brigiton Dells. Real name: Dorothy Crenshaw.

The Madman of Brigiton

This poor fellow is unfairly reviled by the community. (He is also utterly incomprehensible.)

Mahatma McTeague

Mr. McTeague manages Brigiton's classiest hotel!
(It's Brigiton's only hotel.)

Marjorie the Beautician

The beauty half of Barber and Beauty.

Maximillian Sherman

A maintenance man on a mission.

Miriam Tin

A friend of your girls. She's graduating soon.

Nigel the Postman

He delivers the mail in these parts.

Nurse Nacht

Daniel Gerard Ross High's nurse. Forbidding as all get out! She will do her best to sort out your injuries, though.

Old Oswald

An old man who lives more in the past than the present.

Otto Glimmermut

Brigiton's hard-headlining, lantern-jawed reporter/editor. If there's news for the Daily Muse, he'll find it.

Boss Pierce

There's no one in Brigiton who goes by this name, and if there was, he certainly wouldn't own Club Fledermaus, the nightclub.

Banker Potts

The fattest fat cat in Brigiton. First name: Earl.

Pearl Primly

Keeps Brigiton's records, thus following in her husband's administrative footsteps.

Big Phillip

He works at the fire station in the daytime, and as a bouncer at Club Fledermaus at night.

Playground Kids

A large group of small children. They love their pogo sticks!

Secretary Primly

An austere man who loves being obstructive through his job. Speaks in equal parts dry wit and dull fact.

Roslyn Picolo

The other half of the Two Peeks Diner. Happily married. A night owl.

Ruth Quince

Brigiton Bank's hardest-working teller! Highly protective of Banker Potts and the town's money.

Simon Lemon

Simon guards the way in and out of town. (This is a fancy way of saying he works at the bus depot.)

'Slim' Axelrod

Runs the Gas N Garage in the Brigiton Dells. His name's not really Slim, but everyone calls him Slim anyway.

Mayor Stogie

The Mayor of Brigiton. There's really nothing more that can be said about him here.

Stoolie Girl

An annoying young woman who likes to cause trouble. This is different from your gang in that it's not you doing it.

Stool Pigeon

Some creep who likes to hang around back alleys. The father of a certain annoying girl...

Ms. Susan Fragette

Daniel Gerard Ross High's Social Sciences teacher. Something of a rebel, Ms. Fragette will not shut up about how Brigiton gained women the right to vote two years earlier than the rest of the nation.

Mr. Thaddeus Cane

Daniel Gerard Ross High's English teacher. Easily angered, he lives up to his name by favoring corporal punishment for his students.

Timothy Richards

Owns Brigiton's drugstore. Nervous and pale, he spends a lot of his time taking care of his ailing mother.

Mrs. Tin

Miriam's mother. Runs the Boarding House.

Town Founder Daniel Gerard Ross

The founder of Brigiton, dead as of approximately fifty years ago. Gave his name to the high school.

The Trash Workers

They take care of Brigiton's business. Employed by Jimmy Finn.

The Trolley Man

This withered man runs Brigiton's aging trolley. It's the quickest and simplest way to get around.

Dr. Victor Dielater

He'll cure what ails you.

Vincent Haas

The receptionist at city hall. An efficient and friendly man.

Truant Officer Wedge

To the students of Daniel Gerard Ross High School, he's Public Enemy No. 1.

Widow Coyles

Recently widowed, Ms. Coyles supports herself through charity.

Yvonne Glimmerette

A fairly pretty woman who lives at the Brigiton Hotel. Supposedly, has a mysterious past.

The Games

The bulk of the gameplay of Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble! will be playing these games as you progress through the story. Each has different gameplay, and focuses on a different primary stat.

Each game also has a helpful tool you can acquire that will make things easier for you when playing.


A duel of insults! If you've ever played any of the old Monkey Island games, you know exactly how this goes. You sling an insult, then your opponent slings a retort— or tries to. Then your opponent slings an insult, and you (try to) fire it right back.

In the Taunt game, your Popularity (♥) serves as a sort of 'health bar'. Each taunt has a power rating, from 1 to 8, indicating how much damage it will do to someone's health bar when it finally lands. The taunted will take damage if they can't come up with the appropriate retort. If they do, however, the taunt rebounds on the taunter! Each taunt has a single relevant retort.

There are three 'suits' of taunts, denoted by the symbol that appears when they show up: ♦, ♠, and ♣. Each suit has 11 taunt/retort pairs, and any one taunt battle will only use one suit.
There is, naturally, a catch: when you start the game, your Queen knows only the first three taunts, and first retort, from every suit!
There's only one way to learn new taunts and retorts: by trading insults with others in the Taunt game. If your opponent uses a taunt or retort that your girls don't know, they'll learn it immediately— it'll be available for use when it's your turn to next deliver a taunt or retort yourself.

This guide will number the taunts in each suit, from #1 to #11, in order by increasing power (which is the order the game shows them in). This will let you compare when taunting and figure out which taunts you're missing— and thus seek out opponents who have the taunts or retorts you desire.
A list of taunts and retorts is in the Taunts & Retorts section at the end of the FAQ.

Bill the Pony

Once you free him Outside City Limits, you will be followed around by Bill the Pony! This ugly pony is the helpful tool for Taunting— his ugliness reduces your Popularity by 1, but if you can't find a retort for the latest one-liner your opponent's thrown at you, he'll reduce the damage it would do by 3 (to a minimum of 1). Note that Bill the Pony won't be able to help if your opponent fires your own taunt back via retort, so be warned!


Fibbing is a lot like a simplified version of Poker— appropriate for a game about bluffing! You and your opponent each start with a hand of 5 tiles; a tile can have one of ♥, ♠, ♦, ♣ or a blank on its face. They can't see yours, and you can't see theirs. When it's your turn, you have the option to either Flip several of your tokens and raise your Bid, or Call your opponent's bid.

Flip / Bid

If you want to keep betting, you can Flip some of your tiles, then make a new Bid. Flipping a tile randomizes its value— the equivalent of trading in a card in Five-Card-Draw Poker. Your new tile can have any suit or a blank on it. However, over the course of the game, you can only flip as many tiles as you have points in Glamour (♦)— and you must raise your Bid after you Flip tiles once during a turn. Moreover, your new Bid must be higher than both your, and your opponent's, previous bid. With only 9 possible bids, each representing a potential hand, this can get crazy fast.


If you think your opponent is lying about their most recent bid, then you can Call on your turn instead. This will end the game; you will win if you catch your opponent bluffing, and lose if they actually have what they say. Beware of touting your hand too far on your own turn, however; it is entirely possible for your opponent to Call your bluff on their turn. If this happens, you win if your hand has what you claim it had in it (and you lose if you get caught fibbing).

Something interesting to note is a dirty secret in how the game handles opponents' hands. This may ruin your enjoyment of the game, so it is behind a spoiler: The game doesn't really keep track of opponents' hands at all! When you click 'CALL', it takes the opponent's current bet, then looks up the probability as to whether they have that. It then makes a randomness check. If the check passes, they have the hand they're claiming, and the game shows that hand. If the check fails, they don't, and the game will make a nonmatching hand for you to see. Go figure! This is exploitable once you have the Uncertainty Slide Rule.

The Uncertainty Slide Rule

Upon accepting Maximillian's request to return his love's gift, (and after finding the gift and handing it over,) you will gain the Uncertainty Slide Rule! This fuzzy-logic device is the helpful tool for Fibbing. It simply tells you, at all times, the absolute probability that your opponent is lying. If you click CALL, this is your chances of success.


In the Expose game, you get to dig up people's darkest, deepest secrets.

You start with all the words in the secret phrase covered by ♥, ♦, or ♣ tokens; you also have 'Free Reveal' points equal to your four main stats. Clicking on a token will show the word, and use a Free Reveal. Once you've exhausted your Free Reveals in a category, all tokens of that type will change to ♠ tokens— ♠ tokens effectively function as your 'wildcard reveals' in this way. Once you're all out of ♠ tokens, though, you'll have to guess any remaining words.

Guessing a word is simple, but fraught with peril. Click on a word. The game will show you six possible choices the word could be, and a 'Decide Later' button. This is usually easy, as the five incorrect choices are taken from a list of all the words in the game! Most of the words will be usually unrelated. If you can't figure out what word goes somewhere, though, hit 'Decide Later'— even one incorrect guess loses you the game. Of course, guessing the right word will make it appear in the phrase.
Once the entire phrase is exposed, you win.

Sanitation Patrol Badge

After you expose the perfidy of the 'Sanitation Patrol' once and for all, you'll get to keep one of their badges! The badge (or rather, what it represents to your girls) is the helpful tool for Exposing, making digging up secrets easier by boosting your ♠ by 3, and your ♥, ♦, and ♣ by 1 while the Expose session is in progress. This won't go over the cap of 9.


Let's skip the 'young love' spiel this time— we already did that one in the section on Boys. This section of the guide explains how Flirting works.

The goal of Flirting is to fill up the 'love meter' of the target boy by matching the tokens he gives out. Each boy has a 'pattern of desires' that relates the token(s) he gives out in a turn to the ones he's hoping to get back.
As an example, imagine a boy named Tutorial Boy. His 'pattern of desires' is [♥, ♠, ♦, ♣] => [♦, ♣, ♠, ♥]; that is, if he gives out a ♥, he's hoping to get a ♦ back; if he gives out a ♦, he's hoping for a ♠, and so on. Each time your girl matches Tutorial Boy's pattern, the 'love meter' goes up by one. Filling the meter all the way wins the girl her chosen boyfriend! However, there is a catch: you only have as many of each type of token as points in your main stats.


Flirting gets more complicated as the game goes on. Later boys have higher 'love meters'— and require two or more tokens to be matched to fill one box on the meter. Each 'token slot' has its own separate pattern of desires, which is (usually) different from the pattern of the other slots (so if a boy gives out ♠♠, he might be hoping for ♣♥). This will be represented as:

[♥♣, ♠♠, ♦♦, ♣♥] => [♥♠, ♠♣, ♦♥, ♣♦]

...which is a concise way of saying that if he gives out ♥♣, he wants ♥♠; if he gives out ♦♦, he wants ♦♥, and so on. The best boys can have up to three-token patterns, so if you're planning to go it alone, be prepared!

The Picolos' Secret to Happiness

By checking in on the Picolos in Act 3 after Mrs. Fragette asks you to meet your neighbors— and then seeking out as much of their advice as you can get— you can acquire The Picolos' Secret to Happiness, the helpful tool for Flirting. It will give the chosen girl +1 to all her stats while she's flirting, as long as it doesn't go over the cap of 9.


Gambit. The 'game adults play in private'. Easy to learn, but hard to master, Gambit will become a much-needed means of leverage for your girls in their dealings with the adults of Brigiton. Even though Florence gives you a full tutorial in the rules of Gambit, how it works can still be confusing. Here's a full rundown.

Basic Game Flow

You and your opponent have tokens, two each, corresponding to two the four main stats. You will always have the ♣ (Savvy) token; aside from this, the distribution is random.

  1. You place the tokens in two of the three slots on the BRAZEN / SUBTLE / DEVIOUS board, representing the combination of approaches you're going to use. Your opponent will do the same— but you can't see what they're up to.
  2. You hit GO! The opponent's tokens are revealed and the board is resolved according to the rules of Gambit.
  3. Whoever has the highest score wins.

The crunchy part in that explanation is "the board is resolved according to the rules of Gambit". Understanding how these rules work is key to formulating a good strategy.

The Rules of Gambit

When you hit 'GO!', the tokens you set are matched with your opponent's tokens in a predetermined manner. This is what happens:

  1. If you have a token in Brazen, it will cancel your opponent's Subtle token, if they have one. If your opponent has a Brazen token, it will cancel your Subtle token, if you have one. The value of each party's Brazen token will also be added to their score.
  2. If you have an uncanceled token in Subtle, it will cancel your opponent's Devious token, if they have one. If your opponent has an uncanceled Subtle token, it will cancel your Devious token, if any. Anyone who has an uncanceled Subtle token will have its value added to their score as well.
  3. If you have an uncanceled Devious token, it will steal the value of your opponent's Brazen token from their score, taking it for yourself! Of course, if your opponent has an uncanceled Devious token, they can do the same to you. (If you and your opponent both have uncanceled Devious tokens, you swap Brazen scores.)
  4. Highest score wins.


With knowledge of the above procedure, Gambit turns into a very complicated game of Rock-Paper Scissors with some special rules for ties. There are a total of three 'throws' (Brazen/Subtle, Brazen/Devious, and Subtle/Devious) in the game, meaning a set of matchups can be easily tabulated.

Brazen/Subtle vs Brazen/Subtle

The two Brazens cancel both Subtles. Highest Brazen wins.

Brazen/Subtle vs Brazen/Devious

Second player's Brazen cancels first player's Subtle, then second player's Devious steals first player's Brazen. Winner: Brazen/Devious.

Brazen/Subtle vs Subtle/Devious

First player's Brazen cancels second player's Subtle, and first player's Subtle cancels second player's Devious. Only the first player ever scores. Winner: Brazen/Subtle.

Brazen/Devious vs Brazen/Devious

The two Brazens score, then the two players swap them because they each play Devious. Whoever originally had the lowest Brazen wins.

Brazen/Devious vs Subtle/Devious

First player's Brazen cancels second player's Subtle, but second player's Devious steals first player's Brazen. Winner: Subtle/Devious.

Subtle/Devious vs Subtle/Devious

Both player's Subtles cancel their Devious tokens. Highest Subtle wins.

If you think your opponent will definitely use a token in one specific slot of Brazen, Subtle, or Devious, there's usually a 'safe play' that either wins or ends up in a tie scenario, as long as your intuition and stats are up to it.

If you think they're going to play Brazen, then Brazen/Devious is your safe play, as long as you can put the lowest token on the board in Brazen. If they play Brazen/Subtle, you win, and if they play Brazen/Devious, lowest Brazen wins.
If you don't have the lowest token on the board, remember that Subtle/Devious will always lose to Brazen/Subtle but always win against Brazen/Devious. Do you feel lucky?

If you think they're going to play Subtle, then Brazen/Subtle is the way to go. You win against Subtle/Devious, and against Brazen/Subtle it's just a matter of having the higher Brazen.

If you think they're going to play Devious, then you want to pick Subtle/Devious. This choice is a guaranteed win against Brazen/Devious, and against another Subtle/Devious, you're golden as long as you can make sure to have the higher Subtle.

This all becomes easier once you get the Glimmer-scope and have guaranteed foreknowledge.

The Glimmer-scope

After agreeing to Maximillian's love's request to try and convince him to file an appeal, you will receive the Glimmer-scope, the helpful tool for Gambit. (You will have to find the 'scope first, but that won't take long.) While you're setting up your Gambit board, the Glimmer-scope will briefly flash one of the two slots your opponent is going to place a token in. With this, you can gain a strong advantage over your opponent— you know half of their strategy now, after all.

The Glimmer-scope triggers right at the first time you pick up a token. Watch the card!

Walkthrough - Act 1: Daniel Gerard Ross High School

This walkthrough will be divided into Acts, based on the setting most of the Act takes place in. Each Act is divided into Scenes, with the change-over being appropriate moments in the story.

Each scene and sidequest will have an Overview box in it, explaining what there is to do there. If you get stuck, check the box to see what's next!

Scene 1: A Brand New Gang

Your first step is to pick a Queen. Once you choose which girl to start with (remember, your Queen gets a +1 bonus to all stats above what's listed on the starting screen), she'll be plucked from the page, crowned, and dropped into the gameboard that is Daniel Gerard Ross High.

Goal #1: Get a gang together, with girls your Queen can rely on.
Goal #2: Investigate the school nurse, who's been secretive about a number of mysterious accidents.

Goal #1 will be easy, especially since this scene is 95% tutorial. Goal #2— that might be more long term. Play on!

Part 1 - Taunts at Dawn

Section Overview

You must successfully Taunt Gladys or Hazel before they will join you.
Gladys (♦, 2♥, Taunt #1, no retorts) - Art and Music, Auditorium, English Room, School Library
Hazel (♣, 2♥, Taunt #1, no retorts) - Girls' Room, Gymnasium, Social Studies

Stoolie Girl (♠, 2♥, Taunts #1 and 2, Retort #1) - Athletic Field, Auditorium, Campus Lunchroom, Gymnasium, Patio [after recruiting Gladys or Hazel]

It's time to recruit the first member of your gang! You can choose between either Gladys (2♥ 1♠ 4♦ 2♣) or Hazel (4♥ 2♠ 2♦ 1♣), depending on who you run into first— but you'll have to beat them in a mock Taunt battle first. This doubles as a tutorial. Once you beat them (the game walks you through this), your chosen girl will join your gang! Then, it's off to face Stoolie Girl, who's been being her annoying self.

Anywhere you go around campus, you'll find Stoolie Girl. You might want to avoid using Taunt #1— she knows the associated retort. Aside from this, it's an easy battle.
Once Stoolie Girl is driven off, it's time to recruit another member of your gang.

Part 2 - A Few Little Secrets

Section Overview

You must successfully Expose Deborah or Jean's secret before they will join you.
Deborah - Auditorium, Bleachers, Campus Lunchroom, Gymnasium, North Sidewalk
Jean - Athletic Field, Hallways, Patio, South Grounds, The Shady Tree

Stoolie Girl (♠, 2♥, Taunts #2 and 3, Retort #1) - Athletic Field, Auditorium, Campus Lunchroom, Gymnasium, Patio [after recruiting Deborah or Jean]

Stoolie Girl - Athletic Field, Auditorium, Campus Lunchroom, Gymnasium, Patio [after recruiting Deborah or Jean]

Deborah - "I can hope to graduate with passing grades, if I put out extracurricular efforts for certain teachers."
Jean - "During winter break, on New Year's Eve, I had a premonition that I would die before this semester ends."
Stoolie Girl - "This morning, I overheard the nurse order some girl to clam up about her accident. I could not see which girl it was."

Another member approaches! You get to pick between Deborah (3♥ 2♠ 3♦ 1♣) or Jean (3♥ 3♠ 2♦ 3♣), and either will teach you how to Expose secrets. Once you've dug up her little nugget of information, your chosen girl will join your gang and help you catch Stoolie Girl, and you can wring that secret of hers out of her.

(You're meant to Expose Stoolie Girl's secret at this point, but you can Taunt her if you feel like it. She doesn't know any taunts you're missing, though! And you'll miss out on the secret.)
After Exposing Stoolie Girl's info, your gang will start digging deeper— and gets a fourth member in the bargain!

Part 3 - It's Not Lying, It's... Fibbing!

Section Overview

You must successfully Fib to Helen or Ruby before they will join you.
Helen - Auditorium, Bleachers
Ruby - North Walk, Shady Tree

Bully Girl (♦, 2♥, Taunts #2-4, Retorts #1 and #2) - Bleachers, Shady Tree [after Helen or Ruby is recruited] (Penalty: 4 hours)

Liar Girl - Hallways, School Driveway [after 4 PM], South Grounds, Patio (Prize: Secret ~ ♣+1)

Bully Girl - Bleachers, Shady Tree [after Helen or Ruby is recruited] (Penalty: 2 hours)

Liar Girl - "Last night, I watched a silhouette hulk across the lunch room window. This morning, the kitchen had a small fire!"
Bully Girl - "The nurse warned me to shut up about my accident. A snap of her fingers could expel me from school. I did not know Stoolie Girl was eavesdropping, until later."

Your final gang member comes rushing up like your first: either Helen (1♥ 3♠ 3♦ 2♣) or Ruby (2♥ 4♠ 2♦ 1♣), and each will want you to show her how to Fib. She'll also mention Bully Girl's on the warpath! This doesn't bode well.
Once you induct Helen or Ruby into your gang, you'll immediately have a run-in with Bully Girl.

Be careful: Bully Girl is the first opponent where losing a game leads to a penalty, in this case Bully Girl's brand of light, personalized physical violence. The shock of this will send one of your girls reeling for several hours, and she'll rejoin the gang after that.
(Tip: If you Ignore Bully Girl, she will go away! You can also Taunt her— she does know ♦ Taunt #4 and Retort #2— but taking the inevitable loss that will follow if you actually learn these pieces of information may or may not be worth it. It's your call. Exposing Bully Girl's secret will also get her to leave, and may be less chance-prone than Fibbing if you're good at it. The info's certainly valuable.)

Also wandering around the school right now: Liar Girl! This unrepentant boaster's whoppers usually get her ignored, but this time it seems she might be telling the truth. Expose what she has to say, and it'll be another clue towards figuring out what's going on.

Once you've driven off Bully Girl and found out Liar Girl's secret, this part ends, and it's time for a Pow Wow.

Pow Wow: Accidents

At this point, it's time for your first Pow Wow— a conversation between gang members that breaks up scenes and sets the gang on a fitting new direction. Now that Liar Girl has spilled the beans... it's time to investigate the school's new maintenance man.

Scene 2: Maximillian the Maintenance Man

...it's just getting there that's the trouble. The gang'll need a Hall Pass from Secretary Primly first, and getting it out of him might be... complicated.

Scene Overview

Secretary Primly (♣, 2♥, Taunts #3-5, Retorts #1-4) - Administration (Penalty: 5 hours, even if you win)

Maximillian the Maintenance Man - Basement [after getting the Hall Pass] (Prize: Secret ~ ♣+1) (Penalty: 3 hours, but only if you run)
Secretary Primly - Administration (Prize: Hall Pass ~ ♠+1) (Penalty: 2 hours)

Secretary Primly - Administration (Prize: Hall Pass ~ ♠+1) (Penalty: 5 hours)

Maximillian - "I moved here from the big city to be with the woman of my dreams, but I have not had much time for her."
Secretary Primly - "What did you lose, your cigarette lighter? Afraid you will have to give up something to a boy, just for a match?"

You'll have to Fib your way past Secretary Primly (or Expose him, which in this case consists of playing along with the idea in his head) to get your hall pass. Taunting him is a route to a guaranteed detention, so don't try it unless you're willing to lose in the name of learning something new (and you will lose, because he has taunts you haven't got and retorts for everything you can have up to this point).
Nurse Nacht is also in administration, but all she will do is tell you to go away.

Once you've got the pass, it's time to visit Maximillian! In the half-light of the basement, he cuts a scary figure. Choosing to Run here will give a penalty— there's nothing to do but Expose the truth! And the truth is surprisingly sentimental.
Max'll get to talking once you come to understand his woes. He asks your opinion of his improvements. Time for some mild interrogation... and it looks like Max's help is the only sort of maintenance Daniel Gerard Ross High gets! Oh dear.

Max having failed to be a copy of Snidely Whiplash (who hasn't even been invented yet, anyway), it looks like the next step is to just poke around and find out what there is to know about the accidents through the grapevine. Nothing complicated— just normal life at a 'Dan Ger Ross' high school.

Scene 3: School Days (and Detective Work)

Past this point, the game becomes less linear. You can go around, attend class, and do whatever you please as you pursue your investigation. Your gang will even get its first shot at flirting with boys, to boot. Let's go!
Skip Overview Box

Scene Overview

Alma - Math and Science (Prize: Secret ~ ♣+1)
Charlotte - Auditorium
Eleanor - Patio [during school hours] (Prize: Secret ~ ♥+1)
Lucille - The Shady Tree (Prize: Secret ~ ♦+1)
Mildred - Bleachers (Prize: Secret ~ ♠+1)
Myrtle - Basement (Prize: Secret ~ ♦+1)

Bully Girl (♠, 2♥, Taunts #3-5, Retorts #1 and 3) - The Shady Tree [starts Lucille's incident if you win]
Charlotte (♦, 4♥, Taunts #2 and 3, Retorts #1-3) - Auditorium [starts Charlotte's incident if you win]
Coach Gustov (♦, 5♥, Taunts #2-5, Retorts #1-5) - Gymnasium [after Alma's incident, or if Alma is in your gang] (Penalty: 7 hours, even if you win)
Miss Hippilyta (♦, 4♥, Taunts #2 and 3, Retorts #1, 2, 4, and 5) - Art and Music (Prize: A+ in Art ~ ♠+1)
Miss Julianne Fox (♣, 5♥, Taunts #3-5, Retorts #1-4) - Math and Science [after Alma's incident, or if Alma is in your gang] (Penalty: 7 hours, even if you win)
Liar Girl (♦, 1♥, Taunts #2-4, Retorts #1, 2, and 4) - Basement [during Myrtle's incident]
Lucille (♣, 2♥, Taunts #3-5, Retorts #1, 3, and 4) - The Shady Tree [before her incident]
Mildred (♣, 1♥, Taunts #3 and 4, Retorts #1-3) - Bleachers [before her incident; if you Ignore her, this goes away]
Mrs. Susan Fragette (♠, 5♥, Taunts #2-4, Retorts #1-5) - Social Studies [during school hours] (Penalty: 7 hours, even if you win)
Mr. Thaddeus Cane (♦, 5♥, Taunts #2-4, Retorts #1-5) - English Room [during school hours] (Penalty: 7 hours, even if you win)
Mr. Thaddeus Cane (♣, 2♥, Taunts #2-4, Retorts #1-3) - Patio [during Eleanor's incident] (Penalty: 5 hours, even if you win)
Playground Kids (♦, 5♥, Taunts #2-4, Retorts #1-3) - School Playground

Coach Gustov - Gymnasium [after Alma's incident, or if Alma is in your gang]
Eleanor - Patio [during Eleanor's incident] (Prize: Secret ~ ♥+1)
Miss Hippilyta - Art and Music
Miss Julianne Fox - Math and Science [after Alma's incident, or if Alma is in your gang]
Liar Girl - Basement [during Myrtle's incident]
Myrtle - Basement [during Myrtle's incident]
Secretary Primly - Administration [during Charlotte's incident]
Mrs. Susan Fragette - Social Studies
Mr. Thaddeus Cane - English Room (Penalty: 3 hours)

Coach Gustov - Gymnasium [during Alma's incident] (Prize: Crowbar) (Penalty: 3 hours)
Miss Hippilyta - Art and Music
Lucille - The Shady Tree [during Lucille's incident]
Miss Julianne Fox - Math and Science [after Alma's incident, or if Alma is in your gang]
Mrs. Susan Fragette - Social Studies
Mr. Thaddeus Cane - English Room (Penalty: 3 hours)

You have one chance at most boyfriends (except Radio Boy) until they next reappear, so be prepared!
Dapper Boy (5□, [♥, ♠, ♦, ♣] => [♦, ♣, ♥, ♠]) - Auditorium, Patio
Radio Boy (5□, [♥, ♠, ♦, ♣] => [♥, ♠, ♦, ♣]) - Basement, Library
Rebel Boy (5□, [♥, ♠, ♦, ♣] => [♠, ♥, ♣, ♦]) - North Sidewalk, The Shady Tree (Penalty: 5 hours)
Varsity Boy (5□, [♥, ♠, ♦, ♣] => [♦, ♥, ♥, ♥]) - Athletic Field, Gymnasium [after flirting with another boy once successfully]
Secretary Primly (7□, [♥, ♠, ♦, ♣] => [♥, ♠, ♦, ♣]) - Administration [during Charlotte's incident, and you don't get to keep him]

Nurse Nacht - Administration [during school hours]

Alma - "Inside my desk is a ticker tape I took from Daddy's office. If it is not returned, he might trim my allowance!"
Eleanor - "Lately, various cute boys fancy to carry me like Cleopatra. This stupid ramp will ruin my one thrill!"
Coach Gustov - "Our shrimp of a new maintenance man worked hard remodeling the school, but I do not trust his strange intellect. He confuses me."
Miss Hippilyta - "I am not sure the new maintenance man appreciated our school's spirit before adjusting its form and function to modern standards. He is very clever, though."
Miss Julianne Fox - "The nice, new maintenance man spent the entire winter break refurbishing and modernizing our stalwart school, Daniel Gerard Ross High."
Liar Girl - "Actually, my daddy took me to Indiana. We stayed at the Raja hotel. A drunk conventioneer smiled at me, and Daddy had him kicked out."
Myrtle - "I dared Liar Girl to demonstrate what she learned in India. I found a bed, but when she saw it she froze like a fakir in a trance."
Secretary Primly - "Maximillian is our new maintenance man. Dean Hemlock hired him from the big city. He was very excited about living here in Brigiton."
Mrs. Susan Fragette - "The school hired a new maintenance man to fix our building and its furnishings. Another winter of neglect and we would be sitting on snow."
Mr. Thaddeus Cane - "That loony new maintenance man spent the entire winter break trying to fix the school building and its furnishings."

(Act 1 Scene 3 Overview Box Ends Here)

There's a lot to do in this scene, so it'll be divided into several sections. The Main Story part, at the end of the section, covers those incidents that are focused on advancing the plot. Everything else there is to do 'round the high school is covered in the sections just below: Going to Class, Boys, and School Life.

Going to Class

Hey, it's all part of the school experience. You can Fib to the teachers— Miss Julianne Fox (Math & Science), Mr. Thaddeus Cane (English), Mrs. Susan Fragette (Social Studies) and Miss Hippilyta (Art & Music) to wing your way through your coursework, or try Exposing what they think about the school's remodel. Taunting the staff, however, is not advised, as it will result in a 7-hour detention. The exception, notably, is Miss Hippilyta, where beating her in a battle of insults leads to an A+, and there's no penalties if you lose. (Such an iconoclast...)

For the most part, flubbing a Fib or an Expose attempt here will be penalty-free, except for Thaddeus Cane's classroom. He is, sadly, a teacher still preferring the old methods of corporal punishment.


Time for a lesson in the other thing high school is about— romance! Boys are now available on campus, and your girls should hook up with them at the earliest opportunity. If you have Jean, she might not be all that happy about it when it's her turn, though.
(Tip: If you hook Jean up with Varsity Boy, pay attention to her assessment of him. It's pretty on point.)

School Life

• You can safely Taunt the playground kids to learn some new stuff from the ♦ suit. They won't mind.
• If you go by Administration and bother Nurse Nacht, she will tell you to go away. This will burn an hour, and is indefinitely repeatable as long as the school is open.
• You can examine the Trolley at the far right of the map. The Trolley man will eventually be able to take your girls places you have yet to imagine!... but for now, you're stuck on the Daniel Gerard Ross High School map. So let's get to work.

Main Story - Accidents?!

A lot of girls around the school seem to be having accidents lately! If you wander around enough, you'll probably run into some of them...
Note: If the relevant girls are in your gang, their storylines might not appear or they might vary somewhat.

Alma's Stuck Desk

In the Math room, Alma is frantically trying to get her desk open. What's going on? Exposing Alma's secret makes things a little clearer, but getting the desk open will still take some help. Like a crowbar, maybe? Head to the Gym to try and horse a crowbar out of Coach Gustov. You can either Fib about why you need it, or just Ignore him and take one! Getting caught Fibbing will lead to a 3-hour penalty, though.

Once you have the Crowbar, the desk-opening might not quite go as planned, but your girls get some valuable information— and a Secret— out of it.

Charlotte in the Spotlight

Charlotte's practicing her vaudeville routine! You can help and/or heckle her if you like— just head to the Auditorium and Taunt her. If you win, she'll press-gang you into the show... as a stagehand. You'll need to go to Secretary Primly in Administration and ask where the deadweights are for the stage set. Of course, Primly is determined to be as unhelpful as possible.

You've got several options for dealing with Primly: Expose his secret, and he'll show you where the weights are. Fibbing about why you need them will also work— or you can Flirt with Secretary Primly, though he's possibly the man most resembling a dried-up stick in the entire county.
Once Primly's convinced, he'll come with you back to the Auditorium to show you where to look; he'll even help you raise the scrim.

Sadly, tragedy will strike, though Charlotte can say she brought down the house!

Eleanor and the Ramp

If you head out to the school Patio, Eleanor and Mr. Thaddeus Cane will be engaged in a fierce argument. The school installed a ramp for Eleanor's wheelchair. Now Eleanor doesn't want to use it. What's going on?

You can Taunt Mr. Cane to get him out of Eleanor's way, though this will come at the cost of the taunter taking a trip to detention. Alternately, if you Accept Mr. Cane's request, you can Expose just why Eleanor is so recalcitrant— and get a Secret as a prize. There's a solution for her problem, fortunately!

Ironically, when Eleanor goes to actually use the ramp, it'll be more hazardous to her than the stairs. Hopefully it'll work better once it's fixed.

Lucille and the Shady Tree, or: She's All Wet

Lucille's planning to set up a swing to brighten up the Shady Tree. Bully Girl is planning to put a stop to it. You can Taunt Lucille— as a friendly exchange of insults, everything'll be fine, win or lose. You can also Taunt Bully Girl and win (or, just Accept her idea that someone needs to interfere), which will get your girls onto an alternate plan to stop it: the sprinklers!

The sprinkler spigot is in the South Grounds, and for once your girls and Bully Girl are in agreement as to what needs to happen! Unfortunately, the sprinkler itself doesn't quite seem cooperative in this whole incident.

You can Fib to Lucille about what happened to her, or just watch as Bully Girl helps her to the nurse.

Mildred's Bleachers Protest

Mildred seems to be complaining about the school's new bleachers being... factory-made? Go figure. You can Taunt Mildred (if you Ignore her this option disappears), or just join in as she starts to make a big noise by jumping up and down on the things.

Maybe hand-made would have been better? This is becoming a concerning pattern.