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Quest FAQ by NRokk

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/15/00

Fallout Quest FAQ v1.0
Author: Neelon Rokk <neelonrokk@dolfijn.nl>
Date: april 15 2000
Website: http://come.to/neelonrokk


[ 1 ] Disclaimer
[ 2 ] Version History
[ 3 ] Quest Listing

Notes: use wordwrap.

|   [ 1 ] Disclaimer   |

This FAQ was made private and personal use only. It can only be reproduced 
electronically. If you want to put it on your web-site you may do so, but only 
as long as this disclaimer isn't altered, and a note to the author would ne 
appriciated. This FAQ is NOT to be used for profitable / promotional purposes; 
this includes being used by publishers of magazines, guides, books, etc. or 
being incorporated into magazines, etc. in ANY way. This FAQ was created and is 
owned by me, Neelon Rokk <neelonrokk@dolfijn.nl>. All copyrights and trademarks 
are acknowledged that are not specifically mentioned in this FAQ. Please give 
credit where it is due.

Fallout is (C) Interplay Productions.

|   [ 2 ] Version History   |

This is the first version of the FAQ (hence the v1.0) and future updates will 
contain error corrections and some revising if needed. Any information is 
welcome, and will be added with credit when the information is new and valuable 
to the contents of the FAQ.

Version 1.0
   - Quest Listing

Future additions
   - Solve some last missing quests
   - Minor correction here and there

The latest version of this FAQ can be found on my website at 
<http://come.to/neelonrokk> under the PC games section. 

|   [ 3 ] Available Quests   |

There are a lot of quests available in Fallout, but you can't do them all in the 
same game, because some quest involves eliminating some guy / girl who can give 
you another quest. But there are still plenty quests left to tackle, yielding 
good items and XP. Some of the quests are long-term quests, and by that I mean 
that such a quest will take a long while to complete, like getting that water-
chip. I broke down the various quests into the areas where you get them. When 
you have completed a certain area, always take your time to search the area for 
items, and loot the enemies. Some areas yield a lot of goodies.


The main quest of course is you finding and returning the water-chip, within a 
150 day time limit, and this is more then enough time, unless you walk to the 
wrong places all the time.

* Stop the unrest
When you return to Vault-13, but haven't given the chip to the Overseer yet, go 
talk to an upset civilian in the upper right of the second floor. Now go to 
Theresa's room (two rooms to the left) at 17:00 and talk her out of it.

XP reward: 750
Item reward: none

* Discover the water thief
Go to the second floor and talk to Cindy (she's in the lower right room) and ask 
about the water dissapearing. Now go talk to the water guard at the third floor. 
Next, wait until midnight. Some guy comes out of the elevator, talk to him and 
search him. When he has entered the water room and is going back to the elevator 
talk and search him again.

XP reward: 1000
Item reward: none

* Return the water-chip
When you take the water-chip from the Vault under Necropolis, return it to the 

XP reward: 7500
Item reward: none


Not a real quest here, but some good and easy XP, as well as some good items. 
Just make sure to kill all the rats here (they are all pretty harmless) but look 
out for the Greater Mole Rat. Be sure to keep an eye on your HP and ammo (by 
some from Ian in Shady Sands to be sure) because there are some 54 rats in total 
down here.

* Find command center and control center
Get one piece of rope at Shady Sands (Seth sells it), you will need it to go 
down the lift (there are two lifts, but you can find one piece of rope in the 
Vault). Work your way all the way down to the 3rd floor, but kill all the 
enemies and take all the items found on the way down. On the 3rd floor, enter 
the first room on the right of the screen, and then go to the bottom right. Both 
times the console should say something like control centre or command centre 
burries under tons of rock. When both these messages appeared, you are rewarded 
some XP.

XP reward: 500
XP reward for enemies killed: 1750
Item reward: none

Shady Sands

This is an area with quite some quests, and some of them involve only talking.

* Talk to Katrina
She is the girl standing left of the main gate. Talk to her about everything 
possible (high IN needed). After you receive enough information you get your 

XP reward: 250
Item reward: none

* Improve agriculture in Shady Sands
In the second part of Shady Sands are some crop fields (lower left corner) with 
a local farmer nearby. Talk to him about his fields and crop rotation. Advise 
him how to do it and get your reward.

XP reward: 500
Item reward: none

* Destroy Radscorpions' nest
Talk to Seth, the guy on the right side of the main gate. Ask about the 
Radscorpions and tell him you want to be taken to their nest. Now kill all 
Radscorpions (9 total) and collect as many tails as you can carry (at least one 
is needed for another quest). Return to Shady Sands and talk to both Seth and 
Aradesh (the mayor) and you will get your reward.

XP reward: 500
XP reward for enemies killed: 990
Item reward: none

* Help Razlo make antidote
Talk to the doctor (inside the bottom left of the first part of the village. Ask 
him about the Radscorpion poisoning and tell him you will return with a 
Radscorpion tail. Talk to him again and he will make an antidote out of it.

XP reward: 250
Item reward: 1 antidote for every Radscorpion tale you bring him

* Cure Jarvis from his poisoning
Jarvis has been poisoned by a Radscorpion, and lies in bed in the doctor's 
house. Use the antidote on him.

XP reward: 400
Item reward: none

* Return Tandi safe
At some point in the game, Tandi gets abducted by some Raiders. When you manage 
to get her back to Shady Sands alive, you will be rewarded.

XP reward: 400
Item reward: 500 caps

* Convince Ian to join your quest
Ian can be found in one of the northwest buildings (guy with black leather 
jacket and blue pants). Talk to him and ask if he wants to join you, as his 
experience might come in handy. Give him his fee, 100 caps, and he will join you 
on your adventures.

XP reward: 100
Item reward: none


Another town with a lot of quests, and I haven't completed them all yet (some 
quests involving the local Skullz gang).

* Stop assassin
When you enter the general store, you notice a villager walking into the store, 
saying "Gizmo sends his regards" and a firefight begins. Shoot the assassin 
before he kills Gillian (he's the store owner).

XP reward: 400
XP reward for enemies killed: 250
Item reward: choose between shotgun and shells, leather armor, stimpacks

* Get Gizmo's confession on tape
Go talk to Gizmo inside the Casino in the northern part of town. Hear him out 
and return with the confession.

XP reward: 500
Item reward: none

* Get rid of Gizmo and Izo
After you get the confession, help Gillian and his troops kill Gizmo and Izo. 
Talk to Lars at the guardstation (1st part of town) to get more information. 
After you kill Gizmo and izo, return to collect the goodies and unlock door to 
Gizmo's room (25 XP and access to goodies).

XP reward: 600
XP reward for enemies killed: 425
Item reward: 500 caps

* Kill Gillian
You can however decide to double-cross Gillian. Now you work for Gizmo and have 
to return Gillian's dog-tags. Go back to Gillian and kill him and the 4 guards. 
You can take their stuff (rifles, ammo, caps and more) but now all the guards 
and many of the villagers will turn against you. Best thing to do is kill Gizmo 
however, but it's your call.

XP reward: 600
XP reward for enemies killed: 465
Item reward: 500 caps

* Rescue Sinthia
Go to the Crash House Hotel just above Killian's store and stay for one night 
(or a week if you like). The next morning the owner will come to you telling 
that some thug is holding Sinthia hostage. You can now talk her free or kill the 
thug. When you want to talk the thug into letting her go, it will cost you 100 
caps. When you kill the thug you get something like 65 XP and the stuff he has 
on him, but Sinthia will be angry at you. The guy apparently just wanted to talk 
to someone, sjeesh.

XP reward: 400 (killing thug) / 1000 (talking Sinthia free)
Item reward: none

* Help Phil solve his canine conundrum
Next to the casino two people are standing outside a house, unable to get in 
because of a vicious dog. Just wear a leather jacket and walk up to the dog. 
Dogmeat (that's his name) will now follow you, because you look like his old 
master (description of Mel Gibson from the Mad Max movies) who dissapeared. Take 
a little care with Dogmeat around, because he rushed headlong into the enemy.

XP reward: 100
Item reward: none

* Steal Neal's urne
Go inside the backroom of the Crash House Hotel and talk to the gang leader (the 
guy in the blue pants). Tell him you want to join the Skulz. Now go to the Skum 
Pitt at night and enter. Now wait until it is light so everyone is gone. Take 
the urn from the bar and wait until dark. Now return to the Crash House Hotel. 
Later you can return the urn to Neal, it won't harm.

XP reward: 400
Item reward: none

* Put a cap in Neal's ass
Right after you steal the urn, you are asked if you want to help the Skulz whack 
Neal. Reason for this is one of the Skulz got blown away by Neal a while before 
because he was harrasing a bar maid (you were a witness to that, so take the 
poor guy's Leather Armor)

XP reward: 300
XP reward for enemies killed: 45 (Neal), ?? (bar maid)
Item reward: none

* Bust the Skulz
You can prevent the previous quest from happening. Tell them you need a little 
time to prepare and go talk to Lars. Now you find yourself in the Skum Pitt just 
like in the previous quest, but now you must fight against the Skulz. When they 
are all dead, go talk to Lars again for your reward.

XP reward: 800
XP reward for enemies killed: 365
Item reward: none

The Raiders

They are found south-east of Shady Sands. Go there after you are told Tandi has 
been abducted. There are two ways to solve this quest, one peaceful and one a 
little less peaceful.

* Free Tandi
Best solution is to enter the house unarmed, and talk to Gnar. Barter Tandi free 
(just give him more than she's "worth" to be sure. Now take Tandi back to Shady 
Sands and collect yopur reward. After that, go back to the Raider Camp and teach 
them a lesson they will never forget.

XP reward: 500
XP reward for enemies killed: 1125
Item reward: 500 caps

* Free the slaves
There are two slaves inside the camp. Each surviving slave will get you some XP, 
but sometimes they are caught in a cross-fire.

XP reward: 200 per surviving slave
Item reward: none


* Destroy Mutants at the watershed
Work your way through the sewers, and surface at the second part of Necropolis, 
near an old church. Inside this church are a lot of Ghouls, holding some Glowing 
Ghouls captured. Go to the back of the church and talk to the Ghoul named Set. 
He will tell you something about some Super Mutants controlling a watershed up 
in town, and he wants you to take them out. Go there and do so, but be carefull 
as this is a difficult quest early in the game (try to take them one at a time, 
but bring some Stimpacks to be sure). The Combat Shotgun on burst mode works 
wonders against these guys.. When you return to Set, one of his guards will give 
you some stuff. you were also promised some information, but as soon as you ask 
Set for this, you have to fight him and his Ghouls. Do so, because they are not 
too tough and yield 1960 XP and a lot of goodies.

XP reward: none
XP reward for enemies killed: 1550
Item reward: Shotgun, 42 shells, 4 flares, 4 Nuka-Cola, 200 caps

* Fix the waterpump
Located in the sewers are some Ghouls, hiding from Set and his gang. They tell 
you of an old Vault, and that Vault's water system is still running. This means 
there's a working water-chip to be found down there. However, if you just take 
the water-chip, those helpful Ghouls will surely kick the bucket. So they ask 
you for a return favor, and that is to fix the waterpump found at the watershed, 
the one guarded by the Super Mutants. Enter the sewres where Harry, the first 
Super Mutant, was standing. Kill the rats nearby, take the parts and now go back 
to the Ghoul leader. If your Repair skill is pretty bad, he will give you some 
books to help you on the way. Read the books and repair the waterpump. Now you 
can take the water-chip without the Ghouls dying from thirst.

XP reward: 1000
Item reward: 3 Dean's Electronics books

* Free Ghoul prisoner
The Super Mutants held one Ghoul captured, so open his cell.

XP reward: 500
Item reward: none

* Find the water-chip
Track your way back to the watershed, and enter the manhole at the back of it. 
Go down another level, and kill all the Glowing Ghouls you encounter on your way 
down to the Vault. On level 3, you will find a computer running, so take the 
chip in it and take it back to your Vault. You can take the water-chip without 
reparing the waterpump first. This will gain you 2500 XP, but you get 1000 XP 
when you repair the waterpump, and 1500 XP when you get the water-chip after 
that. So the only difference is the Ghouls in Necropolis dying from dehydration.

XP reward: 1500 / 2500
XP reward for enemies killed: 1400
Item reward: none

The Hub

A nice string of quests can be combined here, involving you assassinating some 
people and stealing some stuff and still you can still gang up with the local 
law to get rid of the guy who gave you the orders.

* Help Irwin
On the second screen you can talk to Irwin (lower left corner). He tells you 
that his farm has been taken over by some raiders. Tell him to show you the way 
to his farm. Kill all the raiders and return to tell Irwin the good news.

XP reward: none
XP reward for enemies killed: 570
Item reward: .223 Pistol

* Missing caravans
Talk to Butch, the head of the Far Go Traders, and let him solve you his missing 
caravan problem. Ask him who he suspects and about the Deathclaw. Now go talk to 
Beth, who redirects you to Harold and Uncle Slappy. Now go to Old Town (eastern 
part of The Hub), and go talk to Harold the mutant (inside a building, lower 
left corner). Hear him out about the Deathclaws, and now talk to Slappy in front 
of the building. He will show you the way to the Deathclaw's nest. Kill the 
Deathclaw (tough bugger with some 250 HP and stong attacks, so be prepared) and 
talk to the dying Super Mutant. Now take the Holotape back to the Far Go 
Traders, and show it to both Butch and his assistant Rutger.

XP reward: 1800
XP reward for enemies killed: 1000
Item reward: 800 caps

* Blackmail Iguana Bob
First thing you've got to do, is enter the hospital in Junk Town and go to the 
basement (make sure Doc Morbid is not in the basement). Talk to the Dwarf and 
hear him out about the human parts, and where they are shipping them (to Iguana 
Bob). Go to The Hub, and talk to Iguana Bob (lower part of the second screen) 
and ask him about his secret ingredients. You can now blackmail him for about 50 
caps every 5 days (he didn't accept more).

XP reward: 500
Item reward: 50 caps every 5 days

* Join Thieves' Circle
Go to Old Town and enter the building in the middle of the screen. Go down the 
stairs and navigate through the traps and locked doors (75 XP for unlocking 
doors, couldn't disarm trap with 15% Traps). Talk to Loxley, the leader, and 
accept the assignment. Now talk to Jasmine to get some tools to help you on the 

XP reward: 900
Item reward: Lockpicks, 2 flares, Nuka-Cola

* Steal necklace
Go to The Heights (western part of The Hub) at night. When the guard askes you 
to leave, say that you will be on your way. Now go around the right building, in 
a clockwise fashion. Wait for the guard at the door to walk away, and sneak into 
the building. Hightower and his wife are in the top-right part of the house, so 
enter the bottom-right part, and disarm the chest, unlock it and take the 
necklace. Go back to the Thieves' Circle without being seen.

XP reward: 500
Item reward: 3000 caps, Electronic Lockpicks

* Dispose of merchant
Enter the casino and talk to Kane (the guy in the bottom of the screen). Tell 
him you are looking for a job, and you are taken downstairs to see Decker, the 
gang leader. Accept the job which involves killing a merchant named Daren 
Hightower (where you got the necklace) and his wife, without witnesses. Go to 
The Heights and kill everyone. Now return to Decker.

XP reward: 600
XP reward for enemies killed: 975
Item reward: 3000 caps

* Dispose of Jain
Accept the second job from Decker, involving the killing a priest from The 
Followers Of The Apocalypse, and the Temple is located near the Water Merchants 
(most southern screen). Go there and enter the first building on your left. Kill 
Jain, the two guards and Thorndyke (you can leave the peasants alone, they will 
not attack you). Return to Decker afterwards.

XP reward: 700
XP for enemies killed: 485
Item reward: 5000 caps

* Kill Decker and Kane
Save before this, as sometimes the sherif doesn't believe you. Go talk to the 
sherif Justin Green and tell him you were hired by Decker to kill Hightower / 
Jain. Agree to help take Decker out. Load up on your strongest equipment before 
doing so, because Kane is very dangerous in close combat. After you kill Kane 
and Decker, the rest of the gang will surrender. Return to the basement 
afterwards to collect all the goodies.

XP reward: 1400
XP reward for enemies killed: 600
Item reward: 1300 caps

* Ask the Water Merchants for help
If you want to you can ask the Water Merchants to take a water caravan to your 
Vault, to gain you more time to find the water-chip. Do this only if you don't 
have much time left, because it costs a lot of money. When you do ask them for 
help, you get another 100 days to find the water-chip.

XP reward: 1000
Item reward: none

Brotherhood of Steel

* Become an Initiate
Once you get to the Brotherhood of Steel, you find yourself unable to get 
inside. Cabbot, the guard on the left tells you that you need to become a 
Brotherhood Initiate in order to enter. Now, in order to become an Initiate, you 
must travel to ruins of the Ancient Order and recover an artifact to prove you 
were there. Sounds like there's a catch to it, don't you think. When you're 
through talking to Cabbot, the other guard makes a comment in the line of 
"They're sending him down there?" and "So, you've taken the famous Glow Quest.". 
There's your catch, the place is The Glow (now where would that nick come 
from?), and is dangerously radiated. Bring along some rad-protection (some 2 
Rad-X's) and a piece of rope. Go to The Glow, but stop a fraction outside The 
Glow's square. Now take the 2 Rad-X's to improve your rad-protection to 100%, Go 
there and use the rope on the beam. The artifact you need to recover is an 
ancient Brotherhood tape, found on the body of the Paladin on the first floor. 
Explore the entire Vault though, and work your way down. Search every room and 
every body you see, because you need colored key-cards to access the lifts. Also 
kill all the guard robots you encounter. With the main power off, they don't 
work so they're easy prey. if you don't kill them, you will have to do when you 
get back up, and that's when the main power is back on-line (and so are the 
robots). Take with you every tape you find, and all the books too (but don't 
read them, you don't have time for that). Also "read"the super computer found on 
level 5, but don't play the game of chess, again you don't have the time. Return 
to The Brotherhood with the tape. Now go tallk with General Maxson on level 4 to 
get a free weapon of choice.

XP reward: 2000
XP reward of enemies killed: 4625
Item reward: Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Laser Pistol, Power Fist or Ripper

* Rescue Initiate
Talk to Talus on level 1. He will tell you that his Initiate is held captive 
somewhere in The Hub, and he wants you to go and rescue him (if you haven't done 
so allready). The Initiate is held in the Old Town, in a building filled with 
trigger-happy guys. As soon as you open the door, you are shot at. Kill the 
thugs, and rescue the Initiate. You get 1500 XP for this when you return and 
talk to Talus, but the best part is still to come. You get to choose some 
equipment as a reward bonus. You can choose between a Laser Pistol, Rocket 
Launcher, Super Sledgehammer and a Power Armor. Take the armor by all means (if 
you don't have one already that is).

XP reward: 1500
XP reward for enemies killed: 580
Item reward: Laser Pistol, Rocket Launcher, Super Sledgehammer or Power Armor

* Scout the northern area
Talk to General Maxson on the 4th floor. Offer to scout out the North for him. 
Now go back outside and go the the northwestern part of the map, until you find 
the Military Base. You can clear the courtyard by now, and take all the goodies 
with you. Take the radio and the broken holodisc. Report back to General Maxson.

XP reward: 1500
XP reward for enemies killed: 1100
Item reward: none

* Convince The Brotherhood to help
After you talked to General Maxson, go talk to the Elders. Tell them that a 
Mutant invasion is at hand, and that it is necessary to prevent it from 
happening. Bring on the topic of sending in a small team of Palladins to take 
down the base.

XP reward: 1500
Item reward: none

* Rebuild Power Armor
Go to the armory and talk to the knight on the left. Offer him to bring him the 
part he needs (a systolic motivator) to rebuild the Power Armor (that is bring 
the parts and repair it yourself). Now go to level 1 (save before you continue 
any further) and talk to Michael and ask him about the part you need. Don't say 
it is for the old armor, tell him that it is authorised (that means LIE to him) 
and that the forms haven't arrived yet. If your speech is good enough you will 
get the part. Now go back to the armory and get that armor fixed.

XP reward: 500
Item reward: Power Armor

The Glow

Restore primary power
You need to do this in order to gain access to level 5. Here you will find a 
super computer and a score of holotapes, telling you a lot about the FEV virus. 
Also some good stuff to be found on this level. Beware that the security robots 
are active on this level.

XP reward: none
Item reward: none

Military Base

* Trick Mutant guard
When you have cleared the courtyard, search the Super Mutant in black for a 
radio and a holotape. You can use the holotape to trick the guards inside. Also 
look at the holotape for the access-code.

XP reward: 1500
Item reward: none

* Hack forcefield control computer
This computer is found in the northeastern corner of level 1. HAck it into 
playing black-jacks with you. After that it will say forcefields down.

XP reward: 800
Item reward: none

* Kill the Lieutenant
There are two ways to get there. Talk to either Harry in Necropolis or the 
jailer in the military base. The lieutenant will ask you where your Vault is 
(don't tell him or it's game over, nice video though). As soon as he is about to 
hit you, quickly enter combat and kill the Lieutenant, his two guards and Van 
Haggen as quickly as possible (the mutants are armed with Gatling Lasers, and 
can really ruin your day).

XP reward: 7500
XP reward for enemies killed: 2425
Item reward: none

* Destroy the source of the mutants
This is basicly destroying the Military Base. Enter it and kill everything that 
you encounter, even powered down droids. You don't want any resistance when you 
have to hurry out of the base. Work your way down to level 4 and enter the 
control room at the northwest corner of the map. Kill all the scientists and 
hack into the computer. Get as much information out of it before you set the 
base to a silent, 3 minute self destruct sequence. Now hurry and get out of the 
base, you have 300 seconds to do so.

XP reward: 10000
XP for enemies killed: 8075
Item reward: none

LA Boneyard

* Fix hydroponic farms in Adytum
Myles will ask you to fix their farm, but you will need some parts for this. 
These parts can be found outside Adytum, near the Warehouse district. Problem 
is, Deathclaw roam there. You can take out the right-most Deathclaw without 
getting attention from the other Deathclaws. Kill the Deathclaw and search the 
body nearby for the parts. Return the parts to Myles, get Smitty to repair the 
parts and give them to Myles, in exchange for some caps and a few stimpacks.

XP reward: none
Item reward: some caps and stimpacks

* Upgrade equipment
Ask Smitty to upgrade your Plasma Rifle (can be bought from the Gun Runners, 
past the Warehouse District. The weapon will now cost 1 AP less to fire, and the 
damage potential is upgraded. Talk to Myles to get your Power Armor upgraded. He 
needs some books, and he asks you to go to The Hub and ask mrs. Stapleton for 
these books. Go to The Hub and buy the books for 750 caps (worth it, trust me). 
return the books to Myles and your Power Armor will be upgraded to Hardened 
Power Armor (the best armor in the game).

XP reward: none
Item reward: equipment upgrades

* Destroy Deathclaws
Navigate your way past the Deathclaws inhabiting the Warehouse, and talk to 
Gabriel, the leader of the Gun Runners. He offers you a vast amount of equipment 
in exchange for the extermination of the Deathclaws. Go back to the Warehouse, 
and pick of the Deathclaws one at a time (you can't tackle all 4 of them at 
once). Now go down the stairs and kill the Mother Deathclaw, which is tougher 
than the previous ones. After you killed the Mother Deathclaw, destroy the eggs. 
Now report back to Michael, and tell him that friends of you need equipment (for 
the next quest).

XP reward: 1000
XP reward for enemies killed: 5520
Item reward: equipment for your friends

* Free Adytum
In Adytum you can talk to Jon Zimmerman, the major. He wants you to bring him 
the head of Razor, the leader of the gang that supposidly killed his son Josh. 
Now go talk to Razor (the woman in black) and explain the problem. Turns out the 
Blades didn't do it, but the Regulators did (a group "protecting" Adytum). Ask 
her for the holotape for evidence. Razor asks you to take care of the 
Regulators, but it is a bit dangerous to do this all alone. The Razors want to 
help, but you have to bring them decent equipment. Now go talk to Gabriel again, 
and tell him friends need equipment. Go back to Razor, who now asks you if 
you're ready to do battle. You can talk to Zimmerman before this if you want, 
but he will be killed anyway (but at least he knew what really happened). I 
advise to go into battle immediatly with the Razors, as it's safer. When all is 
over, talk to Razor again, and now go talk to Michael for the item reward.

XP reward: 2000
XP reward for enemies killed: variable
Item reward: 34 caps and 4 Stimpacks

* Pick up Katja, the Boneyard scav
Another possible NPC here. Talk to Katja, inside the Follower Of The Apocalypse 
building. Tell her that you don't plan on staying long yourself, and she joins 

XP reward: 200
Item reward: none


* Kill Morpheus
Morpheus is the head of the Cathedral, and is found on the top floor. Before you 
go there, talk to Nicole in LA Boneyard (she's an Apocalypse member), and then 
go talk to Laura in the Cathedral. She will show you the way to the secret 
entrance. Now go to the top level and kill Morpheus. Be sure to take his key.

XP reward: 1000
Item reward: none

* Hack computer
Next to the Vault elevator is a computer. you can hack it to get the location of 
a military base up north (do so, even if you already destroyed it).

XP reward: 1250
Item reward: none

* Talk to Gideon
On level 2 of the Vault, in the top-left corner, four humands are held captive. 
talk to Gideon, and he will give you his nullifier. After that, kill them all 
(they've already been experimented on, and you can't save them).

XP reward: 1000
XP reward for enemies killed: 1025
Item reward: Nullifier

* Release prisoners from their misery
On the same level, in the lower-left part of the floor, are a couple of humans 
behind yellow forcefields. Disable the forcefields to release them. They will 
now escape, but unfortunatily will explode right next to you. O well.

XP reward: 2000
Item reward: none

* Stop the Master
This is basicly destroying the Cathedral. When Laura has left the building, go 
outside and kill everyone there. Go back inside and go to the man and woman 
meditating at the back of the building. Kill them and the rest will come after 
you (all melee-weapons, so not to dangerous). Kill them all, and now work your 
way up to the top level. Kill everyone you encounter. Now do the Morpheus quest, 
and go back down. Pick the lock on the door leading towards the stairs and kill 
the guard. Now you can look for a switch or wait like a minute or so. A robed 
figure will open the door, so kill him and go through. Kill all the Master's 
Pets and the two Super Mutants. Work your way down to level 3, again killing 
everyone on all levels. When you get to the Master, there are three ways to 
destroy him.

- Arm the nuclear bomb found on level 4. 
- Kill the Master and the Super Mutants he sends against you. 
- Talk the Master out of his plans. 

To arm the bomb, work your way to the elevator on the top-left part of level 3. 
Pick the locks and kill the two guards next to the bomb. Now hack in the 
computer and get out of the base.

You can just walk up to the Master, talk to him and get into a fight. Kill him 
and the Super Mutants he sends after you. When he is dead, get out of the base.

To talk the Master out of his plans, first make sure you have talked to Officer 
Vree at The Brotherhood. She is located on level 3, and ask her about her mutant 
research. Ask her for the holotape with the evidence of the mutants not being 
able to breed. Now talk to the Master and tell him his plan has a flaw. Show the 
holotape as evidence. Now get out of the base. 

XP reward: 10000
XP for enemies killed: 20000
Item reward: none

The end of the game

You will have finished the game when you destroyed both the Master and the 
Military base. The ending will depend on what you have done to get here. What 
was supposed to happen is that The Brotherhood will re-introduce their 
technology and stays out of the power-structure, the Ghouls in Necropolis 
survive and re-descover technology, Shady Sands surviving in the wastes, 
Junktown being ruled by Killian and The Raiders being destroyed as an effective 
fighting force. You never get a good ending for The Hub. When all went well, and 
you don't have the Bloody Mess trait, you will be sent away by the Overseer, but 
you didn't shoot the bastard to kingdom come. 


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