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FAQ/Walkthrough by Billy Lee

Version: 4 | Updated: 04/26/02

                    /| |\                        Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
                    || ||                        Single Player Walkthrough
                    || ||                        by - Billy Lee
                    || ||                             leeroy3825@hotmail.com
                    || ||                             Version 4
                    || ||                             4/26/02
                    || ||
                    || ||
                    || ||
                    || ||
                    || ||
                    || ||
                    || ||
                    || ||
                    || ||
                    || ||
                  --|| ||--
               --   || ||   --
             --    _|| ||_    --
           --      | | | |      --
         --        | | | |        --
        --         | | | |/|       --
        --         | | |   /       --
        --         | | |  /        --
        --        / /| |  \        -- 
         --      / / | | \ \      --
          --    / /| | | |\ \    --
            --  |/ | | | | \|  --
              --   | | | |   --
                 --| | | |--
                    \| |/

This document (c)2002 Billy Lee.  This FAQ may not be used or distributed for
commercial use.  It may not be distributed at all without written permission
from the author(that's me).  Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast and the Jedi Knight
2: Jedi Outcast Logo are (c)2002 LucasArts Entertainment.  All Star Wars
stuff (c)Lucasfilm.  This guide must be displayed in its entirety.  No pieces
of it may be removed and/or copied to another location for public display.

Contacting the author(that's me): If you need to get in touch with me for
  some reason about the guide, please feel free to do so using the email
  address listed above.  However, before you send the email, there are a few
  things you go make sure of to make my life easier.  And, if you make my
  life easier, I'll be more likely to respond sooner.
  1. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure there is a subject line to the email.
     There is far too much spam and viruses that are distributed through
     email, and unless there is a clear subject line, your email will be
     automatically deleted.  Does this mean you have to write the body of the
     email in the subject line?  No.  Just put something like JK2 question or
     Jedi Outcast, or something like that in the subject so I know it's not
  2. On the same note, email over 20k is also deleted automatically.  Again
     for the same reasons as listed above.  I haven't seen any legitimate
     questions over 1-5 k big, so that shouldn't be a problem.
  3. Please check to see whether your question is already answered in this
  4. If you point out something I screwed up on(which I do, on occasion),
     that's great.  If I've been to vague or loose in directions making it
     hard to read/understand, let me know.
  5. I'm sorry, but I will not take screen shots and/or make movies of what
     to do in the game.  That requires way too much work on my end.


Version 4: Added to the codes section.  Added info about getting in touch
  with me.  Worked on the format of the walkthrough so it should be easier
  to read.
Version 3: Fixed a slight glitch in the walkthrough and added a few more
  secret areas.  A couple other bugs fixed.
Version 2: Added in more about fighting with the lightsaber.  Touched up the
Version 1: Initial Release.

Fighting - Jedi Style

  Maximizing your ability to use the Force and Lightsaber are crucial to
staying alive.  These are just some basic tactics/techniques to help you get

Force Push/Pull
- If you're on a bridge with enemies, or someplace high up, you can use
either Force Push or Force Pull to knock them off, depending on where they
are.  This is a very easy way to defeat enemies quickly with minimum risk to
- Also, when you use Pull to take an enemies' weapon, they will in effect, no
longer be any threat to you.  Most of the time they'll just run away, but if
they get cornered they'll put up their hands and surrender.
- Use Push often in a crowd if you're being swamped, knocking the enemy down
means one less enemy to worry about for a few seconds.

Force Speed
- Until it's level 3, there really isn't a whole lot of difference between
using it and not using it.  Even once it gets to level 3 it's still not that
good since turning with it is really sluggish.  Use it only when you need to
get out of/into hectic situations.

Jedi Mind Trick
- Other than the few times it's required, oh heck it's still a good skill to
use.  Choosing the right target can be devastating once you get it to level 3
and can make allies.  For example, using it on a Rocket Launching

Force Healing
- A true life saver.  Once you get it, you should always use it right after a
fight to regain your health.  Just find a quiet place to heal and let your
Force keep replenishing.  Time consuming, but well worth it.

Force Grip
- Vader's trademark move, and for good reason.  Against a single enemy it's
the cheapest attack in the game.  Why?  Simple.  Use grip on your enemy and
then throw your saber at them.  At level 3, it's incredibly easy to do.  On
earlier levels, you'll have to time it a little better.

Force Lightning
- Useful, but not as much as to make it a really great skill.  It's fun to
use, just not as effective as I'd like.  It works great against anything
robotic, however.  From the mounted turrets, to floating droids, to the
walking things(the one's that look like ED-209 from Robocop).


Use of Lightsaber
Fast Stance
  Your second stance, this one has fast movements and a quicker recovery time
than the others for post-swing movement.  However, it's the weakest of the 3,
which in single player, doesn't really mean much.
 When to use: Always use it against normal enemies whenever possible.
 When not to use: Lightsaber duels.  You can, but they will take a lot longer
   to win.

Medium Stance
  The one you start out with, your everyday, average, ordinary Jedi fighting
stance.  It's got average speed and power, which is ok, because sometimes,
being average is better than being off-balanced.
 When to use: Until you get a new stance, always.  Once you get Fast stance,
   use it for most lightsaber duels.
 When not to use: Normal enemies after you get Fast stance, certain light-
   saber duels.

Strong Stance
  The last stance you get, this one has slow movements, but delivers attacks
that cannot be blocked by normal enemies, and tends to deal more damage to
enemies that take more than one hit to die.
 When to use: Lightsaber duels against the "enhanced" Dark Jedi, strong
 When not to use: Pretty much every other time.


Lightsaber Moves - These are moves I more or less made up or got from the
  game: "Masters of Teras Kasi," there's nothing special about them, I just
  like the way they look.

Medium Stance
360' Sweep - Hold Left, Attack

Any Stance
Figure 8 - Left Diagonal Slash Up, Right Diagonal Slash Up, Left Diagonal
  Slash Up
Somersault Slash - Attack, then right after jump to do a somersault with the


Kejim Post

| Level Breakdown                |
| 1. Get inside the base         |
| 2. Power up the cannon and use |
|     it to destroy the door     |
| 3. Destroy Power Generator and |
|     open doors for Jan         |
| 4. Get the 3 passwords for the |
|     array and enter them       |

Part 1
  After the opening movies, you'll start with Jan on an emperial base (jeez,
don't these guys ever quit?).  Kill the two stormtroopers talking to each
other and go in the small room that should be to the left of where you
started.  Inside is a Bacta Tank, jump up onto the cylinders to get to it,
then go back out and follow the pathway near the ledge on the far end of the
landing bay.  There will be an officer who comes around the corner, so kill
him then move to the main platform where about 5 Stormtroopers are waiting.
Once they've been disposed of, make your way to the far end of this and you
should see a small doorway.

  Go through and kill the people in here (note: there is a weapon charger
just inside the door if you're running low on ammo, but you shouldn't be).
Check the officer for a Key Card and walk around until you get to the
elevator.  Take it up and go right to take another elevator to the control
room.  Near the windows is a blue control panel, hit that to power up the
cannon outside.

  Make your way back to where Jan is and at the edge of the platform is a
cannon.  Look down at the pedals and press the Use key(default "E") to aim/
fire it.  Turn it around with the directional keys and fire at the door,
blowing it away.  Go inside the newly opened door to hit Checkpoint 1.

Part 2
  Ride the elevator down and get off it when you hit the bottom.  You'll
split up with Jan again.  Wait for the elevator to start going up again, then
jump down and go through the small door.  First, go to your right and hit the
red panel at the end of the corridor to turn off the electric thingy.  Now go
back to the small doorway and face the opposite direction you just went(in
other words, when you entered the door you went right, now face left).  Fire
at the power generator down the hall and as soon as it starts to blow up,
side-step through the door so you won't get caught in the explosion.  Go back
through and around it, and go up the small elevator.

  Shoot through the grate at the top, jump through it, kill the officer, get
his key, then open the door for Jan by hitting all the switches where the
glass is.  More bad guys will show up (if you triggered the alarm by firing
in the small corridor), kill them then Jan will start fiddling with stuff
(as well as turning off the alarm).  Get the key from the officer and then
leave the room.

  Go right and take the left of the two doors.  Kill the Stormtroopers and
get the shield bonus on top of the crates.  Then go through the other door
and go straight.  Around the corner is a small glowing crate, hit the switch
on the side for another Bacta Tank.  Go down the elevator by pressing the
switch then getting off on the bottom.  Go through the near pitch black area
(just feel your way through) until you get back to a lighted area(note, there
is another secret area in the pitch black zone with some health power ups).
Crouch through the doorway and engage in more fighting, followed by picking
up the key from the dead officer.  Hit the switches on the control panel to
light them all up, then examine the blue thing on the screen to the left to
get a clearance code.

  Go through the door and hit the switch on the left side of the wall to
bring the force field down, and go up the stairs.  Same old, kill all the bad
guys (actually, I'm going to stop telling you to kill the bad guys.  This is
a first person shooter for the most part, you should have figured out by now
this game is going to consist of mindless killing.  So from now on, kill the
bad guys at your leisure).  Go left, and keep going left until you reach an
area with 3 walkways and a big thing in the middle.  Go across the first
walkway and then go left across the next one.  Run past the gun mount and
into the command office, kill the officer and get the key, then turn off the
gun mount.

  Go down the small staircase nearby and into the room with several pillars
that are glowing red.  Watch your fire in here as those pillars deflect
blaster shots.  Make your way to the blue control console and press the blue
switch that's blinking.  Kyle will call Jan to come help, but she'll get
pinned down.  Now run back out the door you came in and go back past the 3
walkways, taking a right at the intersection, then go straight until you get
to the first door on the left.  You'll see Jan in here fighting some
stormtroopers.  Help her out then make your way back to the blinking blue

  Jan will work it for you, unlocking a door.  Go through the newly unlocked
door(simply go back out the way you came, it's the door close to that
staircase).  There are a bunch of power ups to the left of the door.  Go left
in the room and look along the right wall for another code to the main array.
Leave this room and go back to the area with the three walkways.  Go left at
the intersection, run past the gun turret and deactivate it in the small
control room.  Go up the stairs then left to an elevator.  Go up the elevator
into another control room, there is a switch near the glass.  Hit it then go
out onto the balcony to the far end to hit another switch.  When you get back
to the control room make sure you kill the officer for his key.  Go back down
the elevator and to the area with the 3 platforms(if you haven't guessed by
now, that's the main array).

  To enter the blue code, press the three switches to make combinations until
they resemble the drawing you found earlier.  If you forgot what it looks
like, just open up the mission objectives(default "Tab").  Do the same with
the green one.  Go back to where the control room stairs are, but don't go
back up to the control room.  Instead, go through the doorway below and head
right.  Press the blinking blue button 4 times, then turn around and go
through the passageway leading right.  Wait a few seconds then go through the
door, watch the explosion, then go through the tunnel.  After the brief scene
of it blowing up, keep going forward.  Keep going along the given path and
down the stairs to a room.

  There are a few probe droids down here, so watch out since they blow up
when destroyed.  Go up the small elevator to the left and through the door.
Try to go through the corridor and it will be blown up.  Go back the way you
came but remember to jump over the small crack in the floor so you don't die.
Go back to the room where the droids were and take the elevator behind the
glass wall up to the roof.  Go to the right past the satellite dish and walk
over the tunnel, and drop down the hole in it at the end.  Go through a small
door to the left then turn right, going through another door, then look
around at the walls for the last code.  Go through the door and turn left.

  You should recognize where you are now.  Turn right and go around the
glowing red wall to the area where the array control room is.  Go back to the
array platform and enter the final code.  Then hit the 3 switches on the side
of the array where there is no code input panel.  Now... go across the newly
made platform and through the door to end the level.


Kejim Base

|    Level Breakdown             |
| 1. Make your way though the    |
|    level and it's obstacles,   |
|    nothing special             |

  Make sure you kill the officer for his key.  Now, use it on the switch to
open the door, then go left through the other unlocked door.  Go forward and
look to the left for a switch.  Hit it then shoot the glass and go through.
Get the officer's key and hit the switch to deactivate the force field.  Hit
the two switches on the small platform then shoot one of the glass panes to
go into the refrigeration area.  Go through the door and hit the switch on
the side of the wall, then hit the switch in the room that it opens.

  Go up the stairs and hit the switch to unlock the door and make your way
back to the refrigerator room.  Go through the glass pane on the right, near
where the crane arm should be, and walk along the edge of that to the arm.
Jump up the part of the arm that's against the wall to a corridor (note: You
can crouch down and walk along the outside edge of the refrigeration tank for
a secret area).  Walk across this to a door (note: if you jump across the
chain-link platform, you can get to another secret area).

  Walk along the edge of the room so you can see inside the control-ish room.
Shoot the container in there to make a bridge come out.  Walk back around or
jump down and take the elevator up and go across the new bridge.  Hit the
switch in the control room to make another bridge appear.  Before you go
back, however, go down the elevator to a small room.  Go through the door
down here and follow the corridor to a switch.  Hit this switch, then go back
up to the main room and take that new bridge.

  Go down into the tunnel and follow it to another room with refrigeration
canisters in it.  In the far right corner of the room is a small control area
with a switch on it, hit the switch.  Go through the door nearest to you and
go left.  Kill the officer and get the security key, then use it to open the
nearby door.  Flip the 2 switches along the wall then go back through the
same door and head straight to the detention area (there's a monopoly joke in
there someplace).  Walk along the cells to an elevator and then go through a

  There is another nearby door that looks like the one you just came through,
go through that one and hit the 2 switches at the top to turn off the laser
turrets.  Come back from that and turn right to go to the area above the
cells.  At the far end is a control panel, use the switch to turn off the
power to the cells.  Jump down into one of the cells and go back out.  Go
through the door at the other end again, but this time go through the door
on the other side.  In the back left corner is a container you can shoot.
Do so and walk through the small tunnel.  If you didn't destroy the turrets,
hit the switches here to turn them off.

  Go down the small stairs and through the door, then walk to the glass to
trigger the bad guys.  Wait for the door to open and go through.  Get the
security card from the officer then use it to open a door at the far corner
of the room.  First, go up the stairs there to hit a switch.  Now go through
the security door and watch out for the explosive on the wall.  If you go
down the elevator, there are more powerups you can get, but watch out for the

  To move on, go back to the room with the stairs and the security lock and
on the far end go through the glowing reddish pinkish door.  Go to the far
end and hit the switch on the wall.  You can use the cannon here if you want,
which is really a lot of fun to do.  Anyways... Go back and through the now
turned off force field.  Go into the little control area and hit the switches
to turn on the laser beam thingys.  Watch out though, they will hurt you if
you hit them.  Make your way to the left corner of the room where the lasers
have cut open a hole in the door.

  Go down the stairs and through the door at the end.  Pick up the security
key from the dead guard and go back through the door.  Use the key to open a
control area.  Control the droid and make him/her/it go through the small
door.  Use the "Use" key on the switch in front of the door to open it.  Go
to the right in the next room and through the small conduit.  On the left
with be a switch in a small alcove, hit it then continue along.  Go down the
small ramp and hit the switch on the wall.  You're done with the droid now so
hit the "jump" key to go back to Kyle.

  Go through the door again where the dead guard is and turn left to another
door (note: there will be an energy recharger opened now, crouch down to get
to it and a secret area).  Destroy all the glass cylinders in here then go to
the opposite side and through a door.  Go through the corridor and you're
finally done with the level!


Artus Mine

|    Level Breakdown             |
| 1. Again, nothing special,     |
|    just make your way through  |
|    and blow the place up       |

Part 1
  After more dialogue, you'll wind up in a canyonish type place.  Keep going
straight until you come out into a clearing.  Now, you have to try and get
through here without attracting too much attention.  Basically, you just have
to avoid the searchlights.  So slide down the cliff and move over to the
right of the platform.  There's another small hill you can go down to reach a
ledge with a Wookie Bowcaster on it.  Now walk back around the platform and
go to the other side.  Walk across the ledge below the lights until you reach
a door.  Go in the door and hit the switch, it's the glowing red panel on the
opposite wall.

  Now go back over to the platform and get on the grey Hexagon platform.
Fall down onto the piping and move forward a little.  Watch out for the
meteor that's coming to destroy the 3 pipes next to you.  Keep going over the
pipe you're on to the end and use the pipework there as a makeshift staircase
to go up to the middle main beam.  Don't try to go up any more, they'll fall
down.  Instead, walk along this pipe to the other end, where there are pipes
going up like a ramp.  One of them will fall though, so don't try to use that

  Once you're back on safe ground go up either staircase into a controlish
room.  Go up the elevator in the far corner and get the key from the officer.
Now use that key to unlock the door below.  Through the next door, one of the
grey officers has a supply key and the tannish-beige officer has a security
key so make sure you get both.  To the left of where you came in there is a
security door leading to an elevator, at the bottom of which is another door
to go through (note: if you turn around inside the elevator so you're facing
the doorway, you'll see a small opening in the shaft on the way down.

  Go in there to get to a secret area).  To the left in here is a Bacta Tank
container, get that if you're running low on bacta.  Go to the far end and
through the door, leading to a corridor and an elevator.  Once you're off the
elevator, go left and then past the canyon area back to the imperial
decorations, and go right for the checkpoint.

Part 2
  Through the door, the beige officer has a supply key, so get that.  Go out
one of the doors in the far end of the room and then walk along the cliff,
looking down.  There are 2 beams that stick out from the cliff and below them
is a pipe.  Wait for the pipe to come out and jump down to it, then wait for
it to retract back into the wall.  Follow the piping to a room with a pillar
in the middle and destroy the 4 red pipes on the wall, then shoot the thing
in the middle.

  Now get in the middle of where that was(it's an elevator) and wait for it
to go up, then wait again for a moving platform to come through.  Move up one
of the beams that goes above it and jump on.  Ride this to where it turns and
jump off when you can onto the ledge as you go by it.  Go down the green
corridor.  The enemies to look out for here are little bugs that crawl around
and bit you.  Go either left or right, they both lead to the same place.
Make your way through here, it's pretty much just one path that divides and
then rejoins itself.

  Eventually, you'll come to a drill(you'll recognize it by the fact that
there are normal lights around it).  Press the switch on the back of it to
activate it, then follow it on it's burrowing path.  When it falls through
an opening, go around that opening to a grate.  Shoot through the grate and
wait for a moving platform to come below it.  Jump onto that platform and
ride it to a ledge, which is your exit.  Well, it's where you jump off
anyway...  To the left is a bunch of ammo for the E11, to the right is an
elevator, and oddly enough, the way you need to go eventually.

  Down the elevator, walk around to the other side where a door awaits you.
When the big smashing thing slams down, jump onto it and use it as an
elevator.  Go through the door at the top and then down the elevator to the
left.  The beige officer has a supply key(like always).  See that big
contraption on a dais?  Guess what.  You're about to blow it up.  Hit the
switch to the right of it on the dais for a few scenes.

Part 3
  Go over to the red-lit door and follow the corridor to the area you were in
before.  Go straight to another door and to the elevator.  Follow the trail
to another control room looking room.  Go through the big door on the far
side.  Get on the platform there and hit the switch to end the level.


Artus Detention

|    Level Breakdown             |
| 1. Free the prisoners          |
| 2. Capture the Base Commander  |

Part 1
  Remember, the place is still in the process of blowing up.  First, jump off
the cart and walk along the chain-link floor.  There will be a small
explosion, after which you can jump onto the metal beam that fell down and
walk up that to a control room.  Hit the switch to the right of a door then
go back down and through the door here.  Walk to the end of the corridor and
wait for the stormtroopers to open the door for you.  Go through and follow
this passageway to another switch.

  Hit it then go back through the door, down the hallway, and through the
door at the end.  Walk around the giant circular pillar type thing and
through the door on the other side.  Go up the stairs and through the door at
the top, and walk along the walkway to yet another doorway and staircase.
Repeat this process until you're at the top of the cylinder thingy.

  Once you're in the control room, hit the switch in the far corner to open
all the cells and "let the people go!"(okay, bad Bible reference joke, but I
couldn't resist).  Turn left and hit the switch under the red screen to turn
on the fan.  Go down the staircase and out the door to the right.  Follow the
trail of dead bodies for a brief scene.

Artus Detention - Part 2
  Follow the guy through the door and turn left.  Look for an elevator and go
up it.  There should be a door on your right, go through it and follow this
to another door, which should land you on a chain link bridge.  If you go
through the door you'll be back in the room that opened the cells, so don't
go in there.  Instead, look to your right.  Shoot the grate and jump through.
Follow this trail to an opening with a hole in the ground.  If you didn't
turn the fan on for some reason, go do so now, then come back and jump into
the hole.

  You'll glide down gently(instead of slamming down and dying).
When you're at the bottom, crawl through the small opening to a scenery
change.  Walk around the pillar and then through another small conduit to be
back in the greenly lit area from before(well, it's a different one, but they
all look the same).  Just as before, all paths lead to the same place, so try
not to go in circles.  Keep making your way up and eventually you'll come to
another scenery change (back to the emperial scenery, but at least you can
see now).

  Go through the door then turn left and follow this into a room with a
switch under a red screen.  This will unlock a door, but don't go through it,
it leads back to the hanger.  Instead, go back around and through the door on
the other side.  At the next intersection, turn left and go through the door
to capture the base commander.  In order to move him you have to walk into
him.  Once he goes through the door he''l move on his own, just follow him
and nudge him when he stops(he'll only stop if you get too far away or too
close).  At the top of the staircase he'll open a door and a bunch of those
biting things will start attacking.  If he dies it's game over so make sure
he stays safe.  Keep following him.

  Once all that's over with, go through the door the stormtroopers came out
of and follow this to a corridor with a bunch of uniforms hanging up (I know
there's a name for places like this, I just forgot it...) and shoot the grate
to gain access to the vents.  Go right and follow this to end the level.


Artus Topside

|    Level Breakdown             |
| 1. Keep the prisoners alive by |
|    destroying the AT-ST's with |
|    the cannons                 |
| 2. Work your way to a control  |
|    room and turn off the power |
|    for the Ion shields         |
| 3. Destroy the Ion Cannons     |
|    with the cannons located    |
|    near them                   |
| 4. Go to Jan's ship and get    |
|     your butt kicked           |

  Go through the door on the left and hit the switch.  Don't forget the key
from the beige officer.  Quickly go back out and get on the elevator before
it starts to go up, otherwise you'll have to wait for it to come down and hit
the switch again.  Once up there, go around the room and use the cannon to
destroy the AT-ST Walkers.

  Now go in the room to call the elevator and go back down to the far end of
the canyon.  Run past the Walker and go through the door on the right to an
elevator.  Go through the door to be back out in the open canyon area (note:
go right and shoot the grate to get a secret area) and go left.  Use the
cannon to destroy the Walker below then walk across and past the ion cannons
into a room.

  Go through the door at the end and walk along the ledge to an elevator.  Go
down and get off, then wait for the elevator to go back up and fall through
the opening where it was.  Go through the door that's right there and get the
security and supply keys from the officers.  Use the key then go through the
door and hit the switch on the wall to disable the shields for the ion
cannons.  Go back outside and use the cannons to destroy the ion cannons.  Go
back to the Hanger with the Walkers in it and go all the way around the
ledge, through the door at the end, and keep going to end the level (sort

  Jan will get kidnaped and you'll have to fight a Dark Jedi/Sith (whatever
they're calling themselves nowadays).  Just let yourself get pummeled and the
level will end.


Yavin Temple

|    Level Breakdown             |
| 1. Go up the elevators to meet |
|    Luke                        |
| 2. Enter the area for your     |
|    trials                      |

Part 1
  After some scenes you'll be on the Jedi Training grounds at Yavin.  Make
your way over to the elevator and keep going up.  You can watch a lightsaber
duel after the second elevator if you want, but otherwise just keep going up.
At the top, follow the pathway to a big door to meet with good'ole Luke(hey,
that's not Mark Hamill's voice!  What the hell!?!).

Part 2
  Leave the Auditorium and go down 2 elevators(right above the hanger bay).
Go to the far end and through the now unlocked door.  Follow this to an area
with a bunch of holes in the wall and go up to the platform and through the
hole near the tree to end the level.


Yavin Trial

|    Level Breakdown             |
| 1. Get your Force Powers       |
| 2. Get your Lightsaber         |

Push - Go left and through the door to get your first Force Power, Push.
  Through the door you have to use Force Push to get the tiles so that the
  arrows are pointing at the image on the floor.  In other words, Push so the
  tile matching the one on the wall is in the middle.

Pull - Once you're past the Push trial, walk along until you get the next
  power, Force Pull.  In the next room you need to use Pull to pull out the
  stairs as you walk up them.  The easy way to do it is to just stand on the
  bottom and pull them all out, then walk up.

Speed - Through that door is Force Speed.  Fall down the crack in the wall
  and go down.  Stand on the pressure switch to open the door then go through
  and stand on the next switch.  Activate Speed and run past all the doors.
  Now go up the ramps and through the door.

Jump - Next comes Force Jump.  This one works a little different.  Instead of
  activating it with "F1" - "F8" all you do is jump normally and it will kick
  in.  Go out the door and use Jump to go up the gold pillars on the right to
  the ledge.

  Take a left through the door and through another door.  Use Pull to open
the stone faces and let the water flow.  Walk back to the door and wait for
the bars to go up, then activate Speed and run through.  Once you're through
the door use Push on the crack in the wall to make an opening and go through.
When you get to the next puzzle, use Push on the symbols to lower the...
things... then use jump to make it on top of them.  Do this to work your way
up to the door.

  Go left and hit the pressure switch, activate Speed, then run across and
jump on the platform, run across to the other side and through the door.  In
here you have to go to where the ramp is and face the pillar.  Use Push to
push in all the pegs along the pillar and lower it.  Now, jump onto the
landing above the ramp, go inside the alcove and jump onto the small riser
platform inside.  It's an elevator so ride it down to the bottom and activate
Speed.  Run up the ramp and use Pull to get your lightsaber before the cage
falls down again.  Congratulations, you now have your lightsaber (and it's
about damn well time!)!

  Now, to get out...  Throw your saber (using the secondary fire key) at the
ropes hanging with the stones above them to make the stones drop down,
opening the door.  Hit the lock on the next one with your lightsaber to open
it and voila!  You're done!


NS Streets

|    Level Breakdown             |
| 1. Go into the bar and talk to |
|    the bartender               |
| 2. Make your way to the        |
|    garbage area                |

  After some dialogue, you're in control again.  The first thing you should
notice is that all of your weapons are disabled.  Go straight to another
platform area and then left(but... not down the hole) and through a door
where you'll be greeted by the security forces who ask for your disabled
weapons(yeesh, when do we get to use our saber in combat!).  Walk up to the
bartender for some dialogue and then you're attacked with only your
lightsaber for defense(oh yeah baby!).

  Go to the backstage area and around the divider, up the ramp, up the
staircase, and hit the switch.  Go down the stairs and back to the bar.  Go
back behind the bar and hit the switch for another brief dialogue, then go
back up to the second level and through the door up there, across the ledge.

  Once outside go left and make your way across the bridge and continue along
until you come to a room.  Hit the switch on the wall to make the elevator
come down and get on it.  Once you're up, go to the doorway and use Push on
the block to get it out of the way, then turn left and jump over to the next
building.  Go up the ramps to the door at the top and get on the elevator and
take it down.  Watch out for the falling bridge and jump across the gap.
Walk around to the left to a closed doorway and jump from the stairs onto the
ledge, and from there make your way onto the roof.

  Fall through the glass and hit the switch to extend the bridge, then leave
the room through the door, turn right, and go across the bridge.  Walk
through the door and over behind the crates.  There are 2 there that you can
move with the Force, so Push/Pull them over to the glass where there is a
metal piece in it that moves.  The crate will bring it down and hold the
elevator down with.  Get on the elevator and activate Push again to move the
crate and make the elevator go up.  Go outside ands hit the switch next to
the edge to make the ramp come down and follow it all the way to the top.

  At the top there is another ledge and ramp to follow, leading to a
skylight.  Jump on down and go the window near the door that won't open.
(note: you can go through the door that opens, and hit the switch to make the
elevator come down.  Get on it, go out the door at the top an across more
ledges.  Again, the bridge breaks, jump across, go left and jump onto the
roof, then walk up it and jump on the platform for a secret area.  Jump down
onto the ledge near the secret area, the place before the jump you had to

  Now comes the fun part.  If you walk to the end of the walkway and stand at
the edge of it, you can see a small little ledge right above a door, where
another walkway is.  Guess what.  You're gonna jump onto that, and go to the
next walkway down, and repeat this process for yet another walkway.  After
this walkway jump down onto the roof of a building and then jump down onto
another bridge and go right for another secret area.  This is all up to you
whether you want to do it or not, but I wouldn't since you'd pretty much have
to start from the beginning again.

  Walk along the ledge and kill the guys in the craft to make it start
wobbling around.  Jump onto it when it comes close.  When it gets close to
the ledge above you, jump onto that.  Hit the switch to bring down the
elevator and go up to the top.  You have to be careful here as most of the
walkway will break (all the parts that are glass actually).  What you do is
walk along the metal beams so you won't fall.  Make sure you stay on the
right though, if you go on the left side a mine will trigger and you'll get
blown up.

  Once across, go in the next room.  Be very careful in here, if you touch
the water you get an instant game over.  Turn left and shoot the barrel in
the corner to blast a hole in the wall, go through, and use your saber to cut
the pipe, turning off the electricity.  Now you can walk through the water.
Use Pull on the bridge right below the door to extend it, then jump on the
bridge and onto the area above.  If you go to the edge and look down, you
will see yellow and black striped prongs.  Carefully jump onto the one you
can and use Pull to bring the other one next to you.  Walk along this and
then jump over to the garbage hauler.  Every time you stop, use Push to
activate the switches and continue on and end the level.


NS Hideout

|    Level Breakdown             |
| 1. Get to the jail for the     |
|    passcode                    |
| 2. Use the password to get to  |
|    Reelo                       |
| 3. Meet up with Lando          |

Part 1
  Notice that your Force Jump has evolved to the point where you can now
actually notice a difference (note: before you get dumped down you can jump
onto the pillars to the left/right and from there jump up to the ledge for a
secret area).  When you get dumped down, use the saber to cut away the bars
and get inside so you're not crushed.  Go through the door and use Push on
the cart to move it (note: you can turn right and walk along the wall around
a corner, to a door that looks like the one you just came out of and go in.
Shoot the barrel for a secret area.).  Follow the tracks going forward to a
blue-grey floor with an empty vent above it.

  Jump up into the vent and wait for the compressor to smash down.  When it
goes back up, run like hell to the door on the other side(make sure you're
crouching to go through).  Go through the door and fall down to a small
ledge, then jump over to the crate platform.  From here you can either play
it safe and jump to the left crate, and work you way around to the platform
slightly above and to the right of where you are, or you can do a big jump to
get directly to the crate right before the platform.

  Once you're up there, use Pull to get the box out of your way and jump up.
Follow this trail to a bridge and go across.  Go down the ramp and use Pull
on the cart.  Go back up and across the bridge to the ledge in the corner and
jump down onto the crates.  Now run back to the main area and follow the
tracks to the end (yes, you just did all that to pull a bloody cart).  See
the hole in the platform?  What you do now is jump on a small ledge in the
pitch black area and then jump through the hole onto the landing (incredibly
annoying, but possible).

  Go through the door and ignore the stuff on the right.  Just keep going
straight to a small corridor with a door.  In here, jump down one of the
small holes in the ground.  Go through the tunnel that takes an immediate
turn and follow it to a conveyor belt.  If the door is closed, hit the switch
to open it, then run against the flow of the conveyor (turn left) to the
opening in the wall.  Now use Push to get it out of the way and continue on.
(note: you can jump up in the area where there is a break in the piping for a
secret area)  At the intersection turn left, then crouch where the opening
is and use Push to move the crate.

  Now go back past the conveyor belt to the intersection where the drop was
and go the other way.  When you get out into a room, jump down and shoot the
object on the door to unlock it.  Now go up the ramp and break the grate.
Jump in and crawl to the end.  Shoot the barrel and then go back down and
through the door you unlocked.  Go through the hole in the wall and through
the door.  Shoot the lock on it to unlock the door then go down the ramp.  Go
straight for some dialogue (Lando actually is Billy Dee Williams, the guy who
played him in the movies!).

Part 2
  Make your way all the way back to the room that had the grate you smashed
through and go up the ramp and out the door onto the bridge way.  Go all the
way across to the control room again and this time go to the right, once
inside the door, and you will automatically tell the droid the password.  Go
up the elevator and keep going to a down elevator, then swing the saber to
break open the bars.  Run the gauntlet here and break the small pane of glass
that's already chipped, then use Push to trigger the switch and open the door
to a checkpoint and a scene.

Part 3
  After the scene you'll be fired at by a lot of moving turrets.  Keep moving
and equip any gun you're comfortable with and blow them all away.  Now switch
to your lightsaber for the next group of baddies.  Run across to the door
near where Reelo was and go up to his control room.  Hit the switch in front
of his chair to release Lando.  Go back out into the open area and down the
elevator in the middle of the room.(note: just below the staircase is a
switch you can trigger with Push to get into a secret area)  Follow this to
the detention area to meet up with Lando for another scene.  Now follow Lando
to an elevator to end the level.


NS Starpad

|    Level Breakdown             |
| 1. Get to the control room to  |
|    free Lady Luck, sort of     |
| 2. Protect the ship/Lando      |
| 3. Open the Launch Bay doors   |
| 4. Get the fuel running        |

Part 1
  Your Force Speed has been upgraded and you've acquired a new power, Jedi
Mind Trick(this is a lot of fun).  Make your way up the ramp then Lando will
take the lead again.  You'll find the ship then you'll have to do more
running around of the errands variety.  Step on the elevator in the corner to
go down.(note: you can jump up onto the cylinder and run/jump over to the
next one, then walk along a pipe to another jump for a secret area).  Go
across the bridge and unlock the door via destroying the lock, then go
through for Lando's first progress report.  Turn left and go through a series
of doors to a room with an open pit in the middle of it.  Go around to the
other side and into the pitch black area.

  Activate the Light Amplification Goggles(forgot about them didn't you?) and
make your way along the trail.  Go around the crates and onto the bridge.
Keep going along this and destroy the turrets for Lando.  Now, continue
through the door to another door and back out onto the bridge area.  Walk
forward a bit and you'll be right in front of where the turrets were.  Jump
up here and then take the stairs, following the path to a door that leads to
the control room.  Flip the switch inside and then go outside (take a left
when you head back out of the control room).  Walk along the walkways until
you get to the ship, and the checkpoint.

Part 2
  Talk to Lando and then make sure he stays alive when the attack comes.
Work your way to behind the ship and go inside.  Lando will join you and
then another attack will come.  After that, listen to the brief dialogue,
then leave the ship.  Turn left and walk over to where the big red cylinders
are.  There is a grate nearby, slash it and drop down (I forgot if there was
a crate blocking the way, if there is destroy it).  At the end of the tunnel
is a giant pillar with 4 switches, flip them all then get the switch that's
not attached to the pillar.  Now go back to the hanger with the ship and go
to the other side.  Use Pull to get the crate out of the way and use your
saber on the grate and drop down.  It's the same as before, only this time,
in order to get to the giant pillar you have to throw your saber through the
grate on the other end of the tunnel.

  Now go back to the ship and follow the red tubing connected to the ship to
it's base and look at the symbol on it.  Now look at the yellow one.  After
you know what they are (at least one of them, the other you can just fiddle
with until you get it right) go out the door at the rear of the ship and take
a left.  Jump up onto the giant grey cylinder and press the switches until
their pattern matches the ones on the fuel lines.  Now get back to the ship
and go to the cockpit.  After the dialogue, hit the switch in the corner to
use the gun.  Just kill everyone there and try not to run out of ammo.  After
that the level is over.  Finally...


Bespin Undercity

|    Level Breakdown             |
| 1. Make your way up the shafts |
|    and corridors               |
| 2. Fight your first duel and   |
|    get comfortable with duels  |
| 3. Activate the R5 unit        |

  Force Push and Pull have been upgraded, and you now have Force Heal Lvl 1.
Run around the pillar to any grate and wait for the wind gust to die down.
Now break the grate and look inside.  If there is an elevator in there get on
it quick.  If not, move back so you won't get blow off and wait for the
elevator to come down, then get on it.  At the top, go through the door.  Go
left and into through the door.  Now, stand next to the glass door where the
fire jets are and use Mind Trick on the worker at the control panel to have
him open the door for you.  Run through here and destroy the lock to get
through the next door, then hit the switch and get on the elevator.

  Go along the ring to get to a makeshift lift.  Repeat this process until
you're up at the top, then go to the door (if you're facing the giant hole,
it's to the left).  Hit the switch and hop on the elevator.  Past the door,
go through the left grate and go up the vent.  Use the air currents to help
you jump up the platforms.  At the top of the platform you get your very
first saber duel (hurra!!).  It's nothing special though, just maneuver him
and knock him off the ledge.  Easy breezy.

  Once you're done with him work your way around the platforms to the door.
Follow this pathway and you'll arrive in an area that looks like a carbonite
freezing room and you'll have another lightsaber duel.  This one is a bit
harder since you can't just knock him off a ledge, but it shouldn't be that
much of a problem.  Just bring him up onto the platform and fight him there,
otherwise he'll jump around you so much Kyle's neck will start to hurt.  Once
it's over, go up the stairs, through the door, and hit the switch near the
R5 unit and follow it onto the elevator to end the level.


Bespin Streets

|    Level Breakdown             |
| 1. Protect the R5 and follow   |
|    it                          |
| 2. Find the barracade and help |
|    the survivors               |
| 3. That's about all the fun    |
|    stuff, the rest is just     |
|    routine                     |

Part 1
  You now have Force Grip.  Once you're at the top of the elevator, keep
following the droid.  When you can, jump up to the ledge to the left and go
through the door(watch out for the mine).  Hit the orange switch to lower the
elevator for R5 then let him open the next door.  Make sure the R5 doesn't
trip the explosives or he'll die(which leads to mission failure).  Follow him
and he'll unlock another door for you to go through.  The only real thing you
have to look out for in here is anyone throwing thermal detonators, the
splash damage from them can kill R5.  If he makes it through alive he'll open
a secret area, thus ending his use(R-series are so wonderful, aren't they?).

  Go through the other door in the room(the one you don't need him for) and
follow the wall right to another door.  Work your way across the landing area
to the door on the other side.  First however, you have to fight another Jedi
Wannabe.  This guy is really fond of doing acrobatics, which can get annoying
very quick.  Once he's dead, go through the door you were going to(before you
were so rudely interrupted) and listen to the brief dialogue, then go through
the next door for a checkpoint.

Part 2
  Go left when you're out on a street(well, it is called "Streets") and then
left again to get to a barricade.  Watch out for the guy at the Cannon.  Make
your way through the door on the right.  Go up the elevator at the far end of
the room.  At the top of the elevator go either left or right(they both lead
to the same place) and work your way over to a door.  Once through, go 
straight ahead to another doorway, go around the bend through the next door,
then turn left and break the lock to free 2 more personnel.  Turn around and
go through the other door.  Work your way around this area to an elevator
and take it down.  Try not to fall down the big hole in the center as you
work your way across to another elevator.

  Go up and around to a side room where there is a switch on the left wall.
Go back outside and through the newly opened really big door.  Once you go
far enough you'll have to fight 2 Jedi Wannabe's at the same time.  They're
still really easy, but they can get a bit annoying when they gang up on you,
which they tend to often do...  Once they kiss pavement, head to the elevator
and take it up.  At the top, run across the bridge and watch out for the
mines.  They're placed next to the hubs that stick out, and you can avoid
them by jumping through the middle.  Once you reach the end of the walkway,
jump down into the water to avoid taking damage and then go through the door.

  Follow this path and you'll go through another door, then meet up with a
few old friends(aka stormtroopers).  Keep going and you'll end up at an
elevator.  Go up and through the door.  You'll have to go outside onto a
landing platform and kill another wannabe, then take out an officer to get
his key.  Now go back to the room you just came out of and use the key on the
lock.  Go through the door to end the level.


Bespin Platform

|    Level Breakdown             |
| 1. Get to the Sith and kill    |
|    her                         |

  You now have Force Lightning.  The first thing you do is fight a wannabe.
When he's toast(literally, if you hit him with lightning), go through the
door at the end of the hall.  Jump over the mine trips(you should recognize
their blue line giveaways by now) and go through either door at the end of
the hallway.  Both ways lead to a big room with 2 entrances.  Notice the C3PO
and R2-D2 cameos under the stairs, you can kill them if you want.  Anyways...
go up the stairs(or jump up) to the smaller door and go through.  Get the
officer's security key then head back to the room with an elevator and take
it up.

  At the end of this hallway is the door you use the key on, through it is
another wannabe.  In one of the right corners of the room is a switch, hit
it.  Go back out and once you're down the elevator, look for an officer to
get his key.  Use the key on the nearby door and you'll fight another wannabe
and get ammo/shield rechargers.  Go through the doors that led to R2 and 3PO,
but don't go in that room.  Instead go to the end of the passageway to the
door you just unlocked.  Go through to a checkpoint and your first real Jedi

Battle with the chick - Yes, I forgot her name
  She likes to throw her saber from a distance, and don't use your offensive
Force techs(lightning/grip) as she'll send them right back at you.  Instead
just keep her close and do some saber combos on her and eventually you'll
win, and amazingly enough, end the level.


Cairn Bay

|    Level Breakdown             |
| 1. Meet up with Luke           |
| 2. Make your way to a semi-    |
|    maze and get past it        |
| 3. Do the elevator puzzle      |

Part 1
  The first thing you should take not of is that Lightsaber Throw has been
upgraded and you now have Fast Style Offense (oooooo), remember, "L" is the
default key to change styles.  As soon as you move you'll be attacked, so go
into the little alcove across from where you are and hit the switch to open a
door.  Go to the right and then go through the next door for some scenes.
You'll fight a bunch of stormtroopers with Luke (hey, no fair, he's better
than I am!) which is pathetically easy, considering how Luke is... well...
Luke...  After they become cream pies a bunch of wannabe's will show up.
Again, not that hard.

  Afterwards, there's a bit more dialogue, then you're on your own again.
There's a door that's locked, and next to it is another alcove.  Go in that
and then through the door.  Follow this to a control room and hit the
blinking switch.  Don't forget the supply key from the black officer.  Hit
the other blue switch in the corner of the room (right next to the cargo
container you can open) plus the one on the opposite wall, and then go back
to the beginning of the level (where the ship you came in on is) and take the
opposite alcove.  Take the side way(not up the ramp) to an area with an
Imperial Shuttle.  Jump onto the shuttle and then onto the chain-link bridge
above.  Throw your saber at the grate above you and jump up into it.  You're
now in a maze.  Well, sort of.

  Go right, hit the switch on the wall, drop down, and kill the wannabe.
Then follow the path to another area with a switch and drop down.  Now, face
the switch panel and go left for the next place to drop down.  Here, you have
a choice.  You can either hit the next switch and go through the grate here
to drop down, or you can follow the path on this level to a different grate
to drop down.  The only difference is the grate where you don't hit the
switch leads directly to a switch, whereas the other one doesn't.  Either
way, go down and flip both switches that are in separate booths (the switches
are the blinking blue lights on the control panels), then go through the door
at the bottom of the ramp.  Go forward for a checkpoint.

Part 2
  Go into the open door to your right and throw your saber at the grate then
jump through.  Break the other grate and jump down onto the elevator.  Jump
off onto a platform and then jump across the gap to trigger another elevator.
Get on this one as it's going down and ride it down to an opening in the wall
which you have to jump across.  This elevator isn't moving, so walk to
another opening and jump across.  Jump down into the elevator to end the


Cairn Assembly

|    Level Breakdown             |
| 1. Nothing special, just get   |
|    past the electric floor and |
|    make your way to the        |
|    reactor                     |

Part 1
  Force Grip and Mind Trick have been upgraded.  Go up the ramp and use Mind
Trick on the officer to get him to open the door for you, then go through the
next door.  Go right and up the elevator to hit a switch, then go back down
the elevator and through a door, then down another elevator.  Go to the back
corner where a locked door is and jump up onto the crates.  After that you
jump from there onto the platform with the welder moving around it and jump
up to the second level.  Go to the opposite side of it that you jumped onto
and look up for a grate.  Throw your saber at that to break it then jump onto
the railing and over to the vent.  Destroy the power conduits inside then go
back outside and watch that thing blow up the door.  Go back down the
platforms and through the doorway you just created.  Go up the ramp to the
right and through a couple doors.  Follow this way until it turns and go left
down a ramp to a checkpoint.

Part 2
  Go through the door at the bottom.  Be very careful in here, you touch the
electric part of the ground and you're toast.  First, jump onto the crates
directly ahead of where you came in.  Then jump across to the next set of
crates that are stacked up.  From here jump to 2 smaller crates where you'll
then have to make a long jump.  Aim for the little cylinder next to the tall
crates to make it.  Now jump onto one of the taller crates and then through
the opening in the center... sphere... I guess... and go up the elevator.

  Crouch down and go up the control panel onto a chain link bridge and walk
around into a control room.  Hit both switches then go out and onto the
elevator.  The ground is now safe to walk on, so go around to the blast door,
and go through, then through the next blast door.  Make your way up the ramp
to the right and through the door.  Watch out for the mines just inside, it's
easiest to just crouch beneath them.  Go right to the elevator and down it,
then through the door at the bottom.  You'll fight more wannabe's, when
you're done, go through the blast doors.

  You now have to fight 2 things that look like they belong in "Robocop" for
some reason.  If possible try to stay behind them and close to them.  Easy
way to beat them is to use Offensive Fast mode and slash at their legs.
You'll take some damage, but it's better than wasting more time on them than
you want to.  Someone will come through the door, it's another wannabe
(surprise, surprise).  Kill him and go through the door and up the elevator.
There's only one way up here so take it.  Flip the switch in the next room
then go back and down the elevator, fighting a wannabe at the end.  Go
through the door at the bottom of the elevator for another checkpoint.

Part 3
  Go back through the blast doors and fight more wannabe's.  This one's a bit
harder as the red one will use Push and Pull on you, which still isn't a
problem, it's just annoying.  When they're dead you get to fight an AT-ST.
You can destroy it with the Flachette Gun, otherwise just run.  Follow the
track to the big ship(I guess that's what it is...) and turn left to go
through a door.  Go to the end of this hall and under the stairs.  In the
center is a hole, drop down to end the level.


Cairn Reactor

|    Level Breakdown             |
| 1. Get past the lasers         |
| 2. Get past the big reactor    |
| 3. Avoid the rockets while not |
|    falling into the abyss      |
| 4. Get to the dock             |

Part 1
  Force Speed and Force Healing have been upgraded (maybe now you might be
able to get some use out of speed...).  Wait for the timing of the lasers,
then run past them to a corner.  Run along the wall to the next corner and
then repeat the process.  At the next area where there are lasers both on the
wall and on the floor, turn left into a place with a crystal on top and
destroy the crystal.  Try to time it so that when you hit the crystal, the
laser is firing right at it.  This will make a hole in the wall you can go
through.  Run along this wall all the way to the end, then turn right, and
right again at the next intersection to get to a switch.  Switch it to turn
off the lasers.

  Go back to where you came through the hole in the wall and look up for a
broken pipe.  Jump up there, then jump up to the next pipe, up to an opening
at the top.  In the next area, jump on the platform right above you when you
go through.  Take note that the lasers in here are active, but fire at
relatively long intervals.  Anyways, jump to the next platform to the right
(of where you came in), then to the next platform to the right, this should
bring you to a door, go through this door, then the next door to a reactor
room (I hate reactors...).

  Make your way down to where there are 2 pipes coming out of the wall (they
go all the way down to the floor) and go past them to the next part of the
room.  Now go across (under) the reactor pipe and up to where another 2 pipes
are coming out of the wall.  Go past them and through to the next section.
Cross under again, only this time jump over 2 pipes on the left wall to get
to the next area.  Jump onto the platform with the 2 pipes, then jump up to
the next 2 pipes, then up to an opening in the wall.  Follow this and go
under the reactor to another opening in the wall.  Follow this then drop
down.  Make your way to the other end and go to either the left or right side
and climb up the piping to a checkpoint.

Part 2
  Go through the nearby door and when the rods rotating the cylinder will
allow it, jump over them and walk along the cylinder to the other side of the
room.  Don't step on the rotating parts though, you'll take damage.  Go
through the door at the end and then hit the switch for the next door.  Turn
right and go down to a small platform.  Hit the switch to make it move and
ride it.  Partway through though, 2 pricks with rocket launchers decide to
destroy the thing and you have to jump the rest of the way.  This part is
really annoying since they're still shooting rockets at you even after your
ride is gone, and often you'll fall, so save often.  Jump to the wall and
keep jumping across to get to the landing.

  When you finally make it across, take a break and do the dance of joy!
Then, get on the elevator and go through the door at the top.  Go across the
bridge and through the next door.  Go around and to the elevator on the
opposite side and take it up.  Flip the switch at one of the control consoles
and then go back down the elevator.  Go down another one of the elevators to
the bottom and then to another elevator that takes you even further down.
One of the officers has a security key, take it and then go all the way back
up to the top and use the key to open the door.  Go through a few more doors
to end the level.


Cairn Dock 1

|    Level Breakdown             |
| 1. Get to the other side of    |
|    the level undetected and    |
|    without smashing your fist  |
|    through the monitor         |

  Force Push and Force Pull have been upgraded.  Go through the door, then
right to another door(not the blast doors), then follow this to another door.
Through here you'll fight another wannabe, and not just any wannabe, this one
is using the quartosis, so he's a bit harder.  Just stand on one of the high
platforms and slash at him when he gets near.  Cheap, yet effective.  When he
dies get the force crystal he leaves behind, then go through the door on the
opposite side.  Get the security key and go back into the room with the
blast doors and turn right.  If you want, through the blast doors are quite a
few powerups.  There should be a door with a security lock on it, unlock it
and go through.

  Through the next door hit the switch, then go down the elevator and out the
door.  Welcome to: Metal Gear: Solid Kyle.  Make sure your lightsaber is
turned off and walk behind the crates to the right and follow the wall, and
you'll see a hole in the wall.  Crouch through and follow it all the way to
the end and get out.  Walk along the wall and go up the elevator.  Walk along
the walkway and around the corner, then look left.  See the hole there?  Jump
over to it.  Crouch down and go through.  Look to the right over the pipes
and use mind trick on the officer(then kill him if you want).  Hurry up and
flip the switch, then get back out quickly.  Run to the area with the ships
in it and you're in another maze... kinda... Go in at the far left and then
go to the end, quickly I might add, to get to the stairs.  Kill the 2
officers and continue forward.

  There are more troopers to watch out for, but you don't have to play hide
and seek anymore since an R5 unit is working on the alarm (Go R5!!!).  Near
the middle of the room is a console with a security key on a crate.  Get it
and then use it to go through the door at the far end, then up the elevator.
Activate the blinking switch in here then go through the door and hit the
next switch, go through the door and down the elevator and then run across to
the only unlocked door.  Walk around the pipes, avoiding electrocution, and
through the next door.

  Use Mind Trick on the 2 guys you can see then vault across.  Heh, just
kidding.  Actually, you can snipe them both, just make sure to do it fast
enough so neither one can trigger the alarm.  Run to the corner and jump up
the pipework to get on top of the big thing that's serving as a makeshift
bridge.  Go across and through the door on the other side.  Now go around the
electric pipes again through the door. (note: you can go up the containers at
the end of this next area and go through a grate for a secret area).  Do not
go through the next door, instead jump up the pillar on the left to get up to
a ledge.

  From here jump across and through an opening in the wall.  Crawl to the
left and hit a switch to turn off the lights.  Put on the Light Amp. Goggles
and make your way to the next door by going down and to the left, and behind
the glass panels.  You still have to avoid the guards though, so be careful
and crawl past them.  Once you're through the next door you're automatically
spotted so chase down the officer who goes after the alarm and kill him
before he trips it, then make your way to the other side of the room to an
elevator, which leads to a bridge.  Follow this until you see a control room
and then  go around it to get in and end the level.  Thank God that's over.


Doom Comm

|    Level Breakdown             |
| 1. Use the R5 to open a door   |
| 2. Enter the frequency as it   |
|    appears in your mission     |
|    obectives                   |
| 3. Contact Rogue squadron      |

  Take notice that you've got a whole whopper of Force upgrades, Jump, Mind
Trick, Lightning, and Lightsaber Defense are all upgraded, and you now have
the Strong Offensive Stance.  Go through the door and make your way past the
welcoming committee, down the ramp and to the elevator.  Go around the pillar
at the bottom and hit the switch on it's other side.  Go through the door it
opens and get the security key from the officer and use it to open the door
and get some powerups.  Then go through the door at the end, kill the wannabe
and go down the elevator.

  Go along and when you reach an area with 3 doors, go in the left one.  Look
up at the ceiling and throw your saber at the grate, then jump up into it.
Go right and then left to another grate and drop through.  Open the door and
then flip the red switch.  You're now in control of an R5.  Go through the
door and up to the control area, open the small panel on the left side of the
far wall, then go left and open through the blue force field.  Turn left and
open the door where a black C-3PO is.  Switch back to Kyle and first go up
and get the portable sentry from the small locker, then go through the door
R5 opened and walk along to the elevator.

  In here go through the door on the left and make your way to the center
where there is a platform and a hole, surrounded by pipes.  Go around the
pipes and break the glass to go into the hole.  Follow the tunnel to an
elevator and then go up into the control room.  Flip all the switches and
then go out.  Go through one of the side door and then down the stairs.  Hit
the switch in here facing into the tunnel to move the car.  Once you reach
the end, get out.  Go up the stairs and get the security key from the officer
and use it to go through the door.  Go through either of the next doors and
around the corner to an elevator.

  Check your mission tab and walk around until you find the panels that match
your mission log and flip the corresponding switch.  If on that first walkway
you don't find what you're looking for, jump over to another one by falling
down to the next level and then jumping up to the one you want.  In the case
of the blue code, jump up first, then fall down.  Something to remember is
that each level has the same code locations, so if you find the one you need
for green, but you're on the red level, then the one for green is right below
where you are.  Once you've entered the right panels, go back up the elevator
and go into each of the three colored rooms and hit the switches in them.

  Now go back to the main array room and press the switch in front of the
monitor.  After a scene, make your way over to where the blue room is and go
through the door there to end the level.


Doom Detention

|    Level Breakdown             |
| 1. Go through the hangers      |
| 2. Use Mind Trick on the       |
|    officer                     |
| 3. Meet up with Jan            |

  Force Heal has been upgraded.  Follow this corridor to a door, and then
make sure to get the security key from the beige officer then go to the area
where the grey and yellow bridge is, that's where the security door is.  Go
in and down the elevator.  There's another one of those super wannabe's in
here, but just use Push to knock him down and slash him with your saber while
he's down for and easy win.  Get his Force crystal and then hit the red
switch in that circular control area thing.  Use the gun to shoot down a
bunch of tie fighters, when you're done having fun, go back up the elevator
and through the far door (the one that doesn't lead back to the beginning of
the level).

  Follow this to a hanger and then go across and in the door at the other
side.  Go in the left door and then the right door and hit both switches, to
open the hanger doors and send all the baddies out.  Then hit the blue switch
again to close the door(so you don't get sucked out).  Now go into the room
next to this one and hit the switch next to the blue one.  Now go back into
the main hanger and into the center to get on an elevator. (note: if you
crouch down at the bottom of the elevator, you can get into a secret area)
Follow this corridor through a door into another hanger and run all the way
across to an elevator.  Up the elevator, run along the walkway to a control
panel at the end and hit the switch.

  Go back to the hanger where the switches are and through the bigger door to
the next hanger.  Go to the end of this hanger and through the door at the
end.  Follow this area to a room with piping above you and jump up to the
piping.  Break the grate and go through.  Go down one of the grates and get
the security key from one of the officers, then use it to unlock a door at
the lower level and go down an elevator.  Go around the center and through
the door, then go through  either door and fight the super wannabe, getting
it's crystal.  You can fight both if you want, but it's not required.

  Follow either corridor to another hanger and to the far corner, where there
is an unlocked door and go through.  Crouch down and use Mind Trick on the
officer and he'll open the door.  Go around and to the door on the other
side that's still closed.  Hit the switch and watch the brief reunion, then
follow Jan's instructions and hold the switch after the one she's got and
wait for her to go through and hit the next switch, then... I think you get
the idea.  When you're in the hanger again, go across to the door on the
other side to end the level.


Doom Shields

|    Level Breakdown             |
| 1. Deactivate the shields      |
| 2. Kill Fyyar                  |
| 3. Get the hell out of there   |

Part 1
  Go through the door and then run along the walkway to the last door and go
through.  Head towards the door that looks locked and turn right at the
intersection, then go up the stairs and through the door.  Hit the switch in
here then go back down the stairs and go out into the large room with the
shield array.  Look down at the pipes coming from it and you'll see that one
of them goes over to a door.  Fall down and run over, then get back up and
hit the switch to open the door.  Get the security key from the beige officer
and go back to the second door from the left.  Turn right just inside to get
into a side room, then use the key to get into a security area and hit the

  Go back to the array and jump down into the rear left hole and follow the
pipe to a tunnel.  Follow this and use Push on the glass to open it, then
jump through and go through the door.  Kill the super wannabe and get his
crystal, then go through the door next to where you were.  Throw your saber
to kill the droids in the blue fields if you want, then go up the elevator.
Go out the door here and jump up to the walkway above, looking out for the
mine.  Go in the door up here and then break the glass and jump down.  You
have to fight 2 wannabe's, so make sure you do it away from the turret.

  Follow this corridor to an elevator and go up and through a door around the
pillar at the top, and you're in the shield generator room.  Throw your saber
at each of the red panels above the glowing blue pipes then at the pipes
themselves.  Watch the scene then you get(more like have) to fight Galak
Fyyar, the game's bigmouthed-hotshot-badguy.

  Don't use your lightsaber on him, that'll just get taken away and you'll
have to go pick it up, but keep it out to deflect all his shots.  Also don't
get too close to him or he'll saute you.  Jump up to the rafters and shoot
rockets/the secondary fire for the flachette gun and his shield will go
kaput.  Once that's down sidestep around him and throw your saber until he

Part 2
  The gravity's kaput so float your way back out and get to the area with the
array(the really big circular thingy).  When you get lower on health, just
Heal.  Go in the second door from the left and in another door to end the


Yavin Swamp

|    Level Breakdown             |
| 1. Try not to have a hernea as |
|    you navigate this area      |

  Lightning has been upgraded.  The only thing not at level 3 now is Saber
Throw(what a bummer...).  Make your way down the swamp as best you can(it's
a really confusing area).  Partway down you'll run into a super wannabe.  The
easiest way to defeat him is to Force Grip him and throw your saber at him.
A little further along you'll run into a crashed ship.  In the alcove near
that and to the left, there will be a smaller area you have to jump up to get
to and then walk around and go back down.

  Your next landmark is a ruins site.  Keep going along and you'll see a
giant wall eventually with a hole in it's side.  Go in the hole and fight a
super wannabe (use the same tactics as before), then feel your way around and
up a ramp to fight another wannabe.  Once he's toast, go out the opening and
to the left.  Get over the semi-barricade and then go past the ruins to a
metal boardwalk.  Follow this and then you'll meet up with some alliance

  There's nothing to do here so just continue past them.  Eventually you'll
run into an AT-ST, so whip out the rocket/flachette guns and kill it.  To the
right, past the AT-ST, you'll start to encounter more enemies, which means
(as Kyle says) you're getting close.  Go in that ship to end the level.


Yavin Canyon

|    Level Breakdown             |
| 1. Have fun in the AT-ST       |

  Jump up to the AT-ST and hit the "Use" key to get inside and pilot it!
Walk along the canyon and fire/walk on the stormtroopers.  All you really
have to watch out for are Rocket Launchers and Cannons.  This is pretty
monotonous, just go along the canyon, there aren't really any wrong ways to
go.  Eventually you'll have to get off and do some rock climbing and fight a
super wannabe.  Go into the greyish-blackish area and jump down to end the


Yavin Courtyard

|    Level Breakdown             |
| 1. Help the Jedi kill all the  |
|    wannabes                    |
| 2. Go after Desann             |

  Lightsaber Throw has been upgraded.  Congratulations, all your Force Powers
are at maximum.  Follow the trail and you're back in the academy.  Go to the
other end of the bay(once all the stormtroopers are dead) and through the
hole in the wall.  Go up the sides of the mountain and into the training room
where 2 Jedi are fighting a wannabe.  Help them kill him then go up through
the area of the above walkway that's broken and through the door.  Run over
to the broken glass, jump down, and help fight the wannabe's.  Go through the
opening where the big rock is and fight a super wannabe(by the way, the other
Jedi will tag along so make sure you don't kill them).  Then keep going and
you'll fight 3 wannabe's.  After continuing a bit more, you'll see a brief
scene with Desann and then fight 2 super wannabe's.  Once they're gone drop
down the hole to end the level.


Yavin Final

|    Level Breakdown             |
| 1. Make your way to Desann     |
| 2. Kill him                    |

  Throw your saber to clear the path, then follow the path.  In the corridor
after the room where the rocks fall, turn left at the intersection and go
through a false wall.  Activate speed and then try to time it so you can get
through the fire without getting burned.  Next problem, there are 3 Desanns.
That's ok though.  Take the left path.  Now look at the floor and follow
where the ridge in the floor starts.  Above it is a pipe, throw your saber at
it to break it open and put out the flames, then continue on.  Use Push on
all the bricks down here then walk around either the left or middle one to
it's back side and flip a switch with Push there.  A new path will open up,
activate Speed then try to time it so you don't get squashed.  Once you're
past it's time to fight Desann.

  First of all, no offensive Force powers like Grip and Lightning, they
backfire and you get whammied.  Along the walls on either side of the upper
area are switches you activate with Pull.  Pull both of them to activate the
Force stream you saw Desann in when you entered and get a Jedi power surge.
This will make battling Desann a lot easier.  When it wears off, Pull the
switches again for your boost.  Use either Fast or Medium Stance and slash
away.  Eventually you'll get lucky and beat him(or unlucky and get your ass
kicked).  Well, once you do beat him, congratulations! You've beaten the
single player game.  Now, on to multiplayer!  But first, a coffee break.

Single Player Cheat codes

To activate the codes, open the console and type them in.  To open the
  console, hit the SHIFT key and the ` key at the same time as opening the
  console requires the ~ key.

Enable Cheats    - devmapall
God Mode         - god
No Clipping Mode - noclip
Disable Enemy AI - notarget
Suicide          - kill
Full Health      - give health
Full Shields     - give armor
Full Ammunition  - give ammo
All of the above - give all
Spawn Item       - give <item> <quantity you want>
All Force Powers - setForceAll 3
Dismemberments   - g_saberRealisticCombat 1

Ending stuff

Most recent version always available at www.gamefaqs.com

Thanks to:
Mike - my best friend... aww.......
Everyone at Lucas - Not only this great game, but also the greatness that is
                    Star Wars
Game Winners - the cheat codes
bsingh - the All Force Powers cheat code
Tim Swindler - a correction on the Dismemberments code
Greg Evans - Kejim Base secret area
KyleKatrn, Azraelot, TripleEej, DKulwicki - My fellow Jedi Oucast FAQ
                    writers on GameFAQs.
AstroBlue - Being kind enough to critique this guide and giving me a few
                    tips for making the guide easier to read.

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