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Reviewed: 02/07/03 | Updated: 02/07/03

A Fun Adventure into the Past.

Let me say this right off the bat--There is very little new in Lara’s 5th adventure. If you were one of the people who got sick of the series after the second installment, I would advise that you don’t purchase this game. If you love the series, however, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that not much has changed.

--]Gameplay: 8
I’ve been playing Tomb Raider games since the first for Saturn. So how can I still stand the game after all these years you ask? I guess it’s just a love for them. Very little has been added to change the game play. You can now tightrope walk, as well as swing and jump from parallel bars. It’s not much, but it’s enough to freshen up the gameplay for newbies, vets, and even some haters. You can also now search through drawers, shelves and file cabinets to find key cards, ammunition, medical packs, and other goodies. My only complaint about this is that Lara takes too long searching for things. The inventory mode has changed slightly. You are able to combine items like the Revolver and the Laser sight, as well as key items, like in Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation.

One thing that bugs me is the back of the case. It boasts that there is now hand-to-hand combat and stealth attacks. They say it as if you can punch and kick when you don’t have any guns at hand. By hand-to-hand stealth attacks, Core/Eidos means killing a few guards with punches and kicks through story mode, and that isn’t fun. They do, however, allow you to use a few bottles of chloroform through the last part of the game. The places where you are able to use it are also assigned, however, so you can’t just sneak up on any guard and use it.

--]Sound & Music: 8
Some tunes from the past games have made it back to this game, as well as new ones. They’re just as memorable as the others, and may get stuck in your head. Sounds are okay by today's standards, though nothing to gasp at. Voice acting is above average. Ms. Croft’s voice actress does a lovely job, while some of the enemies’ actors aren’t so skilled.

--]Graphics: 8
Tomb Raider: Chronicles looks better than all of the past games. It’s a pity that isn’t saying much. Lara’s character model is smooth and without many jagged edges, while some enemies didn’t get as much treatment as her. You can still see through doors, backgrounds, and objects when standing close enough to them and going into 1st person view, however. It’s a problem that’s been with the series since the very first game, and never went away.

--]Story: 8
Lara Croft is presumed dead. A memorial service is held and many of her friends and family attend. Her death is worldwide news, and as Winston, Lara’s Butler, is being driven off back to Lara’s home with an old friend, they watch the news report.You actually play previous adventures that 3 of Lara’s friends are chatting about in her now abandoned mansion.

Gameplay: 8
Sound & Music: 8
Graphics: 8
Story: 8

Should you pick up this game? It all comes down to whether you want to play Lara’s latest adventure or would rather see her stay dead.

Rating: 8

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