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Guide and Walkthrough by Vile

Version: 0.2 | Updated: 01/08/2001

2001, Daniel Bartkowiak (Vile)

Introduction-Hello Summoner Fans, I created this guide because it is number 3 
on the requests at gameFAQs :o) and I think this game rules all. This guide 
covers all the necessary Information to complete the game. all side quests are 
excluded for the simple reason that if I did include them it would take me 10 
years to finish this guide, but don't feel discouraged to try them yourself. 
Good Luck.

   This Walkthrough-FAQ Is Property of Daniel Bartkowiak. I Am Not in 
Association With Lucas Arts TM. Any Duplication without my permission will be 
taken in Legal Action.
These are the only sites that may have my Guide: (ask if you want yours added)
(E-mail me at MrVile66@aol.com)

KkKkKkK What's New Vile? KkKkKkK
Version 0.1-Started The Walkthrough to where you find Yago a lot more to come. 
And Yes i like using Dashes-------

Version 0.2- Added Iona And The Ring of Fire part to the walkthrough, 


	~Burning Village:

- When You start the game you begin in a burning village, where some invaders 
are looking for you. Before going anywhere if you are a first timer player 
read all the tutorials to help you get started.

- After all of the intro stuff, run forward and speak with the man with the 
double !! s over his head, speak to him to learn what is happened to the 
village, then go over the Bridge.

- When you cross the bridge, you can see a soldier killing a villager, this 
will be your first battle, press the directional buttons when you see the 
"Infinity" symbol over Joseph's head and do a big combo.

- After the soldier is dead follow the path, make your way all the way to 
where three people stand in front of a bridge, but before crossing I suggest 
you kill every soldier in the town and look for items.

Boss: Barbarian:
- Now that you are a little stronger, go attack him with a combination of 
chain attacks. Be careful sometimes he knocks you down when he hits you, 
making you vulnerable.

- Go straight and onto the boat.

~World Map:

-Head north from the burning city to find lenelle, if you get any encounters 
run away to the world map, because you are too weak for these enemies right 


- There are many things to do here, but since you have no money right now, all 
you can do is look around, it will take about 45 minutes to look at everything 
so I hope you are comfortable.

- After taking a tour of the place, Follow the big, stone, and main path all 
the way to where you see 4 guards blocking the entrance, to trigger a cut 
scene, Flece will help you find Yago, but getting there will be tough.

- Lenelle Sewers:

- From the Entrance look to your right and talk to the golem about the enemies 
in the sewers. And continue straight ahead, cross the stream of sewage and 
fight the broken glass golem.

- When he is deactivated, follow the stream of sewage to find a baby 
bacticite. When he is dead follow the path and kill of the group of the four 
baby bacticite.

- Now from the stream go up the ramp to the left and fight the golems there, 
heal up and climb the ramp on the opposite side of the stream. At the top 
there are two brown bacticites, be careful and kill them.

- From this room take the left passage to go down and fight the green 
bacticite, kill it and take the other passage where the two brown bacticite 
were and take the passage you didn't go through yet.

- At the end you will see 3 golems. First Press the "R1" button to go into 
solo mode with Joseph and talk to the first and third golem. Make them open up 
the gates, but don't talk to the second one.

- Just with Joseph, Circle down where the gates are and go straight until a 
gate blocks your path. Now press "R2" to switch to Flece. As Flece, Talk to 
the Second golem and make him open the gate.

- Press "R2" to switch back to Joseph that gate should now be lifted and the 
one behind you should be down. Now go straight until you find another Trio of 
golems. Make each one open their gates.

- Now, press "R2" again and switch back to Flece, the gates are all up now so 
run to where Joseph is and press "R1" to become a whole party again. Heal up 
and take the passage near the second golem.

Boss: Iron Golem (plus two Broken Glass Golems)

- Make sure you are Joseph by pressing "R2," As Joseph, attack and defeat the 
two broken glass golems first, when defeated, attack the Iron golem, since 
Flece attacked it all that time it will be 1/4 dead. Kill Him!

- Lenelle Palace:

- Go to the center platform in the next room to trigger a cutscene, you now 
take control of Flece and you basically have to sneak around the palace.

- Take the passage and go to where you hug the wall, open the secret passage 
to enter the palace basement. Take the door where the guard isn't and follow 
the way and up the spiral staircase. 

- This is where you have to be stealthy, beware of Guards patrolling the hall 
ways, make your way through the hall until you come to where there is a guard 
standing still, blocking you from going further.

- Open the door on the left and climb the stairs. At the top collect the gold 
in this room, and take a left out of this room, then at the corner of the 
room, take another left. When you get to the next Corner, turn right.

- The cutscene shows a woman talking with the king of lenelle, when it is done 
enter the room and grab Yago's key that is on the ground.

- Now you have to go back to the first floor, either sneak back down or get 
caught and go up through the basement.

- Now the guard blocking the other door on the first floors is gone, enter the 
kitchen and talk to the woman in the far right side, she will think you are a 
servant and tell you to deliver food to Yago.

- Equip all the servant stuff on Flece through the inventory menu, now you 
don't have to sneak around. Go back up to the third floor except this time go 
right outside of the room you came from.

- Talk to the guard patrolling and learn where Yago is in that hallway, open 
the door and trigger a cut scene.

- Flece tells Yago about Joseph, the guards get him and Yago tell Joseph about 
the summoning rings and Gives him the first ring, The Dark Ring, Yago tells 
you to find the ring of light in Iona, east of lenelle.

~World Map:

- Take the path heading east of lenelle, now you might be able to win some 
fights, but you are still too weak to do much so run from each encounter. Walk 
to where you see an island.

- Iona:

- After The Cutscene, head straight and up to the elevator Golem, Ride the 
lift to enter the heart of Iona. Now, make your way around until you see two 
stone stairways leading up.

- Before the stairways, go into the building and up the stairs to view a 
cutscene where you gain a new party member and information about getting the 
ring of light.

- Back outside, talk to the bishop in the circle and ask for the catacombs 
key, go up the stone stair way and turn right, and into the library there. 
Find the passage to the catacombs hidden in the library.

- In this first room, push back all the statues, to make a passage in the 
center of the room appear.  Go down and take a right, when you reach the end 
of the bone tunnel take another right.

- Kill the bone warriors all the way until you see another bone tunnel to the 
right. There are 3 tunnels to take from here, first take the left bone tunnel 
all the way to the end and activate the sphere here.

- Go back until you were where the bone tunnel split in three, this time take 
the right. Do the same and activate the sphere at the end. Now go back at the 
bone intersection and take the middle tunnel.

- If you activated the two spheres, the road ahead will open to where the 
shrine is with the light ring. After the cut scene you have a boss to fight.

Boss: "So Called GOD":

- This fight is quite easy, make sure you have your blackfire summon with you. 
Kill the two bone archers first then attack the boss, when it is over grab the 
ring of light that's on the floor and head back to Lenelle.

~World Map:
- You are able to defeat monsters now but there is no reason for massive level 
gaining in this game, so don't afraid to go straight to lenelle.


- Go al the way back to the palace and speak to Yago to trigger a long 
cutscene. Yago talks about Joseph to the king and the king orders Jekar to 
help you. And now you must Find the ring of stone and fire.

- After the scene, speak to both the queen and the Prince that are next to the 
king. You will get information from both of them. First you must get the 
Khosani Blade.

- Go to the temple of Urath which is in lenelle, Then go to tancred's house 
and speak to his made to learn about the map of Ikeamos swamp. Talk to the 
Apothecary near the bridge in lenelle (old city) for the map.

~World Map:

- In This guide I suggest you try and get the ring of fire before the ring of 
stone, so take the path west of lenelle and walk around the mountain of the 
wise until you encounter some Khosani Guards.

-Khosani Village:

- Now that you have the blade, show it to the guards, they will show you to 
another guard, show him the summoner symbol on Joseph's and he will lead to 
the leader of the Khosani.

- The leader is Suspicious and asks for all of your party members to be 
introduced. Then she tells you that you need to pass a test, The Guard will 
take you for where you will be tested.

- In the first puzzle you must defeat the 4 iron golems in this room to 
proceed, after you to go to the next.

- In this room look at the symbol at the end of the room, the push to two 
switched down that match that symbol at the end to move that block. Do this 
until all the blocks are moved.

- In the next room, stand on the center platform to be attacked by some 
Khosani warriors, after you beat them proceed to the next room.

- Go into solo mode and with just Joseph step on the block heading to the 
opening on the other side of the room. Now, take any other character and go 
back to the room before this one. 

- With the one in the back room, move the blocks. Now as Joseph move forward 
and the person in the back room moves the blocks in this room for you to stand 

- When Joseph reaches the other side of the room proceed to the next 
challenge, in here you would have to remember all of the Khosani's numbers you 
saw along the way and match them here, the order is: (from the entrance:)

2               1
5               4
6               3
(I am not sure, the numbers could be random in each game someone tell me if 
this is right).

- The Passage Opens to the next area, since you only have Joseph run down 
fast, past the enemies and go down to where you see the red glare on the 
ground. Pick up the ring of fire to trigger a cut scene.

-Boss: Fire Lizard

- This is your actually first semi-hard boss, have your summon, Joseph, and 
Jekar melee him. Have Flece attack him with a bow. Take good advice and use 
Rosalind throughout all the boss fights from now on.

- Rosalind can do mega damage, have her do her strongest ice and lightning 
spells against him, and remember to heal characters low on HP. The lizard will 
move twice, after he is dead take the exit.

~World Map:

- Talk to the Khosani to listen more about the ring of stone. Head over to the 
Ikeamos Swamp and this will trigger a cut scene which will tell you about the 
ring of stone.

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