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In the Ultimate Test of Honor, There Will Be NO Diplomatic Solution!
Plunge into the Star Trek universe in this fast-paced, high-action, first-person shooter using the Unreal 3-D engine. Mayhem reigns as an assassination attempt on Gowron, leader of the Klingon High Council, has left the Empire shocked and screaming for revenge. As a member of the elite Klingon Honor Guard, the most brutal combat specialists in the galaxy, you must fulfill your blood oath -- become the ultimate warrior and exact glorious revenge on those who would destroy the Klingon Empire!
- Guard against a vicious onslaught of opponents -- including veteran Klingon warriors!
- Explore 19 huge missions in 7 unique Star Trek worlds, including the Klingon Bird of Prey, Rure Penthe' Prison and Tong Vey Klingon City.
- Wield 10 unique weapons, including assault disruptors, rocket launchers and particle dispersal cannons.
- Encounter 24 formidable enemy types and a razor-sharp enemy AI.
- Go for the throat and show no mercy in the Deathmatch or cooperative mission-based battles via LAN or Internet. Or, create your own holodeck environments and battle over the Internet!
- Master close-in fighting techniques using the deadly Bat'leth and D'k tahg blades.
- Features the voices of four veteran actors from the popular Star Trek: The Next Generation TV show, including Tony Todd as Captain Kurn.

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