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Hardcore Mode Necromancer Guide by BBCPFC

Updated: 12/03/00

BBCPFC's Hardcore Mode Necromancer Guide

This is best viewed with your eyes, in 1024x768 mode.

Table of Contents

0. Before starting
1. What is hardcore mode, and how to get it.
2. Why a necromancer in hardcore mode?
3. Skills to focuse in
4. Other tricks.
5. Act 1 Walkthrough
6. The Rest

0. Before starting

Before you start, I should tell you that I play single player, with 1.00. This patch has the necro
at it's best. I suggest you don't play in multiplayer, because of the lag.

1.1 What is hardcore mode?

Hardcore mode is a very special way to play the game. You play like usual, except that this time
you can't die. If you die, that's it. Game over. It's mortal you versus hundreds of hell's minions.
It is very fun and exciting, despite what it seems to be.

1.2 How to get hardcore mode.

To get hardcore mode, beat the game in normal mode (that is pretty easy). I suggest you do it with
a necromancer, to familiarize yourself with the necro's style of play.Next, create a character
(obviously, a necromancer, because you're reading this necromancer-related text). When you name it,
look below the name and you will see something like this

|¯| Hardcore

Checking that box will make your character a hardcore character. The game will tell you that it can
only live once, etc...

2. Why a necromancer in hardcore mode?

Because of the minions. A necro shouldn't have to fight, except in early act 1. A Barbarian would
be a bad choice for a hardcore character, because he does all the fighting. If you know someone who
started a hardcore barbarian/paladin, wish them good luck. Tell them I wish them good luck too.

3. Skills to focuse in

This depends on a few things. The most important being, will you play your hardcore necro in 
nightmare or hell difficulties? If yes, look at the "Power Play Necro". If not, look at the "Normal
Necro". I suggest you read both. Usually, you'll want to end up with something in between. 

3.1 Power Play Necro

This is the most fun necro. It's very hard early on, but it pays off later on.


Amplify Damage: You want 1 point in this. More points are a waste. (You'll see later why.)
Iron Maiden: You will want to max this out after you've maxed out your main attack. (see later for
main attack)

All other curses are not needed.


Teeth: 1 point (it is a prerequisite for good skills.)
Corpse Explosion: THE killer spell. More points in this means more radius, but you really need more
		  than those 2 yards you start with. You will eventually want to max this after 
		  you've maxed iron maiden, but until that, 5-7 points in it will do it. Use a wand
		  to try it with more points.
Poison Dagger: Fun for a melee necro, but this is a hardcore necro. Don't waste a single point here.
Poison Explosion: A worse corpse explosion. I don't like it.
Poison Nova: Never tried it. A friend who has tells me that he always starts fights with it, and it
helps a lot. Maybe if you got 3 points to waste you'll want to try this. But not early on.
Bone Armor: You want 1 point in this, it is very good early on but it takes too many points to make
	    it become good later on.
Bone Wall/Prison: I've never tried those, I don't really need them.
Bone Spear: This OR Bone Spirit will be your main attack. Don't get both, get one of them.
Bone Spirit: This OR Bone Spear will be your main attack. Don't get both, get one of them. This is 
	     my favorite weapon. Later on, I will cover Bone Spear vs Bone Spirit.


Raise Skeletal Warrior: 1 point in this. More points allow more warriors. This is a joke after act 2
Raise Skeletal Mage: 1-5 points in this. More points allow more mages. I don't really like these, 
		     because iron maiden and bone spear/spirit are your main attacks.
Revive: 8-12 points in this. More points allow more revives. This is a very good summoning spell, 
	but Reviveds are *VERY* dumb. They are slow, and WILL get stuck in the outdoors of act 1. 
	8-12 points should do it, because hardly more than 10 revives can follow you around without
	getting stuck.
Skeleton Mastery: This is ok.. It makes skeletal warriors, skeletal mages, and revives (later on) 
		  more powerful, but do you really need your skeletal warriors to be more powerful?
		  You will only be using them for the first 2 acts. Your skeletal mages don't need 
		  to get stronger, they are ranged attackers. As for revives, putting more points 
		  into it is better, because each point in revive means an additional 20% life 
		  (versus 7% in skeleton mastery), and 1 more revive.
Clay Golem: OK golem for level 6-18. More points make it stronger, but you will only be using this 
	    for act 1 and early act 2. 1 point in it.
Blood Golem: THE golem. It works EXTREMELY good with iron maiden, because the monsters kill 
	     themselves hitting the golem, while the golem absorbs life from them. What most people 
	     don't know/understand about this golem is that it steals 31% of the TOTAL of the 
	     monster's life. It doesn't steal 31% of what it does. Monsters with Iron Maiden will 
	     be stunned after attacking, this is when your golem can attack them. This golem just 
	     doesn't die, except vs act bosses. 1 point in this.
Iron Golem: This golem has the possibility to get good after 2 points in it, but why waste 2 
	    points while iron maiden does the same thing, starts out stronger, and only gets 
	    stronger? I don't like this golem. 1 point if you want fire golem.
Fire Golem: Better than Iron Golem, but not as good as blood golem. This one can die, unless it 
	    finds some kind of fire to heal itself. I prefer the blood golem. 1 point in this if 
	    you want it.
Golem Mastery: The reason why all golems only get 1 point. This skill will make ALL of them get 
	       tougher and faster. You will want 5 points in this in normal, but you can slowly add 
	       more later on, if you see that your golem is dying too fast (usually not a problem 
	       with blood golem).
Summon Resist: This is pretty good in the river of flame or the chaos sanctuary. 3-5 points in this.

3.2 Normal Necro

This is a necro that lives for today instead of saving for tomorrow. This is good for hardcore mode.


Amplify Damage: 1 point
Iron Maiden: 1-5 point

All other curses are not needed.


Teeth: 1
Corpse Explosion: 3
Poison dagger, explosion and nova: 0
Bone Armor: 5
Bone Wall & Prison: 0
Bone Spear: x
Bone Spirit: x  (later you will see why i said 'x')


Raise Skeletal Warrior: 3
Skeleton Mastery: 5
Skeletal Mage: 3
Clay Golem: 1
Golem Mastery: 2-3
Blood Golem: 1
Iron Golem: 1
Fire Golem: 1
Revive: 3-5
Summon Resist: 0

3.3 Bone Spear vs Bone Spirit

Bone Spear:
		Goes through ennemies
		Less damage
		Less mana cost
		Faster cast rate
Bone Spirit:
		TARGETS ennemy
		Much more damage
		Higher mana cost
		Slower cast rate

If you are mostly a 'live for today' necro, get bone spear.
If you are a Power Play necro, 1 point in bone spear and then max bone spirit when you reach level 

Being a PowerPlay Necro, I prefer bone spirit for it's higher damage and it's ability to lock on 

Bone Spear starts out with 16-24 damage, and each point adds 8-8 damage. So a level 2 bone spear 
does 24-32.

Bone Spirit starts out with 20-30 damage, and ech point adds 16-16 damage. So a level 2 bone spirit 
does 36-46.

Bone spirit is THE skill to max out when you reach level 30. Each POINTS YOU SAVED UP/QUEST POINTS 
go in revive, until it reaches the level you want (usually, something near 8-12). After bone spirit 
is maxed, max out Iron Maiden.

4. Other Tricks

If a unique monster is giving your minions trouble early on, potions are your best friends. Not 
potions such as mana, healing or rejuveneration potions, but potions such as fulminating potion, 
rancid gas potions, etc.. Only use those if the monster is cold/fire enchanted. I once lost a necro 
due to a cold enchanted monster dying and casting frost nova on me. Value poison potions over 
explosive potions, because they do more damage.

Always start a fight by casting iron maiden on the monsters.

Your golem is not there to deal the damage, it's there for monsters to beat themselves up on it.

Don't spit against the wind.

5. Act 1 Walkthrough

Coming soon..

6. The Rest

Coming soon...
For now, you can email me at letitmeph@hotmail.com

(c) to the person known under the pseudonym of BBCPFC. All rights reserved. All lefts perverted.

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