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Guide and Walkthrough by SephKatana

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/15/2007

Campaign Walkthrough
by Sephiroth Katana (http://www.rpgclassics.com)


I decided to write this FAQ because I had a lot of trouble with the Brood War
campaigns for a long time. I looked for some good guides to help me through
the tough spots, but I couldn't really find anything suitable. For example,
the official guide on GameSpot is very vague in all the important aspects.
For many missions, their insights basically boil down to "try not to lose."
The other Brood War walkthrough that is on GameFAQs, the one by Steven W.
Carter, is quite good in places, but for example doesn't really say a lot
about the last Zerg mission, which happens to be the hardest one in the
game. So I thought I'd write something myself.

Most really skilled players have no need for this FAQ because most skilled
players have no trouble with the campaigns. This FAQ is for anyone who was 
like me and had a bit of trouble with the single-player mode. I've beaten all
the missions now, so I'll just explain what I did for each one and hopefully
it will be of help to someone.

However, even if you're not a skilled player, I'm assuming here that you 
understand the game mechanics. There are many other FAQs which explain the
units and the technology trees, and no one wants to scroll through a hundred
pages of that stuff to get to the walkthrough. So, you should understand
minerals and gas and air units and cloak detection and all that good stuff.


Before we begin the walkthrough, there are a few things that apply equally
to all of the missions. I'll list them here so I don't repeat them as much
later on.

1. You need to make enough workers. This was my biggest mistake when I first
played these missions. I only had 7 or 8 workers mining minerals, for example.
This is not enough. You need at least 12, but it's better to have 14 in your
main base alone. If you have this many at your main base, you can have fewer
at your expansions (though of course it's better to have 14 there too). The
reasons are obvious -- the more workers you have, the more resources will be
coming in, and the more structures you'll be able to build simultaneously.
Also, put 4 workers on each geyser of Vespene Gas that you encounter, in
your main base as well as your expansions. You can't really put more than
that because you can only have so many mining gas at once, but you need four.
Don't take them out if the geyser becomes depleted. After all, four depleted
geysers are equivalent to one normal geyser that never runs out.

2. Playing against the computer is not like playing against humans. You can't
do some of the things that might be effective against human opponents. For
example, if your opponent is human, a good idea is to destroy all of his
workers so he can't mine resources for some time. However, the computer in
these campaigns always starts out with huge stockpiles of resources, and only
uses four or five workers to mine minerals. Killing them will achieve nothing.
This is just one example of something that is different about the campaigns.
The computer starts with many more resources than you, as well as large
amounts of buildings, so you need to exploit computer-specific weaknesses.

3. One such weakness is the computer's policy toward rebuilding after your
attacks. Let's say that the computer has three bases in a certain mission,
and you decide to attack one of them. If the computer can fight off your
attack, he will rebuild many buildings that you may have destroyed. However,
if you destroy the entire base, he will almost never come back to rebuild
it, even if you leave. He'll just forget about it, even if he has enough
resources to easily take it back. So, whenever you attack an enemy, you need
to destroy his entire base so he doesn't rebuild it.

And now, without further ado, we can proceed to the walkthrough. By the way,
I developed all of these strategies while playing version 1.14 of the game.


Mission 1: Escape From Aiur

   - various Zerg ground units

This is an easy tactical mission meant to ease you back into the game. You
start with Zeratul, who can kill Zerglings and Hydralisks in one blow and is
invisible. Send him a short way ahead to scout, then bring him back if he
meets any significant opposition and beat it down with your whole force. You
need to go all the way south, then all the way northeast, then all the way
south again.

You'll get reinforcements twice, once in the southwest corner when you need
to help some Zealots fight off a bunch of Zerglings and Hydralisks, and once
again in the northeast corner, when you get an Archon and some High Templar
as well as a fully charged Shield Battery. Just make another Archon with the
High Templar, since Psionic Storm isn't really that helpful here.

There's nothing really noteworthy about this mission. If you see a Nydus
Canal on your way, quickly move Zeratul in to destroy it so the Zerg can't
send reinforcements. In the end, just move him to the Warp Gate and the
mission will be over automatically.

Mission 2: Dunes of Shakuras

1. Red (Zerg)
   - Zerglings and Hydralisks

In the beginning, send your small force all the way west, then south to
find some minerals and gas. Set up your base and start gathering resources.
You'll get attacked by a bunch of Hydralisks, but some Dark Templar will
show up to help you out. Now you can put your units by the ramps south of
your base and back them up with a couple of Photon Cannons.

The Zerg base is fairly weak, and you can blow through it with no casualties
if you build a couple of Reavers and eight or so Dragoons. Research the
Reaver attack upgrade, as well as Singularity Charge, and send your force
south across the bridge. There's a few Sunken and Spore Colonies on some
low ground guarding an expansion, but there are no Red units there, so your
Reavers can just pick off the buildings from a distance. Once that's done,
move everyone northeast across the next bridge, then slowly south to the
main Zerg base.

In these situations, your Reavers need to do all the attacking. The Dragoons
should just stay close to them to guard them against air units and maybe
help against Hydralisks. But try not to have your Dragoons charging off to
attack on their own. The Reavers can destroy all the buildings and even
stand up to Zerg ground units by themselves.

Mission 3: Legacy of the Xel'Naga

1. Orange (Zerg)
   - groups of Mutalisks
2. Purple (Zerg)
   - Zerglings and Hydralisks (transported by Overlords)

A few minutes into the mission, you'll get some Corsairs and Dragoons and
watch a demonstration of the Corsairs' Disruption Web ability that will
help you clear out the expansion northwest of your base. Upgrade the Dra-
goons' range quickly and put them on the southwest edge of your main base
to prevent enemy Overlords bearing Zerglings and Hydralisks. You need to
build two or three Gateways and make a whole bunch of Dragoons, then a
Robotics Facility for a few attack-upgraded Reavers.

Load up four Reavers and some Dragoons and Dark Templar into Shuttles,
then use Disruption Web on the Spore Colonies southwest of your main base
to disable them temporarily. Now just fly in your Shuttles and unload.
Your Reavers should wreak havoc on the enemy defenses. The Dragoons should
guard them, and the Dark Templar can run amok and draw some enemy fire.
You can take your time and slowly push your Reavers inward until you see
the Cerebrates. They can damage them, but the Dark Templar need to strike
the killing blow.

Mission 4: The Quest For Uraj

1. Red (Terran)
   - groups of infantry
   - occasional Goliaths, Wraiths and Siege Tanks

In the beginning, quickly kill off the enemy SCVs so they can't mine the
resources, then set up your own base in the ruins of the Red base. There's
one ramp east of your minerals, but it won't get attacked so often, and you
can just station a Reaver and Infested Kerrigan (who joins you for this
mission) there to guard it. The ramp in the south of your base will see
more action, so put your remaining forces there and build a couple of
Photon Cannons.

There's a Red base just south of that ramp, and you might as well work
quickly to destroy it. Two or three attack-upgraded Reavers, guarded by 
six or eight range-upgraded Dragoons, will be enough, but you need to 
bring an Observer along in case Red brings some Wraiths. Also bring a few 
Dark Templar to draw the fire of enemy Siege Tanks while your Reavers 
slowly move in to target them. When the base is gone, you can expand 
there, at which point Red will probably never attack your main base again.

Now make a bunch of Zealots and Dark Templar, and send them south to some
Missile Turrets and Bunkers. Then send your Dragoons and Reavers after
them. The idea is that the Zealots and Dark Templar act like shock troops,
drawing the enemy fire and taking most of the damage from it, while your
Reavers safely move into firing range of the Siege Tanks and destroy
everything in sight. Having dispensed with the buildings, go up the ramp
and continue south, then east. The Dark Templar can destroy the isolated
Missile Turrets you see, since they only require five blows. Once you've
cleared out most of the buildings between you and the crystal, send
Kerrigan down there to the beacon.

Mission 5: The Battle of Braxis

   - individual Terran ground and air units, and lots of Missile Turrets

This is a long tactical mission, but it's not really hard if you don't do
something you're not supposed to. The map is full of Missile Turrets that
make it hard for your units to get around. There are five Power Generators
that you can destroy to shut down large groups of the Missile Turrets. You
need to destroy all five.

Take your starting units and send them north of your initial position to
where there is an open space. You can just barely see it with one of your
Observers. Drop everybody there, destroy the Missile Turrets near you, and
engage two Bunkers. If you group your units' fire, you should only lose
one or two Zealots. Then the path to the first Generator will be clear,
and you can destroy it to shut down lots of Missile Turrets. You'll also
get more Dragoons and Dark Templar back at your starting position.

Scout with your Observers until you can find a narrow path in the southeast
of the map that leads northeast to two Bunkers. Drop your Dark Templar in
front of that path and send them northeast. The Bunkers have no cloak
detection, so they're history. A third Bunker further northeast is equally
easy to kill. A Science Vessel will come by here eventually, but you should
be done by then, and it will just sit there and let your Dragoons kill it.
Now go to where the third Bunker was and use your Dragoons to pick off the
Missile Turrets lining the trench to their northwest.

Fly your Dark Templar north across that trench and kill some Missile Turrets
in the area, without engaging the Bunkers on the low ground. Fly your
Dragoons across and blow up some more Missile Turrets using their long
range. A Siege Tank might come by, and they can easily kill it.

Now fling all your units at the two Bunkers on the low ground, sending your
Zealots in first. Once they're gone, you can pick off a few more nearby
Missile Turrets with Dragoons, leaving a third Bunker without detection and
easy prey for your Dark Templar.

Go back up the ramp to the high ground now and proceed west and northeast
down the path. Run past the Bunker that will open fire on you, and you'll
be able to shoot some more Missile Turrets with your Dragoons. You can now
fly your Dark Templar northwest of that position to the low ground, and
destroy the now defenseless Bunker. Then repeat the process with the
Bunker northeast of your position on the high ground. Now you can send in
your Dragoons to destroy the second Power Generator out of the Bunker's
range of fire.

You now get more Dark Templar. Fly them north of your starting position to
where there are two defenseless Bunkers, and destroy them. Now take your
units at the site of the second Power Generator and fly them west to the
low ground. Send your Dragoons northwest to destroy all of the Missile
Turrets surrounding the platform with the third Power Generator. If they
fire at the Missile Turrets in the trench along the platform's southeast
side, they can lure out the Siege Tanks one by one and kill them. Some
Wraiths will come by as well, but they're no match for six Dragoons. And
if your Dragoons hang around the northwest and northeast sides of the
platform with the third Power Generator, they can even destroy some of
the Missile Turrets on the platform itself.

Once you've made sure that all the Wraiths are gone, put your Dark Templar
in a Shuttle and send them to the north tip of the platform with the third
Power Generator. Then unload them in that corner, where your Dragoons have
cleared out the Missile Turrets. Kill the nearby Missile Turrets, then
attack the third Power Generator all together, while avoiding the Bunkers.

Now you get four High Templar and two Reavers with ten Scarabs each and
the Scarab damage upgrade. The High Templar also have all of their spells
and are at full energy. Fly them to the ramp north of where the second
Power Generator used to be, and unload them there. Now move down the ramp
and have the Reavers destroy the Bunkers, then move them away and let the
High Templar kill the occupants with Psionic Storm. Once that's done, send
in your other units and have them destroy all of the Missile Turrets on
the high ground north of that position. Follow the path on the high ground
west until you get to another ramp.

But don't go down that ramp yet. It leads to an open space around the
platform with the fourth Power Generator, but that space is filled with
Spider Mines, and the platform itself has some Siege Tanks and Goliaths,
as well as four Ghosts in the corners. This is the longest part of the
mission, and requires a little finesse.

There are basically three ways to destroy the Spider Mines: send a Dragoon
to shoot them down one by one from a distance, or have your High Templar
make Hallucinations of your units and have those units run to trigger the
mines, or cast Psionic Storm on the mines. You can't get too close to the
platform, since then you'll take fire from the Siege Tanks, but you can
run around it and destroy most of the mines as well as some outlying
Missile Turrets. Kill the Ghosts with Psionic Storm. Once they're dead,
you can try killing the Siege Tanks with Psionic Storm as well, or you
can send Artanis and his Scouts on hit-and-run raids to destroy the
Siege Tanks. There are several ways to do this, just go slowly and don't
try to rush the platform. Get rid of the Spider Mines and Missile Turrets
first. Then, you can finally destroy the fourth Power Generator.

For the final stage, you get more Zealots, some Corsairs and Scouts, and
a fully-upgraded Arbiter. Fly all of your units to the site of the fourth
Power Generator. Just northwest of that position is a relatively open
platform guarded by only a couple of Missile Turrets. Neutralize them 
with Disruption Web and send some Dark Templar in to clear out the plat-
form. Now send everybody over. You should have lots of units at this
point, so you can just have everyone attack-move their way southwest.
They'll crush the Bunkers easily, especially if your Reavers still have
some ammo left.

All that remains is to breach the wall around the fifth Power Generator.
Before you do this, have your Dragoons run around the wall and shoot over
it to destroy the Missile Turrets along the inner perimeter. Kill any
Valkyries that may stray within range. There are three Battlecruisers
next to the Power Generator, and you can use your Scouts and Corsairs
to lure them out. If you group your fire, they don't stand a chance. Now
just Recall your units inside the wall and destroy the Power Generator.

Mission 6: Return to Char

1. Brown (Zerg)
   - large groups of Zerglings and Hydralisks
2. Orange (Zerg)
   - large groups of Zerglings and Hydralisks
   - occasional flocks of Mutalisks

You start with two bases right next to each other, one Protoss and one
Zerg. Only the Zerg base has a Vespene Gas geyser, but you don't get
access to the more advanced Zerg technology (e.g. you can't build a Hive),
so just use that base for collecting resources, fortify the area by the
ramp with some Sunken and Spore Colonies with a few Hydralisks for good
measure, and forget about it.

You can beat the mission by either destroying the Overmind in the south-
west or taking the Khalis crystal in the southeast. Killing the Overmind
is much easier, because there are fewer defenses in the way. Your short-
term objective, however, is to wipe out the Brown base that's just west
of your Protoss base. Begin by sending some Dark Templar to kill the two
burrowed Lurkers on high ground overlooking your base.

Destroying the Brown base is easy. Just make the usual 2-4 Reavers with
the usual escort of 6-8 Dragoons, and throw in four Dark Templar for use
as shock troops. The Brown base doesn't have many defenses, and it won't
take long to push your Reavers through them. But you do need to be a bit
fast, so make three Gateways and two Robotics Facilities at your main
base to expedite production. Once the Brown base is destroyed, expand
to it and replace any casualties you may have taken.

The enemies will occasionally attack your Protoss main base and your
expansion from the south. Your Reavers will be more than adequate to
defend your expansion, but you might need a few Photon Cannons with some
Dragoons back at the main base. If your Zerg base gets attacked, replace
any buildings you might lose, but don't really bother to build up. The
mission is already almost over.

When you feel like you have enough Reavers, start pushing them south of
your expansion. It helps to scout ahead with Observers a little bit so
you can detect burrowed units and see how the path goes. You'll be moving
through a narrow canyon blocked by Sunken and Spore Colonies. Your Reavers
can effortlessly blow them away while your Dragoons guard them against air
units. In the beginning, you won't even encounter any opposition, though
there will be more defenders as you get closer to the Overmind.

Eventually, the line of Sunken and Spore Colonies will lead into Orange's
main base, and you can push your Reavers through it just like the Brown
base earlier. It's good to have your Reavers hold position rather than
target buildings, so they can blast any ground units that get too close,
but you might want to tell just one or two Reavers to target particularly
important buildings like Orange's Spawning Pool or Hydralisk Den. Once
the path is clear, just push everyone to the Overmind and kill it. Mission

Mission 7: The Insurgent

1. Brown (Protoss)
   - groups of Zealots, Dragoons and Archons (but no Dark Templar)
   - groups of Dragoons and Reavers transported in Shuttles
   - fleets of Scouts, occasionally with Carriers
   - individual High Templar (with Psionic Storm)

You need to kill Aldaris, but the map shows you three units with that name.
The real one is in the northwest corner of the map. Brown controls a large
part of the map, but you don't really need to destroy all of his forces.
Unfortunately, you can't make High Templar and Archons in this mission,
but you shouldn't need to.

In the beginning, move your starting units closer to your main base and
build pairs of Photon Cannons in the two entrances. You should have two or
three Dragoons and Dark Templar protecting each entrance, with a Dark
Archon for support. Dark Archons are useful for killing High Templar in
one hit (with Feedback) and stealing enemy upgrades with Mind Control. But
they are expensive, and it's better to just beat the mission quickly before
Brown researches Psionic Storm and starts making Carriers.

There are some resources west of your main base, and if you want more, you
can send 8-10 Dark Templar west and then north across a bridge to destroy 
a small Brown outpost. Just have them target the Photon Cannons, then kill
the defenders before Observers show up, and then destroy the key buildings.
But you don't need to expand that much, either.

What you need to do is to build three Gateways and two Robotics Facilities
and crank out a few Dark Templar and Reavers. The Reavers can help defend
your base while you're preparing to kill Aldaris. If you see a Shuttle
coming your way, try to Mind Control it before it unloads. Then you can
control the units inside as well as the Shuttle itself.

Now build a couple of Stargates and make about six Scouts, with the speed
and sight upgrades. Send a few Observers scouting. You should notice that
there's a passage between the northwestern and western Brown bases where
there are no enemy buildings. In other words, you can fly north through
the centre of the map, then turn northwest about two-thirds of the way
and fly to the western edge of the map, until the real Aldaris is just
east of you.

Once you see this, stick your Reavers, Dragoons and Dark Templar into
speed-upgraded Shuttles, and send them out with your Scouts in the manner
described above, until Aldaris is just east of them. If Brown's air force
spots you, leave a few Scouts behind to divert its attention while your
Shuttles continue on unharmed. Once the Shuttles are in position, fly
them east and tell them to unload on Aldaris' platform. They'll take some
fire from Brown's Photon Cannons, but you should have enough Shuttles so
that it won't matter if you lose one. Once your units are on the platform,
tell them to target Aldaris without regard for any other units that may
appear. You should be able to kill him.

Mission 8: Countdown

1. Red (Zerg)
   - large groups of Zerglings, Hydralisks and Ultralisks
2. Orange (Zerg)
   - large groups of Zerglings, Hydralisks and Ultralisks
   - large flocks of Mutalisks and Guardians
3. Brown (Zerg)
   - large groups of Zerglings, Hydralisks, Lurkers and Ultralisks
   - occasional Defilers (with Plague)
   - large flocks of Guardians

There are a lot of enemies in this mission, but you'll have a huge amount
of resources, so it won't be too hard to complete your objective, which is
to get Artanis and Zeratul to the Temple in the centre of the map safely.
However, once they arrive, you'll have to defend the Temple for fifteen
minutes while the enemies send gigantic armies to destroy it. So, don't
rush to seize the Temple immediately.

You start with two bases, and only the southern one has a Vespene Gas
geyser. Build lots of Probes as usual, and make two or three Gateways in
each base. Artanis' base usually gets attacked through the bridge in the
northwest, whereas Zeratul's base usually gets attacked through the passage
in the southeast. However, Orange will occasionally send air units against
Artanis from the northeast, and Brown will occasionally send Guardians
against Zeratul from the north.

Your first order of business is to get rid of Red, who will send lots of
ground units, mostly against Artanis. If you give him time, he can make
some pretty large forces, but if you act quickly, you can overpower him
with the greatest of ease. Just make two Robotics Facilities in each of
your bases and produce some Reavers. It's good to have a few Photon Cannons
and Reavers with Dragoons to defend Zeratul's base. A few Reavers and
Dragoons will do for Artanis' base.

Since you need to move kind of fast, just crank out a bunch of Zealots at
Artanis' Gateways, then 6-8 Dragoons for backup, research Singularity
Charge, Scarab damage and one ground attack upgrade, and send this force
with 2-4 Reavers northwest across the bridge. Red's base will be just in
sight, and you can push your Reavers into it the same way you've done it
throughout this campaign. There aren't that many defenses, and your Reavers
can decimate the ground units defending the base. Once that's done, expand
to this position and take the resources (particularly the gas).

Now make some Observers and send them flying around. You should see that
Red has a few outposts, mostly consisting of Sunken and Spore Colonies,
northeast of Artanis' base, and you should quickly put your attack force
in Shuttles and send it to clean up these structures, thus eliminating Red
completely. These Red structures guard another expansion northeast of
Artanis' base, which you can also seize. But put some Photon Cannons there
in case Orange takes interest in it. It's good to have 6-8 Scouts hanging
around Artanis' base, so they can quickly fly over to kill any Guardians
that might wander too close to your expansions.

Send your remaining Reavers to destroy the Red structures around the
Temple, but don't move Artanis and Zeratul there yet. Instead, send a few
Probes to set up camp. There are two huge deposits of minerals and gas
inside the walls surrounding the Temple, and you might as well mine them
all. Blockade the entrances with Photon Cannons, and put your Reavers
behind them to defend against ground attacks from Orange and Brown.

Now you have a choice. You can either wait until your Probes mine all the
resources in all of your bases, then build Photon Cannons on every square
inch of the peninsula where the Temple is, send Artanis and Zeratul in,
and hope that your defenses can hold against the Brown and Orange assault.
Or, you can just destroy Brown and Orange. If they're dead, they can't
attack the Temple.

This seems difficult, because Brown and Orange are on separate islands that
are extremely well-fortified with Sunken and Spore Colonies, and they have
lots of Lurkers guarding their bases, so you can't even use Disruption Web
to neutralize the Spore Colonies and send in some Shuttles. The Lurkers
will kill your Reavers before they have time to attack. In order to destroy
Brown and Orange, you need to be patient and use a hit-and-run technique.
Let's start with Orange.

Orange has one base on an island just southeast of the Temple, and another
base on another island north of that. Start with the first base, as it's
kind of far away from Brown, so you won't have to deal with too many rein-
forcements. Build three Gateways, three Stargates, and a couple of Shield
Batteries. Now make about 12-14 Dragoons and as many Carriers as you want.
Put the Dragoons along the southeast edge of the peninsula, so they're
standing right across the river from the Orange island base. In a few
spots, a Dragoon can even hit a Spore Colony from across the river. Have
these Dragoons hold position.

Now, once you have about 6-10 Carriers, with as many upgrades as possible,
send them southeast and target one Spore Colony in the Orange island base.
One and one only! They can quickly kill it, and then you should send them
back to your Shield Batteries to recharge.

The idea here is that Orange will send lots of units after your Carriers,
but your Carriers will fly away, causing Orange's Overlords and Mutalisks
to fly right into your line of Dragoons. Your Dragoons will massacre them,
and you can send your Carriers back to repeat the process on another Spore
Colony until the coast of the Orange base is completely unguarded. Then
you can move in a bit closer, aiming for the Hatchery on the west side or
some of the other buildings, each time flying your Carriers back if they
encounter resistance. This may seem like a lot of caution, but Orange has
a lot of Scourge, and they can kill your Carriers very quickly. However,
if your Carriers fly away in time, the Scourge will be mowed down by your
Dragoons and all will be well.

Eventually, once you've worn the base down in this manner, you can move
your Carriers in and just finish it off. Target the enemy Hydralisks one
by one so they don't have a chance to form large groups, and attack the
Hive and the Drones when you have a spare moment. When every building is
destroyed, send some Observers in to spot Burrowed units, and destroy
those too. Then you can send your own Probes to that island and set up
an outpost with more Shield Batteries. If you do this quickly enough,
there might even still be some minerals left there.

Don't engage Brown while you're doing this. He'll attack your expansions
around the Temple with ground units, but your Reavers should do away with
his units fairly easily. You want to destroy Orange without bothering

Now you can move your line of Dragoons a bit so they face off across from
the main Orange base on the northeast edge of the peninsula with your
expansions. Repeat the same process as before. Use your Carriers to pick
off the defensive structures one by one, then move them back and watch
Orange's units fall to your Dragoons. Once the Carriers move back to a
safe distance, they can help the Dragoons deal with the Orange units.

Once you destroy the main Orange base in this manner, you can fly some
Probes to where it used to be and send up another outpost with lots of
Gateways, Stargates and Robotics Facilities. Now you can repeat the
process yet again with the two Brown bases. It's a little harder to
destroy the Brown island base north of the Temple, so you may wish to
create a foothold on the main Brown island north of that, then build an
outpost there and proceed with a more traditional strategy -- pushing
Reavers supported by Dragoons and Carriers all the way across the island.
Either way, it's more a matter of time and patience than skill. You'll
have enough resources to do anything you want, if you use a bit of caution
and don't send your Carriers too far ahead of your Dragoons. Then, once
it's all over, you can send Zeratul and Artanis to the Temple and twiddle
your thumbs for fifteen minutes while the timer counts down.


Mission 1: First Strike

1. Red (Terran)
   - infantry and Siege Tanks

This mission is harder than it should be, because you have few resources. In
the beginning, you don't even have a Vespene Gas geyser, so you need to
quickly send a few Marines to the centre-east of the map, where Samir Duran
will join you and show you a "shortcut" in back of the enemy base. Duran's
base has some gas, so after you make a couple of Bunkers at your main base
and fill them with Marines, go to Duran so you can get Siege Mode and build
Factory units.

Duran's "shortcut" is actually not that useful, because your Factory units
are so unwieldy that when you try to send them down the narrow path, they'll
get confused and often try to go through the centre of the enemy base. Also,
you'll have to destroy a small outpost on high ground in the northeast
corner, as well as a Bunker on the way to the back. So, it may be better to
just storm the base normally.

Build about four Siege Tanks and ten Goliaths, and send them to the south-
east corner to destroy the outpost. Once the Barracks are gone, you won't
be attacked much for the rest of the mission. Just slowly push your Siege
Tanks northwest, destroying the Bunkers and Missile Turrets along the way,
and let your Goliaths hold their position in front of the Siege Tanks to
provide cover. The only problem will come from enemy Siege Tanks, so you
might consider sending in a cheap Vulture or two to draw their fire while
your Siege Tanks come into position. Once the enemy Command Centre is gone,
you win automatically.

Mission 2: The Dylarian Shipyards

   - individual Terran ground and air units

This is an easy tactical mission meant to introduce you to the new Medic.
In the first section, you'll have a bunch of Marines backed by Medics, and
you need to have the Marines attack the enemy Bunkers while the Medics heal
them. The Bunkers have no way to get reinforcements, so this is easy. If
the Medics can see your Marines under fire, they'll come to heal them. You
can tell them to follow your Marines, but unfortunately, Medics don't seem
to react to that command, so just move them in the general vicinity of the
fighting. They also have more HP and armour than Marines, so you can send
them in to draw the enemy's fire. Once the enemies are dead, send your
civilians to the beacons.

In the second area, there are a bunch of Siege Tanks that will fire on your
units as they walk past. You can counter by telling your Medics to use their
Optical Flare ability on the Siege Tanks, reducing their sight to 1. That
way, they won't see you and won't fire on you. Alternately, you can use
Lockdown on the Siege Tanks. The only problem is that you won't be able to
see the Siege Tanks until they fire on you, so send in your Medics to draw
their fire, quickly cast Optical Flare, and have them heal each other.

The third area has a bunch of defensive structures and Science Vessels,
but you get four Nukes and a bunch of Ghosts. Simply cloak the Ghosts and
target the Science Vessels, or the centres of the defensive clusters, or
just any point that is out of the Science Vessels' sight but still close
enough to the enemy buildings to destroy them. Then, only the infantry
units from inside the Bunkers will remain, and you can easily kill them.
Before you send your civilians to the beacons, have one of your Ghosts
walk around to trigger a Spider Mine.

In the last area, you get some Siege Tanks which will immediately come
under enemy Lockdown. Use the Medics' Restoration ability to fix that, and
use your own Ghosts' Lockdown on the enemy Siege Tanks. Usually the Siege
Tanks are close to Science Vessels, so use Lockdown on the Science Vessels
first, then disable the Siege Tanks, and then move your own units into
firing range.

Finally, you'll have to destroy 12 enemy Battlecruisers with 18 of your
own. This is easy. Just have them mass their fire. Select your Battle-
cruisers two by two and have them use their Yamato Cannons. When the
last enemy Battlecruiser is gone, you'll win.

Mission 3: Ruins of Tarsonis

1. Brown (Zerg)
   - various Zerg ground units
   - occasional Mutalisks
2. Purple (Zerg)
   - various Zerg ground units
3. Red (Zerg)
   - various Zerg ground units
4. Orange (Zerg)
   - various Zerg ground units
   - occasional Mutalisks

This mission is easier than it should be. You have four opponents, but if
you can destroy an opponent's Hive, he will surrender immediately, and all
four Hives are easy to destroy. Start by building a couple of Bunkers in
your north choke point and backing them up with Siege Tanks. Once you have
Siege Mode and an Armory, send four Siege Tanks and eight or ten Goliaths
up the ramp in the southeast of your base. The Brown Hive is right there.
All you need to do is hold off the enemy defenders with your Goliaths
while your Siege Tanks destroy the Hive. Brown won't have much this early
into the mission, so it's an easy task. Once it's done, you can expand
to Brown's base, as well as an undefended deposit of minerals and gas
southwest of your main base.

Now make three Starports and quickly crank out a dozen Wraiths with the
cloaking upgrades. Cloak them and send them all the way north, then west.
You'll be in a good position to destroy Red's Hive. Red has no Spore
Colonies, and your Wraiths can easily kill any Overlords that come to
detect them if they mass their fire, so it is easy to stay invisible and
destroy the Hive with impunity. When Red surrenders, send your Wraiths
back to your base and make a dozen more.

You can attack Purple's Hive from the south, but he has a few Spore Colonies, 
so it's a little harder. The solution is to perform hit-and-run raids on the 
edge of Purple's base and destroy the Spore Colonies one by one. Wraiths are 
fragile, but two dozen of them can still easily destroy a single Spore 
Colony. Try to pick different locations every time so the enemy's defenders 
have to run around to get to your Wraiths.

When the Spore Colonies have been destroyed, send one dozen Wraiths to
attack the Hive and the other dozen to kill any Overlords that come by.
Then Purple will have no detection, and his Hive will go down shortly.
It's okay if he destroys part of your air force in the process, since
you won't need it for the last part.

Orange has a lot of air defenses, but there's some undefended high ground 
just north of his Hive that looks ripe for a drop. Stick some Siege Tanks 
and Goliaths up there, and the Siege Tanks will destroy the Hive quickly. 
Then you can send Duran up to the Psi Disrupter and complete the mission.

Mission 4: Assault on Korhal

1. Blue (Terran)
   - large groups of infantry (but no Medics) and Siege Tanks
2. Red (Terran)
   - large groups of Goliaths and Siege Tanks
   - fleets of Wraiths (but no Valkyries)

You can win by destroying either the Nuclear Silos in the southeast of the 
map, or the Physics Labs in the northeast. I recommend destroying the Nuclear 
Silos, since Nukes are a hassle to deal with, whereas your Goliaths will prove 
themselves well-armed against Battlecruisers in the next mission. But before 
you can do this, you need to contend with a large Blue base to your south and 
a large Red base to your north.

It's possible to do this very cleanly, because the computer, especially a 
Terran computer, is completely incapable of dealing with Nukes. All you need 
to do is quickly get an expansion and some Nukes, and you'll be all set. 
There's an expansion just west of your main base, and you can reach it by 
going up a ramp.

Build all of your buildings close together. Put your big buildings on the 
perimeter, and put Siege Tanks behind them. Stick Supply Depots on the 
perimeter also so the enemy can't easily get to your Siege Tanks and Bunkers. 
Also spread some Missile Turrets around to spot Wraiths. If you can defend 
against the enemy attacks, you'll be fine. Sometime in between attacks, send 
some SCVs to the expansion and build a Command Centre with a Nuclear Silo. 
You'll need Covert Ops, of course, and you should research all the Ghost 
technologies, starting with Personnel Cloaking, then Ocular Implants, then 
Moebius Reactor, and finally Lockdown. You can send a small raiding party 
south of your expansion to get rid of the enemy Missile Turrets on the high 
ground. But retreat after you're done; there's no sense provoking Blue when
you can kill him much more easily. But scan him using your Comsat Station so 
you know the layout of his base.

When you're out of minerals at your main base, build another Command Centre 
with a Nuclear Silo in the space where the minerals used to be, arm your 
Nuclear Silos, and make some Ghosts. Then cloak them and send them south to 
Blue's base. They can Nuke his Command Centre right from the high ground, 
destroying all of his SCVs in the process. Make sure to have a lot of Supply 
Depots so you can order another Nuke the second one has launched. Then your 
Ghosts don't have to wait so long in between Nukes, and they'll be able to 
launch five or six before running out of energy. It's good to target clusters 
of Supply Depots, since one Nuke will destroy them all. You can easily destroy 
big buildings too, but you need to drop two Nukes on them quickly so the enemy 
doesn't have time to rebuild them. Once you've killed most of his units, you 
can send about eight Goliaths to clean up. There are probably lots of minerals 
left here at this point, so you can expand here also and build more Nuclear 

Then you can repeat this exact same procedure against the Red base in the 
northwest. You don't have to destroy it, but if you soften it up a bit, 
you'll just have that much less to worry about. Whenever you're ready, send 
some Ghosts out of Blue's base, across the bridge in the centre-south of the 
map. The enemy Nuclear Silos are a short way southeast. You'll need to Nuke 
every Missile Turret you see. Doing so will also destroy lots of enemy Bunkers 
and Supply Depots. When you see the Nuclear Silos, Nuke them a couple of times, 
and that will be all.

Mission 5: Emperor's Fall (Birds of War)

1. Blue (Terran)
   - large groups of infantry (no Medics), Goliaths and Siege Tanks
2. Red (Terran)
   - large groups of Wraiths and Battlecruisers (no Valkyries)
   - occasional groups of Goliaths and Siege Tanks

You've destroyed the Nuclear Silos, so the enemy has no Nukes. But he still 
has lots of Battlecruisers, and he'll start by sending a very large fleet of 
them your way. Fortunately, you'll get a bunch of reinforcements in the form 
of range-upgraded Goliaths and Ghosts with Lockdown already researched. The 
strategy is obvious. Paralyze as many of the Battlecruisers as you can, and 
have your Goliaths concentrate their fire on one at a time.

This mission is very similar to the previous one, and in fact the way to 
beat it is exactly the same. You'll need some Bunkers and Siege Tanks spread 
out around your base, along with some Missile Turrets, but you also need to 
have a dozen Goliaths around at all times to fend off Red's Battlecruisers. 
Build two Armories so you can upgrade machine attack and defense simul-
taneously. If you take advantage of your SCVs' ability to repair Goliaths, 
you can save a lot of minerals.

You can find more minerals north of your base, if you throw out the small 
Red presence there first, and there's a pretty large deposit of minerals 
and gas in the southeast corner, protected by Blue. Once you have a Nuclear 
Silo, you can nuke its defenses and move in a dozen Goliaths with some Siege 
Tanks. But bring a Science Vessel along to detect Spider Mines. If Blue 
sends Siege Tanks after you, cast Defensive Matrix on your own Siege Tanks.

Once you've done this, don't provoke Blue any further. Just put your 
Siege Tanks by the bridge to destroy any Blue units that may wander your 
way, and build more Nuclear Silos. Two or three will suffice. If you use 
your Comsat Station regularly to scout, you will see that Blue's main base 
is just a short way north of your southeastern expansion. Drop a Ghost just 
out of sight of the southern-most Missile Turret at that location, and Nuke 
the Missile Turret. Then have the Ghost push north and Nuke Supply Depots 
and Missile Turrets. Finally, drop two Nukes on the Command Centre. If you 
aim right, you can destroy the Command Centre and all of the SCVs, which 
will completely cripple Blue because this is the only base he has. Now, 
it's just a matter of dropping Nukes on the remaining structures. You can 
also send a few cloaked Wraiths in to kill any Blue units that stray away 
from any remaining Missile Turrets in the area.

With Blue out of the picture, it's easy to complete the mission. Send a 
Ghost just north of the site of Blue's main base, and Nuke the Red 
Missile Turrets protecting the Yellow Command Centre. Then move in and 
Nuke the Yellow Command Centre itself. Two Nukes, and you win.

Mission 6: Emperor's Flight

1. Orange (Zerg)
   - groups of Zerg ground units
   - occasional groups of Mutalisks and Guardians
2. Brown (Zerg)
   - large groups of Zerg ground units
3. Blue (Protoss)
   - groups of ground units
   - occasional Scouts and Corsairs

This is another mission that is much easier than it should be, because 
your opponents fight each other much more than they fight you. Brown 
might never attack you once. Orange is closer to your base, so you 
still need some defenses. You get some Valkyries in the beginning, 
and if you build a couple of Wraiths, you'll be amply protected 
against Orange's air units.

In the beginning, wall off the northern and western entrances to your 
base with Supply Depots, Bunkers and other buildings. The hardest thing 
about this mission is finding enough space for everything. Get some 
Siege Tanks to defend, then start getting the technology you need for 
Nukes. You can build one Nuclear Silo on the high ground east of your 
base. If you put a Bunker next to your Siege Tanks on that high ground, 
you'll be well-defended.

If you need more resources, you can destroy a small Blue outpost to your 
northwest and expand there. There are only a few Blue buildings there, but 
Blue is quick to reinforce his units, and he will rebuild everything unless 
you destroy the entire outpost. If you send some cloaked Wraiths and a 
Dropship full of Marines and a Medic, you can destroy the outpost before 
Blue even has time to send an Observer. Defend this base with some Bunkers, 
Siege Tanks and Missile Turrets, as well, and build another Nuclear Silo.

When you have two Nukes ready to go, fly a Ghost east of your main base. If 
you use the Comsat Station to scout Orange's base, you'll know where to go. 
Target the Sunken and Spore Colonies on his perimeter. It's best to target 
the spot right in front of the buildings, so your Ghosts stay out of the 
Overlords' sight. But even if Orange sees you, he won't always bother to 
kill your Ghosts. I told you that the computer can't handle Nukes. You'll 
kill lots of Overlords patrolling the perimeter in the process.

As you clear out these outer structures, the Overlords will move closer to 
the centre of the base, which is exactly what you need to enable you to move 
closer and drop more Nukes on the key structures. Once the Hive is gone, 
you've basically won the mission. You can probably destroy the Brown base 
just as easily, but Brown won't bother you much, so just let him fight Blue. 
Put some Ghosts in a Dropship and send it north along the eastern edge of 
the map. Unload your Ghosts when you see some Photon Cannons. Nuke them, then 
continue north and Nuke the Yellow Command Centre. Again, two Nukes and you 

Mission 7: Patriot's Blood

   - various Terran and Zerg ground units

This is another tactical mission, with no building or resource gathering
involved. It's pretty easy, but you need to move slowly. You start with
Duran and a bunch of Marines. Just have them move in one big group and
mass their fire against every enemy you see. You'll mostly see Marines and
Firebats, but you'll have Medics to back you up. Eventually, you'll reach
a big hangar with lots of Goliaths. Quickly send one Marine to each of the
Goliaths, so the enemy doesn't have time to activate them. There's an SCV
here that you can "persuade" to join you and repair the Goliaths, but I
actually couldn't get him to join when I played.

Your Goliaths are very stupid, and not good at navigating narrow corridors,
but it really doesn't matter, since you'll be getting reinforcements soon.
All you need to do is get Duran to the room where Stukov is, and watch the
cutscene. Then you'll get some more Marines and Medics. It is good to keep
your Medics from the first part alive, since you'll need to do a lot of 
healing shortly.

Even if you lose all your Goliaths getting to this point, the Marines and
Medics will be able to beat the rest of the mission if you mass their fire
and move carefully. You're timed, so you need to be efficient. Target the
enemy Zerglings one by one as a group, and don't stop to shoot the Ultralisks
that you see trapped in a pit. You do need to kill one Ultralisk that will
come rampaging at you, but if you have a Medic in your front lines, you can
stand up to him.

Listen to your Marines when they tell you about the automatic guns in the
room in front of the huge group of Zerglings. Send a Medic into that room to
open the door, then have her run back to your units. The Zerglings will chase
her, but the automatic guns will engage them and kill them all. Now you can
resume your course.

When you hear two Infested Terrans, you can just send one Medic out to sac-
rifice herself. In the narrow corridor, they'll probably both die in the
process of killing her. Then continue on. This is why it's good to keep
your Medics from the first part.

Keep your units together in a tight group, since there will be more Zerglings
coming up. Also, a Defiler will pop up at an inopportune time to cast Plague
at you. If this happens, you can use Restoration to remove Plague quickly.
Or, you can just have your Medics split up and move far away from your units,
and wait until Plague wears off. It doesn't kill your units, so when it
disappears, you can move the Medics back to the group to heal everybody.
But wait until it disappears, otherwise they'll waste all their energy
trying to heal your units while it's still working.

In the last room, your assault team will be overrun by Zerglings. All you
need to do is send one Marine up the staircase to the beacon. Everyone else
can just serve as a distraction. The mission ends when you touch the beacon.

Mission 8: To Chain the Beast

1. Brown (Zerg)
   - large groups of ground units
   - occasional groups of Mutalisks, Guardians and Devourers
   - one reincarnating, super-powerful Ultralisk
2. Red (Zerg)
   - large groups of ground units
   - invincible Sunken Colonies
3. Orange (Zerg)
   - large groups of ground units (even Infested Terrans) and Mutalisks

The final mission may look daunting. All the Sunken Colonies in the southern
part of the map are completely invincible, the north of your base is wide
open, and Brown will send a super-powerful Ultralisk with 800 HP at you. And
when you kill it, it will get reincarnated very soon. Orange is just an all-
around powerful presence. He can even make Infested Terrans, although he won't
do it often (I never saw them). And there's only one expansion for you to

But actually, this mission is extremely easy if you play it right. Again, the
opponents will instantly surrender if you manage to kill their Cerebrates (hey,
what happened to only being able to kill Cerebrates with Dark Templar energy?),
and killing the Cerebrates is actually pretty easy. The key is to move fast in
the beginning so you can defend against the super-powerful Ultralisk.

Immediately unload your Marines from the Bunkers in the east. While the invin-
cible Sunken Colonies are destroying the Bunkers, have these Marines move up
the ramp to their east, then circle around the high ground to the west, until
they come down the ramp in the south of your main base. Get your usual 14 SCVs
on minerals and four on gas. Liftoff your starting buildings and move them
closer to your base. You want to wall yourself off completely before the
Ultralisk arrives. When you hear it roar, you've still got a minute or so
before it reaches your base.

The Ultralisk usually attacks from the north, so put your Engineering Bay,
your Factory and your Barracks together in a block, and fill in any gaps
between these buildings with Supply Depots and Missile Turrets. The Ultralisk
can't walk through your minerals, so as long as your buildings are tight
against the minerals, your wall is solid. Build two Bunkers behind this
wall, and try to get as many Siege Tanks up next to them as you can. You
should be able to get at least three before the Ultralisk arrives. It won't
be able to get through your wall, so it will just run back and forth stupidly
while your Siege Tanks and Bunkers kill it. All you need to do is send an
SCV outside your base via Dropship to repair the buildings.

Of course, you should build a similar wall on the south side of your base,
since attacks will come from there occasionally also. Put about three Star-
ports into your wall. Now, the computer basically has no way of breaking your
defenses, so all you will need to do is make occasional repairs and put some
more Siege Tanks behind the wall. Thus, you will quickly amass huge amounts of
resources, and you should use them to make Battlecruisers.

Eventually, you'll want to expand to the eastern location where your Bunkers
were in the beginning. You can do this before killing the Brown Cerebrate, as
long as you don't build too close to those invincible Sunken Colonies. This
base should be defended the same way as the first one, with a wall of Supply
Depots guarded by Siege Tanks and Bunkers. These two bases will give you more
than enough resources to beat the mission.

Once you have a dozen Battlecruisers, with Yamato Cannon and the energy up-
grade, move them east of your expansion to a Brown island. It's well-defended
by Spore Colonies, and there's no sense in taking unnecessary risks, so have
two Battlecruisers use their Yamato Cannons against one Spore Colony to des-
troy it. Pair off your Battlecruisers in this way to destroy all the Spore
Colonies. If Brown's air units come after you, that's fine. Battlecruisers
can easily handle Mutalisks and Devourers, and they can even kill small
groups of Scourge. When the Spore Colonies are gone, move in the Battle-
cruisers, have them hold position over the island, and watch them destroy
absolutely everything. Make sure to clear out the whole island so Brown
doesn't rebuild it.

Now fly your Battlecruisers back for repairs. When they're at full strength
again, move them east to the island you just cleared out, then north. Use
your Comsat Station to scan the area around the Brown Cerebrate. You should
see a few Spore Colonies south of it, and they can be quickly destroyed by
Yamato Cannons. Then, have all your Battlecruisers use their Yamato Cannons
on the Cerebrate at the same time, and Brown will surrender. No more super-
powerful Ultralisks.

Destroying the Red cerebrate is even simpler. If you scan the area around it,
you'll see that it's protected by a single, non-invincible Spore Colony to
its southwest. Destroy it, then approach the Cerebrate from that direction
and use your Yamato Cannons again to rid yourself of those invincible Sunken
Colonies. Fly your Battlecruisers back for repairs after this.

All that remains is to destroy the Orange Cerebrate, and you can do this just
as easily by approaching it from the southeast. Destroy the Orange Spore
Colonies in your way just like before, then move in to destroy the Cerebrate
with Yamato Cannons. Then send four Medics to the beacons around the Overmind,
and you're done. You can do this without losing a single Battlecruiser, and
you'll have a huge surplus of resources despite having only one expansion.


Mission 1: Vile Disruption

   - various Zerg ground and air units

This is an easy tactical mission, meant to warm you up with controlling the
Zerg. You have to defend seven Hives, but they only get attacked one at a
time, and you get plenty of reinforcements after each one. You start with a
few Hunter Killers, fully-upgraded Hydralisks with twice the normal attack
power. Send them south to trigger the attack on the first Hive. You can easily
fight off the enemies if you mass the Hunter Killers' fire. Then you'll get
reinforcements, and you can proceed east to the next Hive.

The path from Hive to Hive is straightforward. You can travel by ground until
the very end, when you need to take a Nydus Canal to the last Hive. Usually,
you'll get reinforcements of exactly the kind you need to defend the next
Hive. For example, when you get eight Scourge, you'll see the next Hive being
attacked by four Guardians. The solution is obvious. Later, some Ultralisks
will attack, but you'll have a few Queens with Spawn Broodlings. It's really
not difficult.

Mission 2: Reign of Fire

1. White (Terran)
   - infantry
   - occasional Siege Tanks and Wraiths

Now you have a proper mission, but it's still pretty easy. You start with a
special SCV that can force any Zerg units you find to switch to your side.
You can find some Drones right by your starting point, and Hunter Killers
just down the ramp. Build up a base as usual, with a couple of Sunken Colo-
nies by that ramp. Your Hunter Killers should be able to defend against the
enemy's infantry. White has a few Siege Tanks and Wraiths, but not many.

You need to make about a dozen Mutalisks to wreck the little outposts with
Bunkers that are north and northwest of your base. It's easy, and once you
do it you can expand to the northwest location. White will always come at
you from the north, across a frozen river. His base is in the centre-north
and northeast of the map. If you need more resources, there are some in
the southeast corner, where the opening cutscene played out.

The base is on high ground, and defended by a few Bunkers and Missile Turrets, 
so you need a dozen Hydralisks in addition to your Mutalisks. You can't 
research Adrenal Glands, so Zerglings won't really be effective. Just get the 
Hydralisk upgrades. Also, once you destroy the small Red outposts on your side 
of the river, you can find more Hunter Killers as well as the Ultralisk 
Torrasque that you fought in the Terran campaign. Have him lead the charge 
against White -- he's just about invincible to Bunkers. When you attack White, 
you can have a Queen infest the Command Centre just north of the entrance ramp. 
Then you can make some Infested Terrans to quickly clear away the enemy Supply 
Depots. Your goal is to destroy the Psi Disrupter east of that position, and 
once it falls, you're done.

Mission 3: The Kel-Morian Combine

1. Red (Terran)
   - infantry and Wraiths
2. Brown (Terran)
   - infantry and Siege Tanks (no air units)
3. Orange (Terran)
   - infantry, Goliaths, and Siege Tanks (no air units)
4. White (Terran)
   - Wraiths and occasional Battlecruisers
5. Blue (Terran)
   - occasional Nukes

You only have to mine a surplus of 10,000 minerals here in order to win. But
any minerals that you spend will get subtracted from your total, so it's not
as easy as it might seem. If you just play defensively and try to mine the
minerals quickly before the enemy sees you, you'll just get overrun by five
enemy forces. So, you need to destroy at least one of the enemies, and the
best candidate is Brown, just north of your starting base.

Your base has two entrances, one in the north and one through a ramp in the
south. Put Sunken Colonies and a dozen Hydralisks up north and a few Spore
Colonies in the south. Only Red will use the south entrance, and he mostly 
uses infantry and fleets of Wraiths. You get to use Fenix in this mission, 
and he's strong enough to kill a whole fleet of Wraiths by himself, so don't
worry about Red too much. But Brown, with his Siege Tanks, is a bit of a cause
for concern.

To get rid of him, make two dozen Zerglings and a dozen Hydralisks, and re-
search Adrenal Glands and all possible movement, range, attack and defense
upgrades. Then go straight north from your main base. You'll be using this
strategy many times throughout this campaign: attack-move the Zerglings into
the enemy base, then move in the Hydralisks after them. The Zerglings will
attack everything they see, and many of them will get killed, but you're not
worried about that. They're just cannon fodder to distract the enemy from
your Hydralisks, whom you should always have hotkeyed. While the Zerglings
die around you, the Hydralisks should mass their fire against the most dan-
gerous targets (usually Siege Tanks), then attack key buildings like Factories
and Barracks.

Brown really doesn't have so many defenses, so this tactic should work like a
charm. If you don't quite manage to finish the job, just send in another dozen
Hydralisks quickly. A good strategy is to make four Hatcheries at your main
base so you can always make a dozen units in a short time.

Once Brown is gone, expand to his location. He should still have a lot of
minerals and gas left. Furthermore, the high ground between his base and your
main base contains still more minerals, so you can expand there also (but
bring some Hydralisks to get rid of the Spider Mines). These three bases
should be enough to get you a surplus of 10,000 minerals quickly. If Red
becomes a problem, just make three dozen Zerglings and send them into his
base through the southern ramp. They don't really need to get very far. As
long as they succeed in destroying something, Red will be weakened. The other
three enemies won't really bother you until the very end. White will send
some air units which your Hydralisks can easily kill, and Blue will try to
Nuke you. Fortunately, he's not so bright, so his Ghosts will often walk
into range of your Overlords and Spore Colonies, allowing you to easily kill

One last thing -- if you infest any Command Centres in this mission, you'll
get to use them in the next mission. Infested Terrans are actually quite
useful in the next mission, so you should infest at least one Command Centre
(namely Brown's). But you can hear some extra dialogue if you infest two.

Mission 4: The Liberation of Korhal

1. Blue (Terran)
   - infantry, Goliaths and Siege Tanks
   - fleets of Wraiths
2. White (Terran)
   - fleets of Wraiths, Valkyries and Battlecruisers
   - occasional infantry
3. Orange (Zerg)
   - mostly Zerg ground units and defensive structures

This is the first hard mission in the campaign. The enemies have huge bases,
and they'll come at you early and often. There are three entrances to your
base, two routes along the north and southwest, and one ramp in the west. For
the most part, Orange will stick to the southwest route and Blue and White
will take the west route. The north route doesn't need so many defenses, but
you do need three or four Sunken Colonies on the west ramp, as well as the
obligatory dozen Hydralisks.

There are lots of little outposts guarding minerals north and northwest of
your base. It's not really worth the time to send Hydralisks there to start
a big firefight, but if you infested any Command Centres in the last mission,
you can just make a few Infested Terrans and send them off to destroy those
annoying Bunkers. Orange also has a lot of Sunken and Spore Colonies around
the map, and Infested Terrans are just the thing for getting rid of them.

You start with four Hatcheries and 10,000 minerals, so most of your usual
preparations are actually already done. Just build two Evolution Chambers
so you can upgrade your ground units quickly. Your first order of business
is to get a couple dozen Hydralisks and send them down the southwest route
to destroy a small Blue base and steal its minerals. If you have Infested
Terrans, this is pretty easy because they can eliminate all the Orange Sunken
Colonies defending that position before your Hydralisks move in. But once
you send in the troops, be quick and destroy the Blue Command Centre before
reinforcements arrive. You need to raze this base to the ground so Blue
doesn't come back to rebuild it. If you're having trouble, make four or
five Queens so you can use Spawn Broodlings against enemy Siege Tanks in
quick succession.

Once you've expanded here, you can also expand to the undefended mineral
deposit north of your main base (after using Infested Terrans to destroy
the Blue outpost there). The enemy won't come there so often, so all you
need are a few Spore and Sunken Colonies. But your southwestern expansion
needs Spore Colonies all along the western border, because White will soon
be sending in waves of air units right to that location.

If you can entrench yourself in these three bases, you can take some time
and send Infested Terrans to pick off assorted Blue and Orange defensive
structures north of your southwestern expansion. In the meantime, research
Adrenal Glands and other upgrades for ground units. Eventually, you want
a huge amount of Zerglings (at least four dozen) and a couple dozen Hydra-
lisks to attack the main Blue base north of the southwestern expansion.
Blue has lots and lots of Siege Tanks, so try to use Queens to take some
of them out, and use your Hydralisks to destroy the Factories quickly. Blue
has a lot of them, so this stage of the mission may take some time.

When you destroy Blue, it will probably be too late to take his minerals,
but there's an undefended deposit just west of your northern expansion.
Now your attackers need to push west, through a narrow canyon. The main
Orange base is in the northwest corner, and the main White base is just
south of that. You need to repeat the same thing you did with Blue against
Orange, and set up four Hatcheries in place of Orange's base. Then you can
quickly crank out yet another huge ground force to attack White's base.
There's no great strategy for dealing with White, but since he mostly
builds air units and not so many Siege Tanks, it may actually be easier
to destroy his base than Blue's. You just need to have enough resources
to do it, which may be difficult even with four bases.

Mission 5: True Colours

1. Red (Terran)
   - infantry (no Medics)
   - Siege Tanks
   - occasional Wraiths and Battlecruisers
2. Blue (Protoss)
   - mostly ground units (no Dark Templar)
   - occasional Reavers and Scouts

This mission is actually easier than the previous one, because you have six
whole minutes in which to attack the enemies with practically no retaliation.
Their units will fire if fired upon, but their Bunkers, Missile Turrets and
Photon Cannons will do absolutely nothing. You start with a bunch of Zerglings
and Hydralisks, as well as four of the new Lurkers.

You can really only attack one of the enemies in the first six minutes. I'm
sure you've seen some kind of speed-run where somebody destroyed 90% of all
the enemy buildings on both sides in less than that time, but since we're all
mortal here, I won't advise you to do that. Instead, I'd recommend that you
focus on Red, since he has three bases on the western side whereas Blue only
has two on the eastern side.

Send all of your units immediately west of your base to find the first Red
base. Send your Zerglings after the SCVs while the Hydralisks and Lurkers
take out the defensive structures and the Barracks and Factories. Then,
move south to the second base, and repeat the process. If you're quick, you
can make a Queen's Nest at your main base and try to infest one of the
Command Centres, but it's more trouble than it's worth in this particular
mission. Your starting units should be enough to raze these two bases.

Once you've razed all the defensive structures and unit-producing buildings
in the second base, send your Hydralisks back home to your main base. Make
the Zerglings clean up any remaining Supply Depots and other structures, so
Red doesn't try to rebuild these bases. And, finally, burrow your Lurkers
on your side of the bridge that's just south of the second base. 

The six minutes should be up by this time. Hopefully you found a bit of time
to make some Drones and start gathering resources while you were razing the
two Red bases. Make a couple of Hydralisks to add to the ones you start with.
Now the enemies will come to you.

Red will send a fairly large infantry force, but it will run right into those
Lurkers you left at the bridge, and there won't be much left for you to deal
with. Blue, however, will send a bunch of Zealots and Dragoons, so just mass
your Hydralisks' fire or maybe build a couple of Sunken Colonies on the south-
east corner of your main base.

Presuming you survived, work quickly to make 14 Drones on minerals and 4 on
gas, and also send a Drone west to the site of the first Red base to expand.
Since your Lurkers are protecting the path to this expansion, and your main
base is close by, you only need a couple of Spore Colonies in case Wraiths 
show up. Make sure you have 4 Hatcheries and two Evolution Chambers at your
main base, and upgrade your Hydralisks' speed, range, attack, and armour.

Red will eventually figure out that you have Lurkers on the bridge and send
Science Vessels to detect them. But this won't happen immediately, and until
it does, your Lurkers will be very good at stalling and picking off the Red
forces. Your goal is to get rid of Blue in the meantime.

Actually, it's not that hard. With four Hatcheries at your main base, you can
easily make a couple of dozen Hydralisks, and one of those dozen should be
enough to clear out the little Blue outposts with Photon Cannons that are
northeast and southeast of your main base. Once that's done, send them south
to where there is a big mineral deposit. The first Blue base is just south of

Fortunately, Blue doesn't have Dark Templar (Fenix is from Aiur, remember),
and it takes him a while to get Psionic Storm, so the biggest threat to you
will come from just a handful of Reavers. Make a few hit-and-run attacks to
get rid of the Photon Cannons and pick off any Zealots and Dragoons that come
after you. Then you can just move in and finish off the Probes, the Nexus
and the other structures (the Robotics Facility is a good target). Scouts are
easy prey for Hydralisks, and if you mass your fire and upgrade your attack,
the Zealots and Dragoons won't be a big deal either. Once the base is gone,
you can destroy the small Photon Cannon cluster on high ground south of it,
but don't cross that high ground yet, since the big Blue base is on the other

At this point, you might be low on resources at your main base, so expand
to the site of the second Red base that you razed in the beginning. Build
two or three Hatcheries there along with some Spore Colonies. Red should be
catching on to the Lurkers by now, so make 6-10 Hydralisks there to get rid
of those annoying Science Vessels. Queens are very good for picking off Siege
Tanks using Spawn Broodlings.

If you have trouble with Red, then expand to the site of the first Blue base.
Build 4 more Hatcheries there. This also allows you to reinforce your attack
on the second Blue base more easily, and if Red is a nuisance, then the
bridge with your Lurkers is right to your west. If you still need more
resources, go back north to the other expansion. With four bases, you'll have
huge stockpiles of resources, which is another reason why this mission is
fairly easy.

To attack the second Blue base, you need to get a Hive and research Adrenal
Glands (a common theme in these campaigns). Then research the rest of the
upgrades for your ground units and make an attack force of two dozen
Zerglings and two dozen Hydralisks. Now send them south across the high
ground. Just tell the Zerglings to attack-move their way into the heart of
the base. It doesn't matter if they all die; their purpose is to serve as
shock troops to deflect attention from your Hydralisks, whom you should
manage much more carefully. Group their fire, focusing on dangerous units
like Reavers, High Templar, and Archons.

Right when you enter the Blue base, you'll see Fenix on a plateau on the
eastern edge of the map. He has a lot of HP, so just bring a Queen along
and kill him with Spawn Broodlings so you don't have to worry about him.
There's really nothing more to it. Once the Blue base is gone, put your
remaining forces in front of the southern-most bridge leading from the
site of the Blue base into the heart of the Red base. This entrance is
less heavily guarded than the other one.

Quickly make some units at your closest set of four Hatcheries until you
have two dozen Zerglings and Hydralisks again. If you want, make a few
Ultralisks and Defilers. Then send in the Ultralisks to absorb Red's initial
attacks, follow them up with the Zerglings (again, just tell them to attack-
move so they attack everything in sight), and then control the Hydralisks
to pick off the most dangerous attackers (mostly Siege Tanks). Before you
mount your attack, you might want to send a few Queens scouting to see if
you can pick off a few of the defending Siege Tanks. Other than that, Red
really has nothing serious. Focus on destroying the Factories first, and
bring a couple of Overlords to detect cloaked Wraiths. Once the Red base
is gone, go and engage General Duke on its northern edge. If you cast Dark
Swarm on your Hydralisks, they'll have no trouble at all. Then just mop
up the remaining buildings on the map. There's a Missile Turret defending
a geyser of Vespene Gas on an island just south of your base, in case you've
missed it. There, you're done -- and you didn't even build a Spire.

Mission 6: Fury of the Swarm

1. White (Terran)
   - no attacks, but Missile Turret and infantry defenses
2. Brown (Zerg)
   - Zerglings, Hydralisks, occasional Ultralisks and Lurkers
   - Defilers (with Plague)
3. Orange (Zerg)
   - fairly large flocks of Mutalisks and Guardians

You start with five bases, but four of them will be destroyed within the
first two minutes, leaving you with just one base on an island in the
centre-east of the map. This mission is harder than the previous one,
mostly because this starting base doesn't have a lot of resources. In
particular, there's really not a lot of gas. This is a problem because
you'll need to build a lot of air units, and Zerg air units use a lot of
gas. So, even though you can build Guardians and the new Devourers in
this mission, just stick with Mutalisks. For once, you don't really
need Adrenal Glands. The Hydralisk range upgrade is nice though, and the
speed upgrade for Overlords is important.

Speed is the key to winning this mission. If you let the enemies control
those four bases that you lost in the beginning, for long periods of time,
they will quickly stockpile a lot of resources and overwhelm you with
coordinated ground and air assaults. Brown likes to drop ground units onto
your island, and there's no good way to stop him because the island is big
and you can't build on the western half. So, just fortify your base on the
eastern side and let him come to you in between the two cliffs in the centre.
A few Sunken Colonies and a dozen Hydralisks there will work well. If you
have trouble with Ultralisks, Spawn Broodlings can be useful. Build Spore
Colonies around the perimeter to help with enemy Mutalisks, as well.

Orange, however, will send lots of air units, including Guardians, so you
need air support. And since Mutalisks are weak, you need a lot of air
support. Thus, the mission basically boils down to building a dozen Muta-
lisks in as short a time as possible. Skip all the non-essential upgrades,
and don't even bother upgrading melee and missile attacks for ground units
beyond level 1. Your flyer attack and armour is much more important.

Once you have a dozen Mutalisks (building four Hatcheries will allow you
to make them quickly), you need to start taking back your four bases. The
natural first target is the one directly east of your central base, since
it is the farthest away from the enemies' main bases, and thus it will
take a long time for reinforcements to arrive. It's easy; just have your
Mutalisks target the two Spore Colonies first (a dozen of them can take
out the Colonies easily), then kill the Hydralisks one by one, then the
Drones and Hatchery, then everything else.

The problem is that this expansion has only minerals, not gas. So you'll
immediately have to destroy the base southwest of that one, across the
water. The procedure is the same, since that base is poorly defended and
is still pretty far from the main enemy base, but you'll need to make more
Mutalisks to do it, since now the enemies will get angry and are sure to
attack your central base with everything they have.

Once this second base is gone, expand to both locations. Now you'll have
a lot of minerals and an adequate supply of gas, but you still need to
move quickly to destroy the base north of your central base. This is harder,
because it is fairly close to Brown's main base, and can be easily
reinforced with Hydralisks and Mutalisks. Furthermore, your attackers
from the first two rounds should remain near your expansions, since the
enemies are smart enough to attack them over your main base.

After razing the third base, expand there too (build a few defensive
structures to be on the safe side). You now have plenty of resources, and
should be easily able to destroy the fourth base southwest of your central
base. It has better defenses than the others, but two dozen Mutalisks can
handle everything.

Now you've basically won. If you want, you can make some Guardians and
go after the UED scientists (White). But this will cause Orange and Brown
to attack you simultaneously, so it may be easier to just completely
destroy Orange and Brown first. It's actually not that hard. Brown is
an easy mark, since he doesn't have many air units or defenses, and his
Ultralisks and Lurkers will be totally useless against two dozen Muta-
lisks. Orange is more difficult, since he has a large air force as well
as plenty of Scourge. Hotkey your attacking Mutalisks, and mass each
group's fire on one target at a time. For example, if you have two dozen
Mutalisks, have both groups attack one Devourer, or one Hydralisk apiece,
or one Spore Colony. If you start losing, just pull back to let your
attackers regenerate and add some more.

With that done, it will be all over for White. Just send in all your
Mutalisks and take out one Missile Turret at a time, then the Barracks.
The base will be helpless after that, and you can kill the UED scientists
with impunity.

Mission 7: Drawing of the Web

1. Blue (Protoss)
   - ground units (Zealots, Dragoons, High and Dark Templar)
   - groups of 2-4 Reavers
   - groups of 6-10 Scouts and Corsairs
   - groups of 3-4 Carriers and Arbiters (with Recall)
2. Brown (Protoss)
   - groups of 8-10 Zealots and Dragoons
   - groups of 8-10 Dark Templar
   - Dark Archons with Mind Control (but they mostly target Overlords)
   - occasional Reavers

You cannot even touch Blue's base in this mission, because it stands
behind impregnable walls and you're not allowed to build a Spire or even
to research Overlord transportation. Blue, however, has no restrictions
whatsoever, and will frequently attack you with every Protoss unit in
the game. They'll even have Arbiters, though they'll mostly just use
Recall to teleport their units away if they're damaged. Stasis Field
won't come up often.

But you don't have to destroy Blue's base. All you have to do is to
get Infested Duran to touch five different beacons, all defended by
Brown. It follows that you should do this as quickly as possible,
before your enemies really go mad and send large groups of High Templar
to decimate your forces with Psionic Storm (they'll do this, but not

The key is speed. When the mission starts, use your starting gas to
build a Queen's Nest, and while it's building, make your usual 14 Drones
on minerals and 4 on gas. Then turn your Lair into a Hive the second
you mine enough gas. While it's building, research the Zergling speed
upgrade. When it's done, research Adrenal Glands (this is crucial to
your success) and build more Hatcheries until you have the usual four.
Also build two Evolution Chambers so you can research two upgrades at

The first attacks by Blue and Brown won't be too bad, but you'll quickly
want to build three or four Sunken Colonies at each of the entrances to
your base, and keep a dozen Hydralisks inside at all times for defense.
Your base is small, so a dozen will be enough to get around to either
entrance if it is attacked. Group their fire as usual, focusing on high-
damage units like Dark Templar or Archons. If it gets really bad, Duran
can use Lockdown against air units, Reavers, or Dragoons. And he can
Consume Zerglings to quickly restore his energy. His regular attack is
helpful early on, as well.

The problem with this mission is expanding. You have one expansion
north of your base, but it only has minerals and no gas. You have
another one south of your base, but it only has gas with very few
minerals. The ramps to these expansions are far from the entrances to
your main base, and if you expand, the enemy will attack your expansion.
So if you try to defend your expansions, you'll end up making a lot of
units and spreading them thin, which is exactly what you shouldn't do.

What I recommend is to expand only to the north location, and do this
as soon as possible, while you still have minerals at your main base.
Then send all your Drones to the expansion via a Nydus Canal. The
reasoning here is that you want to mine all the minerals in the
expansion while the enemy is still in the early stages, before he
makes large groups of Reavers and High Templar with Psionic Storm,
and then go back to the relative safety of your main base to mine
the rest of those minerals, and abandon the now-useless expansion to
the wolves. Also, instead of bothering with the southern expansion,
just try to be economical with your gas. You only need it for Hydralisks
and upgrades.

However, you should make one Queen. Not for Spawn Broodlings, which is
not particularly helpful since it doesn't work on Reavers, but for
Parasite. This map is teeming with the harmless Kakaru creatures, and
if you stick Parasites on all the ones that come near your base, you
will very quickly obtain reconnaissance of the entire map without
having to scout. If the enemies are really getting to you, Ensnare
can even up the odds a little.

But the real task is to research Adrenal Glands as quickly as possible
and pump out two dozen Zerglings for the low, low price of 600 minerals.
Immediately after the next Brown attack, cloak Duran and send him
along with the Zerglings west of your main base, then north to the
beacon in the centre-south of the map. Once you get to the ramp
leading to the beacon, tell your Zerglings to attack-move onto the
ramp, and have Duran run to the beacon.

Don't even bother bringing an Overlord to spot the Dark Templar, he'll
just get Mind Controlled. The idea is that the Zerglings will all be
killed, but they will engage the enemy and buy Duran enough time to
touch the beacon and escape with his life for a low cost. Adrenal Glands
are important here because they let your Zerglings last a lot longer.
Having done this, bring Duran back to your base, decloak and eat some 
Zerglings for energy.

Now repeat this exact same procedure on the second beacon north of your
main base. Don't pause. Do the second beacon right after the first. It's
not heavily defended. Your Zerglings will still die, but Duran can slip
through to the beacon. Don't ever have him stop to join in the fighting.
He has one task and one task only.

The third beacon is north of the second one. You'll need to go east of
the ramp that led up to the second one and wind your way around the
eastern edge of that high ground to get to the third ramp. This base has
a whole bunch of Reavers, so you need at least three dozen Zerglings.
Duran can use Lockdown on one Reaver, but not more since you need his
energy for cloaking. While your Zerglings are getting massacred, touch
the third beacon and run.

That's half of the mission in quick succession, but now it gets harder.
In order to get to the last two beacons on the western side of the map,
you need to go through Brown's main base in the southwest corner. This
is actually good, because he has a lot of resources, and by destroying
his base, you can steal them without having to worry about those
expansions near your main base. But the base is heavily protected by
Dark Templar and Dark Archons.

What you need to do is make at least three dozen Zerglings and one,
preferably two dozen Hydralisks with the range and speed upgrades.
Don't bother with Lurker Aspect since the Protoss have Observers every-
where. But do send three or four Overlords along. You need a lot of 
them because Dark Archons usually target them with Mind Control. By
baiting them with Overlords, you can prevent them from casting Maelstrom
on your forces, and they can also be quickly killed because of the loss 
of their shields.

Anyway, as you always do, attack-move the Zerglings in as cannon fodder,
but immediately move in the Overlords so the Zerglings have a fighting
chance against the Dark Templar. Then send in the Hydralisks and use
mass fire against the Dark Templar and Photon Cannons. Blue will send
reinforcements, so try to destroy every structure in this base. If
Brown rebuilds it, it will basically sink your chances of beating the

But if you can destroy every structure, then your chances have just
greatly improved. Send some Drones over to make four Hatcheries, and
get to work on those minerals. If you've moved fast, there should be
a lot of them left over. Make Sunken and Spore Colonies, because now
Blue will be coming for this expansion, probably with Carriers and
Arbiters. Carriers are actually not that bad here; just have a dozen
Hydralisks target one at a time. Once your Hatcheries are up, you can
easily replenish your force of Hydralisks and build up a new one.

Once you have three dozen Zerglings and a dozen Hydralisks, send them
north to the fourth beacon and use the same plan as with the first
three beacons. It's nice if you can destroy this base completely,
but with Blue's Carriers so close, your forces will probably be
quickly overwhelmed. But Duran will still have time to touch the
beacon and run back to the southwest.

Even if you heavily damaged the Brown base around the fourth beacon,
unless you destroyed it completely it will quickly get a new set of
defenders. So, when you go for the fifth beacon, you'll need to attack
the fourth base again. Just make three dozen Zerglings and tell them to
attack-move while Duran slips through and goes down the ramp in back
of the base.

This last part will be short and fast regardless of whether you
succeed or fail. Just tell Duran to go up the fifth ramp, hugging the
perimeter, and head for the beacon. He will take some fire from a
couple of Photon Cannons, but unless a fleet of Carriers happens to
be close by, he should quickly slip out of range and touch the beacon.
Once that happens, tell him to go west of the beacon to the corner of
the high ground to decrease his chances of being seen. A few seconds
later, the mission will end in victory.

To summarize, this strategy attempts to beat the mission as fast as
possible, while saving gas and using mostly minerals (for Zerglings)
to decrease the need for expansion.

Mission 8: To Slay the Beast

1. White (Terran/Zerg)
   - Terran infantry with lots of Siege Tanks
   - large fleets of Valkyries and Battlecruisers
   - large fleets of Wraiths
   - occasional Nukes
2. Orange (Zerg/Terran)
   - Zerg ground units (including Infested Terrans!)
   - large flocks of Mutalisks, Guardians and Devourers
   - occasional Siege Tanks and Terran infantry

At this point, the campaign takes a turn for the insane. If you thought that 
the previous mission was difficult (and it took me a long, long time to be 
able to beat it), this one is even worse. There are two enemies, but both of 
them have access to both Terran and Zerg units, so you basically have four 

The map is split into two big islands. You start on the western island. 
White has a tough base north of you, and Orange has a small base just east 
of you. Both of them also have huge bases on the eastern island, in the 
northeast corner of the map surrounding the Overmind, and White also has a 
third base on a small island in the centre-north of the map. So, even though 
you only need to kill the Overmind to win, in practice you really need to 
destroy all the enemies first, because the Overmind is extremely well-

You need to destroy the two bases on your island quickly, because they con-
tain resources that you will desperately need. This mission requires a lot of 
resources, and you'll have to be very economical until the very end. You have 
a very small advantage in that you can build up to eight fully upgraded Dark 
Templar, who can kill Marines, Ghosts and Zerglings in one blow. They won't 
destroy any bases for you, but they can really soften up an enemy attack 
force if you spot it before it arrives.

When the mission starts, build two or three Sunken Colonies in the northwest, 
northeast and southeast of your base, and dispatch a couple of Hydralisks or 
Dark Templar to each entrance. You will soon be attacked at all three loca-
tions. Orange will make Infested Terrans, which can really mess up your base 
defenses by destroying Sunken Colonies in one hit, so it's imperative to have 
Overlords at the perimeter so your Dark Templar can kill the most dangerous
enemy units before they arrive at your base. Put Spore Colonies around your 
minerals, because enemy Overlords and Dropships will try to drop Siege Tanks 
and Lurkers there.

Your first objective is to smash the White base to the north. It is stronger 
than the Orange base, which is why you should go for it first before White 
really becomes entrenched. You'll have to deal with a bunch of Siege Tanks 
and Lurkers, as well as Bunkers and Goliaths. Eventually you'll need an air 
force, but for this first attack, just make a couple dozen Zerglings and 
Hydralisks, with the speed and range upgrades as well as Adrenal Glands. 
Build the usual four Hatcheries at your main base, as well as two Spires, and 
try to make a couple of Guardians if you have time. Also research the sight 
and speed upgrades for Overlords. Queens are extremely useful in this mission 
because Spawn Broodlings is great against Siege Tanks, so be sure to have 
three or four of them in your base at all times.

Once the Zerglings and Hydralisks are ready, send them out with some Over-
lords. Use the usual strategy, where the Zerglings draw the enemy fire while 
the Hydralisks pick off the most dangerous units (Siege Tanks). White will 
send reinforcements by Dropship, so you need to work quickly. Even if the re-
inforcements kill all of your units, White won't rebuild if you destroyed the 
whole base.

When that base is gone, repeat the process with the Orange base to your east. 
This one is easier prey, because it only has a few Sunken and Spore Colonies 
and Zerg ground units for defense. Now you can expand to both locations, just 
in time since you'll probably run out of minerals and gas at your main base 
right about now. There is also some gas on a small plateau just west of your 
main base, and you can just send a Drone up the ramp to claim it. Now that 
the White and Orange bases are gone, you won't really need to defend this 

By now, however, White and Orange will be sending massive waves of Siege Tanks, 
Wraiths, Valkyries and Battlecruisers at you. Keep your Hydralisks at your 
northern expansion, with a bunch of Sunken and Spore Colonies on the eastern 
side. Also put a Nydus Canal to link that expansion with your main base in case
you need to quickly send reinforcements. If you get hit by Siege Tanks, remem-
ber that three or four Queens can seriously help.

But what you really want is to make about two dozen Mutalisks and a dozen 
Guardians. Make four or five Overlords and have each Overlord follow a Guar-
dian, so you always have detection. You need a lot of Overlords because 
Science Vessels like to target Overlords with Irradiate. All of this costs a 
lot of minerals, especially since you'll be rebuilding your defenses a lot, 
so if you run out, there are some minerals (but no gas) southeast of the 
site of the Orange base.

Your next target is the White base on the centre-north island. The best way to 
destroy it is to soften it up first. Hotkey your two groups of Mutalisks and 
have them attack the Spore Colonies on the perimeter one by one. Two dozen 
Mutalisks can destroy one Spore Colony pretty quickly and fly back without
losing any units. Then, let them heal up and repeat the process on another 
Spore Colony at the other side of the island. This way, you always have a 
small time window before the ground units get within range of you. White won't 
rebuild these defensive buildings once they're destroyed.

When you get tired of this, group your Guardians together and attack-move them 
onto the island. You don't need to micromanage them. They automatically fire 
on any ground units that attack them, and you can use your Mutalisks to destroy 
any air units that come. Always keep your Mutalisks close to the Guardians and 
don't let them attack any buildings. The Guardians will do that.

You will find that the Guardians will start laying waste to the base in between 
dealing with the ground units. If you get attacked by a superior air force, 
sacrifice a dozen Mutalisks to cover for your expensive Guardians while they 
retreat. Even if you don't destroy the whole base in one go, it will still
take time before White can rebuild it, and he'll never rebuild the defensive 
structures, so your attack won't have been a wasted effort.

If the enemies attack your base while you're attacking the island, just pull 
back and deal with the attackers. A dozen Hydralisks can put a big dent in the 
attacking air force. Keep your Mutalisks out of the way, and only send them in
once the Hydralisks have engaged the enemy. You see that you kind of have to 
dance between defending and attacking, but your four Hatcheries at your main 
base can quickly replenish your forces.

Once the island base is gone, the mission becomes easier. There are probably 
no resources left on the island, so don't bother expanding there. And if 
you've mined all the resources at any of your expansions, it's okay to just 
abandon them. There is still a huge deposit of minerals and gas in the south-
east corner of the map, and you need to fly a dozen Mutalisks there with a 
substantial number of Drones and Hydralisks to expand.

You won't run into the enemy immediately, but the main Orange base is just 
northwest of this huge resource node, so Orange will quickly drop by to see how 
you're doing. Your Overlords will be quickly killed with Irradiate, so you
need to bring a lot of them to spot enemy Nukes. It is important to get four 
Hatcheries up and running here as quickly as possible, so you can build Spore 
Colonies in front of the minerals. This will cut down on Science Vessel 
attacks, and will greatly help to detect Ghosts. Fortunately, the enemy will be 
pretty careless about where he puts his Ghosts when he Nukes you, so they'll be 
easy to detect, but you still need to be able to do it.

Once the Hatcheries are up, Orange will probably focus on this new base from 
now on. Keep a couple dozen Mutalisks back at your main base to deal with 
White's air forces, and move your Guardians carefully to your new base. Now
crank out a bunch of Mutalisks and move northwest.

Basically, destroying the Orange base is exactly like destroying that White 
island base. Just attack-move your Guardians into range, and if you have at 
least a dozen, they'll be able to take care of all the ground units. Your
Mutalisks should always be ready to deal with the air units. Fortunately, 
Orange only has Wraiths and Mutalisks with a few Devourers, so you won't be 
seeing any Valkyries or Battlecruisers here. But keep a lot of Overlords on 
hand for cloaked Wraiths.

Once you start destroying Orange's key structures, particularly his Hatcheries, 
you've basically won the mission. All you need to do now is make more air units 
and repeat this same procedure with the main White base in the northeast. He 
will have stronger air units, but by now he'll be alone, and it won't be too 
much trouble to defeat him. Then just kill the Lurkers around the Overmind, 
and send in your Dark Templar for the kill.

Basically, this strategy relies on speed and large air forces. Your use of 
Mutalisks and Guardians will render the enemy's Sunken Colonies, Lurkers, 
Infested Terrans and especially Siege Tanks useless. But the beginning of the 
mission is one big scramble to make enough defenders to keep all those waves of 
Siege Tanks from destroying your base.

Mission 9: The Reckoning

1. White (Terran)
   - weak Terran infantry with rare Siege Tanks
2. Blue (Protoss)
   - a little bit of everything

This mission is easier than the previous one, but it may take you a couple of 
tries to get the timing down. This time, Blue won't attack you at all, and 
White will only send pathetic attacks that you can easily fend off. But the 
catch is that you have to destroy the entire Blue base within 25 minutes -- not 
30, but 25, so you can open up a secret mission. You won't need to expand, 
since you start with a big base and a lot of resources. All you need to do is 
make a lot of units quickly.

Start by building your usual 14 Drones for minerals and 4 for Gas. In the 
meantime, send your Guardians southeast of your base. You should see how the 
path leading south out of your base curves around and moves east. Follow the 
path until you see a Bunker, and have your Guardians destroy it and kill the
occupants. Then destroy a Siege Tank on high ground just south of the Bunker, 
and move the Guardians back to your base.

You need to research a bunch of key upgrades simultaneously. Adrenal Glands is 
most important, followed by Hydralisk range and melee/missile attacks, fol-
lowed by Zergling and Hydralisk speed. Also research one flyer attack upgrade 
when you have the resources, and build up to your usual four Hatcheries. Put 
one of your starting Lurkers at the northeast entrance to your base, and the 
other at the south entrance. You don't need Lurkers for your attack force, so 
just use these two to defend. If you put one more Sunken Colony at the north-
east entrance, you won't need to worry about White.

Now start producing units. You need at least two dozen Hydralisks and three 
dozen Zerglings, plus some Ultralisks with the armour and movement upgrades. 
The more you have, the better, but this is the bare minimum. Once you have 
this many, hotkey them all and send them down that path to the southeast cor-
ner of the map, where the path will lead straight north into the Blue base.

Blue has a few of each kind of unit, including Dark Templar and Dark Archons, 
so you need four or five Overlords with the sight and speed upgrades to 
accompany your forces. Once everyone has gathered in front of the Blue base, 
attack-move your Ultralisks inside, followed by the Zerglings, and then the
Hydralisks. The Overlords should move in too. Immediately start making 
another dozen Hydralisks at your main base.

Most of your assault team will get wiped out at the entrance, but if you can 
break through the Photon Cannons and get a few Zerglings to attack the Reaver 
you see, you can then use your Hydralisks to pick off the Dark Templar, High 
Templar and the Carrier. If you're not being attacked by something, try to 
destroy key structures like Robotics Facilities, Gateways or Stargates. Move 
your two Guardians east of your main base to destroy the Photon Cannons and 
Pylons on that high ground where the Stasis Cell is.

When your Hydralisks are ready at your main base, quickly send them to the 
Blue base and make some more. Your starting forces will not be enough to 
destroy the entire Blue base, but your reinforcements will have a much easier 
time since they won't need to deal with the defensive structures and many of 
the strong units. You just need to be able to make and send them in quickly.

That's it. If you start your attack when the timer is at 13 minutes, you 
should be done around 7:00 or so, with plenty of time to spare. Watch the cut-
scene, one of the best in the game, and move on to the bonus mission.

Secret Mission: Dark Origin

   - individual Terran units and buildings
   - a few Photon Cannons in the beginning

This is a tactical mission, so you won't be building anything. You start with 
Zeratul, a pair of Dragoons, and four Dark Archons. Immediately you can see 
that this mission relies on using Zeratul's cloaking and the Dark Archon 

So, send Zeratul east by himself, and kill a few Marines. Then send him fur-
ther east and destroy the Missile Turret. He will take a few shots from 
Marines and even a Siege Tank, but he can handle it. Once the Missile Turret 
is gone, he can kill all the Marines with impunity. A Science Vessel will 
fly near, and you should immediately kill it with a Dark Archon's Feedback 

There is a Protoss Stasis Cell north of your position. Have Zeratul touch 
the beacon and watch a scene, then move east. You'll see some Orange Photon 
Cannons south, but your two Dragoons can destroy the Orange Pylons from out 
of the Photon Cannons' range. If a Battlecruiser appears, use Mind Control 
on it. If a bunch of Marines come, you can use Maelstrom to give yourself 
some time. Once the Pylons are gone, the Photon Cannons will power down, and 
Zeratul can destroy them and kill the Marines.
Move south. Zeratul can detour up the ramp to kill that Siege Tank from 
before. Further west is a Barracks and Marines, but no cloak detection. You 
know what to do. Also look around for some more Stasis Cells, and destroy 
them with Zeratul's attack. This will give you reinforcements in the form of 
a High Templar and an Archon. Another Stasis Cell will reveal an enemy Infes-
ted Terran, but Zeratul can kill it before it has a chance to explode.

Further west is some high ground surrounding a Missile Turret and a Stasis 
Cell. A Science Vessel also flies around here, so start by Mind Controlling 
it. Then Zeratul can destroy the Missile Turret. Red will send a Dropship to 
transport the Marines to your elevation, but without cloak detection, they're
dead. The Stasis Cell contains two enemy Zerglings and one High Templar who 
will join you. Now you can make a second Archon.

Now move southeast and east. If you use your Science Vessel to scout, you 
will notice a stronghold with a bunch of Wraiths, Ghosts and Battlecruisers. 
You can pick off the Wraiths and Ghosts with Feedback, one by one, but stay 
out of range of the Siege Tanks. You can use your Battlecruiser to lure the
other Battlecruisers out of the stronghold, and then Mind Control them. Once 
the Wraiths and Ghosts are gone, you can destroy the Missile Turrets with 
Yamato Cannons, and send in Zeratul to clean up. You win when you touch the 
beacon in the centre of the stronghold.

Mission 10: Omega

1. Red (Terran)
   - infantry (no Medics)
   - fleets of cloaked Wraiths (but no Valkyries)
   - large groups of Siege Tanks
   - occasional Nukes
2. White (Terran)
   - infantry (with Medics)
   - large groups of Goliaths (but no Siege Tanks)
   - large fleets of Valkyries and Battlecruisers
3. Blue (Protoss)
   - large groups of ground units (Zealots, Dragoons, Archons, Dark Templar)
   - individual High Templar raiding with Psionic Storm
   - occasional Reavers
   - large fleets of Corsairs and Scouts
   - large fleets of Carriers and Arbiters

Unfortunately, the difficulty is back to the insane here. The last mission is 
also the hardest. You have three enemies who will throw huge attack forces at
you, often at the same time. Fortunately, there are a few specifics that you 
can use to your advantage.

Red's base is west of yours. He will send lots of infantry and Siege Tanks, 
and will Nuke you if you give him enough time, but he never uses Valkyries or
Battlecruisers, only Wraiths. White, conversely, will make huge fleets of 
Valkyries and Battlecruisers, but almost no Siege Tanks. Blue has no real 
weaknesses, and will send just about every kind of Protoss unit there is in 
large numbers.

Although Blue is the most dangerous opponent, I could never take him out 
first. His base is too large and too far away from yours. You'll need to 
build Hatcheries closer to his base, but if you try to do that early on, 
they'll be caught between Red and Blue. Not fun. So, it's better to get rid 
of Red first, then Blue, and finally White.

All three enemies will send small forces to your base right at the start,
so get to work building up the usual 14 Drones on minerals. You might want to 
put 4 of your starting Drones on gas, since you'll need to get a lot of gas 
quickly. Then augment the three entrances to your base with two or three Sunken 
Colonies each, and add Spore Colonies to the west side. It's good to have about
six Hydralisks at every entrance.

You need to get a dozen Mutalisks and Guardians as soon as you can, so don't 
bother with Adrenal Glands and other upgrades for ground units just yet (maybe 
research Hydralisk range to help with defense). But build two Spires and your 
usual four Hatcheries, then upgrade your flyers quickly. Overlord speed and 
sight is important as always. The second you get a dozen Mutalisks and a dozen 
Guardians, send them west of your base along with four or five Overlords.

Attack the north side of Red's base first, because that's where all of his 
Starports are, and if you can take all of them out, you won't even have to deal 
with any Wraiths. As before, the Guardians are able to defend themselves 
against ground units, so all your Mutalisks need to do is attack Wraiths when 
they appear, and stay out of the fight at all other times. While the fight is 
going on, make another dozen Mutalisks and send them over to assist, in case 
there are more Wraiths than you bargained for.

It's actually pretty easy, since Red is really not equipped to deal with such 
a big air force. He has few Goliaths, and they don't even have Charon Boosters. 
His Marines will be wasted by your Guardians, and Missile Turrets don't have a 
lot of HP, so the Wraiths are seriously the only obstacle to victory. Once the 
Starports are gone, it's as good as done. Just clear out the north side and 
press on south. Once you've destroyed all of Red's unit-producing buildings, 
Red will surrender and his units will cease to fight back. Red is so unprepared 
to deal with your force that you might take no casualties, which is a real 
rarity in these Zerg missions.

Keep an eye on your main base while this is going on, because Blue and White 
will be getting some seriously powerful forces by now. You can make four or 
five Queens to help out with Goliaths and Dark Templar, and if you built some 
more Spore Colonies around your perimeter, Scouts and Corsairs won't be a big 
deal. But Battlecruisers will soon show up to destroy your buildings with 
Yamato Cannons. When this happens, try to use individual Hydralisks to lure 
them into range of your Spore Colonies, then group the Hydralisks' fire on 
one Battlecruiser at a time. Also make another dozen Mutalisks and keep them 
on hand to deal with big threats like Reavers.

You will need resources at this point, and there are some just south of your 
main base. Build a couple of Hatcheries there, along with a Nydus Canal back 
to your main base, and put two rows of Spore and Sunken Colonies on the east 
side of this expansion. You don't have to worry about the west side if you 
destroyed Red. Also, now that Red is gone -- and one of the main reasons why 
you needed to move quickly -- all of his minerals and gas are yours for the 
taking. He has two very large deposits of each, and you can seize both and 
build just a few Spore and Sunken Colonies for support. It's good to keep a 
dozen Mutalisks in the area just in case.

Now you need to quickly get rid of Blue, but this is easier said than done. 
He's pretty unpredictable, and is just as likely to attack your expansions 
as your main base. Unfortunately, you can't send in your air force, because 
he's extremely well-prepared for it, with lots of Scouts and Carriers. And it
doesn't matter how many Mutalisks and Guardians you make, because he has 
Arbiters. What makes this part of the mission so difficult is that he will 
cast Stasis Field and immobilize half your force, then easily destroy the other 
half, then surround the first half and destroy it the second Stasis Field wears 

But you can destroy the small Blue outpost east of the southern part of Red's 
base, since it has no air support. Once this is done, pull back and prepare a 
whole bunch of Drones. Then send them in to the site of that outpost, right 
into the choke-point between the low ground and the high ground, and build 
four Hatcheries. Slowly move your Guardians in, but keep a distance between 
this new base and the enemy. You don't want Blue to notice you yet.

The second the Hatcheries are done, make more Drones and build about four rows 
of Sunken and Spore Colonies on the southeast side of the Hatcheries, closer 
to Blue's base. Once that's done, send more Drones and build more Sunken and 
Spore Colonies on the Creep that appears. Now you can slowly manoeuvre your 
Guardians close to Blue's outlying Pylons, in the southwest corner of his 
base, and destroy them along with a Robotics Facility. When he sends his units 
after you, pull the Guardians back until they're hovering over your defensive 
structures, and tell them to stand ground. This wall of Guardians and buildings 
should be able to withstand a large wave of Blue attackers. If you lose 
buildings, quickly make some Drones at the nearby Hatcheries and replace them.

At this point in my game, I had two dozen Mutalisks at my main base, another 
dozen covering my two expansions in Red's former territory, and another dozen 
covering my Guardians in this new base in Blue's front door. With four bases, 
you'll probably have a lot of resources by this point -- I had about 12000 of 
each. But you'd be amazed how quickly you can burn through that when Blue can 
decimate your forces so easily.

You have a small advantage, since now Blue's ground attacks will probably be 
aimed at your new base, and your other bases will only be bothered by Blue's 
Scouts and Carriers. Your new base will also be good for stopping those 
marauding High Templar that will want to run around casting Psionic Storm on 
your Drones. But White will continue to alternate between huge waves of 
Goliaths and huge waves of Valkyries and Battlecruisers, so make sure to keep
replacing those Spore Colonies and Hydralisks at your main base.

At this time, start to research upgrades for Hydralisks and Zerglings. You 
won't need Lurker Aspect, but you'll need speed, range, attack and defense. 
Try to get all this research out of the way as soon as possible, perhaps by 
building two Evolution Chambers. Make large numbers of  Overlords at your new 
base, so you won't run out of supply and detection at a critical moment.

What you need to do now requires some precision and is a bit difficult to ex-
plain. At your new base in Blue's front door, have your Hatcheries make 
Hydralisks and set the rally points for all of them right at the front lines, 
in front of your big blockade of Sunken and Spore Colonies. You need at least 
two dozen. Zerglings won't be useful just yet since Blue can kill them so 
easily. You should be just out of sight of Blue's main Assimilator.

Once you have two dozen Hydralisks, send them north to where there is an 
Observatory and some other buildings with Pylons. Bring a few Overlords 
along. Try to destroy something. It doesn't really matter what, but the 
second Blue's units appear, switch to attacking them and immediately rush to 
make another dozen Hydralisks at your Hatcheries.

This is the key to this part. Your Hatcheries need to be making Hydralisks 
continuously, so that another dozen is ready just when one dozen gets killed. 
With four Hatcheries, you can outproduce Blue. Unfortunately, your units will 
be getting killed so fast that you won't be able to micromanage a whole lot. 
Just, whenever you see a Carrier, a Reaver, and especially an Arbiter, grab 
some Hydralisks and tell them to attack it. If they get immobilized with Sta-
sis Field, just treat them as casualties and make another dozen Hydralisks. 
Even if everything is going well, don't let your Hatcheries stay idle. Keep 
making Hydralisks and sending them in to attack something.

Once your Hydralisks have made a little headway into Blue's base, send in 
your Guardians. Keep them a slight distance behind the Hydralisks and tell 
them to hold position. That way, they'll help with all the ground units while 
destroying any buildings within range. You can send in Mutalisks to attack 
Scouts, Corsairs and Carriers, but they won't really do much. Just use them 
as another target. If Blue kills them with Psionic Storm, oh well, the
Hydralisks will survive that much longer.

Your overall goal is to push north and destroy Blue's Stargates. He has four 
or five of them, and they're surrounded by Photon Cannons. But once they're 
gone, he won't be able to make Carriers and Arbiters any more. Once he can't 
use Stasis Field, your task will be much easier. You might want to assign 
some of your Guardians to attacking these key buildings. Not all of them, 
though, since your Hydralisks need their help to deal with Archons.

When you do this, you might find that, after an initial period of very fierce 
fighting, you might gain a small reprieve, after you kill all of Blue's units, 
and before his new ones are ready. This gives you a small window of time in 
which to destroy buildings, so try to destroy Photon Cannons as well as key 
unit-producing buildings. The Stargates, of course, are the main priority. 
Once you kill his Arbiters, it will take him some time to make new ones, and 
you should use that time to your advantage.

I realize that this might seem like a vague description, which I really hoped 
to avoid when I decided to write this FAQ. But I hope that you at least have 
some idea of how to proceed. First, set up a blockade to keep Blue's attacks 
at bay and to allow you to make units close to his base. Second, continuously 
make units so you always have at least two dozen Hydralisks on the field. 
Third, try to take out the Stargates. And try to always have Overlords in the
vicinity, because Blue will keep Mind Controlling them.

Once the Stargates are gone, the battle has swung in your favour, and you can 
destroy the rest of Blue's base fairly quickly. Now move east to some low 
ground, and follow it north to another Blue base. Fortunately, this one is 
small, with no Stargates, and your Hydralisks can easily deal with Zealots 
and Dragoons by themselves. When you destroy it, Blue will surrender.

If you were fast, it's even possible that there are some resources left at 
the site of Blue's main base, so you can expand there too. And, if that's not 
enough, there are isolated deposits of minerals and gas in the very southwest 
and southeast corners of the map. Hopefully you didn't let White raze your 
main base while you were busy with Blue.

But if you've held off White while this has been going on, you've basically 
won the mission now. Getting White is only a matter of time. He's well-equipped 
to deal with your air force, so stop making Mutalisks at this time. You can use 
your leftover Guardians from your attack on Blue to head north and destroy the 
unguarded outer perimeter of Missile Turrets marking the boundary of White's
territory. You can also destroy an isolated Bunker on the eastern edge of the 

Start your move against White by sending some Drones out of the northern ent-
rance of your main base and northwest down the path to some more resources. 
There are Marines in ambush on that path, so bring Hydralisks along. Set up 
yet another expansion at those resources, with four more Hatcheries. There are 
still more resources in the northwest corner of the map, on a small platform. 
If you fly some Drones there and line the perimeter of the platform with Sunken
and Spore Colonies, then finally bring your leftover Guardians there to defend, 
you'll probably be well-prepared to handle White's attacks.

At your new set of four Hatcheries, put Spore Colonies on the north edge of 
your expansion, get Drones to mine the resources, and make another dozen 
Hydralisks. Send them northwest down the corridor, and have a couple go up the 
staircase to get rid of the lone Missile Turret on the high ground. Then go 
back down and turn right at the crossing. Go forward until you see a lone 
Starport with some Supply Depots and a Factory. You need to destroy these 
buildings and set up four more Hatcheries in the resulting open space. This is 
actually not that easy, since White will quickly bring in cloaked Wraiths, 
infantry and Siege Tanks to defend. But fortunately, there are not that many 
buildings, and once they're gone, White will abandon this location. If you have 
trouble, bring your Queens with you to help with the Siege Tanks. Make sure to 
have lots of Overlords to detect Wraiths. Unfortunately, White's Medics like to 
blind your Overlords, so you need even more now than when you attacked Blue.

But once you have four more Hatcheries in the open space, with a few Sunken and 
Spore Colonies, you can very quickly make three dozen Zerglings and two dozen 
Hydralisks. Use your four Hatcheries at the expansion to make it go even fas-
ter. Once you have Adrenal Glands and all the other relevant upgrades, send 
this ground force northwest of the open space to a ramp leading in back of a 
White base. It has Siege Tanks and Wraiths, but if you take the back door, you 
can avoid the Bunkers and quickly overrun the base. Even if he has a fleet of 
Battlecruisers there, your Hydralisks can group their fire and destroy them. 
There's a Barracks and Science Facility tucked away near the ramp you took, so 
make sure not to miss them.

When this base is gone, have the Zerglings go back down the ramp and move 
north to destroy the inner perimeter of White's Missile Turrets. Eventually 
they'll discover the entrance to White's main and final base (it's guarded by 
a Bunker). Destroy the Bunker and attack-move the Zerglings into the base. 
They'll get killed, but they can still do some damage first.

It's almost over. Send a few more Drones to set up Hatcheries where that Bunker 
used to be, just out of the range of the Siege Tanks on the high ground. Now 
make more Zerglings and Hydralisks. Once you have two or three dozen of each, 
just attack-move the Zerglings up the ramp and send Hydralisks and Overlords 
after them. The Zerglings will quickly die, but they'll still clear out the 
Bunkers to make a path for you. Send in some Queens to get rid of the few 
Siege Tanks you encounter, and that's about it. White has lots and lots of 
unit-producing buildings (something like ten Starports), so it will take a 
while, and his Valkyries, Wraiths and Science Vessels will go after your 
Overlords, but the fact is, he really doesn't have a lot with which to fight 
off your ground assault. His Valkyries are useless, and Goliaths aren't really
that good against Zerglings and Hydralisks, so he's left with his Battle-
cruisers. And once you've killed them all, it takes a while before he can 
build more. Unlike your epic assault on Blue, you're really guaranteed to win 
this one. And that's the end of the game.


Starcraft: Brood War is copyrighted by Blizzard, 1997-2007.
This FAQ is copyrighted by Sephiroth Katana, 2007.

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