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Lost Temple Map FAQ by Cubular

Updated: 08/14/2004

Starcraft: Brood War Lost Temple FAQ
By: Cubular
Version 1.0
August 14, 2004
E-mail: deity307@hotmail.com

                               Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Basic Information
3. Lost Temple Terminology
4. The goods and bads, and how they affect players
5. Differences, and How They Affect Gameplay
6. Strategies and Tips
    *Zerg General Strategy
    *Zerg vs Terran
    *Zerg vs Zerg
    *Zerg vs Protoss
    *Protoss General Strategy
    *Protoss vs Terran
    *Protoss vs Zerg
    *Protoss vs Protoss
    *Terran General Strategy
    *Terran vs Terran
    *Terran vs Zerg
    *Terran vs Protoss
7. FAQ
8. Credits
9. Legal Stuff
10. About Me
11. Updates

1. Introduction

Welcome to the Lost Temple FAQ. Here you will find information about the
popular map Lost Temple and possibly being useful to you. :D I will cover
in this FAQ is general information about the map, the different versions of
LT, the pros and cons of the map, and strategies that you can use for
Lost Temple. Enjoy!

2. Basic Info

I made this FAQ to talk about Lost Temple. It is one of the most used
melee maps in Starcraft history, and 4 players can play on it.
It has:

-4 starting positions(top middle, bottom middle, middle left, middle right)
all on high ground

-4 Expansions(minerals and gas) right next to the starting point, on low

-Cliffs beside the expansions

-4 Mineral only expansions between the expansions and the center of the

-2 island expansions located on the top left and bottom right

So what makes Lost Temple so popular? Well, first of all, anything can
happen on this map. One game you could have 2 players right next
to each other, making things very intense. Another game, 2 players could be
away from each other, making it easy to pull tricks(e.g. drops, hidden expo).
Lost Temple is a fairly balanced map, although it has some issues which I
will cover later in the FAQ. The terrain in Lost Temple has a key role in
the fun factor in this map. There are several strategies taking advantage of
the high/low ground(e.g. photon cannons). Some people love the fact that
there's lots of minerals on this map. It is also the best ladder map, even
though many people don't play ladder matches anymore cause it's full of
hackers. =p

3. Lost Temple Terminology

Did you know that the Starcraft community uses their own terminology?
I will define some of the terms people use on Battle.net or anywhere else.
Although I'll try my best not to use these terms throughout the guide,
at least you'll know what I'm saying. If you're looking for a word
in particular, press ctrl+f and search.

Main- Your main base; the place where you first start in a game.

Expo- An area on Lost Temple with resources(e.g. minerals)

Nat(Natural)- An area on a map with resources(e.g. minerals)
Usually beside or near your main base.

Power- Build Drones

Tank cheeze- When someone else uses a Seige Tank(usually in seige mode)
and takes advantage or abuses it. An example is putting a seige tank in seige
mode on a cliff where the opponent cannot counter it or it is very difficult.

Tank Push- Seiging tanks and building turrets and/or bunkers near the
opponent's base. Repeat this, getting closer to their base.

Terran Metal- Any Terran unit that is built from the Factory, hence the name

Wall- Making a barricade to prevent enemy ground units coming in your base.

Choke Point- The small area connecting two areas, usually a ramp or a bridge.

Economy- Your resources, units, etc.

Drop- Using transport units(Dropship, Overlord, Shuttle) to "drop" units
in an opponent's base

CC- Command Center

MM- Marines and Medics

Cracklings- Zerglings with upgraded speed and attack, hence the name crack =p

Speedlots- Zealots with upgraded speed

Micro- There are several definitions for this word, but I'll summarize it.
It's basically controlling your units to make them more efficient. An example
is commanding your 8 marines to kill 1 lurker at a time, or retreating your
units back instead of letting them get slaughtered.

Macro- I kind of had trouble defining this word, so Bill307 helped me out:

There's no official definition. some people believe it is how well you spend
your money, while others believe it is how well you are able to produce units
(which involves spending money, knowing how many gates/facs/hatches to build
without wasting money, and when to stop building workers).

Turtle- Not attacking and trying to macro as much as you can

Cliff- A high piece of terrain that is besides something. In Lost Temple,
cliffs are located beside the naturals near where you first start.

Also, people like to use "positions" on a clock to identify where anything is
located on a map. For example, if someone says, "Player 1 starts at 9:00."
That means Player 1 is starting approximately on the middle left.

If there's more terms that are out there, then e-mail me.

4. The goods and bads of Lost Temple

Lost Temple has its ups and downs:


-Many different types of strategies can be used on this map

-Lots of minerals, meaning you'll have the money to do almost any stratey
on Lost Temple

-Different terrain

-Cliffs overlooking expansions, making the game more worrysome because
the Cliffs can help you or your opponent



-If your starting position is at 12:00(top middle), it's a big disadvantage
for you for many reasons:

*If you're Terran, you cannot add a Comsat Station or Nuclear Silo if you
expand to the expo beside you

*If you're Zerg, if you decide to build your second Hatchery at your expo,
it will be more difficult to defend both the Hatchery at your starting
point and the other Hatchery in your expo

*If you're Protoss and your opponent is Terran and starting at 3:00
(middle right), good luck to you. The Terran could possibly put Seige Tanks
on his cliff that is next to you, hitting units that goes down your ramp.
This is extremely difficult to counter when you're Protoss

-Even though starting at 3:00(middle right) is the best spot, it can be a 
disadvantage. A Terran opponent can be cheap and put Seige Tanks on the cliff
just above 3:00's starting point and far enough to hit 3:00's Vespene Gas

-The mineral formation and vespene gas location at 6:00(middle bottom) is
very poorly designed, although this is fixed in other Lost Temple versions

5. Differences, and How They Affect Gameplay

Lost Temple is so great and popular, so there are many versions of the map.
This is a list of what's different about these other maps compared to the
original Lost Temple found in the Ladder folder. Thanks a lot to Bill307 for
providing this info!

KBK New Lost Temple (not the only "KBK" LT)


* Nats greatly redesigned:  chokes now come before the nat for all mains,
rather than being in front of it (as in 12 and 3 on the original LT); mineral
formations at nats are more vulnerable to cliff assaults
(lurkers, goons, cannons, HTs).
* Tank Cheeze on 3 main's geyser eliminated.
* Tank Cheeze from 3 main's cliff overlooking 12's passage reduced.
* Room for CC add-on at 12's nat.
* Room for CC add-on at 12's min only.
* Mineral formation at 6's main fixed.

What this means for you: 

-You won't have to worry much about tank cheeze sincethis Lost Temple adresses
some of them

-Terran can get more Comsat Stations than in the regular Lost Temple

-If your starting position is at 6:00, you won't have a disadvantage as you
would in the original LT

-I tried this Lost Temple; it's ok, but there are better LT's out there

Lost Temple Gamei/FK Lost Temple (very common, a base for many named LTs)


* Room for CC add-on at 12's nat.
* Mineral formation and geyser at 6's main fixed.

What this means for you:

-Terran can get more Comsat Stations if they start at 12:00

-Only the mineral formation at 6:00 was changed, but still a good thing

-There are better Lost Temple versions because LT Gamei does not address most
of the problems on Lost Temple

Lost Temple Game-Q, LT Crezio


* Room for CC add-on at 12's nat.
* Mineral formation and geyser at 6's main fixed.
* Mineral formation at 6's and 9's mains are now more circular in shape.
* (for Crezio, NOT Game-Q) Kill tallies added, as well as an inaccurate game
timer that is supposed to beep every 5 minutes. =p

What this means for you:

-Terran can get more Comsat Stations if they start at 12:00

-The minerals are better designed for more balance on the map

-The Gas and Minerals at 6:00 were changed, which means 6:00 is no longer

-You have to put up with an annoying timer which is VERY inaccurate =p

-LT Game-Q/LT Crezio addresses some of the problems, but not all. The timer
makes this map even worse.

Lost Temple NC


* Room for CC add-on at 12's nat.
* Room for CC add-on at 12's min only.
* Mineral formation and geyser at 6's main fixed.

What this means for you:

-Terran can get more Comsat Stations

-Starting at 6:00 isn't a disadvantage for you

-There are better Lost Temple's out there than LT NC

Lost Temple AyAAyA


* Room for CC add-on at 12's nat.
* Mineral formation and geyser at 6's main fixed.
* Minerals at 12 nat moved away from the cliff overlooking it.
* Minerals on islands moved closer to the centre of each.
* Lurkers have 130 HP

What this means for you:

-Terran can get a Comsat Station/Nuclear Silo at their expansion

-6:00 is no longer unbalanced

-12:00's expansion is less vulnerable to cliff attacks(e.g. lurker drop)

-Islands slightly changed

-Lurkers are stonger X_X

-These modifications are so-so, but the fact that UNITS were modified means
LT AyAAyA isn't a great LT.

Lost Temple Gembc


* Room for CC add-on at 12's nat.
* Mineral formation and geyser at 6's main fixed.
* Ground area between 6 and 9 mains cluttered with trees.

What this means for you:

-Terran can get Comsat Station/Nuclear Silo on their expansion

-6:00 is no longer unbalanced

-More doodads between 6:00 and 9:00 means moving on the ground may be tough

-There are better Lost Temple's

CompUSA Lost Temple


* Nats drastically redesigned.
* Probably other stuff that I've forgotten(will be updated)

What this means for you:

-Naturals were drastically changed, probably modified to make it harder to
attack them

-I haven't seen this map, or know of any place where you can download it.

Neo Lost Temple/Lost Temple GaMax/WCG Lost Temple/WGTour Lost Temple
(very common, a base for many named LTs, also my favourite :D)


* Nats redesigned:  mineral formations at nats are less vulnerable to
cliff assaults (lurkers, goons, cannons, HTs).
* Tank Cheeze from 3 main's cliff overlooking 12's passage reduced.
* Room for CC add-on at 12's nat.
* Mineral formation and geyser at 6's main fixed.
* Mineral formation at 6 min only embedded into the main's cliff.
* A lot of land was removed from the SW corner of the map, bringing the back
edges of the 6 and 9 mains closer to their mineral formations.
* More room to build on the west side of the upper-right cliff.
[thanks to Shadow Templar for this info]
* (for GaMax, WCG, and WGTour, NOT Neo) Geyser for the SE island is now
in the corner, like the geyser for the NW island.
* SW corner now has an underwater Temple doodad :D

What this means for you:

-Naturals are much better in this LT version

-Only 1 tank cheeze was addressed, and not completely eliminated. So for all
you people that don't like tank cheeze, be warned

-6:00 no longer has poor mineral formation

-If you start at 6:00 and have an expansion on your Mineral only, you'll be
able to protect it easier

-It'll be slightly harder to drop on 6:00 and 9:00

-If you have an expansion on the SE island, your Vespene Geyser is less
vulnerable to attacks

-This Lost Temple is great. I recommend using this version to play LT. Even
though there are some imbalances on the map(i.e. tank cheeze, 12:00), it
does solve the main problems of Lost Temple.

Desert Lost Temple GhemTV


* Nats redesigned:  mineral formations at nats are less vulnerable to cliff
assaults (lurkers, goons, cannons, HTs).
* Tank Cheeze from 3 main's cliff overlooking 12's passage reduced.
* Room for CC add-on at 12's nat.
* Mineral formation and geyser at 6's main fixed.
* Mineral formation at 6 min only embedded into the main's cliff.
* Mineral formation at 12 min only moved right to just below the centre
of the cliff of the 12 main.
* Mineral formation at 3 min only moved down to just in front of the cliff
overlooking the 3 nat.
* A lot of land was removed from the SW corner of the map, bringing the back
edges of the 6 and 9 mains closer to their mineral formations.
* Geyser for the SE island is now in the corner, like the geyser for the
NW island.
* More room to build in centre (due to Desert terrain).
* Ramps wider (due to Desert terrain).

What this means for you:

-Every change mentioned in the other Lost Temple's and more :)

-Naturals at any start location are easier to defend

-You can now build add-on if you have a Command Center at 12:00 natural

-Tank cheezes can still be used, even though the biggest tank cheeze
(3:00 hitting 12:00's ramp) has been reduced

-6:00's bad mineral formation fixed

-If you start at 3:00 and happen to take your mineral only, it'll be closer
to you, which is a good thing

-Drops are slightly more difficult to execute on 6:00 and 9:00

-Because this is a desert version of Lost Temple, there is more room to build
in the centre

-The desert scene has wider ramps, which could be good or bad(e.g. bad if you
want to protect your base by putting Zealots on ramp)

-I never played this version, but it seems pretty good. The changes are
similar to Neo/WCG's version of Lost Temple.

Lost Temple KTF


* Room for CC add-on at 12's nat.
* Mineral formation and geyser at 6's main fixed.
* Geyser at 9 main is now below the starting location, which makes it easier
for workers to leave to build something, but causes them to gather gas slower
from this geyser.
* Chokes for 6 and 9 mains are no longer behind their nats.
* No walls in the centre.

What this means for you:

-You can now build add-on if you have a Command Center at 12:00 natural

-6:00's poor Mineral formation has been fixed

-If you start at 9:00, you'll be able to leave easier to build or scout
with your worker, but gathering gas will be slower. Could be good or bad
(for me, BAD)

-The ramps for 6:00 and 9:00 are in front of the expansions beside it

-No walls in the centre mean your ground units will have a slightly easier
time to move in the centre

-There are better LT's =p

There are probably other versions of Lost Temple, but they usually have
the same changes as these ones here. If you really want me to post a
different Lost Temple, e-mail me.


There are many strategies you can use on Lost Temple. Since each strategy
varies on the matchup(e.g. Zerg vs Zerg), I'll give you my strats by each
matchup. These strategies are for 1 vs 1 Melee, not any other matchups.
This is what I think is best, so please do not complain to me about how my
strategies don't work or stuff like that!

Zerg General Strategy

-Quantity is more important to Zerg than quality. You should always have
more units than your opponent does. Because of this, you always have to have
at least 1 expansion more than your opponent.

-Although building many workers is important for all races, for Zerg you
don't always want to build workers. This is because you want to use your
larva on units. The worst case scenario is building workers when you're
getting attacked, and you don't want that to happen. X_X

-Speaking of workers, a good time to build workers or power is early on in
the game, when you're attacking, and late game(which is when you probably
have several Hatcheries)

-Although Zerg get owned on island maps(especially Zerg vs Protoss), they do
have it fair on Lost Temple

-Upgrades are VERY important for Zerg, so you make sure build 3 Evolution
Chambers to get all ground upgrades.

-Usually you only send 3 Drones to gather Vespene Gas. However, some Lost
Temple's require 4 Drones at an expo to gather Gas at a normal pace.

Zerg vs Terran

Early Game:

This is the starting build order you want to do when against Terran:

-9 Overlord(the number which is how many supplies you've used.
The unit/building beside the supply number is when you build it)
-11 Hatchery
-11 Spawning Pool
-13 Extractor

Start by building a drone and commanding the workers to mine, then move your
Overlord out of your main to scout. Since you're facing Terran, you do NOT
want your Overlord to get killed by Marines, so be careful. Put the Overlord
on his cliff when you find him. When you get to 9 drones, build another
Overlord. When your 2nd Overlord hatches, build another 2-3 drones. By now
you should have enough money to build a 2nd Hatchery. You should usually
build it on your expansion next to you. However, if your starting position
is at 12:00 it may be risky, so build the Hatchery next to your ramp. When
you have 200 minerals, build a Spawning pool. Build a few more drones if you
have the larva, then an extractor. The Spawning Pool and the 2nd Hatchery
should be finished at about the same time. Then build some sunken colonies
at your 2nd Hatchery and Zerglings to protect yourself from Marines.

What you want to do now is Power(build Drones) to get money from your
expansion and upgrade one of your Hatcheries to a Lair. When that's done,
make a Spire and get 3-6 Mutalisks. It's time to harass his workers! If you
kill some of his mining SCV's, it should hold him off for a little while
longer. Now it's time to get a Hydralisk Den and get Lurker upgrade.

Mid Game

Chances are, the Terran will have a force of Marines, Medics, Tanks
and maybe even Science Vessels mid game. You can either go 
Speedlings and Lurkers, which is what I recommend, or Hydralisks and Lurkers.
I wouldn't recommend Queens because the gas you use to get Queens could have
got you an extra Lurker. Mutalisks aren't too great either against Terran.
You try to expand as much as you can to get more units, but you have to have
at least 1 expo more than he does. When attacking his units, make sure you
let the Zerglings/Hydralisks take the hits first so the Lurkers have time to
burrow and attack. Upgrades are very important for Zerg, so get Evolution
Chambers. You also want to upgrade your Overlord abilities just in case
the Terran drops on your cliff and attacks your expo.

Late Game

By now, you should have a Hive and upgrades. The Terran will most likely have
MM, Tanks, and Science Vessels to detect your Lurkers. You can either:

1) Go for Guardians if he has few or no Science Vessels and has MANY Seige
Tanks. Be careful though, if he Irradiates one of your Guardians, keep it
away from your other Guardians.

2) Go with Hydralisks, Lurkers, Scourge, and Defilers. Defilers use Dark
Swarm on the Hydras and Lurkers to make them almost invincible, and the
Scourge kill the Science Vessels nearby. This works really well and not
that risky, but requires very good micro.

3) Go with Ultralisks and Cracklings if Terran has many Science Vessels
and some Seige Tanks. Basically, the Ultralisks are like sponges. They take
in the hits while the Cracklings do the attacking.

How to deal with some yncommon Lost Temple Terran Strategies against Zerg:

Bunker Rush: This is when the Terran will try to build a Bunker next to your
2nd Hatchery, bringing in Marines and eventually destroying the 2nd Hatchery.
If you see this happening, send some of your workers in your main to attack
the SCV building the Bunker. If you don't kill the SCV before the Bunker
finishes, either block the Bunker with the Drones or try to kill the Marine
trying to enter the Bunker. Start building sunken colonies and Zerglings
until the threat is over.

Tank Push: The Terran will usually start the Tank Push next to your Natural.
If you can't stop the push early on, then get Speedlings and Lurkers. Once
you think you have enough, overwhelm the Terran by sending ALL of your
lings and Lurkers to counter the Tank Push.

Cliff Drops: Sometimes, the Terran will utilize the cliff overlooking your
expansion and attack from there. Like I said earlier, try to get Overlord
upgrades if you can, so you counter drops coming from your cliff.

Zerg vs Zerg

Zerg vs Zerg is probably one of the most difficult matchups there is,
especially if the two players are adjacent to each other on Lost Temple.
Most ZVZ games are won in the early game, which is what makes it so tense.
The decisions you make early usually decides victory or defeat for you.
Early Game:

This is the starting build order you want to use against Zerg:

9 Overlord
11 Hatchery
11 Spawning Pool
12/13 Extractor

Start by sending your Overlord to find the other Zerg. When you get to
12 Drones, this is where things start to get interesting. Where you decide to
put your 2nd Hatchery is important. I recommend you place it in your main, to
play it safe. If you build it on your expansion, you will have a serious
problem defending Hatcheries on different terrain. Enemy Zerglings
will harass you and you will probably lose the match. If you see your
opponent has his 2nd Hatchery at his expansion,
start harassing him. If you let him set up, you will lose. 
Some people also like to build the Spawning Pool first. Although you'll
have Zerglings earlier, your economy will suffer a bit. When Spawning Pool
finishes, build 4-6 Zerglings and upgrade to a Lair. When Lair finishes,
get a Spire as soon as possible. When you get Mutalisks, harass his Drones
that are mining. At this point, you should build your 3rd Hatchery at your

Mid Game

Try to build as many Mutalisks as you can. If you have much more minerals
than gas, then spend the minerals on Zerglings, Drones, or more Hatcheries.
Remember to keep building zerglings, and not just Mutalisks. The Zerg will
most likely attempt to attack with Mutalisks from behind your cliff, so put
a spore colony or two to protect your expo. Try to expand when you can to
have more units than he does. Attack whenver you think it's safe.

Late Game

Wow, pat yourself on the back. =p Most Zerg vs Zerg games don't last this
long. To be honest, I don't know too much about late game Zerg vs Zerg.
I suppose Mutalisks, Devourers, and Cracklings wouldn't be too bad.
Ultralisks and Defilers aren't too useful against Zerg. 

How to deal with some uncommon Lost Temple Zerg Strategies against Zerg:

4 pool: Some people like to immediately build a Spawning Pool and have
6 Zerglings with 4 Drones. This is a very bad strategy because if it doesn't
work, you're toast. Anyways, to counter this, run your Drones if you see
Zerglings coming into your main. Assuming you're building a Spawning Pool
already, the Zerg will probably attack your Spawning Pool as well. If he does
that, send your Drones back to attack the Zerglings. Chances are, he'll start
attacking your Drones again. Start running! Repeat until Spawning Pool is
finished, then build Zerglings. Keep defending your base until you see your
opponent trying to power(build Drones). If he does, attack him and you should
win the game easily. 4 pool doesn't work well on Lost Temple either.

2nd Hatchery at expansion: If your opponent is being greedy and trying to
take his expansion early, constantly attack him with your Zerglings. If he
has sunken colonies near his 2nd Hatchery, run past them and head for the
workers in his main.

1 Hatchery Fast Tech: This is when your opponent decides not to build a 2nd
Hatchery at all, and tries to get a spire as soon as possible. Just harass
him with Zerglings until he is dead. He won't have the Larva to get as many
Zerglings as you have.

Extractor Cheeze: Your opponent is one cheap bastard if he does this. X_X
This is when he uses a Drone of his to build an Extractor on YOUR gas. He's
trying to delay you from getting a Spire.

Zerg vs Protoss

This is a very fun matchup. You can do many different strategies on Lost
Temple when it's Zerg vs. Protoss.

Early Game

Starting build order:

9 Overlord
11 Hatchery
11 Spawning Pool

As usual, start by sending Drones to mine and Overlord to scout. At 9 Drones,
get Overlord and then another 3 Drones. You can build 2nd Hatchery anywhere
you want. However, if you and the Protossare at 12:00 and 3:00(or Vice Versa)
you probably want to build the Hatchery near your ramp instead because it's
too risky. After deciding where to build your Hatchery, build a Spawning Pool
right after. Around when you have 12/13 Drones, build an Extractor if you're
not going for mass Zerglings early in the game. When your 2nd Hatchery
finishes, IMMEDIATELY build 1-2 sunken colonies around it and Zerglings.
Chances are, the Protoss will harass you with his Zealots, and you need to be
ready for it.

Mid Game

Well, what can I say? Just about any attack force can work on the Protoss,
but how efficent it is depends on what units he's building. For example,
if he has Corsairs, you probably don't want to use Mutalisks. Or, if he has
no Photon Cannons or Observers, you want to get Lurkers. In my opinion,
Hydralisks and Zerglings are the safe way to go. You'll won't have much
trouble killing his Zealots as long as he has no High Templars, you'll own
his Dragoon with the Zerglings, and Hydralisks can take care of Corsairs.
But it is up to you. Also, like in Zerg vs. Terran, you must stay at least
1 expansion ahead of the Protoss at all times.

Late Game

At this point, the Protoss will probably use Zealots, High Templars, Archons,
and maybe Dark Templars. Be careful of High Templars, Psionic Storm can own
your attack force. I recommend going for Ultralisks and Cracklings. Those
two units working together can just about destroy any ground Protoss unit.
Defilers aren't that useful, but they can be helpful. Guardians don't work
that well because they're slow, and that means Psionic Storms will take them
out fast.

How to deal with some uncommon Lost Temple Protoss Strategies against Zerg:

Corsairs and Dark Templars- This Protoss strategy works well against the
Zerg. The Corsairs take out the Overlords you have while the Dark Templars
destroy your undetected base. First, get Hydralisks to give the Corsairs
a hard time. Ultralisks are very helpful if you have the money for it also.
You should have Spore Colonies in your base combined with a few Sunken

Carriers- In Zerg vs. Protoss, the statement Carriers=Instant win is
not true. Get many Hydralisks, and use Dark Swarm with Defilers to make
your Hydralisks invulerable to the Carrier attacks. Plague on Carriers can
also be beneficial to you. Scourge aren't too useful on Carriers anymore
because of how quickly Corsairs can kill them.

Cannon cheeze- If your Protoss opponent is cheap, he'll sometimes try to
build Photon Cannons just below your Main. Very hard to counter because while
your units are coming down from your ramp, they'll get hit by the Photon
Cannons. If you see Protoss structures being built near your ramp, try to
annoy the Probe until you can get Zerglings. If he is able to build Cannons,
send most of your workers to attack the unfinished cannon(s).

Protoss General Strategy

-Always build Probes. Probes are priceless when you think about it. They cost
50 minerals, but they pay it back for you and give you more.

-If there's one Protoss unit you don't want to lose, it's the Probe. Sure,
if you lose units, they are replaceable. But if you lose mining Probes, not
only do you lose units, your economy will suffer.

-High Templars are very good, so get them whenever you have the gas

-Make sure you build a few Photon Cannons near your Main and your
expansions to protect your Probes from attacks(e.g. Vulture raids, Lurker

-Upgrades are important. You don't need to get all of them, but always get
Attack upgrade for ground units and sometimes air units

-As with Zerg, normally you'd only send 3 Probes to gather Vespene Gas.
However, some Lost Temple's require 4 Probes at an expo to gather Gas at a
normal pace.

-Did I mention always build Probes?

Protoss vs Terran

To be honest, I don't play Protoss too much, so I'm not too fond of
Protoss vs. Terran. I will try my best to see what strategies are good on
Lost Temple for this matchup.

Starting Build Order:

8 Pylon
11 Gateway
12 Assimilator
14 Cybernetics Core

Early Game

As usual, send your workers to mine as soon as the game starts. When you get
to 8 Probes, build a Pylon with a Probe and use that same Probe to find the
Terran. When you have 11 Probes, warp in a Gateway, then an Assimilator when
you have 100 minerals. At 14 Probes, build a Cybernetics Core. Build a
Dragoon and send it to harass your Terran opponent. If he didn't make a wall,
use the Dragoon to kill his workers and you should have the advantage, or
even win the game. If he did make a wall(1 Barracks, 1-2 Supply Depot),
attack the Supply Depot. Keep attacking until he gets a Seige Tank, then
retreat your Dragoon. By this point, constantly keep building Dragoons from
that 1 Gateway. Now, build a Robotics Facility, then an Observatory. When
both these buildings are finished, starting building many Observers. So
constant Dragoons, constant Probes, and semi-constant Observers, got that?

Mid Game

The reason why you want many Dragoons and Observers is because of Vultures.
Dragoons will take care of Vultures, while the Observers will detect their
Spider Mines. When you have the money, build a 2nd Gateway. By this time, the
Terran will probably start building Seige Tanks. This is when you want to 
start building Speedlots(Fast Zealots) and Templars. So get a Citadel of Adun
and Templar Archives. Another important thing is, if you see the Terran
expanding, immediately expand twice(or just once if you already have an expo)
In fact, you should stay 1 expo ahead of the Terran because
Tanks and Vultures>Zealots and Dragoons. As you get more expansions, start
building more and more Gateways(6 or more is good).

Late Game

Eventually, the Terran will try to take the middle and Tank push you.
Hopefully you have lots of money and Gateways to counter the push.
Use Zealots, Dragoons, Templars, and Observers. If you have the money,
you should get Carriers. If Terran sees Carriers, he will start building
Goliaths to counter it. Because of this, make sure your Carriers are
attacking from the cliff. If you attack directly in the middle of Lost Temple
the Carriers will easily get hit by the Goliaths.

How to deal with some uncommon Lost Temple Terran Strategies against Protoss:

Tank Drops: I don't see this happening much anymore, but sometimes the Terran
will try to drop Tanks near your Probes. Just keep some of your Dragoons near
your Nexus, and you should be fine.

Marines and Medics: If the Terran doesn't go for Metal(Factory units), then
get Reavers. It will crush his force of Marines and Medics.

Nukes!: The Terran will also try to go for Nukes sometimes. Usually he will
try to nuke your expansions or your Main. Place Cannons near your expansion
and watch the cliffs, because that's probably where the Ghost is going to be.
If you hear "Nuclear Launch Detected" and you can't find the Ghost, move your
Probes mining minerals. If you lose those Probes from a Nuke, it is a BIG
loss for you.

Protoss vs Zerg

A matchup where there are many different strategies you can use. That's all
I have to say. =p

Starting Build Order

8 Pylon
11 Gateway
(The rest varies on the strategy)

As usual, send your workers to mine as soon as the game starts. When you get
to 8 Probes, build a Pylon with a Probe and use that same Probe to find the
Zerg. When you have 11 Probes, warp in a Gateway, then an Assimilator when
you have 100 minerals. Now, the Zerg will probably build a 2nd Hatchery on
his Natural. You can either go with 2 Gateway, start building Zealots, and
harass that 2nd Hatchery. Or, stick with 1 Gateway with Zealots, but trying
to get more advanced units. I prefer the ladder method, because that's the
only method I know and it's the safer method. Hydralisks and Zerglings can
and will beat Zealots and Dragoons, and you want High Templars because it
owns Zerg, so that's why I prefer going for advanced units. But
(and Probes of course =p). After buildingyour 1st Zealot, build a Cybernetics
Core. Command your Zealots to Hold position on your chokepoint(ramp) to stop
any Zerglings trying to kill your Probes. When the Cybernetics Core is done,
build a Stargate. When Stargate finishes, build a Corsair, and send that
Corsair to the Zerg base and start harassing his Overlord(s). Use the Corsair
to see what the Zerg has in his Main and Natural. If you see a Lair AND a
Hydralisk Den, get Observers and Dragoons because that probably means he's
going for Lurkers. If you see a Spire, build Photon Cannons near your mining
Probes and more Corsairs.

Mid Game

By this point you should have some Zealots and a few Corsairs
(and many Probes :D). If you see the Zerg trying to take many expansions,
attack those expansions with some of your Zealots and Corsairs.
Now build a Citadel of Adun and upgrade Zealot speed. Then build a
Templar Archives and research Psionic Storm. Next thing to build is a
2nd Gateway. Build as many High Templars as you can until you run out of
gas for them. Get Forge if you haven't already, upgrade attack, and try
to build an expansion at your Natural. When you do get an expansion, you
should have more Vespene Gas to build more High Templars and a few Archons.
As you get more money, expand more, attack the Zerg's expo(s), and more
Gateways for Speedlots and Templars, and maybe a few Dark Templars and

Late Game

Hopefully by now you have many Gateways(6 or more), several SPEEDlots,
some High Templars, and some expos. The Zerg will most likely go for
Ultralisks and Cracklings. Ultralisks can own your Zealots and Archons
Cracklings can tear down your base within seconds. It's the High
Templars' Psionic Storm that will save your arse. Whenever your force
of Zealots and Archons(maybe Dark Templars and Dragoons) clash with the
Zerglings and Ultralisks, use Psionic Storm on the Zerg units to bring down
their mass quantity. What also helps is the Dark Archon. You can research and
use its ability, Maelstrom, to freeze the Zerg units. This makes it easier to
kill the Zerg force.

How to deal with some uncommon Lost Temple Zerg Strategies against Protoss:

3 Hatchery Zerglings: Using this strategy, the Zerg will only build Drones
and Zerglings. This could destroy you if you're going for 2 Gateway and only
building Zealots. Just go for advanced units instead. Corsairs will own his
Overlords because he has nothing to counter it. If he decides to attack with
severals Zerglings to your Main, you should be able to hold it off. You may
need a few Probes to help you out if you're in trouble.

Guardians and Devourers: This shouldn't be too hard to counter, because a
situation like this is usually late game. All you need a couple, nicely
placed Psionic Storms and that should take out most of his Guardians.
Dragoons should finish off the rest. Do not go for Scouts or Corsairs.
This is because Corsairs get owned by Devourers and Dragoons are just as
efficient as Scouts, but MUCH cheaper.

Lurker Contain: If the Zerg does contain you to your main with Lurkers, be
careful. Most likely he'll have Overlords and Scourge to kill any Observers
you bring near the Lurkers. Get Dragoons and Observers to break the contain.

Protoss vs Protoss

In my opinion, this matchup is tough, although not as bad as Zerg vs Zerg.

Starting build order

8 Pylon
10 Gateway
12 Assimilator
14 Cybernetics Core
15 Pylon

Early Game

As usual, send your workers to mine as soon as the game starts. When you get
to 8 Probes, build a Pylon with a Probe and use that same Probe to find the
Protoss. When you have 10 Probes, warp in a Gateway, then an Assimilator when
you have 100 minerals. When you're at 14 Probes, build a Cybernetics Core.
Build your first Dragoon, then another Gateway after. At this point,
constantly keep building Dragoons(and Probes :D). Send a Probe to your
opponent's base to see what's going on. Have about two Dragoons
on your ramp and the rest near your Nexus in case your opponent goes for a
Reaver drop. When you have the money, build a Robotics Facility and get the
Singularity Charge upgrade(better range for Dragoons). Then build a Robotics
Support Bay and Observatory. After that's done, build a Reaver and a Shuttle
in your Robotics Facility. A few Observers help too.

Mid Game

At this point, you should have a nice amount of Dragoons, a Reaver and a
Shuttle, and a few Observers. Either you can take your expo next to you, or
attack. I prefer to expand and get more money. Build a Nexus, and 2 forges
for Photon Cannons and for Attack and Armor upgrades. When your Nexus
finshes, you should now have money to get High Templars. Now build a Citadel
of Adun and Templar Archives right after. Get Speed upgrade for Zealots and
research Psionic Storm for High Templars. Keep building High Templars and
Dragoons until you have much more minerals than gas, then start building
Zealots until you have the gas to make more Dragoons and High Templars.
Try to expand some more when you think you have a good force of
Speedlots/Dragoons/High Templars. As you take more expansions, build
more Gateways.

Late Game

You should have lots of Dragoons and Speedlots, and some High Templars.
What you should do periodically is send a High Templar to his cliff and
Psionic Storm his workers. If you do it enough, you'll have an economical
advantage over your opponent. If you are ready to attack, go for his
expansions, not his Main.

How to deal with some uncommon LT Protoss Strategies against Protoss:

Dark Templars: Remember the Probe I said to send to see what's going on?
If you notice that he has a Citadel of Adun early in the game(or very few
Dragoons), assume that he's going for Dark Templars. Either get a Robotics
Facility and an Observatory early for Observers. Or you can build a forge
and get Cannons early. Either way, do it quickly because you don't want
your opponent to kill your Probes.

Early expo: If your opponent decides to expand much earlier than you do,
then have 3 Gateways(instead of 2) and build Dragoons. Because he expanded,
you should more Dragoons than he does. When you lots of Dragoons, attack him
and you should easily overpower him and win.

Carriers: Carriers could be a threat to you, because the Dragoon's fire isn't
as straight as a Goliath's fire. But if you see him going for Carriers, put
Dragoons and High Templars near your Probes and cliff(s). Do not go for the
interceptors, attack the Carrier itself. If you see the Carriers are
cluttered together, use Psionic Storm. Carriers shouldn't be a big threat to
you if you have many Dragoons and High Templars.

Cliff Cannons: Ah, your opoonent is cheap if he builds Photon Cannons on your
cliff. It works well, because you cannot expand to your natural and you can't
really counter it. But there a few things you should know. First, always put
an Observer or a few Dragoons on your cliff to make sure nothing is being
built there. If you can't stop it, then just attack him. This is because he's
building Photon Cannons, which probably means he has less Dragoons than you

Terran General Strategy

-Like Protoss with Probes, always build SCV's for Terran

-Lost Temple has many flaws on the map in which the Terran can take advantage
of =p

-These are the tank cheeze on Lost Temple. Keep in mind some Lost Temple
versions might eliminate some of them listed here:

*At 1:00, where you can hit 3:00's Vespene Gas

*At 3:00's main, IF your opponent starts at 12:00, you can hit most units
that come out of that ramp

*At 6:00, there is a very small piece of land just below it, where you can
fit two Seige Tanks and hit 6:00

-As with any other race, usually you'd only send 3 SCV's to get gas.
However, some Lost Temple's require 4 SCV's at an expo to gather Gas at a
normal pace.

-Protect your SCV'S! If you lose them, it is a bigger loss than losing any
other unit

-If you're trying to wall your main, make sure the top of your Barracks is
touching the Supply Depot. At 12:00, 3:00, and 6:00, it requires 1 Barrack
and 2 Supply Depots to wall. At 9:00, you only need a Barracks and a Supply
Depot to wall.

-When you get Comsat Station(s), make sure you hotkey it(ctrl + any number).
I recommended setting the hotkey to 0.

-To you newbies: Vultures do NOT suck!

Terran vs Terran

This is one of the most fun matchups in the game. It's tough, especially on
Lost Temple, but once you get used to it, you'll probably love this matchup!

Starting build order:

9 Supply Depot
10 Barracks
11/12 Refinery
15 Supply Depot

Early Game

Start by building 1 SCV and sending the rest to mine. When it's 9 supply of
SCV's, build a Supply Depot and send 1 SCV to find your Terran opponent.
When you have 100 Minerals, build a Refinery on your Vespene Gas.
When Supply Depot is done, build a Barracks. After the Barracks finishes,
lift it off to either find the opponent or on your cliff to make sure he
doesn't build there. Now, either build a Factory, Armory and a Starport if
you're going for an early offense, or 2 Factories if you're staying
defensive. If you picked the former, get 2-4 Goliaths and a Dropship. Drop
those Goliaths where your opponent's SCV's are mining and kill as many SCV's
as you can. Keep in mind when you drop on their main, always come from the
side opposite of their cliff. If you go the other way, it's suicide. X_X
By early game, get Seige mode upgrade, Engineering Bay for Missile Turrets,
Armory, and maybe another Command Center if he's not harassing you.

Mid Game

The reason why you want to use drops is because you have more mobility and
Seige Tanks. Basically, if you send like 6 Seige Tanks to his base, 3 of his
Seige Tanks in Seige Mode could easily destroy all of your Tanks. That is why
you want Dropships to move past his defenses. For this reason, you want to get
several Missile Turrets across the map because most likely, he'll also use
Dropships. Anyways, back to the mid-game. At this point, you should have 2-3
Factories, 1 Starport(don't build any more Starport's unless you're going for
Battlecruisers, which you shouldn't do until late game), an expansion or
setting up one, and LOTS of SCV's and Missile Turrets. Continue to build
Goliaths, Seige Tanks, and Dropships. Put the Goliaths and Tanks in the
Dropships and move them to find stuff to kill(e.g. hidden enemy expos,
non-defended Missile Turrets). If your opponent has an expansion near a
cliff, drop your units on the cliff and assault his expo from there. It will
be very difficult for him to counter because the Seige Tanks will damage any
enemy units that come near yours. As for defense mid-game, the most likely
spots that your opponent will drop is either your main(where your SCV's are)
and your cliff. Protect those areas with Seige Tanks and Missile Turrets.
Try to expand more if you can, you'll have more Vespene Gas for Tanks and
Goliaths, and soon Battlecruisers.

Late Game

At this point, you want to get Battlecruisers, because they will Tanks easily.
You'll also want Goliaths and Seige Tanks to support your Battlecruisers.
Ghosts can be helpful as well, because Lockdown works on all Terran units
except Infantry, but chances are that your opponent will use Mechanical units.
You probably don't want to build many Dropships anymore, because your
Battlecruisers should take care of enemy Seige Tanks. Find your opponent's
expansions, and destroy them. If you are using Ghosts, make sure you Lockdown
the enemy units first before attacking with your units.

How to deal with some uncommon Lost Temple Terran Strategies against Terran:

Early Bunker Rush: This rarely happens, but if you're walling, your opponent
may build a Bunker nearby to damage or even destroy your Supply Depot(s) or
Barracks. If you see a Bunker being built, send a few SCV's to attack that
SCV. If he manages to get a Bunker in time, get a Factory as soon as possible.
In the mean time, repair the building that the Marines are attacking. You may
want to build a Vulture to kill any other Marines trying to enter that Bunker.
Once you get a Seige Tank, the threat should be over.

Mass Seige Tanks: This isn't the best strategy, but it can work if you don't
know how to counter it. You'll always have the mobility advantage, so make
good use of it. Place your Seige Tanks on your Cliff. This should kill most
of his Seige Tank army if he's going for your main. As for expansions, just
protect them with several Seige Tanks. Since he is neglecting Dropships, you
will always goto a destination before he does.

Terran vs Zerg

Note: I never played Terran vs Zerg, so I will update this section soon! But
I'll give you a short summary of it for now:

-Get Marines and Medics, then Seige Tanks and Science Vessels to take care of

-Dropping on his cliff early can be very effective. Overlord upgrades take a
while to get, and they are no Zerg units which can counter drops effectively

-Not too sure, but you should have at least 5 Barracks early game TVZ

Terran vs Protoss

Note: Like Terran vs Zerg, I'm not too fond of this matchup, but I will get
information about it soon. This is all I know:

-Get a Seige Tank as fast as you can in the beginning of the game. The
Protoss will usually harass you with Dragoons, and all infantry and Vultures
will not kill Dragoons

-Your attack force should consist of Seige Tanks and Vultures, with their
upgrades(Spider Mines, Seige Mode)

-I think in Lost Temple you're supposed to build Missile Turrets around the
middle so that Observers cannot see the Spider Mines planted on the ground)

-If Protoss sees you with an expansion, chances are he'll try to expand as

-You should have 8 Factories if you have 1 expansions, 12 or more Factories
if you more than 2 expansions

-If Protoss has expansions with no Photon Cannons, punish him and harass
the Probes with your Vultures

-If he has Carriers, get several Goliaths and Missile Turrets on your cliff.
This is because Carriers on the cliff will be very difficult to beat

Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions that people send to me, or I think that people will send

Q: Which one is the best Lost Temple?

A: It depends on your preferences. If you're a balance freak, then you might
like the WCG or WGTour Lost Temple's. But if you love being cheap, then you'll
probably like the original Lost Temple the best.


A: Lost Temple is not a money map. Professional gamers wouldn't use Lost Temple
if you could easily gain money off 1 base.

Q: Where can I get the different versions of Lost Temple?

A: Either look on the Battle.net server or www.sclegacy.com.

Q: I went on www.sclegacy.com and there's a Melee and Observer version. Which
one should I download?

A: Just in case you don't know, an Observer version is a map that lets other
people watch you play if you set it on Use Map Settings. Problem is, Observer
version maps will not work if you play it on Melee. I suggest downloading both
because you'll want to watch people play on Observer version and getting wins
on the Melee version. Besides, most maps are very small in size, so it will
not take much space in your hard drive.

Q: What is "Jungle Temple"? Is it better than all of the Lost Temple's?

A: Jungle Temple is a Lost Temple version made by Bill307. It addresses ALL of
the problems of Lost Temple, which is why it looks so different from most
versions. It is a really underated map, but I can't say it's the best.

Q: Where can I find/download Jungle Temple?

A: Since people on Battle.net will most likely not use Jungle Temple, it can
be difficult obtaining this map. If you ask me, I can give it to you.

Q: Carriers=instant win?

A: To tell you the truth, Carriers don't give you an instant win, you'll just
have a high chance of winning, especially on Lost Temple. You don't know how
many stories I've heard from other players of how they made a huge comeback
just by having Carriers. On Lost Temple, if you play it safe and attack from
the cliff and off land, you can win the game with few casaulties. Since
Carriers are so helpful, the statement "Carriers=instant win" is so popular.
But it's up to you if you think Carriers=instant win. What do you think? ;)

If you have other questions about Lost Temple, e-mail me at:



-Blizzard, for making Starcraft best PC game ever
(P.S. Make a sequel already!)

-Bill307, for his information on the differences of the various Lost Temple's
and other stuff

-SCLegacy, for providing me basic information about Lost Temple

-You, for reading this FAQ!

Legal Stuff

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private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

Only GameFAQS is allowed to post this FAQ. If you want to post my FAQ on your
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About Me

If you see any errors in this FAQor just want to comment,my e-mail is
deity307@hotmail.com. If you want to play with me on Battle.net, my
username is doma_mai and I play on US East. I think that's all you need to
know. :D


-V 1.0- Finished FAQ

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