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Strategy Guide by Alvin Go

Version: 1.03 | Updated: 08/02/1999

Version 1.03
Copyright 1999
Monday, 02 August, 1999, 5:07:20 PM
By: Alvin Go

**Read this guide in Word Wrap format in WordPad (View-Options-Word-Text-Wrap to 
Window checked)

**Please also note that all of these are original unless otherwise stated. If 
the material is taken from another site or another person, you can be sure that 
it was taken with permission, and the corresponding site/person is 

**Note that combinations involving multiple races are placed under Protoss for 
obvious reasons. If you don't know what I mean, then you don't have Brood War or 
you don't know about Mind Control.



Version 1.00
             First draft
Version 1.01
             Added new multiplayer cheats, updated the Strategy guides,                                               
added more diagrams, eased on spellings and grammars, and added the feedback-
tip-suggestion part  

Version 1.02
             Corrected some mistakes, added a few excerpt Tactics from 
www.starcraft.org, added some possible cheats for multiplayer games

Version 1.03
             Added SCV RUSH, CAMPAIGN EDITOR FAQ, and more!



 1. Introduction
 2. Rundown of the Three Races
 3. Strategy Guide
 4. Cheats
 5. Feedbacks/Suggestions/Tips
 6. The Ever-wanted SCV RUSH is HERE and here to stay!


I. Introduction

Most of you probably know what Starcraft is now, considering it has been 
released for quite some time now. This startegy guide aims to help you in 
focusing in order to win games. I will not mention about the different kinds of 
damages because most of you don't even bother to read it.

In case you don't know what Starcraft is, let me make a short description. There 
are three races here, the Terrans (humans), Zergs (beastlike aliens), and the 
Protoss (highly-civilized, mysterious aliens). All three are very different as 
said below.


II. Rundown of the Three Races:

All three possess different traits, strengths and weaknesses, requiring 
different strategies in winning. Here's a rundown of the three races.


Good points:

1. Ease of use. 
All units (ground or air) come from the Hatchery (which can be mutated to the 
Lair and Hive) while all other buildings allow the creation of units. Additional 
units like the Guardian, Devourer and Lurker mutate from other units. All units 
come from a larva that comes out from the hatchery for about 30 seconds.

2. Best for rush attacks. 
Zergs are the fastest race in Stacraft. It is the only race where you can create 
three units at the same time at the start of the game. 

3. Zerg Queens.
Queens can parasite a unit (see what the unit can see) and can spawn broodlings. 
This is especially useful against Sige tanks and Goliaths. Ensnare can also hurt 
an opponents economy when their peons are ensnared.

4. Burrowing ability.
Instead of running away from an attack, Zerg units may just burrow out of harms 
way (unless there are detectors around).

5. All units and buildings regenerate by themselves, though it is a slow 

6. Early detectors.
Zergs have Overlords from the start, making them free from cloaked rushes 
(unless the Overlord is destroyed which is impossible earli in the game except 
for Marine rushes).
Bad points:

1. All buildings must be built from the creep.
The creep is a purple substance coming from the hatchery and creep colony where 
all other buildings except for the hatchery itself must be built.

2. Drones mutate to become the building itself.
Zerg Drones mutate into the building itself, so you must add an extra 50 
minerals to all buildings.

3. Tend to lose in long games.
If you are using Zerg and you didn't rush attack, then you are liable to lose in 
the long run. Ultralisks are no match for strong units of Terrans and Protoss. 
Terrans have Battlecruisers, Goliaths, Siege Tanks, Ghosts (for nuking), while 
Protoss have Arbiters, Carriers, Reavers, Archons and Templars. Zergs in turn 
have only their Queens, Defilers, Guardians and Ultralisks to boot. 

4. Quite weak in air to air combat.
Zergs basically has no decent anti-air. Devourers fire very slowly, and their 
acid spores can be easily removed (Terran Medics). Scourges are their only 
defense, but must be sacrificed. Scourges are also easy to destroy.

5. Air transport is weak and slow.
Overlords have three uses: supplies, transport and detectors. That is why 
Overlords don't make good transports: they are also source of supplies. Aside 
from that, they move the slowest next to Terran Dropships (Protoss Shuttles move 

6. Weak structure defense.
Spore colonies damage less than Photon Cannons. Sunken Colonies hit so slow that 
they are practically defenseless against a herd of Marines. 

7. Weakest basic ground unit.
Their basic units are two Zerglings. Aside from the fact that they do melee and 
little damage, they are also ground-based. Marines can kill them before they 
even come close. Zealots can absorb damage and inflict heavy damage.

8. The Hatchery only provides one supply compared to other races.


Good points:

1. Build anywhere.

2. Early anti-air basic units.
Marines can fire air and ground targets, and is long ranged.

3. All units and buildings can be repaired.
Medics and SCVs can repair practically all Terran units, and even some units 
from other races.

4. Nuclear bombs.
Nuking an opponent can inflict very heavy damage on several buildings and units. 

5. Ghosts' Lockdown.
Lockdown is the best defense against huge Battlecruisers, Arbiters, Carriers and 
Reavers. Yet they are useless against Zergs.

6. Comsat Stations.
Comsat can let you spot unexplored places on the map, and see cloaked and 
burrowed units. One of the best detectors because they can sensor sweep any 
place on the map, be it far or near. You should definitely hotkey your comsats.

7. Most buildings can move around so you can position them after building.
You can even build beside other Terrans' addons to own them.

8. Decent defense system.
Missile turrets, Bunkers with 2 Marines and 2 Firebats, Siege Tanks in Siege 
Modes behind Bunkers, and a couple of Vulture Spider Mines is very hard to 

9. Science Vessel.
The EMP Shockwave of Science Vessels can drain energy and Protoss shields to 
nil. Defense Matrix can lengthen the lifespan of other units. Irradiate can kill 
herds of small organic units like a bunch of Zerglings.

10. The Command Center provides a total of 10 supplies, compared to Zerg's 1 and 
Nexus' 9.

Bad points: 

1. Terran buildings take up a lot of space.

2. Heavily damaged buildings (in the red zone) will blow up unless repaired.
That means if you have an isolated and heavily damaged building and there are no 
SCVs around then it's bye-bye to that building.

3. You must have two buildings for buildings with two addons.
Aside from that, other Terrans may steal your addon by destroying the main 
building and constructing their own beside the addon. 

4. Against Protoss in a long game, Terrans are bound to lose.
Terrans are basically the middle class of races. They are not quick, yet they 
are not slow either. Basically, Terrans are between Zergs and Protoss. They have 
less obvious advantages, yet they can adapt to most situations.


Good points:

1. Protoss shields.
They lenghten the lifespan of Protoss buildings and units, because they are not 
pure HP, but mostly half-half. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.

2. Best basic unit.
Zealots are the most powerful basic unit and can run past bunkers and attack the 
peon line. Zealot rushes win 80% of all games unless your opponent can counter 
your rush.

3. Have the best and most powerful units which make them tend to win in long 

4. Many useful spells and units.

a. High Templars: Their Psionic Storm are the best defense for large attacks and 
can destroy almost all peon lines. Hallucination are great decoys for Arbiters, 
Reavers, Archons, Carriers, and Scouts. You must have done plenty of damage now 
before you opponent finds the real unit.

b. Reavers: Reavers' scarabs do great damage against many units. It is also long 
ranged and finds an opponent before exploding. The Reaver Drop, wherein you fill 
a shuttle with two reavers full of scarabs, then run past their defenses and 
land them near the peon line for heavy damage, wins a lot of games.

c. Carriers: Carriers can stay out of harms way and instead launch up to 8 
interceptors against your opponent. Best used in herds, many interceptors will 
confuse an opponent and inflict heavy damage.     

d. Arbiter: The only unit in Protoss that has a special building made for them, 
Arbiters make great transport and defense units. Recall will warp units under 
the Arbiter itself, at the same time cloaking all units around it. Stasis Field 
is the best unit paralyzer because it is the only spell that a Terran Medic will 
be unable to heal with Restoration.

e. Dark Templars: Cloaked permanently and do 40 base damage, Dark Templars can 
practically destroy a base without a detector by themselves. A great stanby for 
possible base expansions, killing the peon before even constructing a base.

f. Archons: Made from two High Templars, it is the strongest ground unit for 
Protoss (damage-wise). Able to hit both air and ground units with their 30 
normal splash damage, the only bad point is their weak HP (10), with only 350 
Protoss shield that lengthen their lifespan. Archons are also immune from many 
spells, like Lockdown, Spawn Broodlings, Stasis Field, etc.

g. Dark Archons: The strongest unit in the whole Starcraft (spell-wise). All of 
the Dark Archons spells can greatly hurt an opponent. Feedback can kill/damage 
many units with energy (current HP-current MP, MP becomes 0 spell). Maelstrom 
can paralyze many units, and the strongest spell of all, the Mind Control, 
allows you to control enemy units (draining the Dark Archons' shield. With Mind 
Control, you can control an SCV and/or a Drone and build a base with each race. 
You can also go beyond the 200 supply limit. 200 for each race means you can 
maximize your power to up to 600 units. In fact even with the full 600 limit, 
you can still control more with Mind Control. Even is your Terran supplies are 
200 flat, you can still mind control a Terran unit, going beyond to up to 600 

h. Corsair-Scout combo: Corsairs can nullify ground attacks with their 
disruption web (even missile turrets and spore colonies and photon cannons) 
while Scouts and other units do the damage.

4. Over all best basic defense structure.
The Photon Cannon not only can hit both ground and air units, and is also a 

5. Probes can just make a warp gate while continuing with their work.
Instead of morphing into the buildings themselves (Zergs) or standing near the 
building until the building is finished (Terran), Protoss Probes can continue 
with collecting minerals while the warp gate is warping the building.

Bad points:

1. Very expensive.
The units and structures of Protoss are most expensive.

2. There are many structures.
There are 16 structures needed to max Protoss' abilities, making them way slow. 
In short games, Protoss tend to lose.

3. All structures must be built near the Pylon.
The Pylon is also the power generator. All buildings aside from the Nexus and 
Assimilator needs power. Once a structure is built near a certain Pylon and 
there is no other Pylon powering it, all your opponent has to do is destroy the 
Pylon. Then all the buildings it powered before will be useless. Unpowered 
buildings cannot warp units, recharge shields, upgrade, nor fire.

4. Very hard to master.
Because of the complicated structure and tech tree, the Protoss is the hardest 
to master. It takes time and experience to learn. 

5. It takes a long time to build most units.

6. Once the Protoss shields are drained (with EMP Shockwave), then the 
structures and units will be very weak compared to other races. Example is the 
Nexus (750 Shield, 750 HP). Compared to the Hatchery (1250 HP) and the Command 
Center (1500 HP), when the Nexus is EMP Shockwaved, the remaining is just a mere 
750 HP. With Plague and EMP Shockwave combo, Protoss Structures are quite weak 
and very easy to destroy.



A. Zergs:

Before you play Zerg, you must first know how they operate. All units are made 
in the hatchery and other buildings just allow you to make other units. Upgrades 
can also be found in othe buildings, and many can be mutated.

First, mine with the 4 Drones. Make another Drone. Mine until you have about 150 
minerals. That's the time to make a Spawning Pool.

With Zerg, it is recommended to rush attack. 

3 Minute Win: (Melee, 2 players vs. Computer)
Mutate about 6 Zerglings and go about an enemy base. Lure their units 
(Marines/Zealots/Peons/Zerglings) to go to your base. While on their way there, 
mutate 6 more Zerglings. If they enter your base, attack the 12 Zerglings. Once 
they are defeated, rush to their base and attack their Peon line. Destroy the 
remaining buildings.

For short games, align your structures like this:

                      {}                         [SC][SC]          
           [SC]       {}      [Hatchery]         XXXXXXX
                      {}                         XXXXXXX
                        [Ex]                     [SC][SC]

Construct lots of Spore and Sunken Colonies. Burrow about 6-12 Lurkers around 
the base. You may also burrow Hydralisks and Zerglings, but if you are 
preoccupied with other things and you fail to notice/hear a base attack, then 
those burrowed Hydralisks and Zerglings won't help. Lurkers attack while 
burrowed, making them great defense units.

Avoid this kind of structure alignment in long games, especially if there is 
high ground near the building cluster. That is a great nuke site. To prevent 
nuking, either scatter them or place several spore-sunken clusters near them. If 
there is high ground near them, place Overlords and Hydralisks there.

Scattering your structures are harder to eliminate, but they are also harder to 
defend. Never leave a site without protection and detectors. 

When attacking, bring an Overlord for cloak detection (except for rush attacks 
of course). Always have extra Overlords, because Overlords are the best targets 
for airborne units like Valkyrie, Scouts and Wraiths.

When trying to annihilate an enemy base, mutate some Mutalisks to Guardians and 
take out their defense system. Note though that Guardians have no air attacks, 
so bring a few Devourers or Hydralisks with them. Guardians are also pretty 
slow, so if possible, move the Mutalisks nearer to the attack place (yet safe 
from attacks) and mutate to Guardians there. 

Mutalisks are the weakest air unit in the whole game. Guardians and Devourer are 
better air units. Although quick, Mutalisks serve no big purpose aside from the 
fact that they can attack both ground and air targets. Yet, they are great aids 
for strayed Overlords because of their speed.

Ultralisks are thought to be trash, considering your Overlord-Ultralisk ratio is 
almost 1:1. They are also ground-based and is melee. Yet they are best when 
upgraded and getting past defenses because they can absorb hell of a damage 
before dying. Ultralisks are very prone to Irradiate, Plague and Spawn 
Broodlings, so be careful when there are Science Vessels, Queens, or Defilers 
around. In fact, because of their bad points, my friend even says that they ARE 
TRASH and is the WORST UNIT, they are EXPENSIVE and all the crap. So if you 
think otherwise, e-mail me with your hate mail for my friend and I will do the 
rest. P.S. His name is Jericho.

Defilers are very underrated. Dark Swarm nullifies ranged ground attack, so 
Ultralisk-Defiler combos are very hard to defend. Plague reduces the HP to less 
than 10, and is great for Protoss units. Isolated Terran Structures, especially 
the Missile Turret (needs only one cast of Plague), are easy prey because unless 
they are repaired, they instantly explode. If you also control a Science Vessel, 
EMP Shockwave Protoss units, then cast Plague will leave them in a desperate 
position. Archons are not so affected with Plague, considering their HP is just 
10 anyway.

Queens are very useful in scouting, especially with the Parasite spell. Cast 
them on Observers, Science Vessels, Overlords, Shuttles, Probes and Dropships. 
Spawn Broodlings is a very powerful spell that not only kills the unit, but 
creates two broodlings under your control. Siege Tanks are the best target. Cast 
Ensnare on units chasing the Queen to slow them down. You can also cast it to 
cloaked units to reveal them. Attacking units lose their mobility when Ensnared 
by a Zerg Queen.

Scourges are cheap and a good investment, always have about 6-12 Scourges in 
your base patrolling around. Hydralisks must be upgraded from the start. 

If you know the Zerg units, it is easy to win. Zerg's structures are easy to 
learn, because many are named after units. Defiler Mounds, Ultralisk Cavern, 
Queen's Nest and Hydralisk Den are some. Evolution Chamber upgrades ground unit 
attack damage and armor. Spawning Pool creates Zerglings. Spire upgrades air 
units and creates Scourges and Mutalisks. Greater Spire allows Guardian and 
Devourer mutations. Nydus Canals allows fast transport, no matter the distance. 
It can also be created on your opponents' creep.

Here are examples of Tactics taken from www.starcraft.org. Please note that it 
is modified a little bit.


This is a plain Lurker attack. This strategy can't be used against Zerg. It has 
many overlords. Burrow the Lurkers inside the Terran troops. 4 Lurker can kill 
almost any number of terran troops due to its ranged large area of attack.

 1. 1st to 6th Drones collect minerals 
 2. Get a Spawning Pool with 7th Drone
 3. Get a Dirty Quick Overlord. 
 4. 8th Drone transforms to Vespene Extractor 
 5. 6(~12) Zerglings. Use them in "Delaying Actions"
    *get zerglings for defense against protoss*
 6. 9-12th Drone goto gas 
 7. Make Lair, and 15th Drone mutates to Hydralisk Den 
 8. Build Hydralisks (and some Drones if there are plenty 
    of mineral patches) + Envloving Lurker Aspect then get 
    4 Lurker.
 9. Evolve the range upgrade for Hydra
10. Go attack them:
    Terran: No matter what defense he have, burrow in the longest range.
    Protoss: Burrow and ATTACK probes. Leave some lurker there, they'll want              
to expand. 

*******END OF EXCERPT********

B. Terran

Terran structures can be created anywhere. That gives them an edge. Defense for 
Terran consist of Missile Turrets, Bunkers, Siege Tanks and Goliaths. Here is a 
diagram for an ideal Terran defense.

         X M  M           M-Missile Turrets
==========B G  S G        B-Bunkers with 2 Marines and 2 Firebats each       
                 G  X     G-Goliaths
==========B G  S G        S-Siege Tank in Siege Mode
         X M  M           X-SCV (optional, for repairs)

Another defense system is the Blockade Fence Defensive Terran Tactic. In this 
tactic, the Supply Depots serve as fences that hinder all melee units like the 
Zealots and Ultralisks while having 4 Sige Tanks take care of all attacking 
units, whether it be melee or ranged. Missile Turrets serve as Anti-air 
strucutures, while Goliaths are added supports. Ghosts Lockdown Battlecruisers, 
Carriers and Arbiters. Science Vessel Defensive Matrix the Siege Tanks when 
necessary while the SCVs repairs them all. Medics heal damaged SCVs, and uses 
Restoration when needed (i.e., Parasite or Optic Flare). Here's a diagram:

         EXHM  M           M-Missile Turrets
==========000S0S G         0-Supply Depots
          000X0V G  X      G-Goliaths
==========000S0S G         S-Siege Tank in Siege Mode
         EXHM  M           X-SCV (optional, for repairs)
                           H-Ghosts (for Lockdown)
                           V-Science Vessel (for Defensive Matrix)

Marines and Medic combo is a sure way of offense and defense. Align 10-12 
Marines and 8-10 Medics behind them. Always attack with Medics around. Scatter 
cloaked Ghosts around in case big units come by.

Goliaths are great air defense units. Always place some near your peon line to 
protect yourself from Reaver Drops. 

Vultures are great for running past defense and attackin your opponents' peon 
line. Scatter Vulture Spider Mines around strategic spots of your base. They can 
also detect cloaked units (but they are not detectors). It will also prevent 
rushes from Marines, Dark Templars, Hydralisks and Zealots. 

Valkyrie works best in groups, so never have only one of them. Every base must 
have a Science Vessel. The Defense Matrix is very important and useful. Target 
your Medics and SCVs with them during an attack. The EMP Shockwave drains 
Protoss Shields and MP to 0. This can decloak units (except for Obsevers and 
Dark Templars) and stop Yamato Guns. Shield Batteries' shields and energy is 
drained in one shot. Archons and Dark Archons are very susceptible to them, 
because their primary health is their shields.

Battlecruisers are important in long games. Their Yamato Cannon can destroy many 
Missile Turrets and Spore Colonies in a few shots. Be careful for Lockdowns. One 
Lockdown can destroy it if other supporting units fire at it.

Siege Tanks are great defense units. With 70 base damage when in Siege mode, it 
can fire units in far distances. Siege Tanks work best when supported by Anti-
air and melee units, as well in high terrain.

Terrans are easiest to learn. Try the Marine rush for sure win. Same as the 
Zergling rush, Marine rush takes a little bit longer but is more useful. 

If you are willing, try the SCV rush. Attack with the four SCVs while the fifth 
one collects minerals. It usually works. For more detailed information on the 
SCV rush, e-mail me at alvinregan@yahoo.com. It goes like this:Three SCVs take 
on the five enemy peons while the fourth SCV does the repairs. Use the SCVs to 
lure away the peons to your base. If they follow you, then you are a sure 
winner. Always have at least one SCV mine, so that you will have money for 
repairing of your SCVs.

You can also use the Science Vessel-Battlecruiser combo. Two Science Vessels use 
the Defense Matrix to each other while one of them use it to the Battlecruiser. 
It is useless against Lockdown because with Lockdown, the Terrans have all the 
time to kill it.

Bunkers are great for defense, but they are even more effective when used 
offensively. Find enemy bases and build Bunkers around them. Place Marines and 
firebats in them, and use multiple SCVs to repair them. This works very well 
against the Zerg, and less so against Terran and Protoss due to Siege Tanks 
which can kill the Bunkers from a distance, and Zealots which can overpower the 

As usual, here are excerpts from www.starcraft.org.


Marine Drop 

1) 1st 4 scv on mineral patch
2) 4 more scv, 8 build supply depot
3) 2 more scv, should be done same time supply depot is
4) suppy depot scv build barracks
5) 10th scv builds refinary
6) 3 more scv
7) when 3rd scv is done build another supply depot
8) should have 13 scv now, build 1 more, then put him on factory, barracks 
should be done now, put that scv on a bunker, and build 5 marines
9) machine shop on facotory, scv that built it builds starport
10) 3 more scv,#1 build barracks, #2 builds academy, #3 build barracks
11)control tower on starport
12)pump out marines and 6 medics
13)build 3 dropships, fill them up with 6 marines and 2 medics apiece, and send 
them into a open spot in the guys base

That should do a lot of damage, because you have a lot of medics to heal all 
your marines, they normaly wipe out all their scv/probe/drone and get command 
center, a lot of the time they will take out their whole base. It also helps to 
build 4 tanks and research siege tech, and send the 4 tanks in front of their 
base and set them up, when those tanks start attacking, then unload the 
dropships. That is a good way to make sure that your drop takes out alot of 
important stuff.

Early Detection 

Try this to get early detection VS Dark Templars and/or Lurkers:

Step 1: Construct 7 or 8 SCVs at the beginning of the game. Save up 250 
minerals, then contruct a barrack. When the first SCV is going the the location 
to construct the barrack, send a second SCV to make one also (By then you should 
have 150 minerals after the 1st starts the barrack). 
Step 2: When you get 50 minerals, make an SCV. When it is done, send it 
immediately to make a supply depot. If you did it right, the first or second 
barrack should be done when the supply depot is. Next step is a bit tricky.
Step 3: (Continue with pumping out Marines and SCVs. Make supply depot's as 
necessary) Find a choke point near your base and construct 2 bunkers near it (I 
won't walk you through this one). When the SCV is done making the 2nd bunker, 
make an engineering bay. By now, you should have 12 or 13 SCVs working. Take one 
to make a refinery. Make 2 SCVs and send them to the refinery. Now, before you 
do that, set up a turret by EACH BUNKER YOU CURRENTLY HAVE. Try to have them a  
little farther out than the bunker to detect Lurkers.

********END OF EXCERPT********

C. Protoss

Protoss have shields which makes them harder to destroy. The Protoss are the 
most difficult race to become good at. Their units are very expensive compared 
to the other two races, but they possess the best units. 

Always have your important structures like the Gateway, Shield Batteries, Photon 
Cannons, Robotics Facilities, and Stargate powered by at least two Pylons. A 
poor example of structure alignment and power is the following diagram:

            X X X X         X-any structure
            X  P  X         P-Pylon
            X  X  X 

Only one Pylon supports a 9 other structures. Even if all those structures are 
Photon Cannons, 2-3 Yamato Guns will destroy the Pylon, then the Battlecruisers 
can safely destroy each and every unpowered structures. You must power your 
structures like these:

              X X X X X
               P P P P
              X X X X X
In this alignment, if all structures are Photon Cannons, and the enemy targets 
the Pylons, then you'll be able to destroy the attacking forces because the 
enemy has to destroy 4 Pylons before they totally leave you powerless.

Another great Protoss ability is that the race has 2 always cloaked units. One 
is the observer, small, stealthy, and is a detector. The other is the Dark 
Templar. High damage attacks, stealth and is able to merge into the most feared 
unit of them all, the Dark Archons. Why? Because of Mind Control. Period. 
Instead of killing your unit, what the Dark Archon does is Mind Control the unit 
and it is under your enemy's control.

Protoss is the only race where there is a possibility for you to control all 
three races at the same time, with the possibility of creating up to 800 units= 
Terran-200 units max, Protoss-200 units max, Zerg-400 units max (counting the 2 
Zerglings/Scourge per Supply). 

With Protoss, you can also make up your own attacking style. The combinations 
are endless and limitless. It can range to the simple to the complicated. Here 
are a few samples.

a. Zealot attacks/rush
Zealots, being the best and strongest basic ground unit of all Starcraft races 
is quite effective even in midgame. 

b. Carrier Sweep
Construct 12 Carriers with 8 Interceptors each. Then have them attack everything 
in site. You will be surprised how effective this is, especially against the 
dumb AI, wherein instead of aiming at the Carriers, they aim at the fast moving 
Interceptors! This is most useful against the Zergs, because with Terran, there 
is the Lockdown, and the Psionic Storm in the Protoss. Zerg's Plague is not a 
good counter, since they all have shields anyway. 
c. Reaver Drop
For midgame attacks, the Reaver Drop is one of the best offense. Construct a 
Shuttle and 2 Reavers with 10 Scarabs each. Run past defenders or try to zigzap 
past defenders and drop them straight between the peons and the main structure, 
provoded that the Reaver will be safe. Finish off all peons with the Reavers and 
start queuing up the Scarabs, then load them back up again (Reavers can 
construct Scarabs even when in Shuttles).  

d. You may also want to try the Carrier-Arbiter-Dark Archon attack. The Carrier 
attacks (with the interceptors), the Arbiter cloaks the two units, while the 
Dark Archon tries to Mind Control a peon while a Shuttle stands by. I do this 
every time and it never fails. Sometimes I also add a Corsair to the combo to 
protect the Dark Archon, but it is seldom needed unless there are a lot of 
defenders, say Bunkers.

e. The Corsair-Scout combo is a common attack scheme. The Corsair takes out air 
based defense structures with the Disruption Web while the Scouts take out the 
ground based ones (Sunken Colony/Siege Tanks/Bunkers/Photon Cannons) or the 
airbased ones themselves (Photon Cannons/Spore Colonies/Missile Turrets)while a 
group of Zealots attack.

f. A sure way of winning is the Arbiter Surprise Attack Deluxe. Have Corsairs 
Disruption web defense structures while have an Arbiter run past them near the 
peon line. Stasis field annoying units and recall an already compressed attack 
group (4 Reavers with 12 Zealots around it, Stacked Carriers on top of them, and 
4 Shuttles with Dark and High Templars, and at least one Dark Archon). It's 
almost impossible to lose once you are able to execute this. Also you may try 
the Arbiter Warp Attack. Have an Arbiter run past defenses to the peon line and 
warp up some Dark Templars, High Templars and Zealots. Have the High Templars 
Psionic Storm the peon line and Hallucinate the Arbiter. Dark Templars can take 
the Commamd Center/Hatchery/Nexus. Zealots can take care of the defenders.

Always have the Observer around when attacking or scouting for base expansions. 
Their mobile detector and permanent cloaking status makes them very ideal in any 

Have a few Dark Templars near your base entrance to take out attackers without 
detectors. Dark Archons are much better near your base and Shield Batteries. Try 
to Mind Control units worth Mind Controlling, like Battlecruisers, SCVs or 
Drones, Carriers or Arbiters. Better yet, Mind Control other Dark Archons. Be 
careful not to Mind Control Hallucinations. High Templars are for defense, while 
Archons are better for attacking. But once the Archons' shields are drained, be 
sure to have a Shuttle on standby to take the Archon to the nearest Shield 

Do not waste your money on unworthy investments. Avoid making too many Arbiters, 
unless necessary. You must also anticipate opponent's plans. Avoid giving too 
much time to offense that you forget that your opponents may also be trying to 
do the same thing. Then, if your opponent attacks first, then you are a loser. 
Use Dark Templars to scout for possible base expansions.

When scouting for the enemy base, hallucinate/Mind Control critters, especially 
flying ones like Kakarus from Twilight maps. Then have them fly near the base of 
your opponent. Also, you may also try the Decoyed Attack. This works best 
against the computer or any opponent without defense structures. Have 12 strong 
ground units, let's say Ulralisks (it can also be Dragoons or Dark Templars. 
Hallucinate them then attack using the Hallucinations. Lure the defending units 
away from their base, and have the real units attack. 

Also note that Dark Templars are very effective against Marines, the reason is 
they can take a Marine in one slash. So be sure to have some around the base. 

A great attack scheme involves Siege Tanks, Arbiters, and High Templars. Fly 
over an Arbiter then warp in 4 Siege Tanks in Siege Mode and 2 or more High 
Templars. Hallucinate all four to serve as decoys. Note that in computer 
opponent, even if the Hallucinated Siege Tanks fires at any unit, the unit will 
retreat even if it didn't receive damage. This tactic is great, and is an 
almost-never-to-fail strategy. 

One more thing is that if you are attacking a Terran base and you have all three 
races and decent amount of resources, it is better to use Zerg. This is simply 
because Lockdown is ineffective. You may say that the Zergs can be cast with 
Irradiate, but at least while the big unit is Irradiated, it can still attack. 
When the unit is Lockdowned, it is practically useless. Or, if you want you may 
attack with Protoss and Terran, and have an Arbiter in your base to Recall 
Lockdowned or Psionic Stormed units.

Psionic Storm is a great defense against stacked attackers like Battlecruisers, 
Carriers, Arbiters with Cloaking units, Guardians, Mutalisks, Devourers and 
others. To counter it, be sure to attack in different directions, but attacking 
the same target. Or, you may opt to target the High Templars with Spawn 

Another use of Hallucinations is the Scout/Archon Hallucinations. Have a Scout 
hallucination attack any defense structure then have the real Scout attack. Be 
sure to constantly hallucinate it. You will be surprised that even a single 
scout can take on all defense structures without dying.

The excerpt from www.starcraft.org is as follows:


Corsair Rush

Uses: Large island maps

Although it sounds rather absurd to rush a player with corsairs, this is a very 
limited strategy, but almost a sure win against any zerg player if executed 
correctly. It only works on island maps because it involves a total tech jump to 
3 corsairs. 3 corsairs can find any player on the map within 1 minute if used 
properly. If this tactic is tried on a land map, although I have pulled it on a 
newbie, it probably won't work. Here is the basic build order and usage of the 
corsair rush: Probes 1-7 Mine minerals in the most efficient way possible. While 
probe 8 is 1/2 way completed, construct a Pylon, as this is the best possible 
way to accumulate minerals. Keep building probes until 1 probe is in the process 
of being constructed, and 150 mineral is accumulated. This will happen at 9 
probes if you did well at gathering in the beginning. Use this 150 to warp in 
your gateway, while keeping up the steady production of probes thoughout the 
process. While never missing the warping of a probe, build an Assimilator when 
100 mineral is reached. When the gateway is finished warping, build a 
cybernetics core as soon as possible, however not prioritized over the 
construction of probes. Make sure 3 probes are put on your Assimilator as soon 
as it is complete. If this is done correctly, the cybernetics core will finish 
warping in when you have about 250/150 min and gas. This is just enough to get 
your stargate warping in. Keep in mind that you have not warped in any 
zealots/Dragoons quite yet, since a zerg drop is not a threat for quite awhile. 
Keep your gas spending to a minimum by warping only 1 or 2 dragoons, but make 
sure Corsairs are always top priority. Send each Corsair out to scout the map as 
efficiently as possible, using SHIFT-right click to queue between the various 
starting locations on your island map. When you find their base, 95% of the 
time, you will see them just beginning the constuction of a spire, as they try 
to execute a muta rush while getting a quick island expansion. Since very few 
build hydralisks, you can go in for the quick kill on all their overlords (they 
should have 3-4 at this point) to severely slow down their unit production. Even 
if they have their spire by now, they will not have enough control to mutate 
their mutas, buying you an extra 1 minute in the game, while they scrable to 
mutate more overlords. Try to attack the overlords with 3 corsairs when the 
lords are in a cluster, since Corsairs have nice splash damage. This will force 
the zerg player who you know everything about at this point, and they have not 
even seen your base yet to do one of three things...

1) Construct hydras to protect their overlords
2) Make spore colonies
3) Wait it out and get mutalisks

Either way, the zerg opponent is slowed down to the extent that a perfect reaver 
drop can be executed, of which SHOULD have been in construction while you were 
destroying the zerg lords. Very few zerg players can defeat this strategy if 
they don't know that it was coming, and even in the few cases that it fails for 
various reasons, you still know where their base is, which makes the corsair 
rush a great opening move for large island maps.

*********END OF EXCERPT*********



These are for people who don't want to learn Starcraft the hard way. It is 
recommended to use cheats only if you have already played Starcraft well enough 
or if you are stuck. I only cheat when I'm using Protoss, because it is fun when 
you Mind Control all those units. Note that Power Overwhelming nullifies all 
damages made by the computer. This means that if you nuke your own base, expect 
your base to crumble. This also means that in Free for All game modes, the 
Computer cannot hurt another computer also. Plague won't work either. Something 
for nothing should also be typed thrice, because all in all there are three 
levels of upgrades. I really don't see the use of noglues. Try them yourself.

black sheep wall                Shows entire map without fog of war 
breathe deep                    Free 500 vespene gas
food for thought                Ability to build units beyond the supply 	
game over man                   Makes you lose (useful?)
medieval man                    Gives free upgrades to units
modify the phase variance       Ability to build any building regardless of 	
noglues                         Enemy can't use magic 
operation cwal                  Speeds up building and upgrading time
ophelia                         Type ophelia then press enter, then type in 	
			        any mission name to warp (ex. terran6, for                                                                                                   
Brood War type x before the level. ex.                                                                                                       
power overwhelming              God Mode
show me the money               Gives you 10,000 mineral and gas points 
something for nothing           Gives all available upgrades (type thrice)
staying alive                   You will not be able to complete the mission 	
		              you are on
the gathering                   Unlimited casting ability
there is no cow level           Completes the mission you are on
war aint what it used to be     Disables fog of war
whats mine is mine              Free 500 minerals


1. You can move the Terran Command Center closer to the minerals by lifting of 
the command center then while landing it press shift-s-m.

2. Create Mutalisks without the Spire: You must have zerglings and at least one 
hidralisk with lurker aspect. Group the zergling units in one group then the 
hydralisk in another. Press alt-l and the zergling unit hotkey then alt-l and 
the hydralisk unit alternately and rapidly.

According to my friends, there are more cheats like:

a. After Nuking, 12 Marines will appear under your control.
b. A Burrowing Nexus!
c. A drone that can walk from low to high ground.

If anybody knows how they are done, please do e-mail me at alvinregan@yahoo.com. 
You will be properly acknowledged.


If and you decide to cheat, do not use all of the cheats. Power Overwhelming is 
one of the cheats you shouldn't use. Why? Because it nullifies enemy's attacks, 
and does not make you invincible. Thus, some spells will also not affect your 
opponent, like Plague. A great relaxing play with cheats are the following:

operation cwal
the gathering
medieval man
modify the phase variance
food for thought
something for nothing (type thrice)
black sheep wall
show me the money

With all these cheats...:

1. Zerg- You only need Hatcheries. You don't need to construct the other 
structures. Optional structures are:
a. Nydus Canal
b. Creep/Sunken/Spore Colony
c. Lair/Hive (Greater max HP)

2. Terran- You only need Command Centers, Barracks, Starport, and Factory. 
Optional structures are:
a. Missile Turrets
b. Bunkers
c. Comsats/Nuke Silos

3. Protoss- You only need Nexus, Gateway, Stargate, Pylons and Robotics 
Facility. Optional structures are:
a. Photon Cannon
b. Shield Batteries 

For insane attacks, construct a hundred zerglings and attack at the same time 
(Zerg), construct 12-15 Carriers with 8 Interceptors each, or 20 Siege Tanks, 
then attack.



These are letters e-mailed to me regarding my FAQ Version 1.00. All these 
letters are replied individually and are put on purpose that some has tips and 
suggestions. Also, I would like to thank those who e-mailed me regarding the SCV 
Rush. They are: Byungwook Jeon, Duong Thanh Loc, and MrWon8@aol.com.

1. From: Kaminari11@aol.com
   Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 22:04:37 EDT 
I was reading your FAQ's thing the other day and ran across the SCV
rush thing. It sounds interesting, so can you please send me details?

Another thing, I have developed a Protoss strategy that works pretty well: 
Early on in the game, you rush a Probe over to the enemy base and build an 
Extractor on their Vespene geyser. It will slow down their Vespense collection 
considerably, and you can build up your base while they are
still tearing down your geyser. It gives a significant advantage in
Just thought I'd like to share this with you...


I have already replied to his letter, and I would like to thank him for his tip. 
I tried it, and it really works!



2. From: "Alex Qian" <aqian@kvs.com>
   Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 21:34:23 -0400
Hi there,
   Thanks for the excellent FAQ on SB. I have a question, how do I get
the "free for all mode"? Thanks in advance.



Thanks Alex! The Free for all mode is included in the Brood War CD. Which means 
as long as you have Brood War, you have the Free for All mode.



3. From: sandoval@info.com.ph
   Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 20:19:41 +0800
dear alvin,

i saw in your starcraft broodwar that there was no cheats there are 2
which i actually know of they are with the terran w/c is to move the command
center closer to the minerals by lifting of the command center then while
landing it press shift-s-m.

another one is with the zerg trick here u create mutalisks even w/o the
spire. do you know anything about it?  all i know about is that you must
have zergling units and at least one hidralisk with lurker aspect. what you do 
is you group the zergling units in one group then the hydralisk in another then 
you press alt-l and the zergling unit hotkey then alt-l and
the hydralisk unit alternately and rapidly once u get the hang of it it
will be easy....i think this only works in multi-player games. so can u pls. 
reply to me about anything u know about this.




I have already replied elmo's letter. It is he who shared with me the 
multiplayer cheats. Thanks again!




First, this must be done in a small map against a computer opponent. You must 
know where your opponent is at the start of the map. Attack AT ONCE with the 
SCVs. Construct another one at the same time. When you reach your opponent's 
base, LURE his SCVs away toward your base. Computer AI WILL FOLLOW YOU. While 
this is happening, your 5th SCV must be up and running, and mining. Construct 
another SCV. When you and your opponent reach your base, attack with all your 
SCVs, while ONE SCV REPAIR the OTHER SCVs. You must be quick and this takes 
practice, but you'll eventually learn how to do it. After that, leave one SCV 
behind mining while attacking the rest. This should disrupt your opponent rather 
quickly and you'll win the match quickly.



The Campaign Editor allows you to do your own scenarios and is very great tool 
for real Starcraft fans. 

I will give an example for you so that you can understand it better.

First you need to go to File then New. Select the size. Selecting Square Map 
means the map is a square. Deselect it if you want a rectangle one. Then choose 
the type of terrain. The default terrain means that will be the temporary 
terrain used in the whole map. Select 64, Badlands, then Dirt.

Customize your map. Add rocks, high terrains, doodads and more. Then choose 
Player 1 in the left folders. Select start location and place it in the top left 
corner of the map. Then select Command Center, and place it on top of the Start 
Location. Place Minerals and Vespene Gas near it. Then place 4-5 SCVs near the 
Command Center. That's for Base Number 1.

For Base Number 2, do the same thing, this time on the bottom right, and 
selecting Player 2 in the left folders instead of Player 1.

And now we are going to incorporate triggers in this map. How? I will give an 
example in this map. Place a water barrier in the center of the map.

Then go to Layer, then select Location. Scroll to Base 1 and click on the top 
left. Then drag it in such a way that the whole Base 1 including minerals and 
Vespene gas is covered. Doulbe Click and a pop up menu will appear. Name it 
Player 1 Red Terran Base.

Do the same in the other Base, naming it Player 2 Blue Zerg Base. Then go to the 
center water barrier, and do the same. Cover the whole water area (it will be 
long and narrow, naming it to "Death Water".

Now we can use the triggers. What are triggers? They are like a switch. When 
something happens (condition), it will cause another thing to happen (action). 

Go to Scenario, then Triggers. Click on New. It will ask you the players for 
whom the triggers will be executed, or done. Check "All players", then Next. You 
will be asked to select conditions. Click on New, because there are none. There 
are many types here, but for our example, select Bring.

On the bottom window, there are blue text called variables. These represent 
changeable things, like the players for example. Click on Player, and select 
current player, then ok. Click quantity, choose at least 1 then ok. Click unit, 
then any unit, then ok. Click on Location, the choose "Death Water", then ok. 
Click ok again, then Next. We are off to the action screen.

Note that our condition is "If current player brings at least 1 any unit to the 
location of "Death Water"..."

On the Actions screen, select new. Again there are many to choose from. This 
time, select Kill units at location. I presume you know now how to change the 
variables so change the variables like this: Kill all any unit for current 
player at location Death Water. Then ok.

Wait, before you click next, let me tell you something first. Triggers work only 
once per game. That means, if this trigger is triggered, it won't trigger 
anymore for the rest of the game. In this trigger of ours, we need it to 
preserve the trigger for the rest of the game. So, click on New again, and 
choose Preserve Trigger. No variables, so click ok. This time, click finish.

Note that our actions is "Kill all any unit for current player at Death Water, 
preserve this trigger". Our completed trigger is this: "If current player brings 
at least 1 any unit to the location of Death Water, kill all any unit for 
current player at Death Water, preserve this trigger".

Now we are back to the first screen. Choose another new trigger. This time this 
is only for Player 2, the computer opponent. Conditions: Always. Action: Run AI 
script at Location. This action makes the computer build their own base at your 
controlled level of difficulty. Without this, your opponent will not move at 
all. Variables Set like this: Execute AI Script Expansion Zerg Campaign Medium 
at Location Player 2 Blue Zerg Base. This means that your Zerg opponent will 
build their base at the Location player 2 Blue Zerg Base in medium difficulty, 
creating units included in the Brood war EXPANSION set. Gets??? Ok, now go back.

Click close. Now go to Player, then settings. Since we have only two players, 
have player 1 to be human, while choose computer for player 2. Now go back to 
Scenario, then Forces. Forces are allied groups. Humans cannot go with the same 
force as computers, so DRAG player 2 to force 2. Click ok (it is in the bottom 
left of the screen, if you cannot see it, then minimize the toolbar). You can 
also change the mission briefings and all, but they're not that important. So 
now, save your work.
Play Starcraft, choose your map, use map settings then play the game. Build your 
base, then try to cross the water barrier. What happens??? The UNIT DIED!!! That 
means, our trigger is in effect. Now do you know what triggers are? Of course, 
you can't possibly play the game because any unit crossing the map will die. 
This is easy to do. Just shorten the Location Cover of Death Water. Then save 
your work again, and play happily!

If you still do not get it, e-mail me at alvinregan@yahoo.com.



1. www.game-revolution.com for the cheats
2. John Miaso's FAQ for the use of spells (Parasite, EMP Shockwave...)
3. www.battle.net for some terms and strategy (Reaver drop...)
4. Chocolate and Ikaw-Pamangkin(my inspiration)
5. Elmo (sandoval@info.com.ph) for the Brood War Cheats, and all others who e-
mailed me.
6. www.starcraft.org
7. Thanks to a certain WsAzN895@aol.com who notified of an oversight

For complete building and unit details, check out John Miaso's FAQ-very complete 
and detailed. Also another great FAQ is the Expert Guide by Rudiyanto N.

No part of this FAQ may be copied without my written consent. This FAQ can only 
be found in www.gamefaqs.com and hello.to/alvs.
This work is protected under UN Law of Copyright Segment 2 Verse 49, which 
"All countries belonging to the United Nations must follow the Internet Anti-
Plagiarism Law...anybody caught will be punished under his nation's 

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