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FAQ by JShi

Version: 0.4 | Updated: 04/17/1999

Jin Shi's Starcraft: Brood War FAQ
Version 0.4
Created on April 2, 1999

This FAQ was created and maintained by me, Jin Shi, and everything on 
this FAQ I claim. If there is some part of this FAQ that you want to 
use for your own FAQ and/or home page, please contact me at 
s_jin@hotmail.com and I will either give you or not give you my 
consent to use any part of my FAQ. 

The Table of Contents:
I.  The Version History
II.  The Introduction
III.  The Terran Structures
IV.  The Terran Units
V.  The Zerg Structures
VI.  The Zerg Units
VII.  The Protoss Structures
VIII.  The Protoss Units
IX.  Miscellaneous Information
X.  The Credits

Section 1:	The Version History

Version 0.1		Created
April 2, 1999	Made the Table of Contents
			Started Sections Version History, 
Introduction and Credits

Version 0.2		Added More to the Introduction (YOU NEED TO 
April 3, 1999	Started "Terran Structures" Section

Version 0.3		Finished "Terran Structures" Section
April 5, 1999	Started the "Terran Units" Section

Version 0.4		Finished "Terran Units" Section
April 17, 1999	

Section 2:	The Introduction

In this game, three interstellar races compete for peace and control 
of other lands and/or planets. The three races are the Terran, Zerg 
and Protoss. The Terrans are human and have human like attitudes and 
weaponry. The Zerg are savage and wild creatures. It is said that the 
Terrans are trying to breed them so they can be used on their 
enemies. The Protoss is the highest evolution on the evolutionary 
chart. They think both the Terran and the Zerg are lower than they 

This has got to be, in my opinion, is one of the best games ever made 
for the computer. If you have some experience playing with Warcraft 
and/or Command and Conquer, then this game shouldn't be hard for you 
to learn how to play. This game is more like Warcraft, however, 
because the same Computer Company, Blizzard, made it. So now, please 
enjoy the rest of my FAQ.

**** Please note some things about this FAQ. First of all, this FAQ 
assumes that you know how to select units and tell them what to do. 
Second of all, all information for this FAQ is based on the 1.05 
version of Brood War. Please take these things into mind when you 
ready this FAQ. Thank You! ****

Section 3:	The Terran Structures

One special note about Terran Structures is that the fact that some 
of them can lift up and literally fly through the air. You can 
transport them over water and to other places. Just watch out for 
enemy air units. Also, when a Terran building gets into the red zone, 
the building will start to lose life even though there is no one 
attacking it. Your SCV's can repair these burning structures, though.

Cost: How much minerals and/or vespene gas it takes to create this 
HP: How much life the building has
Units: What units can now be created because of this structure
If I don't put anything after the unit name, then it can be built at 
the building it is placed under.
Add Ons: Any special add-on that can be made 
Requirements: Any requirement that lets you build the building
Options: Anything else this building allows you to do

After all that, there will be a little description of this building 
and all its uses and, of course, my own personal opinion.

The Basic Buildings are in the first part, the Advanced Building then 
come later, and last, the Add-Ons will be featured in towards the 
back. Please note that only Terrans have buildings that can get these 
specials add-ons.

Basic Buildings:

Command Center
Cost: 400 Minerals
HP: 1500
Units: SCV
Add-Ons: Comsat Station (Needs a Academy)
   Nuclear Silo (Needs a Science Facility with Covert Ops)
Requirements: None
Options: None

This is the basic base for the Terrans. The SCV's are made here and 
it supplies 10 supply units. This is one of the many mobile Terran 
buildings so you can move around.

Supply Depot
Cost: 100 Minerals
HP: 500
Units: None
Add-Ons: None
Requirements: None
Options: None

This provides Terrans with 10 extra supply units. You will need to 
build these if you want to attack a lot. If you decide to build them 
really close together, watch out because if and enemy Terran decides 
to nuke them, then you are really knee deep in... well, you know.

Cost: 100 Minerals
HP: 750
Units: None
Add-Ons: None
Requirements: None
Options: None

This is what you build over Vespene Geysers so that you can harvest 
gas. If you send your SCV to build one, it will automatically start 
to harvest the Vespene Gas inside. 

Cost: 150
HP: 1000
Units: Marine
	 Firebat (Needs a Academy)
	 Ghost (Needs a Science Facility with Covert Ops)
	 Medic (Needs an Academy)
Add-Ons: None
Requirements: Command Center
Options: None

This is where the first ground troops of the Terrans come. They are 
really useful and dangerous if you attack and large numbers with 
plenty of medics. The medics will always be healing your ground 
troops and they will be nearly invincible. If you have time and the 
resources, build more that one barrack so you can churn out more 
troops at one time.

Engineering Bay
Cost: 125 Minerals
HP: 850
Units: None
Add-Ons: None
Requirements: Command Center
Options: Upgrade Infantry Weapons (Lv 2 needs an Science Facility)
	   Upgrade Infantry Armor (Lv 2 needs an Science Facility)

Infantry upgrades are made here. Infantry is every unit that can be 
made at the Barracks. If you plan to use a lot of bunkers for base 
defenses, mainly upgrade the infantry weapons. If you plan to launch 
an offensive attack and you have enough resources, you should evenly 
upgrade both infantry armor and weapons. In a later version, I will 
add the prices for all these upgrades.

Missile Turrets
Cost: 100 Minerals
HP: 200
Units: None
Add-Ons: None
Requirements: Engineering Bay
Options: Attacks air units with attack of 20

This is the main air defense for Terrans. It is pretty good but 
Protoss has the best air defense. It launches rockets with pretty 
good speed and they do 20 damage each. They should be made kind of 
close together because sometimes only one can reach the enemy air 

Cost: 200 Minerals
HP: 600
Units: Firebat (Built at the Barracks)
	 Medic (Built at the Barrack)
Add-Ons: None
Requirements: Barracks
Options: U-238 Shells (Increases marine attack range)
	   Stimpack Tech (Marine and Firebat ability)
	   Restoration (Medic ability)
	   Optical Flare (Medic ability)
	   Caduceau Reactor (+50 Medic MP energy)

This is a very essential building if you plan to launch infantry 
offensives because the best infantry unit, the Medic, can be build 
once you build a Academy. Also, some good Medic abilities can be 
researched here. In a further version of this FAQ, I will give more 
information on each ability that can be researched and give the costs 
of them, too.

Cost: 100 Minerals
HP: 350
Units: None
Add-Ons: None
Requirements: Barracks
Options: Housing the Terran Infantry

This is a very good base defense structure that you will want to 
build. It will house Terran Marine, Medics, Ghosts, Firebats and 
SCV's. It also gives your troops more armor so they can shell it out 
but and won't get any back. You should also have an SCV nearby so 
that they can repair it once it gets damaged. What I like to do is to 
build some Missile Turrets near the Bunkers for added air defense. 
Also, don't forget that Missile Turrets detectors so you can see 
cloaked units and have your infantry in the bunkers destroy them.

Advanced Structures:

Cost: 200 Minerals, 100 Gas
HP: 1250
Units: Vulture
	 Siege Tanks (Needs the Machine Shop)
	 Goliaths (Needs the Machine Shop and Armory)  
Add-Ons: Machine Shop
Requirements: Factory
Options: None

This is where the Terran vehicles are made. They each have their 
really good and bad points. You need the Machine Shop to get the 
better ground vehicles. Siege Tanks are especially good because of 
their two modes, each with its good and bad points. You will learn of 
these in the Terran Units section of this FAQ.

Cost: 150 Minerals, 100 Gas
HP: 1300
Units: Wraith
	Dropship (Needs the Control Tower)
	Science Vessel (Needs the Science Facility)
	Battlecruiser (Needs the Control Tower, Science Facility w/ 
Physics Labs
Valkyrie Frigate (Needs Control Tower and Armory)
Add-Ons: Control Tower
Requirements: Factory
Options: None

This is where all the Terran air units are produced. You will need to 
build the Control Tower if you want the better air units like the 

Science Facility
Cost: 150 Minerals, 250 Gas
HP: 1500
Units: Science Vessel (Built at the Starport)
Add-Ons: Physics Lab
	   Covert Ops
Requirements: Starport
Options: Research EMP Shockwave (Science Vessel ability)
	   Research Irradiate (Science Vessel ability)
         Research Titan Reactor (+50 Science Vessel energy)

This is a good structure to build. It allows you to build the Science 
Vessel, the best mobile detector in the game. It let's you research 
really good abilities for the Science Vessel.

Cost: 100 Minerals, 50 Gas
HP: 750
Units: None
Add-Ons: None
Requirements: Factory
Options: Upgrade Vehicle Weapons
	   Upgrade Vehicle Plating
	   Upgrade Air Unit Weapons
	   Upgrade Air Unit Plating

This, in my opinion, is the best structure to build for Terran. A lot 
of units depend on this building and all the good upgrades are found 
here. Build more than one armory because the upgrade process is 
really slow and you will want more that one is you want to have more 
the one upgrade at the same time.


Comsat Station
Cost: 50 Minerals, 50 Gas
HP: 500
Units: None
Add-Ons: None
Requirements: Academy
Options: Comsat Sweep

This is a very useful add-on to build for Terrans. It allows fast and 
easy scanning of any section of the map that you have not been to 
yet. Also, you can see cloaked units with this sweep. I would highly 
recommend you build this so you can do some fast and easy searching 
for the enemy base.

Nuclear Silo
Cost:100 Minerals, 100 Gas
HP: 600
Units: None
Add-Ons: None
Requirements: Science Facility w/ Covert Ops
Options: Arm Nuke

This is the other add-on for the Command Center. Remember, only one 
add-on may be added to a structure so if you want both the Nuke Silo 
and the Comsat Station, you will need to build two Command Centers. 
The Nuke itself costs 200 Minerals, 200 Gas and it uses up 8 supply 
units. I think it is worth it, though. The damage a Nuke is HUGE! A 
tip for this is to target between multiple structures so that they 
will all be damaged. 

Machine Shop
Cost:50 Minerals, 50 Gas
HP: 500
Units: None
Add-Ons: None
Requirements: Factory
Options: Ion Thrusters (Increased Vulture Speed)
	   Spider Mine Tech (Vulture Ability)
	   Siege Tech (Siege Tank Ability)
	   Charon Boosters (Increased Goliath Missile Range)

This has two of the best upgrades in the game, Siege Tech and Charon 
Boosters. The Siege Tech allows Siege Tanks to go into Siege Mode at 
the press of a button. It this mode, their firepower is 3 times as 
strong. However, in this mode, Siege Tanks become stationary and 
can't hit units that are too close too them. Charon Booster is also 
very useful. If you have researched this, your Goliath's missile 
range will have been increased big time. The Ion Thrusters are useful 
if you like vultures but I never use them. Spider Mines is actually a 
handy thing to have. Each vulture will get three and only three. If a 
n enemy units gets too close, they will pop out of the ground, go 
right for the enemy unit and blow up. They do a good 125 damage each 
and they have the splash effect which means that it can also damage 
units around it too. But be careful because they could be YOUR units.

Control Tower
Cost: 50 Minerals, 50 Gas
HP: 500
Units: Dropship (Built at Starport)
	 Battlecruiser (Built at Starport)
	 Valkyrie (Built at Starport)
Add-Ons: None
Requirements: Starport
Options: Cloaking Field (Wraith Ability)
	   Apollo Reactor (+50 Wraith Energy)

Always make sure that you build this. If you don't, you get no access 
to all the all the other good air units that the Terran have at their 
disposal. The Cloaking Field should be researched so that Wraiths can 
cloak. Watch out for detectors, though. 

Covert Ops
Cost: 50 Minerals, 50 Gas
HP: 750
Units: Ghosts (Built at the Barracks)
Add-Ons: None
Requirements: Science Facility
Options: Ocular Implants (Increase ghost sight)
	   Personal Cloaking (Ghost Ability)
	   Lockdown (Ghost Ability)
	   Moebius Reactor (+50 Ghost Energy)

All the upgrades for the Ghosts are made here. If you plan on making 
and using Nukes, you had better research some of these upgrades. You 
need Cloaking so that you can get through some enemy units and get 
Lockdown to stop some of the enemy vehicles that come toward you. 
Ocular Implants is a okay thing to have but I almost never research 
it unless I have some money to waste but it is use full in some ways. 

Physics Lab
Costs: 50 Minerals, 50 Gas
HP: 600
Units: Battlecruiser (Built at the Starport)
Add-Ons: None
Requirements: Science Facility
Options: Yamato Cannon (Battlecruiser Ability)
	   Colossus Reactor (+50 Battlecruiser Evergy)

This is the building if you want to all powerful Battlecruiser. It is 
a really good air unit because it does the same damage to both the 
ground and air units. The Yamato Cannon is also very dangerous for 
the enemy if you have it. Use it, and you Battlecruiser charges up 
and shoots a missile of energy that does about 250 damage. 

Section 3: Terran Units

Terran units have the ability to be healed to full health. For the 
Terran ground and air units, use can use a SCV to repair them. For 
the Terran Infantry, you can use a Medic and it will heal them up. 

Cost: How much the units costs
HP: The life of the unit
MP: The energy this unit has, if any
Supply: How many supply units this unit uses
Weapon: Guess what this means
Ground Attack: If any, how much
Air Attacks: If any, how much
Options: If this unit has any special abilities

Like the Terran Structures Section, after every unit, there will be a 
small description of that unit and my own personal opinion.

Terran Infantry

Cost: 50 Minerals
HP: 60
MP: None
Supply: 1 unit
Weapon: Fusion Cutter
Ground Attack: 5
Air Attack: None
Options: None

This is the basic unit for Terrans. It does all the collecting of 
minerals and gases. I would suggest 5 SCV's for gathering minerals, 2 
for gathering gas and 2 or 3 for building/repairing units and 
structures. This is all in all a pretty useful unit.

Cost: 50 Minerals
HP: 40
MP: None
Supply: 1 Unit
Weapon: Gauss Rifle
Ground Attack: 6
Air Attack: Less that 6
Options: Stim Pack

This is a pretty good infantry unit to have. Build them always in 
bulk and have a medic to heal them up. You can rush with these units 
and they will kick some butt. The best thing to do is to have 
marines, firebats and medics and attacking an enemy force. The Stim 
Pack is an okay thing to have. It takes off 10 HP when you use it but 
the marines fire twice as fast and they do more damage. 

Cost: 50 Minerals, 25 Gas
HP: 50
MP: None
Supply: 1 unit
Weapon: Flame-thrower
Ground Attack: 16
Air Attack: None
Options: Stimpack

This is a great unit to complement the marine. Even though it’s a 
close in fighter, it does a lot of damage and I have found this unit 
to be VERY useful against the Zerg. I would say if you were going to 
attack with infantry hordes, make 1 firebat for every 3 or 4 marines 
that you make. Like the marines, the firebat has the ability of using 
the Stim Pack Tech. The firebats now become stronger and shoot a 
little faster but, like the marine, the stimpack will take off 10 

Cost: 50 Minerals, 25 Gas
HP: 60
MP: 200
Supply: 1 Units
Weapon: Healing
Ground Attack: None
Air Attack: None
Options: Heal
	   Optical Flare

This is a great new unit for the Terrans. It makes infantry attacks 
stronger and lasts longer. Always build at least 2 medics because if 
one gets damaged, the other one can heal the other one. Restoration 
is useful because it takes mechanical units out of lockdown. Optical 
Flare is also very useful. It blinds the unit you use it on. This 
means that the unit can only see what is directly in front of it. 
It’s useful on detectors and cloaked units. If you use a Optical 
Flare on a unit that can cloak, it can never cloak again.

Cost: 25 Minerals, 75 Gas
HP: 45
MP: 200
Supply: 1 Unit
Weapon: C-10 Canister Rifle 
Ground Attack: 10
Air Attack: 10
Options: Cloak
	   Nuclear Missiles

This is a really good unit to have. The ghost is the only ground unit 
that can cloak. If you plan to use Nukes, get these units and 
research the personal cloaking for ghosts so you can get past some of 
the enemy units and then just use the nuke. Lockdown is pretty 
useful. It paralyzes mechanical units and they can’t move or attack. 
It is really useful if enemies are attacking with Reavers or Siege 

Cost: 75 Minerals
HP: 80
MP: None
Supply: 2 Supply Units
Weapon: Fragmentation Grenade
Ground Attack: 20
Air Attack: None
Options: Spider Mines

I would only build this unit if I intended to use Spider Mines. They 
are okay when they attack but they suck compared to their other 
counterparts. Spider Mines do 125 damage each and they have splash 
damage. Each Vulture only gets 3 Spider Mines and they can never 

Siege Tanks
Cost: 150 Minerals, 100 Gas
HP: 150
MP: None
Supply: 2
Weapon: Tank Mode: Arclite Cannon
	  Siege Mode: Arclite Shock Cannon 
Ground Attack: Tank Mode: 30
		   Siege Mode: 70
Air Attack: None in both modes
Options: Siege Mode

This is probably Terran’s best ground unit. It is extremely powerful 
and has many uses. As you can see, it is highly powerful when in 
Siege Mode. This is a very good unit to have when guarding bases. 
However, when a tank is in Siege Mode, it is stationary and it can’t 
move. Also, if an enemy unit is too close to the Siege Tank in Siege 
Mode, the tank cannot fire at it. If the tank is in regular Tank 
Mode, then it can move at hit the enemy no matter how close they are. 
The only problem is that they are weaker in this mode than they were 
in the other mode.

Cost: 100 Minerals, 50 Gas
HP: 125
MP: None
Supply: 2 supply units
Weapon: Ground - Twin Autocannons
	  Air - Hellfire Missile Pack
Ground Attack: 12
Air Attack: 20
Options: None

This is a good unit to compliment the Siege Tank. It has very good 
air attack capabilities which will protect the Siege Tanks. However, 
they are very fidgety. I find myself using the "Hold Position" 
command a lot when I have Goliaths. Charon Boosters is the best 
because it increases the Goliath's missile range and you can now hit 
air units even quicker. 

The Air Units

Cost: 150 Minerals, 100 Gas
HP: 120
MP: 200
Supply: 2 units
Weapon: Ground - Burst Laser
	  Air - Gemini Missiles 
Ground Attack: 8
Air Attack: 20
Options: Cloak

This is an all around good air unit to have. Wraith's are kind of 
worthless unless you research cloaking field for them. A horde of 
them can do damage when cloaked. Just watch out for detector units so 
they will not get damaged. 

Cost: 100 Minerals, 100 Gas
HP: 200
MP: None
Supply: 2 supply units
Weapon: None
Ground Attack: None
Air Attack: None
Options: Transport units

This is a good unit to have because you can transport your units 
around with it. It's the same as an Overlord but better than a 

Science Vessel
Cost: 25 Minerals, 300 Gas
HP: 200
MP: 200
Supply: 2 supply units
Weapon: None
Ground Attack: None
Air Attack: None
Options: Defense Matrix
	   EMP Blast

This is the best detector unit in the game in my opinion. Not only is 
it an detector, it also helps against the Protoss, Zerg and Terran. 
Defense Matrix is a temporary shield for the unit you chose to use it 
on. Every hit takes one hit point away from the shield until it 
finally disappears. Irridiate is useful against the Terran and Zerg. 
The enemy unit becomes infused with deadly radiation and every unit 
around it will also get damaged. Now, for EMP Shockwave. It is soooo 
useful against the Protoss. It takes away the shields of any Protoss 
unit and/or structure. Follow up with a Nuke and you have got Protoss 

Cost: 400 Minerals, 300 Gas
HP: 500
MP: 200 
Supply: 8 supply units
Weapon: Ground Attack - Air to Surface Laser
	  Air Attack - Air to Air Laser
Ground Attack: 20
Air Attack: 20
Options: Yamato Cannon

This is the biggest Terran air unit. It is useful but don't build it 
until you have a lot of money. The Yamato Cannon is very useful. It 
does 260 damage and it can see farther than a detector can. That 
means you can fire it on a missile turret and it can’t hit you. 

Valkyrie Frigate
Cost: 250 Minerals, 150 Gas
HP: 200
MP: None
Supply: 3 supply units
Weapon: Halo Rockets
Ground Attack: None
Air Attack: 5 per rocket, total of 4 rockets
Options: None

This is a really good unit to have because the rockets can lock on to 
their target and hit them. However, they are like Goliaths, the are 
very fidgety. I also have to use the "Hold Postion" Command a lot 
with Valkyries so be careful. 

Section 10:	The Credits
Jin Shi - That's me!
Blizzard - Making a kick @$$ game!

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