MMMMMMM                           /MMMMMMM/                               
 `M      M MM    M   `M   M   M   M         M   `M   M  M   M       M M   
  `M       MM   M     `M  MMMM    M         M    M   M   M  MMM     M     
   `M      MM   MMMMMMMM  M  `M   M         MMMMM   ,MMMMM  M       M     
    `M     MM  M       M  M   `M  `M        M   M`  M    M  M       M     
/MMMMMM    MM  M       M  M    M   `MMMM/   M   `M  M    M  M       M     
                             Brood War             

Starcraft: Brood War Terran units/building FAQ
PC Version
Last updated: 10/23/01

Terran Units
SCV - 60 HP
Fusion Cutter - 5 damage per charge (each charge, sparks fly)
Attack type: Normal
Armor - 0
Role: Space Construction Vehicle
Cost: 50 min, 0 vesphine
Food consumed: 1
Size: Small
Air attack: No
Building Time: 20
Repair - No research. Use this, and click on a building or mechanical 
unit. Even flying ones. It will repair them back to full health. But 
for each second of repairing, you lose 1 crystal and 1 vesphine gas. 
This is a very useful technique that will come in _so_ handy in the 
game. Trust me on that one there.
Construct basic building - No research. These are the only terrans who 
can build a building. This will let you build your general buildings 
that you should be able to build in the 1 player game within the first 
few levels.
Construct advanced building - No research. This lets you build much 
more advanced buildings, these being the , Armory, Starport, and 
Science Facility.

Overall, the SCVs are going to be some of the most used guys on your 
team. If you don't have many, you're screwed. They are the only guys 
who can pick up supplies and build things with the Terrans. You really 
can't have too many. They aren't good offence, just good defense. Get 
supplies with them, and build. And repair. Also, if you are planning on 
rushing, these are the best workers for rushing. 60 HP, they can repair 
their guys, etc. If you are going to do some sort of a worker rush (not 
suggested...), go SCV. 

Rating: *****
A must, and to get a thriving colony, you need loads of them.

Marine - 40 HP
Gauss rifle - 6 damage per round
Attack type: Normal
Armor: 0
Role: Armored Infantry Trooper
Cost: 50 minerals, 0 vesphine
Food consumed: 1
Size: Small
Air attack: Yes
Building Time: 24
Stim Pack - Must be researched first at Academy. This does 10 damage to 
the units that use it, and temporarily increases their speed and attack 
damage. This is only good to use when you have loads of guys that you 
are going up against. If you just have a few against a few, like 2 
marines against 1 vulture, etc, don't bother. Just do it when you have 
loads of them, and you have quite a few enemies attacking you. Also, if 
the number of them is overwhelming, and you have a bunch of tanks or 
some sort of defense at your base that will blow the guys into 
submission, use the speed to your advantage. Run a ways, get them to 
follow, run a ways, etc. If you burst into one quick sprint to your 
base, they might give up since they can't find you and go back to their 

 These guys are very good, don't take that much to train, and can do 
wonders when you have 4 in a bunker. Marines can easily win the game, 
if you know how to use them. Now, I'm sure you'll go "Oh no, use a 
really powerful guy, like a ship!" Now, think here for a moment, will 
you? Marines have decent damage, they can attack things in the air 
(Buildings, or ships) they attack very fast, and all for one of those 
"Next to nothing" type prices. Then, you can upgrade how close they 
have to be to attack. Then they can be a good distance, and slaughter 
the Zealots running in to give someone a stab in the stomach. But, 
here's something...try combining them with like, Firebats.

Rating: **** A bit weak, but good in groups.

Firebat - 50 HP
Armor: 1
Flamethrower - 16 damage
Attack type: Concussive splash
Role: Armored Assault Trooper
Cost: 50 minerals, 25 Vesphine Gas
Food consumed: 1
Size: Small
Air attack: No
Specials: Stim Pack - See above on Marine
Building Time: 24

Now, I used to hate Firebats to death, but I've begun to learn, simply, 
they suck by themselves. But. THEMSELVES. Try something like 8 
marines+4 Firebats. The Firebats cause major damage, but are too slow. 
They attack too slow, and when there are loads of units to attack, they 
just don't cut it. Now, put them with Marines. The Firebats can quickly 
exterminate any small threats, like Zerglings super fast, and the 
marines can go for the major threats, like Goliaths. It is a wonderful 

Rating: ** Only good with other strong units that have projectiles. The 
splash damage could hit the other guys attacking that unit, winding up 
hurting a majority of them if they aren't a ways away.

Ghost - 45 HP
Role: Espionage/Inteligence
C-10 Canister Rifle: 10 damage
Attack type: Concussive
Armor: 0
Cost: 25 minerals, 75 vesphine gas
Food consumed: 1
Size: Small
Air attack: Yes
Building Time: 50
Energy: 200, upgraded at Covert Ops 250
Specials: Cloak - Must be researched first at Covert Ops. Uses 25 
energy to start, and slowly drains 1 per second or somewhere in that 
neighborhood. This hides your ghost. He will be unseen, unless a 
detector is around. If you don't know, a detector is a building or unit 
which underneath their name says "Detector" in yellow. These guys can 
see cloaked units. They show up as if you were the one using them, 
being dimmed out. When cloaked, you cannot be attacked unless detected. 
When something cloaked is at your base, it generally has a blurry 
moving spot where it is, until it settles down. You can't attack it, 
even though you know where it is. You must have a detector, end of 
converstation. This helps loads for nuking a base. Nuking? Read on...

Lockdown - Must be researched first at Covert Ops. Uses 100 energy. 
This, when targeted at a mechanical unit (Try protoss. You'll be 
surprised...) makes them stuck where they were, unable to be attacked 
and vulnerable to your attack. This doesn't do anything like splashing, 
such as one Protoss special done by the Arbiter that has a somewhat 
similar effect, but just hits one target. The Arbiter attack has a 
problem though. But if you want to know, go read about the Arbiter on 
down a long ways.

Nuclear Strike - Must have a nuclear bomb built in the Nuclear Silo.
This launches a nuclear bomb at the opponent, which you choose where it 
will land, doing the most impact and hurting the base most. You guide 
your Ghost over there, then hit this, then choose a spot. Always choose 
really close to a building. Don't do it a ways between two to get them 
both destroyed, it will do lame damage to both of them, and might not 
even hit them. Always go close to a main building.

These guys have a slow rate of fire, which really hurts them. But, you 
can cloak them. Researching cloak can make these guys a great help. 
Lockdown can help when you have loads of mechanical units against you 
(Bet ya didn't think that most of the Protoss units were mechanical, 
huh?) can knock 'em out. Killing them could be a mistake if yer at 
their base, because it will take too long to get them all. Rather head 
for the buildings that they need, like the base and barracks, and the 
equivalents. Now, if you are doing something such as Bunker Warz, or 
some type of map besides normal stuff, HEY, FEEL FREE TO USE IT MORE 
OFTEN TO GET GUYS... That's different.

Rating: ***

Vulture - 80 HP
Role: Scavenger Hover-Cycle
Fragmentation Grenade: 20 Damage
Attack type: Normal
Plating: 0
Cost: 75 minerals
Food Consumed: 2
Size: Medium
Air attack: No
Building Time: 30
Specials: Spider Mines - Must be researched first at Machine Shop. 3 1-
usage units that do not require food. These are bombs that are laid 
somewhere, and after about 2 secs, they go underground and are unable 
to be attacked now. When an enemy unit on the ground comes near it, it 
comes up to chase after them and explode on them. It does 120 damage on 
explosion, and splashes. Each Vulture gets 3.

Overall, Vultures are just good for scouting. Upgrade their speed in 
the Machine Shop, and you've got a super fast unit that can easily 
speed through a map and see what buildings and units lie in wait. 
Attacking with these guys is a major mistake. They do good damage, but 
fire too slow. If you get attacked by a group, you might kill one of 
the guys, but chances are, you'll never get all of them because you 
fire too slow. This is just good for the spider mines if the enemy 
doesn't use much air, or none at all, and the scouting. However, I 
usually just scout with a cloaked Wraith and hope that the person I'm 
playing is stupid and doesn't have detectors. Sometimes I actually get 
lucky there.


Rating: *

Arclite Siege Tank - 150 HP
Role: Mobile Artillery Cannon
Arclite Cannon - 30 damage
Attack type: Explosive splash (Same for Arclite Shock Cannon)
Plating: 1
Cost: 150 Minerals, 100 Vesphine Gas
Food Consumed: 2
Size: Large
Air attack: No
Building Time: 50
Specials: Arclite Shock Cannon: 70 - Must be researched first at 
Machine Shop. This is a good attack for destroying vital buildings 
fast. This has them in a mode where they cannot move, slowly shoot 
major bombs. This does an extreme 70 damage, killing most units fast, 
but if the units is attacking from close up, you could die fast. Like a 
Zergling. The attack doesn't hit those right nearby. It's too close. 
So, if you are attacking units like this (Not extremely recommended) 
have them spread a distance from each other, so they can attack the 
guys that run up to them without projectiles.

Overall this is a wonderful unit which kicks butt in multiplayer. 
Reinforce it with some nice marines, maybe Wraiths to get anything in 
the air, and you could easily kick butt. They can be used early on if 
you build fast, and can easily kick a Zerg base's butt. These guys are 
perfect when you have air attacking guys with them. Otherwise they 
could be in major crap. Use these guys lots, they can really be pretty 
good. Also, I will take the time to note that Arclite Shock Cannon does 
the most damage of all units in the game, EXCEPT the Reaver. Thanks to 
Abraham Li for correcting me.

Rating: ****

Goliath - 125 HP
Role: Forward Assault Strike Armor
Ground Weapon: Twin Autocannons - 12 damage
Arial Weapon: Hellfire Missile Pack - 20 damage
Attack type: Normal
Plating: 1
Cost: 100 Minerals, 50 Vesphine Gas
Food Consumed: 2
Size: Large
Air Attack: Yes
Building Time: 40

This is a good unit for attacking pesky air units, quite nice in fact 
for doubleteaming with tanks. These guys do a great amount of damage on 
air units, and fire pretty fast for the air attack. Closer you are, 
faster they hit, sooner you can fire again. Ground attack is very fast, 
and can easily get lots of guys out fast with a fleet of them. This is 
rather strong for how fast it is. It's a pretty average speed. Now, 
most of the powerhouses are slow as heck. But this guy is rather fast 
compared to the others on moving and attacking speed. Like the tank. 
Far faster. Overall one of the better Terran units.

Rating: *****

CF/A-17 Wraith - 120 HP
Role: Space Superiority Fighter
Ground weapon: Burst Laser: 8 damage
Arial Weapon: Gemini Missiles: 20 damage
Attack Type: Normal
Plating: 0
Cost: 150 Minerals, 100 Vesphine Gas
Food Consumed: 2
Size: Large
Air Attack: Yes
Building Time: 60
Specials: Cloak: 25 Energy, and slowly drains.
This cloaks you, so you are invisible to the opponent, unless they have 
a detector nearby you. Then you will be seen. Otherwise you will be 
just a blur to them. And you can easily attack them to death. For more 
info, check out the Ghost unit and it's Cloak. Of course, some of that 
stuff like nuking isn't appliable to the Wraith, but this way I don't 
type out some stuff again and again that I already said. 'Tis rather 
stupid to do that, in my opinion.

A very good air unit, the Wraith can easily take down most other air 
units. It has fast attacking arial weapons, and the ground weapon isn't 
that bad when you have major groupings of units. This is an ultra fast 
unit that can cloak, and easily slaughter bases with mass amounts when 
cloaked, and if they don't have many detectors. The Burst Laser has a 
bit of a slow fire, and that is a major downside. But overall you can 
do pretty good with it.

Rating: ****

Dropship: 150 HP
Role: Armored Personnel Carrier
Plating: 1
Cost: 100 Minerals, 100 Vesphine Gas
Food Consumed: 2
Size: Large
Air Attack: No
Building Time: 50

A totally defenceless ship that can carry up to 8 1 food consuming 
units. This is a decent unit for transportation. A notice that you 
should know, if a Dark Archon Mind Controls your Dropship, he also gets 
all the units inside. So be mindful of this when playing BW with 
Rating: ***

Explorer Science Vessel: 200 HP
Role: Mobile Research Station
Plating: 1
Cost: 100 Minerals, 225 Vesphine Gas
Food Consumed: 2
Size: Large
Air Attack: No
Building Time: 80
Specials: Defence Matrix: 100 Energy. This will greatly reduce any 
damage taken to the unit that has this put on it, but it only lasts a 
limited time. Useful in some rare cases.

EMP Shockwave: 100 Energy. This is a move that will take away any 
status changes to your units or to the opponents. Except for the unit 
that cast it. So be careful. This also eliminates Protoss shields.

Irradiate: 75 Energy. This is the best move for him, and it's pretty 
useful at times.  When it's cast on an organic unit, it hurts all those 
around it as well as that unit to the point of death. Really pretty 
good when the enemy has their guys packed together.

Find a real point to this guy and I'll be thrilled. The Science Vessel 
is a very hard to use correctly unit. It has no attacks, and the only 
two real good things about it are Irradiate, which can help lower the 
health of the opposing unit, but not enough. EMP can totally eliminate 
the shields of the Protoss, so when it is fired in the right spot it 
can really help out a buttload.

Rating: ***

Behemoth Battlecruiser: 500 HP
Role: Command Ship
Ground Attack: ATS Laser Battery: 25
Arial Attack: ATA Laser Battery: 25
Attack Type: Normal
Plating: 3
Cost: 400 Minerals, 300 Vesphine Gas
Food Consumed: 6
Size: Large
Air Attack: Yes
Building Time: 160
Specials: Yamato Cannon: 150 Energy. This move does an ultra powerful 
beam onto the unit or building, doing about 250 damage. Very powerful. 
But it isn't a splash move. So it's pretty much just useful for 
knocking down buildings fast. It takes up almost all the energy that he 
has, so you better know which buildings you want to knock out of the 
opponent's usage. Because it will be awhile before you can fire off 
another round.

Battlecruisers are like the Andre the Giant of Terrans in Starcraft. 
Huge ships that move slow as heck, and do good damamge. But you see, 
there is a major problem with them. Speed. Not only do they move slow 
which in mass numbers can be easily overcome, they attack slow. Major 
time period between attacking. These guys have got to be in HUGE 
numbers so that they can totally wipe out all enemy forces before they 
have a good chance to attack. When I say huge numbers, I mean fleets of 
like 24. Lots. And with how slow these guys build, that takes a long 
time. These are really best either avoided, or used by experts.

Rating: ***

Brood War only:

Medic: 60 HP
Armor: 1
Cost: 50 Minerals, 25 Gas
Food Consumed: 1
Size: Small
Air Attack: No
Build Time: 30
Specials: Healing: 1 Energy for every HP recovered. Healing can be done 
on any organic unit. It will recover their health, until the Medic's 
energy is run out. A very useful spell.

Restoration: 50 Energy. This gets rid of any bad status. Decently 
useful in times.

Optical Flare: 75 Energy. This will make it so a unit has next to no 
vision in front of them. Good, but with the amount of energy it uses, 
how the heck are you supposed to make it useful? It takes too much. Not 
useful at all, with the cost.

A great unit to have with Marines, healing them in battle can make them 
last a good long time out there. Wonderful unit.

Rating: ****

Valkrie: 200 HP
Air Attack: Halo Rocket: 6 damage per rocket
Attack type: Normal
Plating: 2
Cost: 250 Minerals, 125 Gas
Food Consumed: 3
Size: Large
Air Attack: Yes
Build Time: 60

Overall not that useful, though fun to fool around with. It can do 
great damage on air units, but darnit, it's just not worth the effort 
buying something so expensive just for air attacks. It's totally 
defenseless against ground units. Not something you want mass fleets 

Rating: ***
Command Center: 1500 HP
Build SCV: 50 Minerals
Build Time: 120
This is the main base unit with which you collect minerals with. 
Without one of these, you won't be able to build anything.

Comsat Station (Command Center Add-On): 500 HP
Build Time: 40
This lets you see the opponents base when aimed correctly, and see what 
he's doing for a limited time.

Nuclear Silo (Command Center Add-On): 600 HP
Build Time: 80
Arm Nuclear Silo: 200 Minerals, 200 Gas
This is used with the Ghost unit to nuke bases.

Supply Depot: 500 HP: 100 Minerals
Build Time: 40
This makes more food for units so you can be able to have more units. 
Each one makes 8 food. Max food is 200.

Barracks: 1000 HP
Build Time: 80
Train Marine: 50 Minerals
Train Firebat: (Academy Required) 50 Minerals, 25 Vesphine Gas
Train Ghost: (Academy, Science Facility with attached Covert Ops 
Required) 25 Minerals, 75 Vesphine Gas
This is your main building for training average fighting units.

Refinery: 750 HP
Build Time: 40
This is where you gather Vesphine Gas. Build it on a Vesphine geyser to 
be able to gather gas from going inside. You get 8 gas from each trip.

Engineering Bay: 850 HP
Build Time: 60
This is where you upgrade the armor and gun weaponry protection and 
damage, respectively. Also allows you to build Missile Turrets after 

Missile Turret: 200 HP
Arial Attack: Longbolt Missile: 20
Build Time: 30
This is a good defensive unit for attacking ships, besides the fact 
it's a detector. Nice building to have scattered around your base.

Academy: 600 HP
Build Time: 80
This is where you can research Stim Packs for Marines and Firebats, and 
longer gun range for marines.

Bunker: 350 HP
Build Time: 30
You can fit up to 4 human (Non-Mechanical) units inside here to attack. 
They don't get any damage done to them until the building is destroyed. 
Very good to have lots of and fill with Marines at your base. But, you 
can also put an SCV in here if you want to hide some. Pointless except 
like in the 1 player missions like the normal one where you must keep 
the downed Norad II alive, you want to keep them in bunkers.

Factory: 1250 HP
Build Time: 80
Build Vulture: 75 Minerals
Build Seige Tank: 150 Minerals, 100 Gas
Build Goliath: 100 Minerals, 50 Gas
This is where you build mechanical units.

Machine Shop: 750 HP (Factory Add-On)
Build Time: 40
This lets you get specials for mechanical units, and build Seige Tanks.

Armory: 750 HP
Build Time: 80
This lets you upgrade damage and shields for mechanical units, and 
allows you to build Goliaths at the Factory.

Starport: 1300 HP
Build Time: 70
Build Wraith: 150 Minerals, 100 Gas
Build Dropship: 100 Minerals, 100 Gas
Build Science Vessel: 100 Minerals, 225 Gas
Build Battlecruiser: 400 Minerals, 300 Gas
Build Valkrie: 

This lets you build arial units. This is a great building to have loads 
of. Wraiths are a great unit to have mass amounts of. When you are 
under attack, if you have lots of minerals and lots of these, you can 
start producing them and in a decently short time have a whole 
truckload of powerful arial units ready to attack.

Science Facility: 850 HP
Build Time: 80
Here you can research different moves for the Science Vessel.

Quick Terran level tips for normal SC
In level 7, where you must keep the downed Norad II alive, always put 
the SCVs in the bunkers, and always keep the bunkers, Norad II, SCVs, 
and Goliaths at full health. Try and build up a strong air force to 
take out the buildings in the way.

In level 8, where you must drop off a Psi Emitter at the Terran's base, 
just simply build up 23 marines, and use your Sci Vessels to defense 
matrix the SCV once, and as many marines as you can. Then run them all 
off to the beacon (It's middle right). Don't set the marines to attack, 
just run. They'll kill off the marines, and the last unit that they'll 
attack will be the SCV. By this time he should be safely on the beacon.

On level 9, where you must not kill any Zerg buildings, and kill all 
the Protoss ones, Make several tanks distanced a ways away from the 
exit from the Zerg base there. Now never send any units up there, 
otherwise they will get sight up there, and start attacking buildings. 
The less units besides tanks, which have a good range and can stay a 
long ways away that you have up there, the better.
Thanks to Abraham Li for correcting me on that the Reaver does more 
damage than the tank in Siege mode, and that the Dropship has 150 
health, rather than what I put.

Thanks to Sue, for reminding me that the EMP Shockwave also eliminates 
the shields of Protoss, as well as erasing status changes.

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