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Special Units FAQ by James86sh

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/18/2001

Starcraft Brood War
Special Units FAQ

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Legal Stuff
3. Version History
4. Terran Medic
5. Terran Valkyrie
6. Zerg Lurker
7. Zerg Devourer
8. Protoss Dark Templar
9. Protoss Dark Archon
10. Protoss Corsair
11. Credits

    The inspiration came to me while scrolling through a list of Brood War 
FAQs that nobody has done anything to deeply explain the new units.  Though 
few there are, the new units introduce a whole new way of playing in the 
Starcraft universe.  I felt that somebody needed to do a FAQ about them, and 
that is what I am doing right now.  I plan to write only one version, but you 
can reach me at james86sh@AOL.com to give me info I might have missed. I will 
just add them to the FAQ.  Read on and enjoy!

Legal Stuff
    OK, listen up, because I will only say this once.  I wrote this FAQ and 
it is the sole property of myself.  Anyone reproducing this document to be 
published in whole or in part in any magazine, book, web site, ect. without 
my permission is strictly prohibited and offenders will be prosecuted to the 
full extent of the law.  The following web sites may use my FAQ:


    Have a nice day.  copyright 2001 James86sh@AOL.com

Version History
2/9/01    V 0.1       FAQ started.  So far looking good.
2/10/01  V 0.3       Finished with Terran.  Working on Zerg. 
2/11/01  V 0.6       Almost done with Zerg.  Working on Protoss.  
2/13/01  V 0.9       A few revisions.  Almost done on Protoss.
2/14/01  V 1.0       Finally finished! Happy Valentines Day!
2/18/01  V 1.1       Grammar corrections and more info.


Hit Points: 60
Armor Class: Light
Armor: 1

Mineral: 50
Gas: 25
Supply: 1
The Terran Medic is basically the SCV for organic troops with her Heal 
ability (1 mana point for every 2 hp healed).  With a Medic or two, even a 
small group of Marines can be formidable.  It also means that Marines and 
Firebats can use Stim Packs more without being killed.  Medics can also heal 
allied troops, making a friendly Zerg player very happy.  Medics cannot heal 
themselves, and assigning more then one Medic to heal a unit wont speed up 
the process.  Besides repairing organic troops, the Medic can use her 
Restoration ability (50 mana) to get rid of most “spells.â€￾  This means you 
wont have to kill that really expensive unit just because it was hit with a 
Parasite. Restoration will also work on units hit with Lockdown 
(Yeeeeessssssss!), Optic Flare, Irradiate, Devourer Acid Spores, Plague, 
Ensnare, and Maelstorm.  The Medic’s third ability, Optic Flare (75 mana), is 
kinda in between good and bad.  Any unit hit by Optic Flare will get its 
sight range dropped to 1 matrix.  Also, any unit with Detection will lose 
that ability, i.e. Observers and Overlords.  It is good because it can remove 
from the Protoss and Zerg important cloaking detection units, again Observers 
and Overlords.  It also forces powerful units like Carriers and 
Battlecrusiers to rely on other units to spot for them, decreasing their 
lethalness.  If a Blinded Drone morphs into a building, that building will 
also be Blind.  This can really help stop Spore Colonies.  A neat trick is to 
blind Spider Mines, turning them into land mines.  They will wait till an 
opponent is almost directly on top of them to pop out and explode.  On the 
downside, it is usually better to just destroy Observers and Overlords, 
especially since Overlords also serve as supply depots and transports for the 

In my experience, I don not use Medics a lot.  Unless I am mustering up a 
huge ground force for an attack, I usually drop a team of eight Marines 
behind enemy lines to try to get at the enemy Worker units.  “Why not use a 
Medic for those raids?â€￾ you are probably saying.  I do not know why, it just 
seems like a waste of money since those squads are pretty much dead anyway 
(unless my opponent is a complete moron and wont respond to his workers being 
attacked).  The Medic that would perish with those brave Marines could’ve 
saved a Siege Tank from Lockdown, or a Science Vessel from Plague.  Also, 
when you tell a group of Marines/Firebats with a Medic to Attack/Move, the 
Medic runs in front of the group and gets killed, requiring added 
micromanagement to the attack, and gets really annoying.  IMO, Medics should 
be used with large ground forces so lots of units get the most out of her, 
i.e. Marines/Firebats are healed, everybody gets protection from most 
“spellsâ€￾ with Restoration, helps in confusing the enemy with Optic Flare.


Hit Points: 200
Armor Class: Heavy
Armor: 2

Mineral: 250
Gas: 125
Supply: 3

In Brood War, each race gets its own air-to-air unit.  For the Terrans, it is 
the Valkyrie Frigate.  It fires a salvo of 8 H.A.L.O. Rockets, each rocket a 
base damage of 5 explosive (upgraded to +3). The rockets hit at and around 
the target within a 3 x 3 matrix area and do a small amount of splash damage.

Each air-to-air unit in Brood War has something special the others don’t.  
For the Valkyrie, it is those Halo Rockets.  If a regular Valkyrie fires a 
full volley, that would be 5x8=40.  That is 40 explosive damage, which can be 
a lot. Even for small units, which get 50% of explosive damage, it is still 
20 damage, and only if there is one.  Valkyries work wonders in squadrons of 
8-10 and boy, you do not want to come across that group!  In one game, I took 
out two waves of 8 Mutalisks with 8 Valkyries in about 10 seconds flat with 
minimal damage.  I was not keeping the time, but that’s a hell lot faster 
than what 8 Wraiths would do to that group.  On island maps, Valkyries are 
great for defending your home island or expansions.  They can knock out any 
transport coming your way, and deal with its escorts.  The only time 
Valkyries suffer is in small groups of 1-4 and attacked by spread-out flyers. 
 When this happens, try running away towards a larger group of Valkyries and 
let the attackers follow you. They will most likely bunch up when chasing the 
small group, allowing you to ambush them with the larger group.

Hit Points: 125
Armor Class: Heavy
Armor: 1

Mineral: 50 
Gas: 100
Supply: 2

The Lurker is pretty much a walking Sunken Colony, with a few modifications.  
Once fully morphed from a Hydralisk, it naturally starts out with the Burrow 
ability even if you have not researched it.  Once burrowed, the Lurker 
attacks by shooting waves of spines toward its target in a straight row.

I admit, I do not really like the Zerg that much and do not play them that 
often.  But that still does not mean they do not have good units.  The Lurker 
is great at attacking and defending.    When a Lurker attacks, which is 20 
splash damage (upgraded to +6), it will not only hurt the intended target, 
but anything in front of it.  Theoretically, since most units in Starcraft 
tend to walk in a straight line (especially Marines/Zerglings/Zealots), and a 
group of Marines was walking straight at one of your Lurkers and you targeted 
a rear unit, you could damage the entire squad!  Lurkers can also defend your 
workers from drops by placing a few in with the Minerals.  Be warned, as that 
20 splash damage will also affect friendly units. Even if you morph a badly 
damaged Hydralisk into a Lurker, the Lurker will have full health. The 
downside to the Lurker is that, caught in the open, it is nothing more then 
target practice.  Lurkers are also doomed when faced with a ground-attack 
flyer/detector combo.  Lurkers are best used when in large groups of 
Zerglings and Hydralisks, base defense, or, sometimes, sneaking up on an 
enemy base (very risky).


Hit Points: 250
Armor Class: Heavy
Armor: 2

Mineral: 150    
Gas: 50
Supply: 2

The Devourer can be a force to reckon with.  Faster then a Guardian, more 
powerful then a Mutalisk with 25 explosive damage(upgraded to +6), and leaves 
Acid Spores after every attack that further weaken an opponent.  It also has 
more hit points and costs less then the other air-to-air units.

Devourers are the second air-to-air unit in the game.  While that 25 
explosive damage might seem good (remember, the smaller the unit, the less 
damage explosive does), its the Acid Spores that make the unit different from 
the others.  Every time a Devourer attacks, it splashes an Acid Spore on the 
target and any close-by units.  Each Acid Spore reduces the unit’s cooldown 
till its next attack by 1/8.  Units with Acid Spores will also take an 
additional point of damage every attack (6 Acid Spores = +6 damage).  Acid 
Spores also reveal the location of cloaked units.  That does not mean the 
Devourer does not have weak points.  It fires the slowest of all the 
air-to-air units, and no unit can have more then 9 Acid Spores.  Those Acid 
Spores aren’t permanent (disappearing one by one) and can be totally removed 
by Restoration.  The splash effect wont hurt friendly units but will hurt 
allied units.  Devourers are best used to escort Guardians to their targets 
and defend them from air attacks.  They can also be used as cover fire to 
slow down attacking air units with Acid Spores while other units make their 
escape.  Because of their slow attack, small groups of Devourers don’t seem 
to do too good defending on island maps (from personal experience).

Dark Templar

Hit Points: 80
Shields: 40
Armor Class: Light
Armor: 1

Mineral: 125
Gas: 100
Supply: 2

The Dark Templar are one of the deadliest Protoss units.  While available in 
the original Starcraft, you can know produce them at your Gateway.  
Permanently cloaked, their Warp Blades attack with a devastating 40 damage 
(upgraded to +9!) and can leave a unprepared base in ruins.  Two Dark Templar 
may also merge to form the Dark Archon.

The Dark Templar are the ultimate assassins in Starcraft.  When upgraded, 
these bad-ass killers can destroy just about any ground unit in a  couple of 
swipes (Ultralisks are in question), and that’s only when alone.  When hidden 
within a attack force going after an enemy base, Dark Templar can slip 
through the confusion and get at the heart of the enemy- his Workers- while 
his attention is on the units at his front door.  After defeating the attack, 
your opponent will wonder how the hell did all his workers die, and who the 
hell is destroying his base from the inside out?  Dark Templar are also good 
at doing other dirty jobs.  Angry at that group of Ghosts that just disabled 
your fleet?  Track the bastards down with Dark Templar and lay the smack down 
on them before they can cloak.  Spotted some Zerg troops burrowed, ready to 
ambush some of your workers?  Chances are they wont want an Overlord giving 
away their position, so wait for them to pop up with a group of Dark Templar 
and slash them to ribbons.  Opponent trying to build an expansion?  If he has 
no detection, wipe it off the face of the earth. The few weaknesses with a 
Dark Templar is that it doesn’t have a lot of protection, and once detected, 
they can be overwhelmed.  It is almost impossible to sneak them into a Zerg 
base, and ca not do anything about air units.  Spells like Ensnare can reveal 
their positions and slow them down for other units to destroy them. Do not 
forget to merge some Templar to form Dark Archons.  Even if the Templar are 
badly damaged, the Dark Archon will start with full shields.

Dark Archon

Hit Points: 25
Shields: 200
Armor Class: Heavy
Armor: 1

Mineral: 0  
Gas: 0
Supply: 4

The Dark Archon are the sweetest units for the Protoss.  Though it does not 
have an attack like regular Archons, Dark Archons have some of the best 
spells in the game.  Maelstorm (100 mana) stuns all biological units for a 
couple of seconds.  Feedback (50 mana) removes all mana from a unit and deals 
an equal amount of damage.  The most feared spell, Mind Control (150 mana and 
all shields), completely takes control over any unit.

Opponents tremble when they see that floating red ball of energy known as the 
Dark Archon.  The very presence of it can change the course of a battle.  The 
Maelstorm spell effects a 3 x 3 area, freezing biological units for about 5 
seconds.  It will reveal any biological unit that is cloaked, but wont work 
on burrowed units. This spell is almost specifically designed for Zerg, since 
all Zerg units are biological.  The 5 seconds are about enough time to make a 
quick escape, and that is about all Maelstorm is good for.  Feedback is 
absolutely dangerous for any magic units.  When targeted, the unit loses all 
of its mana, and takes damage equal to that lose.  This spell outright kills 
Corsair, Wraith, Science Vessel, Queen, Defiler, Ghost, Medic, Dark Archon 
(if enemy research +50 energy), and/or High Templar.  This spell is very 
nice, but nothing compared to Mind Control.  Requiring 150 mana and the lose 
of shields, the Dark Archon completely takes control of any unit, big and 
small.  This has several implications:
1. If you take control of a SCV or Drone, you will not only be able to build 
all of that races units and buildings, but it increases your supply limit 200 
per race.  This can really change the outcome of a game, allowing you to 
maximize on the capabilities of each race.  How would you like a fleet of 
Battlecrusiers and Carriers, with a couple of Guardians thrown in?  This is 
the stuff dreams are made of.  Unfortunately, SCVs will not be able to repair 
your robotic units.  Unless your stupid, you’ll know not to Mind Control 
other Probes.
2. If you take control of a loaded transport, you not only capture the 
transport, but whatever is in it.  This really saves time from Mind 
Controlling the units in there one at a time.  This is also a way to get a 
SCV or Drone (see above).  Sometimes you might get a valuable unit, like a 
Siege Tank or a Archon.  Other times it will just be a bunch of Zealots or 
Zerglings (not that those are not valuable, just depends on what you will do 
with them).
3. If you take control of a very valuable or powerful unit, it could give you 
a slight edge and really anger your opponent.  Everybody hates it when they 
have wasted 400 minerals and 300 gas just to have their Battlecrusier switch 
sides, especially when the unit is a big part of an attack.  One unit to 
really look for is the Medic.  Though your biological units are few and far 
between, she can really help you out with Restoration, getting rid of those 
pesky bugs (literally) and spells. Mind Control also transfers any special 
unit upgrades that an affected unit has achieved (but not weapon, armor, and 
shield upgrades) to the player that used Mind Control. Example: if you Mind 
Control an Arbiter with Recall ability, then all your existing Arbiters will 
gain Recall. This also means that you have researched Recall ability. 


Hit Points: 100
Shields: 80
Armor Class: Medium
Armor: 0

Mineral: 150    
Gas: 100
Supply: 2

Protoss Corsairs are the third and final air-to-air unit in Brood War.  
Quickly attacking with Neutron Flares at 5 normal damage (upgraded to +3) and 
armed with the feared Disruption Web (125 mana), they are a menace to both 
air and ground units.

The Corsair, IMO, has a rather weak attack.  Though they fire quickly and 
their damage is not affected by sizes, they don’t have the wide damage area 
of the Valkyrie or the punch of the Devourer.  They are also a bit weak on 
the protection side.  Corsairs, oddly enough, make great ground support 
flyers.  Any unit caught within the effect of a Disruption Web(which only 
affects ground targets), will not be able to engage the Corsair.  This 
includes all defense buildings (Bunkers, Photon Cannons, ect.).  Using the 
Disruption Web can be a deadly tactic on island maps.  Simply hit an area of 
coastline with a couple of Webs, and none of the defenses will be able to 
fire on your incoming transports or attack fleet.  Any ground unit under a 
Web can still move and use special abilities.  Corsairs are good at defending 
Carriers and disabling ground defenses, especially on island maps or areas 
with little room to maneuver out of the Web.


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