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Reviewed: 07/08/00 | Updated: 07/18/01

Oh no! matt91486 has cholera! And typhoid! And maleria!

The 'Trail' series must be running out of ideas fast. In Amazon Trail you are to travel down the Amazon, searching for gifts to bring the Inca King. You will have to stop in many cities along the great river, in which you have to trade with the locals, to get items that you will need. You will have to take photographs of the natural life along the Amazon periodically. You can even fish!

There are not many options, until you actually get someplace. Then you can trade with the locals, ask them for information, and decide where you are going to go next. When you are not stopped at an important location, you can keep sailing, go to the jungle for pictures, or fish. Taking pictures is a snap! (Bad joke.) Fishing is more challenging. The fish move at different speeds and you have to spear them right on the blue spot. Plus there are logs, to make your fishing more difficult. Who look the same as fish. (Do not ask me how that works.)

The graphics are horrible at times, and pretty good at others. When in fishing, for example, the graphics look like gray pieces of poop with blue cream filling. When, you take pictures in the jungle, however, you will be treated to some of the best sprite graphics ever seen. When you are actually on the water, the graphics are fine, nothing spectacular, but the get the job done fine.

Gag me! Buy me a case of earplugs and run and save yourself! The music tries to sound exotic, but it comes across as a childrens version of the music from a Las Vegas showroom. The sound effects while fishing are pretty good though.

Nothing is difficult about controlling your boats. Or cameras, harpoons, and anything else you can control. Sometimes, you can get into a tight spot between other boats, but you can always get yourself out somehow. Taking pictures and fishing both involve just one click of the mouse each. Talking and selecting what to say involves only mouse clicks also, since you can only talk using preset options.

This game is not nearly as fun as the other games in the 'Trail' series. I cannot figure out what it is about it, but it just is not. Taking pictures and fishing are the two most fun things about this game. Piloting your boat itself is not fun at all. The fact that you can get sick from a whole plethora of exotic diseases is kind of funny though.

You will want to play this game until you beat it. And it will take you quite a few tries to do that. But, after it is beaten, you probably will not want to play the game nearly as much, if at all. So, until the game is beaten it has medium replay value, after that low.

As I said before, you will play this game through many times before finally beating it. Getting all of the secrets for the Inca King is even harder. And all of the photos and fish is even harder. So, the game presents a real challenge, unlike most of the other games in the 'Trail' series.

Amazon Trail was one of my least favorite games in the 'Trail' series. It still is fun at times, but It does not present the great replay value that the other games (especially Yukon Trail) do. It is still worth checking out, especially if you have one of the others.


Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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