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Escape Velocity spans a number of genres, combining elements of classic "trading" games, arcade space shoot-outs, and strategy simulations. Whether you choose to build a trading empire, aid the Rebellion in a civil war, or strike out on your own as a ruthless pirate, Escape Velocity provides a multitude of options for the game connoisseur. This open-ended gameplay allows each player to chart their own course as they play; there's no "right" way to play Escape Velocity, as long as you have fun!
Numerous sub-plots fill Escape Velocity's world; your choices affect the story's development, guaranteeing that each game will be different from the last. You'll have the opportunity to infiltrate hostile military bases, ferry emergency supplies to distant star systems, rescue passengers from stranded cruise ships, stop alien invaders, and more. In addition, Escape Velocity sports an open game engine. Future scenario designers will be able to create their own worlds for other players to explore...

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