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You walk hesitantly down the poorly lit corridor. "This could be the end of me," you think, "it could all end right here, and humanity would suffer for a thousand generations because of my failure." As you reach the corner, you are faced with a weighty decision: risk your life in defense of all that man has achieved in the past several hundred years, or turn safely back to a future marred in ways that only you will ever know. You turn, and suddenly you are caught frozen in the steely gaze of your worst nightmare, a seven foot tall alloy beast with one purpose and no heart, and only you are standing it its way...

The year is 2318. The unified world is finally at peace. But now, what took centuries to achieve could be instantly unraveled by the power of time travel. You are a member of the Temporal Protectorate, an elite group of agents whose sole purpose is to safeguard history from sabotage. It is during your usual shift at the Temporal Security Annex when the warning alarms suddenly sound; a rip has been detected in the fabric of time. Only moments remain until the continuum is changed forever. Your objective - jump back in time and prevent the corruption from ever happening! But before the game is over, you will have to discover the source of this mayhem and bring it to a halt!

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