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    FAQ/Walkthrough by beissemj

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                                                               (c)3d Realms
                Duke Nukem 3D & Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition (PC/Mac)
                          Based on JonoF's DN3D Windows port
                                Unofficial Guide v2.1
                           Copyright (c) 2004 Matt Beisser
                            Contact: beissemj@hotmail.com
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    This document is copyright (c) 2004 Matt Beisser.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. It may
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    Every effort has been made to determine that the information contained in this
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    the accuracy, effectiveness, or completeness of the material in this document is
    provided.  The author does not assume liability for damages, either incidental
    or consequential, that may result from using the information in this document.
    IMPORTANT AUTHOR'S NOTE: This guide was written while using JonoF's Duke Nukem
    3D Windows port which is available at http://jonof.edgenetwork.org/buildport/d
    uke3d.  As such some of the tactics, tips, and strategies provided *MAY* not
    work in the original DOS based version.
       1. Introduction
          1. Formatting
          2. Author's Note
          3. Dedication
          4. Contributor Recognition
          5. Updates
       2. Story
       3. Game Information
          1. Weapons
          2. Normal Items
          3. Inventory Items
          4. Enemies
          5. Bosses
       4. Level Secrets
       5. Tips and Tricks
          1. General Tips
          2. Advanced Tricks
       6. Codes
       7. FAQs
       8. References and Other Cool Stuff
       9. Cool Things to Try
    [1.1] FORMATTING
    This document was written using EditPad Lite and is best viewed using a fixed
    width font at 79 characters per line in Extended ASCII (aka ASCII-II) format.
    [1.2] AUTHOR'S NOTE
    Duke Nukem 3D is one of my favorite games of all time.  It revolutionized first
    person shooters, being the first to have a true 3D game engine (the DOOM engine
    was a 2D hack).
    In my opinion DN3D is a classic.  If you have never played the game I encourage
    you to do so especially since JonoF has ported it to the Windows platform, and
    added a crap load of awesome features like OpenGL rendering, true-color textures,
    and MIDI playback and authentic sound mixing--see above for link.
    Even the original made in 1997 was absolutely awesome.  For its time it had
    cutting edge graphics and amazing sound.  Even by today's standard DN3D is a
    pretty badass game, and any game played 7 years after it was made has to be
    pretty good.
    I am writing this guide for my pure love of the game.  I want people to find
    this old classic and enjoy it.  When they have looked everywhere and just can't
    seem to find that one secret, I want them to have a resource that they can turn
    to.  That's why I took all the time and effort to make this the best guide
    [1.3] DEDICATION
    To mom and dad for buying me all those Nintendo games.
    I would like to thank all of the people that contributed to this guide.  A lot
    of time and effort went into this document and without other peoples' help this
    guide wouldn't have been possible.
    Thanks to:
    "CareTak972"                       B. Broten                    Adam McCargo
    A.Klement                          Martin Rijks                 A.Paterakis
    L. Hall                            S. P. Saunders               Aris Paterakis
    J. Komp                            Ed                           JonoF
    Ken Silverman                      Keith McLeod                 CJayC
    "The Shadow Warriors"              S. Duchet                    Ron DeSimon
    "Eagle Eyes"                       B. Josey                     Ilkka Arnkil
    "Eric82"                           "Jeff da duker"              "Zeuxis"
    Aaron                              R. Brandley                  "MikeL2727"
    Anders Hållberg                    Adam                         Nick Padula
    J. Driver
    I would also like to give an extra special thanks to Ed for the episode 4
    secrets, Alex Clay for LOTS of codes, Aris Paterakis for allowing me to use some
    information from his webpage http://www.imacgames.com, and CJayC for hosting the
    best gaming site on the net.
    [1.5] UPDATES
    As of recent circumstances--being home from college for a semester, going from
    having two jobs to none in three days...--I have a lot of free time on my hands.
    So being the old school gamer that I am I decided I was going to fire up the ol'
    Dos command line prompt game Duke Nukem 3D.  There was only one slight problem,
    well actually there were two; I didn't own the game anymore and it wouldn't run
    on Winblows XP.  Now according to 3d Realms DN3D is not abondonware, and they
    still own rights to the game.  Now since they released the source code I don't
    know why they would claim that, but whateve.
    So being the model middle-class citizen (read poor college student) I did a
    search on Kazaa and viola!  I found the game with the no CD crack.  Well, that's
    one problem solved now for the other--getting the game to run on Winblows XP.
    Being that I am a computer engineering major and having some computer science
    majors as friends I figured that someone was probably working on an OpenGL
    version of DN3D.  I did another search on Google and found
    http://www.mobygames.com/game/sites/gameId,365/ which in turn led me to
    http://jonof.edgenetwork.org/buildport/duke3d/ which just happens to be the site
    of JonoF's DN3D port.
    Now let's see.  I have a sweet ass version of DN3D, a lot of time, and to my
    knowledge there is no *GOOD* guide on the net for DN3D. Guess I better get
    Well crap.  It looks like KmcLeod has beaten me to the punch, and has released a
    guide for DN3D.  Oh well, the more the merrier.
    Yea!!! I'm finally done and I must say version 2.0 is way better than I thought
    it would be.
    Fixed the formatting so it adheres to gamefaqs standards.  Also, made tons of
    grammatical and description corrections.
    The only thing left to correct is section 4.  I had it finished but I guess
    somewhere along the line I didn't save it so now I have to redo that section.
    Well, I finally redid section 4 so the guide is finally finished!
    Gah!! I just realized that section 3 is only half corrected as well.  I guess
    I'll do one more release after this one.
    [2.0] THE STORY
    Courtesy of the manual and 3d Realms website.
    The third chapter in the series, and the first with a 3D perspective (the
    original Duke Nukem and the sequel, Duke Nukem II, are side scrollers). This
    game, set sometime in the early 21st century--2007 to be exact--begins in a
    ravaged Los Angeles, which was overtaken by aliens while you were abducted
    during Duke Nukem II.  Duke, upon returning to Earth, finds himself with another
    mess to clean up, and another alien race that needs exterminating. Duke is a
    can-do hero who realizes that sometimes innocent people have to die in order to
    save Earth, so accuracy of gun fire is not a real concern to him. :)
    "A babe, a stogie, and a bottle of Jack.  That's what I need right now."
    Duke mused on his recent defeat of the Rigelatins, his voice raspy even in his
    thoughts.  After single-handedly saving Earth--again--he was ready for a long
    period of lying the hell down.
    "And no more freakin' aliens."
    Just then, a white-hot plasmatic blast punched through the hull of his cruiser.
    Klaxons flared, warning lights flashed, and static filled his monitors.  He
    flipped on his comm.
    "Hey, anybody out there?  I got a little probl..." Duke started.
    Mayday! Mayday!" the radio replied.  "Los Angelos is under attack!
    There are aliens everywhere, and they've mutated the LAPD.  Is anyone there?  We
    need help!--". The transmission went silent.
    "Great," Duke grumbled as his careening ship missed a skyscraper.
    "What's the problem with all these aliens attacking Earth anyway?  How many
    alien races have to get their asses kicked?"
    Duke slammed his fist into the waiting eject button.
    "I guess one more."
                                   After Episode 1
    "Who the hell are you?"
    "I'm Duke Nukem and I'm coming to get the rest of you alien bastards!
    (Shoots the alien boss blowing his head right off!)
    After wiping the blood and brains from his boots Duke explored the alien ship.
    Monitors showed a titanic alien ship hovering above Earth, with dozens of
    smaller ships off-loading green cocoon-like pods.  One showed them up close:
    they all held women, still alive--just like the ones Duke encountered.  Duke
    glowered in the pale green monitor light and set the auto destruct sequence on
    the alien ship.  He stared at the screen once again.
    "No one steals our chicks," sneered Duke, "and lives."
                                   After Episode 2
    Duke walks up to the dead carcass and rips the Overlords's head off.
    He then walks over to the bloody mess pulls down his shorts, whips out a
    newspaper, and shits down the Overlords's throat.
    Duke cracked his knuckles and smirks, "I need a stiff drink... a how... and, a
    soft-skinned belly to lay my head on.
    A nearby monitor flickers on, and an incredibly ugly face speaks an ominous
    message: "The moon assault Overlord has been defeated, as was our Battlelord on
    Earth.  But while Duke Nukem has been distracted our main attack wave has begun
    its final assault on Earth.  We shall obliterate all resistance."
    "Guess again, freak show," Duke growled.  "Duke's coming back to town, and the
    last thing that's going through your mind before you die... is my size 13 boot!
                                   After Episode 3
    Duke goes up to the alien carcass and kicks a field goal with the monster's eye.
    "Game Over" Duke says as the eye explodes.
    "My names Duke Nukem.  After a few days of R and R I'll be ready for more
    A girl's voice is heard in the background.  "Awww come back to bed Duke!  I'm
    ready for some action now," she moans.
                                   Before Episode 4
    A girl can be heard being pleasured in the background.
    A high level executive starts talking to Duke.  "Duke we've got a new problem
    here.  This video was shot by and undercover operative."
    A video clip with a pregnant babe strapped onto a bed and going into labor is
    "Hmmm, I'm going in," Duke quips as he dons his glasses.
                                   After Episode 4
    "Die you son of a bitch!"
    Duke takes a pipe bomb swims over to the queen's carcass and stuffs it in
    between her legs.
    "It's time to abort your whole freaking species," Duke says under the explosion
    of the pipe bomb as he swims off.
    Next a screen pops up and a message is displayed: "Thanks to all our fans for
    giving us big heads.  Look for a Duke Nukem 3D sequel soon."
    Finally, a picture of the Duke Nukem team (all with enlarged heads) is shown.
    [3.1] WEAPONS
    There are several weapons at Duke Nukem's disposal.  Each of these weapons can
    be recharged with ammo found scattered around the levels.  Each weapon has its
    own type of ammo.  For example, if you find a pistol clip, you cannot use it
    with the chain gun.
    Several weapons have blast radii.  While determining exactly how large these are
    is as simple as looking at the user.con file this actually isn't very helpful
    because they are listed in purely numerical form.
    In order to make sense of them you need to relate these values to actual
    distances in the game.  So, try getting as close to an item as possible without
    picking it up.  Keep inching forward until you finally grab it.  This distance
    is 844 (844 what I don't know), but knowing this value you can figure out
    approximate game distances for the RPG, pipe bombs, and laser trip bombs.
    Item pickup     - 844
    RPG             - 1780
    Pipe bomb       - 2500
    Laser trip bomb - 3880
    Weapon  : Mighty Foot
    Damage  : 10 damage per kick
    Pickup  : N/A
    Clip    : N/A
    Capacity: N/A
      You can kick some ass with this, literally.  Use your foot to break windows,
    vents, and other objects rather then using precious ammunition.  You can even
    use your foot to kick while you are using another weapon.
    Weapon  : Pistol
    Damage  : 6 damage per round
    Pickup  : +48
    Clip    : +12
    Capacity: 200
       A rapid fire pistol which does minimal damage.  The pistol requires reloading
    after 12 shots, and while the reload is autmoatic it takes a couple seconds
    during which time you can't fire (obviously).
    Weapon  : Shotgun
    Damage  : 10 damage per round¹
    Pickup  : +10
    Clip    : +10
    Capacity: 50
    ¹The shotgun actually fires 7 rounds per shot so the maximum amount of damage at
    close range would be 70.
        The shotgun carries a far more powerful blast than the pistol, but requires
    reloading after every shot.  The reload is automatic and is done via pump action,
    which is quicker than the pistol's reload.  The shotgun is a powerful weapon at
    close range but becomes useless at longer distances (try shooting a wall from a
    screen or two away). If you get a shotgun from a Pig Cop, the ammo in it will
    depend on how many shots that Pig Cop had fired.
    Weapon  : Chain gun
    Damage  : 9 damage per round
    Pickup  : +50
    Clip    : +50
    Capacity: 200
      This rapid-fire gun is a good weapon for dispersing several enemies at once.
    Use it in short bursts or you'll eat through all your ammo in no time.  While
    more accurate than the pistol it is still quite ineffective at long distances.
    Weapon  : Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG)
    Damage  : 140 damage per rocket¹ + splash damage
    Pickup  : +5
    Clip    : +5
    Capacity: 50
    ¹The RPG will deal 2x the damage on a direct hit.  Also the amount of damage the
    RPG will deal varies depending upon the distance it travels before it hits the
       The RPG is great for dealing with enemies from a distance.  When the grenade
    hits, it explodes with enough force to affect anything right around it including
    some walls.  This weapon can take out almost any enemy except a boss with a
    single, direct shot.  Just make sure you don't blow yourself up.
    Weapon  : Pipe Bombs
    Damage  : 140 damage per bomb + splash damage
    Pickup  : +5 box/ +1 single
    Clip    : +5 box/ +1 single
    Capacity: 50
       With a splash radius 1.5x larger than that of the RPG, pipe bombs are great
    weapons for dealing with large groups of enemies.  When you use it, you will see
    Duke toss the bomb.  You will then see a thumb activated detonator.  To blow up
    the bomb, just press fire again.
    There is no maximum range to the detonator; you can be completely on the other
    side of the level and still explode a bomb.  You can use more than one pipe bomb
    at time.  After you throw the first one select the pipe bomb again.  You can now
    throw another bomb.  How long you hold the fire button down will determine how
    far the pipe bomb will travel.
    If you want you can also crouch and Duke will roll a pipe bomb out in front of
    his feet.
    Weapon  : Shrink Ray
    Damage  : 0 damage
    Pickup  : +10
    Clip    : +5
    Capacity: 50
       Good against Assault Commanders or when you're low on ammo.  The shrink ray
    will shrink enemies down to a mere few inches tall.  While an enemy is in this
    state it can be killed by either blowing it up or walking over it thereby
    squishing it with your foot.  You can also shrink yourself for fun (or if you're
    just careless) by shooting at a mirror.
    (Only available in the Atomic Edition of DN3D.  To select it press the weapon 7
    button twice.)
    Weapon  : Microwave Expander Ray
    Damage  : 15 damage per shot
    Pickup  : 0
    Clip    : +20
    Capacity: 50
       Similar to the shrink ray but opposite in effect the microwave expander ray
    shoots microwave.. expander... rays....  When an enemy's health is less than or
    equal to 15 the next round from the microwave expander ray will make the baddie
    grow and stretch until he blows up.  The explosion, while not as large as an
    RPG's or pipe bomb's, is still effective enough to blow up surrounding enemies
    and walls (and you if you're not careful).
    Weapon  : Devastator
    Damage  : 50 damage per round
    Pickup  : +25
    Clip    : +25
    Capacity: 99
       Hands down the devastator is the best weapon in the game.  Straight out of
    the Pentagon's top secret labs the devastator--with its insane rate of fire,
    high damage, and no need to reload--holds true to its name.  Firing two rockets
    at a time, the double barreled rocket launcher packs quite the punch¹.  All out
    mayhem, or shot controlled bursts - it's all up to you and how much ammo you can
    come by!
    ¹The devastator does have a small blast radius which is equal to about one step-
    -the distance between the middle of one footprint and the middle of the next
    footprint you leave after you have stepped in either water or enemy remains.
    Weapon  : Laser Trip Bomb
    Damage  : 100 damage
    Pickup  : +1
    Clip    : +1
    Capacity: 10
       A strategic device which can be placed on flat-walled surfaces (sadly however
    not the ground).  After a second delay a bright red laser beam is emitted across
    to the opposite wall.  Anyone or anything crossing the beam sets off a blast 2x
    that of an RPG blast and 1.5x that of a pipe bomb blast¹.  Not really that
    practical for killing but it can be used for falling long distances (see the
    advanced tips and tricks).
    ¹Theoritically the laser trip bomb's blast radius is 2x that of the RPG and 1.5x
    that of the pipe bomb, however because it must be placed on a wall 1/2 of the
    blast radius is actually lost.
    Weapon  : Freezer
    Damage  : 20 damage per frozen ball
    Pickup  : +25
    Clip    : +25
    Capacity: 99
       More of a novelty weapon than anything, but good for spamming.  The freezer
    launches balls of ice that damage and will eventually freeze an enemy once its
    life is less than or equal to 20.  Once an enemy is frozen you have to shatter
    it or else it will start to thaw out.  The freezer shots will bounce of walls
    three times before they melt, but be careful because they can damage and even
    freeze you as well!  (As a side note if you should become frozen, enemies won't
    attack you but rather circle around you, waiting till you thaw out.  You might
    as well kiss your ass goodbye though because if you are frozen that means you
    only have 1 health left.)
    [3.2] NORMAL ITEMS
    Normal items are used immediately when walked over, and cannot be stored for
    later use like inventory items can.
    Small Med Kit
      This item gives an instant boost of 10 percent health, but will not raise your
    health past 100%.
    Large Med Kit
      This item gives an instant boost of 30 percent health, but will not raise your
    health past 100%.
    Atomic Health Atom
      This item looks like a blue atom.  It will give you an instant boost of 50%
    health.  This item will allow your health to go over 100%, but not past 200%.
      This item will give you extra protection against attacks.  It will cause you
    to take damage at a slower rate.
      There are three types of keycards you can find in the game.  These are red,
    yellow, and blue.  Each one opens a locked door with a lock of the same color.
    There are several items that Duke can find and use to help him during the game.
    Unlike normal items, these are kept until you select and use them.
    Protective Boots -
      The protective boots enable duke to walk in sewers, slime rivers, and
    radioactive material without taking any damage.  There is no need to select this
    item as it is used automatically.
    Portable Med kit -
      This carries a maximum of 100 additional health.  When you are low on health,
    you can select this to bring your health back up to 100.  The amount used to do
    this will be subtracted from the amount stored in the med kit.
    Steroids -
      This item, when used, will make Duke run extremely fast.  He will also have a
    very strong kick.  However, the time of this item is limited, and once activated,
    can't be turned off.
    Holoduke -
      The Holoduke is an item meant to fool your opponents during game play.  When
    activated, a duplicate of yourself pops up wherever it is activated.  This
    Holoduke does not fire or move:  it just stands there.  This is a very good
    decoy during battle.  Enemies will go after the Holoduke instead of you if it is
    closer to them than you are.  The Holoduke has a limited lifespan, but can be
    turned on and off
    Jetpack -
      The jetpack will allow Duke to fly pretty much anywhere.  It has a limited
    lifespan, but can be turned on and off during use.  Be warned:  if you run out
    of jetpack fuel when you are very high up in the air, Duke will fall to his
    Night Vision Goggles -
      The night vision goggles will let you see in very dark areas by making the
    area you are in look brighter.  They have a limited lifespan, but can be turned
    on and off.
    Scuba Gear -
      Looks like a backpack with two air tanks on it, and is an orange yellow color.
    It has a limited lifespan, and is automatically activated whenever you go
    underwater.  If it runs out, or if you go underwater without this, Duke starts
    taking damage after he runs out of breath.
    [3.4] ENEMIES
    All games need baddies to blow up.  You got plenty of weapons to take care of
    'em so here is what Duke is up against.
    Note that unlike today's modern games it doesn't matter where you shoot a bad
    guy.  Shooting a guy in the head DOES NOT do more damage than shooting it in the
    foot.  This is too your advantage as you don't have to be quite as accurate.  It
    is also extremely helpful on bosses and on Battlelord Sentries as sometimes the
    only shot you can dish out is at its foot or other protruding limb.
    Also note that sometimes as you approach an area you'll see enemies "frozen" in
    space.  They won't move and they look like they're harmless.  You have to move
    closer to enemies and "activate" them before you can hurt them.  If you try and
    shoot them when they're "frozen in space" you'll simply be wasting ammo.  This
    event happens most often with Battlelord Sentries and Enforcers.  Usually these
    are the only two enemies that it happens with but not always.  So be on the
    Enemy:  Protozoid Slimer
    Health: 10
    Attack: Blood sucking
    Drop:   None
    Recommended weapon: mighty foot
      It emerges from its egg case with a simple nervous system and only one mission
    in life -- to suck your brains out through your nose and leave you a lifeless
    heap on the floor.  The Protozoid Slimer is evasive as it stretches its elastic
    body from ceiling to floor, and then creeps up your pant leg for the coup de
    gras.  Get them before they get you.
      These guys are simple.  Just kick and splat they're dead.  As they usually
    come from groups of eggs try blowing the eggs up before they hatch.
    Enemy:  Protozoid Slimer Egg
    Health: 30
    Attack: None (it's an egg!)
    Drop:   None
    Recommended weapon: pipe bomb, RPG, devastator, chain gun, shotgun
      A nasty looking green egg.  Protozoid Slimers will emerge from these if they
    are allowed to incubate for too long.
      No real immediate threat but you should kill them as the Protozoid Slimers
    they hatch are pretty annoying.  Use rockets and pipe bombs to kill large groups
    these.  (On a side note, it is possible to freeze eggs that have already hatched.
    When the eggs thaw out they will have become whole again and can hatch more
    Protozoid Slimers.)
    Enemy:  Gun Turret
    Health: 30
    Attack: Laser fire
    Recommended weapon: shotgun, RPG
      About the size of a video camera these wall-mounted turrets are armed with
    motion detectors that will have deadly accurate aim.
      These things are pretty annoying.  They hurt about as much as getting shot by
    an Assault Trooper, but the problem is they are usually strategically placed and
    by the time you see one you are usually surrounded by them.  The other problem
    is running away from them can prove difficult as they automatically acquire your
    new position.  A pistol or chain gun is not recommended because it's too
    inaccurate. Your best bet is to get up close and take a shotgun to them, or blow
    them up with a rocket or the like.
    Enemy:  Assault Trooper
    Health: 30
    Attack: Laser fire
    Drop:   Pistol clip
    Recommended weapon: pistol, shotgun
      The Assault Trooper is the basic alien ground assault trooper sent by the
    ruthless alien leaders to serve as the first offensive wave against Earth's
    defenses.  These guards are generally brownish in color and wear green jackets.
    They attack using a laser pistol, and they can attack from the air by using
    jetpacks.  Though moderately armored, some Troopers have exhibited high
    resistance to injury.  Take precautions that a fallen Trooper stays that way
      You can use the pistol to take these guys out with no problem.  Half of a clip,
    at the very most, will do it.  A shotgun blast or a few rounds of the chain gun
    cannon make easy work of these aliens.  Watch out for their laser attack.  It
    doesn't hurt that bad but several hits will take down your health.
    Enemy:  Assault Captain
    Health: 50
    Attack: Laser fire, teleport
    Drop:   Pistol clip
    Recommended weapon: shotgun, pistol
      These enemies are the same as the basic Trooper in all aspects, except that
    they wear red jackets instead of green ones.  In addition to this, Assault
    Captains have a wrist-mounted Phase Induced Teleporter Device (PITD) capable of
    physically translocating its user to any destination within the device's range.
    Used as a tactical assault instrument, the PITD enables the Assault Captain to
    launch surprise attacks against his intended human targets at will.  (Sometimes
    you will notice that it is possible for an Assault Captain to teleport after he
    has died.  This only happens if you happen to kill the Assault Captain as he
    begins to teleport.  Once he reappears, however, he will die instantly.)
      Same as the Assault Troopers but these guys can transport.  They'll sneak up
    behind you or disappear right before they die.  Make sure you finish them off
    and haven't just delayed their death.
    Enemy:  Pig Cop
    Health: 100
    Attack: Shotgun
    Drop:   None, shotgun(+1-4), armor(+50,+75)
    Recommended weapon: shotgun, pipe bomb, RPG
      The Pig Cops are mutated alien operatives positioned to suppress residual
    human opposition and to police the new centers of alien power on Earth.  Their
    distinct warthog-like appearance and aggressiveness make them easy to spot, but
    difficult to overcome.  They brandish a 10-gauge shotgun and have a special
    surprise ground level attack.  These characters have extremely high intolerance
    to the presence of humans, and exhibit blind rage when they detect human scent.
    Also, protective body armor worn beneath their uniforms gives them added
      These guys are tough to take down.  Use a shotgun to take out these guys with
    only a few shots.  Pipe bombs also work well against these aliens.  Try not to
    get shot by these guys as it hurts--bad.
    Enemy:  Recon Patrol Vehicle (RPV)
    Health: 50
    Attack: Laser fire
    Drop:   None
    Recommended weapon: chain gun, shotgun, pistol
      This sleek and deadly anti-gravity powered reconnaissance vehicle is operated
    by specially trained Pig Cops for the purpose of maintaining alien control in
    areas of human resistance.  The attack mode of this craft is aerial strafing by
    side mounted laser cannons.  The pilots of these craft are protected by an
    automatic pilot ejection mechanism that activates milliseconds before impact
    during a crash.
      These things aren't that tough.  Usually you can't just run right by them
    without any problems.  If you do have to fight one though keep moving and blast
    'em with until you blow the vehicle up and the piggy falls out.
    Enemy:  Enforcer
    Health: 100
    Attack: Chain gun, green slime attack
    Drop:   Chain gun, chain gun ammo
    Recommended weapon: shotgun, pipe bomb, RPG
      With chain gun blazing, the armored Enforcer can make fast business of
    dispatching any remaining human opposition.  Powerful hind legs enable the
    Enforcer to leap to many places where an unsuspecting Duke may be caught of
    guard... so beware.
      Enforcers are bad news.  Their chain gun cannons are hard to dodge, they are
    fast moving, and are pretty strong.  Your best bet is to play corner tag with
    these aliens and blast them with the shotgun.  If there is a group of them use
    the RPG or pipe bombs to quickly get rid of them.  Try to avoid a direct
    confrontation with one of these aliens as a few shots of their chain gun will
    leave you looking for the nearest med kit.
    Enemy:  Sentry Drone
    Health: 150
    Attack: Self destruct
    Drop:   None
    Recommended weapon: shotgun, chain gun
      Mechanized death -- there's no better way to describe these airborne alien
    watchdogs.  By the time you hear their high pitched whine as they engage their
    anti-grav propulsion units, it's probably too late.  The drone will swiftly
    collide with its target and explode with great force.  Latest intel suggests
    that the drones have been refitted with defensive evasion microchips.
      God these guys are annoying!  They take a lot of ammunition to kill and you
    can't use the shrink ray, RPG, or freezer as they will simple dodge it.  You can
    try to have them come at you and then when they beep duck around the corner, but
    you will still probably take partial damage.  Your best bet is to simply run
    from these guys.    If you have to kill them open a door, fire a couple shots to
    engage them, and then quickly close the door.  If you're lucky the drone will
    charge at you and blow itself up as the door is closing.  If you're out in the
    open the shotgun or chain gun works pretty well.
    Enemy:  Protector Drone
    Health: 150
    Attack: Shrink attack, claws
    Drop:   None
    Recommended weapon: RPG, devastator, shotgun, chain gun
      Fast moving, high jumping, shrink attacking, clawing baddies.  These new
    aliens are evil in every sense of the word, taking nearly twice the damage of a
    Pig Cop; don't expect these guys to fall fast.
      These guys are easy as long as you don't get close to them.  A rocket or two
    will take these aliens out.  A couple of shotgun blasts also works but the RPG
    is recommended.
    Enemy:  Octabrain
    Health: 175
    Attack: Fireball, teeth/claws
    Drop:   None
    Recommended weapon: All
      This character's abundant brain mass and specialized trifocal vision combine
    to make the Octabrain a formidable alien weapon against all sentient life on
    Earth.  Their method of attack is a powerful blast of mental energy released
    against its prey, thus weakening and confusing its intended victim.  If the
    victim doesn't die from the mind blast, the Octabrain's powerful razor sharp
    teeth are ready to finish the job.
    The Octabrain prefers dark and secluded habitats from which to wage its attack.
    Their immense mental power is offset by a generally unprotected, though tough
    and leathery, body.
      These guys are generally pretty easy.  You can take them out with your pistol
    if you have to but more firepower is usually better.  Just keep shooting them
    from afar and don't let them close in on you.  Their "fireball" is slow moving
    and thus very easy to move.  Just don't let it hit you or your going to be in a
    helluva lot of pain.  Also don't get close to them because their claws will rip
    you to shreds.
    Enemy:  Assault Commander
    Health: 350
    Attack: Spin attack, rockets
    Drop:   None, rockets
    Recommended weapon: shrink ray, microwave expander ray, RPG, devastator
      The free-floating Assault Commander knows how to throw his weight around as he
    engages his anti-grav spin-deck in your face.  When at greater distances, he
    fires deadly rockets from his rear port which dangles below his anti-grav spin-
      These guys are tough but their rockets are pretty easy to dodge.  Don't' get
    close or you're in for a world of hurt.  Try to fight them in an open area and
    you shouldn't have a problem.
    Enemy:  Pig Cop Tank
    Health: 800ish
    Attack: Quadruple side mounted chain guns, rapid laser fire, grenades
    Drop:   None
    Recommended weapon: running, self-destruct, RPG, devastator
      These heavily armored riot tanks can take a lot of damage before they finally
    explode and an angered Pig Cop pops out aiming a shotgun right at your face.
      These guys are tough--real tough--but they do have a weakness.  On the back of
    them is a self-destruct switch.  Press it and you'll hear a beeping noise.
    Start running like hell because he's gonna blow!
    Enemy:  Battlelord Sentries
    Health: 1000
    Attack: Gattling gun, grenades
    Drop:   None
    Recommended weapon: running, RPG, devastator
      These guys are the absolute hardest regular enemies in the entire game.  They
    look exactly like the Battlelord boss but are thankfully not as strong.  These
    guys can kick your ass in less than 2 seconds.  If you see one of these baddies
    walking around run like hell.  Avoid them at all cost.  If you do have to fight
    one you better have the devastator or the RPG.  Shoot 'em with the RPG about 7
    times and they'll fall or light their ass up with the devastator.
      What makes these guys so hard is their chain gun attack.  Get in the line of
    fire of that thing and you'll be gone.  You're best bet if you have to fight one
    is to try and get it stuck on a wall.  It will try and shoot at you through the
    wall but won't be able to hit you.  Fire away at any protruding limb and he'll
    fall in no time.
    [3.5] BOSSES
    You'll know when you meet one of these guys.  The bosses in Duke Nukem can be
    extremely hard.  My hope is that I can shed some light on the best way to beat
    some of these seemingly impossible aliens.
    Enemy:  Battlelord
    Health: 4500
    Attack: Gattling gun, grenades
      The hulking Overlord commands the alien attack forces on Earth and makes the
    very ground he strides upon tremble.  His deafening roar splits the air as his
    rapid fire artillery and mortar rounds tear your body asunder.  He has no known
    weaknesses... only relentless attacking will make Duke prevail.
      This is one of the hardest bosses to kill if you fight him normally. I have
    beat him without using the below strategy but it's very hard.  Give it a shot.
    He's tough so expect to die numerous times before you kill him.  If all else
    fails tries my strategy:
      There are two triggers in the boss room: the trigger that closes the door and
    the trigger that engages arrival of the boss.  Both triggers are individual and
    are not connected.  What you must do is carefully approach the med kit in the
    center of the room and look at the floor around it from various angles. You
    should see a thin strip on the floor beginning a little before the med kit and
    ending just at the end of the corridor leading to the circular area. Go back and
    jump this strip (or fly over it with the jetpack). The door will remain open but
    the boss will come out.  This is what you want.  If possible snag the atomic
    health atoms and then jump over the strip and get out the door.  The Battlelord
    will try to follow you but will get stuck on the door.  Start pelting him with
    some rockets.  Don't worry about the bombs that he is throwing they won't go
    past the door.  Keep firing until he's dead; if you run out of rockets use
    whatever else you have available.  While he seems to never run out of health you
    can prevail.
    Enemy:  Overlord
    Health: 4500
      Little is known about this alien biological weapon except that it is capable
    of unleashing powerful rocket attacks from its surgically implanted dual
    launching system on its massive back.
      This boss is the biggest pansy ever.  Open the door to release him and then
    while circle strafing unload on him with the RPG or devastator.
    Enemy:  The Cycloid Emperor
    Health: 4500
    Attack: Dual rocket launchers
      The ultimate leader of the alien attack force.  No human has managed to get
    close enough to report on it and live.  Extreme caution is urged.
      This boss can be really tough seeing how it only takes one of his rockets to
    kill you.  There is a trick to beating him however.  The first thing you should
    do is go directly for the devastator.  Next get the RPG and finally the shotgun.
    Be sure to stay on the outer platform _all_ the time when you are getting the
    guns.  The only time you shouldn't be here is in the beginning when you come up
    from the elevator.  Also don't worry about any of the other enemies your only
    concern is the emperor.  Once you have those 3 weapons start firing on the
    emperor.  He'll shoot a few (or about 20...) rockets at you.  Dodge them and
    position yourself behind one of the football goalpost
    (still on that upper ledge!)  Let the emperor walk towards you.  Once he gets to
    the yellow goal post start shooting like crazy at him.  If you've done this
    right the emperor will continuously fire rockets at you from both "hands" but
    one of his hands will be blocked by the goal post and the rockets will blow up
    in his face.  The other hand will keep firing but the rockets should blow right
    by you.
      Your other option is get the RPG first and simply get DIRECTLY in front of the
    emperor and relatively far away from him.  Once you do that start lighting his
    ass up.  The emperor will start going crazy with rockets but what should happen
    is the rockets will either pass to either your right or left side).  You can
    just sit still and keep pelting him with rockets until he dies.  The only thing
    you have to make sure of is that you're not close to a wall.  If you are the
    rockets will go flying by you and explode when they hit the wall thus turning
    Duke into a flaming torch.
    Enemy:  The Alien Queen
    Health: 6000
    Attack: Electric shock, instant death via stepping on you, makes
            protector drones
      The leader of the alien race.  It is rumored that she lives in the
    water and produces the eggs that makes the alien race thrive.  She must be
    destroyed if the aliens are to be destroyed.
      This boss seems impossible to beat at first.  Protector drones are all over
    the place, a couple of Octabrains are swimming around, when the Queen isn't
    making more protector drones she attacks with an electrical charge that hurts
    you anywhere within her lair, and the battle is underwater.  Yep that's
    definitely fair.  If you are tired of getting your ass kick by this bitch keep
      First make sure you have the devastator with full ammo, the RPG with at least
    a few rockets, and about 20% left on your scuba gear. (If you don't have the
    scuba gear don't worry about it because there are air holes in the ceiling of
    her lair.)  Also make sure you grab the atomic health atoms before you enter the
    lair.  Now... swim into the lair and kill the Octabrains ignoring the Queen and
    the Protector Drones.  If the Queen comes out from underneath the lower ceiling
    swim up to the very top of the upper ceiling, face the queen and start firing
    away--you're safe from everything except the Queen's unavoidable electric attack.
    If the Queen stays underneath the lower ceiling this is less favorable but still
    manageable.  Swim to the very top of the lower ceiling and start firing at the
    Queen.  Although you are just out of harms way from the Protector Drones you can
    still accidentally hit one of them with a rocket or some devastator fire even if
    you aren't aiming at them.  Again you are still prone to the Queen's electric
    shock attack but don't worry about it.  Just keep firing and you will prevail.
    [4.0] SECRETS
    Please note I tried my best to explain very clearly where all the secret areas
    are.  Keep in mind however that this DN3D is just that 3 dimensional so
    describing how to get to some place can be very challenging.  I feel I've done
    my best and the below information should at the very least point you in the
    right direction of where to find the secret.
    From what I have read and observed it is my understanding that a level's par
    time is the amount of time it should take you to complete a level.  Note that
    unlike doom the par time does not include extra time to find all the secrets nor
    does it include time for killing all the enemies on the level.  So if you're
    trying to do both of those and still get under par time it is probably not
    3DRealms' time is the fastest time for that level.  It is going from the start
    to the finish of the level without any regard for enemies or secrets.  If you
    can beat a 3DRealms' time your damn good at that level. There are lots of
    3DRealms' times that even I can't beat, albeit because I hate certain levels and
    don't want to practice them, but nonetheless I still haven't beaten them.
    Just for fun I have listed my best times on some levels.  They are all faster
    than the 3dRealms' times and some of them require thinking outside the box.
    Feel free to try and beat them.  Keep in mind, however, that no items were
    brought from previous levels.
    The number of enemies counted on each level is the number of enemies that appear
    on the "Come get some" difficulty level (providing you haven't done something
    stupid like kill a stripper, in which case the maximum enemy count gets raised).
    The reason I have selected this difficulty level is because on the "Damn I'm
    good" difficulty enemies respawn so it's possible to kill more enemies than the
    maximum amount on the level!
    Level 1: Hollywood Holocaust
      Par Time:       01:45
      3DRealm' Time:  00:53
      My Time:        00:51
      Enemies:           60
      Total Secrets:      8
    1. After you fall down the air duct, turn right and run to the crate in the
    corner.  Jump onto the crate, then to the slanted ledge, and finally onto the
    flat ledge below the "Innocent?" sign to get the RPG.
    2. From secret 1--hop down onto the slanted ledge and jump through the middle
    window.  You will land in an apartment building.
    Grab the RPG ammo.
    3. From secret 2--while inside the apartment building, open the "Attack of the
    Bleached Blonde Biker Bimbos" poster to get some steroids.
    4. In the main lobby, open the cash register to reveal a room to your upper
    right with some armor in it.  In order to get there press the wall to the right
    of the "Attack of the Bleached Blonde Biker Bimbos" poster and a lift will take
    you up to the room.
    5. Go up the spiral staircase to get to the projector room.  Press the wall to
    the left of the fire extinguisher to open up a hidden room with a box of shotgun
    shells in it.  Alternately you can access this area via the air vent in the
    6. Jump on top the projector in the projector room to reveal another RPG.
    7. Hit the switch in the projector room to start the babe movie.  Kick out the
    window and jump down to the auditorium.  Shoot the crack in the movie screen to
    blow open a hidden hallway that contains two boxes of shotgun shells and the
    8. From secret 7--after picking up the jetpack jump through the window to land
    back on the street.  Make your way to the start.  Just above the palm tree and
    to the right of the "e" and "m" in the "Cinema" sign there is a hidden room that
    has the chain gun, RPG, shotgun, and a box of pipe bombs.
    Level 2: Red Light District
      Par Time:       05:10
      3DRealm' Time:  03:21
      My Time:        02:07
      Enemies:           93
      Total Secrets:      8
    1. From the start duck into the porn shop to avoid all the activity on the
    street.  Once inside press the center bookcase on the wall with the three
    switches, and it will swing out revealing some armor and pipe bombs.
    2. In the porn shop, behind the counter and near the shotgun and security
    monitor there is an atomic health atom atop the bookcases.  Just to the right of
    that there is a secret compartment with a holoduke in it.
    3. At the end of the dark hallway, just before the elevator, there is a pitch
    black corridor to your right.  Walk down it and make your way to the dimly lit
    passage.  Snag the atomic health atom and box of pipe bombs.
    4. In the bathroom, blow up the toilet and press the wall behind it to gain
    access to the sewer.  You will find lots of goodies including the jetpack,
    steroids, holoduke, RPG rounds, night vision goggles, pipe bombs, and an atomic
    health atom.
    5. In the dance area of the strip joint face the air duct.  Walk backwards until
    you are in the corner on the couch.  This will cause an area behind the two
    strippers to open up.  Sprint to the compartment, and you will be rewarded with
    the chain gun and ammo for it.
    6. The first of several stupid secrets that you must get in order to complete
    the level; jump in the air duct in the strip joint and follow it backstage;
    collect the pipe bombs on your way.
    7. From secret 6--Hit the switch that opens the curtains and raises the pillar.
    Jump onto the pillar and then onto the ledge that leads to the exit.  Turn to
    your left and jump onto the platform to get the night vision goggles.
    8. Near the exit by some crates there is an illuminated wall.  Open it up to get
    a portable med kit.
    Level 3: Death Row
      Par Time:       05:35
      3DRealm' Time:  03:41
      Enemies:           79
      Total Secrets:     10
    1. Inside the control room, press the switch on the left to make the electric
    chair move downward.  This reveals a hidden area with the shotgun.
    2. In the chapel, shoot the switch just above the cross.  Jump on the lift that
    is now going up in the back of the room to get some armor and an atomic health
    atom.  Before you jump off shoot the chick that is being hanged and she will
    drop another atomic health atom.
    3. Press the picture of "god" right in front of the cross.  The cross will
    change shape.  Bust the stained glass window on the left, follow the passageway,
    and shoot the DOOMed soldier.  Snag the chain gun.
    4. In the prison cell with the babe move the bed and grab the RPG rounds.
    5. In the round room with the hologram, open the red door.  Dispose of the laser
    trip bombs and walk towards the map.  To the left of the map there is a
    cubbyhole with RPG shells in it.
    6. From secret 5--to the right of the map there is an atomic health atom in
    another cubbyhole.
    7. Around the corner in the area with the sub is a large door that leads back
    into the area with the red key.  Jump on top of the right column and search the
    wall to find the night vision goggles.
    8. Open the large door (the one that leads back to the red key) and you will
    walk into a lot of laser fire.  Using the ramps jump up onto the upper platform
    (the one where all gun turrets are firing from.) Jump onto another ramp and
    finally through the false wall to get 3 atomic health atoms.
    9. Just above where you got the red key card there is a crack in the wall.
    Blast it open and collect the steroids.
    10. Inside the sub on the back wall there is a hidden door that leads to the
    reactor room.  Inside is a portable med kit.
    Level 4: Toxic Dump
      Par Time:       07:20
      3DRealm' Time:  04:40
      Enemies:           86
      Total Secrets:     14
    1. Stand on top of the submarine to open a hidden door.  Jump back into the
    water and reenter the sub.  Swim all the way to the top to get a portable med
    kit, an atomic health atom, and some armor.
    2. Go to the ledge where you found the blue keycard and RPG.  Look at the gun
    turret that is shooting at you from the right.  Blast the turret, jump inside,
    open the left wall, and grab the RPG rounds.
    3. After getting the blue keycard and the RPG don your scuba gear and head back
    into the water.  Go inside the underwater cavern, grab the portable med kit, and
    then blast the crack in the wall.  Grab the atomic health atom and continue on
    to get some pipe bombs.  Come to the surface and you are now in a secret alcove.
    4. Go through the blue key door and along the right side of the wall, near the
    first bend, there is a door.  Open it and follow it back outside to get the
    chain gun.
    5. In the claw room take the conveyor belt until you see some toxic waste to
    your right (you should be going up a ramp at this point).  Crawl in it and open
    the wall parallel to the conveyor belt to get some chain gun rounds.
    6. From Secret 5--Continue on the conveyor belt and when you get to the top of
    the incline shoot out the big window.  Hit the blue switch to open two pods.  Go
    into the left pod and jump straight up.  You'll land on a ledge that has two
    atomic health atoms on it.
    7. In the flood area jump on the tall slanted platform and look to your right.
    Jump into the dark cave and snag some RPG rounds, the portable med kit, and the
    8. In the flood area, before you get to the "02" computer there is a crack in
    the wall.  Blast it.
    9. From Secret 8--In the back of this cave there is another crack.
    Blast it open to get an atomic health atom.
    10. From secret 9--In the back of this cave there is yet another crack.
    Blast it to open to gain access back to the beginning of the level.
    11. From secret 8--Go past secret eight and you'll come to a control room.  Open
    the secret crawl space between the security monitor and the orange cylinder (and
    to the right of the switch that raises and lowers the water level) to reveal
    some shotgun shells and scuba gear.
    12. After going through the double doors and then through the rotating gears,
    there is water pouring into a tunnel. On the right side of this tunnel, there is
    a crack in the wall. Blow it up, and go through the teleporter.  Grab the RPG
    rockets and two pistol clips.
    13. At the beginning of the "toxic river" there is an air duct.  Shoot out the
    fan and inside are two atomic health atoms.
    14. Hug the left wall during the rapids area of the sewer. You should catch on a
    small outcropping in the wall right before the end of the river. Blow the wall
    open to reveal some chain gun ammo.
    ________________________________SECRET LEVEL___________________________________
    After you blow open the wall in Secret 14 you also reveal the access switch to
    Secret Level 6: Launch Facility.
    Level 5: The Abyss
      Par Time:       09:10
      3DRealm' Time:  05:00
      Enemies:           82
      Total Secrets:      6
    1. When you first enter the fire pit area, just past the little torch on your
    left that is lighting the dark hallway, there is a section of wall that juts out
    a bit.  Press it to open up a minute room with some steroids in it.
    2.  In the fire pit, walk into the fire to be transported to a secret room.
    Inside are 2 atomic health atoms.
    3.  From Secret 2--In the same room there is a ledge with RPG rounds on it.
    Jump up and get them; for some reason you are rewarded with finding a secret.
    4.  In the red area follow the slanted rock down safely into the magma.
    Hug the right hand wall and continue until you see a waterfall on fire.
    Climb the cliff you are now facing.  At the top continue on until you are at a
    dead end.  Several waterfalls will be on your left and a stepping-stone will
    also be visible.  Jump onto the stepping-stone and press the handprint.  A wall
    to your left will open.  Go inside and follow the path until you find an almost
    naked chick :) and 3 atomic health atoms.
    5.  Right before secret 4--Facing the dead end to the left are some waterfalls,
    but straight ahead is a wall with a crack in it.  Blast it, go inside, and grab
    the scattered ammo (two boxes shotgun shells, chain gun rounds, pistol clip, and
    a large med kit).  You will start back at the beginning of the level.
    6.  Right before you enter the first boss' spacecraft (just outside the big oval
    door) face the door and turn to your right.  Search the corner to open a secret
    door.  It leads to an atomic health atom.
    Level 6: Launch Facility
      Par Time:       05:15
      3DRealm' Time:  02:58
      Enemies:           64
      Total Secrets:      4
    1.  After you get the blue keycard go back to the slime pond room.  Go for a
    nice swim and after making your way through a short passageway you'll be in a
    small-enclosed area with some shotgun ammo and two atomic health atoms.
    2.  In the room with an atomic health atom sitting on a platform, right above
    the RPG there, is a fan in the ceiling.  Bash the fan in and jetpack up to snag
    some pipe bombs.
    3.  In the small computer room with all the pig cops and the red keycard, a
    section of wall opposite the switch opens the missile launch room doors and
    reveals some armor.
    4.  After you've launched the missile and taken cover underground you will find
    a main computer console.  In the room with the switch that opens the passageway
    and leads to the exit, jump up onto the console and push the screen.  It opens
    and reveals three atomic health atoms.
    Level 1 : Spaceport
      Par Time:       02:30
      3DRealm' Time:  01:19
      Enemies:           26
      Total Secrets:      6
    1. Go down the hall in the beginning, turn to the left, and move towards the
    Earth Defense Emblem.  You will hear a door open.  Quickly turn around and jump
    into the newly opened alcove to a box of pipe bombs.
    2. In the beginning near the switch you press to deactivate the force field,
    press the column of monitors left of the shotgun to open up a room with a pistol
    clip and an atomic health atom.
    3. Through the force field door, down the ramp, and past the water fountain;
    jump through the "Authorized Personnel" sign to gain access to the air vent and
    a box of pipe bombs.
    4. In the room with the elevator shaft; jetpack up the shaft to get the
    devastator and an atomic health atom.
    5. Also in the room with the elevator shaft; jetpack up to an atomic health atom.
    Land on the ledge and you will hear a door open.  Take the real elevator (not
    the elevator shaft) down to the previous floor.  Get off and turn to your left.
    Go in the compartment to get some chain gun ammo.
    6. In the elevator shaft press the switch to open up a panel of switches.  Go
    out the elevator shaft, up the ramp, and turn to your right.  Turn all the
    switches off except the second one from the right.  Go down the exit hallway and
    you will see a lighted area.  This is actually an elevator.  Take it down and
    you will get the shrink ray, armor, and two large med kits.
    Level 2 : Incubator
      Par Time:       02:30
      3DRealm' Time:  01:26
      Enemies:           66
      Total Secrets:      5
    1. Opposite the yellow switch and just to the right of the shotgun shells is a
    door.  Hop inside, grab the pipe bombs, and press the back panel.  Walk forward
    and you will be rewarded with a secret.
    2. From Secret 1--Walk into the lighted floor area and grab the armor.
    3. In the hallway connected to the yellow switch room; jump through the big
    "Earth Defense" symbol to get the portable med kit.  (Actually the portable med
    kit is on the ledge leading to area behind the symbol.  So technically it is
    possible to get the med kit but not the secret.)
    4. In the room with the armory face the two computers with the pillar lights on
    both sides.  Press the wall to the left to open an area with a holoduke and the
    5. Continue past the room with the armory.  As you enter the room with the two
    atomic health atoms rotating on pillars keep walking straight ahead and search
    the panels with the red and blue lights on them.  The right one will open
    revealing some much needed chain gun ammo.
    Level 3 : Warp Factor
      Par Time:       05:00
      3DRealm' Time:  02:26
      Enemies:           54
      Total Secrets:      2
    1. After you use the yellow key, follow the escalator up and into a large room.
    Find the compartment with the steroids in it.  Look up and shoot the switch.
    Quickly run to the other side of the large room and you will see a box that has
    been lowered, step inside the newly revealed hallway. Step into the elevator and
    you will be taken to the Starship Enterprise.  Explore the starship to find the
    RPG, atomic health, pipe bombs, and portable med kit.
    2. Access the computer in Picard's ready room to reveal the "real" ready room.
    Level 4 : Fusion Station
      Par Time:       04:30
      3DRealm' Time:  02:14
      Enemies:           86
      Total Secrets:      7
    1. After you go down the elevator and are in the piston room, go past the
    security screen.  On the right is a ledge.  Jump onto it and press the center of
    the wall.  A secret hallway will open.
    2. From Secret 1--Right when you enter secret one turn left and smash the alien
    egg.  When you're at the dead end jump up and to your left to land on another
    ledge; grab the pipe bombs.
    3. From Secret 2--Before you jump off the ledge look at the large piston in
    front of you going up and down.  When the piston goes up jump down in the hole
    and walk forward to get into a small room.  Press the back wall in the small
    room to open a secret compartment which holds 2 boxes of chain gun ammunition.
    4. In the water room with the spinning turbines walk up right in front of the
    security screen.  (The security screen is to your left as you get off the
    elevator.)  You'll hear an alien door open.  Quickly run to the other side of
    the room and just to the right of the new elevator.  You'll see some freezer
    ammunition and the freezer inside the secret area.
    5. After you go up the elevator from the turbine room and go across the moving
    platform.  Go in the first room on your left.  Press the back pillar thing and
    it will move upwards revealing some armor.
    6. As you continue on in the level you'll come to a hallway with part of the
    walls blown out of it.  (Actually you'll see the halls blow apart.  This area is
    right after you cross the moving platform.)  Jump up onto part of the blown out
    wall and then onto the metal rafter going across the hallway.  Kick the air vent
    open and crawl inside for the secret.
    7. From Secret 6--Continue on in the air vent and kick the other side open.  You
    should see a babe in a tiny alcove and an atomic health atom.  In the alcove
    turn to your right and shoot the crack in the wall to get a box of rockets.
    Level 5 : Occupied Territory
      Par Time:       03:00
      3DRealm' Time:  01:26
      Enemies:           64
      Total Secrets:      4
    1. In the first rooms with the Assault Troopers press the switch to lower a door.
    On the bottom right side of the door is a small crawlspace.  Go inside to get an
    atomic health atom.
    2. In the room with the slanted inclining glass on both sides; open the big door
    in the back of the room.  Turn around and go up the glass incline on your left.
    You'll see an air vent.  Bust it open and crawl inside to get the RPG and some
    3. From Secret 2--Jump out the air vent and turn to your left.  You'll see an
    area just to the right of the door with Sentry Drones coming out of it.  When
    you walked up to the big door in secret 2 you triggered this area to open.
    Inside is a box of rockets and an atomic health atom.  The only way to get this
    secret is to do some fancy jumping off of enemies or use a jetpack from a
    previous level.
    4. Just to the right of the blue keycard are two computer screens.  Press the
    one closest to the wall to gain access to a secret back area.  The computer
    screen will go up and you can crawl inside.  You'll be rewarded with 2 trip
    mines and an atomic health atom (which you probably need after fighting...er
    running away from, those 3 Battlelord Sentries.)
    ________________________________SECRET LEVEL___________________________________
    When facing the exit button by the green hologram, do a 180 and you'll see a
    light gray switch up and to your right.  Shoot the switch and to your left a
    door will open.  Go into the door to find the secret exit leads to Level 10:
    Spin Cycle.
    Level 6 : Tiberius Station
      Par Time:       02:30
      3DRealm' Time:  01:04
      Enemies:           96
      Total Secrets:      8
    1. In the "supplies" room push the wall in between the two armor vests to open a
    room with a portable med kit in it.
    2. As you enter the room with the mirror; blow up the cracked wall to your right
    to get some shotgun shells and open up the ventilation shaft.
    3. Again as you enter the room with the mirror; look at the mirror and you will
    see a door in the reflection.  Just to the left of that door is a slight
    depression in the wall.  Press the wall and grab the steroids and a box of chain
    gun ammo.
    4. From secret 3--As you walk out of the room, turn to your right and go in the
    hallway with the water fountain.  Walk through the wall opposite the water
    fountain to get two boxes of pipe bombs.
    5. When you first enter the room with the four platforms that move jump onto the
    near right one and press the wall behind it to get two atomic health atoms.
    6. Again in the room with the four platforms jump on the far left one and press
    the wall behind it to get some RPG rockets.
    7. In the moving platform room; after you get off the mechanical lift make your
    way down the hallway and blow up the crack on left and grab the jetpack.
    8. From secret 7--After you get the jetpack hop down to your right and jetpack
    up to the air vent that is facing you.  Go inside the vent and briefly turn off
    your jetpack (this activates a trigger which will open a secret door).  Turn
    your jetpack back on and go out of the vent. A door will have opened on the top
    part of the left upper wall straight in front of you.  Inside is the RPG.
    Level 7 : Lunar Reactor
      Par Time:       04:45
      3DRealm' Time:  02:15
      Enemies:           96
      Total Secrets:      7
    1. In the room with the walls that can squish you; press the button to open the
    walls and run to the alcove with the shotgun shells and large med kit.  When the
    walls close press the wall left of the "Danger: Flammable" sign to open up an
    alcove with two atomic health atoms in it.
    2. When you first enter the big cliff area; turn to your left and open the
    computer panel on the right to reveal a large met kit and chain gun ammo.
    3. From secret 2--Approach the edge of the cliff and look down and to your left.
    Jump down (you will land safely) and go inside to get the shrink ray and some
    4. From secret 3-Use the laser trip bomb trick to land safely at the bottom of
    the canyon.  Grab the jetpack and jetpack up to the ventilation shaft.  Just
    past it is an alcove with armor, rockets, and an atomic health atom.
    5. In the room with the red key open the computer panel on the left side of the
    room (the one with the yellow stripe running down the middle) to get a holoduke
    and freezer ammo.
    6. In the spinning pillar room; follow the path left and jump up into the
    (obvious) opening to get two laser trip bombs and devastator ammo.
    7. Also in the spinning pillar room; follow the path right and jump up into the
    other (obvious) opening to get some RPG ammo.
    Level 8 : Darkside
      Par Time:       11:30
      3DRealm' Time:  04:59
      Enemies:          152
      Total Secrets:      7
    1. After you get the shotgun keep going straight and press the back computer
    monitor to open a compartment with two atomic health atoms in it.
    2. Before you get on the Alpha Transport blow up the crack in the wall to get
    the devastator and two large med kits.
    3. In the room with the two water filled glass cases; press the wall on the
    right just past the holoduke to open a door which leads to a hallway.  Don't
    forget to grab the shrink ray/microwave expander ray in the second water filled
    case before you leave.
    4. To the right of the Gamma Transport switch there is a black computer screen.
    Press it to get the shrink ray and 2 laser trip bombs.
    5. In the sewer after the Gamma Transport; in the room with the four chicks;
    blow up the crack in wall get three boxes of pipe bombs.
    6. After you get on the Beta Transport monorail car, stand in the doorway and
    keep trying to get off.  About halfway to the other side you will go thru a
    small passageway which leads to a room with 2 atomic health atoms.
    7. After you go through the monolith turn to your left and shoot the wall above
    and to the right of the dead astronaught to blow open the wall.
    ________________________________SECRET LEVEL___________________________________
    Inside secret 7 is the secret exit to Level 11: Lunatic Fringe.
    Level 9 : Overlord
      Par Time:       05:00
      3DRealm' Time:  02:26
      Enemies:           49
      Total Secrets:      4
    1. In the beginning when you are swimming on the surface of the water; face the
    only computer monitors in the room.  Swim left or right through either column.
    You will enter a semicircular cave with some armor, freezer ammo, and an atomic
    health atom.
    2. In the waterfall room; blow up the crack on the second part of the ramp to
    get the RPG.
    3. In the large circular room before you let the Overlord out jump into the
    alcove with the water in it.  Take it down to get the devastator and the jetpack.
    Go back to the electric column in the beginning of the level and jetpack to the
    top of it; grabbing the freezer.  Once you land on it you will hear a door open.
    Run over to the column by the only air vent in the room; one of the panels on
    the columns will have opened. Go inside to get the RPG.
    4. When you're fighting the Overlord run into his chamber to trigger a door on
    the faaaar opposite side of the room to open.  Run over to the newly opened area
    and grab the portable med kit, the RPG ammo, the devastator ammo, and the atomic
    health atom.
    Level 10 : SpinCycle
      Par Time:       03:00
      3DRealm' Time:  01:19
      Enemies:           30
      Total Secrets:      0
    Level 11 : Lunatic Fringe
      Par Time:       03:00
      3DRealm' Time:  00:52
      Enemies:           20
      Total Secrets:      0
    Level 1 : Raw Meat
      Par Time:       02:30
      3DRealm' Time:  01:11
      Enemies:           48
      Total Secrets:      7
    1. When you first go in Dukai Sushi walk through the tray panel next to the red
    statue to get chain gun ammo and a small med kit.
    2. Also in the restaurant; pres the picture of the woman in the bikini to get
    the shrink ray.
    3. Again in the restaurant; to the left of the neon bar sign there is a
    chalkboard with a bloody handprint on it.  Open it to get some armor.
    4. Last secret in the restaurant;  Go in the third eating area on the left and
    blow open the crack to get some shrink ray ammo and two large med kits.
    5. In the "rotating water" area there is a wooden cupboard close to the ground.
    Crawl inside and you will see a message on one of the walls that says, "Press
    me."  Do so and you'll open the back of the cupboard which holds pipe bombs and
    chain gun ammo.
    6. From secret 5--As you are coming out of the cupboard press the bloody
    handprint on the wall.  It will open a door to your right which holds the
    7. In the kitchen; open the wine shelf to get some RPG ammo.
    Level 2: Bank Roll
      Par Time:       04:45
      3DRealm' Time:  02:18
      Enemies:           54
      Total Secrets:      5
    1. In the office area; the switch that allows you to get the blue key also opens
    a compartment behind you.  It holds the devastator.
    2. Open either ATM console to get the chain gun.
    3. When you first enter the bank turn to your right and shoot the switch near
    the ceiling.  The phone booths will move revealing a holoduke.
    4. Also in the bank; open the painting behind the desk to get the jetpack and 2
    small med kits.
    5. In the Gamma room blow the crack to get an atomic health atom (you might have
    to rotate the room to see it).
    Level 3: Flood Zone
      Par Time:       03:00
      3DRealm' Time:  01:57
      Enemies:           76
      Total Secrets:      5
    1. When you first jump into the water there is some sea grass growing on your
    right.  Blow the crack behind the sea grass, and swim into shark infested water.
    Underwater you'll find some devastator ammo, chain gun ammo, and the scuba gear.
    On the surface you'll meet a ton of Octabrains and amidst them are two pistol
    clips, shrink ray ammo, large med kit, and the devastator.
    2. Walk through the wall behind the blue key to get... nothing.
    3. Across from the big "Ally Cat Lounge" neon sign is an alcove with the chain
    gun in it.  Jetpack or fall off the red key door building to get there.  Once
    there open the window to get some chain gun ammo.
    4. Near the yellow key door there's a ledge with an atomic health atom on it.
    Press the back rock panel to get a jetpack.
    5. Inside the red key door there is a "Hard Hat Area" sign.  Press it and the
    left side of the box will open revealing two large med kits.
    Level 4: L.A. Rumble
      Par Time:       03:15
      3DRealm' Time:  01:46
      Enemies:           83
      Total Secrets:      3
    1. After you get out of the main sewer pipe blow up the wall on your right to
    get the freezer.
    2. In the blue key room; search the cupboard under the knife on the counter to
    reveal an atomic health atom.
    3. Press the picture to the right of the red key to get devastator ammo.
    Level 5: Movie Set
      Par Time:       02:30
      3DRealm' Time:  01:04
      Enemies:           42
      Total Secrets:      5
    1. On the ledge with the huge movie poster; walk through the right side of the
    poster to get an atomic health atom, freezer ammo, and devastator ammo.
    2. In the area behind where you start; use the register on the right (if you're
    inside the room) and then run to the blue key.  A vending machine will have
    opened revealing three atomic health atoms.
    3. As you look at the yellow key door turn to your left and face the crates.
    Search the crates that are stacked 4 high, and one of the crates will open
    revealing the devastator.  (You have to do some fancy footwork to get it or just
    use the jetpack from secret 4.)
    4. In the room with the red key there is a large earth mural.  Jump through it
    to get the jetpack and shrink ray.
    5.______________________________SECRET LEVEL___________________________________
    In the red key door area, back by the big standing satellite dish, there is a
    large scratched "USA" sign.  Press it to reveal the secret exit to Level 10:
    Tier Drops
    Level 6: Rabid Transit
      Par Time:       03:30
      3DRealm' Time:  01:30
      Enemies:           54
      Total Secrets:      6
    1. By the cola and vending machines are three XXX stands.  Jump on the left one
    to get a holoduke.
    2. Before you get on the tram open the "Lunar Apocalypse" poster for the chain
    gun.  (Note: Two Sentry Drones will spawn, and make a beeline for you as soon as
    you get the chain gun so be ready.)
    3. When on the tram, and on your way to the blue key door, you will see a small
    compartment that when opened reveals the devastator.  To the right of this is a
    crack which can be blown open to get steroids, devastator ammo, and an atomic
    health atom.
    4. After you open the bleu key door; jump on the post office box and open the
    "No Loitering" sign to get some RPG ammo.
    5. At the base of the stairs leading to the red key; press the wall to reveal a
    secret computer room.  Grab the freezer ammo, and then use the computer to
    reveal three babes in uh... precarious positions.  Collect the devastator and
    RPG ammo after you are done staring.
    6. In the final are with the pool of water are two book cases.  Jump on the
    right one to lower the left one thus revealing devastator ammo, RPG ammo, and
    three large med kits (which you probably need after fighting the third
    Level 7: Fahrenheit
      Par Time:       02:00
      3DRealm' Time:  00:55
      Enemies:           78
      Total Secrets:      5
    1. In the crate area; jump through the window into the office.  Press the
    picture between the two book cases to reveal the freezer.
    2. Also in the office; blow up the bottles on the shelf and walk through it to
    obtain a portable med kit.  (Incidentally, if you look at the black panel in the
    office you'll see a faint message that says, "Blast The Bottles."
    3. In the radio station; go to the broadcasting room and walk through the red
    curtain.  You'll be rewarded with freezer ammo and an atomic health atom.
    4. Again in the radio station; in the area opposite the broadcasting room, open
    the back left panel (it's in the shadow) to get the red key...which you need to
    complete the level anyways.
    Level 8: Hotel Hell
      Par Time:       02:15
      3DRealm' Time:  01:09
      Enemies:           57
      Total Secrets:      3
    1. After you take the elevator upstairs; enter the bar and press the front of
    the wine rack to get a holoduke.
    2. Again in the bar; facing the wine rack go left and open the wooden panel on
    the back wall.  You'll immediately find the portable med kit; continue to the
    small compartment and snag the scuba gear and box of pipe bombs.  On your way
    out, jump in the aquarium and grab the freezer.
    3. In the pool area jump into the waterfall and you'll be transported to a
    jungle area of sorts.  Grab the freezer and then press the bloody handprint.
    Follow the rocky path to get the atomic health atom; As soon as you do run for
    your life because the ceiling comes down on you.
    ________________________________SECRET LEVEL___________________________________
    Before you exit the jungle, blow up the palm trees to reveal access to the
    secret exit which leads to Level 11: Freeway.
    Level 9: Stadium
      Par Time:       02:45
      3DRealm' Time:  01:17
      Enemies:           11
      Total Secrets:      0
    Level 10: Tier Drops
      Par Time:       00:45
      3DRealm' Time:  00:10(!)
      Enemies:           28
      Total Secrets:      4
    1. On the Alpha platform press the large back panel to get a shotgun, some
    devastator ammo, and four pistol clips.
    2. On the Delta platform press the large back panel to get a pistol, two boxes
    of pipe bombs, and some freezer ammo.
    3. On the Gamma platform press the large back panel to get a pistol, some RPG
    ammo, and 3 boxes of shotgun shells.
    4. On the Beta platform press the large back panel to get a shotgun, some chain
    gun ammo, and some shrink ray ammo.
    Level 11: Freeway
      Par Time:       02:00
      3DRealm' Time:  01:07
      Enemies:           88
      Total Secrets:      5
    1. Opposite the blue key door (it's on the right before you get to the alley
    with the police car) is a window that you can open.  Inside is the shrink ray,
    and devastator ammo.
    2. From secret 1--at the top of the stairs in secret 1, blow the crack to gain
    access to a bathroom.  Inside is the freezer.  (You can actually get this secret
    first if you come from the underpass, but you won't be able to access secret
    3. On the left before you get to the blue key is a bookshelf.  Open it to get
    some devastator ammo.
    4. Blow the crack behind the blue key to get the chain gun, and freezer ammo.
    5. Under the conveyor belt with the low ceiling, face away from the red key and
    you'll see a pillar with yellow and black caution stripes on either side.  Jump
    through either side of the caution stripes to get a box of pipe bombs and some
    EPISODE IV: The Birth
    Level 1: It's Impossible
      Par Time:       03:04
      3DRealm' Time:  01:32
      Enemies:           96
      Total Secrets:      7
    1. Outside, get on the rock platform, go over the "bridge", and press the
    handprint.  Go in the newly opened door under the bridge to get the night vision
    goggles and an atomic health atom.
    2. From Secret 1--On the left side of the rock wall is small ridge.  Follow it
    up to an alcove with pipe bombs and a holoduke.
    3. In the mess hall, go to the freezer and press the handprint to open a
    passageway.  Use the computer inside to disable the force field, and then grab
    the shrink ray, armor, and large med kit if you need it.
    4. In the barracks, get on the back right bed--the one with the steroids on it.
    It's actually an elevator that will take you to the jetpack and some devastator
    5. In bathroom use the hand dryer.  It opens a compartment above the bathroom
    stall with the closed door.  Inside? a portable med kit.
    6. In the blue key door room, use the computer under the George Washington
    portrait to open a door on your right.  RPG it up.
    7. AS you're going through all the doors at the end of level there is an air
    vent on the left.  Crawl through it and you'll come to a large room.  Grab the
    lonely pipe bomb in the corner, chain gun rounds, and then press the switch to
    turn on the tram.  In the tram is the atomic health atom, more chain gun ammo, a
    box of shotgun shells, and a small med kit.  Finally, open the "Under
    Construction" door and you'll get the devastator and 2 small med kits, if you
    need them.
    Level 2: Duke-Burger
      Par Time:       04:00
      3DRealm' Time:  02:00
      My Time:        01:21
      Enemies:           67
      Total Secrets:      4
    1. From the beginning of the level go left until you come to the alley, notice
    the barrel.  Opposite the barrel is a T-shaped wall.  Directly under the yellow
    stripe on the wall is a secret air vent which leads to the food fryer room (near
    the red key).  If you are a cheater you can simply use the jetpack to get into
    the secret.  If you're not, then you've got to lure a pig cop DIRECTLY next to
    wall and in the EXACT center of the 'T'.  (The reason he must be right up
    against the wall is due to the way the game physics work when you are jumping
    off of enemies.)  Once the pig cop is in position, jump onto him and then into
    the secret room.  Inside you will find a box of pipe bombs, a portable med kit,
    steroids, and some expander ammo.
    2. In the red key room, press the switch on the lower left portion of the desk
    to open a compartment above the crates in the room.  Pick up the freezer.
    3. In the Meat Disposal Room--after you get off the conveyor belt-press the
    light switch to rotate the corner of the room.  If you rotate with it you will
    find the RPG.  In order to get out of this secret without squishing yourself,
    use the light switch that is on the same wall as the one you used to get in.
    4. In the kennel, break the cage above and to the left of Scrappy Due.  Press
    the back wall to reveal a box of pipe bombs.
    Level 3: Shop-N-Bag
      Par Time:       03:30
      3DRealm' Time:  01:45
      Enemies:           89
      Total Secrets:      7
    1. When you first enter the Shop-n-Bag, shoot the fire extinguisher to the left
    of aisle one.  Take the newly opened hallway to get the portable med kit and the
    2. On your way to the box that allows you to jump up onto the food shelves, is a
    stack of boxes between aisle one and two.  Search the box to the right of the
    arrow to get armor and microwave expander ray ammo.
    3. To the right of the yellow key door are some boxes with a crack on them.
    Blast them open to get the chain gun.
    4. Inside the yellow key door room, open the working ATM machine to get the
    5. Inside the red key door room, turn to right and go to the sink.  Opposite the
    sink and on the top right part of the shelving unit is a small crawl space.
    Jump up into it via the small box on the ground, and search the back wall to get
    some pipe bombs, the freezer, and night vision goggles.
    6. Also in the red key door room; walk behind the crates to the right of the
    trash compactor door.  Open the crates to the right of the arrow to find
    steroids, a box of shotgun shells, and RPG rockets.
    7. Inside the trash compactor, search the left wall just past the first
    bloodstain.  Go inside the secret room to find the protective boots, portable
    med kit, and RPG rounds.
    Level 4: Babe Land
      Par Time:       06:32
      3DRealm' Time:  03:16
      Enemies:           89
      Total Secrets:      4
    1. Shoot the crack in One-Eyed Pete's Shooting Gallery to get a measly box of
    shotgun shells.
    2. (I always thought secrets that you must get to complete the level wouldn't
    really be considered secrets, but apparently I am wrong...) Anyways, again in
    One-Eyed Pete's Shooting Gallery, shoot second and fourth targets to gain access
    to the prize booth.  Inside you'll find the red key, armor, and night vision
    3. In Babes of the Caribbean, take a boat and get off at the first jail cell--
    it's the morbid one with the pirate offering his own arm to the dog with the key.
    Shoot the crack behind the dog to get a box of RPG ammo.
    4. This secret is very cleverly designed.  Remember that big air vent to the
    left of the entrance to Babes of the Caribbean?  Inside is an atomic health atom
    that you can see but can't get to--very annoying.  Well, at the end of the Babes
    of the Caribbean ride is the large pirate ship. Get on shore and look at the
    ship.  On the far upper right wall is a video camera.  Sort of a strange place
    for one don't you think?  Jetpack up the camera and enter the false wall to the
    right and where the wall angles inward.  Viola!  You are now in the air vent and
    can collect that atomic health atom. =)
    Level 5: Pigsty
      Par Time:       02:02
      3DRealm' Time:  01:01
      Enemies:           45
      Total Secrets:      5
    1. At the start of the level, grab the pipe bombs and blow open the manhole
    cover.  Grab the jetpack and jetpack out of the sewer.  Looking at the L.A.R.D.
    police station turn to your right.  On the wall you are now facing, jetpack up
    just above the graffiti and go through a false wall.  Help yourself to the
    freezer, RPG, devastator, steroids and microwave expander ammo.
    2. When you first walk in the L.A.R.D. police station, go past the car and to
    your right.  At the bottom of the stairs is a switch.  Press it and an alcove
    opposite the wanted posters wall will open.  You know you want that atomic
    health atom.
    3. Outside the blue key door area are two rooms connected by one-way glass.  Go
    into the recording room and search the tape recorder.  This opens up the corner
    of the room, which has an atomic health atom in it.
    4. In the blue/red key door room, open the bookshelf behind J. McClain's desk to
    gain access to an "interrogation" room.  Collect the atomic health atom and
    three chain guns.
    5. In the yellow key room, open the map behind the desk to reveal a bucket of
    ice cold beer and a portable med kit.
    ________________________________SECRET LEVEL___________________________________
    In the Court Room, open the picture of George Washington behind the judge's
    bench to gain access to the secret exit that leads to Level 11: Area 51.
    Level 6: Going Postal
      Par Time:       03:04
      3DRealm' Time:  01:52
      Enemies:           72
      Total Secrets:      4
    1. Search the gray valve section of the fire truck--near the fire hydrant.  A
    window will open just past the fire hydrant.  Jump inside to get the devastator
    and protective boots.
    2. In the post office check out line, search the picture of the Unabomber to get
    a box of pipe bombs.
    3. In the locker room, search the 2nd locker from the left to gain access the
    Postal Rifle Association.  Inside are 5 pistol clips, shotgun shells, pistol,
    chain gun, small med kit (in the air vent), and portable med kit (blow open the
    4. In the blue key door room, jump over the letter-carrying machine, and go to
    the middle column.  Crawl into the fake wall on the bottom of this column to get
    the shrink ray.
    Level 7: XXX-Stacy
      Par Time:       01:24
      3DRealm' Time:  00:42
      Enemies:           58
      Total Secrets:      3
    1. In the blue key room, search the front of the box that says "Top Secret" on
    the side to get the freezer.
    2. Outside the room with the red key are two stacks of crates.  Make your way up
    to the long narrow block wall near the raised stack.  Throw a pipe bomb into the
    black panel above the right florescent light that is illuminating The Funny
    Boner Comedy Club sign.   After you have detonated the pipe bomb jump through
    the black panel.  Inside you will find the RPG, pipe bombs, and devastator.
    3. After you have raised the water and swam over to the connecting room, press
    the switch to lower the water again.  You'll reveal the shrinker.
    Level 8: Critical Mass
      Par Time:       03:18
      3DRealm' Time:  01:59
      Enemies:           42
      Total Secrets:      4
    1. After going up the circular staircase, wait in the doorway.  Just before the
    ceiling crushes you a door will open.  Go inside and you will find an atomic
    health atom hidden behind the computer console.  When you are ready take the
    teleporter.  Be ready when you take the transporter because a bunch of enemies
    are waiting for some unsuspecting victim.  After you dispose of the baddies grab
    the two large med kits, two small med kits, and the chain gun ammo (if you
    didn't when you were fighting them).
    2. In the room after the crushing walls, use the computer to open a compartment
    with the portable med kit in it.
    3. Blow up the canisters in the large rotating pillar room to get the RPG.
    4. (Another poorly designed secret in which you need an item from another
    level...) From secret 3--jetpack up to the top of the room.  On a ledge you will
    find the shrink ray and devastator rounds.
    Level 9: Derelict
      Par Time:       05:02
      3DRealm' Time:  02:51
      Enemies:          180(!)
      Total Secrets:      5
    1. Underneath the bottom of the boat, on the far opposite side from where you
    started, is a small opening that you can swim up into.  Inside are the chain gun,
    armor, night vision goggles, and steroids.
    2. After you go up the blue key elevator, turn left and go up the stairs.  Go in
    the first hatch on your left and make your way to the kitchen.  Hit the switch
    on the counter with the knife to open an alcove with the portable med kit.
    3. From secret 2--Go across the hall to the other hatch and swing a left at the
    end of the hall.  Jump on the T.V. to open a corner alcove with the shotgun in
    4. In the room with the red key, search the clock above the desk to open a
    bookcase behind you.  You will get two atomic health atoms, microwave expander
    ray ammo, and the shrinker.
    5. In the conveyor belt room, jump up onto the crates and back into the corner.
    You'll find the protective boots and the RPG.
    Level 10: The Queen
      Par Time:       10:50
      3DRealm' Time:  05:25
      Enemies:           91
      Total Secrets:      7
    1. After you take the teleporter to the main area, take the outside left path
    until you come to a raised platform.  Lure an enemy (your best bet is an
    enforcer) close the platform, jump on him, and finally onto the platform.
    You'll be rewarded with two boxes of chain gun ammo.
    2. From secret 1--Continue along and you'll come to another raised platform.
    Use the same method as in secret 1 to get two boxes of devastator rounds.
    3. Go back to where you were teleported into the main room.  This time take the
    outside right path.  You'll come to another platform.  On top of it are more
    devastator rounds.
    4. From secret 2--Continue on and you'll come to yet another raised platform.
    On top are two boxes of shotgun shells.
    5. In the east wing, follow the outside of the room back to where all the
    Protozoid Slimer Eggs are.  Jump into the wall that looks like a huge Protozoid
    Slimer that is trying to eat your face.  Inside are a lot of goodies including
    two small med kits, a box of pipe bombs, shotgun shells, RPG rockets, devastator
    rounds, and chain gun ammo.
    6. In the west wing, follow the outside of the room back to where all the
    Protozoid Slimer Eggs are.  Jump into the wall that looks like a huge Protozoid
    Slimer that is trying to eat your face.  Inside are a lot of goodies including
    two small med kits, a box of pipe bombs, shotgun shells, RPG rockets, devastator
    rounds, and chain gun ammo.
    7. In the Alien Queen's lair, one of the air holes actually has a small ledge in
    it that has an atomic health atom, armor, and a portable med kit.
    Secret Level 11: Area 51
      Par Time:       04:20
      3DRealm' Time:  02:10
      Enemies:           65
      Total Secrets:      7
    1. In the blue key door room, jump over the counter to the back area.  Before
    you go in the door press the computer monitor (which is really a switch).  Run
    over to where the three switches are and you'll find an area with a portable med
    kit has opened.
    2. Continue through the door and you'll come to a computer room.  Search the
    wall behind the holoduke to get the steroids.
    3. From secret 2--Just past the computer room is a hallway with two TV's in it.
    Face the two TV's and then turn to your right.  Notice the symbol on the wall.
    Jump up onto the computer terminal and touch the symbol.  Now run back to the
    computer run and you'll see one of the computers will have opened revealing an
    atomic health atom.
    4. After you fall down the elevator shaft go into area two.  Use the computer
    tower to open a crate by the holoduke to get the armor and scuba gear.
    5. Also in area two-shoot the crack by the computer to reveal "Groom Lake".
    Grab the three small med kits, expander ammo (in the "lake"), and pipe bombs.
    6. From secret 4--After you get the pipe bombs; press the bloody handprint to
    reveal a teleporter.  Take the teleporter to get the RPG.
    7. In the conveyor belt room, after being picked up by the crane hit the switch
    next to the computer.  Go in the newly revealed teleporter at the end of the
    conveyor belt; enter the secret room at the end of the hall to get an atomic
    health atom.
    [5.1] General Tips
    Don't walk, ever.  As a matter of fact unbind the key that you use to toggle run
    Kick Ass
      Instead of wasting ammo to knock out fans, grates, and trashcans use Duke's
    mighty foot.
    Doctor 101
      If your health is only down to, say, 90 percent, don't grab a large med kit
    worth 30 health since the only thing that'll take your health over 100 is an
    atomic health atom.  Try finding a small med kit and coming back for the large
    one later if you need it.
    Listen Up
      Use auditory clues whenever possible. If you hear grunting or roaring, it goes
    without saying that a Pig Cop or an Assault Trooper is nearby. If you hear Duke
    say, "What a mess!" after you've fired an RPG into a window or detonated a pipe
    bomb, you know for sure you killed something.  Don't forget doorways opening
    because they won't always be directly in your line of vision.
    Blow Shit Up
      You can greatly augment the destructive power of any weapon by using it on
    certain objects. In the arcade above the theater in E1L01 (Hollywood Holocaust),
    for example, simply stand in the elevator and use the pistol to blow up some
    yellow oxygen tanks and kill all of the enemies in the room. Fire extinguishers
    blow up nicely, too.
    Don't Commit Suicide
      RPGs and pipe bombs are no doubt powerful weapons, but they don't do you a lot
    of good when you're in close-quarters because you'll end up blowing yourself up.
    If you know you're about to enter tight spaces switch over to the chain gun or
    shotgun. Save your RPG and pipe bombs for better suited environments.
    Be nice to the girls!
      Yeah, you can tip 'em and hope they'll dance... some of 'em will even give you
    a little show... but no sense wasting them, because all it gets you is more
    aliens after you.
    Night Vision
      Always remember to use your night vision goggles when you enter a darkened
    area. Not only are the aliens really easy to see, but sometimes you'll see
    helpful messages written on the tunnel walls.
    Look Up
      Keep your eyes peeled for objects you can leap onto, especially after you've
    cleared out an area and are searching for goodies.
    [5.2] Advanced Tricks
    Whenever you come across a pig cop and you have the freezer, freeze him, and if
    you're lucky some armor or a shotgun will pop out.  Let him thaw and repeat the
    process until he won't give anything else.
    It is possible to fall from ANY height without a jetpack, without death, or even
    injury.  Go to any level with a fatal vertical drop or just use the jetpack to
    fly up to the top of the buildings. Before you drop, select the laser trip bomb
    as your weapon.  Face the building and after you turn off your jetpack plant a
    laser trip bomb.  For an instant your downward velocity reverts to zero, and
    then you'll start accelerating again.  When you're going too fast, plant another
    and continue until you land safely. If you have just one laser trip bomb, plant
    it just before you hit the bottom and you'll land unharmed.
    You can drink from a water fountain, toilet, or fire hydrant to regain up to 50
    health per level.
    You can take a piss to gain 10 health per level.
    Duke can't hold his breath forever.  Find scuba gear or come up for air
    constantly, otherwise Duke will start losing health
    When you are pint-sized by shrink attacks, use the steroids to revert yourself
    to normal size.  Careful though as you'll kill yourself in areas that are too
    small to contain a normal-sized Duke--vents, shafts, and ANY ceiling or sky (in
    case you were flying to escape your enemy).
    Use an adopted version of a military/police tactic called "slice the pie" when
    entering rooms that you are not sure of.  When you enter a room have your back
    to a wall and strafe into a corner.  Continue all along the perimeter of the
    room keeping your eyes on any doorways.  More than likely any doorways that you
    passed in your initial crossing will bring enemies bouncing fat, dumb, and happy
    into the room ready for the slaughter.
    To get rid of the laser trip bombs without having to duck under them or jump
    over them--blow them up with a pipe bomb, RPG, or devastator.
    [6.0] Codes
    Cheat codes don't work under the "Damn I'm Good" difficulty setting.
    dnallen         Displays the message "BUY MAJOR STRYKER"
    dnbeta          Displays the message "PIRATES SUCK"
    dncashman       When the jump button is pressed money is dropped
    dnclip          Toggles ability to walk through walls
    dncoords        Gives your location
    dncornholio     Toggles god mode on and off
    dndebug         Displays some debug information
    dnhyper         Automatic steroids
    dninventory     Gives all inventory items
    dnitems         Gives maximum armor and all three keys
    dnkeys          Gives all keys
    dnkroz          Also toggles god mode on and off
    dnmonsters      Monsters disappear when duke gets close
    dnstuff         Gives all the weapons with maximum ammo and all three keys
    dnrate          Displays the frame rate in the upper left hand corner
    dnscotty###     Warps to a level (the first # is for the episode, the
                      second and third # is for the level)
    dnskill#        Changes the skill level to (1-4)
    dnshowmap       Reveals the entire map
    dntodd          Displays the message "REGISTER COSMO TODAY"
    dnunlock        Toggles the locks on doors
    dnview          Allows you to play in third person view
    dnweapons       Gives all weapons and full ammo
    dnallen: Allen H. Blum III was the assistant director of DN3D.  This is probably
    his cheat code which urges you to buy Major Stryker, an Apogee PC game.
    dnbeta: Proclaiming software piracy is bad.
    dncosmo: Advertising another 3D Realms game, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure.
    To get god mode under the "Damn I'm Good" setting type in a God mode code under
    the "Come Get Some" setting and then start a new game under
    "Damn I'm Good".
    (Macintosh version of DN3D only)
    dn1984  Type in while in the movie theater on "Hollywood Holocaust" to
              view Apple's famous 1984 commercial. (Requires QuickTime)
    dnmacs  Turns security monitors into Mac desktops
    [7.0] FAQs
    Q. Where can I get DN3D?
    A. Well supposedly you can still buy it from 3D Realms, but with the source code
    released I don't know why it's not freeware yet.  Anyways, I recommend searching
    on Kazaa or the like.
    Q. What are the system requirements for the original DOS Based DN3D?
    A. The minimum system requirements are a 486DX2/66, 8 megs of RAM, and a CD-ROM
    drive.  Local bus is also strongly recommended. The recommended requirements are
    a Pentium and 16 megs of RAM.
    Q. What are the system requirements for JonoF's DN3D port?
    A. He's not quite sure yet as it is "a work in progress."  Actually he doesn't
    even promise that it will work on your computer. =)  Feel free to visit his
    website for more information though.
    Q. When was Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition released?
    A. Jan. 29, 1996
    Q. So who made Duke Nukem?
    Original Concept: Todd Replogle and Allen H. Blum III
    Executive Producer: George Broussard
    Producer: Greg Malone
    Level Designers: Richard Gray, Allen Blum III
    Game Programmer: Todd J. Replogle
    "Build" 3D engine/Tools/Network: Ken Silverman Storey, Dirk Jones
    Additional Programmers: Mark Dochtermann, Jim Dose'
    Graphic Design: Robert M. Atkins, Michael Hadwin
    Artists: Stephen A Hornback, Major Stryker, Chuck Jones, James Storey
    3D Modeling: Chuck Jones, Sapphire Corporation
    Artwork: Stephen Hornback, Dirk Jones
    Additional Artwork: David Demaret, Douglas R. Wood
    Musicians: Lee Jackson, Bobby Prince
    Voice Talent: Loni Minella--ProMotions Production Co. (Girl at the end of the
    game), Jon St. John as "Duke Nukem"
    Q. Plutonium PAK?  Atomic Edition?  What's all that about?
    A. Until November 1996, the only registered version of Duke Nukem 3D was v1.3d.
    A new version was created that had a new fourth episode and 3DRealms changed the
    version to v1.4 - 3DRealms also gave that a new name - "The Atomic Edition".  In
    order to upgrade customers who had the registered v1.3d CD, 3DRealms created a
    patch that could be purchased - that patch was called "The Plutonium PAK".
    In December 1996, 3DRealms updated it again for a few minor bug fixes, and the
    version number was again changed to v1.5.  Both v1.4 and v1.5 are "Atomic". The
    term "Plutonium PAK" refers ONLY to the patch you need to use to upgrade an
    existing copy of v1.3 to v1.4. (There is a further patch available online for
    free to upgrade a v1.4 to v1.5).  That patch is the final patch for Duke Nukem
    3D Atomic Edition.  It doesn't update anything it only changes a few minor bugs.
    Using 'The Plutonium PAK' will result on your copy of Duke Nukem 3D becoming
    'The Atomic Edition' - The term "Plutonium PAK" refers only to the actual patch.
    The resultant game is called 'The Atomic Edition'.   If this is all confusing,
    your best bet is to forget about the names and use use the version numbers.  :)
    In short, if you had the old 3 episode registered version (the registered v1.3d
    CD), you want to get the Plutonium PAK (and the 1.5 free patch online), and if
    you don't have any Duke Nukem at all, or just the shareware, you need to buy the
    "Atomic Version" CD. If you buy the Atomic version, you are done.
    Q.  So what exactly does the v1.5 patch fix?
    A.  December 11, 1996
     Here is a quick list of the changes from v1.4 to v1.5.
     1. The major bug was fixing a memory corruption error that definitely
        caused the 'slowdown' bug.  This bug probably fixed various other
        things like some random crashes, and save/load problems.  While it
        might not fix everything, memory corruption is the worst possible
        bug, and this one was fixed and the slowdown/massive caching
        seemed to go away.  If you still experience lots of disk caching
        when playing the game, load SmartDrv at DOS before you play the
        game.  Typing "smartdrv 4000" works well.
        NOTE: You will need more than 8 megs to do this.
     2. Fixed a bug where the game would pop up the "Mighty Foot" weapon,
        when other weapons were available.  Really annoying.
     3. Fixed the bug where if you save a game, exit to DOS and reload
        from the main menu, you got E1L1 music, no matter what level
        it was.
     Thanks to many people online that tested special versions for us,
     or helped provide more information very quickly.  It enabled us to
     get this patch done as fast as we did.
     --The Duke Nukem Team
    [8.0] References and other cool stuff
    This section is mainly the work the work of Aris Paterakis, web designer and
    runner of http://www.imacgames.com, but various other people contributed as well.
    Army of Darkness
    Five of Duke's "lines" originate from this film:
    "Who wants some?"
    "Come get some"
    "That's gonna hurt"
    "Hail to the King baby"
    The star of the film, Bruce Campbell is incredibly cool and hilarious! If you
    like Duke Nukem 3D, you should really watch this movie.  "Army of Darkness" is
    in fact the third movie of a trilogy, directed by Sam Raimi.
    The first movie, "Evil Dead, The" (1983), was mostly a horror film with some
    humoristic elements. "Blockbuster Video Guide to Movies and Videos" rates it
    with 4/5 stars.  Its sequel, "Evil Dead 2, The" (1987) was not as good as the
    first one (3/5 stars), but it was funny. In one of the movie's classic scenes,
    Campbell saws off his own (possessed) hand crying "who's laughing now?"  "Army
    of Darkness" (1993) was the best film of the trilogy rated with 4.5/5 stars.
    "They Live"
    Duke's phrase "It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum and I'm all out of gum"
    can be found in Carpenter's movie "They Live" (1988, 4/5 stars from "Blockbuster
    Video Guide to Movies and Videos"). It refers to an alien race overtaking all
    the important posts on earth using a radio signal to make them take the guise of
    humans.  When Rowdy "Roddy" Piper discovers a pair of glasses (looking just like
    Duke's) that reveal the truth, he's in for some alien ass kickin' with style.
    "Pulp Fiction"
    "I'm gonna get medieval on your asses" is a reference to "Pulp Fiction"
    (Marsellus Wallace says that to Zed, after shooting him... where it hurts most!).
    Marsellus actually says "I'm gonna get medieval on your ass".
    "Full Metal Jacket"
    Another quote from duke is, "I'll rip your head off and shit down your neck!"
    This is said by Sgt. Hartman, in "Full Metal Jacket," to Private Jocker, at the
    In various levels you will find "Play Magazine" and on the cover is a naked
    chick.  This is based on Playboy magazine.
    One of the many references to "Aliens" is the girls you find trapped by green
    slime. Also the eggs and the Queen at Episode 4 are related.
    "Sister Act"
    You can see everywhere in the game that "Sister Act III" is coming soon (as a
    XXX film), and you even see the actresses of the film at level E4L07, "XXX-
    Stasy". You can also see posters being printed for "Sister act IV".
    O.J. is one of Duke Nukem's favorite subjects!
    At the beginning of E1L1 (Hollywood Holocaust) and E3L1 ("Raw Meat") there's a
    sign that reads "Innocent", followed by a blood stain in the shape of a "?",
    referring to O.J.'s initial verdict.
    In E1L2 ("Red Light District") the TV in the bar shows O.J.'s white Bronco being
    chased by the police!
    Hello? Anybody there?
    In the bathroom of E101 ("Hollywood Holocaust") a phone number is on the wall by
    the urinals. It isn't a random number!  It's from the song "Jenny" by Tommy
    Tutone.  "Jenny" was a song about a guy who saw Jenny's number on a bathroom
    wall and kept bugging her.
    3D Realm games
    In the arcade of E1L01 (Hollywood Holocaust) is a pinball machine called "Balls
    of Steel".  This is actually a real game made by 3D Realms.  Also in the arcade
    is a Duke Nukem II machine.  The screen is actually very similar to the orignal
    box art.
    Apple/1984 Commercial (Note this only works on the Mac version of DN3D)
    In E1L01 ("Hollywood Holocaust") go to the projection room, stand in front of
    the camera and hit the action button so that the girl on the screen starts
    dancing. Then type dn1984. The message "Big brother is watching" will appear and
    you'll see the Apple/1984 commercial playing.
    Wanna shoot some pool?
    In E1L02 (Red Light District) when you enter the bar/entertainment complex you
    pass a pool table.  This is a fully functional pool table! You can shoot the
    balls and they move.  You can break with your pistol and shoot some balls into
    the various pockets with the cue ball and the pistol.
    Rise of the Triad
    In the chapel of E1L03 ("Toxic Dump"), hanging from the ceiling, is a monk. This
    is apparently a reference to the "Rise of the Triad" series also made by 3D
    In E1L03 ("Toxic Dump") behind the temple cross you'll find a space marine with
    his legs cut off and green slime all over him.  Duke will say, "That's one
    DOOMed marine". A reference to DOOM.
    The Shawsank Redemption
    In E1L03 ("Toxic Dump") you come to a prison cell with a poster of a girl.  You
    can walk through this poster into a tunnel.  This is a reference to "The
    Shawsank Redemption"
    Still looking for "Red October"?
    The floating submarine in E1L03 ("Death Row") is the "USS Dallas".  A reference
    to "The Hunt for Red October".
    Commander Keen
    In E1L05 ("The Abyss") there's a message at the bottom of the first pillar
    leading up to the spaceship saying "Dopefish Lives". It's a character from the
    Commander Keen series, an older game from Apogee and ID.
    In E1L05 ("The Abyss") Jetpack up to the alcove where the shrink ray bursts are
    being shot. On the wall there is a message that says,
    "You're not supposed to be here. -Levelord".  For those of you who don't know,
    the Levelord is one of the designers for lots of the original Duke 3D levels.
    Star Trek
    The entire map of E2L03 ("Warp Factor") looks like the USS Enterprise! Even
    inside the ship there are similarities: The observation deck is there, as well
    as a "Really Ready Room". Finally, on the observation deck, you can shoot a
    switch and take a secret ride to the bridge.
    Occupied Territory
    E2L05 ("Occupied Territory") seems to be a reference to the movie "Red Dawn",
    where communists try to take over the U.S.
    Duke dares the Force!
    E2L06 ("Tiberius Station"), in a canyon, if you jump into a cave from a ledge
    you will see a dead storm trooper (some say Luke Skywalker) hanging from the
    ceiling, and Duke says, "Now THIS is a Force to be reckoned with".
    In E2L08 ("Dark Side") you can see the "2001, a space Odyssey" monolith.
    "Easy Rider"
    In E3L01 ("Raw Meat") when you enter the bar you can hear Steppenwolf's "Born to
    be wild" (you can even sing it pressing the spacebar near the karaoke
    microphone!), and there is a screen with a motorbike that says "Born to be wild",
    a reference to "Easy Rider".
    "Fake" trip to the moon
    In E3L05 ("Movie Set") there is a setting for taking a movie, with a space
    background. It seems to be a reference to the famous story that the first visit
    of NASA to the moon was a fake, taken in a studio. Several magazines have
    discussed the subject. In one of the recent issues of the francophone magazine
    "Facteur X" there is a special with a professional photographer analyzing the
    photos from the first trip to the moon. There is also a movie on the subject,
    "Capricorn One" (1978).
    Subliminal Advertising
    In E3L06 (Rapid Transit) there is a cash register just past the revolving doors.
    On the cash register, clear as day, are the Visa and MasterCard logos.
    "Radio station"
    In E3L07 ("Fahrenheit") there is a microphone. If you go there and click on it,
    Duke will say, "This is KTIT. K-TIT, serving the breast, uh, best news in town."
    Indiana Nukem?
    In E3L08 ("Hotel Hell") Duke says:
    "We meet agaiin, Toctor Djones!"
    Caddyshack reference
    In E3L08 (Hotel Hell), near the fountain that leads to one of the secret levels,
    there is a large swimming pool with a diving board.  Jump in for a swim and go
    down and look at the bottom.  There you will find an opened BabyRuth candy bar!
    This is a reference to the golf movie comedy "Caddyshack", starring Bill Murray.
    In one scene a BabyRuth is accidentally dropped into a crowded swimming pool and
    gets mistaken for a "doodie"!  The laughs keep coming after the pool is
    evacuated like a stampede and Bill Murray's character walks up to the "doodie",
    takes a bite out of it!
    Mission Improbable
    The whole E4L1 (It's Impossible) theme is obviously a spoof on the movie
    "Mission Impossible."
    The whole E4L02 (Duke-Burger) theme is obviously a spoof on McDonalds.  They
    even have a sign that says, "Duke Burger: 0 burgers sold".
    There are several signs in E4L2 (Duke-Burger) that say, "Society for the
    Preparation of Canine Hamburger"--the SPCH.  This is a play on words of the
    actual SPCA--the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
    In E4L02 (Duke-Burger) there are lots of cages.  One has a dog in it and on the
    front of that cage it says "Scrappy Doo", a Scooby Doo character.
    Escape from L.A...
    In Secret 7 of E4L03 (Shop-N-Bag) you'll see a guy's head on a stick and Duke
    says, "I guess he didn't escape from L.A."  This is a reference to the movie
    "Escape from L.A." staring Kurt Russell.  The guy's head on the stick is Kurt
    Russell's character Snake Plissken.
    In E4L05 ("Pigsty") when you start the level you hear "I'll be back!" and then
    you hear a car crash into the police station and lots of shotgun noises. That's
    from "Terminator" when Arnie goes into the police station looking for the woman
    and kills several police officers.
    Duke Hard!
    In E4L05 ("Pigsty"), inside the police station you'll find a desk with the tag
    "J.McLain" on it. There Duke says "Yippie Kia Yea Mother !@#$^&" These are
    references to "Die Hard", where Bruce Willis played the role of a NY police
    Dirty Duke!
    Once more in E4L05 ("Pigsty"), there is a desk with a name "H.Callahan" on and
    Duke says "Go ahead. Make my day". A reference to "Dirty Harry" where Clint
    Eastwood played detective Harry Callahan.
    Duke and the Simpsons
    In E4L06 (Going Postal), there's a bathroom with the words "Pick up Bart"
    written in reverse on a wall (look in the mirror to see them). This is clearly a
    reference to an old Simpson's episode, where Bart tries to send a telepathic
    message to his father but only causes a friend of his to write those same words
    on a bathroom wall (also in mirror writing). Also, in E3L09 (Stadium), if you
    fly really high, you will find a 'duff beer' blimp. Shoot it with the RPG or
    devastator and goodies will fall.
    ET Phone Home
    In E4L11 (Area 51) there is a trailer with a license plate that says, "ILUVET"
    obviously referring to the movie E.T.
    The Roswell Incident
    In E4L11 (Area 51) there is crate that has printed on it, "Recieved from Roswell,
    N.M., 7/2/47, to W.P.A.F.B, OH Hanger 18".  This is referring Roswell.
    Lake What?
    In case you were wondering what the sign in secret 5 of E4L11 (Area 51) means,
    Groom Lake is the name of the dried up lake that Area 51 is supposedly located
    [9.0] Cool Things to Try
    This section is just some things that I've come across while playing DN3D that I
    thought were pretty cool.  (This is how you know I've played way to much DN3D.)
    Type in dnkroz, dnstuff, and dnview.  Use the jetpack and jetpack up to a really
    high height.  Now turn off the jetpack.  When you hit the ground you will see a
    gruesome animation of Duke spewing blood.
    This one is really annoying.  If you kill an enemy while clipping is off (dnclip)
    and then toggle it back on any enemy corpses that are on the ground have now
    become solid.  You won't be able to walk through them or an enemy on the other
    side of it.  The only way to fix this is to restart the game.
    This one is cool.  Find a mirror and turn clipping off.  Walk through the mirror
    with your back to it.  The screen turns black except for where the mirror is.
    You can look out the mirror like it's a window even if you blow it up!
    More mirror novelties.  Have you ever noticed that any real game action
    displayed in a mirror actually has a slight delay?  Well, try it out for
    yourself.  Find a mirror and try quick kicking.  Now, to really mess with your
    brain type in dnview and try the same thing.  Magically the delay is gone.
    Another mirror phenomenon.  Type in dnview and then find a mirror.  For some
    reason a mirror is only capable of displaying Duke in 3 different positions--
    facing it, left profile, and right profile.
    This one is fun if you're bored.  Find a level with a vertical "squisher".  Type
    in dnkroz and get squished over and over again.  Each time you "die" you will
    leave a goo string between the "squisher" and the floor.
    Disappearing bullets.  Use the jetpack to fly up to the top of a level.  When
    you can't go any higher fire a couple rockets and they will magically disappear.
    Oddly enough this works for any weapon except the pipe bomb.
    In E408 (Critical Mass) find the large rotating pillar room.  Select the laser
    trip bomb, jump, and then plant the bomb on one of the pillars.  If you've done
    it correctly the laser trip bomb will float in the air.
    You'll need a large area for this one (try E309 "Stadium").  Use the steroids
    and then fire an RPG rocket.  You can actually out run your rocket!  For a real
    laugh trying firing a rocket, catching up to it, and then running in front of it
    thus blowing yourself up. ;)

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