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FAQ/Walkthrough by MNeylon

Version: 3.0b4 | Updated: 02/04/1997
Highest Rated FAQ

From: Michael K. Neylon <mneylon@engin.umich.edu>
Newsgroups: comp.sys.mac.games.announce,comp.sys.mac.games.action,alt.games.marathon
Subject: FAQ: The Marathon Spoiler Guide v3.0b4 - for M, M2, and Moo
Followup-To: comp.sys.mac.games.action,alt.games.marathon
Date: 11 Feb 1997 00:25:18 GMT

Looks like its about time for another posting of this.. Note that
this is *still* not complete, so if you can find any secrets I've
missed, please let me know.

You can also grab a copy at http://pinky.wtower.com/msg3.txt


                      (text version)
                        Marathon 2,
                     Marathon Infinity

                     Febuary 4, 1997

                        compiled by
                     Michael K. Neylon


Changes since 3.0b3

Changes since 3.0b2
Added location of Double Aught Term in Aye Mak Sikur
Removed a bit of confusion from Fatum Iustum Stultorum
Added a tip on Thing What Kicks...
Added secret on La Cosa Nostra

Changes since 3.0b1
Added info about lack of secret codes.
Added secret exit on Where are Monsters in Dreams
Added more info for solving Aye May Sicur
Added info on Robot World Arena
Added secret route in Poor Yorick
Added secret path in Where Some Rarely Go
Added additional tips on Eat the Path
Added secret on One Thousand Thousand Slimy Things
Added tips and secret on A Converted Church in Venice, Italy
Added tips on You Think You're Big Time?...
Added oxygen canister locations on Post Naval Trauma
Added route to secret term in Rise Robot Rise

Changes since 2.2
Added first batch of Marathon Infinity tips

Changes since 2.0/2.1
General error fixes, and added a few more tips, specifically
to "All Roads...", "If I Had a Rocket Launcher, ..." , and 

Changes since 1.5
Rewrote entire guide, adding some additional info
Included secrets and tips for Marathon ][ demo levels

=What is it?

The MARATHON SPOILER GUIDE (MSG) is a compilation of the
collected knowledge of the games 'Marathon',
'Marathon 2: Durandal', and 'Marathon Infinity' produced by Bungie.  
Most of the information in this document has been contributed by other 
people, and when appropriate, credit has been given.

Most of the information in this guide is meant to reveal
secrets or hints on completing the game and finding
hidden areas.  Thus, if you continue to read this, be


You *WILL* be spoiled if you read any further.  I take no
responsibility for the disappointment you will feel if you
inadvertently read this information.

=How to use the MSG

The MSG is first divided into three parts: Marathon, Marathon 2,
and Marathon Infinity.  

The MSG is then divided into sections, one for each level
in the game, as well as some general information sections.
Each section is preceded by a title line with the section name
following an equals sign ('=').  Thus, to find information on
a specific level, just search for the level name following an
equals sign (for example, the search string '=Arrival' will
locate the section devoted to the level 'Arrival').

In case you don't know how to determine the name of the level,
just switch over to map mode (default key: 'm'), and look at
the top of the map.  The name of the level will be there.

Level numbers are also given.  To go to a specific level, hold
down 'command' and 'option' as you press 'Begin New Game'.  You
are then presented with a dialog box, in which you should enter the
level number you wish to go to. (This works in both games, although
in Marathon 2, the numbering begins with 1 as opposed to 0).

=Table of Contents

What is it?
How to use the MSG
Table of Contents
General tips
    Marathon 2 (DEMO)
    Solo Levels
        Arrival (0)
        Bigger Guns Nearby (1)
        Never Burn Money (2)
        Defend THIS! (3)
        Couch Fishing (4)
        The Rose (5)
        Smells Like Napalm, Tastes Like Chicken! (6)
        Cool Fusion (7)
        G4 Sunbathing (8)
        Blaspheme Quarantine (9)
        Bob-B-Q (10)
        Shake Before Using... (11)
        Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! (12)
        Colony Ship For Sale, Cheap (13)
        Habe Quiddam (14)
        Neither High Nor Low (15)
        Pfhor Your Eyes Only (16)
        No Artificial Colors... (17)
        Unpfhorgiven (18)
        Two Times Two Equals... (19)
        Beware of Low-Flying Defense Drones (20)
        Eupfhoria (21)
        Pfhoraphobia (22)
        Ain't Got Time Pfhor This... (23)
        Welcome to the Revolution... (24)
        Try Again (25)
        Ingue Ferroque (26)
    Network Levels
        Mars Needs Women (27)
        Carnage Palace Deeee-Luxe (28)
        5-D Space (29)
        Arena (30)
        E Equals MC WHAT!! (31)
        Showered With Grenades (32)
        Spiral Insanity (33)
        Waldo World Arena (34)
        What Goes Up Must Come Down (35)
        You Don't Need to See My I.D. (36)
Marathon 2
    Solo Levels
        Waterloo Waterpark (1)
        Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune (2)
        Charon Doesn't Make Change (3)
        What About Bob? (4)
        Come And Take Your Medicine (5)
        We're Everywhere (6)
        Ex Cathedra (7)
        Nuke And Pave (8)
        Curiouser And Curiouser (9)
        Eat It, Vid Boi (10)
        The Hard Stuff Rules (11)
        Bob's Big Date (12)
        6000 Feet Under (13)
        If I Had a Rocket Launcher, I'd Make Someone Pay (14)
        Sorry Don't Make It So (15)
        For Carnage, Apply Within (16)
        Begging For Mercy Makes Me Angry (17)
        Big House (18)
        This Side Toward Enemy (19)
        God Will Sort the Dead (20)
        My Own Private Thermopylae (21)
        Kill Your Television (22)
        Where The Twist Flops (23)
        Beware of Abandoned Rental Trucks (24)
        Requiem for a Cyborg (25)
        Fatum Iustum Stultorum (26)
        Feel the Noise (27)
        All Roads Lead to Sol (28)
    Net levels
        Thunderdome (29)
        Shangri-La (30)
        No Disintegrations (31) 
        OK, Honeybunny (32)
        Lack of Vision (33)
        Flight of the Toolator (34)
        Giant Flaming Pit of Lava (35)
        House of Pain (36)
        16th Parallel (37)
        One Hit Wonder (38)
        OK, Who Wants Some (39)
        Everyone's Mortal But Me (40)
        5-D Space (41)
Marathon Infinity
    Solo Levels
        Ne Cede Malis (1)
        Rise Robot Rise (2)
        Poor Yurick (3)
        Confound Delivery (4)
        Electric Sheep One (5)
        Where are Monsters in Dreams (6)
        ACME Station (7)
        Post Naval Trauma (8)
        Where Some Rarely Go (9)
        Thing What Kicks... (10)
        Electric Sheep Two (11)
        Whatever You Please (12)
        Naw Man He's Close (13)
        Foe Hammer (14)
        Hang Brain (15)
        Electric Sheep Three (16)
        Eat the Path (17)
        By Committee (18)
        One Thousand Thousand Slimy Things (19)
        A Converted Church in Venice, Italy (20)
        Son of Grendel (21)
        Strange Aeons (22)
        Bagged Again (23)
        You Think You're Big Time?  You're Gonna Die Big Time! (24)
        Aye Mak Sicur (25)
        Robot World Arena (26)
        Two for the Price of One (27)
        Aie Mak Sicur (28)
        Carroll Street Station (29)
        You're Wormfood, Dude (30)
        Try Again (31)
        If I Had a Rocket Launcher, I'd Make Somebody Pay (32)
        You Think You're Big Time?  You're Gonna Die Big Time! (33)
    Network Levels
        Duality (34)
        Thrud (35)
        Wrath No More? (36)
        Y.A.F.N.M. (37)
        Beyond Thunderdome (38)
        Vulcan (39)
        House of Pain (40)
        King of Pain (41)
        Ex Justicia Mortis (42)
        Dead Fields (43)
        Return to Waldo (44)
        Thick and Chunky (45)
        Route 66 (46)
        Morphfine (47)
        Route 66 (604 or better) (48)
        La Cosa Nostra (49)
        Delusions of Grandeur (50)
        Spline (51)
        Mars Needs Women (52)
        Who's Got the Itchies (53)
        reverof nohtaram (54)
        'Fugee Camp (55)
        Meletonin (56)
        Fortress Lh'owon (57)

=General Tips


Or for any of its sequals, for that matter.  Bungie specifically
removed these, as it can make these games too easy to beat.
If you absolutely need to cheat, you can grab a saved game 
modifier from http://www.marathon.org/hyperarchive, and use
that to adjust your statistics.

Assign the Caps Lock key as your run key.  Always keep it down
except when doing some fine maneuvering.  If you do this, you may want 
to switch your action key (default 'tab') to the control key, such that 
it stays close to your weapon keys.

Learn to Grenade Hop (also called Jumping). This is very useful when
trying to access a place that is too high off the ground to reach
normally, as well as for crossing lava.  The easiest way to do it is to
face where you want to go, give yourself some running room, look down,
then run at the point where you want to go, firing a grenade at your feet
just before you reach a wall (or whatever).  You will take some damage,
but you should find yourself at the upper level.  Make sure you don't
fire right on top of the wall, because you will most likely die.  Instead,
, you want to time it to be just before you reach the wall in order to
take minimal damage.  You can practice this on the second level, 'Bigger
Guns Nearby.'

Grenade Walking is also important.  In this case, you usually just need
to get up to a high step. Back up to the step, aim down, and fire.

You can also you SPNKR missiles instead of grenades...they'll take you
much higher and farther than grenades, but are also much more deadly if

Grenade Climbing is a difficult trick, and requires either full shields
or invincibility, and a full load of grenades.  You also need a place
that is too high for a single grenade, and a good amount of straight
wall that leads to that place.  (A good example is the Deprivation
Chamber on 'Never Burn Money').  Get back as far as possible from
the goal along the wall (the wall needs to be perfectly straight).
Then turn into the wall slightly (just a tap on the turn key).
Aim down, and begin to run forwards.  Launch a grenade.  It
should hit the wall and you will take some damage, but you'll
be flying.  As soon as your descent starts, fire another grenade
down at the wall.  Continue until you reach your goal.  This is a
very difficult maneuver to accomplish.

You can also reach high platforms with either the flamethrower or
the alien gun in the low gravity levels (the Pfhor ship levels).

Exploding Bobs: cunning.  Daring.  *Deadly*.  They are innocent colonist
that have been converted by the Pfhor into exploding bombs.  These
can be tricky the first time you run into them, but there are some
easy steps that you can take to distinguish between a normal Bob
and the exploding Bob.  First, normal Bobs will always say 'They're
everywhere!' (well, assuming you haven't played with the sound file),
while the exploding Bob will shout  'Thank God, it's you!'  Secondly,
exploding Bobs are always green.  Finally, if shot with the pistol,
exploding Bobs will spill yellow blood, while normal Bobs will bleed
red.  Thus, if a Bob is in question, fire one shot at it and look at
the color of blood that spurts out.

If you are about to be surrounded by these killed BOBs, pull out the
TOZT or the M2 alien weapon.  This will cause the Bobs to burn, but
not explode.  

On the lower skill levels, there is a limit to how much ammo you 
can carry (these are for Normal gameplay):
	50 	.44 Magnum clips
	25	Fusion batteries
	15	MA-75 clips
	8	MA-75 grenade packs
	4	SPNKR Missiles
	3	Napalm Canisters
Remember that you can also have a full load in any weapon, so
theoretically, you have one more than what's listed above.  It would
seem that with higher difficulty levels, the above limits do not

Some doors, such as ones on 'Couch Fishing', 'Cool Fusion' and 'Colony Ship...', 
can be propped open.  These door are activated by a switch, and will close
after a certain amount of time.  However, if you deactivate the switch 
just before the door finishes opening, the door will stay in that position

>From Jason Martin Levitt comes a simple methodology for approaching any level:

     1. Search for switches and room entrances by using
        map mode.
     2. Flip all switches.
         -If a switch stays on after you've flipped it, don't
          bother it again.
         -If a switch turns itself off soon after you
          flip it, that means either the change
          was permanent, temporary, or  reversible.
          a. permanent change -- the switch is permanently
             off -- you can't turn it on again.
          b. temporary change -- An event occurred that
             you need to deal with immediately. Generally,
             this means you need to run to some nearby
             place to take advantage of the change immediately
             after hitting the switch.
          c. reversible change -- For example, hitting the
             switch causes a pedestal to lower itself and
             stop. Hitting the switch again makes the
             pedestal go up and stop. Sometimes, you have
             full control in these situations i.e. you
             can stop the pedestal at any point.
     3. Look for switches in unreachable places on the walls.
             Use grenades or rocket launchers on those.
             [Ed: The Zeus Fusion Pistol will also activate some
                  buttons, but only on overload (hold down alternate
                  weapon button (default 'option') and wait a second).
     4. Look for entrances in unreachable places on the walls.
             Ways to get to unreachable entrances:
             a. Jump to them by using the "run" modifier key.
                Often, switching to map mode before making a
                jump makes it easier to see where you're headed.
             b. Use pedestals if they're available by jumping
                across them. Usually, you must be running to
                accomplish this.
             c. Use a grenade or rocket to boost yourself
                up by aiming it at the ground and firing.
                You do this by backing yourself up to the ledge,
                aiming at the ground, and firing.

On levels where you have friends, such as Bobs, friendly defense
drones, and friendly S'pht, if you follow these around, you'll
sometimes find additional secret areas.

You can abort looking at a terminal by pressing 'ESC'.  This
may be helpful if you want to grab more ammo or shields before
leaving a level.

If you are looking for an alien weapon from one of the enforcers
on the later levels, then put away that flame thrower!  It'll
toast both the alien AND the weapon.  A SPNKR missile will
also do the same.

Richard S. Keirstead describes a method for getting outside the Marathon 
or Pfhor ships:
	You'll need the following things to do this: a saved game of 
	Eupfhoria, and your cheater pumped up a bit so as not to be distract by 
	things coming after you. You also need to have a "short" physics model, 
	one in which the player's physical profile is that of a midget and your 
	line of sight is about knee-height.

	Enter this level then find your way to the octagonal room at the bottom 
	right of the map. Leading to this room is a gray-walled tunnel that 
	appears to be shaking heavily. This is also the same place an alien 
	teleporter drops you at one point. In the octagonal room, you can see 
	the Marathon floating in space through the slightly V-shaped window.

	Now you're "short" and can walk up onto the ledges of pattern 
	buffers and computer terminals. You can also walk up onto window sills. 
	This particular window appears to have no glass in it, you can shoot 
	right out into space.

	Just run at the window and in your stunted profile, you'll go right 
	through the window and begin walking toward the Marathon. Go ahead and 
	walk right up to it . . . it gets bigger and more pixelated as you get 
	closer. It is really huge. Go ahead and fire some weapons to see what 

	Now turn around a look back at the Phfor ship. I won't tell you what 
	you see.

	Bungie never expected you to be so short and there are other places 
	here and there in the game where there are no panes of glass in the 
	windows of either ship.

All of the above tips also work for Marathon 2, unless otherwise

Besides the weapons listed above, a shotgun blast can also activate
(or destroy) a switch, as well as a single shot from the alien weapon.

Remember, you now have 2 fists to hit with.  Bring up the second fist
with the secondary weapon key.

The fusion pistol now will beep as you overload it (holding down the
second firing key).  The longer you hold it down, the higher pitch the
beeping will be.  Unlike in the demo, the pistol will only discharge
once it overloads (in the demo, it provided a large blast that could
be used for propelling oneself).

If you are stuck underwater, you can swim by continually pressing the
run key.  While you are swimming, you can move in any direction with the
normal movement keys. This also works in lava, but you won't last long.
When you reach the surface of the water, you'll jump out approximately
halfway, allowing you to scramble out of pool and onto land.
(In the demo, you had to repeatedly press the run key to do this).
If you are having trouble getting out of the water (or other liquid),
release the swim keep momentarily, then reengage it.  You'll pop
out a bit higher from the water and hopefully onto land.  You can also
move backwards out of the water, firing a weapon behind you to give
you a bit more push out of the water (the Magnum works well here)

When underwater, the only weapons that work are your fists and the
fusion pistol.  However, the pistol doesn't fire a shot, but instead
'electrocutes' the surrounding area, damaging you and others nearby.
A fusion pistol on overload will cause more damage and a larger area.

When fighting half-in the water (or other liquid), make sure your keep
your gun pointed a tad upwards.  Sometimes (with varying liquid levels),
the shot from your gun will impact right there in front of you, and
you'll take damage.  Holding the gun slightly raised will help prevent 

Weapons and ammo can be teleported in, thus it is necessary to explore every
possible space in each level.  Once you find an ammo stash, it may be worth
the trouble to leave the stash after clearing it out, then coming back
later, at which point more ammo may appear.  An example of this is the 
shotgun cache on the first level.

Besides weapons and ammo, monsters can also teleport in, which can lead
to nasty ambushes.  However, this is always preceded by the alien
chatter that is heard when an alien activates.  Keep your ears open 
for this sound, and it may save your life.

Let the new improved Bobs fight your battles for you.  They have
good aim, and generally will go for the tougher aliens.  Although they
may die by doing this, your job will be easier.

If you are short Magnum ammo, kill a Bob: they'll drop an ammo pack (for
the blue shirted variety) or another Magnum (for the dirty brown shirted).

Be careful when shooting through trellises and other such walls.  Your
shots may accidentally hit the trellis.  Thus, avoid the use of grenades
or SPNKRs if standing right in front of one.

The assimilated BOBs are back.  As before, they are always in green.
As before, they shout unexpected words ("Blast the vent core" is 
quite common among these types).  They will never use their gun
(either on you or others).  They bleed yellow blood.  Thus, the
task of ferreting out the good BOBs from the bad is as easy as 
in Marathon.  HOWEVER, there is a big difference when they die...
not only do they still have a blast radius, but this occurs when the
body hits a wall, not when they die.  This can be very annoying...
if you have two of the assimilated BOBs following you down a narrow
hall, and you shoot the first one, its body can fly back behind the
second one and then explode, sending the second one (now dead) flying
towards you and causing you damage.  Always leave enough space between
yourself and the BOBs to make this happen.  Also, you can use the 
assimilated BOBs as a weapon by killing one in the middle of a pack
of other baddies. 

As stated in a term on "We're everywhere", the new fusion pistol is
VERY effective against Pfhor machinery...use it against the Hunters, 
Troopers, and the tank guys.  Also, in the demo films that are played
in the release version, you'll see a good technique with the pistol...
using the overload shot as often as possible.  However, be warned that
the Hunters, if killed by a plasma pistol, will generally explode with a
small blast radius that's quite painful. 

M2 tends to run short of ammo.  For that reason alone, you'll need to
practice the technique of getting the baddies to fight each other.
This is usually done by running circles around a group of baddies
and/or running through the middle of two groups.  You hope that
a stray shot that was meant for you is taken by another baddie, which
will then turn on the original firer, allowing battle to ensue.  
Once you have several baddies in this situation, its best to flee
for cover until the sounds of battle have died out.   Then return
to the scene to finish off the remaining creatures.  This works
well with any projectile fighters, including Troopers, Hunters,
Enforcers, and the tank guys.

There is a new type of Hunter in the game...its blue and MUCH larger than
normal hunters.  When it dies, it has a good sized-blast radius, and 
it will kill you if you are too close.  Therefore, make sure you stay
at a distance from these guys.  

A general tip...when you drain water from one place, it usually has
to fill up in another location.

Use underwater fights as much as possible.  Most monsters become
ineffective underwater, especially Troopers and Hunters, and getting
oxygen on most levels is a simple task.  Although it will take a while
to kill many creatures with fists, its worth the trouble.

Save the power up canisters for as long as possible.  For example,
in "If I Had a Rocket Launcher, I'd Make Someone Pay", it is very
important to pick up the 3x canister just before you continue past
the airlock.  As these (usually) don't regenerate, it important to
make them count.

The Alien Gun is much more powerful that before.  The main trigger
releases a single shot of intense heat.  The alternate trigger sends
out two shots.  If you hold both triggers down at the same time, 
you will get *three* shots from the weapon.   A nice thing to have 
when there is an approaching front of Phfor.  In order to get the
alien weapon (beyond picking one up, that is), is to kill an
Enforcer using your magnum, MA-75 bullets (not grenades), WSTE-M
shots, or the plasma pistol.  Any other method of killing one
of these will destroy the alien gun as well.

As before, all the above tips with Marathon and Marathon 2 work in
Marathon Infinity.

The plot of Marathon Infinity is set up in a non-linear fashion; that
is, unlike in Marathon or Marathon 2, where you visited every level, in
order, it is possible with Marathon Infinity to miss some levels, or to
replay some levels over.  The following is a rough map of the level
map; within the specific tips for each level, there is additional info
on the progression of the story from that point.

(Letter's indicate 'endpoints'..just move to the line that begins with
that letter to follow the map)

1 -> 2 ---------> 3 ----> 4 --> 5 (A)
       \       /    \        /
        -> 26 -       -> 27 -
(A) 5 ----------> 6 --------> 7 -> 8 -> 9 -> 10 -> 11 (B)
     \             \       /
      -> 11 (B)     -> 28 -
RAGE (continued)
(B) 11 ---------> 12 --------> 13 -> 14 -> 15 -> 16 (C)
      \             \       /
       -> 6 (A)      -> 29 - 

(C) 16 ---------> 17 --------> 18 -> 19 -> 20 -> 21 -> 22
     |\             \       /                           |
     | -> 6 (A)      -> 30 -                           23
     \                                                  |
      --> 12 (B)                                       24
                                                       25 -> END
                                                       31 (VidMaster's 
                                                        |  Challenge)
                                                       33 -> END

The KKV-7 10mm SMG (SMG for short) is a very nice weapon, providing
the speed of the MA75 in vacuum or underwater enviroments.  It's bullets
can pass through water, so you can shoot at enemies through the water
or other liquids.

Note that with the ability to includes different physics models on each
level, there can be various loyalities of the enemies for each level.
At the beginning of each level, watch for who attacks you, and who attacks your enemies.  However, the Fl'ckta (the sewage beasts) will usually attack anyone, and thus, can be shot down quickly and easily.

With the non-linear format of Marathon Infinity, you'll find that you'll
start several levels with no ammo and low health.  This is unavoidable.
Thus, saving ammo is not as important as it was with Marathon or Marathon 2.  In general, there is a sufficient amount of ammo to use for 
Marathon Infinity.


=Arrival (0)


The goal of this level is survival, and to make it to the last terminal.
Because of the weak Pfhor on this level, this is a good level to practice
the running punch technique, as well as circling packs of aliens to 
get them to fight each other.

In the room with the pattern buffer, there is a door that seems to
be inaccessible to you.  However, the switch out in the hallway will
open the column that separates you from the door.  Also, while
running, you can jump around the column to the ledge that has the

Don't forget to fully explore the maze area: there is some extra ammo,
a save terminal, and a shield regenerator.  Watch out for the compilers,

To clear the bottom right room of the projectile Pfhor, either wait
up at the openings and use your gun to take them out, or jump down
and run circle around them to get them to fight each other.


There is a secret room in the bottom rightmost room on the map...
Make sure you approach the room from the right side (you need to open
a door to enter the room).  Then, with the door open, take a step
or three back to get a running start, then immediately as you get
into the room, break into a 180 degree turn to the left and land
on the small ledge in the middle of the room.  One tap of the
action key later will get you a clip of each type of ammo.  You
can also jump across to the small ledge on the other side of the
room, follow it around, and make a small jump back to the right
ledge and then on to the secret room.

=Bigger Guns Nearby (1)


Again, this level is simple enough that you can save the MA-75 for later,
and practice with your fists.  Don't be afraid though to switch to the
better gun if you feel swamped.

Be prepared for an ambush near the end of the level!  To beat it,
first 'waste a life' to determine where you were that triggered the 
ambush, then in your next life, trigger the ambush, then rush back
to a save position.  This works in general for any Marathon ambush.


There are two corridors that can only be reached by grenade hopping.
The first is near the switch that activated the stairs.
To reach the corridor, back up as much as possible from it, then
follow the directions given above for grenade hopping.  Be careful!
There are two shadowed compilers up there, ready to give you a
beating.  There is also a good supply of ammo.

The other corridor is between the two Biovents, and contains
some infrared goggles.  Not really worth the trouble, but could
be useful

=Never Burn Money (2)


Don't forget to save early and often.  When a save terminal is offered
at the start of a level, USE IT.

When fighting the wasps, its best to use the hand gun instead of the 
MA-75.  The latter is too inaccurate to hit the wasps.  On the other
hand, a single shot from a Magnum can take out a minor wasp at Normal

Two of the circuit boards that you need are located on the lower
floor in the upper portion of the map.  There are several panels
that have a picture of a hand on them: use your action key to
open them, and stand as close as possible to pick up whatever is
inside.  There should be 6 of these to check.  The third piece
is located in the other section of the level, after you've gone up
the elevator and passed through that long dark hallway.  You
need to have the central platform moving, so from there,
try to land on each of the 4 niches.  You'll know when you hit
the right one, because an elevator will take you to another floor,
where you need to hit a button and return back to the platform:
one of the niches will now be opened, and all you have to do is
get to the board and teleport out.


Down in the area where you'll find the 2 circuit boards, there
is a very narrow secret hallway in a darkened alcove, containing
some additional ammo.

There is a secret room located along the dark corridor connecting
the two parts of the level.  WARNING: getting out of this room
is not trivial.  Be sure to only use a saved game before entering
it.  Anyway, the door is located just left of the pylon
on the right wall where the passage begins to narrow.  Enter
the passage, but don't go too far - you want to stay on the
ledge you are on.  You are now viewing the Deprivation Chamber.
Look down and kill any aliens you see on the platform below and
in front of you.  Run and land on this platform, and quickly
turn around and destroy any aliens that are coming towards you
or any on the other two platforms.  Charge your shields up to 3x
strength (!).  Jump down, and gather the ammo WITHOUT getting
the invincibility yet.  Make sure your MA75 is full of grenades
(i.e. waste a few to reload a new pack). Now, the tricky part, so
read all directions before continuing:  pick up the invincibility,
and head towards where you came in.  Line yourself up facing
the niche with the teleporter, the long wall on your left.
Turn slightly into the wall, and aim all the way down.  Run forward,
and immediately launch a grenade (keep your aim down!).  As you
start to fall from this hop, launch another grenade.  Repeat
a few more times, until you are on the niche with the teleporter.
If you miss, and you weren't slow, you can probably try again
without running out of invincibility, or your full 3x shields
should be sufficient for another try.  Anyway, once you've hit
the teleporter, you'll be rewarded with ammo and a VERY strange
story from a computer terminal.

=Defend This! (3)


Many people get stuck in the first part of the level.  They enter
a five sided room, which is an elevator that goes up and down only once,
but there is no other exits from it.  Actually the exit is secret: in
the left side of the wall across from the sole entrance there is a
secret door.  However, it is slightly off the ground, such that you
have to ride the elevator a bit to continue on.

After this room, the corridor splits in two.  The left branch takes
you to a save terminal, a shield generator, and ammo, so it should
be your first stop.  The right branch continues into the rest of the

In the room with the 4 switches and the blue and white striped door,
the best way I found for getting past the door is this: while facing
away from the door, hit the rightmost switch, which temporarily
opens the leftmost panel of the door (if facing the door).  Get
yourself 'wedged' in that space, and turn back to the switches,
and without moving, launch a grenade at the second one from the right.
Turn around, and just hit the keys for running forward.  After a second,
the panel to the right will drop, and you should make it through the
door.  Alternatively, you can hit the 2nd switch from the left, then
hit the rightmost switch, followed by the 2nd rightmost switch.  The
opening should be large enough to run through.  To leave, you'll need
to grenade activate the 2nd rightmost switch again.

In the room where there are 4 switches and a window looking out onto
a set of platforms, you only need to hit the 2nd switch on the left
(when facing the switches) to get the platforms in the right configuration.


There are two rooms that have a bright red band running in the center
of the walls.  In the second room, across from on of the doors, is a 
secret door leading to some ammo and a terminal.

In the room with the bridge, you can grenade jump to first get on
the sides of the bridge (without falling off), then grenade jump
again to get into the corridors (a backwards grenade jump in this case).
All 3 corridors are connected, and lead to a stash of ammo.

=Couch Fishing (4)


The goal of this level is to hit three switches, then to survive until 
the end of the level.  Be careful in the narrow corridors in the initial
part of the level, and watch out for the monsters on the ledges and from
below in the latter part.  Don't forget to explore the bottom of the 
large rooms at the end: there is some ammo down then. There is also an 
ammo stash at the end of one of the lengthy vertical corridors (not 
the one you start in).



=The Rose (5)


On this level, your goal is to save the humans from the Pfhor onslaught.
In order to have a chance of completing this mission successfully, you
must immediately proceed to the windows that overlook the Recreation
floor, and kill as many Hulks as possible before the humans are killed.

However, don't worry too much about saving the humans if you are about
to be killed.  The game plays no different in either case.  The only
difference is the message you get at the final terminal.


There are 3 secret areas on the map.  The first is located in the 
Stem, just below the left 'leaf' on the map.  There is some ammo
there as well as a term.

The second secret area is hidden behind one of the 'notches' 
near the term and shield generator.  A Magnum, as well as more
ammo, can be found in the revealed corridor.

Within this corridor is the third secret area.  It is located
on the left-hand wall (or the bottom wall on the map), and contains
a terminal message.

=Smells Like Napalm, Tastes Like Chicken (6)


Simple enough idea: go to both sides of the map and close the door.
Watch out for bug attacks from behind corners.  Use the save terminal
early and often.

The final puzzle on this level is a bit tricky.  Both elevators
are initially at their lowest position, and each button activates
one elevator.  The easiest way to do this is to start at the button
that is on the east side, hit it, run to the west button, hit it,
then return to the elevators and move into the alcove as fast
as possible.  If done correctly, the first elevator will rise and
stop at the same level as the other elevator, which you must
transfer to in order to get to the final room.


There is a secret room in the level that contains the flame thrower,
however, you need to be VERY quick to get both in to and out of
the room, so using a saved game to attempt this is recommended.
Go into the tunnel system on the right-hand side of the map, and head
for the bottom left-most point on the map.  This should be very
close to the initial entry point on the map.  Enter this corridor.
You should hear an elevator start up. RUN back to the entry room,
and on the left side, there will be a section of
platform missing.  RUN to this, drop down, RUN and collect
the napalm unit, and RUN back to the elevator.  Did I mention that
you need to run to get this? :-)  It may help to grenade jump
into the elevator passage, instead of weaving your way up
onto the ledge.

=Cool Fusion (7)


To get out of the first room, with the inactive half open doors,
grab the grenade packs, load up your MA-75, aim at a switch that
can be seen through the doors, slightly up from normal aim, and fire a 
grenade.  The switch should be hit, and the door should open.

In order to get to the upper door in the room with "The Wave",
you need to use the last elevator (the one closest to the wall)
to get in, but you need to activate the first platform (the one
farthest from the wall) in order to get this going.  In this
case, stand just in front of the Wave, hold the run key, and run 
forward.  The first platform will rise, but you'll end up on the
last platform, facing the wall.  Turn off the run key, and as your
platform rises, just press forward and you'll get off the
platform into the doorway without being harmed.

To get to the pattern buffer and shield generator that are located
on a platform far away, you need to first activate the first
platform in 'The Wave,' and then run and jump off onto the ledge
before you get squished.  This is very difficult to accomplish, and
it is suggested that you avoid it altogether.

To get into the second level opening in the first room, you first
need to get the large octagonal elevator to work.  Once that is
going, the best way to get to the opening is to stand on the
opposite of the room from the upper doorway.  As the elevator starts
to come down, move forward and get a step or two on top of it.  Then,
when the elevator is moving back up and the floor of the upper
hallway is roughly at eye level, RUN forward.  You may need to adjust
your timing - if you wait too long, you'll get squished.


There are no secrets on this level.

=G4 Sunbathing (8)


The only 'vacuum' level in the game (unfortunately), this one can
pose several problems to the novice.  The best way to think of this level
is as having an outer ring, an inner ring, and the airlock system
in the center.  Within the inner ring is a shield regen, an oxygen
tank, and a pattern buffer, so one can always return here to
get back to full power.

To complete the level, you need to work clockwise from the entry
point on the level to the antenna.  Furthermore, you can divide the
level into 4 sublevels, each centered around the 4 large areas.

As the first task, you should circle around the upper right quadrant
of the level, looking for a red button while dodging the aliens
from the large open area.  When you hit the button, look across
the large open area, and you will see waayyy on the other side, in
the alcove opposite you, lights coming on and a door opening.  This
can be accessed by returning to the inner ring.  Within this
newly accessible alcove, there will be a switch that will fully
open the necessary doors to get to the next section, namely the
lower right quadrant.

Repeat this procedure, looking for a button and then hitting the switch
in the newly opened area, for the two lower quadrants.  When you
complete the 3rd section, the 4th section should be fully open
to you now.  The rest of the level is very simple.

If you do happen to fall into the large open areas, you need to
pass through the airlock system to return to the inner ring.
There is some ammo down there, so a trip to this level will
not hurt.


There are no secrets on this level.

=Blaspheme Quarantine (9)


You've cleared out the large square hallway, including the aliens on
that ledge, but now you don't see anywhere to go?  Find the
elevator that will take you up a level (activated by the switch
near the light switch on one side of the level).  Then, while
running, jump across to the ledge, and head to the left.  If
done correctly, a door should have opened leading you into the next
part of the level, with a supply of ammo just inside to the left.

Now you've cleared out the other square area, and are stuck
down in a pit?  Then go to the center of the west wall and
look for a door.  This will reveal a long corridor that will take
you back to the first part of the level, and the door to the final
room will be open.


As an added bonus, you can get to read the lyrics to the Durandal
song!  After you return to the first part of the level, redo the
level (no monsters this time, of course), and when you get to the
room with all the elevating platforms, go to the computer terminal
and read what Durandal has to say.  Note: make sure your shields
are charged before reading, because Durandal will jump you from
here to the next level.

Also within the elevator room is an ammo cache.  The door is located
just left and behind you from where you teleport in, but it will only
open once you touch the left-hand wall near the teleport out of the 
level, so there is a lot of elevator timing and luck involved.

There is a second ammo cache, as well as another terminal, in the 
room with the slowly retracting door.  The cache is located in the 
corner where you teleport into this room, but to activate, you need
to grenade jump onto the lower right-most portion of the sniping ledge
on the other side of the room.

=Bob-B-Q (10)


The biggest difficulty in this level is the initial moments, when
you are dropped in a mass of Bobs and aliens.  The best strategy that
I have found is to head straight out into the hallway, turn right
and back up until you are nearly even with a hallway to your left.
Then, with the help of grenades and sidestepping, you should be
able to defend yourself well.  As far as I know, killing a Bob
will not affect anything, so shoot anything that moves.  
[Actually, killing a Bob on this level will not affect gameplay
for the rest of the game.  This will only give you a different
message on the final term of the level]

There is a 2x shield regenerator that is key to surviving the level.
When you start the level, turn right into the hallway, then turn
right at the end of this hallway.  Turn left into the second opening 
in this hallway.  At this point, you'll need to fight some Pfhor, but
after you do, a hallway to your left will lead to the shield regenerator
that you can stay near as other Pfhor approach you.


There is a 2x sheild regenerator on the southeast corner of the 
map, near where there is extra ammo.

=Shake Before Using (11)


This is just a survival level.  No major difficulty here.  (A nice
break from Bob-B-Q!)


In the one room with the really loooooong bridge that you need
to cross, there are hallways in the middle of the room at the
ground floor level.  Within the hallways (which are connected)
is a terminal and a jump pad which will take you to a secret
area near the front of the level, and will lead to a supply of ammo.

At this terminal, Durandal tells you of 4 'secret' locations, although
none of them are real.  However, if you look at the map, you'll
notice the REAL secret area, which you'll get to through the teleporter.

=Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire! (12)


The toughest part of this level is to get across a large pool of lava
that seems to block the way.  Within the pool is an H-shaped platform
that you can raise to get across (see below), but you can also get
across by jumping down into the lava, and grenade hopping up on the 
other side.

However, if you rather raise the platform, you need to go to the room
with the single column.  Behind the column (besides some wasps) is a 
passage to another room, which leads to a stairway to where the 
switch for the platform is.  This entire route, thou, is filled with
lava, and the stairway is filled with wasps as well, so this could
be tricky.

However, you can bypass this route to get to the platform switch 
by grenade jumping to the hallway within the column room.  A
backwards grenade jump seems to work best (without taking damage).

As you will be hit with lots of wasps for any route, you may want
to run through the passages back to the shield regenerator after 
awakening the wasps.  This will help spread the wasps throughout the
level and will make it easier to pick them off. 


There are no secrets on this level.

=Colony Ship For Sale...Cheap! (13)


The octagonal rooms that can squish you contain only contain
some extra ammo and some aliens to kill, thus, it's not necessary
to 'run the gauntlet', and risk your life for that.  HOWEVER,
if you happen to have the napalm unit, then with the run key down,
fire that baby up, and quickly pass through the three rooms without

The U-shaped room that contains the SPNKR Rocket Launcher, the
Napalm unit, and the M75 are NOT accessible.  This room is only
a teaser, and similar rooms appear in the higher levels of the

The most difficult puzzle in the entire game (IMHO), as it requires
good observation skills, is the seven-platform room.  Joshua D. Koppelman
offers the following:

        > I may be lame (and I may have missed the solution to
        > this) but can someone give me a clue as to how to set
        > the columns in the big chamber?

        >      =====   exit   ======
        >                   = 7 =
        >                       = 6 =
        >                           = 5 =
        >                               = 4 =
        >                           = 3 =
        >                       = 2 =
        >                   = 1 =
        > == enter ===== switch ===========

        To solve the annoying riser room, you must make sure they are
        set in increasing height.  1, 2, and 3 should increase in
        height from the ground, while 7, 6, and 5 should be decreasing
        from the raised exit.  Run up to the fourth riser, and launch
        a grenade at the button on the wall opposite the exit, which
        will cause the fourth riser to rise.  At its apex, run up
        the remaining risers..  There is no need to grenade hop and
        the timing isn't difficult if the risers are aligned right.
        Be prepared to run back and forth between the control rooms
        a few times.

As a followup, Jek Kian Jin replies:
        I've found that you can time the switching to achieve this.
        There are audible 'thunks' when the elevator starts and
        when it reaches the top. For elevators 1, 2 and 3, start the
        switch and stop it after 1, 2 and 3 seconds respectively when
        you hear the 'thunk.' For elevators 5 to 7, you hit the
        switch after the 'thunk' at the top, after 3, 2 and 1 seconds
        respectively.  Oh yeah, you don't need a stopwatch, just saying
        'one thousand and one etc.' works fine.

David E. Coufal also adds:
        If you bring risers 7, 6 and 5 to their maximum position,
        you can then stand on top of four, hit the switch with a
        grenade, and then just run across to the exit. Lots easier
        then trying to set up the pillars as "risers" by trial and error.

Tarl Roger Kudrick has figured out the timing  needed to set the platforms 
correctly.  Activate the risers for the following lengths of time:

        1st level: 1.0 seconds
              2nd: 2.0
              3rd: 3.0
              4th: grenade
              5th: 8.5 seconds (8 is too little, 9 is too much)
              6th: 9.5 seconds (same deal--must have that 1/2 second!)
              7th: 10.5 seconds (again with the 1/2 second)

Once you are past the 7 platform room, the exit terminal is quite high
up.  To finish the level, first clear out all the monsters in both the
room with the 4 platforms and the final room.  Then return to the room
with the 4 platforms, and go over to the switches.  Now, while always
running, hit the right switch, hit the left switch, run to the bottom
platform, 'climb' the stairs, then race into the last room and wait
in front of the column.  If done properly, in a couple seconds you will
be lifted to the jump terminal.


A secret computer terminal can be located on this level.  After
you have passed through the door that is activated by the
switch wayyy up high, and gotten the 2x shields, you'll
proceed to a T-intersection.  At the top of the 'T', hit
your action key, and a terminal should be revealed.  Hmm,
that '79 Camaro looks in good shape as well...
=Habe Quiddam (14)


The first pattern buffer on this level may be had by going
into the right-hand hallway in the first large room, and
sticking to the left-hand wall.  This also leads to a shield
generator.  This should be your first stop, as you don't want
to do the platforms in "Colony Ship..." again, do you???

You say you've looked *everywhere* on this level and can't find a
way out?  Then return to the room with 2 columns and the shield
gen.  On the back side of the left column is an elevator that will
take you to the 'upper' portion of the lever.  There is a thin
ledge on this column, so the best way to get down there is to 
run off the ledge, directly into the side of the column that
faces you.  Then, *walk* around to the other side.  If you fall off
you can always grenade yourself back up.

To get the alien energy converter (that 'thing' in the lava), you
first need to go up to the top level as described above.  When
you get to the room that has the one pillar in the lava and a save
terminal, look around on the upper level and you'll find a button.
Pressing the button will cause the pillar to drop and will allow
you to grab the device.  However, to get out of the lava you either
need to grenade jump or wait for the pillar to start to rise again.
Watch that you don't get squished by the pillar!  As an option,
you can immediately save the game after activating the pillar, so
that you don't have to transverse most of the level again.  Yet another
option is to enter the lava by the 'other' passage, while the column
is descending, and with this route, you can reduce the amount of 
maneuvering you have to do in the lava.  Note that you will need
to 'create' this other passage by hitting the switch beforehand.

To get past the door in the 3-column room with the biohazard sign,
you need to find a switch.  In that same room, there is a passage
that you can jump to from the middle column.  This will lead you
to a small battle, but to another area to explore.  Within this
area, either look for a secret door, or look for a gap that you
can jump that is very small.  Within this other area, you'll find
the right switch.


There is a secret ammo room that can be gotten from the above.  
Move a bit into the corner of the passage, and start looking for
secret doors.  This stash should contain rockets and napalm canisters
amongst other ammo types. 

There is a flame thrower in one of the last rooms, in the room with
the L-shaped platform in the lava.  There are two 'rivers' of lava
leaving the room.  Run through either side, pick up the napalm unit
on your way through, and grenade jump back onto the platform.

=Neither High Nor Low (15)


The most important tip for this level is to continue to return
to the shield regenerator and save terminal as much as possible,
especially once you get past the crushing hallway for the first time.

Once the aliens are cleared from the circular room, you can easily
maneuver around the separators.  This is useful when you are trying to
land on the central column.


In the small stairway that leads to a half-height ledge, there is a
secret ammo stash on the right of the stairwell.

In the mini-maze, there is a flamethrower in a high alcove.  You can
either grenade jump up there to get it.  It can be seen from the floor
of the maze.

There is a  3x shield generator in the upper right portion of the 
mini-maze where there are some Hunter ambushes.  It is hidden, but
you can reveal it with a tap of the action key.

=Pfhor Your Eyes Only (16)


As this is your first trip on an alien level, you should get used to 
low gravity fighting, as well as using the Alien weapon effectively.

To exit the level, after exploring it fully, you need to return to the
beginning, and stand still in front the windows facing the Marathon.
Make sure you leave with a full Alien weapon, if possible.


There is a secret room containing alien weapons that is near the 
green slime waterfall.  There are two way to get to the room.  One 
requires that you return to the main hallway and press the nearest 
button.  This will cause an elevator to rise out of the slime and 
carry you into the room.  You can also use the flame thrower to 
propel yourself into the room.  There is a teleporter in this room 
that will return you to the main level.

=No Artificial Colors (17)


This is a simple exploratory level.  It should be very straight forward.

Although it seems like you can't, you can reach that 3x shield generator
that's behind the half-closed door.  Just get as close as possible to
activate it.

When traversing the long, dark corridors, there is a save terminal
that can be overlooked, but it very necessary to use before proceeding.
Take your time in this section.


There are no secrets on this level.

=Unpfhorgiven (18)


There is a 3x regenerator and a save buffer that you may wish to get to
to help finish the rest of the level.  Go to the blue passage in the
upper level, there is a square column in the middle of the passageway
right next to a U-turn.  Around the bend from this column, there is a
secret door, which takes you past a window and to a platform.  Ride
the platform to the top, and follow the passage to a bright room that
has a fast moving platform in the middle.  On the two sides of the room
are Hunters in alcoves which are very difficult to kill but should
be dead before you continue.  Once they are eliminated, you can either
try to catch a ride on the platform to help you to the other side of
the room, or just run across the room to the other side when the 
platform retracts.  Shortly after this is the 3x regenerator.  

In the area where the Bobs are being held, after you teleport to a
smaller room, take a look at the map.  You can see that you are just
behind the cells with the Bobs.  There are doors in this room that will
release them, but be careful: some of the Bobs are of the assimilated 
type, and could blow up in your face.


There are no secrets on this level.

=Two Times Two Equals... (19)


To leave the level, as with all other levels that take place aboard
the Pfhor ship, return to a window that you can see the Marathon
through.  In this case, this is in the large room in the bottom right
of the map.

If you can't jump from this room, then you probably haven't explored
the entire level yet.  Return to the one room with 3 paths in green
slime.  Jump across to the other path that lines the wall...at the
end of this path you should find a door that leads to the rest of
the level.


There are no secrets on this level.

=Beware of Low-Flying Defense Drones... (20)


The first save terminal on this level can be gotten a lot faster
and safer by immediately dropping off the ledge at the beginning 
instead of trying to fight the baddies and taking the elevator 

In the 3x shield regeneration room, there is a secret door in the
left wall.  This takes you not only to a ammo stash but as well
as a invincibility powerup.

=Eupfhoria (21)


Remember to return as often to the 3x shield regenerator on this 
level as possible.  A quick return can be gotten to by the purple-
walled alcove with the green slime floor.

Also, as there is no save terminal on the next level, you should first 
finish all the monsters in this level, return to the regenerator and get 
to full shields, return to the save terminal and save your game, then 
leave the level.


At one point, you need to maneuver yourself up a narrow ledge stairway.
After passing through this door, there is a small hallway with another
door at the end.  If you turn left before going through this door, you'll
find a nice ammo stash that is heavily guarded, but worth the trouble.

=Pfhoraphobia (22)


No, there is no saved game terminal on this level.  Bummer.  However,
there is no reason not to be at 3x shields from the previous level.

Unless you were foolish enough to jump down into the huge room with
all the enforcers and Pfhor, you probably see no reason why that
ugly thing is sitting in the green slime.  Actually, that was the
cyborg that you had to kill, and surprisingly, it only takes
2 or 3 shots from your handgun (!) to do so (on Normal level).


A secret passage can be found in the corridor that goes all the 
way around the circular room. It is roughly midway through this 
passage, and contains an alien weapon and a shadow power up.  
You can also get to this passage via a secret door just behind and 
to the right of you when you jump into the level.

There is a infrared powerup in a small alcove near the elevator that
take you out of the pit that looks like a hull breach.  It is just
to the left of the elevator, and can be gotten there when the 
elevator is at the highest point.

=Ain't Got Time Pfhor This... (23)


You can continue to return to the 2x shield regenerator at the start
of the level with the use of a flame thrower.  Just point down,
and hold down the firing key.

If you still cannot jump out although you've killed everything on
the level (including all the bugs in the large room), then make
sure that you have hit both switches in the large room.  *Both*
switches, you say?  Yep, pop a grenade at the one visible one,
and on the opposite wall a new switch should be revealed.  Hit
that one as well, and the column in the center of the room should
stop moving, and the lights should dim down.  Then, if you cross the
room to the teleporter across from the entrance, it will take
you very near the jump out site.


There are no secrets on this level.

=Welcome To The Revolution (24)


At one point, there is a room with an exit that seems impossible to
get to, and a column in the lava with a small ledge going around it.
If you jump to the ledge, you'll find a 1x shield regenerator and a
switch: hit the switch and run towards where a stairway is emerging
from the lava.  With proper timing you'll take minimal damage from this

To get out of the level, you have to make it to a set of elevators
that move in predictable pattern.  When on one of these elevators, and
facing out, then when the current elevator is at its highest position,
the elevator to the left is at its lowest, which means that all you
have to do is jump around the barrier and land on the next elevator.
After the final elevator is the term that leaves the level.


After passing through the curvy passage that goes through a large lava
pool, there is a room filled with lava, and 3 other exits.  If you 
go forward and leave by the lower exit, you'll come to another room
with 2 columns and a high switch.  To hit the switch, you need to use
a missile or an overloaded fusion pistol.  Once you hit it, move forward,
and to the left there will be a stairway.  Follow this up, and there will
be a platform rising from that first lava room.  Watch out for Hunters,
but at the top you'll find a room with a terminal up high and some ammo.
To get to the high terminal, you'll have to SPNKR-jump yourself up 
there, with a midturn twist and action key.  However, there is nothing
special beyond the terminal and the ammo to make this a necessary stop.

=Try Again (25)


The first save terminal on this level is just to the left of where you
teleport in, and should be used as soon as possible.

The exit to the level may be gotten to from the one large room that
contained the mammoth Pfhor, with the walkway separating the room
down the middle (and there's no lava around).  *After* the Pfhor is
destroyed and you are back at full power, leave by the exit in the
corner of the room.  You will ride two pressure-activated platforms,
then follow the passageway, turning right at the end of this
passageway.  You should go past lots of teleporters, but ignore these
and proceed to the terminal at the end of the hallway for the jump-
out point.


The blue-white stripped door near the save terminal can be opened
to reveal a good ammo stash.

In the area where one of the huge aliens were located and the lava
flows waay off to the left, there is a small passage several feet
back into the lava and to the right.  There are two things you
can do with this:  The left and right walls of this passage
actually have corridors that you can drop into, one containing
a good refill of SPNKR missiles.  Furthermore, if you continue
into lava passage, one of the left walls has a secret door, behind
which an invincibility powerup lies...this can get you to a 2x
shield generator that is in the lava and then to another of the
large monsters (and near the exit as well).

Also, if you are at full 3x shields, and have killed off all the
larger Pfhor, then follow the lava around the bend, and about midway
to the next opening, you'll seen an alcove up to the left with a
Hunter in it.  Kill the hunter, then launch yourself up to the
alcove with a rocket.  There's a secret door that will lead you
to a invisibility powerup and Bungie's tip panel.  You can also
get to the tip terminal by grenade jumping on top of the small
square ledge that leads to the radiation doors.
In the one room with the bridge-like structure, if you go under
the bridge, you'll open the radiation doors on one side of the room
to reveal a invincibility powerup.  This can be very helpful to finish off
the Juggernaut in this level.
=Ingue Ferroque (26)


The whole level is comprised of 3 rings.  You will be clearing out 
each ring before continuing to the next.

The first ring contains friendly S'pht, as well as enemy aliens.  If
you drop down into the ring, then activate the switches with an
overloaded fusion pistol without moving too much, you can then run
to the staircase by sticking close to the wall, and the aliens
will not wake up, or won't be active long enough to stop you.

The second ring, which is actually the outer ring, has two switches
that are used to create the exit to the ring.  However, if you 
stand on where the platform will rise up (seeable on the map), you
can hit the righthand switch (facing away from the wall), and you'll
rise up to the exit without trouble.  However, if you miss this, you'll
need to grenade jump up the stairway to the exit.

After the 2nd ring, there is a small maze with a terminal and a 2x
shield regenerator.  Three teleporters return you to the third ring.

In the third ring, two switches activate a floor area that reveals a 
lava filled corridor.  You'll need to drop down, run through the lava
rivers (dodging alien projectiles) to get to the exit, which just
happens to be the very first room that you started in.  Jump from
the lava river to an alcove, turn around, and jump across the room
to another alcove with a terminal.  Once you get here, that's it! 
You've made it through!  You may need to run through the lava river 
once or twice to get used to the turns before you successfully do this.


You can finish this level without going through the three rings by standing
just to the left of the shield regenerator, facing it, and firing two 
missiles in succession.  This will get you to one of the alcoves, from
which you can get to the final terminal.

Before going through the teleporters in the mini-maze, hit your action key
facing any of them to reveal a secret door.  Within this secret area
is another maze, with some 5-d space-like arrangements.  There is a 
switch that will change the terminal in the first room to a save terminal,
as well as a secret door that leads to more ammo and a special terminal
from the guys at Bungie.

**      Network Levels      **

=Mars Needs Women (27)


On the open shafts, there are ledges that can be landed on if approached 
obliquely, allowing a good ambush spot.

In the green alcove across from the elevator system, there is a secret
door than leads to a potential SPNKR and light switches for the level.

=Carnage Palace Deeee-Luxe (28)


Behind several of the inactive transporters are secret areas, containing
switches to the lighting in the main room, ammo hallways, a rocket launcher,
and an invincibility powerup.

=5-D Space (29)


There are no secrets on this level.

=Arena (30)


There is a secret room in the southwest room of the map which lead
to a long set of corridors, a spiral staircase, and a alcove that
overlooks the main arena which is well hidden from the floor of the

=E Equals MC WHAT!!! (31)


There are no secrets on this level.

=Showered With Grenades (32)


At the bottom of the inverted 'J' on the bottom of the map there is a 
secret door that contains an invincibility powerup.

Behind one of the small alcoves near this 'J' there is a secret teleporter
that take you near the SPNKR location.

There is a secret room near the TOZT location that contains a 
invisibility powerup.

=Spiral Insanity (33)


There are no secrets on this level.

=Waldo World Arena (34)


There are no secrets on this level.

=What Goes Up Must Come Down (35)


There is an alcove in the corner of the square room that can be gotten
to by running up the stairs and making a left turn in midair.

=You Don't Need To See My I.D. (36)


There is a secret door at the top of the inverted 'B' on the map that
contains a invincibility powerup.


=Waterloo Waterpark (1)


The goal of this level is to install two chips into control panels, then
return to the terminal that is in the lefthand pool room.  This level is
pretty much straight forward.  You should be able to grab the MA75 
after completing the level.


On the back of the switch above the left-hand pool is another switch.
Hitting this switch will open a door in the larger pool room (mentioned 

On the center of the left wall of the left-hand pool is a secret door that
will open to reveal a second door, which is opened as stated above.  This
passage leads into the large pool room.  Across from this corridor is a switch
that will lower (or raise) the water level in the room.  To left of the 
corridor, under the water, is an oxygen panel as well as a switch that will 
activate an elevator (right by the switch) that will take you out of the water
and back into the pool room.  The other passages in the pool room come from
other secret areas.

If you can get onto the ledge of the farthest 'minipool' in the left-hand
pool room, there is an automatic elevator in the minipool that will raise
you high enough to open and enter a secret door on the back wall of the
room that will lead to some ammo and to the 'shadow' room discussed below.

The shadow room, mentioned above, is the room with a light source on the wall
that casts interesting shadows on the wall of the room.  The opening that 
is out of reach comes from the above secret.  Also, in the back corner of
the room is another secret door that will lead to an elevator. At the top of 
this elevator are some passages: one leads to the large pool room, another 
leads to the shotgun and ammo for it and which finally leads back into the pool

=Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune (2)


The map that Durandal shows you at the beginning shows you the location
of a good number of doors on the maps.  Note the location of these
to help you get around the level.

This is a good level to practice underwater fighting with the 
Fl'ickta and other baddies.   Remember to use your fists!


In the room to the south of the room where the exit terminal is located,
there is a secret door in the 3rd from the left column on the north 
wall, behind which there are some baddies and the fusion pistol.
Behind the middle column on the west wall of the same room, there
is a switch that will open a door in the above secret room.  Following
this passage will lead you to a place where Pfhor continually battle
some of the tougher Fl'ickta, but there's an invisible wall that 
prevents you from getting in on the action.

=Charon Doesn't Make Change (3)


This is a large exploration level, again with plenty of practice for
fighting underwater.  Note that as soon as you enter the main rooms, 
the water level will begin to rise...this is unavoidable.  Fortunately,
there is a 2x shield regenerator and an oxygen panel down the hallway
from the save terminal.  You should always return to here to get 
healthy again.

You need to use the in-level teleports to complete the levels.  One
leads you to a self-contained area that has several Fl'ickta in 
it.  You need to walk into a small octagonal room which will open the
door to a room with several terminals and another in-level teleporter.
This teleporter leads you to a series of small rooms that lead back 
to the main part of the level.


You can pick up the second Magnum pistol early here by grenade jumping
yourself onto the narrow ledge in one of the central rooms, and by 
opening the secret door at the end that is recessed into the wall.

=What About Bob?! (4)

Don't forget to grab the weapons and ammo located 'around the back' of the
central structure in the room that you start in.

After you drop down the shaft, you'll be in a pretty tough situation
with two of the tank guys and several Pfhor on your tail.  Instead of trying
to face them, it would be best to run laps around the room to get the
aliens to fight themselves.  Once enough of them are killed, then 
move in for the kill.  In generally let the tank guys kill each other
off by continually moving around in front of two or more of them.

When you enter the lava rooms, aliens will be crossing a thin bridge to
get at you.  Instead of shooting at them straight on, fire a few grenades
from an angle.  This will either kill them, or knock them into the lava,
which effectively kills them as well.  If you get swamped here, back up into
room with the ledge and stairwell. Stay on the ledge, wait until the 
aliens have past the stairs, then jump to the stairwell and flee to
the recharge panel in the middle of the lava pools.

As Durandal says, disable the first control panel first, then the second,
otherwise, getting out will be way too difficult.

In the last half of the level, you need to make sure that you clear out 
all the sections.  This simply requires you to enter the room to get the
bob's to teleport in.  You can then retreat and let the BOBs have at it.
You won't be able to leave the level until you do this.


After hitting the second lava switch, if you turn to the left, there is a 
passage that opens and runs to an elevator, which will take you out of
the rising lava, and to a nice little ammo stash.  However, you need to be
quick and at full shields to succeed.

=Come And Take Your Medicine (5)


Although what Durandal says is true about knocking out the switches and
then returning, there is much much more to this level to explore, although
it does get a bit hairy.  Therefore, if you do go exploring, be

There is a save term that is near the entrance to the level...
if you go left after the series of destructible switches in that 
first room, you'll enter a small room...take the right hall pass
a bright corridor to one more room, which on your left is a save term.
There are also two other ways to get at the save term.  From the
ledges in the first room, if you step off the ledge far enough, you 
can see the save term, and you can jump down into the forementioned
room.  Also, you can use the niche that leads to the water system (with
an automatic elevator) to swim a short distance to another niche that 
leads into the room with the save term.  Be warned, however, that there
are two Troopers and several flying drones ready to take you out as 
soon as you get to this room.


Near the upper right side of the map, there is an elevator that will
take you to a high ledge.  Follow this ledge to a door, watching for
troopers.  Behind the door are more ledges, but to the left is 
the entrance into the room that contains an alien weapon.

=We're Everywhere (6)


Stay behind the BOBs at the beginning of the level.  The S'pht
bolts will destroy them first, and then you can grab their ammo off
their bodies.  Then quickly flee into the safety of the water 
before another wave of bolts comes at you.


In the room south of the 2x shield regenerator, there is a room
that has two hexagonal pillars in it, and several switches.
Before you can attempt to enter this room, you need to destroy
the grid-like panel that is near the shuttle bay doors.  Once this
switch is destroyed, return to the above room, and hit the switch in 
the southeast corner of the room (the one that is nearly 
halfsubmerged in the sewage), which both activates one of the 
platforms, as well as opens a secret door back at the beginning 
of the level near where the fusion pistol is located.  By following 
the secret door that is revealed, you'll enter this room.  
Jump across from the rising platform to the other one, then hit 
the switch on the northwest wall to activate this platform.  
At its apex is a horde of shotgun ammo.  Be careful
not to hit the switch in the northeast wall, as there is a 
destructible panel which you will most likely hit with a grenade
shot, and which renders the other switches in this room inoperative.

On the side of the map where you need to open the shuttle bay doors,
there is a narrow shelf just above the water level that has a small
ammo cache on it (specifically, shotgun shells).  However, the trick
is that you have to bob yourself out of the water, and then use
something with a recoil to push yourself onto the ledge.  Grenades
appear to be the only (non-cheating) solution in this case.

=Ex Cathedra (7)


Watch out for them Troopers!  Here's a good level to get practice on 
dealing with some of the tricks that the Troopers use to fight.

To complete the level, you need to open the main temple doors.  The
component that will help you do this is located in a large water filled 
area that can be gotten through by going through the water maze.  Make sure
you explore fully to find out where the switch is.

In the water-filled level part above, there are a lot of the hovering 
robots and a few Troopers.  Again, you want to try to fight these 
underwater to avoid taking too much damage.  There are several places 
in this area in which you can stand just completely underwater and
the flying bots will follow you below the water level, making it easier
for you to fight them.  Similarly, you can punch at a Troopers legs,
and he'll still take damage.


'Outside' the temple, there is a stairway that will take you near where 
you started and a small stash of ammo.

In the 'minor' temple entrance (it's a small octagonal room), there is 
a secret door that opens across from the entrance that contains an
alien weapon and a switch that will open the temple to you without
having to complete most of the rest of the level, including the water

In the water maze, as you approach its end, there will be a Fl'ickta
hiding in a short hall that ends with a spinning rotor on the ground.
Behind this wall is a secret door that leads to a secluded spot in the
water-filled area which can also be used as a quick escape route.
=Nuke And Pave (8)


This is a basic hack and slash level.  There are very few tricks here, 
mostly a good opportunity to dodge and fight.

In the large open room (that is the same as the Net level, "No 
Distinigrations", there is a 2x and 1x shield recharges sitting next
to each at the end of the ledge that encircles the sides of the room.
Actually, the 1x regenerator is a 3x regenerator in disguise.

In the one room where some of the walls looked shattered (they are 
composed of several small blocks), one of those walls holds a switch 
which you'll need to hit from afar.  This activates a door that reveals a 
corridor which eventually leads to the end of the level.


In the same large room above, there is a pillar atop which stands an 
invisibility and an invincibility power up.  To activate the pillar, 
you need to hit a destructible switch which you encounter later in 
the level. Returning to this point should not be a problem.
=Curiouser And Curiouser (9)


Move forward, then back off!  The best strategy on this level is to 
send a few initial volleys of shots to a group of buggers, then back off
and let them follow you.  This should work for most of the rooms, but
be careful that you don't get stuck between two approaching fronts.	 You
can also use the doors as effective blockers, as well as giving you
an advantage by being able to grenade their feet as they open the door.

There are a lot of goodies (save terminals, shield regenerators) in the
sewage filled areas.  Most of these are filled above your waist, so
make sure you aim high at many of the monsters you fight.

To activate the bridges to get across to the final part of the level,
use an overloaded fusion pistol...its the most accurate weapon at your


If you happen to fall in the large circular sludge river that goes around 
the entire level, you'll find some ammo stashes, including a shotgun,
and a 2x shield regenerator.  You'll need to traverse this river to 
the other side of the level to find stairs that lead out of it.  There 
is also a set of submerged stairs that lead to a secret door that will 
get you out of this level as well.

=Eat It, Vid Boy! (10)


Again, in the first room of the level, let the tanks guys go fight each other
with fancy maneuvering.  Also, if you stand outside the room, you can fight 
the one or two aliens that exit it easily.

To continue on from this room, there is a darkened section of the wall that
is a door.  In this room is a switch that will activate one of the elevators
in the other room, allowing you to continue on.

Alternatively, instead of first letting the tanks and Pfhor kill each other,
you can make a run for the door, charge up, collect ammo, and save, then you
can hit the switch, leave the small room and ride the elevator (still
avoiding the tanks), enter the cross room to activate the S'pht to follow
you back into the tank guy room.  You should wait in the side room, poking
your head out only once in a while once a battle ensues. Done properly, 
the tanks and the S'pht will fight each other, leaving you to clean 
up the weaken remaining enemies.

Most of this level is exploration, and hitting any switch that you come
across.  The goal is to raise the path across the lava in the first room,
and to open the doors on the other side of the path.

The fusion pistol can be obtained in the lower right hand side of the map.
You'll need to raise a platform out of the lava with the switch in the same
room, and then jump across to the new platform to grab the ammo and to
recharge to 2x shields.

The shotgun and ammo is located in the center of the 'cross of lava' room,
although it will be under the lava at the start of the level.  If you 
really need it, you can make it with 2x shields by dropping drop, grabbing
the stuff, then running towards the opening that is down there, making a quick
turn to the left, and jumping on the elevator that is located there.  However,
it is a bit more accessible when the lava level is lowered.


In the room with the save terminal, shield regenerator, and terminal, there are 
three small elevators.  Two will take you to a 2x shield regenerator, and a 
third will take you to a good ammo stash, including shotgun ammo.

On the sides of the lava moat that surrounds the base, there are two
raised areas.  Using a rocket launcher, you can boost yourself up onto
these areas, and pick up, er, another rocket launcher! and more ammo 
as well.  You can actually do this as well with some fancy grenade
hopping as well.

=The Hard Stuff Rules (11)


As with several of the remaining levels in the game, this is one where 
backtracking, even one or two levels (in the level itself, not game levels!)
just to regenerate and save is a good idea.  There will be several
tank guys that teleport in without warning, so you'll need to be at 
the best health you can get.


There is a room that has several large blocks in it (this is just after
a room with a save terminal), and contains some of the nastier Fl'ickta. 
You can run and jump across the blocks to get to the far exit from the room
(watch for a Fl'ickta guarding it!), which leads to an ammo stash and a 
shield regeneration powerup.

=Bob's Big Date (12)


The general idea on this room is to let the rapidly rising and falling 
water level take you to various openings in the large room.  From these, 
you can get to a save terminal, a 3x shield regenerator, and more ammo.

In the computer rooms, be ready with the fusion pistol...most of the buggers
that will come at you are susceptible to it, and you'll have a better
chance of surviving.

The switch in the large room causes the water level to settle down 
drastically.  This will allow you to kill the aliens on the bottom,
but these will generally attack each other (Troopers vs. Fl'ickta),
and you shouldn't have to worry about them.  Keep the water level 
varying as it initially does for best use.

To get to the final terminal, you only need to make a small jump
(easily doable while running).  However, once you enter this final
room, you'll activate several tough monsters...back out of the room and
climb your way back, then kill them before you jump over.


Several of the small pools in the smaller rooms have ammo at the bottom,
including shotgun ammo.

=6000 Feet Under (13)


If you *think* you've explored everything and still can't find a way out,
note that there are several ledges that you can get to by jumping over
lava (without taking damage).  Doing one or more of these jumps should
help you locate switches and terminals to help you finish the level.

You are on the right track if you have hit a switch which suddenly
rises to reveal another switch.  This second switch controls the level
of the lava in a room, and you will now be able to cross to the other
side without problems.

The last part of the level starts with a squarish room filled with tank
guys and Fl'ickta.  The best strategy is to use the lava in the room
to kill everything...race along the outside platforms to where there 
are switches in the wall, two of them out of reach.  Hit the switch you
can reach, and let the platform rise.  Hit the left switch (now in reach)
and watch as the lava rises to toast your opponents.  Hit the
same switch to make it fall again, and hit the right switch to make
the platform drop down.  After this portion, you'll come to a door
near a 2x recharger and a switch that controls the door.  Hit
the switch twice in a row to stop the door in mid opening.  Run through 
and get the tank guys to appear, then run all the way back to the platform
and activate the lava for about 1/2 minute.  Repeat until the tank guys 
are toast.

Alternatively, if you prop this door open to let a tank guy come through,
you can stand near the 2x regenerator, recharging as much as possible 
while moving in the direction of the tank guy.  The grenades from the
tank guys will damage him as well, so while you're regenerating, the tank 
guy is dying.


There are known secrets on this level.

=If I Had a Rocket Launcher, I'd Make Someone Pay (14)


Make sure you save at the very beginning of the level.  'Nuf said.

As soon as you teleport in, you'll be surrounded by Troopers and 
exploding Bobs.  There are a few strategies for this level which 
are outlined below....

-The RUN LIKE HECK way-: As soon as you see it, hit the switch
that is by the door, and start picking up ammo (avoiding the 
shield powerups, you'll want to save these for last).  Kill
the buggers that approach you from either direction while you
wait for the airlock door to open.  Once you can get through, 
grab the purple powerup, plow through the door, and head towards
the left, avoiding a mass of exploding BOBs and heading for the
save terminal.  Save your game, then return to the main level by
turning right from the term, and following the left wall.
You'll approach another airlock door, which you'll want to hit the 
switch for immediately.  Pick up the ammo that appears in 
front of the door, and then run against the left wall as 
before...you'll eventually come across a purple powerup; grab it, then
return to the airlock door, which should be nearly open by now.  
Run through, and you'll be able to calm down for a bit.  You'll
enter an area where Hunters will appear...kill these, and you'll soon 
find a save term.  Use this.  Then, once you've read the term, run
forward on the ledge, past anything that teleports in.  Take the 
right turn, and run up the stairs, to the left, and out onto the 
ledge.  Grab the rocket launcher (finally!) as well as ammo and the
shield power up, then retreat back into the hallway. Turn left, 
and hit the last airlock switch.  At this point, you can defend yourself
safely here from any attacks until the door opens.

A slight variation on this method takes the left branch after the
Tycho term, which leads to a dead end ledge in the rocket launcher
room.  Run to the end of the ledge, spend a second or two 
killing from afar, then run back and follow the rest of the above to
get to the launcher.

-The I'M BORED LET ME WASTE MY AMMO method-: Immediately back into
the corner of the wall and the door when you teleport into the 
main part of the level.  Two or 3 aliens will approach you, but you
can deal with these easily.  From this point, you can see the 
troopers on the ledge, who'll all fire grenades at you that fall
short, but they will never jump off the ledge.  You can pick these off
one by one with that extra magnum ammo you've got.  Eventually, you'll
clear the top ledge, which will remove most of the Troopers from the level.
You can then proceed through the level relatively easily without problems
except from the Hunters (but these should be easily to deal with).
Note that this first part could take nearly 30 minutes to finish this

-The LAZY CHICHENSH*T'S method-: Proceed through the inner airlock as 
above, and save at the save term.  Spend a bit of time clearing the 
ledge that was to the right of the airlock door (as you were coming
through the door).  Once it is momentarily clear, grenade jump on 
top of it, then take the first left you come to.  You'll run across
a few Troopers which you should kill, and then you'll find yourself 
overlooking the room with the rocket launcher in the center.  
Troopers will teleport in below, but they will begin fighting each
other with missed shots.  Once the way below is clear, jump down to
the right, which gets you to the stairs, and a direct path to the
rocket launcher.  Note that this method avoids the second airlock
as with several other rooms, but you need to be at a good health
level to do it.

Alternatively, to the above, get inside the first airlock door,
but DON'T save.  Instead, move underneath the ledge on the
right, and wait for a few of the BOBs to approach you.  
One or two should eventually get close, and let them explode.  
You'll end up on this ledge, which will make clearing out 
the rest of the level quite easy.  However, there will probably
be a green trooper that will be ready to take you out.  You
should immediately turn around, and using a weapon *other* than
a shotgun, take him out.  The recoil from the shotgun may
knock you off the ledge. At this point, you can run and dodge the 
aliens until you get to the forementioned 2x generator.  These 
methods are good if you are on a relatively slow (030, 040) computer.

You can also get to this ledge by using the rising airlock door
as an elevator, assuming that you are fast enough to clean the
area for a sufficient length of time and that you can make it onto
the rising door.  This then will leave you at full health once you 
are there.

When you are done with clearing out the level, you can take the 
upper ledges back to the earlier parts of the level to get more ammo
and shields.  


If you jump forward off the platform with the rocket launcher, and into
the plasma, there will be a corridor that leads to one of the ambush ledges
earlier in the level.
=Sorry Don't Make It So (15)


Marathon players will recognize this level at once, and most of the layout
is the same as before (until you get to the end part of course).

Most of the ledges that you see are prime ambushing spots, and as soon
as you walk by, they will fill up with monsters.  Whenever you walk
by one, make sure your gun is ready to unload.

Your first priority should be to get to the save terminal and the
3x recharger that are roughly in the middle of the level.  You may need
to explore the level a few times to locate them.

At the end of the level, when you need to swim to get to the rest of
the level, you should come up under the first opening you can...this
should be the hallway outside the second half of the level, which 
is initially quiet and will help you get your bearings.  Alternatively,
you can swim up the 3rd opening, which should bring you to a small
triangular ledge.  Facing the plasma side of the ledge, there will
be an opening to your left that you can jump to.  Kill the 
Tank guy that appears here, and you can then use the 2x shield regenerator
in this room to recover from your swim.


As with "Pfhor Your Eyes Only", you can hit the switch at the first
bend, which activates the elevator in the nearby room that will lead
you to a teleporter.  However, in this case, it leads to a 
tough room that is much later in the level...you won't have to 
take damage to get there as with the more conventional route,
but you'll have a major battle to fight.

In one of the interior rooms, there is a small plasma pool off to
one side.  In it is a 3x shield regenerator.  You can jump in and
use it to get to nearly 2.5x shields (after getting out of the 

At the point where you need to jump and swim to the rest of the level
(you've just come up a twisting stairway, and there are two Pfhor 
guarding the top), head off the right and sink to the bottom.  
In this small room, a TOZT-R and ammo will teleport in, which will help 
you clear out the rest of the level.

=For Carnage, Apply Within (16)


Its alot easier to continually move in the green platform room instead
of waiting to fight the S'pht.  You eventually come across a 
room with a save terminal and a shield regenerator, which you can easily
defend yourself from the S'pht.  A similar tactic can be used to protect 
yourself for the way back.

Alternatively, you can take this room slow and steady.  Until you 
get to the shield and save room above, take one platform at a 
time, listening for teleportations.  If you hear them, return back
to the first platform and take out the approaching S'pht.  Repeat
until you get into the aforementioned room.  Then use the same
strategy on the return trip.

When you try to move up the stairs to the final door on the level,
you'll be assaulted with tons of Enforcers and S'pht that teleport
in.  The best strategy here is to move all the way to the door, and let 
loose down there.  If you notice, you can easily jump down and get
to the above save and shield room easily, so use that as an escape 
route. You can then return and finish off the rest of the level.

You can also sneak past this entire battle by taking the rocket 
launcher, and blasting yourself to this ledge from the save/shield
room.  There are 2x shield canisters in the room, so don't worry about
losing too much health.  However, with proper aiming, you can 
do this trick without taking damage.


In the large slime filled room where you have to weave your way between 
green platforms, there is a slime filled hallway on the left side of
the map that will take you to an elevator that leads to a good stash
of ammo.  Watch out for compilers and enforcers here, thou.

Also, if you go forward instead of turning right to get to this elevator, 
you'll come across another stash of ammo in the slime.
=Begging For Mercy Makes Me Angry (17)


At the beginning points of this level, you'll want to keep your ears
open for the sound of alien muttering, because this will clue you 
in as to when the aliens will teleport in.  You'll want to take
this part slow, killing all the aliens that teleport in one batch
first before continuing to the next batch.  Also, note that at
each set of doors, two enforcers will teleport in when you get close,
so watch out here as well.  It is best to verify that you've cleared
out this central area first before continuing with the rest of the level
(run around the outer ring twice to verify this).

To get started, take the exit that lies at 9:00 (on the map), and
collect all the shotgun ammo.  Turn and face the open door.
Hit the run key, and run *just* into this hallway.  Step a bit
away from the door, and let the aliens walk up, one at a time, and
them take them out systematically.  Then, clear out that first room,
and you'll have access to a 3x regenerator.

Basically, the rest of the level is: enter an as-yet-unexplored door,
kill aliens that teleport into the room behind it, hit a switch at
the far end of the room, and then return to the central area to destroy
a circuit, which then opens up yet another door to explore.  However,
before you destroy the switch, you should get regenerated and save your
game...by the 4th or 5th circuit, the destruction of the circuit will
cause the save terminals and shield regenerators to go off line.

In two of the rooms, you have to walk down a ledge surrounded by plasma,
to a door that opens automatically, and into a room filled with plasma,
and a platform that begins to sink as soon as you step on it.  The switch
that reveals the circuit is just below the liquid level at the back of the
room, and you can hit it as soon as you start to take damage from the
plasma.  The switch that opens the door to get out is to the left of
the door...swim and hit this, then turn for the door.  If necessary,
you may want to fire downward with your MA-75 to get some lift in the
low gravity in order to get out.

Alternatively, hit the switch, but stay on the platform; instead, 
bring out the alien weapon, and fire away at the door switch
once the platform is back in position.  You can then easily 
run out.


There are no known secrets on this level.

=Big House (18)


You begin, weaponless and at low health...you can't do anything about this.
However, hit your weapon switch to get your fists up, take a punch at
the Enforcer outside the door, then immediately back into the corner
of the door and the wall so that you can see very little through 
the cell window.  Then sit back and relax.  Let the BOBs take care of 
everything.  You'll teleport out when all the aliens are dead and the 
last BOB teleports out.


There are no known secrets on this level.
=This Side Toward Enemy (19)


Don't forget to grab the Magnum and ammo in the first room of this level.
You'll appreciate it later.

Most of the rest of the level is straight forward.  The only tricky part is
after you have climbed two sets of stairs (which you had to hit switches
to get into position), you'll come to a room with no apparent exits...to
continue, jump out the window and head for the window on the left.  From
this point, continue with the rest of the level.

Get used to what the computer rooms look like...you'll see several more
before the end of the game.  Note that, like these, at the far end of the 
room there is a good amount of ammo, as well as a potential ambush, so 
be ready!


There are no known secrets on this level.
=God Will Sort the Dead (20)


If you don't enjoy playing this level, you should get out of playing
Marathon :-).  Good practice for evil BOB shooting, and a lot of fun
to play.  Remember, the exploding BOBs are in green and will generally
run towards you, as opposed to haphazardly.


There are no known secrets on this level.
=My Own Private Thermopylae (21)


Again, a very straight forward level.  You can continually return to
the save terminals and the recharger after tough battles.

As a technical note, this is the largest level (by poly count) in the
entire M2 map.  Many have reported problems with disappearing sound.
Please do not fear if suddenly you don't here an explosion or something.

In the area with curving stairways, you may have to jump across to
lower ledges to continue with the level.  Don't worry about missing,
you can easily swim back to a low ledge to get back up.  Just make 
sure you are running all the time.


In the narrow room at the beginning of the level, with both a save term
and a communications term, there are two switch that will cause two platform
to rise and fall rapidly.  If you then move towards the save terminal
and hit your action key, you'll open a secret door that leads to the
SPNKR launcher.
=Kill Your Television (22)


Once you've killed the tank guys in the first part of the level,
look at the central pillar.  On one side you'll notice a square that's
a bit darken than the rest of the column.  This opens to reveal a 
switch which you should hit to continue with the level.

Also, you can see a door under water in one of the pillars on the outside 
of the first room.  Enter the door, look at the terminal, then hit your 
swim key.  You'll float to the top of the column and out onto the ledge
that surrounds the first room.  The rest of the level is gotten to by
dropping in the pool by the column on the other side of the level.
Similar philosophy works for most of the rest of the level as well.

At one point, there will be a large room with some opening that are
off the ground and some water at the bottom.  In the same area of
the map, there is another room that is already filled with water,
and a switch just immersed in the water.  Hit the switch from 
afar to cause the water to drain from this room and to fill up the other
room, which will now let you access the openings.

Watch for the darkened wall area as above in the room with 4 quadrants
separated by water...this door leads to an elevator that eventually gets
you the flame thrower and more ammo.

The exit is the underwater terminal that is near the intersection
of all the separate parts of the map (not the first terminal you see
on the level).


There are no known secrets on this level.
=Where The Twist Flops (23)


As with "God Will Sort the Dead", this level is again helpful for 
BOB shooting.  Remember that exploding BOBs will NOT shoot at aliens,
so this should help distinguish them.


There is a communication terminal located in the 3rd column of the room
to the left of the exploding Bob pit.  However,	its under the lava, so
you won't be able to read it easily.  Yet, there is an invincibility in
the alcove that the terminal is in, but you can only get it by jumping
right on top of the alcove.
=Beware of Abandoned Rental Trucks (24)


Initially, you'll open the first door and see two sets of red squares
on your radar coming from either direction.  Don't worry, just back up
to the door and wait for the Fl'ickta and the Pfhor to fight it out.
You will probably be left with one or two Pfhor to take care of, but 
they should be easier to handle then the whole set.

At one point, there is a switch that raises a platform that is just to
the left of the switch.  In order to ride the platform up, you just 
need to be on the far right of the platform, and you should still be 
able to hit the switch yourself with no problem.

Although once you've hit the tower switches, you can teleport out
through the terminal near the towers, its just as easy to go back
to the start of the level to recharge and save, then leave via those


If you go back two 'sections' from the rising platform in the clockwise
direction (on the map), there is a secret door on the inside wall
of the section that leads to a huge ammo supply.  (Floating ammo too!
This is just cool to see, much less to pick up!)
=Requiem for a Cyborg (25)


Keep returning to the save term and shield regenerators at the beginning 
of the level.  You'll appreciate it later.

To complete the level, you need to hit a switch in each of the towers
(the switches cause what look like docking clamps to disengage which
you can watch outside the windows of these towers.) and then hit all
3 switches in the plasma room.  Return to the terminal at the beginning
of the level to leave.


Down the very narrow corridor, there is a secret panel that opens to 
reveal a circuit that you can break.  When you break this, the platform
that you are standing on drops down to reveal a place to get an
alien weapon and more circuits.  The space between the circuits opens
to reveal a hidden communications terminal, which will teleport you back
to the beginning of the level.
=Fatum Iustum Stultorum (26)


All the BOBs on this level are exploding.  Kill em all.

Avoid hitting the S'pht'Kr.  Their shots (as you can see) are QUITE 
nasty, and you'll have little chance of defeating them.  Fortunately,
if you hit one, only that one will turn on you.	 Same goes for the
S'pht'Kr on "Feel the Noise".

In the one area where you need to swim down and up to move between
rooms, you may have a problem with BOBs lining the edges of the pool
where you need to get out.  To fix this problem, switch to the
fusion pistol, and move as far from the edge as you can without leaving
the room.  Stop swimming, let yourself hit the bottom.  Then, swim again, aim
slightly up, and when you break the water's surface, fire at a BOB 
or more.  Repeat until you have a clear break.

In the last room with the narrow ledges surrounded by water, there is 
a darkened square that can be seen underwater.  If you stop on this square,
you'll be teleported to a room with ammo and exploding BOB's.  The
ends of the room teleport you back out, so be careful to keep running there
if you are still collecting ammo.

By using a map editor and looking at the map for this level, you'll 
notice another room in the top left of the map.  There is no apparent
way to get into this room, but you can set the level's starting point
to be this room in order to get a look.  There's not much there, and
there isn't any way out, but it certainly is ... weird.

=Feel the Noise (27)


On this level, if you think you can't go anywhere else, remember that you 
can always run and jump to other platforms from a good height (for example,
the stair room is a good example).

To avoid problems later, you can easily rocket jump yourself onto the 
central platform to get to the save terminal and shield regenerator.
Just be ready to take out the Hunters there.

Make sure you jump into the small alcoves that are separated by 
lava pools from the main floor.  You'll be rewarded with ammo
and shield canisters that teleport in.


There are no known secrets on this level.
=All Roads Lead to Sol (28)


Ahhhhh, our friends, the Juggernauts, are back.  They are just as tough
as before, and maybe tougher...their close range weapon shoots the 
same bolts as the Enforcer's gun, and they are just as deadly.  However,
this level provides many places that you can take a shot, then back away,
so these shouldn't be much trouble.  Make sure you use any rechargers and 
save terminals frequently.  Also, you may want to consider using the fusion
pistol as well as the rocket launcher for these guys, as its effect
is the same as it is on Troopers and Hunters.

At one point, you'll need to swim across the lava to reach an opening.
(This is in the lava room that has the save terminal and the smaller room.)
This isn't a very long swim, and you may be able to save some damage
by using grenade hopping.  In any case, beyond the opening you'll find
the switch that will open the door that was initially blocked to you.
Swim back across, then recharge and save before continually.

In the same room as the laval that you have to swim across (above),
there is a switch that is under the lava.  NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THIS DOES!
Map making programs don't reveal the purpose of this switch.  In
otherwords, don't waste your energy trying to hit it.

One room contains 4 destructible circuits.  Two of them (the one you first
see when you enter and the one closest to the other door) will open
the door, a third will cause the lava levels to rise, and the fourth
will cause the save and regeneration terminal at the start of the level
to become inoperative.  Needless to say, you only want to destroy 
3 of these switches.  Hit the 2 door ones first, then, as far out the 
door as you can, hit the lava switch, then run back to the start of the 
level.  You'll notice that you can now explore the other side of the level
with the lava levels readjusted as such.

There will be one lava filled room that contained two Juggernauts.
(This is after you have caused the lava levels to change.)  Once
these are destroyed, and you have saved up, you'll need to swim across
the pool, sticking to the right wall, to reach another ledge.  This will
take about 1 level of shields.  Fortunately, there will be a 2x recharger
at this ledge, so don't worry too much about staying too long in the lava.
After this ledge, you'll pass through a small hallway into a room with a
square inset into the floor.  This will teleport you into the final room
of the game.  Arrange yourself so that you are facing about 125 degrees 
counterclockwise from the direction that you entered the room, and make
sure your swim key is ready to go.  Oh, and make sure you switch 
to the rocket launcher.

Once you teleport into the final room, you'll be under lava.  Swim
up and out (the direction I've indicated above seems to get you out
the fastest).  With rocket launcher at hand, ignore the baddies in
the center, and just run like heck around the outside of the room,
dodging the lava pools and the occasional alien as you run.  
You'll want to run with the wall to the left, as to give you maximum
visibility of the aliens on the right (considering that you have a 
rocket launcher on your shoulder).  After a few laps, the aliens should
be fighting themselves.  Continue running, watching your radar until
you see that only one or two aliens are left.  This will most likely
be a large blue Hunter, and a Juggernaut.  Hopefully, the Hunter will
be aiming at you, while the Juggernaut is going for the Hunter.  Keep
running, and if you think you can get a shot off with the rocket
launcher at the two, do so.  At some point the Hunter will die, and then
you have two choice to continue... 

1) Continue pelting rockets at the Juggernaut from a distance.  You'll 
have to be quick to get the aim, and then to continue running.  It
would be even more helpful if you can run in one direction and 
shoot in another (with the look modifier key) but this can be difficult
while avoiding the lava pools.  Switch to the plasma pistol if you
run out of rockets.  Eventually, the Juggernaut will fall, at which
point you should try to get into the farthest corner that you can in
order to reduce the amount of damage that the explosion does.  

2) Rush the Juggernaut with a plasma pistol.  If you stick as close as
possible to the alien, he won't be able to direct his fire that far 
in, and you should be able to continually hit him.  Again, once he falls,
you need to get out of there as fast as possible to avoid taking too
much damage.

Either way, you need to avoid taking ANY damage from any source in
this last room.  Even at a far distance, the explosion of the 
dying Juggernaut will take nearly 1.5 shields, which is just about what
you will have left after getting out of the lava.  That is why 
the swim across the lava to the 2x regenerator and the teleporting
room is very important...if you time everything correctly, you can
have *just* above 2x shields, and you will not have to use the 

Several people have reported that *if* you can get the Juggernaut
closer to one end of the room, and then kill it from the opposite
end, you will only take about 1/2 to 3/4 shield damage, much
less that I've indicated above.  However, this requires *lots* 
of skill.  You may also be able to "push" the Juggernaut away
*after* you have killed it while it falls to the ground by
shooting a rocket or two at it.  This might be the deciding edge
to your survival.

It is also suggested that you are sufficiently healthy, take
a dip in a lava pool just before the Juggernaut dies.  You won't
take its' explosive damage, only the lava damage.

In order to read the final terminal, hit either switch to bring up a 
platform in the lava pool in front of the terminal, and read away.
See you in Marathon Infinity :-)

Now, for all you *wimps* out there :-), there is a better way through 
this last room.  As before, swim up and out of the lava pool, and
immediately run for either switch, and hit it.  Then, run around
for a while, until the platform under the final term is in place.
Run to the term, and key your "reading" key, then rapidly press
the "page forward" key as fast as you can (remember, in M2, terms
are read in real game time, so you'll be a target at this point).
Don't try to actually read the term itself.  After the last screen,
you'll be teleported out, and you'll get the final screen.  
To actually see the text on that final term, use one of the 
term editors available.  


In the lava-filled room that has the save term and the 'safe room' that is
enclosed, there is a door that you can't open in the back of the safe room.
This door opens from the 4th switch that you destroy (see above) that 
causes the save term and shield regenerator at the beginning of the level
to fail.  Once you hit this one switch and return to the safe room,
enter the next room, but watch for Hunters.  Once the aliens are dispatched,
continue on, dropping into the lava (not swimming), moving as far forward
(swimming), then getting out of the lava into another narrow corridor.  
At then end of this corridor is a shield regenerator and a switch which
creates a window on one side of the room.  There is also a small inset
square on the floor...stepping on this teleports you to the Bungie credit
room, but your work isn't done yet...you need to immediately move off the
octagon that you are one to avoid being teleported out of the room.  Once
you have teleported and set in the credit room, pull out the WSTE-M's
and blow the aliens away.  There is the credit term and 3x recharger in
the opposite corner of the room.  To exit the room, return to your 
starting point...stepping on this will take you to the final room...
but if you followed the instructions as listed above, this room will
be filled with lava, and you will have little chance of surviving here.
You can empty the lava the same way (by hitting the appropriate switch
in the aforementioned room), but then you will have to run through the 
lava to get to the credit room.  Thus, the credit room should be explored
once, but not used in the successful completion of the game.

**      Network Levels      **

=Thunderdome (29)


There are no known secrets for this level.
=Shangri-La (30)


There are no known secrets for this level.
=No Disintegrations (31)


There are no known secrets for this level.
=OK, Honeybunny (32)


There are no known secrets for this level.
=Lack of Vision (33)


If you hit either switch, you'll activate an elevator that can take you
to a 2x shield regenerator and shotguns.  You'll have enough space
between the walls and the elevator floor to lay ambushes to others, or
to hit the switches again to get down.
=Flight of the Toolator (34)


There are no known secrets on this level.        

=Giant Flaming Pit of Lava (35)


There are no known secrets on this level.
=House of Pain (36)


There are no known secrets on this level.
=16th Parallel (37)


There are no known secrets on this level.
=One Hit Wonder (38)


One of the walls of the upper ledges is a secret door that reveals a 
TOZT-R and ammo.
=OK, Who Wants Some (39)


There are no known secrets on this level.

=Everyone's Mortal But Me (40)


In one of the alcoves that you teleport to, there is a secret door
in the walls that lead to shotgun ammo and a potential invincibility.
It can also be a great ambush spot.
=5-D Space (41)


There are no known secrets on this level.


=Ne Cede Malis (1)


The general goal of the level is to open two doors that are near the start 
of the level in order to get to the end terminal.  The switches for these
doors are in sight from where you start, but just out of reach.  You need to 
travel the level to reach these switches.  Once both doors are open, the rest 
of the level is a cinch to finish.

All enemies are against you in this level.

There is a section where you need to pass through 4 circular, water-filled
rooms, with compilers gaurding them.  This can make it difficult to exit 
via the elevator in the last room.  Instead of trying to clear them out 
here, swim through all 4 rooms, activating the compilers, then return to 
the ledge by the first room (there's a 1x recharger nearby), and take them 
out with your fist or pistols.  Also, you can lure the compilers into the
underwater passages between the pools, and then you can uses your fists
to remove them from the game.  Getting through the rooms after this is easy.

There is only one exit to this level, to Rise Robot Rise (2).


There is a room on the eastern side of the map which appears to have no 
exit, and most of the walls are the 'platform side' texture.  If you 
look carefully, you'll see there are 'steps' that you can climb... run 
between these, and at the highest point you can reach, there is a secret
door, behind which you'll find a compiler, and a terminal with a bunch
of hex code:  when combined with a similar terminal on the last level, 
this forms an archive which can be decoded to produce another map file.
This map file is available at the Northwest HyperArchive 
(http://www.marathon.org/hyperarchive).  There is also a napalm canister 

If you climb the 'c'-shaped stairway to the top, and follow a short
passageway, you'll come to a room with 2 Pfhor, and you overlooking
them on a ledge.  If you look closely around the room (after killing
the Pfhor), you'll notice two narrow ledges that you can jump to
(ala Arrival from Marathon).  If you jump to the largest of the
two ledges, you'll find a secret door containing a shotgun and 

In the last room, after you have teleported to near the exit terminal,
there is a nearby ledge that contains shotgun ammo that you can get
to with some fancy mid-air jumps.  However, as you begin the next level
without ammo, this is usually not necessary to do.

=Rise Robot Rise (2)

Only the enforcers (the guys that shoot the alien weapons) are against you
in this level, and your goal is to clear the level of them.  The Pfhor and
the hunters are all on your side.

Two switches that you have to hit are at the northern part of the map, in
what looks like tongs of a fork.  In this same room, you'll find a elevator
that will descend to a lower level, and which eventually leads to the second
part of the map, where the exit terminal is located.

Before exiting the level, make sure you take the time to get yourself 2x
recharged and saved at the appropriate places near the last term.

This terminal will lead you to Poor Yurick (3).


There is a hallway near the bottom of the map, with stairs on either side 
descending into it.  As you walk into this hallway, doors will close off on
either side, and it will soon fill with plasma.  However, if you let yourself
sink, then swim up to the southern ledge in the middle, you'll be able to get 
out of the plasma in time... you'll find a 1x recharger waiting for you, then
by exiting through the opening on the north side of this hallway, you'll find
a TOZT flamethrower, and an exit back to the rest of the level.

In the first elevator that takes you to the lower level, you'll notice that
one of the columns moves up quickly at first, then down again.  If you stand 
on this column and hit the elevator switch, you'll be taken up to a hallway
you can run and jump to, at the end you'll find a good supply of ammo.

There is a secret terminal that will lead you to the Robot World Arena (26),
but it eithers requires quick feet, or two players to work this.  By
the elevator opening listed above, there are those two switches.  One
opens the elevator door (the south one), while the north one appears
to do nothing.  However, in the ammo cache listed above, this switch 
will open a door revealing the exit terminal to Robot World Arena.
With two or more players, achieving this exit is simple (have one player
get to the ammo cache, then another activate the switch).  However,
for the single player, this calls for some split-second running, 
and is quite difficult.  But, as noted on the Robot World Arena, the
only exit is accessible via a cooperative game, so this is probably
a good thing you can't reach this.

=Poor Yorick (3)


Troopers and the small drones, as well as the Fl'ckta are your enemies on
this level.  The hunters will help you out here.

As instructed by the terminals, you need to hit the switches as indicated.
Facing out of the opening of the ledge you start out on, you'll want to 
head to the right, following the only path available to you, hit the switch
in the room with the save and communications terminal, then return back,
going back the initial opening, hitting the switch down there, then 
following the communications further instructions.  Mostly an exploratory

You'll notice two slots for uplink chips behind two doors on this level,
but you'll probably not be able to find this uplink chips on the level.
This is because you need to have gotten them from Robot World Arena, 
which, as stated above and below, is only accessible via a cooperative
game.  However, I have no idea what happens when these chips are inserted.

The main exit from this level, after following the terminal instructions,
leads you to Confound Delivery (4).


One of the demo films of the game that's built into the application
is of this level, and if you watch it, you'll see most of the secrets
available for this level.

Near the upper level 1x recharger room, there is a secret door that 
will lead to a bit of ammo.  Within this room is another secret
door leading to the SMG and ammo.

There is a bit of ammo lying around just under the water levels in some of
the pools; don't forget to take a swim to collect these rewards.

There is an exit to Two for the Price of One (27) on this level; To get
there, start by the switch in the southeast part of the map.  Cross
the room and jump into the hexagonal pool, and swim along the left 
(eastern) wall...the southeast wall has a hidden door at the surface of
the water, which lead you to some more water filled rooms, as well
as the terminal to get you to Two for the Price of One.

=Confound Delivery (4)


Your main goal on this level is to locate the AI (similar in appearence
to the ones from Marathon 2, which looks like several rows of computer
banks), then report back to the terminals.  The AI is deep within the
underwater system, in a large cavern, and although you can't get into
the AI room itself, you can look carefully through the 4 windows that 
open onto the room, and complete your mission.  The location of the
AI is approximately southwest of the terminal near the two switches.
Of course, that's not to say that there's some other interesting things 
to look at and grab on this level.

In this level, the hunters and juggernauts are on your side (THANK
GOODNESS!), while you need to pick off the humans and Fl'ckta.

Remember, sometimes a window is not just a window: there are several 
openings large enough for you to jump through.

The only exit route leads to Electric Sheep 1 (5)


Down among the waterfilled areas, you can find a fusion pistol, which
you should be able to carry into ACME Station (a vacuum level) when 
you get there.

=Electic Sheep 1 (5)


You'll see this level later in the game, so don't start getting cases
of deja vu.

After collecting the ammo and reading the terminal, look at the niches
where the switches are located: one should be lit up.  Use a grenade
and hit the switch, this will bring up a bridge to the north side of the
level...climb up the stairs, and if necessary, collect the 1x powerup 
canister, then jump down to the pillar that is just below you.  The 
top of this is the jump point for this level.  This will lead you
to Where are Monsters in Dreams (6).

If you make a noise (firing a weapon, for example), you'll activate an
enforcer and several energy ticks.  These can be basically ignored, 
although I have seen the enforce turn and fight me.  He should be
easy to take out with your MA75.


By grenade hopping and other tricks, you can make it to the south side 
of the map, where the enforcer teleports in.  Climbing up these steps,
and jumping down to the platform nearby will lead you to Electric Sheep
Two (11), and you can skip a good chuck of the game with this.

=Where are Monsters in Dreams (6)


The only enemy on this level are shadowed S'pht'kr, which are nearly
impossible to see, and twice as hard to kill off.  The best solution for
you in this level is to run as fast and hard through the level to
avoid their fire, instead of trying to make a stand.  There is very 
little to pick up in this level, only a rocket launcher and ammo on
the far western room.

Your goal is the far southwestern room, which convinently has a save
terminal and the exit terminal, leading you to ACME Station (7).

At one point, you'll come across a bit of floor that drops beneath
your feet as you try to set onto it.  In the room you find youself
in, there are two yellow square: run across these to cause parts
of that fallen hallway to rise back up.  Retrace your steps back
to just before this section of the hall, and run across: there is
an exit terminal there, ready to take you off to Aie Mak Sicur (28).

With a bit of carefully footing, you can drop into the 'Z' formed 
on the floor near the starting point, and access yourself a rocket 
launcher and ammo.

=ACME Station (7)


A very difficult vacuum level, with every enemy against you, and no easy 
way to get air or recharge yourself.  However, you do pick up the 
SSM in this level, so its not that big a loss.

The save term is located from your starting point as follows: from the
terminal where you start by, turn away from it, run towards the blocked
door, turn left, turn left again, then take the first hallway to the
right.  At the first chance, make a left, and hit the save term.  This
will help you finish this level.

Your goal is to destroy several switches, which can only be gotten to 
by teleporting into a room that you share will a tank guy or two.  In
order to avoid being blown up immediately, have your fists out and ready
to punch the switch, sit on the teleport, allowing yourself to teleport
back and forth several times so that you get your bearings for your
destination, then run off the platform in the switch room, hug the wall 
and run circles around the tank guy, until you can hit the switch, 
then jump back on the teleport and run out.  You should save your game
before and after each time you are about to do this as you'll probably
get killed the first few times you try it.

Its better to use your magnum pistols over your SSM or fusion pistol 
on this level, as you should have a large amount of ammo for it by
this time.

After hitting all the switches, checking in at the communciations
terminal will send you off to Post Naval Trauma (8)


There is a set of doors near the beginning of the level that you can't
appear to open... the switch that opens this is located on the backside
of a switch that opens a similar set of doors elsewhere in the 
level.  Once opened, you get access to a nice ammo stash.

=Post Naval Trauma (8)


Another vacuum level, and again, everyone is against you in this level.  
Your own first personal priority is to find the closest 1x recharger 
and the oxygen regerator.  The directions to these are as follows:

First, the 1x recharger: get to the room that has the juggernaut 
sitting in a deep trench, with two terminals in the room.  Exit via
the opening adjoining this pit, and continue through the first set
of doors, to the end of this hall.  Open up this set of doors, and if you 
move out and a bit to your left, you'll find a save terminal.  Use this.
To the right from where you walked in on, you'll find a brown hallway.
Follow this this to the end, then take a similar hallway that lies to 
the left of the end of this one.  Open the door, fall down the shaft,
kill the Pfhor that lie in wait, and fuel yourself back up with
the recharger nearby.

The oxygen generator is a lot longer route, but it begins from where this 
1x recharger is located.  Use the button to go back up the shaft, follow
the hallway out again, but instead of using the first brown hallway, follow
the corridor around to the left, and use the first door you find on the
right.  Just inside is a wall holding two switches on either side of it.
Hit both switches, then retrace your steps all the way back to the room
with the pit.  Use the thrid opening that you haven't used yet, passing
through the now-open set of doors, to the end of the hall.  Open this
set of doors, turn left, and follow the hall to the elevator.  Activate
this, and with guns ablazing, kill off the enforces as you pass through 
the doors located at the top of the elevator.  You'll get to a small
diamond shaped room: take the door to your right, and after a left turn,
you'll see the much needed oxygen recharger at the end of this hall.
Be warned: there are hunters lying in wait in the nooks at the end of 
this hall.

Note that there are two oxygen canisters you can get early in the level.
The first appears where you start, near the save term.  The second is
in the room with the second save term (listed above)...if you proceed
forward and over the ledge, a canister will teleport in, as well
as some ammo.

PERSONAL OPINION: This level, being just after ACME Station, is just
a bit too unfair with regards to the oxygen, as there is no oxygen
recharger in ACME station, and the first oxygen recharger on this
level is too hard to get to in time.  If I were you, I would not 
feel guilty at this point to use a save game modifier to adjust your
oxygen level to a 'fair' rating.

In any case, once you have located these two goals, the rest of the 
level is a sinch: one shot from your fusion pistol will remove the 
pesty Juggernauts, and will help clear out the hunters quickly.

Near the end of the level, you'll come across a room that has several
enemies pouncing on you, but you'll notice a wall rising between one
enforcer and yourself (this is on the eastern side of the map).  
There is nothing behind that wall to worry yourself about: in fact, 
there is no way to lower the wall once you get on the other side of it, so
it is better just to let the wall go.


In the corridor by the first oxygen recharger, face the oxygen recharger,
and in the alcove on the left, you'll find several secret doors,
leading to a few enforcers, a save terminal, and some alien weapons.

As you run up the stairway towards the switch that reveals two more
star-shaped switches, the wall facing the stairs has a secret door
that hides a 3x recharger.

After you have hit both star switches, run through the corridor to your
right (as you face the switches), through a zig-zag corridor, to
an overlooking spot of a room below.  However, this overlook is a 
teleporter to a 3x recharger, a large ammo stash, and a few aliens
to get rid of. 

There is a secret door and term that leads BACK to ACME Station (WHY?!)
but I don't know how to activate it.

=Where Some Rarely Go (9)


This level and Thing What Kicks... (10) are a paired set of levels; that
is, they represent the same installation, just different parts of it.

Everyone is against you in this level as well.

As outlined by the terminals, your goal is to get to the terminal on the
south eastern part of the map.  Once there, you'll be trasported to
Thing What Kicks... (10).

In order to simply your travel through the level, you can use the switch
as describe in the general principles to activate the large doors on the
northeast side of the map, then deactivate the switch to keep the doors


Near the bottom of the map, you'll encounter three square lifts, 
each which will crush you if you stay on them for too long.  
Facing them, the rightmost one will let you continue with the 
level, as there is an opening that you can scoot through before
you get crushed, but in the leftmost one, there is a secret door 
on the right side of the north wall, approximately halfway up the
wall, which opens onto a passage that leads to an ammo stash and

=Thing What Kicks... (10)


Same deal as above.  You vs. the world.

The most commonly problem on this level is that people forget to activate
the right switches.  In the southern part of the map, you'll see a small 
structure in the middle of the water, gaurded by several baddies, including
a juggernaut.  It seems impossible to get to this structure, but you can: 
take a swim, and on the eastern side of this structure, you'll find an
entrance all the way at the bottom of the level.  Enter this, and swim
to the surface, and you'll find yourself inside this structure.  That's
step one.  Take a breather, and save your game here, as you'll have the
juggernaut shooting at you most likely.  You'll notice two switches 
in this room.  Both switches work the same way: if you hit it, another
switch will be revealed.  If you then hit THIS switch, you'll see a small
section of the wall rise, then fall, next to this switch.  Hit the switch
again, and this time, deactivate the switch when the wall section is 
completely risen.  This will cause the necessary doors you need to get
out of the level to be 'proped' open, and you can continue your exploration.

The switches that you are to destory are the ones on either side of the 
set of rechargers and oxygen generators near the northwest part of the
map.  They're quite unnoticable, but that's your goal on this level.

Surprising, your exit point is the "same" terminal as the last level, except
that its now the one on the northwestern point on the map.  Once you past the
room listed above, you'll eventually get to it.  The level after this is 
Electric Sheep Two (11).


There are no known secrets for this level.

=Electric Sheep Two (11)


Same deal as Electric Sheep One (5).  Deja Vu.

What many people try to do on this level is to aim for the same exit
point as with the first Electric Sheep.  This is a Bad Idea (TM), as
you'll be sent to levels 6-10 again, and end up right back at this level.
Instead, when you hit the lighted switch, a bridge should rise to the
south, leading to another set of stairs, and jumping down onto the nearby
platform will get you onto the next level, Whatever You Please (12).


There are no known secrets on this level.

=Whatever You Please (12)


A very dark level, with lots of lava and lots of shadows compilers to 
keep you busy.  The trick with this level is to take it slow and easy, 
and be ready for a compiler bolt to strike you at any time.

As you follow the only path around the level, you'll come across some 
dead ends.  Actually, they're not dead ends: look up and around, and you'll
locate a switch you can blast with your gun to raise or remove an 
obstruction from your path.  

Following the path will get you to a terminal that will whisk you off to
Naw Man He's Close (13).


Pull out the rocket launcher, and you can rocket-jump up to several
of the higher platforms out of reach to grab ammo, weapons, and easier
access to save game terminals.

Alternatively, as you near the completion of this level, you'll
return to the beginning of the level, except that many platforms
will be active...you can use these platform to 're-explore' the 
level, picking up lots of goodies, but it requires a bit more
control of midair jumping.  You'll also face grey Enforcers as well,
but at the end, you'll find a term to lead you to Carroll Street 
Station (29).

Alternatively, you can rocket launch yourself to this other term from
the 'normal' final term, and avoid the jumping route.

=Naw Man He's Close (13)


Ah, your first glimspe of hostile fusion pistol-armed BOBs.  Fire away at
them and the compilers with no fear in your heart.

Nothing too difficult here; mostly an exploritory level.  In order to 
complete the level, you'll be opening switches that create a stairway near
the first terminal you run across.  This stairway leads to a passage that
runs along the west and north side of the map, and eventually to the 
exit terminal.

There are 3 rooms that have a similar layout, and each is filled with a 
small layer of plasma.  You can avoid touching the plasma at all by
using a bit of MA75 fire pointed downward as you just across the 

Near the exit terminal, in a long, wide hallway, you'll see a room to the
south that looks tempting to enter, but DO NOT GO into this room; when 
the door closes behind you, you'll be stuck in there.

The exit to this level leads to Foe Hammer (14).


In the plasma filled room that lies to the west of the other two plasma
rooms, there is an opening in the north wall that leads to some ammo,
including a rocket pack.  Continuing to follow this corridor leads to an
elevator that takes you to the rocket launcher for that rocket pack.

=Foe Hammer (14)


Once again, you are on your own for this one, fighting all the enemies on
this level.  

As warned, do NOT use any of Tycho's terminals, or you'll be teleported
out into space... only for a short bit, but it does displace you from your
position on the map.

You have two main goals in this map: to activate the 'bridge' across the 
plasma in the western half of the map, which can be done by hitting the 
various switches found in this room, and then, once that is completed,
hitting a switch near the base of the bridge that will open up the
eastern side of the map.  Then, you need to head to the eastern side of 
the map, and to activate the switch in the hallways surrounding the plasma 
pool, which opens the doors to the exit term at the far south of the map 
(near your starting point).

Be warned: there is a platform near the hallway that contains the switch
you need to get into the eastern side with, that will drop you into a deep 
pit of plasma, from which you can't get out of. (Specifically, this is located
at the north end of that hallway).  Don't risk this death, instead, use the 
path afforded to you by the bridge in order to get to the switch.

Exiting this level takes you to Hang Brain (15)


There are no known secrets on this level.

=Hang Brain (15)


Once again, you're on your own.

Marathon 2 players will sense a bit of deja vu from "Begging for Mercy
Makes Me Angry" on this level, and your task is very similar: destroy the
circuits that open up you after hitting various switches.

Much of the level is exploration: find a switch, see what circuit it opened, 
then go off and destory that circuit.  Proceed to find the next switch,
dodging troopers and hunters all the way.  However, you will only 
be destroying 7 of the 8 apparent switches in this case.  The 8th switch
is located in the room with yellow walls and compilers floating about, that
lies 'upstairs' from the rest of the level.  In this case, once you have
destroyed the 7 other circuits, head to this room, find the 8th circuit, 
destory it, and then located a door within the same room that just opened.
Jump into this pit, save your game at the nearby terminal, and then 
exit the level to Electric Sheep Three (16).


When you jump into Durandal's core at the end of the level, don't
destroy the circuit, but instead read the terminal.  You'll be 
transported back to the beginning of the level.  Make your way to the
room with the stairs leading back up to the yellow-walled room,
but there will be a new exit in this room.  Follow this to locate 
a circular room similar to the main room in "Begging for Mercy...",
except filled with TONS of bad guys and TONS of ammo... if you can 
make this room and survive on TC, you can grab more ammo than you'll
even need to finish the game.

You can rocket launch yourself to a small ledge in the pillar near
the start of the level, close to the pattern buffer.  Follow 
the stairs to get to the yellow-walled room above, and clear out the
compilers, but you still need to destroy all of the circuits to
complete the level.

=Electric Sheep Three (16)


Deja vu, all over again.  You *could* take the exits to level 6 or level 12,
which are in the same place as before, but its more sensible to take the
new exit, which lies to the west, in order to proceed with the  rest of
the game.

By following this exit, you'll find a difficult set of stairs that you 
have to jump back and forth in order to climb.  Run all the time while you 
are doing this, and you'll make it to safety in no time.  This exit leads
to Eat the Path (17).


There are no known secrest on this level.

=Eat the Path (17)


As soon as you step into this level, swim forward to get out of the 
lava, and wait a bit of time; most of the floor will rise out of 
the lava, making your progress easier.

There are two possible routes to take from this point. The obvious
one is the one that leads north.  Literally, you will follow the path,
hitting various switches when necessary to make the rest of the
path rise out of the lava.  It is very straightforward, and needs 
no explaination.  At the end of this path, you'll find the terminal
that will take you to By Committee (18).

The second path can be found around the wall to the south of your
starting point... however, you need to swim in some lava for a bit of
time.  If you do this, this path involves several tricky jumps, and
some lava swimming, in order to make it safely to the end.  As
you can only get 1x health on this level, only the most exacting
Marathon players can do this (without cheating, of course).  However,
at the end, you'll find a terminal that will take you to You're Wormfood,
Dude (30).


While the floor is rising in the first room to fill the lava up, there
is also a long wall that rises... jump on top of this, and run away
from the terminal, and you can jump to a ledge containing a good 
ammo stash.

By taking the easy path, you'll come across a room with a large window of 
the landscape...if you climb the set of stairs, and make a running 
leap at the right side of the window, you'll 'fall through' and come across
three terminals that continue Thoth's story for this level.  You can
head back to the main room and step back into the level with no problem.

Also, by taking this north path, if you get somewhat low on power 
(about 50% to 75% of one full health bar, you can jump into the lava,
and sink to the floor; the floor will teleport you to unreachable ledges
than contain 1x canisters.

=By Committee (18)


You start this level naked as a babe, so your first goal is to get your
magnum and health back.  Once you are free, being exploring, taking
out the drones and any humans that you see (there's more exploding
humans than good ol' BOBs on this level, so might as well kill them
all to save yourself).   Eventually, you'll head down a flight of
stairs, and find yourself in a room where flying drones are guarding
several terminals.  You'll also find your magnum here.  After killing
off the drones, get yourself back to 1x health, then head to the east
to the rest of the level.

You can also save ammo on this level by only killing the drones that
attack you.  

Once you are saved at this point, you need to locate the dungeons on this
level.  They are down a spiral staircase that makes two full turns before
it gets to the bottom.  This is located in the northwest part of the map.
Down here, you'll find several cells and several tank guys.  Take 
them out quickly, but avoid going in ANY cell; they are programmed to 
crush anyone entering or leaving the cell.  Find the circuits, and destroy 
them, then return to a terminal in order to leave the map, and to go onto
One Thousand Thousand Slimy Things (19).


Ok, so you *can* survive the crushing cell doors, if you have sufficent
health, and you are quick enough... because you find some cells
containing a good ammo of ammo for you.

=One Thousand Thousand Slimy Things (19)

On this level, only the humans, compilers and the Fl'ckta are against 
you.  Let the Pfhor do the dirty work for you whenever possible.

One of the common problems is that there is a door to the north near the
end of the map that is too far across a chasm to jump to.  However, there
is a switch that you can hit to make a platform come up to help you jump 
across.  From the ledge facing this door, turn to your right and follow
the left wall; this will lead you into a room with a stairway up the right
side of the room, along with several BOBs firing at you.  Take them
out, then climb the stairway.  You'll be in an area you can explore for
a bit, but you'll also find a switch.  Hit this switch , and head back west.
you'll want to head for the high side, so you should enter the room with the
stairway from the other eastern opening.  From this point, you'll see 
several steps carved into the columns, which you can use to make it back 
to the western opening, and then back to the ledge you started at.
However, you cannot be a slow poke here. That platform that you 
activated will only remain in a up position for a few seconds.

Alternatively, you can jump across using the help of a grenade jump.

The exit term will take you to A Converted Church in Venice, Italy (20).


There are several ammo caches in the sludge pools that you can swim down
and grab, if necessary.

At one point, you'll use a pair of terminals to teleport across a wide
space.  Once you've completed the level (exploring the level), you can
return to this terminal, and it will now teleport you to a weapon and
ammo stash, including a rocket launcher.. with that, you can then easily
rocket-launch yourself across the gap to the final door.

=A Converted Church in Venice, Italy (20)


Once again, you are fighting your human companions.  Damn, those magnums
are accurate!  Also, you need to deal with the few Pfhor that get in
your way too.

There are two goals of this level.  First, you need to activate EVERY 
switch on the main part of the level. Why?  Because these open the path
that you need to take from the center southern structure on the level
to the second half of the level.   And there are about 20 of these 
switches as well.  Fortunately, the switch controls the block in 
the pillar that the switch is on, so as you go through this path, if 
you get blocked, you can locate the pillar that you need to hit the 
switch on.

Once you have a clear path to the second half of the level, you need
to head up the stairs first to save your game and get further instructions.
Then, head downwards, several times, to get to the lava tubes.  Be
careful of the humans firing at you, and eventually you'll come to the
switch that you need to hit.  At this point, run back UP the stairs, 
refeul and save your game, then run back down.  You then have three possible
options to get out of this mess.

First, you can try to ride the elevator that will activate once you hit
the switch.  However, the lava may overtake you too soon on this
ride, and you'll die too quickly.  Also, there are fusion pistol-armed
BOBs in this shaft, ready to take you out.  Although this is a possible 
escape route, its a tad to difficult to time correctly.

Second, there is a ledge in the lava tube where some humans were shooting
at you from.  Locate the ledge, and move as close as you can to hit while
still being able to see the switch.  Fire a plasma bolt at the switch,
then run to the the base of the ledge.  Swim with the lava up to the ledge,
then quickly run forward... you'll find a long set of steep stairs that will
quickly remove you from the danger of the lava, and lets you back out into
the main part of the level, and a good ammo stash as well.

You can also rocket jump to this ledge if you are at 2x health.

The third route is similar to the escape route in "What About Bob?" in
Marathon 2.  There is a side room near the lava switch, with several
exploding bobs.  You can kill these before you activate the switch.
Once you hit the switch, a door in this room will open *very* slowly,
but will take you to a swift ride out of the lava.  Unless you are
fast or cheated to get above 2x, you probably can't make this.

Once you've done this, find an terminal, and you'll head off to
Son of Grendel.

You can rocket launch yourself back to where you started the level
if you take the second escape route listed above, allowing you to
access the 3x recharger there.  However, you need to be at 2x health
before your jump, and after you jump, you'll be very suscpetible
to any damage, so be ready to fire.


If you face the inactive 3x recharger at the start of the level, and 
turn about 120 degrees right, you'll find a hidden door, behind which
you'll find a switch that will remove ALL the obstructions in the
overhead path, thus letting you avoid having to it all those other
switches.  You'll still have to do the lava run, but this makes
getting through this level much easier.

=Son of Grendal (21)


There's a lot to explore on this level, with everyone against you.  
However, you can take the quick exit and jump into the teleporter that is
in the center of the first room you get to by jumping across from your 
starting point and over the river.  This transporter takes you to 
Strange Aeons (22).

You can access more of the rest of the level, which is normally locked
out, by shooting a grenade through a VERY narrow window.


The terminals will show you a full map of the level, including a
secret U-shaped room containing a good ammo stash.

=Strange Aeons (22)


After clearing out the initial room of Fl'ckta, jump into the small pools, 
and locate a uplink chip. You'll need this later in the level.

You need to visit each computer room, in the correct order, in order to 
activate the computer.  When you reach the fourth computer room, you'll see
many rising and falling platform.  Use these, jumping back and forth to get
to the opening in the back of the room.  The chip you picked up earlier will
be used in this room, thus activating the computer, and allowing you to jump 
out to Bagged Again (23).


There are no known secrets on this level.

=Bagged Again (23)


Just sit back, and let the S'pht'kr do all the fighting for you.  There's
not much else to do otherwise except to find the exit term to Level 24.
<cue omnious music>.


There are no known secrets on this level.

=You Think You're Big Time?  You're Gonna Die Big Time! (24)


<cue dramatic chords>

As the elevator is falling, take this time to take out the 'observers'
that are around the arena.  It'll be easy to clear the level with them out
of the way, and 4 rockets will do the trick.

Basically, the level consists of 4 waves of baddies: 2 grey Pfhor, 2 grey
troopers, and 2 grey hunters, and a final juggernaut.  The grey creatures
are several times more superior to their normal counterparts, so be ready
to run.  

However, this level is made easy by using the one side room with the 3x 
recharger in it.  As soon as you can, run about and collect the SSM
ammo on the ground, then head back to this room, luring the current set
of baddies back here as well.  As they step around one side of the column,
fire away with the SSM, and if they are still around after you've 
unloaded, run back out to the other side of the column, and refresh your
SSM ammo.  If you are lucky, you will also get the hunters or troopers 
to turn upon one another, and will make your job easier.

The juggernaut can be easily taken out with a fusion piston, either playing
the column game with it, or using the upper ledges to do this.

Notice that I said to use the SMG - there's a good reason for this.  You'll
notice that there are 6 slots awaiting access cards.  Each of the grey
aliens, if killed by bullets, will die and leave a card for you.  If you
kill them with a missile or grenade or plasma pistol, they won't.  By 
filling each slot with a card, then when you hit the final term along the
upper edge, you'll be transported to a very nice weapons cache before being
transported to the final level.

You can bypass this whole mess by rocket launching yourself up to 
one of the observation openings, and accessing the last term.

If you have trouble with the Hunters, you can rocket jump twice up
to the opening with the save terminal, and then slowly take out the 
Hunters with 2.5x sheilds and some fire and hide tactics.  Remember
that you need to weaken them to a point with fusion bolts and rockets,
then take them out by SMG, shotgun, or MA bullets to get their 
uplink cards.


There are no known secrets on this level.  However, you can 'cheat' and
keep one of the access cards by killing the grey aliens so it can be used
on the next level.

=Aye May Sicur (25)


Again, the S'pht'kr are on your side here.  Let them do the dirty work 
with the killing of the aliens.  You'll also have a few BOBs to help out, 
although they are mostly ineffecutal on this level.

There are two access cards you need to get.  The first is in the center
of the level, guarded by several hunters and a juggernaut.  You can
probably run through and easily get this chip without having to 
fight the enemies, but there is a save term and 2x recharger here. 
You may wish to reach these as well.  Use the large column on one
side of the room as cover, and lure the opponents in that direction.
Fusion pistol works nicely here.

After you've done the first chip, and inserted it appropriately, you 
need to reach the second chip.  There are two ways to get this one.  
First, near your starting point on this level, there is a door high
above you, that remains closed, UNLESS the hallway is lowered behind
it, using the switch in the same area.  You then must missile jump
yourself up to this ledge (yes, you need to be at 2x to do this), then
you can run through the hallway, reach the room with the two columns,
step around to the middle platform, making the chip appear, and then 
jumping to grab the chip.  Alternative, you can reach this room without
using that hallway, however, you still need to missle jump up to the 
platforms, so that you can activate the appearance of the chip.
Insert this chip appropriately, and you're finished.  

Alternatively, instead of rocket jumping up, there is a another way
that requires a bit more timed running.  Activate the switch to cause
the bridge to decend as before, then run to the terminal next
to the sludge pool that you entered near the beginning of the level.
Do this by turning around at the switch, running through the wide door,
and heading for the entrance that is immediately ahead on the left.
There is a teleporter nearby, use this, and you'll find yourself 
by the door listed above, and it should still be opened if you gave
yourself enough time.  Collect the chip, and proceed as before.

Is this the end?  (Do I have to do ANOTHER Spoiler Guide?! ;-)


The term in the room with the second chip is the second half of the
encode map file mentioned in the first level.

You can access several passages and ammo stashes on top of crates
with rocket or grenade jumping.

There is a secret term, nicked named the 'Double Aught' term,
that can be accessed, along with a good ammo stash.  In the main
circular room that contained one uplink chip an a Juggernaut, face the
save term, turn 180 degrees.  On the left, you'll see a door
coming out of the wall; enter the door, follow the long passageway
behind it, taking the first left you come to. You'll come to another
door that opens onto a short drop .. move to the edge of the drop,
look down, and hit the action key to open the niche with the 
secret term.  From this term, you then jump into the VidMaster Levels,
starting with Try Again (31).  

=Robot World Arena (26)


Ah, a nice, simple level, with lots of ammo to collect.  And, dare
I say, deja vu?  This level is obviously based on the classic 
Waldo's World from Marathon.

Unfortunately, the only way to exit this level is in a cooperative
game: there is a switch in one of the side rooms that will open
a door in another side room, but only for a few seconds; nowhere
near enough time for a solo player to get from the switch to the
doorway.  However, this level is best accessed via a cooperative 
method from Rise Robot Rise (2), so this is not a problem.

Make sure that, in your cooperative game, that you grab the two
access chips lying on the ledges - you can activate a secret on
Poor Yurick (3) with them.  Remember, each player can only carry one
uplink chip.


There are no known secrets on this level.

=Two for the Price of One (27)


A level based on Duality, a net level in Marathon Infinity.  Again,
collect the ammo and kill off the easy enemies.  Grabbing the ammo,
especially the shotgun ammo, will certainly help, as the second
level after the jump will be ACME Station (6), a level where those
shotguns could come in handy![5~

The exit terminal leads to Electric Sheep One (5).


There are no known secrets on this level.

=Aie Mak Sicur (28)


This level is basically a smaller version of Aye Mak Sicur (25), although
you don't have to place access chips, just keep yourself alive!  
There's lots of enemies coming your way, so watch yourself.  

The exit terminal on this level leds to ACME Station (7).


There are no known secrets on this level.

=Carroll Street Station (29)


Again, a varition on Aye Mak Sicur (25), and again, watch your

The exit terminals leads to either ACME Station (7), or to Naw Man,
He's Close (13).


There are no known secrets on this level.

=You're Wormfood, Dude (30)


ANOTHER variant on Aye Mak Sicur (25).  Again, you are toast if you

The exit terminal leads to By Committee (18).


There are no known secrets on this level.

=Try Again (31)


This is a rehash of the Marathon level of the same name.  Take a look at 
the MSG section for this level for more info.

=If I Had a Rocket Launcher, I'd Make Somebody Pay (32)


This is a rehash of the Marathon 2 level of the same name.  Take
a look at the MSG section for this level for more info.

=You Think You're Big Time?  You're Gonna Die Big Time! (33)


This level is basically the same as (24) in Marathon Infinity, but
instead of grey aliens, we have TONS and TONS of normal aliens. 
Run like heck, but otherwise the level is basically the same as

If you do pass these 3 levels without dying, then congratualations!
You ARE a VidMaster!

**      Network Levels      **

=Duality (34)


There are no known secrets on this level.

=Thrud (35)


There are no known secrets on this level.

=Wrath No More? (36)


There are no known secrets on this level.

=Y.A.F.N.M. (37)


There is a rocket launcher hidden along a bend in 'Piper's Alley'
behind a secret door.

=Beyond Thunderdome (38)


There are no known secrets on this level.

=Vulcan (39)


There are no known secrets on this level.

=House Of Pain (40)


There are no known secrets on this level.

=King of Pain (41)


There are no known secrets on this level.

=Ex Justicia Mortis (42)


There are no known secrets on this level.

=Dead Fields (43)


There are no known secrets on this level.

=Return to Waldo (44)


There are no known secrets on this level.

=Thick and Chunky (45)


There is a secret wall in the back side of the lava pit that leads
to a a potental rocket launcher or 3x recharger.

=Route 66 (46)


There are no known secrets on this level.

=Morphfine (47)


There are no known secrets on this level.

=Route 66 (604 or better) (48)


There are no known secrets on this level.

=La Cosa Nostra (49)


There is a recess in one of the white pillars, reachable via jumping,
with a teleporter to a good amount of weapons and ammo.

=Delusions of Grandeur (50)


There are no known secrets on this level.

=Spline (51)


There are no known secrets on this level.

=Mars Needs Women (52)


See the Marathon level of the same name for secrets on this level.

=Who's Got the Itchies (53)


There are no known secrets on this level.

=reverof nohtaram (54)


In the bottom middle short hallway, the back wall is a false wall, and can
lead to an invincibility powerup.

There is a secret door about midway down the west hallway that opens onto
a potential ammo stash.

='Fugee Camp (55)


There are no known secrets on this level.

=Meletonin (56)


There is a secret door on the southmost part of the ring that leads to a 
short hallway and a good sniping point.

=Fortress Lh'owon (57)


There are no known secrets on this level.


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